The Template Ceremonies ~ Codes 1+2

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, April 18th, 2016


Recommended to view Code 1 prior to viewing Code 2

The Template ~~ The Ceremony of Original Innocence ~~ CODE 1

The Template ~~A Holonomic Model Of Transcendence ~~ CODE 2

Ceremony Of Synthesis – The reconnection of the 13th Circuit – Preparing the Pranic Causeway

The 13th Circuit connects into the Occiput, where the spinal cord enters the brain, and grounds this electromagnetic energy into the Coccyx. 23 pieces of Sacred Geometry form an alchemical component of CODE 2. These forms, along with their sonic counterparts, are resonant with aspects of the Holonomic agreement that is the Human Soul Blueprint.

Through frequency resonance, the 13th Circuit is reinstated. CODE 2 is contained in this film.

The dynamic of The Template model follows a momentum of exponential progression. Each coded Ceremony reconnects circuitry that restores a spectrum of electromagnetic integrity to the body.

Each successive Ceremony holds the potential of a subsequent spectrum of electromagnetic Source Intelligence that builds upon the resonant synergy of the previous code.

For this reason, prior to experiencing this 2nd Code, It is essential that you interact with the 1st alchemical code, The Ceremony of Original Innocence


Activations generously offered to Hue-manity by Jiva & Juliet J. Carter

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  1. Indeed – not just recommeneded… but it is ESSENTIAL to watch Code 1 before watching Code 2.

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