… cultivating a more open heart throughout this hologram ~ Le’Vell Zimmerman

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, February 7th, 2017


As you continue to expand your energy field through cultivating a more open heart throughout this hologram your sensitivity to life itself is increasing.

This increase of awareness is allowing you to consciously connect with aspects of creation that Earth humanity has been “numb” to consciously for many thousands of year on such a level.

Not only are you communicating more fluidly with those of the Animal Realms, but also many sentient collectives telepathically throughout the Plant and Elemental Kingdoms, all having much to share with you as the Guardians of all life on this Planet.

There is much to realize along with a whole plethora of other divine responsibilities you are being gifted with along with your expansion, where it is truly counterproductive to remain focused on “collecting information” or “knowledge” with the Ego Mind.

Let go and be open.

Allow the silence to fill you.