Change the Paradigm

Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Stargate worlds-2


The White Temple of ONE Inner Light
“Today the stargate of Earth are open and the planet moves smoothly into the open and expanded space of the new era. The universe hears us, our intentions and the impulse of a single synchronous choice of the free and happy reality. WE choose the celebration of every moment of life and happy, natural and easy ascension of the Earth. The full blossoming of the spiritual core of the planet and the birth of a new consciousness on Earth,

Prepare your intentions of personal and planetary level and sound them tomorrow at the sunrise. The key turn in the lock, today WE have the chance to change our future and to heal the present. To change the course of movement on evolutionary spiral towards the more bright and high-vibrational existence. Let’s use this chance. For the highest good of ALL!” ★

~ Sefera