Invocation to Banksters from AbZu

Uncategorized / Thursday, May 23rd, 2013


.:.   WORDS OF POWER   .:.

Your pathological greed, total lack of empathy for mankind and this planet, is a manifestation of monumental CONFUSION.  A state  that may very easily provoke reactions of disgust and anger to those that are sensitive Beings with elevated levels of Consciousness. Understand that you are just like everyone else that have incarnated on this experiential plane and are Divine Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. May the FULL Consciousness of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE fill every particle of your Being and ALL that surrounds you. It is the most sincere desire of the entire Universe that you will someday AWAKEN and manifest LOVE and HARMONY to ALL. So we may all live in Peace, Love and Abundance.

!!!  Imagine  !!!



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