Chaos Theory


by Rich Fiori,
Guest writer, In5D,.com

Is everything in a state of chaos? The answer is yes it is. But it’s not what you think. Chaos is a nonlinear ordering that explains many phenomena. Chaos theory is the study of chaos. The theory explains such things as why leaves have repeatable patterns and why antennas need to have curtain shapes to receive all types of radio waves.

So what is nonlinear? Well linear means in a straight line and, in analysis, a straight line explains many trends (as in linear regression). Nonlinear means not straight; in other words, everything else. The planets follow a non-linear elliptical path around the sun. The pattern of branches on trees follow a non-linear algorithm of reproduction. The pattern of trees populating the forest floor follow a non-linear pattern of spacing. Blood vessels and tree roots follow a non-linear pattern of distribution.

The inclination is to think that chaos has no order but that is a mistake. Chaos is random and has built in order. The confusion arises when random is conflated to mean without order when they are two different aspects of a phenomenon. Without going into details, randomness means without pattern; however, randomness has boundaries; i.e. can be bounded by probability and possibility. Order in this context is a set of built in rules and processes that define what will happen next and next and next. The snowflake has randomness bounded by temperature moisture and wind to mention a few determinants. However, the flake formation has an intrinsic order that prescribes the number of tines, size, and pattern the flake will become. Together, randomness and order shape each snowflake as a completely unique entity.

A note about the quantum underpinning. The Higgs Boson is primarily responsible for randomness and order by providing the quanta of energy needed at every point in the universe.

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is a metaphor for the relationship of a system to its initial conditions. It was postulated in the 1970’s by Ed Lorentz to account for weather predictions. It turns out that systems that are sensitive to initial conditions, such as weather, diverge greatly with the slightest difference in initial values. In this example, a butterfly flapping its wings accounts for a large divergence in weather patterns after just a few hours using the same model without the butterfly effect. This is the reason predictions for these kinds of models are inaccurate after a prescribed time period, in the case of weather, it’s three days.


What we learned in school was Euclidean geometry. Euclid defined a point (zero dimensions) then a line connecting two points (one dimension), then a plane composed of lines (two dimensions) and finally space composed of planes in three dimensions, presumed to be at right angles to each other. But this definition of geometry does not describe irregular shapes. Along came Benoit Mandelbrot who decided that dimensions had dimension. In other words dimensions can be fractionalized. He coined the phrase fractal, which is derived from a French word to mean fractional dimension. What Mandelbrot noticed was that as a person’s distance perspective changed, the object seemed to change dimensions; however, the degree of irregularity remained the same. This may seem too much to absorb so an example is in order. Measure the coastline of Italy. Easy enough, right? But as the measuring device gets smaller, the coastline gets larger. From 500 feet, it looks different than it does at 50 feet but the number of irregularities is the same. As the device (measurement standard) gets even smaller, the number of irregularities stays constant and the coastline gets longer. Indeed, the coastline becomes practically infinite if the measuring device is scaled to one centimeter. Every fractional dimension (fractal) actually multiplies the coastline length.

Mandelbrot noticed that a set of repeatable rules could be applied to each successive fractal that demonstrated the regularity in the irregular shape. This became the new Geometry called Fractal Geometry.

Fractal geometry is easily observed in clouds and mountains. Ask anyone how far away a cloud is and you will get several different answers because the fractals are identical from most distances and the scale is muted. Look at a mountain and hold a rock in your hand. They have the same irregularities. Hold them up to each other and they look the same.

Now apply this same notion to blood vessels. The circulatory system has a large number of vessels in a small area and they take up a very small space themselves, about 5%; yet they effectively deliver blood to every cell.

There are many examples of fractal geometry descriptions in biology: bronchial branching and heartbeat timing to mention two. These may seem complicated from a Euclidean perspective; however, from a fractal perspective, they are simple. They are simply coded instructions, a repeating process of bifurcation (order), contained within the organisms genes.


This brings the discussion to full circle. Mathematics is different than all applied sciences in that it is never obsolete. It is based only on principles, called postulates that cannot be proven, and on theorems derived from them. Change a postulate and get a different form of the mathematics. In a sense, it is based on nothing and yet it explains the world we know and the one we don’t know. Chaos Theory is a branch of mathematics that uses repeating algorithms on computers to derive models and put forth conclusions. Through Chaos Theory many disparate disciplines have been shown to be similar; from the CGI of volcanoes spewing lava in a movie to the design of the smart phone antenna, they are all examples of nonlinear dynamics with rule based irregularities. In a sense, simple systems explain complex behavior. Chaos Theory gave a holistic solution to these problems. No longer did scientists have to reduce the problem domain. Another way of saying this is: no longer do we have to use linear solution sets that approximate small subsets of the problem then cobble them together to arrive at a solution. We can now use sets of nonlinear equations and program them into a computer then adjust them until we arrive at a model of what we perceive. This may sound difficult but because mathematics is so extensive, these equations are documented and catalogued.

What this Means to Us

Chaos Theory is a way of thinking of problems/challenges no matter the discipline (organic or inorganic) completely as nonlinear multidimensional dynamic systems that are ordered, use simple nonlinear equation sets, and universal laws.

Back to the snowflake; we see the universal law of pattern formation and growth coupled with the sensitive dependence on initial conditions of temperature, humidity, and the number of air particulates all used to determine the six branching tips’ formation and growth. The air turbulence determines the unique path, which determines the unique shape. Each snowflake is a history of the weather conditions along its unique path to the ground. All of these types of equations also apply to algae, cell walls, and dendrite growth.

Chaos Theory changes many “known” system solutions that relied on linear methods from an approximation at best to a working model of that system complete with what-if analysis. Before it, linear bias was the norm. Now there is a full on nonlinear upheaval. The way of thinking in terms of Euclid are relegated to man made objects: buildings, vehicles, tools, etc.

For this reason, Chaos Theory applied to photos can accomplish remarkable results. Using Chaos analysis, all man made objects are easily identified regardless of the attempts to camouflage them. This is because there are no irregularities in man made objects (think Euclid). Additionally photos converted to fractals can be magnified indefinitely (as in Mandelbrot space) compared to the pixel (man made) method, which can be magnified down to the pixel size (e.g. 1080p).

Platonic solids are associated with atomic level entities. They are the building blocks for what we see in our fractal world. They are below our fractal range of sight; however, they are accounted for in Chaos Theory. Particle physics is also accounted for in Chaos theory. Since we are discussing the level above atoms (ie fractals we can see), we won’t bring them or particle physics into this discussion.

If nature is defined through a Chaos Theory Geometry whether animate or inanimate and man made devices are defined through a form of Euclidean Geometry what does it mean? Nature not only conserves energy within each system, she also reduces entropy. Man made Euclidean objects on the other hand do not conserve energy and create a great deal of entropy. (Entropy, in this context, is a measure of the disorder of a system).

This may seem counterintuitive until we examine the process of creating Euclidean objects. The most studied example is the steam engine. It may appear orderly but it is only about 90% efficient and requires maintenance to keep it whole. This along with other factors create a good amount of entropy. And while energy is conserved, it is not within the engine system. From the moment a man made object is created, it begins to deteriorate (entropy in action).

The next phase of our existence will be determined by whether we choose a Fractal Geometry path or a Euclidean Geometry path. Nature has already made her choice. We must become one with nature to choose the Fractal path. It is a different way of “thinking” and being. Chaos Theory is just the mathematical method of describing it.

About the author: Rich has a masters degree in mathematics and maintains hobbies in particle physics and music. He has dedicated his life to finding the truth.



Chaos Theory

After Years of Research, Big Pharma Finally Shows Evidence Cannabis Kills Cancer


By Justin Gardner

In April 2015 the National Institute of Drug Abuse acknowledged that cannabis kills cancer cells and dramatically reduces the growth of new brain cancer cells. This was a startling admission, considering that federal government’s position on cannabis retains it as a Schedule 1 drug with “no medical benefit.”

Research has continued despite this roadblock, and now the pharmaceutical industry might actually help overcome government’s stubbornness about cannabis as medicine.

British company GW Pharmaceuticals has been testing cannabis extracts for the past few years, and now has clinical evidence that certain formulations reduce the mortality rate of people with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a form of brain cancer that typically kills patients within two years. Results of the ‘phase 2 proof of concept study’ were announced Feb. 7.

Combined with temozolomide, the current medication used to treat GBM, patients’ median survival was more than 550 days, compared to 369 days without the cannabis treatment. The CBD (cannabidiol)-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) treatment helped produced an 83 percent one-year survival rate, compared with 53 percent for non-cannabis patients.

Prior studies had shown that a CBD-THC combination “led to a synergistic reduction in the viability of U87MG glioma cells,” and the “co-administration of temozolomide with THC and CBD had further synergistic effects, causing a significant reduction in cell viability.”

In their press release, GW noted that there is substantial oncologic research on cannabinoids to treat several forms of cancer, with 15 publications on the positive effects on tumor growth and suppression – especially in promoting autophagy, or “the process of regulated self-degradation by cells.”

We believe that the signals of efficacy demonstrated in this study further reinforce the potential role of cannabinoids in the field of oncology and provide GW with the prospect of a new and distinct cannabinoid product candidate in the treatment of glioma,” said CEO Justin Gover.

GW can be said to be one of more respectable pharma companies. Instead of actively fighting cannabis legalization – as U.S. companies have done by funding anti-pot propaganda prior to state ballot initiatives – GW is embracing the power of cannabis.

GW Pharma is on the verge of securing approval for a cannabis-derived drug called Epidiolex to treat children with severe epilepsy. It will file for approval this year in the U.S. and the U.K. Trials have shown “high statistical significance” in helping patients, some of who suffer 80 severe seizures a day.

Of course, we already know through countless examples that the administration of CBD or other types of cannabis oil stops seizures in their tracks for children suffering with epilepsy. It’s why a Colorado company has produced a nasal cannabis spray that repeatedly stops seizures within 20 seconds.

While many states now acknowledge this reality and are legalizing cannabis extracts for seizures, Epidiolex has the potential to offer an effective treatment nationwide. It will also put the absurd classification of cannabis and its derivatives as a Schedule 1 drug to the ultimate test.

This article (After Years of Research, Big Pharma Finally Shows Evidence Cannabis Kills Cancer) was originally published on The Free Thought Project and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.



After Years of Research, Big Pharma Finally Shows Evidence Cannabis Kills Cancer

Scientists agree with Ancient Texts: Humans were engineered


It seems that there are numerous scientists who are beginning to pay attention to ancient texts in order to decipher the mysteries surrounding the purpose and origin of the human race.

If we look at English biochemist Francis Crick, who won the Nobel Prize in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA, we will find that be thought it possible that mankind was created by a super civilization which originated elsewhere in the cosmos. A super civilization that literally ‘infected’ planet Earth with microorganisms which were ‘set’ to develop over time, becoming what we are today.

Others have had their say. For example, Vsevolod Troitsky from the Academy of Sciences of the USSR believed that Earth is a testing ground for new forms of life, controlled and watched over by far superior and unknown beings from elsewhere in the cosmos.

Here below I make reference to two very different ancient texts, from very different cultures which in the end, make refrence or tell the story of how “theycreated mankind.

Were Humans in fact Engineered? Ancient texts say YES

A great deal of Popol Vuh’s significance lies in the scarcity of early accounts dealing with Mesoamerican mythologies and the creation of man.

I would like to start with some very interesting parts of  The Popol Vuh, which just like the Bible speaks of the creation of man. All editions of Popol Vuh come from the records of the Dominican priest Francisco Ximénez who lived around the turn of the 18th century.

The Popol Vuh was recorded by the priests of the Feathered-Serpent, and translated from the Quiche (a dialect of Maya) into Spanish by Francisco Ximenez. This work attracted the attention of the Abbé Brasseur de Bourbourg, who in turn translated it into French, and it is his rendition that writers of English have used as the basis of their studies

All was immobility and silence, in the darkness, in the night; only the Creator, the Former, the Dominator, the Feathered-Serpent, they-who-engender, they-who-give-being, hovered over the water as a dawning light. They are enveloped in green and azure: that is why their name is Gucumatz (Feathered-Serpent). Of the greatest sages is their being. Then came his Word with the Dominator and the Feathered-Serpent; and they consulted together and meditated, and while they consulted, it became day. And at the moment of the dawn, MAN manifested himself, while they, in the darkness and in the night, were holding counsel upon the production and growth of trees and creeping vines, of sentient beings and humanity, by him who is the Heart of the Heavens, whose name is Hurakan. Lightning is the first sign of Hurakan; the second, the path-of-the-lightning; the third is the thunderbolt. And these three are the Heart of the Heavens. […] […]Thus, of a truth, the Creation took place, and the Earth was spoken into being. “Earth!” cried they, and instantly it took form. Like a mist or cloud was its beginning. Then the mountains rose up out of the water. Only by a magical power could that be performed which had been meditated upon as to the shadowing forth of the mountains and valleys, and at the same time the cypress and the pine appeared. Then was the Gucumatz filled with joy, crying out: “Blessed be thy coming, O Hurakan! Our work and our labor has accomplished its end.” The earth then was covered with various forms of animal life. And the Creator and Former said to the animals: “Speak now our name!” But the animals could not speak as a man. Then said their Makers: “Our glory is not yet perfect, since ye cannot invoke us. Dens and food shall ye have, but as to your flesh, it shall be eaten. This is your destiny.”

The story of creation continues with incredible details.

Again there is counsel in heaven. “Let us try again; let us make them who are to be our vehicles and nourishers.” So the Creators determined to make man. Of red earth they moulded his flesh; but when they had made him, they saw it was not good. He was without coherence, strengthless, inept, watery; he had been endowed with speech, but he had no intelligence; and straightway he was consumed in the water without being able to stand upright. Again the gods took counsel. It was decided to make man of the wood of the tzite cork-tree, and woman of the marrow of the zibac (willow); but the result was in no wise satisfactory — they were merely wooden mannikin. And these are the people who inhabit the surface of the earth. They existed and multiplied, but had neither heart nor intelligence, nor memory of their Creators. They led a useless life and lived like the animals. They were but an attempt at men. Because they had not directed their thoughts to the Heart of the Heavens, the face of the earth grew dark, and a dismal rain began to fall. Then came the nature sprites, big and little, and the animals that had formerly served them, to torment them; even their utensils took shape and voice to add to their misery. Then the men ran hither and thither in despair. They sought refuge upon the house-tops, but the houses crumbled beneath them; they tried to climb the trees, but the trees shook them down; they attempted to enter the caverns, but the caverns closed before them. Thus was accomplished the destruction of these creatures, save a few of their descendants who now exist in the woods as little apes.

The third part of the Popol Vuh continues with the incredible story of cration.

[…]Once more the gods commune together and the Creator and Former made four perfect men — wholly of yellow and white maize was their flesh composed. The name of the first was Balam-Quitze; of the second, Balam-Agab; of the third, Mahucutah; of the fourth, Iqi-Balam. They had neither father nor mother, neither were they made by the ordinary agents in the work of creation, but their coming into existence was a miracle extraordinary, wrought by the special intervention of the Creator. Verily, at last, did the gods look on beings who were worthy of their origin. Grand of countenance and broad of limb, the four sires of our race stood up and looked. And their great clear eyes swept rapidly over all, for they saw all things, both great and small, in heaven and on earth. But this was not pleasing to the gods — heaven had overshot the mark. “What shall we do with man now?” said they. “These are as gods; they would make themselves equal with us; lo, they know all things. Let us now contract their sight.” Thereupon the Heart of the Heavens breathed a cloud over the pupil of the eyes of the men, and a veil came over it as when one breathes on the face of a mirror; thus was the globe of the eye darkened; neither was that which was far off clear to it any more, but only that which was near.

But similar stories of creation can also be found in Genesis, we must only look at Genesis 1:26: Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.

Who are these beings that in the above texts are referred to as “God”, “gods”, “they” and creators?

Genesis 11:7 says: “Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

After reading all of the above, I cannot help and ask myself who are they? And… is it far-fetched to believe that mankind was actually “created,” or “engineered” as many researchers believe?

Reference and source: Popol Vuh –


Ivan is a freelance writer, editor-in-chief of, he also writes for EWAO, Share Knowledge, Svemir Online and Ancient Origins.History, Archaeology, Space and world’s mysteries are some of the topics he writes about.


Researcher Links AI, Geoengineering, Smart Dust & Morgellons to ET’s


Words of Caution:

Information that is kept secret for Fear that it may cause Fear is propagation of Fear. Fear does not exist unless created. Ignorance is NOT Bliss, it is simply Ignorance. Spiritual Akido is of utmost importance. Confrontation is a situation that requires two parts. Remove yourself from that equation and there is no confrontation.  If these concepts seem simplistic, it is because they are and only complicated by Mind and NOT by Being. Take care that upon contacting certain fields of information, that you do not succumb to exactly what was intended by the Architects of those events: Fear-Anger-Rage. Be AWARE-CONSCIOUS of these events. Bless the Beings involved and radiate Compassion to ALL, of which we are all inseparable fractal aspects of within this Holographic Paradigm.

Unconditional Love – AbZu

“It is impossible for anyone to start understanding what he thinks he already knows.” Epictetus … Greek philosopher


V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor
Waking Times

German researcher Harald Kautz-Vella is one of those rare beings who can weave together both the spiritual-metaphysical and the scientific. He started to look at the topics of AI, chemtrails, Morgellons, Smart Dust, and nano-technologies while looking at environmental protection analysis and, “came across a number of substances that shouldn’t have been in nature because they are 100% artificial, and they are high-tech, and there is no other reason to have them in the environment apart from intent — and not the best one, let’s put it this way.”

Referring to this list of semi-secretive technologies and to the substances he found in the environment, he says, “… if you root these substances back to what they are designed for, you come to Transhumanistic technologies, which is the attempt to get an interface between artificial intelligence and biological. If you ask the Transhumanists themselves, they would always say they would like to give humans better access to AI — and if you look into the technologies, it’s always to the opposite way round, it’s always giving the AI access to the human, in the sense of getting the human system controlled from the outside.”

Off-Planet AI

The unknowns involved in artificial intelligence loom over humanity. Harald Kautz-Vella says, “Most of the people in the world are wrong when they think that AI is something that we [meaning humans on earth] have developed. True to some extent. But there is a second type of AI that is much older and not of terrestrial origin that we are facing. Hard to prove, but it’s looks like the AI we are working on is seeded by these original extraterrestrial AI.”

This astonishing and mind-blowing recent body of knowledge from Harald Kautz-Vella encompasses the chemical composition of chemtrails, demonic foundations, Morgellons disease, and sentient oil, otherwise known as ‘black goo.’ These are topics that are indeed frightening, however, he also has an experiential understanding of higher metaphysics, the cycles of time, and an obvious connection with Creation.

Biophotons & Negentropy

His scientific information is found in the second half of The Imagination Chronicles: One, Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation , the book written by Cara St. Louis and Harald Kautz-Vella. For example, he looks into the concepts of biophotonic emissions (light signals that contain information of value to biological systems) and biophotonic-activity, to non-linear optics and quantum physics. He discusses negentrophy, which is…

…the ability to spontaneously build up order and concentrate energy. Negentropy is naturally occurring in biology and in fluid dynamics — generally spoken of in non-linear systems that show some kind of self-reference and thus are able to self-organize and build up fractal order.”

Morgellons Disease

Morgellonss Disease is a startling condition where seemingly living fibrous organisms emerge from lesions in the patient’s skin, and it is believed that it is being delivered to the population via chemtrails, literally raining down on on us from our skies. If you don’t believe that the chemtrails phenomena is a real part of geoengineering, then read the daily reports and the comments at Morgellons Disease has been confirmed in over 300,000 people, and one researcher says that everyone she has tested has it in their blood now — even those who are not showing the most gruesome symptoms.

Morgellons Fibers

Morgellons Fibers

Research on Morgellons has been conducted by scientist Clif Carnicom — who says, “The Morgellons condition may have a much broader basis and distribution than we might like to admit or know.” Elana Freeland explains his statement, noting, “In other words, in Morgellons victims the filaments are in extremis, but the truth is that all populations subject to the chemtrails delivery system will probably experience at least a slow degradation of health as the immune system is undermined… the ‘organism’ may be in everyone’s blood.”

Carnicom found that, “the blood of his samples is undergoing a transformation: the cellular structure is changing to a more fibrous form, and spherical structures like those inside the fibers are appearing in disturbed blood cells.” Elana Freeland, again noting that, “all evidence has pointed to four major forms and one minor form of the genetically altered Morgellons pathogen being delivered by aerosols, genetically modified foods, water systems…vaccinations and other inoculations. Clifford E. Carnicom admits that humanity is facing an imminent health holocaust.”

Smart Dust: Self-Assembling Within the Human Body

Harald Kautz-Vella describes Morgellon’s as fungi that are “able to assimilate higher DNA, multiply it and build up a DNA cluster that creates a morphogenic field…The fungus is using a multilayered  hexagonal structure to protect and cover the spore. These hexagons…are part of synthetic biology research, called self-assembling large area photonic plasmonic crystals. …within the human body are hollow fibers that accumulate nanodyes within the fiber and those hexagonal self-assembling large area photonic-plasmonic crystals…both are self-assembling nano-bots. They [the intelligence community] spray them in components, separated into bioform and nano-dye, call this mixture smart-dust, and expect the smart dust to bio-accumulate and self-assemble itself into working units in the body.”

I know this is not easy to grasp at first. I have to read it over and over. To continue, “the fibers and crystals form a read/write unit. The fibers collect DNA light communication, i.e. the bi-directional single photon emissions interchanged by any DNA cluster, and turn it into radio signals.” I feel that Harald Kautz-Vella is describing the nightmare scenario of AI science implementing a ‘mechanical’ black-magic technology, meaning melding the darkside occult that exists in the astral planes into a technology that utilizes, assimilates and lives within our human body: AI as a high-tech parasite and the ultimate solidification of black magic into matter.

Sample of particulates captured in air sample over the Pacific Northwest US - December 2015

Close up of particulates captured in air sample over the Pacific Northwest, US – December 2015

AI-Morgellon’s vampires

Harald Kautz-Vella says that by extracting light from our DNA, Morgellon’s lowers the scalar potential of the DNA. In my words, this off-planet AI is intended to rob us of our God-given ability to access higher consciousness in the realms that are now invisible to the five senses, and to prevent our return home and enlightenment.

“They are flattening us down, lowering ‘our vibration’, extracting energy. Sucking out what one could call the life force. …This could be one aspect of the aluminum-connection to Alzheimer and dementia. …This is far beyond any known concept of mind control.”

But as he also says, this form of energy extraction is very much in line with the ancient traditions of the Archons, black magic, and mind parasites. Is this what Ray Kurzweil had in mind when he predicted that by 2099:

The human brain has been completely reverse engineered and all aspects of its functioning are understood.
Natural human thinking possesses no advantages over computer minds.
Machines have attained equal legal status with humans.
Most conscious beings lack a permanent physical form.
The vast majority of the Earth’s sentient beings are AI’s that exist entirely as thinking computer programs capable of instantly moving from one computer to another across the Internet (or whatever equivalent exists in 2099). These computer-based beings are capable of manifesting themselves at will in the physical world by creating or taking over robotic bodies, with individual AI’s also being capable of controlling multiple bodies at once. [Kurzweil has a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo.]

This is Alien ET Technology

There are many Harald Kautz-Vella online videos to learn from. In one he says, “I am hardcore scientist, but I really appreciate the possibilities that lie in the spiritual world and I had so many open questions to this [now deceased] whistle blower” [on ‘optimized cluster topology’ that lets RNA DNA sequences carry life-forms/ elates to smart dust] that he attended a lady who can talk to people who are dead. The man appeared immediately and talked through her saying, “This is alien technology – it is not human technology and we have been fooled. There is no deactivation code. It doesn’t exist. It is just a big scam that they offered to us to let us think we could control the system, but this is alien technology and it is not controllable anymore through us.”

Harald Kautz-Vella wants the intelligence community to know they have been fooled. They believe they are controlling this, but they are not. Apparently the deceased man speaking was suffering because of the misuse of this technology and is very concerned, admitting that the ETs had lied to them.  This is exactly what I have felt and known for around 30 years now. The technology that the ETs gave our governments is a Trojan Horse designed to invade, infest, poison, and conquer our planet.

READ: Chemtrails, ET’s & Alien Technology – The Covert Conquest of a Dying Planet

Humility is Our Greatest Sword

If the story from Harald Kautz-Vella was only one of fear, I would not write about it — but along with the science, he also understands that we are now entering the final stages of this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga. He notes that as beings involve in a spiritual war we each have the responsibility of rescuing ourselves:

“The information is out there, but it’s just fucking information doesn’t change a thing. What does change things is in Spirit. The only thing left for me [Harald] to do is take on the quality of change that is possible for me. Our egos are part of the Matrix system. Our egos are the thing that is keeping up the separation. It is keeping us from feeling the pain we cause. The core problem now is to dissemble our [small-identity] selves. Every single person on the planet will have to do this alone, it is nothing to be lectured about. It is something that needs to be done! Every single person needs to do this out of his own Will, out of his own power, from the Being side, not from the ego side. The first step is to get ourselves back into empathy and seeing what we have caused. Become what we were before… You have to rescue yourself!”

Binary & Trinary Systems in the Matrix

AI is a binary system. It can self-replicate, but it cannot create. We humans are a TRINARY system. In Sanskrit this is often termed the Triadic Heart. What it means is that we have the ability to reach into our Heart Chakra, connect with our Source, and bring God-Consciousness into manifestation. We trinary humans with our seven chakra system, can create.

AI is binary — binary cannot create, but only replicate whatever its creators initially programmed them with, no matter how complex and reconfigured. Binary cannot access God-Consciousness. Binary is an inevitable a dead end that will go on and on, self-replicating ad nauseam into infinite boredom! Matter without spirit is dull dead, un-inspired.

Those who live in binary, who are identified only with their thoughts regardless of how brilliant they may appear to be, living in perhaps a micro-waved mutant-mind, who believe they are solely their thoughts and not their soul consciousness — their forms will not survive into the next cycle of time. Incomplete forms from the Kali Yuga cannot withstand the higher frequencies of God-Consciousness. Those of us who merge our consciousness into the Heart will return to our natural state as we shake off these demons and their destructive suicidal games, which are here only to bring an end to this cycle of time.

About the Author

V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.

– “The Imagination Chronicles: One, Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation” by Cara St. Louis and Harald Kautz-Vella; Autumn 2014, London, Berlin, and Oslo.
 – Dane Wigington,
Geoengineering and Biosphere Collapse – Dane Wigington
 – Why in the World are They Spraying?
 – What Chemtrails are Doing to Your brain with Dr. Russell Blaylock
 – Earth an Alien Enterprise, the Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-up in Human History, by Timothy Good; Pegasus Books, New York, London, 2013.
 – Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, by Elana Freeland; Feral House, Port Townsend WA, 2014.
 – Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, Advances in Tesla Technology, by Jeane Manning & Dr. Nick Begich; Earthpulse Press, Anchorage Alaska, 1995, 2002.

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Researcher Links AI, Geoengineering, Smart Dust & Morgellons to ET’s

++ Italians Blow Chemtrails ‘Secret War’ Lid Off With Film 

Science Shows Dolphins Communicate Holographically

By Edwina Shaw

Can We Start Speaking To Dolphins?

Scientists are now able to begin deciphering how dolphins convey information to each other and to then use this information to start a conversation.

Recently scientists have made a significant breakthrough in inter-species communication. Researchers in the UK and USA have proved that the clicking sounds dolphins use for echolocation actually form reproducible holographic pictures that the researchers suggest may be the basis of dolphin language.

With the use of cutting edge technology such as the CymaScope and 3D print technology, the scientists at SpeakDolphin believe they have been able to see what dolphins see for the first time. This amazing discovery has exciting implications for the future, as the first step in being able to potentially communicate with dolphins in their own language.

Alt text hereDolphins communicate holograms and now we can see them.

Dolphin Communication

Dolphins communicate in a wide variety of ways, just as we do. They use body language, using touch to communicate both affection and aggression. They have even been known to hold flippers, just as we hold hands. Dolphins don’t have vocal cords, but instead have a complex system, including a balloon-like structure in their foreheads called a melon.

They have even been known to hold flippers, just as we hold hands.

They have two sets of lips near the blowhole that force air through, much as air is squeezed through the nozzle of a balloon, to create sounds. This air is recycled through the system so the dolphin can remain underwater for extended periods while echolocating or communicating. Through these lips, dolphins can both whistle and make clicking sounds or click bursts, sometimes at extremely high speed.

Alt text hereDolphins hold hands to communicate affection just like humans do.

Deciphering The Dolphin Code

Early on in dolphin research, scientists discovered that each dolphin has an individual whistle that they use to identify themselves, and that other dolphins use to call them in return. When a dolphin is in trouble it sends out a series of these whistling sounds, as if calling for help from friends. The clicking sounds were discovered to be a form of echolocation, using sound to create mental images of the surroundings, which dolphins can use with extreme accuracy, focusing in on one fish in a swarming school, to track elusive prey.

Some scientists also believed that dolphins could use their clicks to transmit information to other dolphins in their vicinity. Click bursts, or high speed clusters of clicks, are thought to have additional meanings, beyond simply identifying objects. Dolphin researchers suggested that these click bursts are a form of communication that dolphins use when they’re playing or to indicate aggression. Mother dolphins have been observed to focus an angry click burst at a misbehaving calf, for example.

Findings like these have spurred great interest in how dolphins communicate and raised questions about their cognitive abilities. At first, scientists and animal trainers were only interested in what they could teach dolphins. These days there is interest in what they can teach us. Especially since this latest breakthrough, which begins to prove that the suppositions of these early researchers may be correct.

Alt text hereScientists have cracked the code to how dolphins see the world around them.

An Innate Intelligence

The pioneer of dolphin research, John Lilly, was a neurophysiologist at the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health. In the 1950s, he was the first to suggest that dolphins had a language of their own. His books, Man and Dolphin: Adventures on a New Scientific Frontier and The Mind of the Dolphin: A Nonhuman Intelligence, brought people to an awareness of the sophisticated intelligence that dolphins possess.

Lilly opened a dolphin research facility and attempted to teach a dolphin named Peter to speak English with some success. However, in the 60’s Lilly’s experiments grew more and more controversial—including injecting dolphins with LSD—so his funding dried up and the study of dolphin communication fell into disrepute.

Then in 1970, a University of Hawaii psychologist named Louis Herman reignited scientific interest and began experiments of his own, teaching dolphins language and raising them as children. Yet, despite almost half a century of study since these pioneering efforts, nobody has been able to prove definitively what the fundamental units of dolphin vocalization are, or how those units get assembled. This is what makes the recent findings about the holographic mental images created by echolocation such an exciting breakthrough.

Alt text hereMother dolphins teach their calves through a range of communication methods.

Starting A Conversation

Until recently, there has been no evidence that a dolphin has been able to transmit anything like an image to other dolphins through echolocation. However, earlier this year, researchers in the USA and UK made this significant finding when they used a new piece of technology, a CymaScope, to translate a dolphin’s clicking sounds into a holographic image of the submerged man she was echolocating. Team leader, Jack Kassewitz of, is delighted with the result.

This is the first time we have captured a what-the-dolphin-saw image of a man.

Previously they’d used other objects such as crosses and flower pots and were to some degree successful, but this image of a man has made it clear that a dolphin’s clicks translate as a mental image that humans can now also decipher. This has tremendous implications for people to now begin learning how to communicate with dolphins.

Just as in the recent sci-fi movie Arrival, where a linguist struggled to decode the multidimensional images aliens were communicating, scientists are now able to begin deciphering how dolphins convey information to each other and to then use this information to start a conversation.

Alt text hereHolograms will enable humans to communicate with dolphins more effectively.

The Holographic Experiment

For the ground-breaking experiment, a man wearing a weight belt was submerged underwater and a trained dolphin then used a series of clicks to identify the man through echolocation. The dolphin’s echo signal was recorded using high specification audio equipment and the recording was then sent to the CymaScope laboratory in the UK.

There, acoustic physics researcher John Stuart Reid, used the CymaScope to transcribe the sound sample by imprinting it onto a water membrane by using the quasiholographic properties of sound and its relationship with water. The holographic image that emerged was the mirror image of the submerged man complete with details such as the weight belt.

This demonstrated that the CymaScope can capture what-the-dolphin-saw images and suggested that dolphins can also see surface features, such as the weight belt. Kassewitz, Reid and their team are now speculating that dolphins may employ a “sono-pictorial” form of language, a language of pictures that they share with each other. As Kassewitz explains:

If that proves to be true an exciting future lies ahead for inter species communications.

Alt text hereThe holographic experiment that shows what a dolphins sees.

How Dolphins Speak to Each Other

It can be speculated that dolphins use auditory information to perceive the world similarly to how humans use vision. Though perhaps they would have an even greater degree of perception as the auditory centres of their brains are highly developed, with auditory nerves containing as many fibres as human optic nerves.

What the scientists have found most exciting is the probability that these sound images are shared with other dolphins as part of their communication.

It’s likely that dolphins integrate information from all their senses to create a complete and complex interpretation of their surroundings. What the scientists have found most exciting is the probability that these sound images are shared with other dolphins as part of their communication.

Alt text hereResearch reveals how dolphins see with sound and communicate with one another.

Sending Visual Images

Some humans who are blind are also able to use echolocation to identify their surroundings. They make their way safely through an unfamiliar environment by using clicking sounds and listening for the reflected echoes from the objects they encounter. Studies conducted on these people show that their visual cortex is also activated as they echolocate through an environment, demonstrating that brain areas usually reserved for vision can be activated by other sensory modes.

Because of the similarity between human and dolphin brains, this suggests that dolphins may also be creating visual images through echolocation, which they then communicate to other dolphins.

The success of the experiment translating echolocation clicks into a holographic image of a man makes this speculation a reality. This is what has excited scientists and dolphin lovers alike, as humans take one step closer to being able to communicate with our playful friends in the sea.

Cannabinoids Heal the Body ~ Wes Annac


By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel

I wrote the following for the 228th issue of the Weekly Awareness Guide, a written document distributed weekly via email that I offer for $11.11 a month.

Income from the guide helps me get by and ensures I can continue to offer free content, and every subscription is appreciated. The option to subscribe is given at the bottom of this post (learn about subscribing with cash/check here).

If this were the 60s or 70s and you told someone you were using cannabis for pain relief or to treat an illness, you might get a funny look. Today, however, countless legitimate medicinal uses have been discovered for the plant. It’s finally receiving positive attention from a society that’s condemned it for nearly a century.

“Regular” people are standing up for cannabis, unafraid of the consequences imposed by an unfair system. Rather than continue to condemn it, people are openly exploring and sharing information about its benefits. Even doctors are speaking out about it.

In an effort to support the revolutionary work being done in the field of cannabis-based medicine, I’ve compiled some of the most prominent information concerning the plant’s health benefits. It seems to have been created for the explicit purpose of helping the human body.

Since the floodgates have been opened for extensive research into it (though not as extensive as if it were legalized worldwide), we in this era will be fortunate enough to learn almost everything it can do. More people than ever will learn about the ways it can heal the body, and a sea change in the way we see it will follow.

Cannabinoids in Cannabis Mimic the Body’s Endocannabinoids  

Nishi Whiteley writes that cannabis helps various ailments because of the “active pharmacological components” in the plant that mimic the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is described as an “internal chemical harm reduction system”. (1)

Nishi writes that endocannabinoids – chemicals produced by the body – control the endocannabinoid system. These chemicals ensure our most important biological functions are stable. Those functions include the ability to sleep, feel pain, have an appetite, and maintain a healthy immune system. Their control gives endocannabinoids the ability to “fix the problem” when the body becomes imbalanced or stressed. (1)

The cannabis plant, Nishi writes, contains “pharmaceutically active” components that mimic the body’s endocannabinoids. These components can help the body manage crises or find healing after trauma if the body’s endocannabinoids are insufficient by themselves. The short answer as to why cannabis helps so many illnesses is that it treats pain and inflammation by working with the endocannabinoid system, which controls these symptoms. Pain and inflammation are prevalent in most illnesses, giving cannabinoids the edge against them. (1)

Cannabis Contains Over 400 Active Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids

Nishi writes that cannabis is one of the most pharmacologically active plants in the world: it contains over 400 active chemicals referred to as cannabinoids, terpenoids (aka terpenes), and flavonoids. Different levels and combinations of these chemicals provide different benefits for the body. These include:

  • Dilating blood vessels
  • Protecting brain cells that have been damaged
  • Stimulating bone growth
  • Killing certain cancer cells
  • Controlling muscle spasticity
  • Preventing seizures
  • Killing viruses, as well as bacteria (1)

These chemicals, Nishi writes, seem to provide the greatest benefit when combined. The individual, isolated chemicals don’t help as much as when they all work together. (1)

Cannabinoids Relieve Pain “Significantly”

The United Patients Group reports that cannabinoids have been shown to “significantly” relieve pain by connecting to pain receptors in the central nervous system. They can even relieve pain in cases where opiates are insufficient. (2)

The UPG reports that medical marijuana and pain relief studies show less THC is needed for pain relief compared to codeine: the level of pain relief from a 10-mg dose of THC is comparable to relief from a 60-mg dose of codeine. Patients given access to extracts of medical marijuana can decrease their use of opioid pain relievers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and antidepressants. (2)

Patients given “inhaled medical marijuana” can find significant relief from peripheral neuropathy, the UPG reports, which is a common symptom for patients undergoing chemotherapy or taking anti-cancer drugs that cause pain, tingling, or muscle weakness in the hands or feet. Peripheral neuropathy may be avoided altogether if medical marijuana is taken before the use of chemotherapy or anti-cancer drugs. (2)

The UPG reports that most patients consume cannabis by smoking it, but those who prefer not to smoke can use alternative methods. Studies show smoking cannabis is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, but nevertheless, it can be harmful to smoke anything. Alternative methods are available, such as vaporizing, oral ingestion via a prepared solution, or oral ingestion via edibles. (2)

CBD: A Highly Beneficial Cannabinoid

Now, let’s focus on CBD; the increasingly well-known cannabinoid that boosts THC’s therapeutic effects and, as we’ll learn, lessens its side effects.

Amee at Back Pain Solutions Online writes that THC is the most well-known cannabinoid but CBD is the most important in the medicinal sense. CBD can reduce nausea, muscle spasms, inflammation, and anxiety in lower doses than THC, and it also has anti-cancer and anti-psychotic properties. (3)

New products, Amee writes, are being developed for those who want CBD’s benefits but don’t want to get high. It can be extracted from the plant and made into tinctures, pills, and salves. The FDA considers these to be food-based products, which is why they can be sold over the counter with no medical marijuana card required. (3)

Amee writes that CBD provides an alternative form of back pain management for those who want to reduce reliance on other, more dangerous medications. Conventional drugs for pain management have short and long term risks, including dependency, organ damage, and a “foggy” feeling that interferes with daily life. CBD-based products carry no such risk. (3)

While CBD isn’t a remedy for the cause of pain, Amee writes, it could be a “key component” to managing pain naturally. Amee believes the power of information can overcome the stigma against medicines and products derived from the cannabis plant. (3)

Do the Research

There’s a tendency in our society to condemn things we know nothing about simply because we’re told they’re bad. This causes us to turn away from things like cannabis that could help us thrive, and until we break free from the herd mentality, it’ll continue to keep us from life-saving discoveries.

Don’t accept what someone tells you; do the research and learn the truth for yourself, because you’ll encounter plenty of people who want to deceive you for personal gain. Don’t believe what I write about cannabis without a well-researched understanding of your own, because knowledge not only brings power, but independence.

Read up on the subject and form your own understanding. You’ll quickly learn that this world is nothing like you think. All this surprising information will overwhelm you and send you on a quest to share the truth with others who are doing their research and sharing knowledge previously lost to history.


  1. Nishi Whiteley, “Cannabis 101: THC & CBD”, Chronic Relief
  2. “Analgesic the Beauty of Cannabis PAIN Relief”, United Patients Group
  3. Amee L., “CBD: Marijuana Component That Relieves Pain Without The Smoke Or High”, Back Pain Solutions Online, September 26, 2012 –

About the author: 

wesannacI’m a twenty-something writer & blogger with an interest in spirituality, revolution, music and the transformative creative force known as love. I run The Culture of Awareness, a daily news blog dedicated to raising social and spiritual awareness and supporting the evolution of the planet.

I also have a personal blog, Openhearted Rebel, in which I share writings related to spiritual philosophy, creativity, heart consciousness and revolution (among other topics).

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Cannabinoids Heal the Body

NASA’s EMDrive And The Quantum Theory Of Pilot Waves


There has been a lot of digital ink spilled over the recent paper on the reactionless thrust device known as the EMDrive. While it’s clear that a working EM Drive would violate well established scientific theories, what isn’t clear is how such a violation might be resolved. Some have argued that the thrust could be an effect of Unruh radiation, but the authors of the new paper argue instead for a variation on quantum theory known as the pilot wave model.

One of the central features of quantum theory is its counter-intuitive behavior often called particle-wave duality. Depending on the situation, quantum objects can have characteristics of a wave or characteristics of a particle. This is due to the inherent limitations on what we can know about quanta. In the usual Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory, an object is defined by its wavefunction. The wavefunction describes the probability of finding a particle in a particular location. The object is in an indefinite, probabilistic state described by the wavefunction until it is observed. When it is observed, the wavefunction collapses, and the object becomes a definite particle with a definite location.

While the Copenhagen interpretation is not the best way to visualize quantum objects it captures the basic idea that quanta are local, but can be in an indefinite state. This differs from the classical objects (such as Newtonian theory) where things are both local and definite. We can know, for example, where a baseball is and what it is doing at any given time.

The pilot wave model handles quantum indeterminacy a different way. Rather than a single wavefunction, quanta consist of a particle that is guided by a corresponding wave (the pilot wave). Since the position of the particle is determined by the pilot wave, it can exhibit the wavelike behavior we see experimentally. In pilot wave theory, objects are definite, but nonlocal. Since the pilot wave model gives the same predictions as the Copenhagen approach, you might think it’s just a matter of personal preference. Either maintain locality at the cost of definiteness, or keep things definite by allowing nonlocality. But there’s a catch.

Although the two approaches seem the same, they have very different assumptions about the nature of reality. Traditional quantum mechanics argues that the limits of quantum theory are physical limits. That is, quantum theory tells us everything that can be known about a quantum system. Pilot wave theory argues that quantum theory doesn’t tell us everything. Thus, there are “hidden variables” within the system that quantum experiments can’t reveal. In the early days of quantum theory this was a matter of some debate, however both theoretical arguments and experiments such as the EPR experiment seemed to show that hidden variables couldn’t exist. So, except for a few proponents like David Bohm, the pilot wave model faded from popularity. But in recent years it’s been demonstrated that the arguments against hidden variables aren’t as strong as we once thought. This, combined with research showing that small droplets of silicone oil can exhibit pilot wave behavior, has brought pilot waves back into play.

How does this connect to the latest EM Drive research? In a desperate attempt to demonstrate that the EM Drive doesn’t violate physics after all, the authors spend a considerable amount of time arguing that the effect could be explained by pilot waves. Basically they argue that not only is pilot wave theory valid for quantum theory, but that pilot waves are the result of background quantum fluctuations known as zero point energy. Through pilot waves the drive can tap into the vacuum energy of the Universe, thus saving physics! To my mind it’s a rather convoluted and weak argument. The pilot wave model of quantum theory is interesting and worth exploring, but using it as a way to get around basic physics is weak tea. Trying to cobble a theoretical way in which it could work has no value without the experimental data to back it up.

At the very core of the EM Drive debate is whether it works or not, so the researchers would be best served by demonstrating clearly that the effect is real. While they have made some interesting first steps, they still have a long way to go.

Paper: Harris, D.M., et al. Visualization of hydrodynamic pilot-wave phenomena, J. Vis. (2016) DOI 10.1007/s12650-016-0383-5


New Plastic ‘Zeoform’ Turns Hemp Into Almost Anything



What if todays plastics could be made from materials that were not only sustainable but non toxic? Today, our plastics are made from oil which means not only are we putting toxic chemicals into our atmosphere, but we are also filling our environment with products that cannot bio-degrade. 

A new company out of Australia has created a promising new product called Zeoform and it is made only from water and cellulose take from hemp plants. This means their plastic is not only eco-friendly in production but is also biodegradable!

As stated on their website:

Zeoform is a revolutionary material that changes everything. Made from cellulose fibres and water – and absolutely nothing else! Our patented process converts cellulose fibres into a super strong high tech moulding material capable of being formed into a multitude of products. ZEOFORM is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable and ‘locks up’ carbon from waste into beautiful, functional forms.

zeoform chair

According to Zeoform, their product is very durable and relies only on the natural process of hydrogen bonding that takes place when cellulose fibres are mixed with water. No glue or bonding material is necessary because the bond created is already so strong. The final material can be formed into almost anything and can be cut, routed, machined, drilled, screwed, nailed and glued in the same way wood and wood composites can be. It can also be coloured/dyed, and finished in any way creators like.

The material is water and fire resistant inherently and can be enforced further in both categories with some small adjustments to ingredients. The product can be made into anything from car parts to paper, moulds, furniture, and even musical instruments – the possibilities are endless.

hemp guitar

Given the practicality of the product, the company hopes to expand their patented technology and begin offering manufacturing licensees to larger facilities around the world. Given the fact that there is a lot of infrastructure already set up where this type of product can be built, switching over from non-sustainable and toxic methods to methods Zeoform uses is very possible and should be a high priority given our environmental state. Sure it might mean disaster for big oil, but isn’t it time we put us and the environment before profit?

It’s all about money

The prohibition of domestic hemp growth is about what everything is about in this country. It’s about money. The drug war is big business huge business. If hemp cultivation were legalized, there would be an awful lot of DEA agents out of a job.

Consider this: of the one-and-a-half billion cannabis plants found and destroyed by U.S. drug agents between 1993 and 1997, only fourteen million were marijuana. That’s 0.9 percent. That means that 99.1 percent were low-THC hemp. Legalizing hemp would translate to laying off 99.1 percent of all agents of the War on Marijuana, 99.1 percent fewer guns, helicopters, automobiles, flack jackets, etc. That’s a lot of money in government contracts.

Hemp is a plant that can naturally and sustainably provide many products presently available only from corporate giants like DuPont, International Paper, Texaco, BASF and the like. They could lose billions if hemp was grown in the United States for fiber, paper, fuel, and plastics. They have millions of dollars to back anti-hemp propaganda. They sponsor programs like D.A.R.E. and The Partnership for a Drug-Free America that equate hemp’s cousin marijuana with deadly drugs like heroin and methamphetamine to prevent Americans from learning the truth. The cannabis leaf has even become the poster child for the drug war. Corporate-backed programs such as D.A.R.E. and The Partnership for a Drug-Free America are teaching our children that this incredible Earth-friendly plant is as dangerous as heroin and methamphetamine. These corporations slander cannabis while promoting themselves as lovers and supporters of the environment. They run TV commercials that would have us believe that they are environmental activists with deceptive claims and scenes of pristine streams and forests. But what they really do is clear-cut pristine rainforests, poison our air with ozone-depleting greenhouse gases, and produce tons of toxic chemicals that end up in our drinking water.

excerpt from full article:


The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Car: It’s Made Entirely From HEMP

Packaging Innovation: Are Mushrooms the new Styrofoam?

Got Hemp Milk? The Benefits of Hemp Milk

Hemp Gets High Five for Heart-Health Benefits

Graphene Battery Powered “Free” Energy Motorcycle



By Pao Chang

Graphene is considered the thinnest material known to mainstream scientists. It is so thin that it is about one million times thinner than paper. At the atomic level, graphene is made of a single layer of carbon atoms bonded together in a repeating pattern that is shaped like a hexagon.

Some of graphene’s interesting characteristics are its electrical conductivity and amazing energy transferring ability. Because of its characteristics, many scientists and inventors are using it to create efficient free energy technology.

Below are two great videos that show the potential of graphene batteries. The first video shows a motorcycle powered by a graphene battery, allowing it to run without any fuel.



Graphene Battery Powered “Free” Energy Motorcycle




A new cancer treatment is using resonant frequencies to shatter various types of cancer cells.

In his Tedx Talk, “Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies,” Associate Professor and Director of Music at Skidmore College, Anthony Holland, tells the audience that he has a dream. That dream is to see a future where children no longer have to suffer from the effects of toxic cancer drugs or radiation treatment, and today he and his team believe they have found the answer.

Many of us have likely seen or heard of people shattering glass with the sound of their voice. This amazing feat, Holland explains, is due to a phenomenon called resonant frequency. When someone taps a glass, it emits a natural resonant frequency. To induce shattering, a person must match the resonant frequency of the glass with the vibration of their voice, getting louder and louder until the glass finally breaks.

Taking this phenomenon into account, Holland and a team of researchers wondered if they could induce the same effect in a living microorganism or cell. They came across the work of a Chinese researcher, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, who conjectured that live cells exhibit similar properties much like liquid crystals do. With this in mind, Holland and his team wondered if they could affect a cell by sending a specific electric signal, much like we do with LCD technology.

After searching the patent database for a device that could accomplish the latter, they came across a therapeutic device invented by a New Mexico physician by the name of Dr. James Bare. The device uses a plasma antenna that pulses on and off, which, as Holland explains, is important because a constant pulse of electricity would produce too much heat and therefore destroy the cell.

For the next 15 months, Holland and his team searched for the exact frequency that would directly shatter a living microorganism. The magic number finally came in the form of two inputs, one high frequency and one low. The high frequency had to be exactly eleven times higher than the low, which in music is known as the 11th harmonic. At this 11th harmonic, micro organisms begin to shatter like crystal glass.

After practicing until they got efficient at the procedure, Holland began working with a team of cancer researchers in an attempt to destroy targeted cancer cells. First they looked at pancreatic cancer cells, eventually discovering these cells were specifically vulnerable between 100,000 – 300,000 Hz.

Next they moved onto leukemia cells, and were able to shatter the leukemia cells before they could divide. But, as Holland explains in his talk, he needed bigger stats in order to make the treatment a viable option for cancer patients. So what kind of numbers did they produce?

Oscillating pulsed electric field (OPEF) technology is literally shattering targeted cancer cells like crystal glass.

Oscillating pulsed electric field (OPEF) technology is literally shattering targeted cancer cells like crystal glass.

In repeated and controlled experiments, the frequencies, known as oscillating pulsed electric field (OPEF) technology, killed an average of 25% to 40% of leukemia cells, going as high as 60% in some cases. Furthermore, the intervention even slowed cancer cell growth rates up to 65%. It was a double whammy.

The team also found success attacking ovarian cancer cells. Most recently, they tested the treatment against the deadly super bug MRSA, an organism that is resistant to many common antibiotics. Thousands of people die every year from MRSA, Holland explains, and the drugs normally used against the pathogen are known to have toxic side effects. Incredibly, the frequency therapy eliminated antibiotic resistance, and researchers were able to introduce a small amount of antibiotic to kill the bug.

Holland hopes that one day the treatment will override the toxic conventional treatments currently available for patients. At the end of his speech, he describes his vision for the future of cancer clinics:

I believe the future of children’s cancer hospitals will be a different place. They will be a place where children gather and make new friends, they probably wont even know they are sick. They’ll draw pictures, colour in their books, and play with their toys, all the while unaware that above them, a beautiful, blue plasma light is emanating healing, pulsing fields, shattering their cancer, painlessly, and non-toxically, one cell at a time. Thank you.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that in 1920 that Royal Rife first identified the human cancer virus using the world’s most powerful microscope. After identifying and isolating the virus, he decided to culture it on salted pork. At the time this was a very good method for culturing a virus. He then took the culture and injected it into 400 rats which as you might expect, created cancer in all 400 rats very quickly. The next step for Rife is where things took an interesting turn. He later found a frequency of electromagnetic energy that would cause the cancer virus to diminish completely when entered into the energy field. The great discovery led Rife to create a device that could be tuned to output the frequency that would destroy the cancer. He was then able to treat the cancer within both rats and patients who were within close proximity of the device. You can read more of that here.

See Holland’s Tedx Talk below.



The Mandela Effect Surges in Popularity | A Doctor’s Study — Memory Distortion, Timelines Merging and Examples



The Mandela Effect is a term coined by Fiona Broome referring to the divergence between recorded history and a person’s memories. These divergences seem to be occurring across large populations with congruency, which suggests that some phenomenon may be at work.

The Memory Distortion Explanation

One would assume that if memories were distorting due to referencing errors (a known phenomenon amongst psychologists), then people would recall different memories that would be specific for the individual—each person would have a unique distortion. But according to a study conducted by Dr. Blair Reich, these memory distortions appear to be consistent in large populations. Over the past year, 25,000 people took his survey and results suggest that people are collectively experiencing the same memory divergence with recorded history.

As was discussed in the first article on the Mandela Effect, it could be that collective memory distortion is taking place. Consider that subtle messaging or subconscious manipulation is the foundation of modern-day advertisers, who can steer the collective consciousness of the masses with great accuracy for the purpose of purchasing products and manipulating public opinion (propaganda). It stands to reason that certain populations of people could also distort memories in a group fashion—so to speak.

Related Exploring the Mandela Effect: a Research Paper by Blair Reich | Memory Recall Divergence Explained by Timeline Jumping?

Neurologists have known about the distortion of memories for some time and it appears that the more one accesses their memories the more distorted they can become.

According to Diane Bridge from Northwestern University, who conducted a study on memory recall, “A memory is not simply an image produced by time traveling back to the original event—it can be an image that is somewhat distorted because of the prior times you remembered it …. Your memory of an event can grow less precise even to the point of being totally false with each retrieval.”

Related Implanting False Memories is Real, says Psychologist | A ‘Memory Hacker’ Explains How to Plant False Memories in People’s Minds

Skeptics assume that these collective divergences are nothing more than individual memory distortions or failure. But as was mentioned above, these kinds of effects tend to produce individualized memory changes, not ones that occur across large populations.

Timelines and the Mandela Effect

One explanation that is popular amongst Mandela Effect enthusiasts is that timeline shifting or merging is taking place. The collective reality or river of time with which we move and have our being seems to be changing in some fundamental way.

Exploring this concept a bit more, a timeline is simply a chain of events, a flow of causality, which individuals participate in when taking actions in life, both physically and metaphysically. Timelines in this sense are not some external thing forced onto a person, it is a dynamic flow of cause and effect, with free will choice acting as a mechanism to change the direction time flows or the way in which events take place. While an individual cannot have absolute control over the a series of events (a timeline), they can steer it with some degree of potency or strength. And as a collective of individuals, the aggregate of free will choices made in harmony can powerfully alter the nature of a timeline. Consider how history is molded by the collective actions of populations of people.

To add to this notion that the Mandela Effect is evidence of timelines merging or changing, the Secret Space Program insider and whistleblower Corey Goode had this to say in his report from August of this year:

I had received emails with questions about the “Mandela Effect,” but hadn’t been able to look into it. In one of our recent trips to shoot episodes for Cosmic Disclosure, one of the producers at Gaia brought up the topic and went into detail about it. My interest was [piqued], and I then looked into the phenomenon more deeply when I got home.

Tear-Eir then communicated that indeed this was a real and an example of what we would experience more and more until the final merging. He stated that our co-creative consciousness was directing us toward a choice of which temporal reality we will ultimately experience. We have a small window to push ourselves through in order to jointly experience the optimal temporal reality.

This explanation is fascinating yet is almost entirely unverifiable—not to say that it is invalid.

The Mandela Effect is one phenomenon that is difficult to study using standard scientific methods because it is entirely subjective—we only have data supplied by experiencers to go on. There is no way to objectively measure if what someone experienced years ago has actually changed or not in reality—which is what the timeline shifting or merging explanation proposes.

Despite these logistical setbacks, scientific inquiry can and has taken place.

Ph.D. Studies the Mandela Effect

Dr. Reich is one amongst many investigators studying the Mandela Effect using methods that provides a robust set of data to analyze.

The survey (or quiz as he refers to it) is conducted in a way that produces a data set that can be compared to other survey takers. The results can be plotted and analyzed so as to determine to what degree these collective memory divergences are occurring. This survey allows investigators to pinpoint which events are remembered differently and how many people are collectively experiencing them. While 25,000 responses are only a small fraction of the population, it is enough to draw some initial suppositions.

Dr. Reich’s survey and paper are available below. Here is a comment he provided for this article:

The initial results suggest that while many people in the general population may suffer from a general failure of memory those who are extremely confident in their recollection are able to recall details of controlled experiments at an overwhelming 95-98.8%.  This suggests that sub groups of people are very capable of highly accurate memories.  What is interesting is that those same people who can get the controls correct with a high degree of accuracy suddenly disagree with recorded history with populations as high as 90% disagreeing with what’s recorded.  Since the control suggests these people have no issues with memory it implies something else is likely the cause of the problem.

Other Researchers

Cynthia Sue Larson has also been studying the Mandela Effect since the 1990’s and conducted her first survey in 2000. In a comment left on the first Mandela Effect article, she had this to say:

I’ve devoted my career to studying the Mandela Effect (aka “reality shifts”) since the 1990s. There is a growing body of scientific evidence to suggest that the Mandela Effect, aka “reality shift” has been a recognized phenomenon since PMH Atwater first began talking about it in the 1970s and first mentioned in Atwater’s book “Future Memory” in 1995. The topic was later covered in greater detail, including mention of the dead being seen alive again, in the book “Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World” by Cynthia Sue Larson in 1999.

Two surveys have been conducted with hundreds of participants reporting having experienced various aspects of the “Mandela Effect” or reality shift phenomena, with the first survey results from April 2000 being reported by Cynthia Sue Larson at:

A comparison between two surveys conducted in 2013 and 2000 are included in the Cynthia Sue Larson’s book, “Quantum Jumps,” to show similarities and differences between the two surveys and note trends.

Here is an excerpt from Quantum Jumps discussing these survey results:

“The How Do You Shift Reality?” survey was conducted again in May 2013 with 567 respondents. These respondents were contacted via social media (Facebook and Twitter) as well as through the RealityShifters [e-zine]. A new question was added about noticing seeing people or animals alive again who’d previously been reported or observed to be dead. Answers received for the second survey were remarkably consistent with the first, within a few percentage points in most cases.

What stands out the most in these survey results is that a whopping majority of 93% of all respondents reported are currently noticing synchronicity and coincidence in their daily life; 90% report having seen time seem to slow down, stop, or speed up (up from 86% in 2000); and 83% report that they often find parking spaces where and when they need them most (up from 78% in 2000). This means that more than three quarters of the population is currently experiencing some pretty amazing phenomena!

The next most commonly reported type of reality shift was reported by 69% of those surveyed: sometimes putting things down in one place (such as keys, wallet or coat) only to find them missing or moved later on; 57% of respondents reported occasionally seeing things jump, leap, or fall without anyone moving them; 44% of respondents observed things transforming into something different than they’d been before, and 48% of respondents reported having seen people, plants, animals or things appear out of thin air (up from 45% in 2000); 35% of respondents reported having seen business signs inexplicably changing their hours; 33% reported having seen people, plants, animals and things disappear; and 22% reported seeing doors lock or unlock by themselves.”

Rising Popularity of Mandela Effect
The number of people taking an interest in the Mandela Effect has risen sharply over the past year, as the following Google Trends chart shows.
Google Trends results for “Mandela Effect.” Sharp increase in
interest since mid-2016.
Dr. Reich states in his paper that every day 100 to 300 people complete the survey. Also, the first 25,120 responses took over a year to collect but Dr. Reich on the 25th of September reported that in the past month alone an additional 6,620 responses have been received.
The number of cited Mandela Effects has increased over the past months, which some have suggested is evidence of timelines merging more rapidly or timeline jumping occurring more frequently. But confirmation bias cannot be ruled out either. As more people become aware of the Mandela Effect they search for examples that then confirm a presupposed belief in the phenomenon.

Survey and Examples

Examples of Mandela Effects seem to be increasing as time goes on, which one would expect with a subjective phenomenon.

As more people become aware of the Mandela Effect, examples are found and then disseminated into the growing body of amateur investigators, who can then personally confirm or deny discrepancies.

Before listing examples, please take the survey if you have not already done so.

Dr. Reich has two other surveys he produced for the Mandela Effect and provided this short message with his research materials for public dissemination.
Our friend, Dr. Blair Reich, with the Mandela Effect quiz is back! He’s compiled results for 25,000 responses from his Mandela Effect quiz. He goes into extensive detail in this long report that covers some of the most frequently cited Mandela Effects that are out there. His hope in sharing this is that others will dive into pieces of the big document to create pop-articles and pop-surveys to get people asking questions about Mandela Effects and what they imply about ourselves and the universe.
A major section of this article is testimonials shared by the people who took it. Some of them go into great detail about how they experienced the Mandela Effect and what it means to them. Get a pot of coffee and a comfy chair because this may take you a while.
There is a second quiz if you’re interested that covers some more impactful Mandela Effects and Toto Effects than what are presented in the first quiz, but is still relatively quick. There is a third quiz if you’re looking to see how your experience lines up with the majority of the major effects reported by September of 2016.
Here are a few videos with Mandela Effect examples.
Dr. Blair Reich Interview
This coming Thursday, the 29th of September, Yvonne Palermo and I will be interviewing Dr. Reich for our monthly radio show Looking out from Within. You can listen live here after 9pm EST.
An archive of the show is below.

Mandela Effect Paper by Dr. Reich
Dr. Reich wrote an extensive research paper with his findings in September 2016, updated with the latest survey results.
Download Mandela Effect Paper by Dr. Blair Reich

Dr. Reich also produced a video presentation of his findings, which can be viewed in the video below.

The mystery of the Mandela Effect continues to captivate those willing to explore its peculiar nature. Is this nothing more than memory distortion? Or are the seemingly fantastic explanations of timelines merging and “glitches in the matrix” more appropriate?
Leave your thoughts below and add to the discussion.
– Justin
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About The Author

Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshow,Facebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.



Theraphi Plasma Health


Pain relief, healing and regeneration

New technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target pain throughout the body. Based on magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing.

Rejuvenation Field Technology
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Natural Pain Relief, Longevity and Reduction of Degenerative Disease

Rejuvenation Field Technology (RFT) is an innovative company at the leading edge in research and development of frequency modulated electromagnetic healing waveforms applied to living organisms. We often also refer to our unique technology as “M.A.P.” “Magnetically Aligned Plasmas”
With a foundation of decades of research, RFT has harnessed the precise frequencies (IP) and hardware (IP) for the production of “Biologically Active Fields”, which have been proven to have medical applications. The use of electromagnetic waves for therapy has been well documented for over 60 years.Our unique, novel and patentable technology may have an influence on pain reduction, restoring coherence in single and multicellular organisms thereby increasing longevity, enhancing immune systems, reducing healing times and lowering dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, with the potential of restoring homeostasis in cases of degenerative diseases including cancer.

  • Solid-State nonlinear materials are used. This allows for an increase of at least one order of magnitude for power density, and tighter control for frequency and phase coherence.
  • An increase of phase coherence allows for the inclusion of different waveforms, which can conceivably “steer” the probabilities into a past for the organism to a state better than it started with. This is necessary, as in some genetic conditions, a chronological “map” results that means that the same condition will recur over time. In order to prevent this, one must rewrite the “map”, and restructure those probabilities. This is true regeneration, in which the organism changes to a less entropic state that will not be repeated in the future, similar to what some simpler organisms, such as jellyfish, do, which are in a state of virtual immortality.
  • Patentable new technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target pain throughout the body. Based on magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing.
  • This device utilizes new principles which correctly impedance match external pulsed magnetic fields to non-invasively correct neuronal and other biological informational channels to reduce and eliminate pain.
  • Cutting edge technology for Longevity Science, Natural Pain Relief, Deep Rejuvenation of Human Cells (possibly including Stem cells) and a overall broad spectrum of frequencies that are used for a variety of aliments
  • Extensive preliminary evidence that PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS can not only reduce pain but also increase healing rate. We understand the physics- because this creates the magnetic environment of restored fractality- precisely the definition of healing in biologic tissue.
  • Mitigation of age-related diseases may also be possible, and life extension as a result of this.
  • Original Priore technology used plasmas for mixing: highly inefficient. Only 1% of energy is emitted as longitudinal components.
  • This technology had a low power density: Magnetically activated plasmas take up a large volume, and the tube that Priore was intending to use took up a large fraction of the building.
  • Cost: The original Priore plasma tubes were heavy and labor intensive to construct, with mercury vapor and noble gases. The major expenses were the tubes and drivers. In this new version, the solid-state emitters/mixers are a fraction of that cost, and robust enough to carry into the field, without the fragility of noble gas tubes. New solid-state VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) devices promise to shrink the physical volume and production costs even further.

We have also shown the frequency signature in EKG power spectra (which correlates to increased DNA braid density) makes a strong reason to believe that the phase conjugate process associated with EEG / EKG frequency signaturesis actually a piezo trigger for the macromolecular programming of DNA by recusive piezoelectric induced braiding coherence (when the thread embeds in the string embeds in the rope (all by coherent embedding). The result is DNA programming by active site alignment. This all points back to the power of a lo frequency phase conjugate pump wave (like Priore used) to actually effect DNA by aligning active sites.

MAGNETIC PHASE CONJUGATION is a magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing. Our frequencies applied to our magnetic field, produces an implosion of self-organizing biological fields. What this means is we now know precisely the magnetic and dielectric fields which restores compression and is the FIELD SYMMETRY KEY to healing and tissue regeneration. There are many other uses such as bone regeneration and stem cell switching.
  • Pain reduction (as both Priore and Rauscher showed)
  • Swelling reduction
  • Wound regeneration
  • Cancer remission (well documented by Priore and the French authorities)
  • Switching on and off – stem cell de-differentiation
  • Reducing the effects of aging (time reversal in phase conjugate optics was real as long as the past being reverted to was a MORE ordered state)
  • We will also be documenting the effect of the phase conjugate regenerative fieldon the collagen cross binding which is so critical to the aging process.
Many people are now looking for alternative methods of treatment that do not use the harmful effects of chemotherapy, radiation and pharmaceutical drugs.
A Regenerative Field Device is not only feasible with today’s technology, but would be in high demand by a public that is moving away from isolated chemical-based healing methodologies. Ideally the device would have little or no side effects, as opposed to the pharmaceutical approach with its many debilitating, health-compromising side effects.
Natural and alternative cancer cures are immensely popular. This is largely due to the failure and expense of conventional cancer treatments. Numerous studies question the value of mainstream medical cancer treatments, and cancer is one of the diseases that mainstream medicine indeed has trouble handling, but however is extremely lucrative in the sales of chemotherapy, as Tom Bearden is quoted, “$250,000 on the hoof for every patient.” Multiplied by several million, we see the resistance to the threat to their profit margin.
We consider the present moment to be the right time to advance this unique technology, with modern societies eager to adapt new technologies and the added advancements in our understanding of biological effects of electro-therapies, we feel the acceptance of our work will be in our favor.
The commercial implications of this are striking and include:
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RFT is currently seeking visionary aware investors to help us realize our goal of delivering our technology at a competitive price. Seed capital is necessary for advancing this forward.
As an investor in RTF, you will play a crucial role in:

  • Supporting an alternative treatment for pain relief and serious aliments
  • Pioneering a new paradigm for the treatment of degenerative diseases
  • Leaving a legacy that improves the lives of millions of people
The market potential for natural healing approach to a broad spectrum of aliments is huge!
Start up seed capital, is required to enter into full operational business development This prototype is used as the template for further development and serves as a functioning working example and demo unit.Our Mission is to study the potential of these bio-active fields and the validity of entering into the market place with a proven, scientifically validated bio-active field generating device, which assists in natural healing abilities of the human body. The adoption of the RFT will enable various caregiver industries, hospitals, clinics, spas and private individuals to have an economical therapeutic technology readily available.

Stage 1 of development would consist of completion of prototype (currently 80% complete) and initial validation of bioactive field.
Stage 2 of development would consist of a group of contracted third party individuals and or organizations to validate and verify the rejuvenative effects of the device.
Stage 3 would be marketing and distribution.
Stage 4 of development would consist of FDA trials for the efficacy of such a device while exploring market potential in the US while simultaneously preparing for market penetration into other countries.We are committed to educate the world on the environmental, economic and healing potential of our unique technology.

A Non-Technical Description of the Priore Process

Reference: This is a reprint from Dr. Tom Bearden FROM The Tom Bearden Website

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, in France Antoine Priore built and tested electromagnetic healing machines of startling effectiveness.  In hundreds and hundreds of rigorous tests with laboratory animals, Priore’s machine cured a wide variety of the most difficult kinds of terminal, fatal diseases known today.  Funded by the French government in the amount of several million dollars, Priore’s machines concretely demonstrated a nearly 100% cure of all kinds of terminal cancers and leukemias, in thousands of rigorous laboratory tests with animals. These results were shown to medical scientists as early as 1960.

Many of the experiments and tests were done by prestigious members of the French Academy of Sciences. Robert Courrier, head of the Biology Section: and Secretaire Perpetuel, personally introduced Priore’s astounding results to the French Academy. The operation of the Priore machine was seemingly incomprehensible. Many orthodox French scientists’some of them world renowned’were outraged at the success of such a machine, shrilling that science had nothing to do with “black boxes:.” They loudly called upon the inventor to explain the mechanism utilized by his machine, but the inventor either wouldn’t or couldn’t explain the curative mechanism.

Priore certainly knew how to build the machine and make it work. It is debatable to this day whether anyone’Priore included ‘actually understood its principle of operation. Neither the French Academy nor Antoine Priore knew anything of phase conjugation at the time. In fact, the entire Western World knew nothing of phase conjugation in the 1960’s when Priore was getting his finest results. At that time, only the Soviets knew of time-reversed waves. Certainly Priore’s machine was impressive.

Into a tube containing a plasma of mercury and neon gas, a pulsed 9.4 gigahertz wave modulated upon a carrier frequency of 17 megahertz was introduced. These waves were produced by radio emitters and magnetrons in the presence of a 1,000 gauss magnetic field. Experimental animals were exposed to this magnetic field during irradiation, and the mixture of waves (some 17 or so) coming from the plasma tube and modulating and riding the magnetic field passed through the animals’ bodies. Amongst other things, a plasma can convert a transverse wave to a longitudinal wave. Also, phase conjugate (time-reversed) waves can be produced by plasmas. Priore’s apparatus produced a scalar EM wave/signal with deliberately constructed, infolded components including phase conjugate waves.

One of Priore’s intermediate devices. This device cured terminal cancers and leukemias in thousands of laboratory animals.  (Courtesy Bob Whitney)

One may roughly view a cancer cell as a normal human cell gone “awry” and out of control of the body’s master cellular control system. The cancerous cells, viewed as a sort of separate, parasitic group of cells, form a special kind of organism having its own master cellular control system “level,” immersed in the host’s biopotential.*

*One strongly points out the relevance of Dr. Robert Becker’s epochal experiments proving that cells can be dedifferentiated and redifferentiated electrically. Those experiments are strong indicators that the cancer cell should be capable of being reverted to its more primitive state’that of the normal cell’by electromagnetic means.

There is thus a specific, constant electromagnetic “delta” that differentiates the parasitic cancerous “organism” from the normal -human cellular organism. 

This “delta” can be considered a sort of constant, complex-structured charge existing in the body’s atomic nuclei. It’s exactly as if the body biopotential had been charged up by Kaznacheyev’s “death photons” for that specific cancer condition. If this cancerous “delta” (which may be rather like a complex intermodulation mix of waves)’or a frequency shifted “transform” of it to a different frequency band’is phase conjugated, a specific healing delta frequency pattern results. If phase conjugate replicas of a cancer’s cell’s specific “delta” frequencies are fed into the body having that cancer, the deviation of the cancer cell’s master cellular control system will be “time reversed.” That will return the cancer cell to control of the animal’s proper master cellular control system. The cancerous cell will be immediately destroyed, or reverted back to a normal cell of the animal.

A very similar process exists for just about every disease bacterium and infectious agent that attacks the body.
Phase Conjugates of “Death Photons” are “Healing Photons”

The Kaznacheyev experiments in the Soviet Union proved that any cellular death and disease pattern can be induced by a specific electromagnetic pattern carried on an electromagnetic signal, if the target cells are bombarded with the pattern-carrying carrier signals for a length of time. What was not published of Kaznacheyev’s work was the correspondent work showing electromagnetic reversal of cellular death and disease conditions by irradiating the diseased cell cultures by phase conjugate replicas of the pattern-carrying induction signal.

In simplified terms, if an action in forward time induces a condition, then the time-reversal of that action will reverse the condition.  The concept is almost laughably simple. The time-reversal of an electromagnetic disease process is a specific healing process for that disease.

In his device, Priore internally structured the carrier photons themselves’making them vacuum engines. He phase conjugated his vacuum engines, and then passed these time-reversed vacuum engines down and through a strong magnetic field which thoroughly penetrated all cells of the biological organism being treated.

The scalar components (structured photons) representing the time-reversal of the disease were absorbed and reradiated in all the cells, “charging up” the nuclei of the atoms in the organism to some potential level of the exact “healing and reversing pattern.”

In the process, the cancer/leukemia pattern/charge also destroyed the cancer calls, or converted them back to normal cells as appropriate.

As a highly simplified analogy, the complex signal – viewed as a scalar Fourier expansion – represented a “stress” against any abnormal cellular control system encountered and returned it to the normal cell’s master cellular control system of the body. Encountering the normal control system in normal cells, it produced zero stress. Encountering the abnormal control system in tumerous cells, it produced great stress on it, reverting it to the normal control system of the body’s normal cells. Thus to a normal cell the Priore signal pattern acted somewhat as a comb passing through one’s hair.

No interference occurred with the normal cell (one whose scalar control pattern is phase-locked to the body’s master cellular control system and in phase with it).  The Priore signal stimulated and “stroked” the normal cell, but did not hurt it at all.

On the other hand, the scalar control pattern in and of an abnormal (cancerous) cell is out of phase with the body’s master cellular control system, and is not phase-locked to it.  Hence the Priore signal caused direct interference with the abnormal cell’s independent scalar control system. The interference pattern constituted the reconstruction of normal energy directly in the cancerous cell, and also jammed its abnormal scalar life signal.  This destroyed the cancerous cell by two mechanisms: (1) physical energy was kindled directly in the abnormal cell, causing direct mechanical damage, and (2) the cancerous cell, being an “independent living critter,” had its scalar life channel (connecting its primitive “mind” to its “body”) jammed and stopped.

If the cancerous cell was reverted to a normal cell by the Priore stress before being destroyed, it became just a normal cell and the Priore stress had no further effect upon it.

The Effect is Universally Applicable.

Any disease with cellular, biochemical, or genetic basis can be cured in like fashion.

Priore’s method, for example, was clearly shown to be able to completely reverse clogging of the arteries with fatty deposits, and to be able to lower the cholesterol level to normal, even in the presence of an abnormally high cholesterol diet.

His method also showed complete mastery and cure of sleeping sickness and trypanosome-induced illnesses.

Often Priore found that every cell of the body’even the hair’ must be irradiated and treated (“charged up”) with the signal, for the disease pattern was in every cell. The master cellular control system is holographic’the pattern (substructured potential with its dynamic, oscillating components) is in each component (each atomic nucleus, hence in each cell.)

Every structural level of the body larger than the cell also has its own correlated pattern, or modulation, on the overall.  A biological organism can regenerate lost limbs, for example, if it can utilize its natural recovery process in a Priore manner.  Even though Priore’s work was presented to the French Academy of Sciences by Robert Courrier, the prestigious head of the Biology Section, the Academy could not understand the device and its functioning.  That was because the Academicians knew nothing of scalar electromagnetics, and phase conjugation, and the Priore machine was a scalar electromagnetic device using phase conjugation.

In the Mid-70’s It Ended

In 1974, a change of local government lost Priore his government supporters. His support and funding were lost.

Ironically, Priore was just completing a 4-stories-tall apparatus capable of radiating and treating entire human bodies. It would have been capable of curing cancer and leukemia in humans rather than just in laboratory rats. (His previous machines were much smaller, and only a small animal could be irradiated whole-body.  In that machine Priore used a “1amp,” a special section, in which 17 specific frequencies were mixed and modulated upon the 9.4 gigahertz carrier.

The large, special, phase-conjugating plasma tube for Priore’s giant device.  The final machine would have treated humans “whole-body.” (Courtesy Bob Whitney)

The last device would have treated human patients “whole-body.” The cap assembly was on the third floor of the device. (Courtesy Bob Whitney)

The machine was large enough to irradiate humans over their whole body. It should have been capable of curing cancer and leukemia in two five-minute irradiations, one week apart Capping assembly for the top of Priore’s giant plasma tube device..

While Priore was still alive, with my associates I spent nearly two years of my life in an effort to bring the Priore device to market and into the mainstream of medical research and development.

Robert Whitney, Frank Golden, and Tony Gideon played the major role, going to France and negotiating directly with the Priore group and the French government.

Verbal agreements with both the Priore group and with the French government were obtained. The machines were to be built, assembled, and tested in Bordeaux. Then they were to be dismantled and shipped to the purchasers’large medical research and development laboratories where they would be reassembled on site.

A group of wealthy backers was going to provide the necessary millions to fund the effort. Final contracts were being drawn.

Mysteriously, all funding for the project was suddenly withdrawn. Our backers were “leaned on” very hard and strongly threatened. Nothing we could do could revive the project.

Priore never again recovered his funding, and later died. The machine fell into disarray and was disassembled.

However, the proof that the requisite time-reversed signal can be produced, and will ride down a magnetic field, to penetrate every cell and every

atomic nucleus in the body, is already in the present hard-core physics literature, if one knows where to look and how to properly interpret the work.

The fact that such signals can reverse nearly every major cellular illness condition of the body also has been proven by Priore and the scientists who worked with him, and it is in the French scientific literature.

The Priore-type cure for AIDS and other diseases only requires the necessary funding and personnel to be redeveloped and reestablished.


In simple terms, it works like this.  There are two mechanisms in the body of concern to treatment of disease and recovery from disease and damage.  One is the immune system, which is like the soldiers on a battlefield.  It attacks the “bad guys” (the invaders) and destroys them.  After a great battle, usually it wins (or we would all die), and the battlefield is littered with the residue.  The immune system also has large “scavenger” cells when then come in and “clean up the residue”.  Thereafter, the function of the immune system is over.  It does not “heal” anything, even its own damaged cells.

The actual “healing” system in the body is the cellular regenerative system, poorly studied, and in fact mostly studied by Becker.  This is an electromagnetic system, but of a rare kind not used in our common power systems, communication systems, etc.  Instead of using the common transverse EM waves, this system uses longitudinal EM waves and time-polarized EM waves.  Ugh!  A time-polarized EM wave is an energy current in the time domain, and the basis for such does appear in a very modern physics theory called quantum field theory.  There we are introduced to time-polarized photons, for example.  The easiest way to “visualize” a time-polarized oscillation is that, instead of oscillating energy in space, the wave oscillates the rate of flow of time just a little bit.  So it is a “compression and rarefaction of the local rate of flow of time”, so to speak.

Anyway, just as biological systems used common electromagnetism, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation etc. for eons before Maxwell finally glued together magnetism and electricity, it has also used this “time-domain” type of “hidden” electrodynamics since the beginning.  In fact, it uses it to heal damaged cells, etc.  It works this way:

After the Russians briefed Lawrence Livermore Laboratory scientists in 1972 about a strange kind of electromagnetic wave that would suddenly appear in experiments and “restore order”, modern phase conjugate optics was born.  In extremely simple terms, suppose you “squeeze” (pump) a little particle of nonlinear mass with spatial-energy (normal) EM waves at certain frequencies, and then “tickle” the rhythmically squeezed mass with a separate little EM wave that you input.  Oddly, the energy in the “pumping” waves will be transformed into a strange kind of “backwards traveling” or “crawfish” wave that backtracks the path that the little input wave took.  In short, this strange “time-reversed” wave in essence is in magnitude some fraction or amplification of the input wave, and it propagates back along the path taken by the input wave — even if the input wave itself is already “gone”!

So with NORMAL pumping with spatial energy, we create an amplified time-reversal spatial energy wave that REVERSES whatever the input wave did.

Here is the magic in the Priore process:  If we pump (squeeze rhythmically) a living cell in the TIME domain, we pump every part and point of it simultaneously.  So we produce an amplified “time-reversal force wave” on each and every part of the mass-energy comprising the cell.  The miraculous thing is that we then precisely “time-reverse” the entire cell and all its parts — including the genetics itself — back along the previous path through time that the cell took in having changes occur to it — such as diseases and damage!

Not only can we amplify and time-reverse the energy in a normal EM wave, but we can now also amplify (shorten the time required to change) and time-reverse the energy comprising a living mass.

We can gradually reverse the damaged or diseased cell back to an earlier physical condition, before the damage or disease was there!  The cell itself gradually physically changes.

That is the basic mechanism, uncovered by this researcher, that every living biological system uses to heal itself.  That is the final mechanism that Becker so ardently sought and so closely approached in his epochal work, and that is the mechanism that was responsible for the astounding cures achieved by the Priore team in France in the 1960s and early 1970s.

It took me 14 years to decipher that mechanism, so simply explained above.

Anyway, the body ages only because gradually the cellular regenerative system deteriorates a bit, and so can no longer fully restore the cells back to full youthful vigor.  The aging process itself can also be reversed and “cured” by precisely the same process.  We emphasize that all the treatment does is accelerate and enhance the human body’s own natural healing mechanism — which still does not appear in our medical science, because the type of electrodynamics used by the body’s healing process has not even been applied (and seldom even studied) by Western medical scientists.

A rigorous theoretical basis for the foregoing can now be established from the pioneering advanced electrodynamics work of a few great pioneers, such as Evans and Barrett.  The electrodynamics that results is in fact a unified field theory, which is now shown by those researchers.  Particularly the magnificent higher symmetry O(3) electrodynamics advanced by Evans has “met in the middle” with Sachs’ unified field theory, and so the combined Sachs-Evans theory is now able to fully model and explain the mechanisms involved.

Yet our scientific community remains hostile to the very notion of EM healing, even though the natural healing mechanism used in all biological systems is purely electrodynamics — albeit a most unusual form of electrodynamics that the medical scientists do not study.

I also found a way independently to greatly accelerate the Priore method, and then discovered later that French researchers had previously uncovered this mechanism, without at all understanding it.  Nonetheless they first demonstrated it.  In the Priore method, one must irradiate the entire body of the patient (or animal subject) with longitudinal EM waves, made from plasmas, etc.  Priore embedded these waves in rippling magnetic field carriers, to guarantee that the deepest bone marrow was penetrated and exposed to the non-ionizing radiation.  Irradiation with longitudinal waves stimulates the body to produce a little more of the time-polarized “pump” waves, hence achieves some “pumping” of the required type in the living cells.  That results in “time-reversal” of the damaged cells back to health; in short, an accelerated natural healing process.

In the new method, if the exact spectrum of EM radiation FROM a diseased or cellularly-damaged body is captured and amplified, and then fed back into the body, one finds a very strange process occurs.  Imagine that you have a great ship with portholes, and there are many dynamic processes ongoing in that ship, which all emit light, etc.  The light reflects from many things in the ship, but eventually emerges from the portholes.  Now imagine that you could put back in stronger light precisely anti-parallel to the emerging light, of exactly the same frequency, waveform, patterning, etc.  All that amplified light energy would now travel backwards through all those (assumed) reflection paths, and arrive back at all the original processes.  But the arriving energy is greater than the ongoing emerging energy, so the processes get “reversed” back to a previous state of operation.

In short, the “porthole” effect uses only ordinary EM radiation, but very precisely and very carefully measured and tailored.  Yet it will also engender the same time-domain pumping back in all the deep interaction of the body, in every cell and every part of it.  In short, we get a direct and very quick time-reversal of all those physical processes.

This method is very dramatic, and very quick (less than one minute irradiation).  It is also agonizing  to the patient during irradiation (it has been done surreptitiously on dogs, e.g., by a researcher who wisely conceals his identity) and did rejuvenate an aged, crippled German shepherd.

All of this, properly funded with a great scientific team carefully chosen, can provide a revolutionary new medical therapy.  There are no such things as “resistant pathogens” to the process; everything is mass energy and just get backed up right out of there.  Indeed, the exchange between the pathogen and the host’s immune system, where the pathogen finally succeeded in tricking or avoiding the immune system (as in AIDS), is also reversed back out of there, and the immune system is also restored to full vigor.  The result is that the immune system now recognizes the pathogens again completely, and goes after them vigorously.  In short, the body is again able to use its full healing power against the “resistant” organism again, completely negating the “deception” that was achieved by the pathogen.

But this science will never be born from the official science community, because those who control the funds for research will simply not allow it.  It will require a private group or private wealthy person to fund the research necessary to do it.

Let us hope that the day comes when the funds are available, and we then do get on finally with developing a science of total healing, to replace and augment the present medical science of cut, burn, kill, and vaccinate.

In response to a further query on this subject, Dr. Bearden responds:

I know of no other reference to time-reversing the cells electromagnetically than my own papers.

In biology, the change of a cell to a previous or “more primitive” state is called dedifferentiation.  The change of a cell “forward” or to a “more specialized” state is called “differentiation”.  So the change of the cell back to a more primitive state or forward to a more specialized state is well-known.

Another area involved is cellular regeneration.  Robert Becker’s work is probably the best and most advanced example of the state of the art of the study that has been done of the “cellular regeneration system”, particularly from the standpoint of inducing changes in it by electromagnetic means.  Becker did, I feel, induce the phase conjugation effects, but during much of his work (earlier, 1960s) modern phase conjugate optics had not even been born.  It eventually got started after Russian researchers briefed U.S. researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory about a strange EM wave in reactions that would come back out and “restore order” in disordering processes.  Even then, it really did not get well underway until about 1979 or 1980, except for a handful of U.S. researchers such as Yariv and Fisher.

So Becker’s work used ordinary EM electromagnetics, without the phase conjugate part of the theory — but his work did show some of the effects.  He certainly was able to stimulate regeneration or partial regeneration of limbs in certain test species.

As another problem, even today phase conjugate electromagnetics does NOT deal with reversing mass-energy itself, so that the mass is “time-reversed”.  Instead, it is concerned only with forming a time-reversed replica of an input wave (as in 4-wave mixing).  The beauty of the process is that the two oppositive “pump” waves add energy to the phase conjugate replica wave that is born in response to the stimulus wave (called the “signal” wave).  So the resulting time-reversed wave may have greater energy than the stimulus way to which it responded.  But some of the characteristics are most interesting.  The stimulated time-reverse wave will “travel” or appear back along through space over the exact path, point by point, that the stimulus or input wave took when it came in.  (This is the simplest case; it is possible to force the emitted time-reverse wave in the forward direction as well, etc.).

Here is the point:  We may consider the energy in an ordinary EM wave to be oscillating in a plane (the wavefront) which is traveling at the speed of light).  In short, the energy exists in two dimensions in its oscillation, but the entire “carrier plane for the oscillation” is moving.

In a mass, the mass-energy is three dimensional, not two dimensional, and it is not confined to a plane wavefront.  Hence standard “two-dimensional wave in space” pumping will not reverse the mass.  It will simply produce nonlinear wave effects, such as phase conjugating incoming “signal” wave or some of the “signal’ waves present in the mass.

So the problem in returning the mass-energy includes several requirements:  (1) the 3-dimensional energy (highly compressed) that is the mass-energy is what must constitute the “signal wave”, (2) the pumping must pump every single point in the mass, throughout its interior, simultaneously, else we are not pumping 3-dimensional energy but are pumping “surface” wise or 2-dimensionally, (3) the domain in which we pump (“squeeze”) must therefore be what is called “multiply connected” to every point in that 3-space object (mass), and so (4) that is a characteristic of time (the time domain, since at a single point it time, every spatial point in the universe exists), and (5) it must be a localized time-domain pumping, so that only the mass or its close vicinity is pumped.  Only by fulfilling all those requirements can we “pump the mass — such as the human body or the body of a test animal — in the time domain, thereby time-reversing the cells back to a previous earlier (healthy) condition.

In France, Pautrizel did some experiments with immature baby rats that clearly proved that time-reversal was involved.  He infested the rats (whose immune system was still very immature and not very strong) with trypanosomes.  Then he applied the Priore treatment, which restored the cells back to their previous condition and the immune system back to its previous system.  However, the time reversal does not kill the trypanosomes, so the pathogens are still present.  And the baby rats’ immune systems were still very immature and unable to cope with the pathogens.  Hence those rats all died.  Yet mature rats with fully developed immune systems, infected the same way and treated the same way, resulted in the re-invigorated and strong immune systems dispatching the pathogens in short order, so that the rats all lived.  In short, he really did show that the EM non-ionizing radiation was in some manner time-reversing the cells of the treated body back over the paths they had taken in time.

Hence he demonstrated that, somehow, those five conditions were being achieved by the odd EM irradiation that Priore had established from stimulated plasmas in plasma tubes.

Becker showed that the cellular regeneration system also restores the cells, and is stimulated and amplified electromagnetically.  But he could not achieve quite such startling results, since he used ordinary EM radiation and not specialized EM radiation coming from plasmas.

That was the arena into which I stepped. The first problem was how to “pump in the time domain”.  In quantum field theory, there are several polarizations of the photon: (1) the regular transverse photon, which we model as the energy oscillating sideways — and this produces and constitutes the ordinary EM transverse wave.  That is the “energy oscillating in the plane of the wavefront, while the wavefront travels at light speed”.  (2) the longitudinal photon, in which the energy vibrates along the line of motion of the photon, like an accordion contracting and expanding along that direction of travel as it travels.  (3) the time-polarized or “scalar” photon, in which the oscillation is “outside” 3-space and is oscillating in the time-dimension (time-domain).

Thus one has to discover how to make time-polarized EM waves, which do not appear in any straightforward fashion in Western literature.  I eventually worked out a proposed mechanism for that (the mechanism remains to be experimentally proven, but I am even surer of it now than when I first discovered it some years ago).  At any rate, at least in theory I finally had my required time-polarized EM wave, so that one could “pump” or “squeeze” the mass in the time-domain, and hence do what is required for mass-reversal back through its path through time.

This is NOT “time-travel” in the conventional science fiction sense.  In time-travel, the entire universe except the observer would have to be time-reversed back to a previous condition, while the observer continued to age normally (move in his forward time).  This does not do that at all.  What it does do, is take one piece of the universe and change it back to a previous state.  While it is uncomfortable for scientists to think in such terms, nonetheless de-differentiation of cells — e.g., as rigorously shown by Becker and others — clearly shows that cells can be “retroregressed” or whatever name one chooses to call “time-reversal”.  So it is a fact, experimentally demonstrated.

Becker’s work, e.g., is applied to cure otherwise intractable bone fractures.  Trickle currents or pulsed EM is applied between silver electrodes, one on each side of the fracture. So (1) a potential exists in the area, and (2) a field also exists.  Eventually, new cells of the type that make bone are deposited in the fracture and it is healed.

Becker revealed the startling thing that happens.  The RED BLOOD CELLS entering the area undergo remarkable changes.  First, they shuck their hemoglobin and grow nuclei — which is dedifferentiation back to a previous state, before they differentiated into red blood cells.  Then the redifferentiate (move forward in time) but to the type of cells that make cartilage!  However, that is not what is required, so these cells AGAIN redifferentiate (move forward in time) to the type of cells that make bone.  These are then deposited in the fracture site, closing the site and healing the fracture.

We worked out the underlying type of unified field effects that would be required for those types of changes.  We also worked out a proposed manner in which time-domain pump waves were produced in that fracture site.  Interestingly, so long as there was a “difference” between the type of cell being pumped (in this case, the red blood cells in the area), the pumping continued and was therefore continually acting to ELIMINATE THAT DELTA.  Hence the changes in the pumped active cells were continually being redirected toward bone cells.

By studying Becker’s work and his proposed EM composition of the cellular regeneration system, it became clear that the above mechanism, expanded, was being used by the cellular regeneration system to restore cells.  This gave an entirely new function to the potentials in the cells and in their parts.  I already knew (from Whittaker’s 1903 paper) that the scalar potential is actually comprised of sets of longitudinal EM phase conjugate wavepairs.  From this, it became obvious (if my proposed creating mechanism for producing time-polarized EM waves was correct) that the cellular regeneration system was capable of weakly producing time-polarized EM waves, and hence was capable of “pumping” the cells in the time-domain.  And therefore capable of time-reversing the mass-energy of the entire pumped cell.

That’s about as simple as I can lay it out.
Hope this helps and perhaps answers the question.
References and research By Dr. Bearden Reference: Tom Bearden website

History of Medical electrotherapy

Roger Green’s editorial Note: this is different to magnetic pain relief- but some of its principles are similar

This is a brief review of the history of electrotherapy. Pain has been relieved by electricity since ancient times, at first by means of applying live electric fish to the tender part to cause numbness. The earliest references to the use of electricity in medicine was the use of the Mediterranean torpedo fish, a variety of electric ray. Aristotle and the historian Pliny both referred to the effect of this fish. Scironius Largus described its application for the treatment of gout. Dioscorides, the famous physician who founded the Western Materia Medica, Galen, and Paul of Aegina advised treatment by electric shock from this fish for the treatment of headache.

In 1650, von Guericke built an electrostatic machine containing a sulfur ball rubbed by hand. The first recorded observation of the use of electricity specifically for medical purposes in Europe was attributed to Kratzenstein, Professor of medicine at Halle . Jallabert, professor of physics at Geneva , is said to have been the first electrotherapist, for in 1747 he effected some improvement in a locksmiths arm that had been paralyzed for 15 years. Jallabert noted that when sparks were drawn from the arm, muscle contractions were noted.

But once frictional machines were found to produce electro-static electricity (Franklinism) in the mid 18th century the use of living organisms was discontinued. By the late 18th century Galvani had rediscovered the fact that animals developed electricity spontaneously.

Volta discovered a chemical means of producing electricity from the first form of battery or voltaic pile without recourse to animal tissues or frictional machines whose efficiency varied with atmospheric conditions. This discovery led to the medical use of direct current (Galvanism). Its ability to cause necrosis by electrolytic means was employed in the destruction of tumours. Galvanism was also applied to needles, hence the first form of electroacupuncture pioneered by Berlioz and Sarlandiére. For the first time the combination of electrotherapy and oriental ideas about needling were brought together. Furthermore these early experimenters showed how stimulation of the nervous system brought profound relief from pain.

In the early 19th century Faraday’s work on the production of alternating currents and his understanding of electrolysis provided medicine with the escape that was required from the dangers of Galvanism. A variety of safer alternating and interrupted currents (Faradism) have been employed in electrotherapy ever since, particularly in the form of electroacupuncture, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation) and Dorsal Column Stimulation. The popularity of electrotherapy fell during the early part of the 20th century as no one knew how its effects were obtained. However now we know how afferent nerve fibres respond to different frequencies and amplitudes, electrotherapy permits the modern practitioner to stimulate the nervous system in a number of different ways to induce the selective production of various monoamines, amino acids and peptides in the central nervous system. However more experiments are required to make electrotherapy realise its true potential in stimulating the patient’s own pain relieving substances.

Some electrotherapy pioneers:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Galvani and Volta
  • Michael Faraday
  • Andre Ampere and George Ohm
  • Nikola Tesla & Georges Lakhovsky
  • Royal Raymond Rife
  • Frederick Finch Strong, M.D., Tufts Medical School, Boston
  • George Crile, Sr.
  • Albert Abrams
  • Harold Saxton Burr, Ph.D.

20th Century

Royal Raymond Rife was perhaps the most brilliant and persistent scientist in history. Where technology didn’t exist, Rife invented it ; the very first micromanipulators, micro-dissectors, and heterodyning ultraviolet microscopes. He won 14 govt. awards for scientific discoveries, and a medical degree (hon.) from the University of Heidelberg .

Millionaires like Henry Timken financed Rife’s work, such as the Universal Microscope, with its 5,682 parts. With this superb microscope, Royal Raymond Rife became the first human being to actually see a virus. After nearly 20,000 unsuccessful attempts,

Rife finally isolated and identified the human cancer virus, and named it “Cryptocides Primordiales”. Rife inoculated 400 lab animals with this virus, created 400 tumors, and then eliminated every cancer tumor by using his instrument to modify its electronic signature. This is all chronicled in “The Cancer Cure That Worked”.

Rife used the same technology for other “incurable” diseases. Constructing his own equipment, he painstakingly analyzed the precise energetic signature unique to each. Because the viruses and dwarf bacteria visible to the human eye in Rife’s Universal Microscope were alive, stained with light, not dyes, Rife could experiment with precise radio and light frequencies or “wave form healing,” and destroy these deadly pathogens under his microscope. By exposing disease organisms to highly modified forms of their own unique electromagnetic pattern of oscillation, Rife discovered he could destroy them (and nothing else) by the millions. How is this possible?

Every biochemical compound oscillates at its own distinct frequency pattern. Therefore, every living thing has its own unique electromagnetic signature, and this pattern is genetically determined–and thus unlike any other species.

Therefore, RIFE THERAPY IS ONE OF THE VERY FEW ANTIMICROBIAL THERAPIES KNOWN TO BE FREE OF ANY SIDE EFFECT. Unfortunately, Rife’s scientific theories and method of treatment conflicted with orthodox views and that of Morris Fishbein, then president of the AMA who demanded to own stock in his company. When he refused, his work was stopped and both the research and the treatments were forced underground as the story goes in Barry Lynes book THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED, FIFTY YEARS OF SUPPRESSION.

And nothing has changed recently. These are just a few of the distinguished medical doctors who have been harassed and persecuted in the last 50 years for discoveries that threatened the health care industry – Doctors Revici’s work on nutrition and cancer, (editors note- you must read this book), Dr. Burzynski’s work on immune therapy and cancer, Dr. Livingston’s findings of cancer pathogens in chicken meat, Dr. Burton’s work on immune therapy and cancer, W.F. Koch and Glover’s works on Balneology, Coley’s and Lincoln’s cancer vaccines, Priore and Naessens, both French scientists.

Alternative cancer cures are immensely popular. This is largely due to the failure and expense of conventional cancer treatments. Numerous studies question the value of American-style mainstream medical cancer treatments, and Dr. Andrew Weil freely admits in his books that cancer is one of the diseases that mainstream medicine indeed has trouble handling.

In 1893, Nikola Tesla described in a magazine article the remarkable effects upon himself and his assistants resulting from their exposure to the action of alternating currents of exceedingly high voltage and frequency during some research work. He prophesied that when electrical oscillations were fully understood and applied by physicians that a universal healing agent – one which would so increase the vital energy and resistive reaction of the human body as to enable it to throw off all disease. The high frequency currents, in short, act as vitality boosters – no other form of electricity will do this. Galvanism, Faradism, Static electricity are all valuable agents in the hands of the Electrotherapeutic specialist, but have little direct action in promoting cell vitality and growth, as do the high-frequency currents when properly applied

Reference to natural diet for healing: Roger Greens curriculum at


++ Dan Winter- intro to (Priore) Implosion Science of Centripetal Conjugate Healing Plasma

++ Royal Raymond Rife – work and claims to “devitalize disease organisms” were ultimately discredited by the medical community, a wide-ranging conspiracy headed by the American Medical Association




art by Tatiana Plakhova

Hermeticism is a school of esoteric or occult thought that can be traced back to Egypt in late antiquity and possibly farther back than that. The surviving texts of the Corpus Hermeticum date to the 3rd century AD around the time of the burning of the Library of Alexandria. If as is commonly believed they originate from the Library of Alexandria, then it is possible that, as is traditionally believed, they may go back further into antiquity.

Hermetic teachings were later summarized in a text known as The Kybalion. The Kybalion was published by the Masonic Lodge of Chicago, and was based on knowledge passed down over time, which was finally released to the public in 1908. It includes a series of seven principles that summarize Hermeticism. Surprisingly, all of these can be derived from modern physics (though perhaps the last is only derivable via metaphysics), physics that was not available at the turn of the last century!

The known texts of the Corpus Hermeticum date back to the Library of Alexandria, raising interesting questions. When and where did Hermetic teachings really first originated? What other secrets might the Library of Alexandria have held before its burning in the 3rd century?

To investigate these it is necessary to first understand the foundation of Hermeticism. Of the seven principles in The Kybalion, three of them provide a framework for understanding the rest. To do this I will explain the physics behind these three principles, and then move on to show how they derive the others.

Mentalism: The first Hermetic principle tells us that “All is mind, the universe is mental.” It sounds strange to describe the universe is a dream or perhaps better a simulation in a Greater Mind. However this is exactly what the physics tells us. The peculiar effects seen in modern physics are now being explained by breakthroughs in quantum gravity, the field devoted to uniting Einstein’s relativity with quantum theory, as due to quantum information processing, which tells us that our spacetime is an emergent simulation1. Elsewhere, experiments into the foundations of quantum mechanics, such as tests of the Leggett inequality2, have actually falsified realism! Meaning there literally is no spoon!

The precise details of the physics elucidate the mental nature of this information construct however. Recent discoveries tell us that spacetime emerges specifically from entangled information3, the information generating quantum entanglement, the spooky phenomenon wherein two or more particles affect each other at vast distances. Meanwhile the Integrated Information Theory of consciousness, or IIT, identifies entangled information as integrated information or consciousness4:

”Quantum entanglement and integrated information, to the extent that one cannot perturb two elements independently, they are informationally one.”

Putting these two together we see that therefore spacetime emerges from consciousness. The universe is after all a mental information construct inside of some Greater Mind’s consciousness, which is of course the same thing as the Principle of Mentalism.

Correspondence:  The Principle of Correspondence tells us that our world is a lower manifestation of a higher or more fundamental realm. The world below is a projection of the world above, or “as above, so below” as is sometimes said. In turn, this entails that physical things in our world “correspond to” things in the higher non-physical realm, hence why it is called Correspondence. In regards to science, this notion of correspondence naturally follows from the fact that our “world,” namely spacetime, emerges from some deeper or perhaps higher level of reality.

But principle of correspondence also tells us that the higher reality the physical corresponds with is a mental or spiritual reality. To account for this I will defer to the mini-documentary provided below. Through A Mirror Darkly explains the physics of mentalism, correspondence and vibration together. Though before continuing I should provide a disclaimer. The interpretation of this physics as Hermeticism is my own and not necessarily the producer of the videos.

Physical spacetime emerges from inner space as shown by quantum gravity and quantum cognition.

The video rederives the mental universe but from a different angle that illustrates the Principle of Correspondence. It combines the emergence of space-time from Hilbert space, the mathematical domain of entangled quantum states, with quantum cognition, which describes our inner world of thoughts and emotions as behaving like quantum superpositions in Hilbert space5.

This gives us a new way to think of our mental universe such that it tells us “where” it is being simulated from. The external world of physical reality in spacetime is being simulated from this collective inner space of thoughts, emotions, and other mental states. Though most of it is in our subconscious of course, the world without emerges from the world within! Or “as within, so without,” as one summarization of the Principle of Correspondence says.

14256301_10103620077093548_1359614084_nThis is what Carl Jung referred to as the collective subconscious, the world of archetypes and forms. Interestingly, Jung collaborated for twenty-six years with one of the founding fathers of quantum physics, Wolfgang Pauli, in an attempt to explain the collective subconscious with the new physics. Unfortunately, the physics was not developed enough yet to do this, but it seems now it is!

Vibration: The next principle, the Principle of Vibration tells us that everything, “all forms of matter manifest vibration.” Modern physics exactly parallels this with the wavefunction. According to the Schrodinger equation in quantum mechanics, everything can be defined by a wavefunction that describes a quantum probability wave, which vibrates at a specific frequency.

Interestingly, the parallels do not stop there. Other direct parallels specific to both quantum mechanics, as well as even more advanced physics exist. The Kybalion states that:

“if the vibrations be continually increased the object would mount up the successive states of manifestation… until it would finally re-enter The All,”

As it turns out, the frequency of an object’s wavefunction is directly proportional to the energy content of the object being described. So the higher the vibration of the object the greater the degree of its mass or energy content, just as described in the quote. This is not the end of the parallels however. Let’s look at another example:

“The Universal Ether, which is postulated by science without its nature being understood clearly, is held by the Hermetists to be but a higher manifestation of that which is erroneously called matter — that is to say, Matter at a higher degree of vibration”

At the time of the writing, the notion of an “ether” was still in use and would shortly be replaced with the notion of spacetime. However when this is recognized, this provides a remarkable insight that seemingly should only have been known by modern physics, physics that was not yet discovered! A discovery almost a decade ago regarding the relationship between space and quantum entanglement6 demonstrated that spacetime behaves as a holistic pattern of entanglement known as a string-net, and that subatomic particles emerge from this string-net.

This network of entanglements is of course a field of vibrating quantum waves.
String theory meanwhile tells us something similar. According to string theory matter and space are actually two descriptions of the same thing. This is shown by the fact that spacetime created by matter due to relativity shares the same vibratory frequency as the matter that generated it. The spacetime is merely matter at a different degree of vibration and vice-versa, exactly as explained in the quote!

Cause and Effect: The principle of cause and effect is just a natural extension of correspondence. If our physical world within spacetime emerges from a higher realm outside of it as stated by quantum gravity, then naturally any cause in the realm outside spacetime, would cause some effect within the physical world. Given the notion that this realm is also mental as explained before, mental influences could have an effect on the physical world, even if they are perhaps subtle.

Some research into this such as the Global Consciousness Project seems to indicate that this is the case with remarkable success. The GPC uses random number generators such as those based on the decays of radioactive isotopes. Then when big catastrophes occur that grab the attention of people around the world, these random number generators somehow spike in correlation with people’s global conscious focus. The more the conscious focus, the more the effect. For example on 9/11, an event that captured the near exclusive attention of the entire world, the random number generators spiked off the charts7.

14269547_10103620078216298_581277361_nAn experimental illustration of Cause and Effect: Global Consciousness Project random number generator data on the day of the 9/11 event, illustrating the effect of global conscious focus on the radioactive decays of particles behind random number generators.

This makes sense though if consciousness is in the wavefunction, as described by quantum cognition. It would then be able to cause small effects in the physical world, such as inducing the radioactive decays of molecules, which are of course determined by the probabilities in the wavefunction.

Polarity: The Principle of Polarity is the consequence of vibration and mentalism put together. According to Polarity, different mental states or perceptions are on a scale. Then when one shifts or “polarizes” (this seems to be an irregular usage of the word) the vibrations associated with the mental states to higher or lower vibrations, the mental state changes to another mental state on the scale.
Quantum cognition and Integrated Information Theory explain this scientifically. As explained with the Principle of Vibration, everything is in a state of vibration, which we now know today to be referring to quantum probability waves. According to quantum cognition these quantum probability waves also encode mental states though. Thus a vibration would have some specific mental state.

Integrated Information Theory explains the rest. According to IIT entangled information is integrated. Entangled information is described by a quantum probability wave however. But now there is only one way to increase the vibratory frequency of a quantum probability wave: increase its energy content. In turn that is only possible by adding more particles into superposition in the quantum wave.

When you do this though, it increases the entangled information present, changing the integrated information state to a new integrated information state in the process. Of course, IIT treats integrated information as consciousness though. So what this means is that if you change the vibration of the quantum wave, you change the conscious state, exactly as the Principle of Polarity says.

shutterstock_190921283The quantum biological effect of quantum smell, illustrates the link between quantum vibratory frequency and conscious states. Change the vibration of the molecule by replacing a hydrogen atom with a deuterium atom and the conscious state of the smell changes also.

  An example of this can be seen in nature with the phenomenon of quantum smell8. Molecules that have hydrogen atoms produce a certain vibration. These molecules then interact with your central nervous system, via your noses olfactory receptors, to give you the conscious experience of a particular smell.

However if you now take the same molecule and replace the hydrogen atoms with deuterium atoms (hydrogen atoms with one neutron added), the same molecule will suddenly smell different to your central nervous system. Why? Because the additional neutron in the deuterium atom changes the hydrogen atom’s energy and thus increases the vibration of the molecules quantum probability wave. In turn this integrates more information, and thereby produces the conscious state of a different smell.

Rhythm: The Principle of Rhythm is simply an extension of vibration scaled up. As explained before, everything, even the fabric of spacetime, is comprised of superpositions of quantum probability waves, or what Hermeticism refers to as vibrations. However these vibrations or wavefunctions naturally have frequencies that they oscillate to. Thus if everything is comprised of these vibrations, then it follows that everything has natural rhythms at all scales however complex they may become.

Lastly there is the Principle of Gender. This principle states that gender manifests in everything on all planes. Though this principle can not be derived from physics directly. It can be derived as a simple metaphysical consequence of the universe being mental.

The idea is that if you start with just one mind, The All, God, etc. then to create new minds you will need to cut out smaller minds from the inner thoughts of the first mind, and so on. The mind that has been “cut out” is then seen as “female,” and the mind that was “cut out of” is seen as “male.” This is seen in the concept of Mental Gender in the Kybalion where the male “I” contains the female “me,” or contents of the “I.” Since everything is mental in Hermeticism however, this would then logically extend to everything at all, even including things we would not ordinarily identify as minds.

A derivation of the principle of gender from mentalistic metaphysics. Once again the interpretation of the conclusion as Hermeticism is once again my own and not necessarily the video producers.

This has a few interesting consequences, including the idea that men tend to be initiatory, whereas women tend to be receptive. For example men tend to ask women out on dates rather than vice-versa. The male sperm is what initiates fertilization in the female egg rather than vice-versa, and so on.

More interestingly though, this same pattern, as well as how it is derived, shows up near universally in religions throughout the world, even ones no longer in existence. In Hinduism the female Shakti is cut of the male Shiva, and both then reunite or “marry” in a “state of cosmic consciousness.” In the Bible, Eve is cut out of Adam as Adam’s rib and it is then stated that the putting them back together is the reason men and women marry. Likewise the male Christ contains all things including the female Church. Sufi Islam teaches that male and female are split parts of a single soul in heaven.

Even in ancient religions this is seen. Sumerian myth talks about a male heaven and a female earth once being the joint being Anki. The male An, or heaven, was then split from the female Ki, or earth. In Egyptian mythology Isis and Osiris were brother and sister, indicating a single metaphysical origin for both, and are also considered husband and wife, and so on.

The physics parallels in the seven principles of Hermeticism are astounding to say the least. The necessary physics to understand this was not available in 1908, much less at the time the Library of Alexandria was burned in the 3rd Century or even before then when tradition has it Hermeticism was founded in deep antiquity.

Whatever its origins, the physics parallels are clearcut. However only now do we have the physics to recognize these parallels. Hermeticism seems to have understood such things as quantum mechanics, quantum cognition, and emergent spacetime long before it was supposed to have been developed. Until more solid information arises as to its origins, we must simply treat Hermeticism as a curious yet marvelous enigma: an ancient occult science rediscovered by modern physics.


By: Steven Jordan

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The Connected Universe ~ Nassim Haramein @ TEDx

fractal stellar interconnection

The one thing that connects all things is SPACE.
Perhaps the greatest error in the standard model of physics is the fact that they ignore the fact that the vacuum of space is not empty – it’s actually completely full with energy. When we look at the vacuum at the smallest scales possible we see that it is highly energized with what are called “vacuum fluctuations”, also known as the aether, the plenum, the zero point field, the quantum foam, space and the vacuum. Regardless of what you call it, the fact is we have measured the emptiness of space as not empty at all, yet in the standard model they simply sweep this number under the rug using a mathematical trick called “renormalization” and then proceed about their business writing their field equations as if it was not significant despite the fact that the measured value of the vacuum energy present in a cubic centimeter of space is 39 orders of magnitude denser than all of the regular matter of the entire universe squashed into a cubic centimeter!

Planck universe








Consciousness-Based Subquantum Information Storage and Transport Influences All Physical Events and Objects



Dr. Robert Neil Boyd, Ph. D.1 & Dr. Adrian Klein, Ph. D., MDD 2
1. Princeton Biotechnology, NJ & 2. P.A. Associate, ECAO

Constituents of Continuous Creation

There was never a “big bang”. Empirical physical facts and observations have long ago completely falsified this ecclesiastical faith-based notion. Creation is a localized, ubiquitous, and continuous process, of infinite duration. This is a self-evident fact.

Despite the dogmatic and indoctrinated popularity of “big bang” and “inflationary” relativity-derived cosmologies, the Universe is infinite in volume and duration. Some recent theoretical steps have been made which support this understanding. (See, for example:

When relativity theory is completely removed from all cosmological consideration as a failed hypothesis, and Quantum and SubQuantum considerations are completely relied on, sans relativity, these Continuous Creation facts will become obvious and irrefutable.

Due to decades of contrary evidence and multitudinous strident objections to the notion of an “expanding universe”, the infinite volume Continuous Creation will be admitted as fact, as it will become obvious that space does not and cannot “expand”, when relativity and isotropic uniformity assumptions are thrown out the window. Hoyle, Narlikar, and Bondi are vindicated. We live in a variety of a “Steady State” infinite volume, infinite duration, plasma-electric universe. [ss]
Decades of experimental evidence has accumulated due to multitudes of instrumented attempts to find the faith-based and imaginary “gravity waves”. These vast piles of records, constituting more than 70 years of accumulated experimental evidence have proved, with near absolute certainty, that distance is an absolute (!), and that there are no “gravity waves”. The proof against “gravity waves” is as vast and substantial as the experimental evidence which was used to prove the physical tenets of Quantum Mechanics.

Given that distance is an absolute, this means that area is an absolute, and that volume is an absolute. Given these absolutes, space does not and cannot “bend” nor “expand”. Related imaginings that the Universe must be limited in volume or limited in duration are in the realm of primitive superstitions and faith-based religions. Such imaginings are not supported by the accumulated scientific evidence.

We take the view that the Euclidean dimensions are absolute in terms of distance, area, and volume. Space is thus physically “palpable” and measurable, and is observably occupied by matter, and energy, where both of these kinds of occupants change observably with time. However, many additional relevant factors which inhabit space are not as immediately palpable. What we are used to considering as time, and aging, is not all there is to it.

The Force Due to Time

The effects of the force due to time are palpable only after large spans of times have passed. Observably, everything ages. Due to what? Due to the force of time. The time force is inherent in the aether flux which causes gravitation.
The force due to time was first empirically measured by the astrophysicist Kozyrev, during 30 years of instrumented laboratory experiments and astrophysical observations. [CW-NAK] These measurements indicate that the force due to time is orders of magnitude smaller than the force due to gravitation, which is in turn, 39 orders of magnitude smaller than the force which is due to the electric field. Time density has a direct correspondence to aether density, allowing control of the temporal parameters of physical processes. See:

In the Continuous Creation process, the creation of matter, forces, Life-Forms, and so on, happen ubiquitously through all time. This is the Physical Brahma principle. It is a Universal and localized set of physical processes.
Things are maintained and sustained in their forms and conditions, for spans of time. This is the Physical Vishnu principle.  It is a Universal and localized set of physical processes.

Things inevitably change and decay, over spans of time, until they cease to exist in their original form, and physically dissipate. This is the Physical Shiva principle. This is a Universal and localized set of physical processes.

Brahma (creation), Vishnu (sustenance), and Shiva (change, destruction) are continuous and ubiquitous activities and are actually observable Physical Principles, continuously cycling through endless spans of time, throughout the infinite volume Intelligent Universe. There was never a beginning to these cycles, and there will never be an end to them.

These three principles are observably inevitable, and ubiquitous, as well as localized. Localized creations/destructions of matter are originating based on localized holographic information principles, guided by the Cosmic Harmony principle, and implemented through SubQuantum aether activities and gamma rays. [Le Bon]

The Intelligent Universe

“Everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious: i.e., endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception. There is but one indivisible and absolute Omniscience and Intelligence in the Universe, and this thrills throughout every atom and infinitesimal point of the whole finite Kosmos which hath no bounds, and which people call space.” ~ H. P. Blavatsky

Local creation processes are all interactively planned out ahead of time, by the Intelligent Universe, along with the Ambient Intelligence, as a background life-creating framework regarding the physical destiny of every created thing, and affecting every form of Consciousness, as described above. [AI]

Yet all Life-Forms operate within this framework out of the Universal Principle of Free Will, as the inherent freedom of all life to do as it chooses, is ubiquitously seen throughout Nature. So, part of existence is pre-destined, and another part is due to choices, preferences, and unique personalities (Uniqueness is another pervasive Universal Principle.), under the overarching principle of the Cosmic Harmony. (Human activities which are lacking in Harmony tend to result in pain and/or suffering.)

However, the Infinite volume Universe, as a Whole, does none of these things. On average, The Whole continues everywhere, is never born, and never ceases to be. Creation is a localized process. The above 3 principles of time and localized creation/sustenance/destruction are physical processes, which are ubiquitous and inherent in space itself. This is self-evident to the empirical observer of Natural processes.

Forces of Consciousness

There are also action-reaction forces which are due to information, Consciousness, and personality (uniqueness), and due to intention, attention, and emotional states. This understanding is already inherent in the Schrodinger equations.

For example, there were instrumented experiments done regarding the interactions between the radiations emitting from Radio Frequency broadcast facilities, and the operators of those facilities, in the late 1990s.
It was instrumentally observed that, as the intentions, attentions, and the emotions of the operators of the E/M broadcasting facilities changed, the radiated pattern of the broadcasting antennas, changed accordingly. Cause and effect. This implies a force is involved.

The same experiments were carried out with complex E/M facilities, and symplectic E/M broadcasting stations. In all cases, the results measured were the same. These results were removed from the arXive at Cornell, less than 3 months after the pre-print was posted there. The results were never published. (We suspect this had to do with the weaponization of microwaves and microwave towers.)

Another set of experiments along similar lines was done in Europe by a coalition of French, English, and German experimenters. Their observations verified those which had been made in the U.S. The experiments also established that a divergence in the quantum field was measurable in the circumstances of RF-Consciousness interactions. The relation between QM and electromagnetic radiations is already fairly well known.??These results imply that the Consciousness factors of attention, intention, and emotions can be directly influenced by RF radiations, in addition to the inverse effect of humans influencing E/M radiations. We keep it in mind that human beings are not the only intelligent Beings who inhabit the Earth, so other things are adversely affected by RF radiations, as well as humans.

Intelligence/Sentience is inherently residing in all space and manifests by degree in the material world, as according to the three principles described above. DNA information is also inherently residing in all space and manifests according to environmental considerations. We will discuss more on this, further on.
Personalities (souls) are, and cause, organizations of information, which can manifest as forces or material forms. The Consciousnesses (personalities) of Quasi-Material forms are often manifested as visible cloud-forms, or as glowing balls of light, which are made from coherent experiential Being-information.
When they decide to become visible, as it suits their purposes, these visible (normally invisible) Glowing-Sphere forms of Consciousness can do so, at will, because they are an organized aether-electric flux-structure which is comprised of multitudes of infinitesimals of Consciousness, which infinitesimals are known as “Bhutatmas”, in the Vedic traditions.

The Vedas refer to these balls of glowing light as “Devas”, which means “Angels of Nature”. Additionally, according to ancient Hebrew traditions, the “natural form” of an Angel, is seen as a glowing ball of light.

Given that the infinitesimal-Bhutatmas are the origination of all material forms, all physical fields, and Consciousness and Life, and given that Devas are made of Bhutatmas, Devas can directly and consciously control the Bhutatmas which comprise their form, just as easily as we can control our biological forms.
Thus, Devas can do many miraculous-appearing things, such as making “crop circles”. And now we have cameras, so we can make videos, films, and tapes and take photographs of them and we can record what they can do. Anyone who has studied Devas for any length of time, has realized that they are very intelligent and aware Beings who have individual personalities and act on their own volition.
When in their optically visible, light emitting Being-Cloud or Being-Sphere appearances, various shapes and colors and kinds of these aether-electric Beings, have been photographed repeatedly. These quasi-physical Angelic Beings are intelligent agents of the Ambient Intelligence’s Life-Support Systems. Here are some samples:


“Orbs” (Devas) photographed in the act of creating a “Crop Circle”.

crop circle orbs

A scientifically validated video of Devas (“Orbs”) in the act of creating a Crop Circle, along with a physical analysis of the process by Dr. Haselhoff, who published a peer-reviewed paper on his findings.

Beingness (Consciousness) is the organizing principle of the quantum information field, converting apparently random incoherent chaotic external information, into coherent integrated, targeted results, manifestations, observables, and experiences. There are no “coincidences”. It is all planned within a framework of free will by the Ambient Intelligence which participates in the Intelligent Universe. Sheldrake’s morphogenic field is a localized unique holographic solidification instance of the non-local Holographic Information-based Intelligent Universe’s designs.??Exploring the Golden Spiral and the Phi Ratio in Physics
The golden ratio is the limit of the ratios of successive terms of the Fibonacci sequence (or any Fibonacci-like sequence), as originally shown by Kepler:

Plato went so far as to call the phi ratio the “key to the physics of the cosmos”.
From the journal Science, dated January 8, 2010:
The golden ratio, which is equal to approximately 1.618, can be found in various aspects of our life, including biology, architecture, and the arts. But only recently was it discovered that this special ratio is also reflected in nanoscales, thanks to researchers from the U.K.’s Oxford University. Their research, examined chains of linked magnetic cobalt niobate (CoNb2O6) particles, only one particle wide, to investigate the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. They applied a magnetic field at right angles to an aligned spin of the magnetic chains to introduce more quantum uncertainty. Following the changes in field direction, the small magnets started to magnetically resonate. “We found a series (scale) of resonant notes: The first two notes show a perfect relationship with each other. Their frequencies (pitch) are in the ratio of 1.618 … which is the golden ratio famous from art and architecture,” said principal researcher Dr. Radu Coldea of Oxford University in a press release. “It reflects a beautiful property of the quantum system—a hidden symmetry.”
Dr. Alan Tennant, who led the research group in Berlin, said: “Such discoveries are leading physicists to speculate that the quantum, atomic scale world may have its own underlying order. Similar surprises may await researchers in other materials in the quantum critical state.”

This result suggests that a Golden Mean Spiral (phi ratio spiral) may be involved with the resonances observed in the above experiment. The Golden Mean Spiral is related to the Fibonacci spiral. The logarithmic spiral of the phi ratio, is known as the Golden Mean Spiral. The difference is that the Fibonacci spiral is a whole number interpretation of the arithmetically impossible Golden Mean spiral, which has no beginning or end. (The Fibonacci spiral has a definite beginning.)
Thus, we are suggesting that an underlying symmetry related to the Golden Ratio may be inherent in space, as an out-bound logarithmic spiraling force which is available, perhaps uniformly, throughout space. Thus, this symmetry may be a template inherently residing in all space, which originates spin. Perhaps this force dissipates logarithmically, or in radiating circles, away from the point of origin.
The phi ratio/Golden Ratio is a spiraling topological fractal force which is inherent in the Universe. Outwardly spiraling from every point, this force not only acts as a blueprint for the formation of physical forms, such as the nautilus shell or the arrangements of sunflower seeds, this outward spiraling point-originated ubiquitous force may be the origination of the spin field, the torsion field, the wrapping-rotation of Birkeland currents about themselves, the origination of the rotational helical component of transverse E/M, the origination of some forms of turbulence in fluids and gases, the origination of several types of “instabilities” in plasmas, and so on.

The Topological Fractal Origination of Rotation

The rotational component of space may originate first in the SubQuantum aether plenum as a topological fractal force that is everywhere present. This produces the realization that the phi-ratio/Golden Ratio may be the origination of many rotating, spinning, and helical, physical activities. It is also one of the primary factors in the creation of turbulence in plastic, fluidic, gaseous, and plasma medias.

The mystery of how the subatomic particles such as the electron can persist in spinning for as long as they exist, may be solved by considering the phi ratio/Fibonacci sequence/Golden Ratio/Golden Spiral as a logarithmic rotational force, which is inherent in the SubQuantum aether. Thus, the aether may be supporting the rotation of all subatomic particles which have the property of spin. This proposition seems make common sense, although it has never been proved experimentally.

We consider that since we live in a 3D space, this is most likely a 3D spiral force, with an equipotential in all directions from any given spacial point. The strength of this hypothesized force is as yet undetermined, but it can probably be measured empirically by properly designed experiments. The math related to this is already well developed in terms of 3D spiral forms.
Intersections of circles, in 2D, form a resonance basis which looks like another remarkable crop circle formation, related to the Flower of Life diagram:

Such forms are based on, and arising from, intersecting circles. [See: ] This suggests that intersecting circles may be a basis element of this proposed topological phi-force.
We also want to examine a 3D variety of the Golden Spiral, which is a structure which represents a combination of two well-known sacred geometry shapes: the Golden Mean (phi) spiral and the Fibonacci spiral. This form first appeared as a crop circle. (People never thought of it.) This shape is known as the “Hackpen Hill Formation”. It appeared in an English wheat field in 1999.

This may be related to non-geodesic biharmonic curves in the Heisenberg group Heis3 which characterize Mannheim curves in terms of their biharmonic partner curves in Heis3.
[“Heisenberg Group & Mannheim Curves”, E. Turhan, T. Körp?nar, H. N. Núñez-Yépez, J. Lopez-Bonilla, Prespacetime Journal, Vol 7, No 3 (2016)]

Here is a 3D spiral model of an “Anu”, a subatomic vortex as envisioned by Bessant and Ledbetter:

Perhaps the Golden Spiral and the Anu are related.

We do not consider the electron as a “point charge”.  We contemplate an electron as an extensive and measurable vortex in the SubQuantum aether, which contains internal substructures made from yet smaller particles, which Fabricius has determined may be Kolmogorov vortices, which are vortices in the SubQuantum aether, which would appear as beads on the strings of the Anu representation. The internal substructures may be required to give the electron vortex-particle a modicum of stability. And something is causing the whirlpool in the aether to keep spinning. The electron may not be a classical Helmholtz-type vortex, but something far more complicated. We are still in the process of exploring the electron vortex-particle.

Is this a valid model for a force intrinsic to space, or is it a model of an elementary vortex-particle? Could this be a fractal basis for a larger reality? [Posta G.; Spectral asymptotics for variational fractals, Zeit. Anal. Anw.17, 417-430 (1998)]

Where all spinning particles, such as the electron, are considered to have an “intrinsic spin”, questions still arise regarding what is it that keeps the electron spinning, in spite of calculations that it should quickly lose all its spin energy due to emissions of radiation as it changes direction away from a straight line, for example. Although the given electron may drop or rise through the valence shells of an atom, through energy losses or gains, its spin appears to remain constant. Yet, no one ever asks the question, what causes this intrinsic spin, in the first place? All we have are descriptions of what spin does, not what causes it.
Here is a video presentation regarding the phi ratio/Golden Ratio/Fibonacci sequence:

This is related to many interesting things, such as the studies of the inherent rotational component of the Universe as first realized by Keely back in the 1880s. Keely produced machines that were controlled and activated by human creative intentions, and which produced free energy of many varieties, mainly hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical. Subatomic particle spin may the result of an out-bound spiraling force (Golden Spiral) which inherently resides in every point in space, due to the fact that the aether plenum occupies every point in space. This is mathematically described in terms of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio, phi. In addition there are indications that intersecting circles are involved as illustrated above.

Many factors complicate our understanding of what space is. Up, down, front, back, and sideways, are not all there is to space. The SubQuantum aether plenum which occupies all space, has many inherent properties and is innately conditioned by the three above Physical Time Principles, as well being unbounded and infinite in volume and extent. The other Realities, Realms, and Dimensions and their relevance to this particular version of Reality, will be addressed in a later paper.

Time and gravitation propagate originating in the SubQuantum aether and pervade all of space. Consciousness is inherent in the Bhutatmas, which comprise the SQ aether, and which creatures propagate and agglomerate. Experiential information is inherent in all matter, fields, forces, Consciousness, and Life-forms.
Experiential information accumulates as memories in all material objects, and also radiates from all material objects, and is absorbed constantly from the entire of the infinite universe, where information radiation and absorbsion events propagate with velocities ranging from zero to infinity.

As mentioned above, the Consciousness factors of attention, intention, and the emotional states originate from the unique individual coherent Being and propagate both locally and non-locally. Consciousness factors are also absorbed non-locally, especially when the attention of the individual entity coheres any portion or variety of the informational environment.

Time and the SubQuantum Aether Plenum

Time propagates with an infinite velocity and is embedded in infinite velocity infinitesimal-originated force known as gravitation, both of which are caused by flows of the infinite velocity SubQuantum aether infinitesimals, as per the model published by the Marquis de LaPlace in 1853, as independently verified by Boyd, circa 2002. [A History of Aether and Electricity, E. T. Whittaker] [Project Greenglow Archives] This principle is universal and supports Mach’s hypothesis that the infinite universe is connected instantly everywhere, in terms of time and gravitation. [Mach’s principle]

The force due to time is orders of magnitude smaller than the force due to gravitation, which is orders of magnitude smaller than the force due to the electric field.

Newton’s concept of “universal time” is correct. Newton’s “universal space” is correct, except that space is observed as being anisotropic, rather than isotropic, due to all goings on in it. [Newton]

Space is an active and occupied plenum, not a “vacuum”. The plenum is filled with entities of all sizes, down to the infinitely small, comprising a SubQuantum aether mainly comprised of infinitesimals. The media has properties which vary according to scale, yet the media can be observed as having a gestalt of physical properties when observed in large volumes.

Similar to the way the ocean is on Earth, the media has bulk properties, when examined as a whole, and myriads of properties and activities which are observable at the microscopic scales. When viewed from the beach, the ocean appears to be a body of water with waves running on the surface, but one quickly realizes that there are very powerful currents, and many other activities, moving multiple directions under the surface.

The salt water of the ocean, is not merely salt water but is a very complex sort of jell, with many atomic elements and complex molecules suspended in it, as well as many microscopic life-forms. The Eikonal equation is used to examine the behaviors of waves internal to the ocean. Similarly, the Eikonal applies to the interstellar media, which is a plasma ocean, which has similar gradations of granularity and is similarly, a mixed media, with localized bulk properties.

Aether resonance  mass-resonance.

Related to such studies, Tesla found experimentally, that explosive discharges of electricity, approaching the ideal of the Dirac delta function (the infinitely fast rise of an infinitely high voltage), cause the dissociation of electrons into their component aether particles, which then stream away from the discharge site in superluminal ever-expanding shells, dissipating at the rate of 1/r.

Similar processes are occurring all the time in the plasma bodies of the stars, resulting in aether emanations from the various stellar bodies. It is possible that localized electrical processes can also occur in interstellar space, which can also result in subquantum particle fluxes.

Stellar and interstellar plasma processes involving subatomic particle dissociations as the result of high dv/dt charge separation events in stellar and interstellar plasmas can be the origin of this constant in-streaming of subquantum particles which can easily attain superluminal velocities by such plasma dissociation events.
When these anisotropic superluminal subquantum entities encounter pre-existing matter, they are refracted and slowed down by interactions with the pre-existing matter. The reaction which occurs is experienced by matter as the pressing-down force we call gravitation, which is not constant, but occurs in the manner of stochastic mass-density waves composed of aether.

Tesla realized through experiment that certain of these incoming aether flux “waves” arrived with unfailing regularity. He realized that the instances where he obtained zero output readings in his instruments, were those cases where his applied test pulses were 180 degrees out of phase with the incoming aether waves, and of course, strongest when his test pulses were applied in-phase with the incoming flux peaks.

This situation provided evidence that aether flux from interstellar space is not a constant and smooth value, but varies with time, as does gravitation. He realized that the Earth, as a massive whole, was modulating parts of the aether flux. He discovered a large number of various periodicities within the aether fluxes. He found the sources of all these various flux rates had several causes.

Tesla found that space-sourced aether pulses entered the Earth at rates apparently related to electrical-aether plasma processes occurring in the deepest reaches of outer space, where many such interstellar aether processes generated aether pulsations having nothing to do with Earth.

Other repetition rates had to do with processes in space involving electrical and material properties of the interstellar medium itself. Yet, there existed a class of pulse rates definitely related to the nearby sun and to the Earth as a resistive mass. Tesla found that the Earth’s rocky crust represented a resistance to the otherwise smooth passage of aether flux pulsations through interstellar space.
Tesla found that the resistance of the Earth’s crust to the passage of aether, caused a local intensification of the aether flux to occur. He observed that a self-magnifying, self-collimating, property occurred, when the aether fluxes encountered the massive body of the planet.

The so-resisted aether then self-focused into the locally resistive medium comprising the planet, resulting in locally intense aether flux bombardments in the resistive media, which resulted in locally explosive emissions of showers of subatomic particles. One of the principle emissions was numbers of electrons.
Electrons would spontaneously appear in the matter of the planetary body due to the resistivity of existing matter (an organized static form of the aether) to the aether flux. The resulting electrons acted as an aether “contaminant” which would choke off the normally smooth and unencumbered aether flows.

In other words, the process of the conversion of aether particles, into electrons, due to the resistivity of the Earth’s crust, acted to further retard the aether flows, in addition to the resistances inherent in the materials of the Earth’s crust.
On the terrestrial scale, the results of these processes were observed to be enormous in scope. Tesla found, for example, that these processes were responsible for the molten core of the planet, and for the constant excesses of electrons which give the planet a constant net negative charge.

Tesla also found a direct correlation between the local aether resistivity of the earth’s crust and the local rate of lightning discharges, in regions which were notable for locally prodigious lightning activities. [1]

The 3 Euclidean dimensions are normally viewed as merely the background space which everything else occupies, and in which everything else happens. Space itself, is a given, and cannot be created, nor destroyed, nor “bent”. Distance is an absolute, inherent in the absoluteness of the three Euclidean dimensions.

Distance cannot be created, nor destroyed, nor “bent”. Decades of experimental data accumulated in the LIGO experiments, and in dozens of additional previous attempts to detect hypothetical “gravity waves” have empirically proven this proposition: Distance is absolute.

DNA Information is an Information Pattern Inherent in the SubQuantum Aether

As we mentioned earlier, DNA may be an informational structure inherent in the ubiquitous SubQuantum aether. DNA experiments performed by Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize Laureate in Biology) imply that DNA information is resident in every location in the Universe.  In a set of experiments, test tubes were filled with pure deionized water. The pure water group was hermetically sealed. Then the other half of the test tubes, which were also filled with nothing but pure water, had a strand of DNA added to them, then were hermetically sealed. Then they were set side by side in pairs and left immersed in a 17 Hz, 300 microvolt radiant E/M field for many hours.

When the E/M source was turned off, all the tubes were sent to the DNA lab for DNA testing. DNA was found in all the tubes, not just those which had DNA strands added to them. How did that happen?

Clearly, the physical Brahma principle, inherent in the SQ aether, was involved in creating DNA in the test tubes, from out of the aether-inherent DNA information “stencil” which pervades all of space. Such processes are also related to the Creative Void, here defined as being the Absolutely Infinitely Small, which is everywhere present and informs the infinitesimal Bhutatmas, which then create the activities and material forms of the observable universe, which by now has been imaged down to as small as 10e -95 cm, and out to more than a billion light years, in the visible extent of the large. Although it cannot be physically proved, we are of the opinion that we are living in between the Infinitely Large Cosmos, and the Infinitely Small, where we consider both as absolutes.

We have discovered that, contrary to “evolution” dogmas, the DNA manifests the kinds of life best suited to the various environmental factors of the given time and place. [Boyd, Garjajev]

This is facilitated by the Ambient Intelligence, which coordinates all the environmental factors which result in a successful life-form. DNA does not “evolve”. The DNA has all the possible variations of all possible successful life-forms, already inherent in it. At the same time, DNA information is ubiquitous. So if a tardive needs to show up there, it appears there. Some have historically stated that life-forms appear spontaneously, in various circumstances. [Lavoisier]

It has been observed that new life-forms appear spontaneously everywhere on the planet. According to studies done by the Dept. of the Interior, some 300 new species of plants animals and insects appear in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, on a yearly basis. Some of them proliferate, but many of them only last for only one life cycle, and then vanish. It is as though experiments are constantly being performed by the Ambient Intelligence regarding which properties and abilities and forms of new life best fit in harmony with the environmental circumstances of today.

The above considerations are moving us towards a Grade 6 Projective Grassman and Lie algebra analysis of non-local interactions of information-bearing infinitesimals, among the dimensionalities referred to above.

Topological Thermodynamics and SubQuantum Kolmogorov Turbulence

Since the Pfaff dimensions are derived from the Grassman algebra, all this ties in to topological thermodynamics as expressed by R.M. Kiehn, as well. [See this very important slide presentation by Prof. Kiehn: ]

It also ties into the SubQuantum considerations of Kolmogorov turbulence which we have physically proved as a derivation of Kolmogorov’s studies, which results in Kolmogorov turbulences in the SQ aether, producing vortices at the level of 10e-58 m. We call these creatures Kolmogorov vortices (of course). [Fabricius]
Imaging SubQuantum Entities

Boyd designed 6 different methods for imaging SubQuantum entities, comprising a SubQuantum Microscope. Valentini of Italy developed yet a 7th approach. [] Boyd published the most promising approach in the Project Greenglow Archives (a UK-based research group), based on quantum interference patterns. During the next year, that approach was analyzed by a very high-end computer physics-modeling system in Germany, with the primary work done by Dr. Berndt Binder. Proof-of-principle was verified by Binder.

During the next year, the design was constructed at a University in Serbia, funded by the government of Serbia. During 2009, the project leader of the facility in Serbia announced that they had imaged entities as small as 10e -95 cm, well below the Planck length of 10e -33 cm. SubQuantum entities have been instrumentally imaged, and thus they are not merely theoretical entities, but empirical fact. The aether is confirmed.

Consciousness Information Transport and the Quantum Information Field

Eidetic Consciousness Information is transported by all the fields and forces, and by the non-local infinite velocity quantum field which is implemented mechanically by the SubQuantum Plenum which is comprised of entities ranging from infinitesimals, up to the Planck length, which traverse infinite absolute volumes and absolute distances with up to an infinite velocity. [Decades of LIGO data have proved that distance is an absolute.]

In agreement with the Vedic literature we can call the infinitesimals, “Bhutatmas” which are defined as the smallest unit of Consciousness, and at the same time, the smallest unit of matter. Activities and agglomerations of the Bhutatmas are the origination of everything else, including all forces and fields, all matter, all Consciousness, and Life itself.

There is also a relatively static portion of the aether which forms a visible “atmosphere” which surrounds all material forms, optically visible down to the electron in size. (If you will examine the edges of any object, you will be able to observe a fog along the edge of the object. Typically the “fog” is black, but it can appear white, under certain conditions.) The static portion of the aether is entrained by the motions of existing matter/masses, as has been proved experimentally. [Aspden]

Propagation velocities in the static portions of the aether are minimal and the local infinitesimals tend remain attached to pre-exiting matter, unless disturbed by some manner of perturbation, whereupon the infinitesimals and “inertons” [Krasnolohovets], which have been imaged as forming the atmosphere of the electron, are disbursed into the Plenum with velocities up to an infinite velocity. All infinitesimals carry within them, memories of everything they have ever experienced, in the form of environmental influences and Consciousness-related factors.

The information transported is comprised of scalar-originated, zero magnitude (quantum potential), multi-dimensional, analog, experiential information (qualia). The various fields and forces, and the motional portions of SubQuantum aether also convey Consciousness-Originated information factors, such as emotions, experiential information, personality, states of Being, Attention, Intention, and so on.

When information is conveyed by the vehicle of a given field, the information density conveyed by that field, falls off as 1/r. Directed information acts similarly to coherent laser light, with beam minimal divergence. Directed information is coherent information, cohered through informational resonances between the sender and the target. Cohered information has almost a zero divergence between the two end-points. Directed and bi-directionally cohered experiential information density has been observed to fall off as approximately the cube root of r, 1/r -3. ??Obviously, the propagation velocity of a field has direct bearing on the propagation velocity of the information conveyed by that field. Information propagation can have any velocity, ranging from zero velocity, to an infinite velocity. The speed of light is just a small slot in the numbers of different propagation velocities of experiential information which are allowed, and observed.

Universal omnipresent non-local, and localized information, is not found in Nature in any binary, or digital form, in either the static or motional portions of the SubQuantum infinitesimal aether. Experiential eidetic information is always analog, and, as with all analog-to-digital conversions (A/D), analog information is lost during any A/D process. More rapid A/D sampling rates, result in lower losses of analog information.??All the diverse the kinds of information which are conveyed by infinitesimals and SubQuantum particle flows which are comprising the aether, are associated with all the known fields and forces, such as the non-local quantum information field. Information flows which are arising in matter-matter, matter-energy, energy-energy, and Being-Being interactions, are not subject to binary information limitations, nor are they subject to binary information density restrictions, such as Shannon’s Law.
Mathematical treatments

SubQuantum Information storage and information transports are not involved with any metric. Due to this fact, many of the standard mathematical approaches used in common mathematical physics studies, cannot be used, especially where such mathematical approaches require a metric and/or must know “which way is up”.

This situation excludes the quaternions, the Clifford algebras, the Caley algebra, and all related approaches. At this time, we are of the opinion that an infinitesimal n-body problem is the right approach. This approach is perfect for the Lie algebras of infinitesimals, since we must consider masses down to the almost infinitely small, the infinitesimal masses.

Then, to treat the infinite velocity variety of information transporting infinitesimals, the motional portion of the SubQuantum aether, a projective version of the Grassman algebra allows for these infinite velocity propagations, without any requirement for a metric, and no requirement for orthogonality, as required in the Clifford algebras, and related algebras, such as the Caley algebra. Nor does the Grassman algebra need to know “which way is up”. (This allows us to avoid such obfuscating complications as Hilbert space.) ??The Grassman algebra is perfect for infinite velocity situations, which are addressed by a Projective version of the Grassman algebra. Since the Grassman algebra is a graded algebra, it allows an approach similar to those which rely on the Clifford algebras, and can be used to treat the 6 dimensions which were originally contained in the Maxwell equations, properly. ??The Projective Grassman algebra allows us to perform analysis of infinite velocity SubQuantum systems. In infinite velocity systems, there are no “light cones”, nor are there any “null vectors”. Infinite velocity (non-local) considerations are properly treated by projective algebras. However, all relativistic considerations are completely removed from this kind of analysis. More on all this will come later.
[A. Berezin, The Method of Second Quantization, Academic Press, (1966)] [D.J. Candlin (1956). “On Sums over Trajectories for Systems With Fermi Statistics”. Nuovo Cimento 4: 231.]

Quantum Phase-States of the Quantum Potential

Combining the Projective Grassman algebra with the Lie algebras aligns us with Tony Smith’s D-4, D-5, E-6, E-7, E-8 Lie algebra-based physics, and allows us to properly treat SubQuantum systems of infinite velocity infinitesimals, as well as to model the static and semi-static varieties of information which are involved in the Quantum Phase States of Quantum Matter. Quantum phase states range from gas-like to fluid-like to plastic, to solid, to crystalline, and are considered to be static varieties of the SubQuantum infinitesimal aether, relative to the quantum field.

The 5 quantum phase-states may have some relation to the 5 varieties of aether as astrophysically observed by Mishin, and Kozyrev. Whether the quantum phase states are directly related to the 5 phase states of the aether, is not clear at this time. More on all this will come in a later exposition.??The Schrodinger equation allows us to consider @ / @t, the rate of change with respect to time, but does not allow us to consider changes in the pace of time (The pace of time is a variant.), with respect to changes in velocity, for example. Variations in the pace of time are caused by delta grad E actions, which simultaneously cause changes in the speed of transverse E/M propagations, changes in the force due to gravitation, changes in the pace of time, changes of inertial mass, and divergences in the quantum potential, as well as changing the permittivity and permeability of the “vacuum” SQ plenum, for the duration of the event, throughout the influenced volume.??Rest energy of matter is not an invariant either, so there are many complications here that have never been addressed before. Indeed rest mass, written as Mu, is
Mu = (M_e^2 – p^2) ^1/2, ??where mass/energy,   M_e = (Mu^2+ p^2) ^1/2,??is dependent on the aether flux density through the volume of the mass, per unit time, as is inertial mass. Inertial mass can of course be another variant, complicated again by aether fluxes through the volume of the inertial mass, which aether flux densities are stochastic over large spans of time. ??Once we leave the comfort of the “known” physics, all manner of complications are upon us, which, interestingly enough, lead to a much more natural and intuitively satisfying understanding of the inner workings of the Universe. At the same time, the results which arise from SubQuantum analysis produce results which are easy to comprehend, from a top-down perspective (which is actually a bottom-up perspective). This simplifies understanding the Macro-Universe (cosmology), as well as the micro-universe (nano-scale and smaller).

This approach has unified all the sciences under one umbrella: the activities and agglomerations of SubQuantum aether and its origination of the non-local quantum information field, the quantum potential, non-local and localized versions of quantum “entanglement”, and so on. [our ZG pubs]

Uniqueness (Personality) is Ubiquitous

No two snowflakes are alike. Every snowflake is unique. Why is that? Uniqueness is an often neglected, but essential element of the physics. There is a tendency for the intellect to create continuity and uniformity, even where such uniformity does not exist. One example of this tendency, which has unduly influenced modern physics, is the tendency to view the vacuum as a linear isotropic medium, which has identical properties at each location, and in every direction.
Astrophysical observations show this view is incorrect. The vacuum is a non-linear media, and is anisotropic. For instance, see:
An important finding:

Non-linearities not only include this above observation of spatial anisotropy and local variations in particle densities, but there are extant theories of non-linear, stochastic, and condition-variable metrics. In addition, there are constant variations, with time, at any point in space, in the intensities and frequencies of the various electromagnetic radiations which pass through that given point. Indeed, the gravitational theory described by relativity has a non-linear basis. Quantum theory also requires that spatial anisotropies must exist in order for the quantum theory to be correctly predictive. This is the Heisenberg Uncertainty relation, which has limited domains of applicability, but seems to hold in astrophysical considerations that are not involving infinite velocity propagations. [Dehmelt, Boyd]

Further, consider Zitterbewegung and the zero point quantum fluctuations of the vacuum at the order of 10^-66 cm^-2 (See “Gravitation” Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler at page 480). Topological physics also point at non-linearities and spatial anisotropies. (For example, see: )

The combination of these observations leads us to understand that any point in space must be considered as unique, for various physical reasons. Of further and large importance to this understanding is the fact of the memory of the vacuum shown by Garjajev, et. al., at:

Poponin’s model of the vacuum’s memory shows that this memory function behaves as the Hamiltonian of a loosely coupled (anharmonic) N-dimensional system of non-linear oscillators. This description results from empirical observations in a series of experiments, first done at Lebedev University in Russia.

In these experiments, the vacuum retained electromagnetic copies of that which had occupied the volume, for up to 30 days after the material was removed! This informs us again of nonuniformity, because such memories must be unique in each given volume, with variations over time. The fact that the SQ aether is the retainer of such information is almost beyond question.

It is likely that the personality of the human being is imprinted in the vacuum memory by the consciousness of the human being. This possibility is enhanced when considering that the emotional condition of the operators of symplectic E/M transmission facilities directly alters the instrumented radiated patterns of the symplectic antenna, as mentioned earlier. [See: Emoto]

We consider chaos theory and organization theory, and find further evidences of uniqueness. As we observe the Natural world around us, we discover that each living entity is observably possessed of this property of Uniqueness.

When a human being is born into the world the child immediately evidences preferences by way of color, style, and so on, choosing among various items they are presented, unique to that individual. We observe no two human faces, fingerprints, etc., are the same. We find from various personality studies that the various forms of life are all possessed of personality. The fact of Uniqueness is inescapable.

Uniqueness is inherent in Reality at all scales, and cannot be avoided. Even mass-produced items such as automobile parts, incur the effects of the inherent Uniqueness factors which are built into all space and all matter. For example, auto parts which are produced on Wednesday will not fit with corresponding parts made on Thursday. (This fact is well known in the auto industry and is well accounted for, by this time.)

Almost anyone who has driven automobiles for many years will agree that cars develop personalities, which become more noticeable as the car ages. (And this is not merely due to mechanical and electrical wear factors.) As a rule, the more accurate are the tolerances required for the parts, the more blatantly obvious is the difference between “identical” parts, made on different days.

Part of what causes this is the fact that the Universe is exceedingly anisotropic, in both temporal and volumetric considerations, where these volumetric anisotropies are clearly shown in astrophysical studies, such as those mentioned above.
Another primary cause is the SubQuantum information field, which gives space a localized personality, with a signature which changes with time.

Another cause has been traced to sub-light informational radiations emanating from stellar and galactic bodies, which have been called “Odic radiations” or “Od”. Due to Odic radiations, the positions of the planets and stars have direct, but subtle, influences, on the informational environment of the earth. [Reichenbach]
Another cause is that the “inertons” [Krasnoholovets] and SubQuantum particles which comprise the atmosphere of all material forms, take on information from other information-bearing particles in the static portion of the aether, which forms the ambient informational environment, along with motional portions of the aether, which convey information from interstellar space, and from the implicate order [Bohm].

The personalities of auto parts change day to day, in undeniable ways. Fortunately for the industry, the primary personality influences occur during the manufacturing process and capture the informational signatures and variants, which were ambient during the making of the part, especially if the part underwent a phase transition from plasticity to solid. Then each part made on that day, holds that information in stasis, for many years thereafter.

We suspect that the uniqueness of snowflakes is due to similar environmental informational factors which change at every time and in every place, due to the influx of information-bearing SubQuantum particles which are the cause of gravitation, and are ubiquitous.

These personality factors become embedded in the water at the time water droplet undergoes the phase transition from fluid to crystalline solid, thus resulting an information capture, similar to what happens during the manufacture of car parts.

Because the informational influences are different at every location and vary with each passing moment, every snowflake turns out as unique. Studies of snowflake shapes might eventually become an important instrumentation device for detecting various informational factors present in the ambient environment, at a given time and place.

Astrophysical and Geophysical Large-Volume “Cells” with Personalities

As described above, it is well known that interstellar space is exceedingly anisotropic in many regards, including informationally.

“Space is filled with a network of currents which transfer energy and momentum over large or very large distances. The currents often pinch to filamentary or surface currents. The latter are likely to give space, as also interstellar and intergalactic space, a cellular structure.” ~Hannes Alfvén, Nobel Prize Laureate. [H. Alfven, Cosmic Plasma. Reidel: New York, 1981]

Personality cells in interstellar plasmas can produce personality signatures in cells of land, as has been studied extensively in Russia over the course of several decades, using instrumentation such as the Russian-made Aether Flux Density Meter (AFDM), plant-based instruments, and gifted intuitives. [Bergstrom, Arne: Physical Review 26: 720 (1955).] [Frolov]

Indeed, the slowing of the aether fluxes by interactions with electrons, in particular, results in the formation of additional electrons, where electrons are modeled as whirlpools composed of subquantum aether particles. All these processes involve the SubQuantum aether and act to convey information interactively, in the manner of the quantum information field.??Non-local, and local, Consciousness information transferences have been in common use for centuries, as exemplified by Cherokee daily life-support practices. See:

Local and Non-local Information Storage and Transport

Dr. Huping Hu, MD and Dr. Maoxin Wu, MD, performed an astounding set of experiments involving information transferences. In the first experiment, volunteers sat in a dental chair and were strapped in. Prior to this, in preparation a large transparent container of anesthetic, of a type used in major surgery was placed on a table.  Next to that container was placed a transparent container filled with pure water. An ordinary flashlight (Maglitetm) was aimed so that light went through the anesthetic and passed also, through the container of water, along the same line. The flashlight was kept turned on for a moderate span of time, then turned off.

Then the volunteers who sat in the dental chair were asked to drink a glass of the water that had been “treated” by the light from the flashlight, after having passed through the anesthetic. Within minutes the volunteer would pass out. By all normal tests for the effectiveness of anesthetic, these persons were clinically anesthetized, from drinking the water.

The light from the flashlight, on encountering the container of anesthetic, copied information from the anesthetic and carried it along where the information of the anesthetic was deposited in the water. Volunteers who drank the water all became clinically anesthetized.

In another remarkable experiment, the pH of a solution was directly and non-chemically changed by information transferred from an identical set-up, located many miles away from the local set-up. Remote changes of pH were charted.

Another experiment caused temperature variations during remote manipulations of water at a remote site which had become quantum entangled with the water at the local measuring site. Remote information-controlled changes of local water temperature were charted.

In the most remarkable experimental result, water which had been quantum entangled was sent to local and remote test sites, some 2000 miles apart. When the water at the remote site was manipulated by boiling and freezing water, local variations in mass density and weight were measured and catalogued.

These amazing results have had little media attention, although a paper regarding these experiments has been published in Progress in Physics, and is available here:

During 2015 a set of experiments involving light from a Class IIIa 500 mw red Laser Diode pointer were performed, where information from various substances was picked up by the laser light and conveyed into the human body by way of a simple aluminum reflector attached to the light emitting end of the laser such that the open end of the cone pointed in the same direction as the laser light. It was found that the “dosage” of whatever was being captured by the laser light and reflected into the person’s bloodstream by the laser light passing through the skin, was related to time exposure and the person’s unique body chemistry.

Except, medications and herbs introduced into the body by the laser light reflecting off the substance, and then off the conical reflector, then into the skin, exhibited no side effects, no drug interactions, and no after-effects. The Ambient Intelligence is directly involved in this process and prevents any untoward or harmful information from being inserted into the light stream. This has promise as an adjutant treatment for various physical ailments. Boyd released this treatment modality to the science community in 2015, without compensation, for potentially rapid public benefits.

A commercially available laser treatment package is available which relies on laser light passing through a transparent container which has been filled with a medication solution in water. See the commercial product line illustrated here:

Finally a Cat Allergy Treatment That Works – The Allergy Kit

For another remarkable result, this simple apparatus has demonstrated stopping heart attacks and strokes within seconds, based on information transports and directly involving the Ambient Intelligence. These results arise from bending a copper wire wrapped in a loop and secured around a rock. This effect can be used on oneself, or selected others, and cannot be used to harm another life. It has been tested to an effective range of 2000 miles, and appears to operate non-locally:

The Operational Mechanics of Morphogenic Fields

The SubQuantum aether conveys holographic information originating from the Intelligent Universe to mold the Environmentally Interactive Morphogenic Fields, which produce Life-Forms.

Sheldrake’s morphogenic field is primarily made from the static portion of the information-bearing SubQuantum aether. Information is imprinted on the surrounding physical matter by a process which involves informational coherence of holographically informationally encoded SQ infinitesimals.

There is a volume comprising a sphere of influence which is the plant seed’s informational hologram, which holographic information imprints the aether atmosphere which interpenetrates the physical matter of the seed and the surrounding environment, informationally conditioning the static portions of the aether in the materials that are surrounding the seed in the immediate environment.

This was described earlier as the plastic (semi-fluid) Quantum Phase-State, which is describing Quantum Matter, in one of the several stages of SubQuantum information manifesting a material form. [Also see: Tiller regarding informational conditioning of environments.]

There is an interaction between the static aether-space informed by the seed, and the Ambient Intelligence, such that optimal environmental support is provided for that seed under those circumstances, in that location, relative to the life forms that will have interactions with that region in the future, weather planning, and so on.

The interaction between the seed information and the Ambient Intelligence coheres the morphogenic field information such that the future of the plant in its mature form is part of the conditioned volume which surrounds the plant as it grows towards maturity.

There is an interaction between the static aether-space informed by the seed, and the Ambient Intelligence, such that optimal environmental support is provided for that seed under those circumstances, in that location, relative to the life forms that will have interactions with that region in the future, weather planning, and so on. ??The planning stage includes plant-specific relevant considerations such as the availability of supporting bacteria, earth worms, lighting, mineral availability, pollinating insect availability, weather planning factors, and climate planning. All these factors are reflected in the hologram of the plant-to-be, and are contained in its holographic information-cohered morphogenic planning stencil.??Local factors of the informational environment and the local Ambient Intelligence are more relevant to the localized informational coherence provided to the planning stage of the growth of the plant-to-be, than are the environmental factors imposed by the Cosmic Harmony/Intelligent Universe portion of the localized quantum plastic-phase state, information field. There is a hierarchical relation which goes from microscopic to macroscopic, and the other way around, where both flows are, at the same time, made from bi-directional flows of SQ-conveyed information. [Thornhill: ]??As described by Tiller, the Maxwell equations are involved in this process, in terms of the original aether foundations of the Maxwell equations, as described by Maxwell, but not in exactly the form of the mathematical relations described by Tiller, who wants to involve a hyperspace component to describe the process of creating a “conditioned space”, by information “conditioning” the space. [See: ]

Instead, we are involving the static portion of the SQ aether in the form of an information-driven quantum matter phase-state, analogous to a semi-fluid (plastic) matter phase-state. This quantum semi-fluid (plastic) phase acts in the manner of the analogous physical form of matter, controlled by informational coherence (caused by various resonances), which is originating from the plant seed and to environmental considerations which act as unique modifications of the seed information, which are imposed on the individual plant-to-be, by the Ambient Intelligence. ??The Quantum Phase-States of Quantum Matter are stages in the precipitation of “observables”. Quantum Phase-States are stages of increasing negentropy (increasing organization) in the quantum field. This understanding is directly related to Stapp’s original “Quantum matter” expressions and Boyd’s “Quantum Phase-States” as an extension of Stapp’s Quantum Matter.??For example, a selected color can be transmitted from a sending Being and received experientially by another being, through the faculty of intention-directed attention, along with the color, on the part of the sender, which information is then received as a direct experience of the receiving being, through the faculty of Attention, as that color which was transmitted. Intention-attention combinations can be directed with a “look here” emphasis, so as to gain the Attention of the targeted Observer (Experiencer).??Information flows are not experienced as random or chaotic, but are dependent upon resonance factors existing between the source and the destination points. Experiential (eidetic) information can be directed, or non-directed. It can be local, or non-local. It can be locally stored, or transient. All the above discussion applies to personality cells of the land and to such entities as mountains. Everything has personality, including mountains and clouds. This applies from the infinitesimal Bhutatmas, to galaxies, to clusters of galaxies, to the infinitely large.??As a general rule, SQ information density falls off as 1/r from the origin, unless directed by the intender to a specific target, through the attainment of a resonance with the personality, emotional states, states of Being, or informational resonance, with the target selected. Consciousness resonances result in a bi-directional flux of information-bearing infinitesimals, which can actually become visible to the unaided eye in certain situations, visible as black threads during the day, or a white bi-directional radiance, at night. This white radiance was known as “Aolea” by several European groups of medieval scholars who were involved with studying Consciousness in

Nature, in the manner of Goethe. [Vassilatos]

Limitations of the Mind in Interacting with an Intelligent Universe
The Intelligent Universe designs and constantly intends, all the factors required to produce and support life and Consciousness, in all forms, everywhere there is a place. In these activities and intentions, the Cosmic Harmony Principle is the overarching theme, which pervades all things from the cosmic intergalactic scale, to your back yard. Every breeze, every snowflake, every sunny day, every rainy day, are all part of the planning and execution of a Life-Sustaining Harmonious environment, in which all of Nature constantly participates. All forms of Consciousness are given Free Will, within the context of Harmony-Life considerations.

The intellect, the analytical mind, is the origination of narcissism and ego. The analytical mind is composed of, and based on, the past. When the attention is not on the past, one is Living in the present moment and is experiencing directly all the senses and sensitivities, in a process known as “Living”. When the attention is on the past, sensitivities and sensory data diminish to insignificance or vanish altogether. This is the result of intellectual abstractions, based on the accumulated past. The historically indoctrinated analytical mind is the cause of psychological pain and suffering, and is the origin of most mistakes. The faculty of attention is the rudder of what one experiences as their reality.??Intellectually indoctrinated human beings on this planet have become the un-Natural, always thinking, an exception to the Life-Sustaining Universal Harmony Principle. This has occurred as a result of the desires of intellectually-originated narcissistic un-Natural human intentions to have societal “prestige”, societal “power” and un-Natural forms of “wealth”. Such ego-centered analytical intentions are the originating cause of wars and all human-originated disasters. Such un-Natural destructive behaviors are easily seen to be a failed paradigm. ??The trend of human behavior on this planet, needs to revert towards the Natural Harmony, as is constantly being Created by design, in the activities of the Life Support provided by the Ambient intelligence and the Intelligent Universe. The Indigenous Peoples know this full well, as they have never left the Natural Harmony Principles in pursuit of ephemeral “prestige” baubles and symbolic “advantages”. ??Nor do Indigenous Peoples pursue behaviors and goals which directly interfere with the Natural Life Support Systems which are inherent to this planet, by design, in the Intelligent Universe. The understandings of the Indigenous Peoples are the right understandings about how to live in Harmony with the Harmonious Universe. ??Free will is inviolable, in the Nature Ways. Yet, all of Nature is involved in the Cosmic Harmony, at all times, while at the same time, they have perfect freedom to follow their individual inclinations and choices.??This general rule holds true throughout Nature, except where unbalanced, competitive, and indoctrinated-to-be narcissistic, and insane, humans, ignorantly and incorrectly pursue deviant life-destructive behaviors. Such behaviors are blatantly contradictory to the Cosmic Harmony Principle and the processes of the Natural Environment which is constantly creating Life-Support, for all varieties of Consciousness.

Technologies aimed at destroying life, are exactly the opposite of what technologies should be aimed at, which is Supporting Life. Harmony-Life in all forms, is the underlying theme of All Reality.

As part of the way Life is designed, everything has to eat something to live. But God did not make, and does not make, “machine gun bushes” or “tank trees” as any part of the Natural Environment. ??People do that, out of an indoctrinated insanity which separates them from the Harmony Principle, and Nature, and the Divine, by way of abstract intellectual prejudice-creating conditioning, imposed on the population. ??This populace-conditioning process is caused by the portions of society that want egocentric “advantages”, and “rank” and “prestige”, at the expense of others; who psychopathically care nothing about the suffering nor death of any living being which might in any way impede their obtaining of their shallow and selfish “gratifications”.

The destructive dissoluting principle called Shiva, can never “conquer” the principles of Brahma (creation) and Vishnu (sustenance). There can be local imbalances, but over time, harmony and balance among the 3 Universal Cosmic Principles is inevitably and irrevocably restored. That is the way the universe is designed, and how it operates, and nothing can change it, except locally, for small spans of time.

There is nothing “random” about these processes in Cosmic scheme of things, which are designed and guided, in the overview, by the Intelligent Universe. When the time comes, Balance among the 3 Principles is always restored. Clearly it is time to rebalance and restore our world, and ourselves, to Natural Harmony. An inevitable return to Nature’s Harmony is in progress. The Tao always wins.


QUANTUM ONENESS: How Physics Proves You Are Simultaneously Everywhere


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QUANTUM ONENESS: How Physics Proves You Are Simultaneously Everywhere.

Quantum is the study and investigation of the Micro, in contrast to the study of the stars which is the Macro.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

Everything in the Universe is simply Energy. Try punching a wall. That physical wall you punched and your now bruised fist… both are Energy. But what is interesting is they never even touched one another.The atoms in the wall were simply vibrating at a different speed or level than that of your fist, so when you slammed your fist towards the wall, they repelled one another, kind of an electric reaction, not a material one. A form of repulsion occurred. The same occurs when you believe you are standing on a step. You are actually levitating on an atomic level! Scientists are continuously learning that what we call “matter” is illusory.

They now conclude that everything is Energy. Since we are part of that Everything, and Energy is Everywhere… then we must also be OmniPresent or Everywhere at the same time, that we are an essential part of ONE Unified Whole, a Mandala! Ponder that for a little while, and you will realize how petty personal differences seem when you grok that we are really all the same on a much grander scale.

Jain 108 Mathemagics

sunset drop


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”


Form and Formlessness ~ Nassim Haramein

reality flashing


“… what we perceive as motion is really due to the fact that reality is flashing in and out of existence at a high frequency, and that creation is actually disappearing and reappearing, oscillating between form and formlessness at the quantum level innumerable times every second giving the appearance of motion.” – Nassim Haramein