Proven Alternative Energy – The Searl Generator [UPDATED]

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  Jefferey Jaxen, Contributor Waking Times Monopolies are nothing new to humanity. For industries and corporations whose life blood revolves around their bottom line, it only makes sense to always push to monopolize their market by any means necessary. However, the existence of a monopoly does not suggest that there haven’t been, or aren’t currently, […]


How a 94-Year-Old Genius May Save the Planet

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John Goodenough By Kevin Maney A man old enough to be Mark Zuckerberg’s great-grandfather just unveiled energy storage technology that might save the planet. John Goodenough is 94, and his current work could be the key to Tesla’s future—much as, decades ago, his efforts were an important part of Sony’s era of dominance in portable […]


Vortex ~ Bladeless Wind Generator

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  For years now those who are looking to capture wind energy have mainly focused on large windmills, or attempting to perfect a vertical axis wind turbine, and we have seen an increase in efficiency and power output as a result. Each system has its drawbacks of course, such as size, noise, and impact on […]


COBRA ~ Quarantine Earth Endgame

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  Published on Dec 11, 2015 Quarantine Earth Endgame. It is safe now to release certain intel that will bring much clarity to the whole situation concerning the Event and the dynamic tension between the Light and the dark forces. Like Us on facebook.…


Motionless Electromagnetic Generator – A Solid State Free Energy Device – Awarded USA PATENT ~ Thomas E. Bearden

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The suppression of Free Energy is coming to an end. It will be the death knell of the PetroDollar, oil wars, Cabal controlled poverty and  economic suppression. The beginning of The Event and Disclosure. Those with eyes that can See and ears that can Hear. Already Know. The rest shall soon follow. If you haven’t […]


Nikola Tesla’s “Black Magic” Touring Car

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  THE FUEL to power the world’s machinery and vehicles for thousands of years can be derived from electromagnetic wave conductors. We have known for 80+ years that electromagnetic coupling can be used to harness the freely available cosmic rays (electromagnetic radiation) and power the World. A simple antenna is an electromagnetic conductor which converts […]