“IT is said that the only thing we can truly influence and transform in this world is the process of our own consciousness ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, August 20th, 2017

.”IT is said that the only thing we can truly influence and transform in this world is the process of our own consciousness, for how we perceive the world changes the direct relationship we carry with all that surrounds us. The universe always has a way of restoring order within the chaos of reality, as history has shown us that all world paradigms eventually decay away to higher forms of consciousness and society. IT is true that the collective as a whole is a process which is still dominated by the unconscious, but if there is ever to be a change within this paradigm, that change of currents will have to begin from deep within us! Look closer within, look deeper into the flow of energy which activates our body, for that has the potential to BE an empowered spirit of a god or goddess! We may deny this divine connection, but until we look at our own inner patterns, will the truth of this divinity come into our view and perspective. Just by looking closer into that which we normally ignore, brings to light the truth that is hidden within our shadows. How do our eyes work? How do our lungs and heart function? How is it that our cells die and replenish every seven years, and yet we still retain our dreams and memories? Self reflection clearly shows us that only a divine being could express the beauty that is our true human nature, therefore it is our divine nature that can bring change into the world the moment we choose to perceive IT!

There is a spectrum of experience that we live in, IT is clearly there if we take hold of the wider patterns, from the darkest of the dark to the purity of a saint in disguise among us. That spectrum IS real, and IT exists throughout us all within resonating wave form patterns, and not unlike a radio receiver, our mind tunes into different frequencies and vibrations, as we actively co-create our own heaven or torment ourselves in our own living hell! Yet there is choice for the awakened, for the one who can see this very very clearly, carries within themselves the daily empowerment of awareness to express and shift this new found energy connection. As they steer the flow of life to the tune they choose to resonate with, not unlike one who scans through radio frequencies searching for the right music to sing along to, we shift into resonance the moment we choose to bring the change and release the old patterns of dissonance that feed off us. Life is not about permanence or staying stuck experiencing only one frequency and station until we perish, as we all know patterns of repetition can begin to lose our focused attention and interest, for the deeper meaning of life is to embrace the change, and discover that life always has new music and frequencies to unfold before us. And through carrying of this wisdom and deep inner insight, the master of this harmony attains balance and a reconnection to their fearless heart centered existence, and behold the consciousness of the god and goddess is reborn within us in the living flesh!” ~Alistar Valadez