… if you are alive that means your life still has yet to serve a higher purpose

Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, June 1st, 2017

art by Totemical


..”Sometimes life is brutal beyond belief, sometimes we forget we live within a dream, sometimes we forget what we are meant to become, as the Universe has a way of changing the course of our life at a moment’s notice just when we think we have a grasp of our greater plan and course! But never forget this, if you are alive that means your life still has yet to serve a higher purpose, so don’t dwell on self judgment of your past actions as that will only anchor your ship within the harbor of depression. Some would question why the Universe would put a spirit through tremendous suffering, some would question why fate deals us the hand that we are given, some keep pushing the blame on the outer, but a wise and balanced spirit remembers the dream is still but a creation within our inner mind ocean! Dreams come and they go, nightmares arise like sharks jumping out of the ocean, but they still arise from with our consciousness, for it is still but a reflection on what aspect of ourself that needs work in order to raise the level of our vibration. By taking step by step and making hew connections our true healing begins and a new life-path emerges, and it is our mission to keeping stepping through the pain and suffering in order to reach that higher divine purpose of our becoming. Never forget that great spirits always help each other in darkest moments, never forget the Universe still has greater plans that are beyond our knowing, but one day it will all become crystal clear for us as we reach our highest potential and pass through the stormy ocean!” ~Alistar Valadez