The Power of Being

Ascension / Friday, March 29th, 2013


By Chris Bourne
Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There’s much talk in spiritual circles about ‘setting our intention’; ‘envisioning the things we want’ or ‘manifesting our reality’. How easily such things slip into the psyche and collective vocabulary. What if though, we’re still being led astray by the ego, albeit a more subtle form of ego? What if instead, there is a reality that is shaping according to the natural flow of the universe? What if by aligning with that flow, you could amplify it and bring amazing harmony not just to your life, but the world around? I’m speaking of activating the Power of Higher Mind…

You’re already creating your reality

Here’s the key point:

When we speak of intentioning or envisioning what we want, we’re actually cutting across the natural flow of what is already unfolding and happening. We’re creating an illusionary bubble, which is bound to burst at some point. The fact is, you’re already creating your reality, just as it is. The real key therefore, is to figure out why you created it in the first place?

We’re living in a reality where we’ve been separated from the higher self. This has happened for a variety of reasons but for the now, we can simply attribute it to humanity’s karma. As a result, we’ve been living in a bubble, disconnected from the higher flow of life. It is of course what some people aptly refer to as ‘the matrix’.

But when the reconnection with higher self happens, and the magic begins to kick in, the mind still tries to own the show for a while…”how can we use this new found ‘secret’ to shape the world how we want it?” And here’s the point: ‘want’ is always ego based, and founded on a sense of lack. Even if you feel good about what you’re manifesting, you’re still identifying your sense of completeness with something in the mirror – with something physical, material.

It’s all about self-realisation

When I experienced a life-threatening car-crash, suddenly expanding into multiple realms, I realised one crucial truth that literally turned my life on it’s head:

“There is just one underlying purpose to each moment of life:
which is to reveal an aspect of truth about yourself, to yourself.”

It may sound simple, but then the best realisations always are. It can profoundly change the way you look at life and what you get from it. In realising every moment is designed purely to realise an aspect of being, then situations cease to be about trying to get something – to gain a physical outcome. When you switch to figuring out what the moment is telling you about you, then you’ll always find something and therefore always be a winner. Even if you are ‘losing’!

What’s more, in aligning with this underlying purpose, the universe will always provide a vehicle through which to express. And I mean ‘vehicle’ in the widest sense: it will always provide some form of exchange, circumstance or situation. And miraculously, always the energy and resource to follow this calling. You will never be left ‘wanting’.

Always ‘winning’

There’s a vital reason for this which would greatly benefit one to grasp. All authentic creative action, which is aligned with the universal flow, comes first through higher mind. Higher mind is vastly different to lower, rationalising mind. It’s much more ‘artistic’. It doesn’t function according to logic and it doesn’t tighten around the need for an answer, rather it is happily contemplating abstract phenomenon. Like for example: “what is the true nature of abundance?”

With such a contemplation, it will draw to us other sentient beings who also have something to reveal, realise and reflect. Each soul will be realising a different aspect of the same issue. If I can spot the patterning that is concealed and yet yearning to reveal itself within these interactions, then I’m onto a real ‘winner’. Just by bringing the pattern into awareness and holding the open space, ultimately the answer will drop.

The answer is always an aspect of being. For example, it might be ‘losing’ out on some material gain and yet realising the abundant nature of divine connection in the process. I recall being in a tight spot with a previous web development company I’d established…

On the highest level it didn’t serve me to continue to be in the company anymore. Despite the fact that it paid my wages, mortgage and bills, my soul yearned to be ‘employed’ within the field of spiritual evolution. Every time I met a client to supposedly help them with a website, we’d end up discussing the latest self realisation they’d made or a challenging personal situation they were in. Somehow, synchronistically, there’d always be a key I could provide.

I was wondering how I might progress from one life to the other? On this particular day I was headed down to London for an important meeting with a client – a contract that would secure all the company’s costs for several months to come. I was late and so asked the universe ‘which road to take’. I was led straight into a traffic jam. Moments later, struggling to resist shaking my fists heavenward, a song came on the radio by Alanis Morissette…”a traffic jam when you’re already late, isn’t it ironic? A little too ironic”. Well exactly!

I missed the appointment and later back at the office, the other infuriated directors, who’d already been concerned by my curious spiritual distractions, offered to buy me out of the business. Despite having no clear view of what was to come or how to survive, I immediately felt to accept. I’ve never looked back since!”

Higher Mind simply creates situations like these to test various aspects of being: resolve maybe, trust, acceptance or awareness of the flow. The point is, we’re already creating these movements through higher mind. If we could accept what’s presenting and instead of trying to immediately change and get rid of it, then go deeply into the situation and ask “what’s it revealing about me?” Then if I express that revelation through my being and actions, then I’ll unleash an unstoppable flow through my life. This is the Power of Higher Mind.

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