Such a woman has the power to transform the world

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

cosmic goddess


“It is the task of every woman that is awakening right now to establish a reverent relationship with herself, to cut through all the self negating, false beliefs once and for all,
To throw all the pity seeking, illusory wounding out the window,
To cease giving herself away to fit in and to be accepted and to instead devote herself to discovering the potent power that she holds.

It is her time to take that journey within, to take time to listen to her body, to listen to her intuition and her heart and to live from that place…
To bring forth what is inside out into the world.

When a woman is connected to her true nature, for the most part she feels whole and complete, alive, peaceful, joyous, grateful, inspired, creative, actively dynamic, all embracing, expansive, beautiful, wise, truthful and sensual…

These are all signs that she is in alignment with her feminine and integrated with her masculine..

Such a woman has the power to transform the world. ”

– Caroline de Lisser

++ The Return of the Feminine Principle