Calling All Pioneers of the New Paradigm

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The world in which WE live today is a product of manipulation, by way of artificial scarcity, imposed poverty, perpetual war, and propagated fear, all of which are rooted in conditioned ignorance. WE have more than enough food, water and land for all of us. This has been well established by reputable scholars and authorities […]


Biographer Claims Nikola Tesla Was Contacted by Extraterrestrials

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  By Brett Tingley For a number of reasons, Serbian-American inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla has become synonymous with government cover-ups, corporate intrigue, and near-mystical technological wizardry. Today, many conspiracy theories surround Tesla’s work and legacy, most of which involve allegations that the U.S. government confiscated most of the personal records and journals Tesla kept while inventing the […]


Justin Trudeau was jokingly asked to explain quantum computing to a room of physicists. His answer blew them all away.

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Addendum by AbZu~ The transition of computers from a binary system of 1’s and 0’s to quantum computers, where information is processed by the directional spin of  a single particle, is a reflection of the current process of transcending from a dualistic to unitary consciousness, in Harmonic Resonance with the holographic paradigm we are an […]


The Resurrection of David Wilcock’s YouTube channel…

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  David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL) David Wilcock 12-31-16… Pt 2 of “URGENT: Wilcock’s YouTube Channel “Permanently Disabled” Due to Fake Copyright Strikes From One Individual” This is Part 2 of David’s article, which covers “The Cosmic Content”. QUITE A STUNNING TURN OF EVENTS The article I jointly wrote with Corey Goode, ENDGAME II: […]


URGENT: Wilcock’s YouTube Channel “Permanently Disabled” Due to Fake Copyright Strikes From One Individual

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By David Wilcock David Wilcock’s only official YouTube channel has been “permanently disabled” after four fake copyright strikes by a single individual, going by the name “Alec Theodore Wallace.” Ever since December 21st, we have been writing multiple, detailed letters, to everyone we knew “on the inside” at YouTube, with our Internet attorney in the […]


8 Ways Magic Mushrooms Explain Santa Story

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  By Douglas Main   The story of Santa and his flying reindeer can be traced to an unlikely source: hallucinogenic or “magic” mushrooms, according to one theory. “Santa is a modern counterpart of a shaman, who consumed mind-altering plants and fungi to commune with the spirit world,” said John Rush, an anthropologist and instructor […]



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  Discovery of an advanced civilization in Antarctica that was flash frozen has shocked political and scientific figures that have witnessed it, according to secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode in a December 11 update. In part one, I described  how Goode’s military abductor “Sigmund” from a USAF/DIA/NSA/NRO secret space program, had learned of the […]


Trump & the Time Travel Chronogarchy Meet the Ascension ~ Alfred Lambremont Webre

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Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre with host Mark Snider discuss DARPA/CIA’s secret time travel preidentification of U.S. President elect Donald J. Trump in 1971 and his subsequent covert briefing and grooming by the Chronogarchy for the U.S. Presidency, as has occurred with other U.S. Presidents: George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and […]


Massive Burst Of 7th Dimensional Transformational Gamma Rays Are Expected To Arrive By December 26th

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  by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Editor, A massive burst of transformational gamma rays are expected to arrive by December 26th, 2016. According to James Gilliland, gamma rays are 7th dimensional energy waves that help with the transformation of human consciousness. The video announcing these gamma rays was produced by BPEarthwatch, who took a fear-mongering […]


New Anonymous Message Urging Humanity to Look Inside Themselves — It’s Time to Stop Being Brainwashed

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By Alexa Erickson Protests breaking out in cities across the country. Violence. Vandalism. Closed highways and bridges. American flags burning, students being beaten by classmates. Assaults in broad daylight. Families divided. These are just some of the news reports following the United States presidential election that revealed Donald Trump will govern the country for at least […]