DNA as a Fractal Torsion Antenna and Activating it with Holistic Health ~ Jordan Sather

New Science, Recommended, Videos / Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017


A video on the geometries of DNA, our nature as beings of light and how to best keep our DNA healthy and “activated” with holistic health concepts.

ABC Science: “Language in junk DNA” – https://goo.gl/qI4P7I
GW Hardin on DNA as a fractal – https://goo.gl/aduS7O
Viewzone: “Is DNA The Next Internet?” – https://goo.gl/1XWdCg
in5d: “97 Percent of Our DNA Has A Higher Purpose And Is Not ‘Junk’ As Labeled By Scientists” – https://goo.gl/qghyPQ