Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ No matter where you are on your path in this now moment …

Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Sam Farrand_Crystaline Horizon

art by Sam Farrand

Le’Vell Zimmerman

No matter where you are on your path in this now moment it is only necessary to realize that this is exactly where you need to be to elevate more in healing beyond the doubt, worry, and fear that attempts to convince you that you are, “doing something wrong”, or need to be somewhere that you are not, in clearly being the voice of the Dark attempting to stop you from remaining uplifted and confident about your presence.

This sense of doubt caters to the chaos and confusion that only leads to more stagnation within your presence, where the fear of making a mistake causes one not to make any decisions, which is truly the same as choosing to fail in remaining within the lower frequencies of doubt in listening to the voice in your head.

In truth the nature of a more evolved lifestyle often includes a still sense of being that is clear of all mental activity, as well as the constant “need to be doing something physically”, where this calm and graceful state of presence is much more productive that working hard within a stressful state of anxiety in feeling a sense of urgency based in fear of your desired outcome not coming to fruition.

Know that everything that is necessary for you to unfold all the blessings and divine miracle you have created for yourself is being presented in this now moment, where as you can sense your energetic state of being is most important alongside being fully engaged with all that is in being open to all the opportunities that unfold as you open your heart to these upgrades.