Shamanism Calling

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Good morning dear lighted ones,

We are entering into a time in which we are remembering our shamanism, our ancient wisdoms, and the star knowledge of healing and inner chemistry will come to life, so that we may transform ourselves to a new species of light body humans.

We have said there is a returning of importance to our understanding of these key temple tablets that will be offered in Divine timing for you to explore in a profound multi-dimensional way. The soulful cues and synchronicities are subtle, but you will manifest intrigue and creative musing to rediscover the wisdom you hold within.

In what we have always known as;


Sound & Tone,

Crystals & Movement,

Intention & Invocation, Gaia & Herbal Medicinal potentials will all be inspired through our daily life to begin anew again.


There is so much for us to learn, and what we often see as a veil to a truth much richer that can reveal a new story of potentials. There will be many awakening to the interest, attraction, and inspiration to begin to paint, work with color in new ways, to think color when you are around those that require healing, or help, or love. Colors will begin to fill your world and your soul will manifest such inspirations so that you take the cue and symbolism and create a new higher dimensional manifestation for a new world human. We are learning, remembering to see beyond what we have always seen and know what resides within it.

For example, the color black, or the color we get when we mix many different colors, appear to usually return to a very dark brown-black, or what our mind knows to be black. Remember that we have taught about knowingness and perspective; what you allow yourself to open to, to expand within, will simultaneously allow you to awaken to a deeper and wider truth of wisdom and intelligence.


Darkness, the actual color of dark, is all colors. What makes a unique color a unique color is the intent to bring it forth. Move with the intent of purity of love and partnership with the Divine, and you will be infinitely gifted to create what you desire in whatever color, hue, texture you desire. It is about gaining the inner wisdom, higher intelligence to use the ancient and star skills that we innate hold within.

Divine Innate Skills Awakening

The innate tool kit that we have been gifted within will attune to the exact level that you are ready to explore. Be subtlety aware of what you feel when you are playing with color, or out in a lush greenery of nature, or around bells, chimes, billowy instruments, and how may you inspire these sensations to come to life and serve your inner shaman that aches to begin a new version of Divine galactic human wisdom interplay?


We have the power to alter the color and this is again validated when we have the profound gift of crystals in our home, or we use a certain crystal over and over, and its color shifts and changes as it transmutes what you are intending into it. Most often unknowingly, we change the shape, color, and texture of all things with our core resonance. Know that you know this, how may we be consciously aware to take it to new level with mastery and conscious Creation?

To ready yourself for the Shaman calling you from within, we again return to self-love, self-appreciation, and the pure understanding and truth that you are ONE within the All. There is no separation. For within shamanistic healing, there is visionary work, intuitive work that allows you to merge and entangle with energy to discern what is the block and truth causing the ailment. These intricately woven skills must be done from a foundation that is gifted pure Divine blessings of the energy that will move through you as you heal. To be the pristine conduit for energy to travel and express Itself through.

In all that we have offered, have been the stepping-stones to take you deeper within the journey of thyself. To know, to learn, to remember and explore your depths of wisdom and through your profundity to love, and we have done so to prepare you for your journey into something entirely brand new. One must be prepared in such a way that the ego will reside within its Divine seat of power, and that the Spirit will flow with its Divine reverence and power to do the work that you have incarnated to explore. The ego, the personal construct is required and Divine, however within the temple of healing, the ego holds space. The ego anchors what beauty will be shown, will be inspired to flow through the Divine vessel and conduit that many of us are remembering ourselves to be.

This is why we feel such grand commitment and devotion to deeply rich service to Source, to the service to others and the councils of light that we intrinsically know resides within. For these are the foundations to be the bearer of the light that will flow through you in the new illuminated ways in which we will work.


By committing to daily path work, self-reflection, self-honor, self-appreciation, and in doing the work, you allow yourself greater acknowledgement of the power to transmute. When we release limitation, fear, we rebalance, we allow light to be what was always there. We offer the love to bring it forth and shine so brightly that all illness and sickness is soothed into a light state of wellness and balance. Our work now dear lighted ones is to bring forth the sacred love, sacred play, and intuitive shaman that shapeshifts through time and space to serve this profound now earthly transition.  We are preparing the collective consciousness, the land, the new way of behaving within a new higher dimensional state of being.

This is why balancing male-female energies and loving thyself so purely is so key. For if there is imbalance on what you know to be true about the energies swimming within you, how can one heal and flow purity of light? We are taking ourselves to a new level of knowing within the inner temple that exists and can work like a Divine healing system when we truly understand the grandness of all that we are. Know you are ONE within the ALL, and therefore all goodness for the greater good is served.

How very lovely and Divine that we gather and ignite one another in this way!

Celebrate your inner illuminated galactic, star, human shamanism calling.  We are igniting a profound new cycle right now.

Blessings and great joy,


Time to Play ~


Shamanism Calling