World Bank Exposed! Whistleblower Former Senior Counsel Karen Hudes Tells All

Economy, Zeitgeist / Saturday, May 11th, 2013


May 8 2013

Interview with Karen Hudes, Former Senior Counsel to the World Bank—now turned whistle-blower! During the interview Karen indicated that the world is rapidly changing, with western power structures breaking down, economic & political influence gravitating to BRICs nations, all amid a pending currency transition which will highly favor precious metals.

The Board of Governors of the World Bank, consisting of 188 member countries, ended the Gentlemen’s Agreement for the US to appoint the President of the World Bank in April 2010. Karen Hudes warned US Congress and the US Treasury Department in 2007 that this would happen if the US President of the World Bank continued to break the rules:  Details

Karen Hudes,who earned her J.D. at Yale, and an M.Phil. in economics at the University of Amsterdam, has been removed from her position as Senior Counsel for the World Bank because of her efforts to expose corruption and reaffirm the rule of law in the form of appropriate standards of accounting,


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