Bio-Tech Loop and Singularity ~ Aug Tellez


  Eventually technology leads back to biology. What happens when technology gets so advanced it is beyond anything previous? Then you have technology competing with biology. And when technology becomes greater than biology? Then technology recreates the biology that created it. The singularity is when both paths move beyond one another. Source: Bio-Tech Loop and Singularity


Transdimensional DNA ~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives

  Imagine that technology and knowledge become so advanced on Earth that it is commonly accepted as fact that there are multiple realities simultaneously occurring and interlinking between the observer aspect in each of us. Imagine that switching between these realities becomes as easy and common place as dreaming or going on an adventure in […]


Psychopharmacology Magic mushroom compound might treat depression by reviving emotional responsiveness in the brain


art by Cameron Grey By Eric W. Dolan New research suggests that psilocybin-assisted therapy helps alleviate treatment-resistant depression by reviving emotional responsiveness in the brain. Psilocybin is the primary mind-altering substance in psychedelic “magic” mushrooms. The drug can profoundly alter the way a person experiences the world by producing changes in mood, sensory perception, time […]


Dreams Of The Event

Earth Changes, Spiritual Perspectives

  by Carlo John, Guest writer, For whatever reason, I’ve been guided to share this with you all—as this is a video detailing my dreams and visions about The Event. Additionally, I’ve included correlating information from one of my own client’s description, Allison Coe’s information, and long held ancient prophecies tied-in to The Event. […]


The Vision

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives

  It will begin suddenly, without warning. Many scandals that will disclose true background about how the System works will shake human masses. Disclosures about how international energetic megacompanies earn billions selling oil, preventing at the same time inventions of free energy to come to public. Disclosures about pharmaceutical trusts that earn money with »healing« […]


Never forget that every word that you express, every artwork you manifest, every dance you reflect, cast waves of influence not seen by your essence

Spiritual Perspectives

  “Never forget that every word that you express, every artwork you manifest, every dance you reflect, cast waves of influence not seen by your essence. So never underestimate the power of your spells of magic, never underestimate the power of your influence, for it is because of spirits as you that the collective unconscious […]


The Heart-Mind Link

Spiritual Perspectives

  I want to record every conversation that is relative to the information but it’s difficult and it is windy with either a slight breeze or a gust literally every second. There have been many meetings and alignments that prove this is an intelligently guided journey, guided beyond mental capabilities. The heart is the center. […]


The Corruption System, The Fallen Dimension, Taplining, Vampirism, Energy Inversion, The New System, The 5th Dimensional Gateway ~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives

art by Christas Vengel In short, this is a fallen system. That fallen system is collapsing. Everyone’s souls are stored, like in a data base, in a system of information. The old system was corrupted. Everything mirrors an information technology system because the two are easily compared and related. The soul system holds the information […]


Energetic Parasites ~ Lisa Renee

Spiritual Perspectives

  We are in the pivotal shift between the end of a Dark Cycle and the beginning of a new one.  During this incredible time of moving parts, shifting dimensions and timelines, we look forward and backwards for deeper clarity.  Summarizing and shedding the multiple levels of NAA influence and energetic siphon, we place special […]


Wrestling with Demons ~ LISA RENEE

Spiritual Perspectives

  One of the most important realizations we require to gain deeper clarity about the nature of the reality,  the war over consciousness on the earth plane, is to recognize the kinds of forces that play in the negative polarity archetypes, or service to self that exist within people, places and things. To maintain calm […]