John Lash ~ The Archon Solution

Ancient Science, Galactics / Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Part 1 – The Archon Solution

Shattering The Matrix” has another guest John Lamb Lash, author of “Not In His Image”, who has given us scholarly and epic perceptions and “Inner”- standings, derived from Gnostic Traditions, about the history of our planet, our Mother, human history and what has happened on this planet. John has been able, without limitation, to piece together the disconnected interpretations of the Nag Hammadi Library so that we have a cohesive view of what the Gnostics understood and their warnings to Humanity about this great interference which was clear to them thousands of years ago.

In this interview we cover the history of this planet, the creation of those creatures who interfere greatly with humanity without our knowledge nor consent, the descriptions of those creatures and their artificial cyborg intelligence and how this false intelligence has so greatly manipulated humanity into its own limitation/imitation realities based on their own psychopathy and need to corrupt that which they can never possess.

We have a lively discussion with personal insight and humor, the conditions that prevail in our world today and most importantly how to overcome them with the singularity that is BEAUTY, and simple love of The Mother, which is what we, the show hosts, personally base our lives on. These solutions require further in depth discussions and repetition in order to breakdown the eons-long-hypnosis and entrainment of archontic impressionism onto our own human mind and spirit, to reawaken us to our true natures and the simple and almost effortless path to self-sovereignty through the luminosity of the beauty of our organic spirit and light. Please join us in this fascinating story of humanity and the path to our epic liberation.

Part 2- Sophia’s Correction

In this episode, John will continue where he left off on Part 1 – The Archon Solution. He will shed light on the World Events that are setting the stage for Sophia’s Correction. He will talk about the evidence of this correction via current Earth Changes and geopolitical events. He will also discuss the role that the Sun plays in this correction.

John will talk in depth about “the Master Race” concept as being a Virus from off world. He’ll define Love & Hate, how to rid ourselves of Psychopaths, and he’ll explore 4 Taboos that need to be broken.


Gnostics, Anunnaki/ Archons & The Reptilian Agenda