2012-2017 The next five years ~~ The true Grid of Earth

Ascension / Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


Sun Feb 17: 2012-2017 The next five years

The next five years, from 2012-2017, the energies will escalate and the Grid will enhance itself. The ones ready to work with the outer and inner realities have to follow the Grid, work with it, enhance their energysystem, i.e. cleanse and raise the vibration in it to the highest possible levels, because after 2017 the Grid will stabilize.

What you will achieve in the next five year period in your energy system on all levels, your emotional status, your energetic complexity of your thought-forms, your levels of connection with the other communities of the RL, what you remember etc. are what you will be able to put into action and creation between 2017- 2047, when the next wave of stellar and galactic energies are to hit the Grid.

The next wave is not for you, but for the many hybridized children being put into the reality fields of Earth in the next years to come, starting with the last quarter of 2012 and forth. Those children are not to be termed anything else but the new races, carrying stellar and galactic energetic templates, and unlike the indigos etc. they are not here on some kind of rescue mission, a teaching process of humanity, or to raise the vibration in humanity or anything else related to your generations; they are solely here to ensure the correct and stable path into the galactic communities, being somewhat their own clear and conscious self, so what you do not achieve, they will.

They will not interact with contemporary humanity as the previous races, which came into the Grid of Earth having access to higher levels of consciousness; you are distinct and different races and the more sensitive of you will notice that. Some of you will feel intimidated by their somewhat non-sensitive or non-emotional approach to things, but just remember that the human emotional way is not the common trait in higher leveled communities. The new races are deeply caring, but will demonstrate other ways of compassion and interrelation stellar and galactic beings alike using telepathy, inner-viewing, intrinsic knowledge and energetic sharing on other levels than the “show-off” matter oriented way of exchanging energy in your generations by words, ideas and emotions outplayed as an audible, visual or felt expression, i.e. the outwardly reversed use of energy. It will take some time for them to learn and to adjust to the Grid on outer Earth, but they should be ready when the next wave comes.

Some of you have jobs already assisting the new races to create sub-fields they can live in until the Grid is vibrating highly enough and the parents of those children have been carefully chosen for the task, by their own sub-conscious choice. No such child is born into families unable to sustain or understand those children in the correct high-conscious way; they are followed by inner and outer helpers on all levels, having both parents stemming from solar or stellar lineages in humanity and who are able to grow energetically with those children. You all know by now who you are (the pregnancy being somewhat an ordeal for your body), and if you should choose to be a parent in the near future you will be contacted, helped in knowing what to do, either directly or by human helpers around you.

We have learned from the Indigo generation and what needed to be learned back then is not relevant any more. The Indigos and many other stellar and galactic races are outplaying their roles now and in the next 30 years to come.

You are to do your part of the energetic job, create and manifest to the best of your abilities, using what we have thought you, showed you etc., and all the time you have to focus on recreating yourself, in order to cross the RL when the human EM bio-field stops to function (when you die), paving the path for the many others to come, following your trail in the collective consciousness field, both the conscious ones and the ones not being able to reconnect themselves.

You are not on a big rescue mission; you are here to rescue yourself and by doing this; remembering, integrating your defragmented timelines, memories and higher energetic qualities, you are doing the most important job of all, i.e. paving the path.

As a humanity in progress we are here to assist, but not to nurture your egos as it has been done in the past, to give you the correct incentives based on your previous states of mind. Now is the time for you to grow up on your own, using your own inner capacities and showing how able you are to regain consciousness and build the future out of the oblivion, as you all came here to do. Start working, start waking up and start taking responsibility for yourself. Do not expect us to do the job: we are securing the energetic levels, but you are the ones to use them in your specific field of expertise, which you all have been shown during your lifetime in the body you hold now.

Nothing has been a coincidence; all have been put into action, both inner and outer, to make you remember, activate your inner capacity and what you are here to do. Start using what you know you are, expand and explore all the new ideas of what humanity could or should be. Stop using the old pre-shift energies and thought-forms in your work; rethink everything, using the old material as building blocks but by putting them together in new ways – new higher frequency patterns of thought and action.

Relearn what you know following the raise of the Grid as it happens over the next five years; use no assumptions, ask questions instead, listen and relearn everything. Draw a line in the sand of 2012 and start afresh. If you use the old thought-forms and ways of thinking, feeling and being, you will stay in the old levels of the collective consciousness field and miss the raise of the Grid.

It is a dynamic energetic approach we ask of you, not the stable, rigid ways you used to function on. What you have learned will change the moment you add new energy to it, making the assumption old-fashioned on each turn the Grid takes. You have to rethink your methods of everything almost every day, tuning into the Grid when you wake up in the morning, sense it and connect to it. What does today bring of ideas and new ways of living? You still have to do the same old actions the outer world acquires of you a long time ahead, but your inner world is your own and you are the maker of changes by changing your inner world, connecting to the other side of the RL, pulling in new ideas of living and being from the other side, integrating them into yourself, every single day, and start living them by changing your attitudes towards reality.

At first most of what you will be doing are manifested into books, models or other creative minor expressions etc. but the small manifestations are enough to plant the ideas in the collective consciousness, so start building your own high-leveled reality field by playing, making and creating. Later on you might be able to manifest them into reality itself on a larger scale.

Either way: The small rings will lay the ground for the next generation to continue from the collective field of consciousness. You are building the future now, every single moment in the next five years, and what you accomplish is yours to use and at the same time the platform the next humanity have to work with and from. Do your jobs; do them well in joy and excitement (as Bashar says), follow your innermost dreams and ideas of a better future and you will have laid the foundation for the next generations to come.

Change humanity– change the World.

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