Alistar Valadez ~ They say IT is in our surrender we suddenly find our hidden inner power …

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, August 29th, 2016

Merkaba Buddha

art by Dima Yastronaut

Alistar Valadez

…”They say IT is in our surrender we suddenly find our hidden inner power, and getting beyond the limiter of our expression is the secret only known by masters! For you are the guru, you are the teacher, as all the wisdom to master the mind begins when we face our own inner shadow and make our unconscious conscious, not unlike what Buddha did long ago as he awakened sitting underneath the Bodhi tree! IT all boils down to finding a tool or a method to dissolve the illusion of the ego completely, as the great inner silence is something no ego can touch or reach while existing, for as they say until we see the unreality of ourself, does the reality of our Self ever come into being!

There is more to life then beyond the naked eye, this most of us already know, but what is the hardest thing to comprehend is the fact that we are unconscious more than we are not, as we discover that to be spiritual is to balance the daily inner and outer life process! Just like with anything in life, if we want to be a master of our mind, just like with an instrument it takes tremendous discipline and daily practice to achieve that higher perspective of musical mastery.

Notice how forgetting is a big part of our being, notice how we forgot our pre-life, notice how we forget that we’re beating our heart and growing our bones, notice how we forget our dreams, notice how school and culture diverts us from our root core essence, as we create a fake identity called our ego! Once one can see beyond this great hoax and illusion, once one can live beyond words and live through the experience and emotion, one can begin on the path to healing the heart and feeling the bliss that makes everyday feel like magic!”