We are in a transitional phase of awakening ~ Juliet J. Carter

Spiritual Perspectives / Friday, July 22nd, 2016


Juliet J Carter

We are in a transitional phase of awakening. In order to overcome the narcotic-like denial state that has led to our pathological obedience, we must look to our biochemical informational signals that set in motion the response patterns of our subconscious co-operation with the mortal consensus. The fear-based dualistic frequency field of the present paradigm continues to find a mirror resonance biochemically within the neuro-transmitters in the Human brain and the mutant state of the endocrine system that supports their manufacture. The vibrational frequency of shame and guilt and the deep sense of spiritual betrayal and abandonment instigated by the false definitions of Source that exist within all religions indoctrination, create their own body chemistry. The subjugation of the spirit experienced as a result of separation from creation creates a collection of bio-signalling components that together create the ‘death hormone’. One of the definitions found in any traditional English dictionary for ‘religious’ is ‘God-fearing’. Religious archetypes instill primal reference points that not only dictate our mental belief systems and our emotional response patterns, but also determine the ratio of neuro-chemical transmitters that trigger the deterioration of the endocrine system and the superstructure it supports.