Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, December 27th, 2015

star tetrahedron emanations


Your frequency transmits a coordinate
That dials a new reality for you
You arrive at the destination
Conscious arrival or unconscious is up to you

Consciousness gives you power
Unconsciousness takes power away
YOU hold the POWER to auto-program the codes that dial the reality you truly desire to have here

Now learning how to program
Means being present, aware and REMEMBERING how all works as energy and frequency from within
It means understanding what is within you
And choosing which coordinate you transmit/dial in

In every moment, you are a transmitter of your physical reality
How fast you arrive at a destination
Will be determined by your own separation/unification held within

Portals/wormholes are opening and closing in every moment that you breathe
You can open these on your own through choosing your own programming
You can close them just as quickly by listening to the illusion of fear

Being Multi-Dimensional means opening portals and walking through them
At first these are not visible to the human eye
For the human mind cannot truly see
It takes opening your heart to activate your ability to see
Seeing is through your inner vision/eye
And an open heart releases the block created to keep you from seeing

A closed heart holds judgement, fear, lack, resistance, stubbornness and greed
An open heart flows out with love, understanding, compassion, kindness
It lacks for nothing, appreciates everything and details do not matter here

The aligned being creates a unified transmission
That bypasses the limits of the illusion of time
The out-of-alignment being allows their humanness to have control and drive
This creates a distortion in the signal and the dialing codes can’t transmit in pure light
Alternate realities are created and spawn off from these distortions
Yet one can now bypass the “need” for that reality by recognizing the reality when it comes forth and choosing consciously not to participate in that reality anymore

Your inner eye is your vision
Your higher heart the transmitter from within
These unify to radiate from your entire being
The longer you hold these higher frequencies inside of you
They permeate throughout your cells, your physical body until you are transmitting a pure light transmission

This pure light transmission has no distortion between point A and point B
The distance between projection and arrival are obliterated the longer you are a LIGHT TRANSMITTER in every moment

When you re-program your own transmissions on your own
Every time you expand beyond the old limits you expand into another dimension to come to exist in the physical here

Old programming will present each time the dimensions available contract and something old needs to be seen and released
All is JUST ENERGY, as you are
Energies & Frequencies in a physical vessel that re-shapes as you TUNE from within

The exterior of all is YOUR transmission
The particles take form in accordance to you
Density is proportionate to that which you hold inside
And when this is gone you can TRAVEL at the SPEED of LIGHT

Your abilities are your own, you hold them deep within
You access them when your heart is open
And light is your intentional transmission
Density will diminish on it’s own
All you have to do is honor, allow, release and let go

A human transmission will deliver a discordant reality
A higher self transmission will materialize instantly
The delay is your humanness and the separation you hold within

As the sun, a star (being), you hold the power of all within you entire being
Charged photonic light particles shall be your cells as you embrace higher light existence here
The bombardment of these frequencies are to bring you back to who you truly are again
Yet different this time, for you shall merge to become the NEW Earth HUE-man
For your role is to assist with hUmaNITY and NEW Earth Transitions

Your sharings from your heart and your ancient knowledge is how you do this
It starts as a simple gesture of love and kindness and it grows HUGE from there
First you must tap into your soul inside and bring your light OUT from within
You must learn to KNOW the FLOW of ENERGY
For this is how you come to exist here again

As Quantum Light BEings WE evolve BACK into who we truly are again
WE embrace our DIVINE LIGHT and we expand it
This touches others and allows them to embrace who they truly are as well

WE are Cosmic & Galactic portals
Our energy field is not limited to our body
And we can touch all just by BEing LIGHT and TRANSMITTING this here

ALL have the capability to program their codes and coordinates
It takes EXPANSION of CONSCIOUSNESS to BEcome Multi-Dimensional Travelers in the physical reality here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient, Master, Energy, Light….