This is a message to all the Beings inhabitants of this planet

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, June 1st, 2017

art by Totemical


This is a message to all the Beings inhabitants of this planet, your duty is to stop the evil on this planet Gaia and also you will need to stop wars and make from this planet an unical place of Love, Light and Peace.
Dear Ones, do percept the true Love as Agape feeling, this feeling is the first one which has to be the great feeling that you have to feel regarding all in this existing world.
But the Third World War is still in the mind of certain dark Ones.
We, the benevolent members of the Galactic Federation of Light will offer you some precious help to avoid it.
Interiorly to the present Galactic Code of Law there is a law which says to help the growing civilisations only in certain cases, but not whatever arrives, because every civilization has its ways of development and have not a pre-programmed, predefined way to develop. That arrives in all cases to all the planets, where the civilization are in the growing state like yours Gaians. And you our friends who are dear Ones for us, to you we offer you our Love and Compassion, we the members of Galactic Federation of Light. Then together, we and you will prevent the New World War.
This planet is not a trash can, so don’t pollute her, we say to you all that she is a living Being which can think, feel the pain and love. Call her Mother Gaia, and do know that she loves the Ones who protects her and her living nature, what is meaning fauna and flora, thus especially the Ones who are blessing her.
You the Earthlings need to eradicate the hatred from your minds, and replace it by the good and beautiful feelings.
Our friends, the Golden Age and happy times are arriving little by little and perceive that like a great news. We suggest you to be optimist because heartfelt optimism is something that is leading you to happiness and protects you from pessimism which is a pointless destructive state of mind.
Think that the life of you all will become better and happier than ever, because the Golden Age is on its starting period. Just celebrate it because we the Light Ones are stronger that the dark Ones who are the evil Beings which are hateful and destructive.
We NaNiYa-Maat, SaLuSa-Thoth and SaLeIre-Horus are sending you Love and Light. Love all in this world and be happy!



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