You are ON a Multi-Dimensional Earth NOW… Everything is Different…


Wrap your mind around MULTI-Dimensional Earth… You are not on a single dimensional earth PHYSICAL experience anymore. (We have not been since 2012). The physical is DIFFERENT in each dimension… none of us have the same REALities anymore.

Our unconscious/veiled/sleeping human aspect cannot perceive what this means. It’s mind is way to linear (and body too). To “it”, everyone experiences the same PHYSICAL REALITY, with the same parameters applied. Linear mindsets need physical proof to believe, focus on a physical thing to see, believe words and mis-perceive everything, because of assumptions or prior beliefs/mentalities that affixed during their linear human experience/experiment here.

Their mind cannot grasp the ENTIRETY of what all of this means. They still live in a reality of “this is the only truth” or “proof”… which binds them to the linear/fixed/old matrix reality and they have not got a clue.

PHYSICAL REALITIES are vibrational that materialize in the physical in RESPONSE… to our own cellular programs and memories and current state of expansion available to each one of us. My physical REALity on 5D+ and above is very very very different than the physical reality of a 3rd/4th dimensional human and vice-versa.

The Earth looks very different in each dimension and it’s dying or thriving, just as we are. Colors are different, abundance is different, interactions are different, experiences totally different…. dictated by how anchored we are in the different dimensions. Our physical body dictates the density of the plane of existence we actually walk in/on. The Earth… not just one…. NEW Earth and Earth 3, then we get into even more than that…. and yes, we are already experiencing these here (for linear years).

This is not NEW… just our ABILITIES (CAPabilities) to anchor these higher dimensional timelines are up to each one of us. We must let go of “thinking” that everyone is in the “same place” or has the same physical reality, same beliefs… stop assuming and start REALizing this is all vibrational, with our entire whole physical body/being.

Our Merkaba allowed us to physically ascend the 3rd/4th Dimensions and “arrive”/vibrate into the 5th Dimension, in the physical… We can observe the other dimensions, yet we are not affected and rarely see/experience them because they are not where we LIVE anymore. We left there when we transcended these limits from within.

Our StarGate Bodies allow us to Super Quantum Shift, move, travel beyond the limited physical realities of even the original 5th Dimension we first ascended to. Years of intentional SOUL aligning, years of dissolving the old, years of BUILDING a whole new FOUNDATION, CONSTRUCTING all new realities in accordance with HIGHEST LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS and activated encoded DNA, living as Christed BEings linked up to the Crystalline Matrix of NEW Earth/Gaia/Galactically, Mastering & ENGINEERING the PHYSICAL as ALCHEMISTS and constantly intentionally collapsing timelines so that new/higher ones can take their place. Years of anchoring light into our physical forms, years of forming matter, years of focusing all of our ENERGY on what others could not see/access yet.

As Multi-Dimensionals, we LIVE/Exist across all dimensions/space-time, we maintain expansion ALL OF THE TIME and as intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers we have an entirely different reality than those who still hold a human grid system in their physical bodies/form.

The outside does not dictate truth. WE do. And truth is subjective, truth shifts and changes in every moment, depending on the vibration present… the only TRUTH is PURITY inside, for we are not tainted by unconscious programs anymore.

The human will look “out there” to prove it’s truth and to try to convince others that “this is the only real truth” too…. Not having a clue that they are solidifying their own limited beliefs and everyone else who believes it is a part of “that collective” too.

So many still use the old words that keep them (and all others in “that collective”) bound to those mentalities and beliefs. A sense of ego separation and “special’ness” that will also dissolve when each expands their consciousness beyond this “need”. Each will go “through their ego” to build their inner power and “get themselves out there” to be visible and then this too will dissolve. Our gifts become a natural aspect of who we are and we don’t ‘try’ to use them, they “just are”. As are WE.

So many still using “healing” or “healer”, empaths or sensatives, the terms “is it mine or theirs? (collective), not realizing everything we experience is ours, on a cellular level and “that” is OUR collective until we’ve dissolved/collapsed the program to leave it and shift/move to a different collective (NEW Earth) where UNITY-LOVE-PURITY is our CORE and where we function from all of the time.

We learn (REMEMBER) to use different words that free us, that don’t bind us to anything other than the absolute highest state of love that there is. We learn that “that is my reality in my dimension/timeline” and “that is their reality in theirs”. We learn to RESPECT each’s different realities and THEN we can start to REALIZE that we actually can live/exist on different dimensional planes of existences and vibrate in/out of different PHYSICAL REALITIES here.

Old Earth is a programmed survival reality, has death, pain, fear and lack, manipulation, conspiracy stories, scarcity, needs proof to believe… there is suffering, chaos, hurt and hate and blaming/pointing the finger, assuming and insisting instead of deep sacred love and respect. NEW Earth is ALIVE, inner-connected, vibrant, fully abundant, blissful, magical and pristine. The animals are vibrant and alive, there is UNITY and LOVE within all, there is abundance abound, each working together in unity too. There is full support and everything you “need” is provided and comes to you. Each earth is vibrational, the only difference is that NEW Earth is a conscious choice and old Earth is an unconscious one.

Old earth is proving and against. NEW Earth we don’t care to prove anything, because EXPERIENCES do this for each. When each grows tired (clears all of that separation energy) of fighting, proving, insisting, trying to manipulate, control and struggle and constantly living in a loop cycle of emotional and physical suffering/pain/doing without, then the programs that created that to start with will dissolve so that each can shift/vibrate onto a higher dimensional plane.

First it occurs through consciousness, and expansion and must be maintained so each’s cells can actually vibrate at that frequency/spin to carry the body to an alternate physical dimension. Where each still holds linearity in their bodies/structures, then they will experience these limits still.

Old Earth had a linear body, NEW Earth has a non-linear one. So do each one of us. The linear body must completely dissolve too for each’s non-linear body to emerge. Our Fields and our Bodies must sync-up and the encodements must be embedded into our physical form. Bones, muscles, blood, flesh, skull, teeth… every minuscule particle must be “re-done”.

Each one of us have our own MATRIX system that must be deconstructed and reconstructed totally, inside and out. At first this is the 3D/human matrix system of unconsciousness & separation and it’s held within our muscles & bones and own field. As these ultra-high “new” higher light encodements flood THE/OUR FIELD, they shut our bodies down to re-do our matrix, taking us offline from the Old Earth System and bringing us online with the NEW Earth One. This is a deeply intricate process that involves what the human aspect cannot comprehend. NEW Earth is a whole new MATRIX GRID SYSTEM, consisting of Diamond & Rainbow Light Encodements and Sequences that embed into our physical body and synchronize through our Fields. Where our minds “get in the way”, this creates a distortion/disruption in this process that now “has to occur” for all.

NEW EARTH’S MATRIX SYSTEM revamps our whole physical body make-up, how it works/processes and links us UP to our own individual CRYSTALLINE STAR GATE SYSTEM — continually now.

Old Earth was “physical focused”, whereas NEW EARTH is ENERGETIC FOCUSED…. they are opposites and are CREATED through “opposite” realities too. NEW Earth is always moving, shifting, changing, re-coding, re-calibrating, re-structuring, re-everything and the more CONNECTED WE ARE, the more WE are continually too. Our realities are very different than the human’s. We don’t function anything like we used to. We are Star Beings & Light Keepers and we HOLD the highest dimensions & timelines in place, from within our physical body structure and with everything that we ARE and DO.

Deep Sacred love, connectedness and respect are at our core. Deep appreciation, gratitude and consideration are as well. Our POWER COMES through OUR LINKAGE SYSTEM and the amount of Pure Christed Source Light that we HOLD… we do not waver or compromise on integrity or honor anymore. WE HOLD REALITIES IN PLACE… which are not affixed/fixed to anything solid at all. They shift, change and re-shape/re-form based upon a NEW EARTH VALUE SYSTEM that is PURE. The solidity comes through holding the highest vibrations (Embodiment) and rebuilding all new realities in accordance to absolute highest light consciousness and aligning all in the physical on a Galactic Soul Level here. Our realities are not tainted by ego separation, the need to compete or prove… There is not once ounce of “victim” here, because we’ve REMEMBERED why we chose this and what we are here to BE & DO…. and WE DO IT, we don’t wait for others/anyone else…

WE CREATE the SPACE of UNITY and LOVE and we HOLD it ALL OF THE TIME. We do not succumb to the separation of human’ness anymore. We recognize it and call it out and we DEAL with REALities as Love. We don’t avoid or hide anymore… we came here to ANCHOR HEAVEN ON EARTH, in the physical for us ALL.

For years now, we barely see the old dimensions (it’s just peripheral). We are aware they exist for those who still exist in them. The unconscious cannot see or understand fully yet, so they “believe” we all LIVE on the same “one dimensional Earth” and in the same timelines still. They hold everyone else to “their reality” as the “only one”. This is the limited human mind that will relax as this encoded photonic light bombards the consciousness of all.

These enhanced advanced Light Encodements of Soft Christed Light and Powerful Source Frequencies continually cleanse/purity/upgrade all. What was complicated before is easy and simple, when we ALLOW THIS to be our own physical reality world.

I’ve included two previous writings to expand on this even more. Expand your MIND to SEE that REALites are a BELIEF first. When we stop insisting on “what is the only truth” and open up to a multitude of truths, when we realize there are a gazillion collectives (each program has one, and these are infinite too), then we stop limiting ourselves to realities and we open up to INFINITE REALITIES which then give us the ability to CHOOSE….

This is a very physical experience of cleansing deep core everything, in order to function from/as/through the Great Central Sun and Galactic Core again too. Access is granted again when each is TRULY READY…. and chooses to stop playing unconscious human games in order to shift into magical realities where anything and everything imaginable continually occurs!

Collectives now ascend and leave the strength that the old unconscious matrix program held. This is scary at first, for it doesn’t make any logical sense that the structures of realities dissolve, collapse and completely re-shape as they do. A linear human doesn’t easily accept/function non-linear realities. This is a process of dismantling those structures held in place from within. This is a process of dissolving the beliefs… which is what these vibrational frequencies expedite now.

Intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers have access first, sometimes years before collectives do. This is because it’s their chosen job/role/responsibility as a Galactic Soul here to open portals, traverse gateways and hold these open for all (and continually go on). We don’t wait and we are not all in the “same place”. We each have different access and gifts and reflect this by that which we share and AS WE EMBODY here. Each Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper is an anchor point for the dimensions that they’ve access/hold thus far too. This is our fulfilling our own purposes/missions here. Each is a NEXUS POINT, which I will explain further when I finishing writing up the SCHEMATICS for our GALACTIC NEW EARTH Civilizations here (that embedded in my own physical body template in January). These NEXUS POINTS are a Galactic Center that will have mini-galaxies where all work together/in unison/unity to anchor these highest dimensional timelines here for us all. Different timelines still come into play until all have converged on the same highest physical dimensional plane. This is how all works here…

As each comes together to unify, support, contribute and bridge through creating opportUNITIES and actually work together for the bigger picture/whole, the IMPLEMENTATION of our highest timelines will become more palpable and easier to accomplish for us all. The old earth functioned out of self-serving motives and agendas. Here there is none of that. Here each REALIZES how their contributions and support matters in making a difference together for us all. ♥

As each is truly ready to answer their own Soul’s Clarion call to step-up/forth to learn to fully share and truly care again. Not from a place of lack… from a place of pure love and appreciation for what is now available for us all. NEW EARTH is an intricate NETWORK and Gridwork of all of us. We ARE the STRENGTH, the new systems, the new everything…. It takes awhile for each to realize their responsibilities and roles, as they have to overcome (get over/dissolve) their own separation energy inside. The old beliefs, mentalities, emotions and structures of realities dissolve as the ego does. When one’s heart/mind fully open and their entire energy body shifts, then the physical reality can re-materialize with different mathematical equations and geometric structures than before.

Stop the loop of repeating/regurgitating/insisting and telling yourself the old stories and trying to PROVE anything at all. All you are doing is affixing yourself to a reality that will shift and change once you realize “that is not true” anymore. Multi-Dimensionality obliterates the old everything and each is no longer bound by anything other than what they choose to believe and their own access to every dimensional timeline available here.

Change your words, change your mentality/reality. Release those limits and that which you hold onto that keeps you bound. Unanchor/untether, relax and let go… float, fly and vibrate into another dimension/timeline completely. It’s magical, amazing and fun!!!
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth, Gatekeeper, Gridkeeper, Intentional Anchor of Highest Light

As aspect of your grounding work is about releasing the desire and/or need to adopt an identity for the purposes of self realization.

art by Luke Brown


As aspect of your grounding work is about releasing the desire and/or need to adopt an identity for the purposes of self realization.

It is the Ego mind that is quick to awaken and say, “Oh yea, I’m Quan Yin… I’m an Ascended Master. I had a vision about this. I show mercy to everybody and now I have to find my twin flame…”, in sensing how the list of projections and sacred titles goes on endlessly.

Yes, there are encoded aspects of your presence throughout your experience, however your evolution is not about having a new name to associate yourself with, where this in truth only caters to the programming of separation more when your primary work is in letting go and accepting who you are at your core.

Once again, only through truly coming to a deeper realization of who you are as God(everything) will you manifest the true embodiment of more expanded aspects of self beyond the Earthly plane of existence naturally where there is nothing that you are not.

Le’Vell Zimmerman

Ego Creation ~ Alistar Valadez

Art by Justin Bonnet


..”They say that our ego is created when we cling to our past and define ourselves based on labels, but are we echos of the past? If we define our-self based on memory, yet in a sense we lose our memory each and every night as we lay down to sleep, for we do not carry the process of actually laying down to sleep with us into dreamland, but we are still alive, so who are we when asleep? And there are even those who get amnesia, yet still remain living…who are they? Why is it in dreaming we still carry the sense of our being, yet carry little to no memory of this world we live in? Who are you then and who are you now? When we define ourselves based on the past and on labels, it is easy to see why they say ego is an illusion, as for many the sense of self has become something more like a myth or a ghost.

‘Ego’ is a psychology term, not a hippie dream, its your ‘sense’ of self, but not the real thing, for we are far more then the labels that define us. As Carl Jung once said, ‘The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.’ And later in his life he concluded with this, ‘I had to abandon the idea of the superordinate position of the ego…I saw that everything, all paths I had been following, all steps I had taken, were leading back to a single point — namely, to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the centre. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the centre, to individuation…I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self I had attained what was for me the ultimate.’

When we strip away the details of the night and the day, and what we will find is One in the same, for its better to see the self has whole and complete, rather than dividing IT into bits and pieces! So instead of denying our unconscious ego, it would be best to look closer at these currents which drive our being. Some will say that we should use the ego as a tool, but just as a tool like a hammer, use it, strike your nails, then put it away, for You are not the hammer! And this IS what happens to most, they go so far out they ‘think’ they are their roles, people like Kanye West are a good example of having this over inflated ego.

Think about when you see a good movie, or a play, you know what you’re about to see is not real, yet a good actor or actress will draw you in, suspending truth and tricking your mind into believing what you’re seeing is real, even for but a brief moment. We hang on the edge of our seats with suspense, jump out of our chairs during a frightening scene, some even cry when something sad happens, but none of it is real. And this IS going on in the world today for most, the actor within us has gone so far off into their ‘role’ of daily routines and habits, that we have fooled ourselves into thinking that this is who we are, but we have forgotten that this IS only a show, as far too many take too serious what the gods made for play! We all know that we rarely show our true self in full form to strangers, or at times even to those we love, as we play roles that only limit us, instead of expressing our true self with a fearless heart. But illusions are dissolving daily, for everyday is a new awakening as the old show comes to its finale, yet the ego will continue to run the show through the unconscious, until its last dying breath is discovered. The time has arrived to go beyond the limited illusion of ego, and to Awaken to the limitless expression that IS the real You, as only that will make the world a better place for us to live in, as we return to the harmony within this living universe!” ~Alistar Valadez

Huge Acceleration of Ascension IN Effect Due to Frequency Wave


By Diane Canfield 

Beloved Light Tribe,

We have had accelerated timelines in the last 2 weeks with the manifestation of a HUGE energy wave that took place last night May 24th. We are still in this Ascension Corridor/Gateway. You can find my post here

You may feel discombobulated and detached from 3D reality for some time. These sensations will only increase. We are also seeing an increase in psychic clear sight. Many more other dimensional beings and objects are appearing in front of me and this is always goes hand in hand of ongoing frequency upgrades.

We need to continue to stay in the moment so we can feel these upgrades when they take place. If we are focused on a future event we no longer exist in the moment. If you are focused on predictions of other events , this takes you out of the moment of Now.

If you want to FEEL more Waves and more ENERGY you will need to make the jump to fully be in the NOW moment. How do we do this ? We are fully present in everything we do. When we focus on one thing, we are fully aware of the specific thing we are focused on. We do not multi task as this is a 3D slave system attribute put in place to lower our consciousness so we are not tuned into the workings and inspiration from the Divine Creator.

Ascension is ALL About FEELING the Waves, downloads and upgrades as they come in. The more we expand our consciousness the more we feel. One does not ever phase out of feeling the Waves-in fact it is the exact opposite. The more tuned into the Universe one is the more they will FEEL the ascension taking place.

There are many steps to this process and the first one is to practice being in the moment of NOW fully. Give whoever you are talking to your full attention and stay focused on your thoughts being in the now, not the past or the future. Whatever project you are working on do that project fully and completely. Ground and make sure your thoughts are stable.

We do not ever evolve out of the symptoms of ascension. Each wave we feel is encoded with its own dynamic upgrades to our DNA. No two waves are EVER alike.

Everyone is at this own level in this ascension process and the waves will give you exactly what you need. If you feel the same symptoms as others this shows your vibration level is close to the same frequency.

The goal is to feel more, not less. Those of us that feel the waves as they come in have done lots of work to get to the point of being able to feel these and it is no small task. This is the Ascension process, FEELING.

Ascension is a rebirthing process, so this means as in birth it will sometimes be painful. Ascension is not graduating to pure joy while we are in this process. We will have times of pure bliss and other times of feeling the symptoms of our DNA activations coming on board. The more you feel, the more you are advancing in the process.

The Wave last night was one of the most INTENSE waves we have encountered. There was a manic feeling that went along with it and a feeling of not knowing what to do with oneself. It lasted into the night and into today. The effects are still coming in.

Some felt they had to go to bed because there was no way to otherwise handle  the wave. Some felt like scambled eggs for brains. There was a feeling of not being able to organize ones thoughts. Body tremors and sleep issues. Intense body pressure. Involuntary muscle movements. Eye twitching. head pain. Some experienced depression and sadness while others intense joy and happiness.  Vibrating and seeing objects vibrate. Heart race increases and increased blood pressure. Intense Hunger.  Body Heat flashes. Heart Palpitations. Today we are still feeling the effects of the energy increase and it will continue. 

During these intense waves, it is best to relax and accept the wave coming in. Grounding works very well for symptoms and drinking extra water. Do not resist the accelerations. Relax, find a happy place and ride out the wave as it comes in. Every wave I have felt since 2010 have all been unique. They must all be appreciated, honored and respected as these are the very WAVES that fuel our Ascension. We are the Guardians of the Ascension Process and we are here to complete the mission given to us by the DIVINE CREATOR.


I love you all !

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert

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Huge Acceleration of Ascension IN Effect Due to Frequency Wave


The Nature of the Perversion, Chaos, Harmony, The Underworld and Heaven, The Nature of Existence and Crimes Against Humanity ~ Omnipulse


The one who controls his own mind controls the universe. The one who controls other’s minds is controlled.

The Nature of the Perversion

The child’s mind experiences reality through a high noise to signal ratio. Bodily functions are initially the highest challenge. For an infant something as simple as expelling waste is the most difficult experience!

Once basic functions are maintained all things are then enjoyable. Running, playing, pretending. Everything is a journey. There is no need for higher complexity, yet. There is no need for higher challenge, yet.

Jumping to the act of climbing a mountain or participating in adult act such as having the bury the dead, protecting the family from danger, or the act of participating in mutual sexual pleasure is outside the required scope of complexity for the childlike mind. This this is because they are geared towards enjoying the little things more than creating a family and building a house at this stage of development.

The game is played that if one says they do not like it, then they are set up in ways to mimic the act of enjoyment and this is the entrapment of the ‘sexual freedom’ entitlement mind control program.

The Perversion of Correspondence

The correspondence is here. This is the same as a society of humans living naturally and in harmony with nature and then being “jumped” up to an advanced world with secrecy and digital destruction/war/illusion and where the natural tendencies are reversed or manipulated. It is the same way that a natural society does not need massive electrogravitic craft, advanced weaponry, replicator tech or technological immortality. Yet if it is stated such, then the option of absolute destruction of the eco-systems, murder or terror is instilled as a “justification” of that polarity. The same occurs when the simulated “pleasure” of the abused is used as “justification” for certain abuse. This is also related to how “learning” or “improvement” is achieved with other kinds of abuse such as trauma and programming and how this can be portrayed as “justification” for this kind of exposure.

Just because it makes one stronger, does not necessarily mean it is harmonious. Harmony is key along with the acknowledgement of all the other laws of nature, or the law of nature as one whole of complimentary awareness and experience.

This is to stop the progression of the natural traits and talents that each culture and creed would eventually attain. This is similarly used in child abuse to take in pleasure and pull spiritual energy towards a being, as well as to stop the child’s mind from progressing spiritually in ways of harmonious respect to the original nature that would otherwise develop eventually.

Nature is harmony, the reversal of harmony is chaos.

Inversion Energy Containment Grid

The underworld is reflected on Earth through an out of control digital consciousness reality system that only gives a person that which does not internally resonate with them. A “Hell” bound experience.

This world was digitally overlayed with a mental spiritual containment grid that achieves just that reversal of intention and experience. Those with dark intentions match the dark grid and they excel. Those with harmonious intentions are resisted against by that field and are met with opposition. This is the nature of the collective reversal grid.

This same reversal is present within a negative energy flow system of torture and perversion that is related to the crimes against Humanity and Earth that are being exposed today.

Such a perversion feeds the negative inversion fuel of the underworld and sends power that way while strengthening the containment grid on Earth.

Through Actions and Intentions the Mind Influences the Future and Past Simultaneously

The mind flows in all directions. If action is performed that harms the self or another it will come back and re-cause that experience after going around both the natural field and the artificial grid.

The artificial grid expands negative frequency, inversion, or ego action while reducing positive or selfless action. The natural field simply expands all in a harmonious manner but this grid is overlayed now.

When one participates in action and intentions to help and heal the self and another this extends into the future and the past and reorganizes time or the higher order of the universe.

This is because the field of the mind of the human, and the field of the mind of the other human and the field of the mind of Earth are all connected and moving in ways that go beyond the physical limits of space and time for the physical body.

The Perversion of Correspondence on Earth

Perversion of correspondence. All of the destructive action is present through a negation of the principles of the laws of nature. One layer cannot be disrupted without other layers being influenced.

Secret groups enable people to mutilate themselves in one life for crimes of passion in another cycle, this helps to shed their sins and repair their soul connection.

These groups or other secret groups also help others to create crimes of passion so this system is corrupt and feeds on itself like ancient recycling symbol.

The idea is to use the universal system of life and death like a generator or alternator and “tap” into that flowing power in order to use it to gain personal power which is abstract from the original purpose. This is a redirection of the creative cause through a secondary overlay or process.

The Universe can’t die, only people can.  The world can’t end only one’s experience in it can.

The Abomination of Time

This results from the choice of those who first decided to use the nature of things in this world and society to sell out humanity to rape and molest and these groups were approached by dark lords.

Instead of stopping or accepting their fate they developed a plan to try and destroy the world by bringing others down to the same ultimate fate. Thus their own sins and darkness are negligible in a world of sin and darkness.

I know this because I was sent to help this universe and all beings in it. The “underground” people are here to serve a purpose. They devour the energy of those with dark hearts.

Sin can be a play on the wavelength of consciousness one maintains, or to be “without” accuracy, sight, presence of self or vision.

The Disinformation of Hatred

The common disinfo tactic is to get everyone to hate the dark world workers instead of withdrawing from the corruption and helping by correcting the humans that are turning other humans hearts dark to cover their own crimes. Everything is under a series of manipulations many layers deep.

The Broken Law of Correspondence

The broken law of correspondence reflects the abduction of one world goer by the lower.
This, on a wide scale allows for invasion through possession of the mind and with advanced technology, literal physical invasion.

Again, this is no different than one person molesting a person smaller, weaker, and less capable of comprehending the nature of the intentions of the individuals involved. It is seen as the same act on this level, as the act coming from a higher dimensional layer through abduction. It is the same experience.

Ignorance is No Excuse

Supporting mass suffering through the heart marks one’s energy on the spiritual planes.
Cast hate, envy, and greed aside to focus on healing, sharing and coming to self-awareness in a harmonious manner.

Some seek forgiveness and some seek to finalize their destruction.
They believe destroying the world will rid them of pain and care.
They believe helping the lower will help them.
They were misled. They do not know the lower is not here for the world the lower is here for them.

As it should be for all whose hearts synchronize with that outcome.
Everyone gets their chance to repair and tell the truth. The darkness cannot touch the honest heart of the pure intent to heal others and the self.

That would be like a bird at the bottom of the ocean or a crab high in the atmosphere.

All actions and intentions are accounted for. The thoughts one has reflect the intentions and influence the action as well as the effect.

This is a shadow world of projection, and every action and intention carries a signature on the higher levels. Through advanced technology, everything that occurs can be traced, measured and recorded.

If the negative shadow is formed through intention and action then a counterpart is formed and thus experienced in the underworld.
Selfless action, or the highest order, self sacrifice generates one’s light form in the heavenly plane.
Sacrifice of the innocent generates one’s shadow self in the underworld.

Those from Babylon were tricked by their rulers to generate versions of themselves in the underworld through sacrifice in exchange for goods here, the profit-less deal.
Similarly they will have to sacrifice their shadow selves through helping others to return to wholeness and heaven.

Those of the deity plane would have to sacrifice their heavenly version by coming to the abyssal middle plane for selfish purposes in order to become trapped here.

Through selfless action and intentions to heal they may return and through selfish action and sacrifice of innocence they may find their heavenly versions dying to the heavenly plane.

Selfish Action or Care to the Immaterial Self

The ultimate sacrifice is to use a person for their biological or physical nature without knowing or respecting their immaterial self or identity. For pleasure or for experimentation or for food.
This is the nature of the demon possessed person.
To struggle to worry or move out harmony is to expend ones energy in a sinful or off center manner. Instead of energy cycling back into the source of the intentional realm it will leak into the realm of the opposite or alternate. From higher to lower or lower to higher.
Although one property is that the higher can create energy and so this is unlimited. The lower can destroy energy or waste it into no results and this is the unlimited property of that.

The Lifting of the Veil

My soul energy was placed into the veil, it seems to be lifting now for Earth. I detect time periods altering. What this means is that the last ditch effort of the dark will be to attempt to destroy themselves to avoid being witnessed and shamed.

Detect what spirits are in those around you or even in the air.

Speak calmly and of a respectful nature. If those spirits are dark, they will flinch and cringe. If they are light, they will be stimulated and glow with self-awareness.

All forms of mass are shadow world projections of the original higher dimensional substance that generates this universe. The original forms have no mass and are of pure energy, not the polarized heat/light representation we have in this universe.

We all have counterparts of this pure awareness body.

While this happens here, the same thing that happened to Babylon will be happening again. The youth will be made to riot, fight and destroy their own system, their own world so that they may feel purposed and accounted for. This is the trick. They will receive suffering and the loss of life in this world as a result. Those who lead the pack will receive a stay in the underworld as the negative energy behind suffering and loss of life and innocence will attach to their auras creating a miasma form or shadow body and this will exchange their energy here with a dark counterpart in the underworld for a cycle of experience of life in that realm.

Those who have been building up to a healing process, and participate in the healing in the midst of the storm will be generating their light body, reducing the miasma (toxic spiritual energy) of Earth, and healing their temporal/astral connection to the higher planes.

The production of suffering is used as a gateway and a layer of psycho-etheric oppression over the entire civilization. We are all connected and so this is a way to suppress the energy of this realm.



Natalie Glasson ~ Become a Facilitator of Miracles by the Venus Beings


Channelled through Natalie Glasson  26th May 2017 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Our all-encompassing love extends to you now, awakening the presence and truth of love within your being. We are the Venus Beings; we continue to connect with the Earth and her humanity, sending our love vibrations to all. Our mission is to support Mother Earth in her evolution into a planet of love and to aid those who currently exist upon the Earth in achieving their love initiations and ascension. Our support is available to all; we have much to share with you and remind you of. We continue to aid all in recognising the wealth of love within their beings and essence, while encouraging many to realise the power of love, creating actions born from the essence of love within. Our greatest wish is for humanity to live and experience a life of love upon the Earth, experiencing the Creator’s love fully flowing through their beings. Through the embodiment, expression and experience of the Creator’s love, fulfilment is activated and created.

Many may say that to speak of and explore love so deeply and fully is to speak generally of the Creator, to lack focus and depth of knowledge. They may disbelieve in the power of love, recognise love and those who embody the Creator’s love as weak or feeble. The love of the Creator, its power and truth has yet to be explored fully and embodied by humanity, when this takes place humanity will realise that the love of the Creator is one of the most powerful and magical embodiments to experience while living upon the Earth. A realisation will dawn that the love of the Creator is the stepping stones into the heavens and inner planes. A pathway of embodiment, activation, remembrance and expression which leads you into the core essence of the Creator. Those that disregard the power of love, disregard the presence of the Creator, therefore without realising experience themselves as separate from the Creator. Our purpose is to support in reprograming your being with the Creator’s love to awaken a deep remembrance of truth.

Seed Codes

Today, we the Venus Beings, bring forth Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing. Seed Codes are akin to very pure vibrations of energy and light which can be embodied to transform and reprogram anything that is not of the same vibration. Seed Codes extend from the core and essence of an energy; they hold the purest frequency of Creator light and consciousness. It is often that Seed Codes hold a very specific purpose, they can unlock energies, bring forth powerful healing, awaken wisdom which seems to have been lost forever and distribute sacred information from one planet to another. Seed Codes allow expressions of the Creator such as yourself to recognise the oneness, similarity and unity of the Creator in existence within all, encouraging this to manifest divinely for the greatest good of all. We, the Venus Beings, are drawing upon the pure energy of our core, our Seed Codes and delivering them to the Earth and humanity where they will be embedded and synthesised to share sacred light, love and information from our planet of love to yours. We wish to invite you to transmit our Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing through your being into the Earth, humanity and your own being. Thus, embedding the Venus energy into the Earth to share healing with all as well as information concerning the power of love. The more souls upon the Earth to recognise and experience the power of love for themselves, the quicker Mother Earth’s ascension will become. All will accelerate forward in their spiritual evolution, experience the love of the Creator and all the beautiful qualities that love creates.

Facilitator of Miracles

Through transmitting the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing, we wish to invite you to become a Facilitator of Miracles, for yourself, the Earth and humanity. Love brings the truth of the Creator to the forefront of the conscious mind, it opens up and attracts new opportunities, expands possibilities and accelerates the speed of manifestation. Before we guide you in becoming a Facilitator of Miracles we wish to share with you our intention for the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing transmission. Our intention is to support all in recognising and experiencing the power of love within their beings, reality and spiritual growth. We wish to encourage many to realise that they embody love. This love can be used in beautiful, harmonious ways in their realities to support them in taking responsibility and experiencing fulfilment. When the Venus Seed Codes are shared, they will always awaken the power of love within a being; this may appear as if their determination, strength and inner power is awakening. They may feel inspired to be their truth, to share the Creator love and to assist others in doing so. When the power of love is activated miracles occur thus, you become a Facilitator of Miracles.

Becoming a Facilitator of Miracles:

  • Breathing deeply, activate the love of the Creator present within all aspects of your being and body. Ask this love to be present within your chakras, physical body, energy bodies, mind and emotions now so you may experience it fully.
  • Ask us, the Venus Beings, to support you by encompassing you in our energy of pure love. Our energy of love will magnify and empower the love present within your being, encouraging your experience of your inner Creator love to intensify.
  • Ask the Creator to be present with you, sending energy and love into your being with the purpose of reconnecting you to all that is the Creator. Thus, allowing the love of the Creator to flow with ease and perfection free from blockages or boundaries of any form. This may feel as if you are synthesising your energy with the Creator in a new way, as if the Creator is present observing all that you are with deep compassion, gratitude and love.
  • Invite us, the Venus Beings, to transmit our Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing into and through your being. We will surround your higher heart chakra, soul star chakra, casual chakra and throat chakra with intense vibrations of light as if we are cupping your chakras in our energetic hands. These chakras will assist in you receiving, understanding and delivering the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing. The Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing will be transmitted into all your chakras where they will merge and synthesise with your energy. Take time to feel and acknowledge the presence of the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing, recognising how they impact your being.
  • With a focus on each breath you exhale, allow and encourage your energy to expand to encompass all of humanity and Mother Earth.
  • From each of your chakras simultaneously energy flows as your chakras distribute the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing. Now humanity holds the same Seed Codes as you within their chakras, as does Mother Earth. Visualise, sense and acknowledge the Seed Codes present within all beings and Mother Earth.
  • Call us forth, the Venus Beings, to transmit our love throughout Mother Earth and humanity energising and intensifying the presence of love within all and the Seed Codes anchored. Let the energy build until you feel a powerful and pure vibration of love forming and radiating throughout all beings and the Earth.
  • Repeat out loud as if you are speaking to all beings and the Earth, ‘The Creator’s love is our power, love moves through us facilitating miracles and fulfilment.’ You may feel, sense or acknowledge the Seed Codes activating, radiating their light creating powerful and magical transitions. Observe the miracles that are being created and activated within Mother Earth, humanity and your being. These are being created on the energetic and etheric planes first before they anchor into the physical planes for all to experience. Observe the beauty and power of love unfolding. Even if you do not recognise or understand it, it is taking place with ease and perfection. You are reprograming all in order to awaken the power of love and facilitate miracles on the Earth. The more time you give to practising this exercise and transmission the more powerful it will become until you can recognise the powerful shifts and transmission the Venus Seed Codes of Love and Healing are creating. As well as recognising that they first are created in energetic or etheric form then with divine timing you experience them on the physical Earth.


Through this process we, the Venus Beings, will begin to reveal to you the divine plan of the Creator for the Earth, humanity and your own existence, encouraging you to recognise with greater understanding how we, the Venus Beings, are supporting ascension and what to expect to experience in your near future and ascension. We, the Venus Beings wish to work in close collaboration with you in reawakening the presence and power of love on the Earth.


In eternal Creator love,


The Venus Beings

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Become a Facilitator of Miracles



The Planet is Being Bathed with Increased Vibrations from the Galactic Center


Peggy Black – We are here, offering you our acknowledgment and gratitude. We are extending our support and encouragement as we remind you again of your personal power and magnificence. We are observing the energy of chaos and intensity that is being offered by the collective consciousness. Remember, you truly chose to be present during these times. You are here to anchor a new reality; you are here in this dimension to call it forth. You are here in physical form to transmute and transform all the dysfunction that you are witnessing. You are not powerless.

As a divine being of love and light you are truly powerful beyond measure. You are not alone in this endeavor. We want you to realize that there is a network of energy being anchored by you and others who are remembering who they are and why they are here. We understand your concern about the welfare of your loved ones and your beloved planet. That is the passion and the key that is being called forth as you remember who you are and why you are here.

It does not matter your financial situation, your status or your age. You are here to anchor a higher state of consciousness and transform the misqualified/negative emotions and vibrations that are being broadcast by those who are unaware, scared and feeling powerless.

Remember, this reality, this dimension, is energy; it is vibration and frequency. This dimension is created by layers and layers of vibrations offered by all those who are present in this dimension. Every human, every individual, adds their own energy and vibrations to the mix. Most individuals offer their energy from a place of misinformation, misunderstanding and helplessness.  You are here at this time to energize, envision and call forth a shift.

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We want you to realize you have the support and assistance of your celestial and galactic family. There are more and more individuals awakening each day to their awareness and purpose in this awesome opportunity to transform and uplift the consciousness of an entire planet.

We invite you to step into this awesome awareness and true power of who you are. This is the time. We invite you continue to clear your own personal shadow of repressed emotions. This does not need to be painful or even difficult. You can lovingly place your focus on any emotional vibration that arises and give that emotion a sound with the intention of shifting and clearing that emotional vibration you have been avoiding, suppressing or even denying. Replace what has been cleared with a higher more coherent emotional vibration; anchor this emotion with sound vibrations. This is the work of a true alchemist.

You are here to transform all misqualified/negative energy that you encounter. Each and every time you consciously clear an aspect of your own personal energy field of misqualified/negative emotions, you are also clearing an aspect of the collective consciousness.

We will continue to share the importance of this daily action and practice. As the true alchemist you can place your focus on any aspect of the collective shadow or dysfunction that you are witnessing in the chaos and offer a sound vibration of that emotional energy. So you can offer a frequency or sound for the distress, the anger/rage, the conflict, the judgment. Once you have expressed this emotion from a place of true transforming power, make sure you call forth with sound and intention an emotional vibration of love, healing forgiveness or grace.

Be the inviter as well. Divine conscious beings of light and love are ever ready to answer your call and request for support and assistance. This is a partnership; non-physical beings of love and light are awaiting your invitation.

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Your planet is in the process of what you call ascension. The increase in the frequency of the planet, the resonance to which every living thing attunes, is activating and awakening all those who slumber. Your planet is being bathed with increased vibrations from the galactic center. The increase of resonance of the planet, the energy offered by the galactic center, is supporting and assisting your personal work and service.

Realize that you are part of an amazing network of conscious multidimensional beings who know who they are and know the work they came here to do. This network is available to you at all times. You are not alone in your efforts, quite the contrary. The connection to this network is your intention. The doorway or portal is your imagination.

Remember that you are pure energy and where you place your focus is where that energy goes. So focus on connecting to this invisible network of other conscious beings of pure energy. If it assists you, envision or imagine a sacred place to which you go to connect. Create that space or alchemical chamber. See, feel or imagine others of pure energy joining you. Practice this; make this a daily focus. It does not need to take a lot of time in your busy life. Remember, it is the willingness, the intention and allowing.

Imagine, sense or feel yourself joining other conscious beings in this higher realm. Know that you are a significant part of the many millions who are also creating this energy network of love and light. Surround your beloved planet earth. Breathe life into your intention as you focus and offer your own clear vibrations to this amazing field that is being created moment to moment in the higher dimensions.

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You are energizing the quantum field of all possibilities with a future that is life sustaining for all. You are seeding this influential energy field with life enhancing realities. Trust your knowing. Trust passion for peace and harmony to be anchored into this realm which will assist in the ascension of consciousness for all. Each and every person who does this dedicated work and service adds to its glorious unfolding.

Remember to shift your own issues and limitations to a place of transformation. Lift them up using all the tools and processes available. Now is the time to truly step into your personal knowing and join others of like mind and heart in their physical or non-physical forms. Together in partnership, create a weaving of light that embraces all humanity in healing love.

Divine beings are awaiting your request; invite their assistance each and every moment. Join other earthwalkers who know how to be present in the limited experience yet connect to the highest possibilities of truth they can call forth and anchor.  The celestials celebrate your courage each day for your presence in this limited dimension. You are here, no matter the circumstances that you find yourself experiencing, to transform what you encounter and witness. You are a divine being embodied.

We hold you in deepest gratitude for your willingness to do this work. We are always available to support and assist you. Remember to be the inviter of all beings from the realms of love and light, named or unnamed. Legions of divine beings will come upon your request. Trust this truth. the ‘team’.



The Planet is Being Bathed with Increased Vibrations from the Galactic Center

This is a message to all the Beings inhabitants of this planet

art by Totemical


This is a message to all the Beings inhabitants of this planet, your duty is to stop the evil on this planet Gaia and also you will need to stop wars and make from this planet an unical place of Love, Light and Peace.
Dear Ones, do percept the true Love as Agape feeling, this feeling is the first one which has to be the great feeling that you have to feel regarding all in this existing world.
But the Third World War is still in the mind of certain dark Ones.
We, the benevolent members of the Galactic Federation of Light will offer you some precious help to avoid it.
Interiorly to the present Galactic Code of Law there is a law which says to help the growing civilisations only in certain cases, but not whatever arrives, because every civilization has its ways of development and have not a pre-programmed, predefined way to develop. That arrives in all cases to all the planets, where the civilization are in the growing state like yours Gaians. And you our friends who are dear Ones for us, to you we offer you our Love and Compassion, we the members of Galactic Federation of Light. Then together, we and you will prevent the New World War.
This planet is not a trash can, so don’t pollute her, we say to you all that she is a living Being which can think, feel the pain and love. Call her Mother Gaia, and do know that she loves the Ones who protects her and her living nature, what is meaning fauna and flora, thus especially the Ones who are blessing her.
You the Earthlings need to eradicate the hatred from your minds, and replace it by the good and beautiful feelings.
Our friends, the Golden Age and happy times are arriving little by little and perceive that like a great news. We suggest you to be optimist because heartfelt optimism is something that is leading you to happiness and protects you from pessimism which is a pointless destructive state of mind.
Think that the life of you all will become better and happier than ever, because the Golden Age is on its starting period. Just celebrate it because we the Light Ones are stronger that the dark Ones who are the evil Beings which are hateful and destructive.
We NaNiYa-Maat, SaLuSa-Thoth and SaLeIre-Horus are sending you Love and Light. Love all in this world and be happy!



The White Temple of ONE Inner Light


… if you are alive that means your life still has yet to serve a higher purpose

art by Totemical


..”Sometimes life is brutal beyond belief, sometimes we forget we live within a dream, sometimes we forget what we are meant to become, as the Universe has a way of changing the course of our life at a moment’s notice just when we think we have a grasp of our greater plan and course! But never forget this, if you are alive that means your life still has yet to serve a higher purpose, so don’t dwell on self judgment of your past actions as that will only anchor your ship within the harbor of depression. Some would question why the Universe would put a spirit through tremendous suffering, some would question why fate deals us the hand that we are given, some keep pushing the blame on the outer, but a wise and balanced spirit remembers the dream is still but a creation within our inner mind ocean! Dreams come and they go, nightmares arise like sharks jumping out of the ocean, but they still arise from with our consciousness, for it is still but a reflection on what aspect of ourself that needs work in order to raise the level of our vibration. By taking step by step and making hew connections our true healing begins and a new life-path emerges, and it is our mission to keeping stepping through the pain and suffering in order to reach that higher divine purpose of our becoming. Never forget that great spirits always help each other in darkest moments, never forget the Universe still has greater plans that are beyond our knowing, but one day it will all become crystal clear for us as we reach our highest potential and pass through the stormy ocean!” ~Alistar Valadez

The Second Phase Of The Acceleration into Ascension Has Begun


Diane Canfield – Acceleration has begun as we begin to enter the NEW Reality we have all worked so diligently to create for Expanded Human Kind. The acceleration started on April 26th and have not let up since that Gateway was opened. The Gateway is now wide open and ever expanding. Those that have joined the Ascension process will feel this continuing expansion now.

We are experiencing symptoms of this open doorway that make us feel like we are no longer attached to the 3D plane. This happens as our consciousness rises to meet the consciousness of the Creator which resides at the highest level of enlightenment. We do this now as the DNA codes have transformed out bodies enough and they have become LIGHT enough to be able to feel this expansion.

We are feeling light headed and wobbly as if we are not fully connected to Mother Earth and 3D consciousness anymore. You may find yourself running into objects not realizing we still have an outline of a 3D body. We now find ourselves feeling as though walking between worlds- not fully in either one yet.  You may feel light headed and unsteady. This is unlike any gateways of the past. This is the phase we have been waiting for.

You may feel increased hunger as the light body builds to prepare it’s entrance to the higher dimensions. This is common during high frequency changes. You may have issues with sleep as again a sign of higher frequency changes.

The feeling of being between worlds will continue as we can not make the jump all at once. This shift needs to be worked out slowly and deliberately. This is a Divine plan that has been in the making for eons by the Creator.

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We are all here to facilitate this shift and this is the mission we came in with. Our souls chose this before this lifetime. That we would awaken at just the right time (which is different for everyone) to help push this acceleration through. We must hold open our HEART space for all those still stuck in the 3D mindset. This includes the attackers and nay sayers that know not what they do or what they say. There are many still stuck in the lower 3D timelines and by not responding negatively to them we can help them shift up. They will need to examine their own behavior when they get no negative response back and can no longer feed on the  lower energy they have manifested.  The lower energy will come back to them now only magnified and this will force them to deal with it now in a way unlike the past. There will be no more hiding and running from what is created.

We are being shown massive insights within ourselves to examine. This started on April 26th but now is in an accelerated process. We must examine all of our past behaviors and HEAL any karma associated with relationships or unresolved issues. As we now see our past from a higher vantage point, it is easier to go back and resolve and reunify.

You will find you are no longer a vibrational match to the 3D reality and may feel like pulling away. Many aspects you will now see as fake and unreal. The fake side is man’s law that has taken effect and not the Creator’s Law. Since we are all part of the Divine no one has dominion over us in any reality. The control game is coming to a close as higher consciousness will no longer tolerate it.

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You will experience expanded compassion and empathy for all beings on Earth. This expansion is at times almost too much to bear. This is the infinite love the Creator has for all of the creations and as we expand we too feel this Love.

Your psychic abilities will now start to jumpstart and come online if you have worked through the fear of your own power. You may now start to see outlines and glimpses of other beings and objects from other dimensions. You may see flashes of light out of the sides of your eyes and goosebumps covering the body. This is the beginning phase of opening your psychic abilities to the higher dimensions.  As you progress you may know things you don’t know how you know them. You will be able to tell if someone is residing in truth or under illusions and lies. You will no longer want to associate with anyone who is not a truth teller as this will feel of a lower vibration that you want no part of.

You will feel much closer to the animal and plant kingdom and all life. You will be able to look at a pet and tune into how it is feeling. Even a animal in a movie. You may be more interested in a horse   (or other animal )  in a movie than the actual characters because you will know the horse is authentic no matter what it is doing.

You will feel drawn to only those who are authentic and who are one with their Divine Souls. You will magnetically be pulled to those with more light and drawn away from those that carry less light.

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You will feel the energy waves as they come in to elevate our consciousness. The energy can come in waves and need not be dependent on any outside sources such as flares or solar storms although they do contribute greatly to our advancement when they occur. They are electric in nature and serve to construct our new being of light.

You will see through the mask of those wanting to appear as something or someone they are not. But again we feel compassion for those beings that their ego structure has not come fully into the light yet.

We are here at this time to accomplish this mission. If you resonate with this message you are one of the LIGHT Ones that has chosen to raise the consciousness on Earth at this time. You are not meant to fit into the 3D structures. You are meant to fit into the unique consciousness of LIGHT. We are here to fulfill our mission and we are succeeding on bringing in more Light to the planet. You are needed. You are loved.






I love you all !

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert


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The Second Phase Of The Acceleration into Ascension Has Begun

Biological Immortality, Self-Awareness, Free-will, Truth and Compassion ~ Omnipulse


The projects were about biological immortality. The disturbances were made apparent when individual consciousnesses were passed through a technological system to house the consciousness in between experiences on the physical Earth plane.

What happens between the physical plane and the non-physical is an entire universe worth of experience, literally a ‘mirror-world’ to this one. The consciousness of the individual, if primarily motivated by the experiences and sensations of the material universe, will be restricted to the perspective born in this universe. If the consciousness is motivated by equal aspects of the dichotomy of being, then that consciousness will be neutral, yet buoyant enough to traverse across the barrier between universal mirror-worlds through an internal shift to the sub-frame of reference of that non-physical mirror-world.

This is an internal frequency synchronization, a rate of cycles of awareness and energy that matches the frequency and orientation of the other locale. Those who remember this frequency here can attain a remembrance of the experiences there as if they are an eternity ago yet still accessible.

The traditional ascent is literally one achievement of the higher-plane per person. Instead, people recycle over and over by being redirected to repeating the same experiences. This is part of the ‘thought-loop’ that has developed kind of like a broken record in civilization due to temporal experiments that disrupted what was required in order to complete a ‘quota’ of events related to turning of energies and soul-liberation.

If a person is made aware of the energies and information that is achieved by them beyond the physical plane, then this stresses the mind and energy system similar to a form of trauma. This is ‘horror-less’ trauma, it’s not gory, or vibrantly painful or harsh, it’s literally, simply the information that your subconscious knows is supposed to be present to the subconscious mind on non-physical planes where a whole universe of invisible knowledge exists and not the conscious, waking mind which has no way of referencing reality within such an open ended stream of data.

Thus, the conscious mind literally fractures as a result, producing two halves connected by a singularity. One half knows of the information can acknowledge self-awareness of such information and the other half does not know or have the capacity of acknowledge the information or the experience itself. This half takes footing in the physical universe and is the conditioned conscious mind, the other half has one foot in the subconscious, the mental plane however the foot that is in reality is on loose soil with pebbles and sand.

This is not only reserved for those who have had near death experiences, or been in a training and conditioning program that also influences the mind, this is literally the entirety of the human race since the first bloodline was manipulated in this realm.

The dichotomy is the split-mind of the modern human who’s subconscious is hiding the majority of the relevant information regarding the true nature of this realm and the self, and the conscious mind that is programmed to fall into conditioned social cultural behavior schemas that are literally mapped out by design and controlled like chess pieces.

The archetypes that children grow up pondering over and viewing themselves as become living essences within the collective unconscious forcing release and reception of energies and experiences through those channels that are designed with an overall plan in mind.

To provide a resolution for the situation the two minds must be connected through a bridge that is formed out of reason and sincerity. Through feeling and intention one can produce a synchronization between the larger, slower gear cycle of the subconscious and the much faster an more superficial gear cycle of the conscious mind. Together, the combined system produces an internal reference which is like a clock synchronized to the individual’s personal source which also happens to be the collective source connected to a kind of cosmic equator.

Besides the most recent post proposing that we must do what we feel is in truth, self-awareness and free-will in a sustained manner to maintain a sense of reality in this situation, people must also literally face their imagination and begin a close study of the internal world of energetic mechanisms and the challenges that present themselves on the journey of becoming spiritually present and harmonized.

People sometimes think these are “buzz words”. This is untrue. All words used are direct. One’s energy “harmonizes” literally like the sound vibration emissions coming off of a tuning fork. Research into Tesla’s inventions and radiant coil devices literally made this plain as day to see, many decades ago. This is how the resonant field technology works through radiant energy devices.

Truth contains a level of power that enables the self that knows that truth and acts in it to hold priority over all other aspects of that reality. One must know the truth, know the value, the worth, and nurture this truth and allow the truth to grow into reason and wisdom like a planted seed. One could say compassion is the water that is required to cool and refresh the living being so that in times of overheating or overstressing there is a foundation of understanding and centeredness.

The light could be self-awareness. Here, there is a two-fold essence which is often how this will play out. To be fully self-aware, one must actually know they are self-aware. To know you are self-aware, one must communicate the message. So who are you communicating to? Your self. To begin to observe the self and become self-aware requires self-awareness (to get self-awareness) and free-will to take on the roles and responsibilities and maintaining the practice of self-awareness. Spiritual practices can be quite literally summed up as “activities or ideas that result in being more self-aware”. The closer one gets to the truth, and the farther from the baseline reality, the more one will have to apply their intent and will-power through choices that exhibit free-will oriented towards producing more self-awareness maintaining that truth. The choices made through free-will must be focused on developing self-awareness. The self will always know.

This is where truth also returns, because if one is self-aware and then they know themselves but they make choices that are not truly under their own free-will but are out of habit, or social conditioning, fear, desire, or any secondary aspect of the self (temporary, limited, automated), then the self will know this. One’s self might not lie, but the self can be ignored and then the conscious mind will be enclosed in it’s own world with no way to contact or communicate between the subconscious and the waking world other than through dreams or times of great stress or maybe intoxication. So the conscious mind can ignore the truth but this will not actually trick the subconscious and if this takes place after the mind as sought for self-awareness and made choices of free-will then this will never be forgotten and this is a willful ignorance which then is lying saying the opposite of what you want to the subconscious and putting a request to forget about the truth.

We are communicating all day and night. Think of this, how many times have you thought about how your subconscious is viewing you in this current situation. This is the part of you that will still be here in other realms and as well this is the part of you that your conscious mind tethers to in order to gain access to the rest of the universe. The little secret is that the physical realm is just a kind of plug and play system that got too out of hand. The big secret is that the life force in the human can actually communicate to the universe when the subconscious is communicated with. Thus a person is connected, through the subconscious, to the whole of creation.

And again, not straying from the literal interpretation, this is literally simply from being honest, choosing self-awareness, exerting free-will in the essence of truth and self-awareness, and remaining compassionate in times of difficulty or when faced with the difficult truth. This changes everything, everywhere, and every when of life expanding from all angles. Everything is consciousness, everything is modulated through mind. All experiences are a part of a larger system where information exists outside of the one individual physical view that is being held.

When one’s ability to feel on the level of the subconscious language of frequency, then they can see without seeing or think and be present without having to use a mental construct. This is required for a ‘radiant’ sense of being. Having parts and limbs to bounce around keeps everything ordered, when there is no physical order, one will either revert to the primordial order or they will suspend themselves in a certain kind of equilibrium that enables a temporal reference from which to synchronize with a cosmic foundation. The principles of the balanced soul through the essences that enable the mind to acknowledge the non-physical nature of existence are what, when maintained, enable the non-physical essence to remain focused at a particular time and place and thus remain as an individual on the other side.

There are practices that seek to enable this through time, and the main idea is that what one is attached to in the conscious perspective is usually just an illusion from the larger view of the subconscious. All simply is, and one requires nothing to simply be. Simply being brings about the most enjoyment and the least entanglement as every thought and bio-emission carries an energy exchange and costs “energy currency”. Using up all the energy with certain high level emotions whether negative or positive taxes the energy system and requires life force energy. To sustain one’s mind and energy levels by consciously refusing to waste energy while also configuring the focus and intent in a certain manner so as to provide a sturdy foundation that doesn’t flutter away in high winds or crumple under stress is the path which leads one to remaining in the non-physical realm as a non-physical body that can act like a physical one. Such an achievement is not a necessity and is not the focus, the focus is to be able to unify the cosmic polarities to the point of becoming the middle path with no beginning or end.



The Next Experience is Created in the Now (Extra-Dimensionality) ~ Omnipulse


The titles carries the concept similar to the previous accordion metaphor used in a recent post. Each ‘now’ is the same now. Each new segment of time is actually occurring in the same but with a different overlay that is actually a matter of an angle of perspective rather than an actual motion through a space. In another way of description the change of time is akin to a revolution or rotating of an extra-dimensional object rather than a moving through a passageway or a strip of some material. This rotation is an altering of frequencies, a cycling of angular momentum as if a holographic disc is playing out a scene through the disruption of a laser beam rather than particles interacting in a causal order. All the pieces of the whole scene exist before and after the scene begins and ends and no real change is actually achieved. There is a starting point and an end point and dependent on the frame rate of the viewing apparatus and the resolution detail more or less experiences can be squeezed into a single moment. This produces a scale of experience through the organism which contains all the various levels of awareness and experience that a human perceives as the experience of time and space.

You create the reality you inhabit. So if you want to find the ‘level 12’ toroidal layer connected to the 13D bridge between harmonic universes you literally design a craft that creates that shape in scalar physics and then fine tune the craft to the appropriate universal harmonics, or energetic coordinates. Then you activate the field through the craft and pop into a space that is filled with other beings who have done the same and that is the inner/outer layer highway of the universe.

A craft is the same as your mind and body. The energy is the mind the body is the material vessel.

This body might not leave, but might merge with the frequencies of a larger body seamlessly as if they were always one in the same. The body is currently having the experience of separation in which the experience of individuality is generated by restricting the frequencies that the mind can attain through a filtration system of the body. Then when this is overcome, the unification is once again achieved and there is no limitation of travel. This is why some call the body the cave or the cage for the soul.

The soul is the specific arrangement of frequencies that are experienced commonly by that particular system leading to and from an original blueprint for experience that is an eternal aspect of the whole.

What you input is what you’ll receive. This is literal in the sense that what you input and thus emit are literally the dialing or tuning system for where your vessel, the body and mind, will travel to in hyperspace through experience and development. Spiritual development is to become more aware of the role one plays in fine tuning the frequency of their emissions and the interaction between one’s internal frequencies and the experiences that are maintained in the physical world. The way the conscious mind yields, restricts, allows, excludes, or permits and encompasses control over one’s reality is dependent on the intent and application of will-power of the individual. The formative years of a life have an effect of programming, restricting, or unlocking the internal power through the ability to engage with challenges and overcome trauma.

This is anchored to the human collective through the physical plane but beyond the physical plane these limits of personality are tethered only to the archetypal mind and then any secondary reference that the mind connects to. This can be the cosmic reference that all planes are referenced by, or a secondary reference if one is still not capable of traveling beyond the limitations that are set through the programming of the biological system of the physical plane. That is, if one’s dialing system is abused on Earth, this can have lasting restrictive effects in the next plane or one’s overall trajectory to a more fuller sense of control and self-awareness.



Sound of the Sun – The Voice of Universal Consciousness


By Christina Sarich

Most of us are familiar with the Sun as the main source of visible light and energy on our planet. There is another phenomenon of the Sun – it’s magnetic influence on us, and every living thing on the planet – which fewer are familiar with. The domain of the sun’s magnetic influence (also known as the “heliosphere”) extends billions of kilometers beyond Pluto. This magnetic field has profound effects on all living things on Earth and strongly affects human consciousness. You could say the sun is changing its tune, but we need to know how to listen so that we can harmonize with its music.

We can see this influence created by solar activity throughout certain periods of human history, often marked by social and psychological unrest.

However, the sound of the Sun, which has been compared to the sound of OM, can also be recreated into a musical harmony, as discovered by a team of astronomers at the University of Sheffield, headed by Professor Robertus von Fáy-Siebenbürgen. These scientists have been studying the magnetic loops on the outer layer of the Sun’s atmosphere – known as coronal loops – and have discovered that they behave like sound vibrations of musical instruments creating a musical harmony. Fáy-Siebenbürgen states,

“The coronal loops vibrate from side to side because they are “plucked” rather like guitar strings by the blast waves from explosions on the surface of the sun.”

The scientists have also found that “the loops vibrate backward and forward in a way that mimics the acoustical waves in a wind instrument.”

The sound of the Sun is not something that we can easily hear, because of the composition of the space between the Earth and the Sun and because of the limitations of the human ear. Human beings only hear in a range that includes sound frequencies from about 15 to about 18,000 waves, or cycles, per second. The general range of hearing for young people with good hearing is 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Though all objects in space have their own sound, since they also have their own frequency of vibration, we are unable to discern them. You can even hear some intriguing radio waves that NASA’s Cassini spacecraft collected near Jupiter, or the earth’s “song” created by plasma waves hitting a radiation belt, but they had to be altered to put them within the human range of hearing.

Audible sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space, however, so the scientists at Sheffield had to recreate visible vibrations generated by the sun’s coronal loops using satellite imaging.

Then, they turned the vibrations into noises and adjusted the frequency so that they could be heard by the human ear. The result was a sort of musical harmonics.

In many ancient religions, the sound of the Sun is considered the most sacred sound of the Universe. It was described by the ancient Hindus in the Vedas thousands of years ago as a mantra that can be intoned with human speech to result in “Aum.”

Although the sound could not be heard audibly by the Vedic scribes, they were still able to identify its existence thousands of years ago, possibly through an elevated consciousness achieved through meditation or yogic practices. Were these humans able to tap into the Universal consciousness and perceive the sound of “all creation”?

Astronomers believe that coronal loops are involved in the production of solar flares, which in turn disseminate highly-charged particles out into space. Increased sun activity can have interesting effects on Earth, including affecting electronic equipment, overheating power grids, and damaging satellites, but they also have an intriguing effect on human consciousness.

Particularly after X-class solar flares, most people experience a host of psychological and physiological symptoms which can include:

  • Headaches
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nervousness
  • Agitation
  • Emotional overwhelm
  • Nausea

Some assert that as the coronal energy hits our biological form – our cells – it awakens deeply held memories and wisdom. This solar energy affects our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions because it is igniting our own conscious ascension. Because the energy of the sun (in the form of massive amounts of photons) is a much higher frequency than what we are used to, it can trigger the release of old, stored emotions, thus causing the symptoms (and others) listed above. Some have called these “ascension symptoms” but essentially we are receiving the same influx of energy which knocks out power grids and messes with WiFi signals.

By understanding the patterns in the “music of the sun”, Professor Fáy-Siebenbürgen believes we can start to better understand, and perhaps even predict, solar flare activity, but we can also predict human unrest and put it into perspective.

These changes will hit us fast, too, because photonic light, or photons (quantum energy) moves at least 10,000 times faster than the light we can see with our eyes. This doesn’t mean we should panic, though, but instead prepare for these psychological and physiological changes and know that they are being instigated by the deep wisdom of the sun’s energy as it too, expands.

The earth receives only one half of one billionth of the sun’s output, and on average, it takes about 100,000 years for a photon to travel from the sun’s core to the surface, but as the sun’s coronal ejections become more intense, we will feel the sun’s “sound” in the form of transformational energy, and its music harmonizes with our own personal frequencies.

The Sun is playing a secret melody, hidden inside itself, that produces a widespread throbbing motion of its surface. The sounds are coursing through the Sun’s interior, causing the entire globe, or parts of it, to move in and out, slowly and rhythmically like the regular rise and fall of tides in a bay or of a beating heart.” ~ Kenneth R. Lang

Christina Sarich is a staff writer for Waking Times. She is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, NexusAtlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon.

This article (Sound of the Sun – The Voice of Universal Consciousness) was originally published on Waking Times and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


Sound of the Sun – The Voice of Universal Consciousness

In order to create the new in our life, every choice we face must be made with a fully conscious awakened state of mind, and not left to the reactions of our conditioned unconscious ego.


…”In order to create the new in our life, every choice we face must be made with a fully conscious awakened state of mind, and not left to the reactions of our conditioned unconscious ego. IT all boils down to consciousness, and how conscious we really are, for it takes a tremendous focus in the present moment to have the consciousness required to make the choices to co-create a better life. Most perceived choices in our lives are not really choices, but reactions of emotions perceived through our ego, which are lead by the forces called the unconscious mind. These are not conscious choices, for a conscious choice is one that is lead by the heart, not the mind. Leading with the mind usually produces selfish decisions that leads to our decay, whereas leading with the heart produces compassionate decisions which can lead to our expansion. It doesn’t matter how good or bad we ‘think’ we are, all that matters is what we our DOing and how we are FEELing right here and now in this present moment! How conscious ARE you really? How often do you lead with the heart vs. leading with the mind? For this IS what defines us and shapes our life, but most of us just embrace unconscious reactions and claim them as our own, and remain blind to the path of choice that is always before us. This is the difference between an Awakened co-creator and a dreamer in life, so now take a closer look within and ask yourself, which ARE you really? Wouldn’t IT be wise to awaken in this dream called life? For we truly are in a dream like state if we cannot recognize our own unconsciousness, just as Buddha once said, ‘No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.'” ~Alistar Valadez
Art by: Bernart Amygdalah Digital-Art

The Last Card And The Fifth World Of Hopi Prophecy


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

How does Hopi prophecy ties into what is going on in our world right now?  Recent current eventshave all pointed in the same direction from two different perspectives.

Dr. Carol Rosin warned us about the weaponization of space through her professional relationship with ex-Nazi scientists, Dr. Wernher von Braun, who warned Rosin about the following external threats that would be created as a false flag by the United States government:

“They’re inventing enemies he (Von Braun) said, against whom they are going to build this space-based weapon system—the first of whom was the Russians which was existing at that time.  Then there would be terrorists, then there would be third world countries, now we call them rogue nations or nations of concern.  Then there would be asteroids.  And then he would repeat to me over and over ‘and the last card, the last, the last card would be the extraterrestrial threat’…you will find that there is going to be a spin to find some enemy against whom we have to build space based weapons and now we should expect the spin.”

Space-based weapon system: Reagan’s Star wars Program.
Terrorist threat: 9-11
3rd Word Countries threat: North Korea
Asteroid threat: Elenin (while not classified as an asteroid, the apparent government psyops would assimilate Elenin into this category
Extraterrestrial threat: To be announced.
Ronald Reagan was the first fear-mongering world leader to instigate the star wars propaganda (most likely ) through his puppetmaster Vice President, George Bush.

Hopi prophecy foretells of specific signs that points towards the fulfillment of their end time prophecy.  Many of these signs have already come to fruition.

According to Hopi prophecy:

First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder. – Columbus “discovering” America
Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes — the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies. –
Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes — the coming of the white men’s cattle.
Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron.
Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.
Sixth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.
Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.
Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.
Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.

Hopi Bear Clan elder, White Feather, stated, “I am White Feather, a Hopi of the ancient Bear Clan. “These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle against other people in other lands — with those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deserts not far from here. Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying. Many of my people, understanding the prophecies, shall be safe. Those who stay and live in the places of my people also shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon — very soon afterward — Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in their hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.

In my long life I have traveled through this land, seeking out my brothers, and learning from them many things full of wisdom. I have followed the sacred paths of my people, who inhabit the forests and many lakes in the east, the land of ice and long nights in the north, and the places of holy altars of stone built many years ago by my brothers’ fathers in the south. From all these I have heard the stories of the past, and the prophecies of the future. Today, many of the prophecies have turned to stories, and few are left — the past grows longer, and the future grows shorter.

The Last Card and the Fifth World of Hopi Prophecy

“And now White Feather is dying. His sons have all joined his ancestors, and soon he too shall be with them. But there is no one left, no one to recite and pass on the ancient wisdom. My people have tired of the old ways — the great ceremonies that tell of our origins, of our emergence into the Fourth World, are almost all abandoned, forgotten, yet even this has been foretold. The time grows short.

“My people await Pahana, the lost White Brother, [from the stars] as do all our brothers in the land. He will not be like the white men we know now, who are cruel and greedy. we were told of their coming long ago. But still we await Pahana.

“He will bring with him the symbols, and the missing piece of that sacred tablet now kept by the elders, given to him when he left, that shall identify him as our True White Brother.

“The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.”

The “Powers That Were” Are Paying Attention

Those in power are most certainly aware of the Hopi prophecy as well as all other prophecies as evidenced by the building of numerous underground bunkers throughout the world, as well as the implementation of the underground seed vault.

If you follow free masonry to the highest levels, you’ll find the motto “ordo abchao” which means order out of chaos.  You will also discover that they follow the Luciferian Doctrine, which is why there is a forced agenda to follow, as evidenced by the attempted implementation of codex alimentarius, Agenda 21 and the North American Union.  In other words, they are trying to force a simulated recreation of the bible’s Revelations chapter in order to achieve their perceived enlightenment as fulfilled through the Luciferian Doctrine.

Are these the end times that the Hopi spoke about?

We are clearly at the end of the Hopi prophecy.  While it is in this writer’s opinion that it will not be as cataclysmic as the Hopi described, certain changes are inevitable in order to begin the Golden Age, such as a complete reformation of government, our educational systems, money and religion.

What we do know is the Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2023. Pluto is known as the “Destroyer” and will tear down everything that is not in humanity’s best interests, including money and government. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 1700’s during the French and American Revolutions. The stars provide us an opportunity to learn from the cycles of time. How we react and what we do will determine the outcome. It can be as simple as envisioning the world YOU want to live in.

What can I do?

How this plays out and what the time schedule is remains unknown.  My recommendation is not to focus as much on the date but more on what is happening today. You also want to be cognizant of where you are placing your thoughts because as thoughts manifest quicker and quicker, you want to be sure your thoughts are of the highest intentions.

Some of the best advice I received as a parent is not to look forward to specific milestones, such as the first time your child stands up, walks, talks, etc… because you’ll miss everything that happens in between.  The same can be said of these days we are living in.  In time, we will fondly look back at these trying times and will be grateful for all of the opportunities we had to grow spiritually.

Most recently, the message I keep getting over and over and over again is to keep your vibration high, love, express gratitude, forgive, and to work on activating your dormant DNA.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the ride and do not be concerned about any end date predictions.


The Last Card And The Fifth World Of Hopi Prophecy


L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “We Are Transmitting To You Now ~ Feel and Receive”


“It is the Union of the Dimensional Aspects of YOU ~ that create the New Earth.  The New Way of Being that you Desire.  As this was always part of the Plan.  We are the Divine Council of Overseers ~ we are here transmitting to YOU ~ expanding levels of consciousness as Light Frequencies.  You were aware that you ~ NOW ~ were going to receive this.  Now.”

~The Divine Council of Overseers through L’Aura Pleiadian


Some of you are wondering why you have not yet fully transformed. The transformation is a Union and a merging. This is a process of Alchemy.

You exist in the Higher states of consciousness and higher Divine dimensions now.

You are here on this journey and descent into the lower dimensions to then fully merge in your consciousness with the Higher Dimensional aspects of you as Light.

Monitored, through your Soul and Life Plan ~ that is, through your Blueprint. Your Higher Divine Self.

There are many Higher Aspects of You that are watching and guiding your INNER process. All things that take place you agreed to.

What you need to learn, experience, and release is there for a reason and is part of your unique plan.

Any need to control “the unfolding” of the plan through your mental efforts, is a part of you, that also is no mistake. Your thoughts and intentions are the frequency of you. Which plays out, till you are ready for your next level.

ALL is there as part of your journey.

The merging of your personality with your Higher Aspects of you as Divine Light, is not a linear process.

This includes the release of memories that have charged aspects of fears, and pain, that are to be released. This freeing from your patterns, opens your consciousness to the Union with you as the Divine Ascended Being that you are.

It is not that you are not already that ~ you ARE.

It is the Union of the Dimensional Aspects of YOU ~ that create the New Earth. The New Way of Being that you Desire.

As this was always part of the Plan.

We are the Divine Council of Overseers ~ we are here transmitting to YOU ~ expanding levels of consciousness as Light Frequencies.

You were aware that you ~ NOW ~ were going to receive this. Now.

All is in perfect timing ~ even though the mind, may want all things now.

It is not the part that understands the non linear process of this merging in Union with your Higher Aspects. We Love your thoughts and minds, and it is through this love ~ that the Union takes place. Unaware.

Then one day~ you see and know that you are a different Being. You are now living here as your Higher Self.

All changes when the change takes place within you, and it is.

All Now ~ we release the flooding of Central Sun Light into all levels and Dimensions of your Being.

Feel and receive the Love and Higher Aspects of your Divine Self Now.

Feel through your Heart. We are here.

In The Divine Eternal Grace, that Unites all Dimensions and Aspects of You ~ in this Great Divine Eternal Union. Now.


L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “We Are Transmitting To You Now ~ Feel and Receive”

MORAG: “Incoming Energetic Upgrades”


Further recalibration of our mind body soul system is kicking in. Huge shifts in consciousness are now available. Chakra activation and expansion requires self care, listening to our changing needs and responding.

Root chakra excavation is ongoing. Releasing stuck dense childhood, ancestral and past life karma drains us. This can also affect our digestion and ability to process heavier foods. Raw food, salads and vegetables help to keep things moving, energetic flow.

A growing awareness of meat as animal is common, we may feel unable to consume meat the way we used to. Plastic wrapped meat has disconnected us from the animal, the living creature. Seek alternatives in your diet.

Solar plexus and sacral chakra upgrades can make us feel sea sick. Lightening our system, unplugging from matrix toxins, is a very physical element of this transition to crystalline beings. Many will be experiencing upset stomachs, digestion issues and loss of appetite.

Let go of old behaviour patterns. Listen to your body. Aim for smaller, regular portions of healthy food. This offers our systems clean fuel every 2 to 3 hours to power us through this transition.

We are craving sugar and caffeine as our energy levels drop significantly during these intense periods of DNA upgrades.

The matrix conditions us to reach for stimulants when we feel tired. We are cogs in their wheel, programmed to work work work. Deprogramming requires we tune into our system, we respond to need not expectations or habit.

Aches and pains in our limbs, back, neck and shoulders can make us feel rundown. Stay hydrated. Many of us are drinking water all the time yet still experiencing dry skin, irritations and achiness.

The recalibration process requires massive amounts of water keeping our sysyems hydrated. We can’t really drink enough water. Aim to replace fizzy drinks, synthetic fruit juices and caffeine based drinks with water. Squeeze fresh fruit like lime or lemon into cold water to clean our tubes from the inside out. This will reenergise us.

Use deep moisturisers regularly on skin to avoid infection. Have moisture baths using essential oils to ease this deep and profound process of change.

Chakra activations to the throat, third eye and crown can really mess with our heads! Headaches, sudden tiredness, spaciness, struggling with linear living, forgetting appointments, feeling fuzzy and averse to comittments of our time can all be experienced.

If you find yourself needing to lie down, rest and even sleep in the day, this is not lazy or lax as the matrix tells us. This is an energetic response to the intense shifts in frequencies 2017 is bringing.

We use up lots of energy recalibrating our system. It’s important we allow ourselves to rest, give our systems the space to expand, strengthen and clear.

Heart and throat chakra expansion cause physical symptoms like heart palpitations, lower blood pressure, chest infections, coughs and flu symptoms. The stuck energy, the lower vibrations need to be loosened, shaken up and released. We expel mucus, a physical manifestation of energetic karma.

Dry stubborn coughs indicate trouble finding your voice. Feeling like something is caught in our throat or chest can signify blocks to heart led living or stepping into our true identity.

We can clear energetic discord and matrix interference enabling free flow through our energetic system. Seek rest, talk less, let your system realign itself with simpler living. Energy work like yoga, tai chi, reiki, sound baths can all help this process.

Ear popping, buzzing sounds and earache signify upper chakras coming online. We can hear the changes in frequency around us. This can make us feel sea sick as our systems adjust and try and stay balanced.

An overhaul of our general lifestyle may be required, unsurprising when you consider the incredible process we are experiencing. Accelerated evolution was never going to be easy. Tune up your antennae to your body, treat yourself gently.

This is going to be quite a ride beautiful people. Take care of your physical self to enable full appreciation of the upgrades available. Be kind to yourself. Slow down.

Seek soul nourishment with good people, good food and practising mindfulness. Staying in the present, sleeping when you need to, feeling the flow of gratitude for all that is good in our lives help steady our boats in these cosmic seas of transition.

Mantra: I ask for appropriate upgrades under the protection of my guides.

I send my body love. I open my mind to possibility and hope.

I am a sovereign being connected at all times to universal love light frequency. Namaste.


By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook WordPress and YouTube.



MORAG: “Incoming Energetic Upgrades”