… natural order beyond the Ego minds input on what “needs” to happen

Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

zen flash


Know that intending to see another soul suffer, harmed, and/or experience some form of reconciliation for distortions they have expressed is a self destructive behavior which is healed through embracing more self love in realizing all to be reflections of self beyond the superficial nature of the illusion, where many still requiring high levels of self healing anticipate seeing those they judge punished for their actions, when this is never a helpful focus or intent.

It is important to recognize that all souls are here amongst this holographic design expressing that which is necessary for the greatest benefit of the all having its foundation within you as God, which of course remains beyond the comprehension of any form of outside mental analysis.

Truly grasping such a reality is in seeing that “all” that the Ego mind labels as Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Positive/Negative, or even Fair/Unfair remains based on the limited capacity of logical comprehension as the mind is never aware of the full picture.

Your intuitive participation within this experience in being your own creation is nature, however as you mature you are able to embrace being more of an “observer” in allowing your glory to expand more without feeling you need to “fix” things, “set others straight”, or fight for what’s right, when it is your own internal healing that is allowing all to return to its natural order beyond the Ego minds input on what “needs” to happen.


Le’Vell Zimmerman