Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

violet lotus cosmic alignment


by Juliet J Carter

WE HAVE ARRIVED AT AN ALL OR NOTHING JUNCTION…Integrate or disintegrate – perhaps not molecularly, but via a downward spiral into the depths of a mutant paradigm in which to forget, obey, consume, be silent and die. We’ve done the aromatherapy, chakra balancing, crystal bowl healing, etheric implant removal, travelled to sacred sites to save or re-activate them, primally screamed about how pissed off we are, hugged Indian women and given everything we own to someone who has renounced materialism…and it has all led us to…ourselves…the man/woman in the mirror. And there we see in our eyes the border between the infinite within and the infinite without …the quantum horizon upon which the focus of the projector can be adjusted to generate a new reality. You are the projector. Adjust, align, integrate. Take back your power.
Many people are only just awakening to the psycho-social, chemical, political, economic and religious manipulation of Human consciousness and discovering the endless catalogue of deceptions and abuses that Humanity is suffering. It is difficult to acknowledge that you have decided to become conscious on a prison planet riddled with atrocities as the end-game of an ancient experiment unfolds around you. It was your decision. You are not a victim.

It is the discrepancy between the emotional, mental and energetic shifts experienced through the acceleration of electromagnetic input and your inability to translate this into your daily life experience that can create the sense of disorientation after the ceremonies. Some do not recognize that the energetic contracts to which they have ceremonially committed become an aspect of who they are.

The conflict is a frictional dynamic between what you have physically embodied as a circuit of energetic information and that which you are not accommodating intellectually and emotionally. Subsequently you can negate, through opposing actions, your own inner truth and integrity. This is happening to all of us all the time, to varying degrees, as the paradigm we inhabit requires an endless list of daily compromises. However, when you have connected a circuit which is the delivery system for the energetic nature of the Source Code, its persistent contribution of this holistic consciousness is feeding into every level of your Human hologram. To continue indulging in gross addictions that dynamically apposes this incoming data triggers an internal conflict. There are those who will persistently reaffirm their right and their need to continue old behaviour patterns, overriding, through intellectual bargaining, their computational system’s insistence on an upgrade.