Dreams Of The Event

Earth Changes, Spiritual Perspectives

  by Carlo John, Guest writer, In5D.com For whatever reason, I’ve been guided to share this with you all—as this is a video detailing my dreams and visions about The Event. Additionally, I’ve included correlating information from one of my own client’s description, Allison Coe’s information, and long held ancient prophecies tied-in to The Event. […]


Russian Scientist Says the Solar System Is Moving into a New Energy “Zone” That Is Transforming the Magnetic Fields of the Planets.

Earth Changes

  by Art Rosenblum, December 1st, 2017 This is the Russian perspective on earth changes. Hard facts that are going unreported in America. The atmospheres of the planets are changing. Dr. Dmitriev’s work shows that the planets themselves are changing. They are undergoing changes in their atmospheres For example the Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker […]


Calling All Pioneers of the New Paradigm

Alternative News, Earth Changes

The world in which WE live today is a product of manipulation, by way of artificial scarcity, imposed poverty, perpetual war, and propagated fear, all of which are rooted in conditioned ignorance. WE have more than enough food, water and land for all of us. This has been well established by reputable scholars and authorities […]


New Atlantis ~ COBRA

Earth Changes

New Atlantis is the codename for the energy grid around the planetary surface that will support the Compression Breakthrough and also the codename for the New Society after the Event. In Old Atlantis, before the polar shift 75,000 years ago, the position of equator was different and thus the position of the whole planetary energy […]


Scientists Identify Cosmic Energy Accelerator at the Galactic Center

Earth Changes, New Science

  By Terence Newton Cosmic rays and high energy particles are continuously bombarding the earth, electrically charging our atmosphere, reacting with the electromagnetic fields surrounding the earth. Scientists have been looking for the primary source of this accelerated energy for decades, and the new age community has ascribed evolutionary significance to these energies, pointing to 2012 […]


Cosmic Fire & the Destruction of Earth’s Ionosphere

Earth Changes

  By V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times The cosmic energies in the electromagnetic spectrum that we’ve termed cosmic rays, gamma rays, etc., are constantly drenching earth, bombarding us with their frequencies of energy and entering into our bodies and consciousness. Here within us, they are transformed and metaphorically ‘sacrificed‘ through the subtle mechanisms of our seven […]


Resonance in Planetary Alignment ~ The Red Dwarf Alignment of December 18-21, 2015

Alternative News, Ascension, Earth Changes, Galactics

  by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org October 15, 2015 The rapidly strengthening reverberations of infrasound resonance being experienced all over the planet and throughout our entire solar system are due to the close pass of the sun’s binary twin, an invisible brown dwarf companion star. So, where exactly is this ethereal brown dwarf companion? Information […]



Ascension, Earth Changes

  AUGUST 24, 2015 | LISA RISING BERRY There are many discussions about what this Wave of energy is going to do for us, and what can we do to prepare for it.  So many are waiting with great expectation for this energy to arrive.  When in reality, humanity and the Earth have been preparing […]


The September 2015 Wave X Awakening

Alternative News, Earth Changes

  by Dr. Kathy J. Forti, I once had a media and communications professor ask a packed auditorium of journalism students the interesting question: “What is the singular factor that affects all of humanity? A factor that can start or stop wars? That can raise up civilizations or destroy them?” Not one student could come […]


DNA Upgrade Through The Merging Of Galaxies

Earth Changes

  The following is a thorough explanation of how DNA and human consciousness are completely interconnected, along with how this is related to the merging of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy. WE ARE NOT FROM HERE The picture below on the right shows the Milky Way Galaxy as seen from earth […]