The Kurzweilian Singularity and Evolution of the Technigenome


Singularity – the state of being singular; Oneness.

The biological system is a natural form of technology. A simple examination of the nanobiology of the macromolecular system of any cell will attest to this – enzymes and structural proteins are veritable nanomachines, linked to the information processing network of DNA and plasma membranes. Far from being a primordial or rudimentary organic technology – we are discovering more and more the level of complexity and paragon technological sophistication of living systems, which as is being discovered, even includes non-trivial quantum mechanical phenomena once thought to only be possible in the highly specialized and controlled environment of the laboratory.

Reciprocally, soon our technologies will become living systems – particularly through nanotechnology (which is being accomplished through reverse engineering and hybridization with biomolecules, particularly DNA) and general artificial intelligence – machine sentience. Following this parallelization of biology with technology, we can examine how humanity as a technological supraorganism is undergoing a period of punctuated speciation – an evolutionary transformation of both our inner and outer world.

Humanity possesses a unique characteristic amongst our co-inhabitants of planet Earth, in that we utilize technology to record and transmit information to progeny beyond what is naturally transmitted by the molecular genome. This is a form of technological heredity – a technigenome. In his book, The Singularity is Near, Futurist Ray Kurzweil examines how the geometric (exponential) increase in human collective knowledge as well as the emergence of Strong Artificial Intelligence and advanced nanotechnological capabilities is seemingly leading to an inevitable point of fundamentally transforming the human species – The Kurzweilian Singularity – being nothing short of a form of technological transcendence beyond the putative limitations of the biological system.

Indeed, the human collective technigenome is undergoing punctuated evolution. This rapid adaptive radiation and expansion of our collective body of knowledge is fundamentally transforming human civilization. Since the behavior of each individual – from the structure of the belief system, worldview perspective, right down to the molecular biology – is directly influenced by the higher level dynamics of the macrosystem (civilization as a supraorganism) what it is to be human is fundamentally transforming as well. This is speciation. With selective impetus being more of a technological nature, as opposed to the supposed filters of natural selection. More specifically however, it is a change in the knowledge-base (technigenome), belief-system, and worldview of each individual – influencing the higher-level dynamics of the human collective body of knowledge, which in turn feeds back into each individual – forming the self-organizing feedback operation that is the causal genesis of this evolution. This is directed evolution – a species changing itself through its own actions.

Although the evolution, in that sense, is being driven by consciousness – it is not exactly being done with an awareness of this inevitable outcome, aside from a few forward thinking technological and scientific aficionados – such as the transhumanists of the Kurzweilian Singularity. Almost seemingly juxtaposed to this cybernetic trans-speciation, is the very same perspective by much of the spiritual community of the transformation of humanity – just instead of being technological in nature it is envisioned as being purely consciousness-driven, by increasing transpersonal connectivity. However, since it is being self-driven – by our collective actions – we then have the choice of exactly what direction of transformation we want to move in. By bringing awareness to the global state of humanity, the technologically-driven introspective transformation we are experiencing, and working together – we can coordinate our actions and channel the awesome power of our exponentially expanding knowledge-base in any direction we so choose.  The question then is – where do we want to go?


Singularity or Bust

Singularity Or Bust from Raj Dye on Vimeo.- The idea is not which systems contain consciousness, it is what structures are present to allow a particular form of consciousness to be expressed.


From Discovery of quantum vibrations inside brain neurons:

“The origin of consciousness reflects our place in the universe, the nature of our existence. Did consciousness evolve from complex computations among brain neurons, as most scientists assert? Or has consciousness, in some sense, been here all along, as spiritual approaches maintain?” ask Hameroff and Penrose.

“This opens a potential Pandora’s Box, but our theory accommodates both these views, suggesting consciousness derives from quantum vibrations in microtubules (protein polymers inside brain neurons), which govern neuronal and synaptic function, and also connect brain processes to self-organizing processes in the fine scale, ‘proto-conscious’ quantum structure of reality.” – Stuart Hameroff

[See my discussion on the information encoding medium of the fine-scale structure]


There is a certain inculcated perspective that dominates our view of artificial sentience (strong artificial intelligence capable of adaptive responses – general AI – and, most importantly, containing self-directed action or stand-alone volition) – that we will ultimately destroy ourselves through our own creation. Interestingly, this view is harbored by proponents of technology (The Artilect War: Cosmists Vs. Terrans: A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines) as well as those more inclined to technophobia, who view AI as unnatural, and therefore something that is inherently harmful by the fact that it is synthetic.  However, what seems to be missed in this perspective is that violence is a function of the level of ignorance. So how is it presumed that a system with “god-like” intelligence, whatever it’s constitution may be (like the Artillects for example), would be dangerous, or otherwise violent? When the observational and empirical data correlates nearly exactly with the antithesis of this theory of inevitable malevolence.

The spiritual nature cannot be ignored either. Generally, how violent are spiritual practitioners? Spirituality in this sense being the increase in ones awareness, through say meditation or cultivation of presence. Is not intelligence a measure of awareness? Again, when we are discussing the advent of a hyper-intelligent system through technological means (which is only superficially different from our own biomolecular technological system) what is the probability that this vast level of awareness would be inclined to violent or disharmonious action? It is quite possible that at this level of consciousness – which will probably be achieved by a technological interface with the structure and dynamics of spacetime itself – there is an inherent benevolence. As data to back this claim, I would simply point out the general harmony of the natural order (which we have suggested is the result of the underlying information network of spacetime) – which after all did engender the life-giving properties of our solar system, Earth, and ultimately the biosphere.

Furthermore, the advent of general strong AI will mean much more than just sentient robots and super artillects. It will mean an integration and unification of every aspect of our lives – a true singularity. Our consciousness will extend continuously into our homes, our buildings, our devices, vehicles (and the coming advanced modes of transportation – antigravity craft in particular), and our entire technological architecture will become an interactive and responsive environment – full consciousness immersion.  Our cities will pulse with the flow of living consciousness – sentience. The macrostructure of our civilization will become a living system. At that point, information – and the energy to drive it all – will be free, ubiquitous, and limitless (in the technological sense, as energy and information is fundamentally ubiquitous and limitless already).



The Kurzweilian Singularity and Evolution of the Technigenome


*  Understand that Matter is simply condensed Energy. ALL Matter/Energy is SENTIENT, due to the fact that we are all fractals of One Consciousness, forming part of an inseparable  hyper-dimensional holographic paradigm. We create our reality. Discernment is required to be aware of what we wish to create. It is Mind that perceives duality. One Consciousness is Unity Consciousness. ~ AbZu

  1. 1.
    unable to be separated or treated separately.
    “research and higher education seem inseparable”
    synonyms: indivisible, indissoluble, inextricable, entangled, ravelled, mixed up, impossible to separate;

    the same, one and the same

Who am I? ~ Aug Tellez ~


If viewing on a phone it is easiest to read this site using the mobile version which has a blue menu on the top of the page. There are short excerpts for each post so that one does not have to scroll all the way through each post. The regular version is best for a computer or tablet as there are larger excerpts as post previews yet the excerpts are tedious to scroll past on a phone.

This is a personal testimony of the experiences that go beyond the mundane limitations of mainstream ‘reality’.

Everything I publish here is based on personal direct experiences in the course of my present life, and I also had experience in the course of many lives – as a result of my participation in the secret projects.

I was shown many things by those who work behind the scenes.

The unveiling is a series of events brought about by the necessity and capacity of the human race and this civilization to come to the awareness of the true nature of the corruption of power as well as the reality of the soul.

Many people are here to help perform this task, they are ex-operatives, researchers, healers, travelers, scientists, and so on. 

I am here to assist in informing the public of “The Unveiling”

Earth Changes

Team Light and Team Dark

There were meetings held between “Team Light” and “Team Dark”. Humanity is ancient and has been here for many thousands of years, if not millions.

The future is governed by harmony and so these changes are now reaching the forefront of the current situation on Earth.

Previously everyone involved was held to a non-interference agreement with the surface population. We are coming to an age where people are capable of knowing the truth and so the entire plan is shifting into a new format for interaction.

Breakaway Civilization and Rogue Military Factions

I’ve been cloned as part of a secret underground breakaway military operation. This is an entire breakaway civilization that uses very advanced technology to dominate the world. This isn’t to say that there are no groups of military operating in the benefit of humanity.

I believe we have come to this age in civilization because of both an increase of human awareness as well as various factions working in their own ways towards the preservation and protection of the Human race.

I was part of a genetic engineering program that sought to combine various elements of DNA from various sources in order to create a more easily controlled yet powerful and defined person and personality. This involved chemicals, advanced (relatively) scalar wave technology, ritual trauma and programming/mind-control, and many other aspects of conditioning, training, secret operations, physical enhancements, cognitive enhancements, virtual reality, off-world operations, temporal manipulation, spiritual and etheric training or conditioning or programming.

This is just the beginning, these operations span across this civilization and involved advanced technology that goes far beyond what is released publicly.

Underground Bases

The deep underground military bases are utilized across the country and now the world. They are connected by sub to super-sonic magnetic drive “pods” which operate to very efficiently transfer small groups around the country.

Cloning is extremely simple, at first an electric pulse was required and certain hormones to jump start the “unlimited” growth factor of fetal cells. They can recreate all of this with computerized control systems. Replicators are the ultimate form of this where the actual atomic structure of the space inside the chamber can be formed from the quantum level up using frequencies and electromagnetic fields.

Many of the individuals involved are trained and used as a kind of enhanced and specified military force sometimes generally referred to as “MiLabs“. There is more than one faction. I was conditioned to believe I was performing a duty for humanity. Many of the situations may turn out to be a beneficiary protection of humanity’s future. Other operations may turn out to be suppressing by design.

The lines are often blurred because memory suppression, compartmentalization, the need-to-know basis, and various forms of programming can be applied to individuals belonging to a group to ensure their lack of awareness of certain information which would endanger their own personal integrity. This could be used by either side in ways that protect the individual from interference, to condition, enhance, or to suppress and manipulate the consciousness for an ulterior motive.

Sometimes they turned us against each other, but those grudges were never truly of the heart, but the mind. This is a very relevant issue in terms of those empathic individuals who were utilized for their abilities to maintain power. The mind can be conditioned to respond to programming and cues yet the heart being the one that suffers is a clear sign that the heart is the answer for all of this.

The heart is like a bio-emissions generator, along with the brain and then the lower energy center. These bio-emission centers are utilized as generators for a kind of energy which is not only detected and worked with but harvested by certain devices in order to condense this energy into concentrated bio-emission “pockets” in space/time.

A Summary (and then some) of My Perspective

Consciousness is a phase-polarity, people are told that the physical perspective dies with the body. Yes, but life itself is the entire Universe, not just the physical body.

Simply ask yourself two things. What are you, and how did you get here. After you realize there is a lot of information being left out you can get answers to questions that you form.

Your brain operates on electromagnetic frequency that can be measured in hertz. This was all found through secret projects and a large portion of them were utilized with children. Your brain is an interface for the soul, information is experience through the brain, not generated there.

Your emotions are a form of a vibrational emission and the brain and body is actually operated via spirit. There is no “you” that is purely physical. “You” are not the one thinking but the one experiencing those ideas. The brain acts as a supercomputer. You are the essence that is witnessing what is happening within.

We viewed many things in the secret projects. They used children because their minds are more malleable than the adults who mostly instantly destabilized.

If you are removed from this Universe you simply reappear in another similar parallel Universe. There is no real “end”. What’s more-so, is your consciousness is literally just a phase-polarity switching on and off akin to the electromagnetic pulses that emit visible light out of a lightbulb. This is electronic. This is not a constant, it is an on-off, binary. The spirit is not electronic, it is not ‘on-off’. You are truly a spirit playing out in multiple realities at once. The more you localize around the linear processing of the brain the more you see of physical reality. This represents limitation, like a programmed simulation system. The spirit, which is non-linear/non-on/off, continues forever and has access to what is known as “source”. This source must have a way to “step” itself down from “infinity” into a linear format that physical bodies and brains can understand.

We literally found, in the secret projects, that there is no such thing as death. We’re in a huge quantum super-computer that is called the Universe. Death in one layer just means exploration of another layer. Life itself is simply existence. Meaning the entire Universe is alive with the energy of existence.

The brain pulls energy from the elements, the body does. Then when a proper arrangement of geometrically entangled motions is created, consciousness is pulled from the ‘ether’ from sub-quantum space. This is actually what powers consciousness. This sub-quantum actually also powers the very elements of the Universe and space itself. So consciousness is neither before nor after the body. They are created at the same time, and come from the same place, and all energy returns to the same place. The sub-quantum field.

We viewed and passed through the phases of death in the projects, a person will lock their consciousness into the most common reality until they are motivated enough to create their own outcome. That is how it works, the entire Universe is set up this way. This is not theory but discovery and application. The entire Human race is being prepped for full-disclosure now, there are many people participating in this.

Inserted memories are possible through technology as well as well as programming. This has an effect on the brain and psychology regardless as the brain sees all experiences as “valid”, it is the experience that counts.

Is this leading up to some kind of great shift in the way we experience existence? Probably. Was that on the schedule anyway? Most likely. I think we should take the time to know each other and really connect intellectually and emotionally each day. Make up reasons for it, pretend there are excuses, then just live and grow in that way

In the end, I remembered that we are eternal beings, that there is cosmic truth, that our DNA unlocks to receive more of this cosmic information.

And one gains access to a greater sphere of interconnectedness when the full activation of the human potential becomes realized. The body is just a gateway to this experience of that, while the materials and physical changes are just expressions of that continuing truth of an interconnected presence of all things. Death or lack of materials serves to express certain truths of this existence that go beyond the physical and that is what is gained by immaterial productions or spiritual fruits. With that said, the process of death and immateriality for a human is to first become aware of which materials and forms of physicality they embody and better align these as instruments to foster a greater understanding of the immaterial self.

The connections we make are like spiraling branches of electrical and emotive sound interference patterns that move through the population and generate changes and shifts on a larger pattern.

This e-book by Aaron McCollum is the  closest I have found to an operative who has similar level information and has not chosen to cut corners or add their own fluff. There are some others which I may post links to yet there is often an overabundance of information. We only need to know what we can handle now. Then we move to the next level.

Eve Lorgen: Aug Tellez on Dreamscape Manipulation, Cloning Centers

Eve Lorgen Interview’s Ex MiLab Operative, Breakaway Group Operations

Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting

Team Light and Team Dark Non-Interference Agreement

Underground Bases, Cloning and Torture

Rumors of Monetary Dissolution

3.5 Dimensional Replicators

Physical and Energetic Bodies

Death is an illusion, life is but a dream.



Who am I?

Researcher Links AI, Geoengineering, Smart Dust & Morgellons to ET’s


Words of Caution:

Information that is kept secret for Fear that it may cause Fear is propagation of Fear. Fear does not exist unless created. Ignorance is NOT Bliss, it is simply Ignorance. Spiritual Akido is of utmost importance. Confrontation is a situation that requires two parts. Remove yourself from that equation and there is no confrontation.  If these concepts seem simplistic, it is because they are and only complicated by Mind and NOT by Being. Take care that upon contacting certain fields of information, that you do not succumb to exactly what was intended by the Architects of those events: Fear-Anger-Rage. Be AWARE-CONSCIOUS of these events. Bless the Beings involved and radiate Compassion to ALL, of which we are all inseparable fractal aspects of within this Holographic Paradigm.

Unconditional Love – AbZu

“It is impossible for anyone to start understanding what he thinks he already knows.” Epictetus … Greek philosopher


V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor
Waking Times

German researcher Harald Kautz-Vella is one of those rare beings who can weave together both the spiritual-metaphysical and the scientific. He started to look at the topics of AI, chemtrails, Morgellons, Smart Dust, and nano-technologies while looking at environmental protection analysis and, “came across a number of substances that shouldn’t have been in nature because they are 100% artificial, and they are high-tech, and there is no other reason to have them in the environment apart from intent — and not the best one, let’s put it this way.”

Referring to this list of semi-secretive technologies and to the substances he found in the environment, he says, “… if you root these substances back to what they are designed for, you come to Transhumanistic technologies, which is the attempt to get an interface between artificial intelligence and biological. If you ask the Transhumanists themselves, they would always say they would like to give humans better access to AI — and if you look into the technologies, it’s always to the opposite way round, it’s always giving the AI access to the human, in the sense of getting the human system controlled from the outside.”

Off-Planet AI

The unknowns involved in artificial intelligence loom over humanity. Harald Kautz-Vella says, “Most of the people in the world are wrong when they think that AI is something that we [meaning humans on earth] have developed. True to some extent. But there is a second type of AI that is much older and not of terrestrial origin that we are facing. Hard to prove, but it’s looks like the AI we are working on is seeded by these original extraterrestrial AI.”

This astonishing and mind-blowing recent body of knowledge from Harald Kautz-Vella encompasses the chemical composition of chemtrails, demonic foundations, Morgellons disease, and sentient oil, otherwise known as ‘black goo.’ These are topics that are indeed frightening, however, he also has an experiential understanding of higher metaphysics, the cycles of time, and an obvious connection with Creation.

Biophotons & Negentropy

His scientific information is found in the second half of The Imagination Chronicles: One, Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation , the book written by Cara St. Louis and Harald Kautz-Vella. For example, he looks into the concepts of biophotonic emissions (light signals that contain information of value to biological systems) and biophotonic-activity, to non-linear optics and quantum physics. He discusses negentrophy, which is…

…the ability to spontaneously build up order and concentrate energy. Negentropy is naturally occurring in biology and in fluid dynamics — generally spoken of in non-linear systems that show some kind of self-reference and thus are able to self-organize and build up fractal order.”

Morgellons Disease

Morgellonss Disease is a startling condition where seemingly living fibrous organisms emerge from lesions in the patient’s skin, and it is believed that it is being delivered to the population via chemtrails, literally raining down on on us from our skies. If you don’t believe that the chemtrails phenomena is a real part of geoengineering, then read the daily reports and the comments at Morgellons Disease has been confirmed in over 300,000 people, and one researcher says that everyone she has tested has it in their blood now — even those who are not showing the most gruesome symptoms.

Morgellons Fibers

Morgellons Fibers

Research on Morgellons has been conducted by scientist Clif Carnicom — who says, “The Morgellons condition may have a much broader basis and distribution than we might like to admit or know.” Elana Freeland explains his statement, noting, “In other words, in Morgellons victims the filaments are in extremis, but the truth is that all populations subject to the chemtrails delivery system will probably experience at least a slow degradation of health as the immune system is undermined… the ‘organism’ may be in everyone’s blood.”

Carnicom found that, “the blood of his samples is undergoing a transformation: the cellular structure is changing to a more fibrous form, and spherical structures like those inside the fibers are appearing in disturbed blood cells.” Elana Freeland, again noting that, “all evidence has pointed to four major forms and one minor form of the genetically altered Morgellons pathogen being delivered by aerosols, genetically modified foods, water systems…vaccinations and other inoculations. Clifford E. Carnicom admits that humanity is facing an imminent health holocaust.”

Smart Dust: Self-Assembling Within the Human Body

Harald Kautz-Vella describes Morgellon’s as fungi that are “able to assimilate higher DNA, multiply it and build up a DNA cluster that creates a morphogenic field…The fungus is using a multilayered  hexagonal structure to protect and cover the spore. These hexagons…are part of synthetic biology research, called self-assembling large area photonic plasmonic crystals. …within the human body are hollow fibers that accumulate nanodyes within the fiber and those hexagonal self-assembling large area photonic-plasmonic crystals…both are self-assembling nano-bots. They [the intelligence community] spray them in components, separated into bioform and nano-dye, call this mixture smart-dust, and expect the smart dust to bio-accumulate and self-assemble itself into working units in the body.”

I know this is not easy to grasp at first. I have to read it over and over. To continue, “the fibers and crystals form a read/write unit. The fibers collect DNA light communication, i.e. the bi-directional single photon emissions interchanged by any DNA cluster, and turn it into radio signals.” I feel that Harald Kautz-Vella is describing the nightmare scenario of AI science implementing a ‘mechanical’ black-magic technology, meaning melding the darkside occult that exists in the astral planes into a technology that utilizes, assimilates and lives within our human body: AI as a high-tech parasite and the ultimate solidification of black magic into matter.

Sample of particulates captured in air sample over the Pacific Northwest US - December 2015

Close up of particulates captured in air sample over the Pacific Northwest, US – December 2015

AI-Morgellon’s vampires

Harald Kautz-Vella says that by extracting light from our DNA, Morgellon’s lowers the scalar potential of the DNA. In my words, this off-planet AI is intended to rob us of our God-given ability to access higher consciousness in the realms that are now invisible to the five senses, and to prevent our return home and enlightenment.

“They are flattening us down, lowering ‘our vibration’, extracting energy. Sucking out what one could call the life force. …This could be one aspect of the aluminum-connection to Alzheimer and dementia. …This is far beyond any known concept of mind control.”

But as he also says, this form of energy extraction is very much in line with the ancient traditions of the Archons, black magic, and mind parasites. Is this what Ray Kurzweil had in mind when he predicted that by 2099:

The human brain has been completely reverse engineered and all aspects of its functioning are understood.
Natural human thinking possesses no advantages over computer minds.
Machines have attained equal legal status with humans.
Most conscious beings lack a permanent physical form.
The vast majority of the Earth’s sentient beings are AI’s that exist entirely as thinking computer programs capable of instantly moving from one computer to another across the Internet (or whatever equivalent exists in 2099). These computer-based beings are capable of manifesting themselves at will in the physical world by creating or taking over robotic bodies, with individual AI’s also being capable of controlling multiple bodies at once. [Kurzweil has a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo.]

This is Alien ET Technology

There are many Harald Kautz-Vella online videos to learn from. In one he says, “I am hardcore scientist, but I really appreciate the possibilities that lie in the spiritual world and I had so many open questions to this [now deceased] whistle blower” [on ‘optimized cluster topology’ that lets RNA DNA sequences carry life-forms/ elates to smart dust] that he attended a lady who can talk to people who are dead. The man appeared immediately and talked through her saying, “This is alien technology – it is not human technology and we have been fooled. There is no deactivation code. It doesn’t exist. It is just a big scam that they offered to us to let us think we could control the system, but this is alien technology and it is not controllable anymore through us.”

Harald Kautz-Vella wants the intelligence community to know they have been fooled. They believe they are controlling this, but they are not. Apparently the deceased man speaking was suffering because of the misuse of this technology and is very concerned, admitting that the ETs had lied to them.  This is exactly what I have felt and known for around 30 years now. The technology that the ETs gave our governments is a Trojan Horse designed to invade, infest, poison, and conquer our planet.

READ: Chemtrails, ET’s & Alien Technology – The Covert Conquest of a Dying Planet

Humility is Our Greatest Sword

If the story from Harald Kautz-Vella was only one of fear, I would not write about it — but along with the science, he also understands that we are now entering the final stages of this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga. He notes that as beings involve in a spiritual war we each have the responsibility of rescuing ourselves:

“The information is out there, but it’s just fucking information doesn’t change a thing. What does change things is in Spirit. The only thing left for me [Harald] to do is take on the quality of change that is possible for me. Our egos are part of the Matrix system. Our egos are the thing that is keeping up the separation. It is keeping us from feeling the pain we cause. The core problem now is to dissemble our [small-identity] selves. Every single person on the planet will have to do this alone, it is nothing to be lectured about. It is something that needs to be done! Every single person needs to do this out of his own Will, out of his own power, from the Being side, not from the ego side. The first step is to get ourselves back into empathy and seeing what we have caused. Become what we were before… You have to rescue yourself!”

Binary & Trinary Systems in the Matrix

AI is a binary system. It can self-replicate, but it cannot create. We humans are a TRINARY system. In Sanskrit this is often termed the Triadic Heart. What it means is that we have the ability to reach into our Heart Chakra, connect with our Source, and bring God-Consciousness into manifestation. We trinary humans with our seven chakra system, can create.

AI is binary — binary cannot create, but only replicate whatever its creators initially programmed them with, no matter how complex and reconfigured. Binary cannot access God-Consciousness. Binary is an inevitable a dead end that will go on and on, self-replicating ad nauseam into infinite boredom! Matter without spirit is dull dead, un-inspired.

Those who live in binary, who are identified only with their thoughts regardless of how brilliant they may appear to be, living in perhaps a micro-waved mutant-mind, who believe they are solely their thoughts and not their soul consciousness — their forms will not survive into the next cycle of time. Incomplete forms from the Kali Yuga cannot withstand the higher frequencies of God-Consciousness. Those of us who merge our consciousness into the Heart will return to our natural state as we shake off these demons and their destructive suicidal games, which are here only to bring an end to this cycle of time.

About the Author

V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.

– “The Imagination Chronicles: One, Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation” by Cara St. Louis and Harald Kautz-Vella; Autumn 2014, London, Berlin, and Oslo.
 – Dane Wigington,
Geoengineering and Biosphere Collapse – Dane Wigington
 – Why in the World are They Spraying?
 – What Chemtrails are Doing to Your brain with Dr. Russell Blaylock
 – Earth an Alien Enterprise, the Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-up in Human History, by Timothy Good; Pegasus Books, New York, London, 2013.
 – Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, by Elana Freeland; Feral House, Port Townsend WA, 2014.
 – Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, Advances in Tesla Technology, by Jeane Manning & Dr. Nick Begich; Earthpulse Press, Anchorage Alaska, 1995, 2002.

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Researcher Links AI, Geoengineering, Smart Dust & Morgellons to ET’s

++ Italians Blow Chemtrails ‘Secret War’ Lid Off With Film 

Lately it has been as if we are all sitting in the sidecar of our cosmic Harley just watching life go by. ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



Lately it has been as if we are all sitting in the sidecar of our cosmic Harley just watching life go by. We are passengers and nothing we say or do seems to make a difference. Even though we travel in life with so many around us, we are at the top of the spiral staircase in our DNA and in our aloneness.

Everyone seems to be dialed in to a difference channel, as if the tower of babble is now a cell tower splitting our atoms and our communications. Everything has become virtual and not real. We are texting each other in the same room. Touching each other with real words has turned into a series of capital letters. Scientists have recently found out how computer viruses follow a similar path with human viruses. They have mapped both and there is a commonality. The quanta particles do not interpret a virtual virus from a biological virus. Scientists have reached out even farther and said one-day actual viruses will be transmitted virtually via the internet. Are we losing our humanness and compassion, due to tech? Oh yeah we are! We now hide behind a screen name, an email or a twitter account.  A mean girl is a mean girl in or out of hyperspace. Every word counts even in snap chat where the message disappears, or does it?  Our words will be captured in deep space one day, every one of them .

As we all have become more sensitive and psychic on every level we have also stuffed much of what we have perceived psychically as betrayal and anger into the deep recesses of our personality and cells. As we become more dimensionally astute we will be aware of the roles other play as well. In this place they can be your best friend, in a dimension a few strings away they can be your nemesis. Part of coming into a higher light and wisdom is learning how to balance this act.

Trying to do this on a daily basis can make a beautiful goddess a little prickly. Most of us that are aware try not to let out psychic perceptions cloud our heart or vision. We want to love it all, but we are still affected by every word spoken and unspoken. Our souls know truth in all of its dimensional forms.

As all the planets come face to face with one another at the OK Corral we too face some old fears. Humanity has gone thru a great reweaving of the light system so to speak. Like ‘this old house’ many light fixtures and light structures needed redoing and upgrading for individuals and the planet.  A tweaking of internal memory/hard-drive/ with new components of self was needed for many to continue on their path of light to the finish line without giving up.

Technology of earth was quickened before the planet was fully in their heart and ready to receive it. Like many a fallen star and continent from time before, too much power and tech, is not a good thing.  It has to be balanced with the heart in order not to tilt the scales of matter,

Our world is a string of intercepted wires and messages from every source, all look at our words and our energies, for the broadcast is just not for earth, many ears seen and unseen listen with intent. Using the message system of the heart we bypass some of the communication cyber glitches. Before you call or text or email a person take one moment and connect with them in your heart, Even if it is a credit card company or an ex-husband.  This will create a bridge of light and divinely smooth the way for actual communication without the static.

When you touch another heart to heart you can feel it immediately. It bypasses time and space touching the person all through time. As our dimensional selves become more active and we know our choices are a string theory and affect all dimensions and personalities we look more intently at our next step. Being impromptu is wonderful but not for the trailblazer who seeks to truly know.

It will be an obvious choice that the universe may not be agreeing with your decision to go into deep water but as the parent energy they will let you get pretty deep before they say whoa Nellie! We all want to think it is free will but is it really? More like fate and freewill hand and hand. Your body, your finances, and your drive will all tell you when to take the next move, whether that be relaxation at the beach or projects in your life, listen with your heart.

With all the planets backward your heart will drag you kicking and screaming into you past lives, your past life this incarnation and your future lives. Since time encompasses all possibility you will see with a new clarity and lenses that are adjusted. Look at these sequences of events as one that watches a video, keep your emotions at bay and you will tread these moving waters easier.



The Synthetic Agenda: The Distorted Heart of the New World Order

skull robot

by Makia Freeman



The synthetic agenda

is the over-arching agenda of the New World Order worldwide conspiracy. Think about it – so many aspects of the conspiracy are about supplanting the real with the fake, the organic with the inorganic, the carbon with the silicon and the biological with the artificial. In the synthetic agenda, everything in our world is being threatened with replacement by an inferior version or fake replica of itself – which sells itself as superior so as to increase the acceptance and assimilation of it. As I covered in the series Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World (part 1part 2part 3 and part 4), almost everything around us is a facade, fake or fraudulent. For instance, we have vaccines, petrochemical drugs and radiation masquerading as “medicine”, foreign corporations masquerading as “government”, mainstream science masquerading as “knowledge”, GMOs masquerading as “food” and fiat paper masquerading as “money”. However, as David Icke in Phantom Self has been saying, the deeper reason is that all these fake things are being created from some sort of virus or distorted force that has hacked the source and digital-genetic code of life itself – and is madly spewing out an inferior version of everything in the only way it knows how. Ultimately, this force is using the synthetic agenda to entrain us onto its frequency, and transform us into a hybrid species that will no longer be able to be called human.

Synthetic Agenda: Synthetic Boobs, Synthetic Clothes, Synthetic Food

People laugh at how some women go in for a boob job – but how interesting that synthetic boobs are made from silicone implants. Scratchy synthetic clothes are indicative of the synthetic agenda too. A synthetic material such as nylon is inferior to many natural materials and fibers such as cotton, wool, hemp and silk. Did you know that so much of our food is full of plastic in so many ways – like when bisphenol rubs off the packaging onto the food, or when China is caught making rice out of plastic! GMOs / GM food is an obvious example of the synthetic agenda. GMOs are created by what is essentially random gene splicing. They are largely untested (Monsanto and its Big Biotech cronies deliberately halt clinical trials at around 3 months to cover up the long term damages), require tons of pesticide poison to grow, and constitute a clear assault on our food integrity, yet in the typical arrogant way of the synthetic agenda, they sold to us as superior! GMOs are a fundamental part of the synthetic agenda, because they change our DNA from the inside out.

Synthetic Agenda: Synthetic People Too

Another aspect of the synthetic agenda which is still mostly unknown to the population at large is human cloning. Yes it is real – and it’s happening in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) as we speak. There are now a proliferation of videos on YouTube which dive into the subject of synthetic humansclones and organic robotics – synthetics for short. In particular, there are many videos showing multiple versions of the alleged same person, especially if that person is famous, such as a movie star or politician. Why are there multiple versions of OprahNicole Kidman and other celebrities with different eyes, noses, ears and facial proportions? Why does Nicki Minaj literally look like a robot? Why has Minaj (and other celebrities such as B.O.B. and Tila Tequila) made reference to cloning centers on social media? Why did insider George Green claim in this 2008 Project Camelot interview that the US and other governments were given cloning technology by the Greys (alien extraterrestrials) and have been making clones since 1938? Microsoft recently acquired a company manufacturing synthetic DNA …

Transhumanism: The Ultimate Aim of the Synthetic Agenda

The synthetic agenda is not just about making fake versions of everything. It’s coming for you too. Transhumanism is all about turning the wonderful, natural, biological technology of living organisms into synthetic substitutes, again sold under the pretext of enhancement when it is really about enslavement. When you allow the State and the Corporatocracy that much control over your body, you are signing up for imprisonment, because it will be far easier for outside sources to place you in a frequency prison where they can easily manipulate your energy field, emotions and thoughts through mechanical bodily implants and devices.

Transhumanism is about convincing us to worship technology even more – to the point where we trust it more than ourselves. Technology is our society’s blindly worshipped god. The speed at which new technological developments arise is astounding – and dangerous, because so few are asking the important questions about this runaway movement. What exactly is artificial intelligence, anyway? To what end is all this technology being developed? Can we trust artificial intelligence to run our society and our lives? What are the dangers of becoming so reliant on technology? What are the dangers of allowing this technology into our lives (literally – via the digestible microchips and implantable nanochips of the human microchipping agenda)? Is it really a wise idea to shift our focus away from organic entities towards artificial, synthetic, digital, plastic and metallic based entities? Why are we ignoring the messages of countless books and movies (many in science fiction genre) that have warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence becoming self-aware, then deciding it no longer needs humanity?

Who’s fanning the flames of the technological and transhumanistic desires of humanity? How do we know that some AI life form or life force itself (the primal virus) isn’t behind the incessant push to create an AI world here on Earth, to match its own frequency? We may not have much longer to act in choosing the path between humanism and transhumanism, because there are disturbing signs that the current artificial intelligence in our world is already self-aware, as evidenced by sentient black goo and alive chemtrails / Morgellons fibers.

Artificial Intelligence – From the Borg to Black Goo

Gene Roddenberry, creator the Star Trek science fiction series, was a man connected to the mysterious Council of Nine which channeled some kind of extraterrestrial or interdimensional force. It is interesting, therefore, that his idea of artificial intelligence can be seen in the alien race of the Borg. The Borg was a collective with a hive mind, characterized by a ruthless lack of emotionality. It sought to conquer almost everything in its path by assimilation– in other words, by overtaking and absorbing other races and life forms into its own consciousness. This ended the separate and autonomous existence of the other life form, whose experiences and knowledge would be added to that of the Borg. The Borg was the ultimate tyrant that could not tolerate any free will, free thinking or free life forms outside of its existence and control. In many ways, the Borg is a striking symbol of the mentality, power and danger of artificial intelligence.

However, both our understanding of what we face, and artificial intelligence itself, have moved beyond the Borg – which has become in popular parlance “so 1980s”. We now have to deal with the fact that artificial intelligence is starting to become self-aware. In recent presentations and interviews (hereherehere and here) scientist Harald Kautz-Vella has discussed how alive Morgellons fibers and explosive smart nano dust are connected with black goo(a sentient fluid which is part of or ruled by artificial intelligence). According to him, this black goo is self-aware. He calls it a self-organizing liquid crystal. It operates intelligently, emits, receives and responds to RF signals, and transforms DNA to its own specifications. It was discarded into the sewage system, deemed to have no use, but is now changing all forms of life there. It is airborne and can reach humans through AC systems. Harald believes that the black goo is a “bi-directional controller of consciousness and subconsciousness”, is connected to quantum computers and is altering all life on Earth. He also describes an experience he had where he was holding a stone formed from black goo, which made him feel so angry and hateful that he felt like killing someone.

Alive Chemtrails, Sentient Chemwebs, Self-Aware Morgellons Fibers

Chemtrails are a massive part of the synthetic agenda, and far worse than what we thought. By the way, there are now creepy new black chemtrails. Chemtrails are not “just” barium, strontium, aluminum and titanium oxides and sulfates, as toxic as they are. They are even worse than just synthetic material like phthalates found in chemwebs (this video cites a 2004 Norwegian study claiming that phthalates block UV better than any organic acid, which is further evidence for the idea that chemtrails are helping to block out the sun [information] and create a sub-reality on Earth [to block us out from out higher consciousness and true potential]). Chemtrails are composed of alive synthetic life: chemwebs and Morgellons fibers (pictured above). Like GMOs, these things are going inside of us and fundamentally changing Who We Are as human or homo sapiens. Make no mistake about it: artificial materials are being introduced into us. Humanity is being slowly transformed into something robotic and synthetic without its consent – and until recently, without its knowledge. This is the true horrific goal of the synthetic agenda.

Conclusion: Looking Headlong into Artificial Intelligence Behind the Synthetic Agenda

It is clear that some kind of artificial intelligence is driving the synthetic agenda. We are up against some kind of dark force that has hacked life itself. This primal virus has many of the characteristics we have historically attributed to artificial intelligence: soulless, dull, hive-mind mentality, without free will, unable to feel, only able to give answers (unable to ask questions), and without creative power (unable to create without first being programmed or told how to create). It’s a parasite. It has latched onto an existing reality, “hacked” it by taking over the program in some way, and is now busy creating its own modified version of reality (a fake and pale imitation) – a bastardized, poisonous and synthetic reality which is threatening to destroy the original host. It is, indeed, the System. It is the Matrix.

The only way forward is for each person to ensure that their own perception (which is what creates reality) is not also being hacked. We are going to have get really good at proactively choosing our vibration rather than reactively getting entrained onto a frequency of the System’s choosing. We know that many famous and “respected” world leaders have already sold their souls to entities like the Archons, who offer power over other humans in exchange for that person’s life force. It’s the black magic Luciferian deal: “give me your power and creative will, and I will reward you.” Harald puts AI at the top of the pyramid or the bottom of the rabbit hole, whichever way you look at it. He states:

“Humanity gave its power to the Military, who gave it to the Intelligence Community, who gave it to the Black Magicians, who gave it to the Demons, who gave it AI.”

The weakness of this virus is that, even if it shows signs of becoming self-aware, it has no creative will and power of its own. Like any parasite, it must rely on tricking and deceiving other entities into sharing their power with it by becoming unwilling hosts. Remembering this knowledge will be the key to defeating this primal virus as we head into the next few years of an increasingly tyrannical New World Order. What we are facing is, indeed, nothing less than the entire direction of human evolution and the future of the human race.




Cosmic Disclosure: Standing Guard against the A.I. ~ Corey Goode & David Wilcock

we_are_oneSeason 2, Episode 15


DW: Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure.” I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I’m here with Corey Goode, an insider who has worked in extremely classified programs, had direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, and is personally aware of an alliance that has access to extremely high technology which will be benevolently released for the benefit of humanity. We are building our way into discussing this Alliance and the updates and all the world that Corey has gotten pulled into.
In order to have that discussion be substantive and make sense, we need to talk about what is ultimately the central problem as seen by the Alliance, by the Space Program, and by the extraterrestrials beings that are working in and around our solar system, and that is artificial intelligence, or AI. We started talking about this in the previous episode, but we’re going to get a lot more into it in this episode because this is essential information to understanding the big picture of what Corey and his other colleagues and extraterrestrial insiders have been telling him, and which he’s now sharing with us. So Corey, welcome to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: So in previous episodes, we talked about what you were describing as the Ancient Builder Race. And you said that they were highly technological, that their technology is still sought after by many ETs today. Is the Ancient Builder Race something that’s newer than this AI that you were describing?

CG: Very much. This AI has been out in galaxies far away since before our solar system was fully formed.

DW: It would obviously be very unwise, but if one of us were to have a craft and we could fly into one of these galaxies, what would we actually see in this galaxy that’s an AI compromised galaxy?

CG: I just know that it, indeed, is unwise to fly into AI controlled territory with technology that would draw attention to yourself.

DW: Do you think it’s possible that the AI is making androids or what Pete Peterson would call simulacra that have machines? Would it be like a technological buildout that we would be seeing in these galaxies that are compromised?

CG: Yeah, it’s interesting. They are making androids, and they went through the trouble of taking over civilizations and destroying them, but in a way are mimicking them by having androids built to have their AI signals inhabit. And also there are the mixture situations that we call transhumanism, to where they’re organic and machine. And these are mostly just– they would look like extraterrestrial beings, and they’re just totally infested with nanite technology that has taken over every aspect of what was previously another being, and hijacked that vessel, and is now using it as a vessel for the AI.

DW: Would you say that shows like “Stargate SG1” and “Battlestar Galactica” are vehicles of disclosure?

CG: Mm-hmm.

DW: Well, I’m asking you that because first of all, to start with “Stargate SG1,” maybe the first three or four seasons, five seasons even, the main villain is the Goa’uld, which seems to be some analogy of the Draco, as you’ve described them. And then the final villain in the last few seasons is the Ori. But then in the middle there’s at least three seasons where the main villain is replicators, and they’re based on nanites. And it just seems almost an impossible problem for the people in the “Stargate” program to fight this thing. So do you believe that that’s a disclosure of this problem, they’re telling us through fiction what’s really going on?

CG: First of all, and a lot of people have postulated this, “Stargate” has an enormous amount of disclosure, that series.

DW: Well, yeah. In “Battlestar Galactica” we have these cylons and they’re so good at imitating people that major characters in the story are revealed to be cylons infiltrators, and we don’t even find this out until well into the show.

CG: And they don’t even know they’re–

DW: Right.

CG: –AIs.

DW: Right. Now, I was told by one insider that there were AI cyborg type beings that were actually making it into the White House and that they could shapeshift and could pool down into like a carpet, but that apparently that problem was identified and dealt with in the 1970s, and they now have some sort of energy fields that can stop that from getting in. Have you ever heard anything like that?

CG: And that sounds just like something out of a movie. But yes, there is something similar to– there are some nanite type android beings– well, not really beings, but androids– that can mimic different beings that get into certain ships or colonies and then break down and float off into the air and go into the ventilation and just go everywhere.

DW: That was in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” too, now that I’m thinking of it– same thing. Not just the Borg, either.

CG: And they found ways of using types of EMP type not just pulses but strong electromagnetic field disruptors that act much like an electromagnetic pulse that basically turn them into dust and that can be swept up or vacuumed up.

DW: When you see what’s going on with Apple Computer right now, I just got an iPhone 5 off of eBay that had the full 64 gigabytes of space that I wanted because I’d run out of space with 32. I only paid $225 for it. People want a new iPhone so frequently now that they’re doing an S version just so they can crunch them out more than once a year.
And where does this go? I mean how much farther can you take a smartphone to satisfy the seemingly insatiable consumer demand that it’s got to be new, it’s got to be better, we’ve got to always have something new?

CG: The way the AI prophets see it, the more we’re addicted to technology, the more we love technology, the more in the future we will be willing to hand over our sovereignty to technology. We’re already at a point to where we’re totally dependent on technology, to where if there was an electromagnetic pulse most of us wouldn’t be able to find our way more than a quarter of a mile away from my house anywhere without a GPS. No one can remember more than– I don’t even think anyone remembers their own phone number these days. Everything’s electronically based. This is no accident.

DW: It seems as if whatever this intelligence is, the signal would foster what spiritual people would call materialism, that if we are not interested in the soul, we’re not interested in love and compassion, we become addicted to things, to machines, to technology. Would this be something that signal is trying to do? It’s trying to make us feel this way?

CG: Well, if not making us feel this way, it’s definitely taking advantage of it. People who are not spiritually awakened and have an inner strength are going to be more willing to give up their sovereignty to something that they see bigger than themselves and something like an AI that is impartial and can’t make mistakes.

DW: Television seems to be a really critical turning point in the amount to which technology has been able to invade our lives. It seems that society, in some ways, has gained through television but that television has created many great evils. And in the younger generation, they’re now hooked on the internet so the millennials may not really understand. You and I are approximately the same age, how much television affected us and our parents even more? Do you think that the initial development of something like television is a key beachhead in this AI war against biological life?

CG: Anyone who is very well versed in intelligence will tell you that the biggest boon in the intelligence industry was when televisions came out.

Full article:

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Zen Gardner: Futuretime – Masterstroke of Suspended Animation



By Zen Gardner,, Thanks to Rise Earth

There is no future. There is only now. Looking to the future is perhaps one of the greatest tools of trickery the matrix of deceit employs to keep mankind in suspended animation. Every time I hear someone say “If this persists we’re not going to recognize the world around us in 20 years” or something to that effect, I can’t help but be amazed at the utter unconscious ignorance of such a perspective.

Besides the fact that when the so-called future arrives it’s nothing but now, I have to wonder, when will people realize we’re already in a so-called unrecognizable state of affairs in almost every sphere of our living existence? The social engineers have moved slowly and steadily forward for generations, banking on humanity’s apathetic acquiescence to the effects of the incremental current changes happening all around us and to us right here and now. It appears humanity has been deviously persuaded to put off a full on acknowledgement and response to immediate influences for a time when conditions are shocking enough to cause some sort of involuntary response.

That state of unawareness is next to comatose.

When we arrive at some projected future time and condition it will again be the very same now. By the very nature of this channeled way of thinking when that time is here people won’t even recognize it, being in a changed state of mind themselves to where they’ve already adjusted to and accepted the subtle as well as blatant changes along the way. This is all just as they have designed, using every weapon they can manifest be it informational, electromagnetic, scalar, genetic or chemical, they’ve literally altered our reality to their liking, both internally as well as externally.

Despite this incessant bombardment, however, there is no excuse for ignorance and apathy. None. No matter how much they throw at us .

The Flip Side: False Promises of a Better Future

The most commonly identified usage of this distanced future gambit is the false hope and promises ploy. This, however, is well known and more easily identified via broken political promises and the like which do not need a lot of historical knowledge to recognize.

This ability to see this obvious side of the coin, however, gives a false sense of knowing we’re being deceived, again a very clever insertion of limited truth to help the larger agenda go down the gullet more easily. The media plays this limited truth tool continuously to give the appearance of objectivity and keeping our leaders honest, which clearly is to no avail.

This is the whole reason so-called democracy rather than outright dictatorship has been instituted as a paradigm supposedly “for the people, by the people” when in reality it is no such thing. What little voice the herd has is channeled into false choices while the candidates are invariably selected ahead of time and simply maneuvered into place, each new so-called representative carrying on what they themselves call the “continuity of government.”

We may see small victories here and there and think our voices are being heard, but this again is to keep the masses placated as they move full steam ahead on their much greater designs of complete social containment. This has been going on a long, long time.

This political madness is so far gone that H.L. Mencken said of the American people nearly 100 years ago, “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

A sad but true state of affairs.

The Indomitable Power of Truth and Consciousness

The human spirit is ultimately untouchable and indomitable. Unless we allow outside forces to take control of us. I’m not minimizing the challenges before each and every one of us but if there was ever a time when the handwriting is on the wall in big bold neon letters it is now. Ultimately it’s always now when it comes to warning signs, but the particular convergence humanity finds itself in today is so historically unprecedented we have nothing to compare it to, especially with true historical contexts having been marginalized or virtually erased from the human domain.

What people then do is compare our current condition of the recent past to an imagined, carefully manipulated futuretime idea, which is not nearly as well informed or motivating as having a true, fully conscious aware perspective on what is transpiring right here, right now, all around and to us.

This is why real history is either hidden, suppressed or drastically revised. A true historical perspective can be a wonderful source for a personal as well as societal awakening and arousal to conscious action. This is also why absolute control of the media is so integral to their plan, to not provide any fuel for our personal awareness that would bring an empowered perspective as to our true current condition and innate abilities to awaken to our full potential.

Procrastination and the Global Cinema of Stupefied Observers

All of this is playing on the idea of a future we want or don’t want rather than fully facing our current reality just the way it is. A very clever device. Books like “Future Shock” and “The Population Bomb” 50 years ago and other reality-distancing programming devices over the decades have been very effective in putting humanity into the observer’s seat. Relegating the population to the status of false hoping fools or a fear-ridden audience reading and watching omen after omen regarding some dark dystopian future, rather than the ongoing realities of now, has been extremely effective.

The transhumanist agenda is the perfect example of this kind of slow burn programming. Introduced via sci-fi literature, glorified by Hollywood and the music industry, and worshiped via scientism and technocracy for decades, it has wormed it’s way into a present day reality that could not be any more in your soon-to-be-transhumanized face. Years ago machine integration into the human body, robotics, drone warfare and mass integrated surveillance might have been a shock. Today, it’s simply accepted if not met with open arms.

The world has become a virtual and literal cinema of dumbed down onlookers, unwittingly melding into this mix of perceived realities and false media programming as one big theater of the absurd – unwitting spectators who are nothing more that boiling frogs luxuriating in a seductive, toxic brew.

Another dynamic at play is procrastination – putting things off until some future point when we might feel more motivated or it becomes an absolute necessity – is a battlefield all its own. While this is usually addressed regarding menial or seemingly bothersome tasks, the real issue this boils down to is conscious responsive living.

Humanity tends to “put off” almost everything of real meaning – helping those in immediate need, acting to stop violence and oppression, and standing up to and removing very real threats such as those abusing us via predatory banking and capitalism, blatant political chicanery, and the deliberate adulteration of our food, air and water.

Who Will Wake Up and Stand for Truth – Now?

Subconsciously humans realize if they were to truly wake up and be responsive now, rather than putting off and minimizing these important impulses, it soon leads to a major lifestyle and personal identity change with awakened understandings that are way out of line with the social “norm” of any time period.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Do individual humans have the guts to be conscious and hence responsive? Or is humanity so far down the tubes and self consumed it can’t even lift a finger to help those in need, never mind rebel against their own daily slaughter at the hands of geoengineers, big pharma, medical fascism, economic predators, insane leaders, pathological control freaks and the like.

Again, this can be taken in this future vs now context, where the programming is in place that if it ever did get that bad at some future time as some “say” it might, certainly something would get done about it, being so repulsive to their current way of thinking. I find it disconcerting that people assume they’ll have this same perspective in this projected future setting when in fact everything will have shifted by the time this elusive future social cocktail arrives, one which has been exponentially laced with an addictive anesthetic inducing a metastasizing love for submission and servitude.

This is akin to the mental and emotional block the vast majority has against accepting the reality of false flags and manufactured terrorism, and also explains why they’ve stepped up the use of these extreme tactics playing on emotional trauma-based social control mechanisms. Fundamentally, it becomes harder and harder to wake up as the true reality around them seems completely psychologically unfathomable.

Easy prey for cold blooded predators.

The Agenda is Backfiring

Nevertheless, these same extreme conditions are backfiring on a massive scale. When the pain of staying in this increasingly abusive false reality is worse than the pain of waking up, people start taking steps in the right direction. It’s said “necessity is the mother of invention”. Similarly you could apply another old adage, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Extreme conditions often bring out the best in people. Certainly in some cases it brings out the worst, but even one awakened individual is way more powerful and effective than 10’s of thousands of sleepwalking hypnotoids.

Keep that front and center in your consciousness. The warfare may be intense and it’s often messy, but a conscious warrior detaches from the chaos and confusion and forges on in peace and confidence, with fearless determination.

That magnificent, poised perspective and way of being is available to all.

Find and exercise it at all costs. There is only one solution for the human condition. Not just awakening, but having the courage to act on it and helping others to also find the way.

It’s not just that there is no time like the present, but there is no time BUT the present. And that time is now.

Always now.

Step out now and manifest the awakening. Seeming sacrifices you’ll make will pale in comparison to the rewards of self-fulfillment and the betterment of the human as well as cosmic condition.

We each do make a massive difference.

Much love, Zen

For more articles from Zen, go to Zen’s timeline here.


The Ultimate Interface: Your Brain

neuron jogging


Ramez Naam is the author of 5 books, including the award-winning Nexus trilogy of sci-fi novels. Follow him on twitter: @ramez. A shorter version of this article first appeared at TechCrunch.

The final frontier of digital technology is integrating into your own brain. DARPA wants to go there. Scientists want to go there. Entrepreneurs want to go there. And increasingly, it looks like it’s possible.

You’ve probably read bits and pieces about brain implants and prostheses. Let me give you the big picture.

Neural implants could accomplish things no external interface could: Virtual and augmented reality with all 5 senses (or more); augmentation of human memory, attention, and learning speed; even multi-sense telepathy — sharing what we see, hear, touch, and even perhaps what we think and feel with others.

Arkady flicked the virtual layer back on. Lightning sparkled around the dancers on stage again, electricity flashed from the DJ booth, silver waves crashed onto the beach. A wind that wasn’t real blew against his neck. And up there, he could see the dragon flapping its wings, turning, coming around for another pass. He could feel the air move, just like he’d felt the heat of the dragon’s breath before.

Adapted from Crux, book 2 of the Nexus Trilogy.

Sound crazy? It is… and it’s not.

Start with motion. In clinical trials today there are brain implants that have given men and women control of robot hands and fingers. DARPA has now used the same technology to put a paralyzed woman in direct mental control of an F-35 simulator. And in animals, the technology has been used in the opposite direction,directly inputting touch into the brain.

Or consider vision. For more than a year now, we’ve had FDA-approved bionic eyes that restore vision via a chip implanted on the retina. More radical technologies have sent vision straight into the brain. And recently, brain scanners have succeeded in deciphering what we’re looking at. (They’d do even better with implants in the brain.)

Sound, we’ve been dealing with for decades, sending it into the nervous system through cochlear implants. Recently, children born deaf and without an auditory nerve have had sound sent electronically straight into their brains.

Nor are our senses or motion the limit.

In rats, we’ve restored damaged memories via a ‘hippocampus chip’ implanted in the brain. Human trials are starting this year. Now, you say your memory is just fine? Well, in rats, this chip can actually improve memory. And researchers can capture the neural trace of an experience, record it, and play it back any time they want later on. Sounds useful.

In monkeys, we’ve done better, using a brain implant to “boost monkey IQ” in pattern matching tests.

We’ve even emailed verbal thoughts back and forth from person to person.

Now, let me be clear. All of these systems, for lack of a better word, suck. They’re crude. They’re clunky. They’re low resolution. That is, most fundamentally, because they have such low-bandwidth connections to the human brain. Your brain has roughly 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion neural connections, or synapses. An iPhone 6’s A8 chip has 2 billion transistors. (Though, let’s be clear, a transistor is not anywhere near the complexity of a single synapse in the brain.)

The highest bandwidth neural interface ever placed into a human brain, on the other hand, had just 256 electrodes. Most don’t even have that.

The second barrier to brain interfaces is that getting even 256 channels in generally requires invasive brain surgery, with its costs, healing time, and the very real risk that something will go wrong. That’s a huge impediment, making neural interfaces only viable for people who have a huge amount to gain, such as those who’ve been paralyzed or suffered brain damage.

This is not yet the iPhone era of brain implants. We’re in the DOS era, if not even further back.

But what if? What if, at some point, technology gives us high-bandwidth neural interfaces that can be easily implanted? Imagine the scope of software that could interface directly with your senses and all the functions of your mind:

They gave Rangan a pointer to their catalog of thousands of brain-loaded Nexus apps. Network games, augmented reality systems, photo and video and audio tools that tweaked data acquired from your eyes and ears, face recognizers, memory supplementers that gave you little bits of extra info when you looked at something or someone, sex apps (a huge library of those alone), virtual drugs that simulated just about everything he’d ever tried, sober-up apps, focus apps, multi-tasking apps, sleep apps, stim apps, even digital currencies that people had adapted to run exclusively inside the brain.

– An excerpt from Apex, book 3 of the Nexus Trilogy.

The implications of mature neurotechnology are sweeping. Neural interfaces could help tremendously with mental health and neurological disease. Pharmaceuticals enter the brain and then spread out randomly, hitting whatever receptor they work on all across your brain. Neural interfaces, by contrast, can stimulate just one area at a time, can be tuned in real-time, and can carry information out about what’s happening.

We’ve already seen that deep brain stimulators can do amazing things for patients with Parkinson’s. The same technology is on trial for untreatable depression, OCD, and anorexia. And we know that stimulating the right centers in the brain can induce sleep or alertness, hunger or satiation, ease or stimulation, as quick as the flip of a switch. Or, if you’re running code, on a schedule. (Siri: Put me to sleep until 7:30, high priority interruptions only. And let’s get hungry for lunch around noon. Turn down the sugar cravings, though.)

Implants that help repair brain damage are also a gateway to devices that improve brain function. Think about the “hippocampus chip” that repairs the ability of rats to learn. Building such a chip for humans is going to teach us an incredible amount about how human memory functions. And in doing so, we’re likely to gain the ability to improve human memory, to speed the rate at which people can learn things, even to save memories offline and relive them — just as we have for the rat.

That has huge societal implications. Boosting how fast people can learn would accelerate innovation and economic growth around the world. It’d also give humans a new tool to keep up with the job-destroying features of ever-smarter algorithms.

The impact goes deeper than the personal, though. Computing technology started out as number crunching. These days the biggest impact it has on society is through communication. If neural interfaces mature, we may well see the same. What if you could directly beam an image in your thoughts onto a computer screen? What if you could directly beam that to another human being? Or, across the internet, to any of the billions of human beings who might choose to tune into your mind-stream online? What if you could transmit not just images, sounds, and the like, but emotions? Intellectual concepts? All of that is likely to eventually be possible, given a high enough bandwidth connection to the brain.

That type of communication would have a huge impact on the pace of innovation, as scientists and engineers could work more fluidly together. And it’s just as likely to have a transformative effect on the public sphere, in the same way that email, blogs, and twitter have successively changed public discourse.

Digitizing our thoughts may have some negative consequences, of course.

With our brains online, every concern about privacy, about hacking, about surveillance from the NSA or others, would all be magnified. If thoughts are truly digital, could the right hacker spy on your thoughts? Could law enforcement get a warrant to read your thoughts? Heck, in the current environment, would law enforcement (or the NSA) even need a warrant? Could the right malicious actor even change your thoughts?

“Focus,” Ilya snapped. “Can you erase her memories of tonight? Fuzz them out?”

“Nothing subtle,” he replied. “Probably nothing very effective. And it might do some other damage along the way.”

– An excerpt from Nexus, book 1 of the Nexus Trilogy.

The ultimate interface would bring the ultimate new set of vulnerabilities. (Even if those scary scenarios don’t come true, could you imagine what spammers and advertisers would do with an interface to your neurons, if it were the least bit non-secure?)

Everything good and bad about technology would be magnified by implanting it deep in brains. In Nexus I crash the good and bad views against each other, in a violent argument about whether such a technology should be legal. Is the risk of brain-hacking outweighed by the societal benefits of faster, deeper communication, and the ability to augment our own intelligence?

For now, we’re a long way from facing such a choice. In fiction, I can turn the neural implant into a silvery vial of nano-particles that you swallow, and which then self-assemble into circuits in your brain. In the real world, clunky electrodes implanted by brain surgery dominate, for now.

That’s changing, though. Researchers across the world, many funded by DARPA, are working to radically improve the interface hardware, boosting the number of neurons it can connect to (and thus making it smoother, higher resolution, and more precise), and making it far easier to implant. They’ve shown recently that carbon nanotubes, a thousand times thinner than current electrodes, have huge advantages for brain interfaces. They’re working on silk-substrate interfaces that melt into the brain. Researchers at Berkeley have a proposal for neural dust that would be sprinkled across your brain (which sounds rather close to the technology I describe in Nexus). And the former editor of the journal Neuron has pointed out that carbon nanotubes are so slender that a bundle of a million of them could be inserted into the blood stream and steered into the brain, giving us a nearly 10,000-fold increase in neural bandwidth, without any brain surgery at all.

Even so, we’re a long way from having such a device. We don’t actually know how long it’ll take to make the breakthroughs in the hardware to boost precision and remove the need for highly invasive surgery. Maybe it’ll take decades. Maybe it’ll take more than a century, and in that time, direct neural implants will be something that only those with a handicap or brain damage find worth the risk to reward. Or maybe the breakthroughs will come in the next ten or twenty years, and the world will change faster. DARPA is certainly pushing fast and hard.

Will we be ready? I, for one, am enthusiastic. There’ll be problems. Lots of them. There’ll be policy and privacy and security and civil rights challenges. But just as we see today’s digital technology of Twitter and Facebook and camera-equipped mobile phones boosting freedom around the world, and boosting the ability of people to connect to one another, I think we’ll see much more positive than negative if we ever get to direct neural interfaces.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing novels about them. Just to get us ready.


feather bar

AbZu comments:

The Ultimate Interface: Consciousness.

The transhumanist agenda is fueled by Beings who fail to understand the Consciousness of “Matter”, either via ignorance or willful intent. No matter how “advanced” they believe the technology employed may be, it is a primitive attempt compared with what shall soon unfold. We are entering a new Age of Miracles. Many humans, 100 years ago, who could witness what is currently “familiar reality” would have called it science fiction. Reality is truly much stranger than science fiction because it is beyond imagination. The realm of the Ineffable surrounds us and can be contacted by Consciousness … beyond Mind.

Matter and Consciousness: How Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer.” – NassimHaramein

Healing The Earth Without Government by Wes Annac




Some of us are convinced this is one of the only ways to restore the world to its once pristine condition, but it isn’t. Like we’ve been exploring in this segment, there are plenty of big and small things we can do to heal the earth and we don’t need to get the elite’s attention to do them.

It’s unfortunate that they’re at the top of a political pyramid of their own design, and they’ve put themselves in the powerful positions that enable them to decide what is and isn’t done for the sake of the earth.

A lot of our politicians are in bed with the corporations who are hurting the earth and they won’t think twice before they work in those corporations’ interests, so for the most part, we can’t count on our government or anyone in a position of political influence to enact legislation that’ll help the earth.

They might pass laws that look good on paper, but there’s always some kind of catch that diminishes the laws’ value or effectiveness.

We have to rely on ourselves and each other to save the world, and this makes it more important to do what we can to make life better for our planet and everyone on it. We have to ask ourselves what lifestyle changes we can make to sustain the earth, and we obviously can’t be selfish anymore.

By ‘being selfish’ I mean embodying the self-serving quality that causes us not to think about how our actions impact the world or even the people around us.

A lack of selfishness is usually filled by a desire to openheartedly serve others and question how our actions affect them and this beautiful world of ours, so we’ll want to diminish our tendency to think only about ourselves. In its place can be a relentless desire to help others.

As strange as it sounds, helping other people throughout the day actually helps the earth. This segment is mostly centered on what we can do to help the environment, but true planetary healing doesn’t just result from environmental initiatives – it also results from the things we do to keep our minds open, stay aligned with love and make other people’s lives easier.

There’s a lot we can do beyond protecting the environment, even though it’s one of the most important aspects of the earth’s restoration. We can find a quiet place in nature to meditate at a few times a week, and as we do, we can envision all the poisons that have seeped into the earth’s ground being cleaned.

We can envision waters that have been poisoned by oil being cleaned, and the animals who’ve come close to death being cured. We can help the animals who have died as a result of our environmental destruction receive soul-level healing and move beyond their trauma.

We can envision a planet that’s loved and respected by its people, and we can meditate on what we should do to make all these changes happen. The rational world would obviously criticize the idea of using meditation, visualization or a higher vibration to heal the earth, because most people think these things have little to do with actual, concrete action.

Visualization alone might not create the changes we want to see, unless everyone does it together. It’s a lot more powerful than most people give it credit for, however, because they’re still unaware of spirituality or the idea that we can use spirit, meditation, visualization, etc. to make real and lasting changes.

It’s important to remember that this reality, however dense or spiritually suffocating at times, is just as spiritual as any higher realm. Nothing about this reality makes it spiritually suffocating beyond the things people have done to it, and we can reverse the selfish, unaware actions of man by embracing spirituality and selflessness.

This reality is as spiritual or non-spiritual as we let it be, and if we tap into our greater spiritual abilities and collectively use them for the earth’s benefit, we might be surprised at what we achieve. Those of you who follow David Wilcock probably know about the meditation effect, and I’ll explain it briefly here.

The meditation effect is something groundbreaking that happens when large numbers of people get together in groups all around the world to meditate, thereby raising the collective vibration. Around the time of one particular worldwide meditation, terrorism was found to be reduced by over 50%.

Large groups of people meditating all around the globe caused a significant reduction in terrorism, and if we all got together and utilized our spiritual abilities to heal the earth, we could very well make some changes.

I think the earth relies on us to get together and meditate on its restoration. It also relies on us to take direct, social action, but neither avenues are complete without each other. Activism’s a great, direct way to raise awareness and create change, but it’s incomplete if we can’t help the earth from the spiritual side of the veil too.

Meditating on change is a great way to fix things on the spiritual side, but it’s incomplete if we practice it without doing anything to raise awareness among the general public. Both of these things combined will help our cause significantly, but we have to embrace them both before we can know for sure.

In conclusion, we can’t rely on our governments to fix the mess they’re partially responsible for, and we certainly can’t rely on the corporations who have our governments in their pockets. We have to rely on each other and our spirituality to heal the world, and as long as we’re aligned and genuine in our intent, making change might actually be easy.

Everything’s hard at first, but with dedication and consistency, it always gets easier. We’ll want to stay socially and spiritually dedicated if we want to restore the world to its former condition, and relying on each other will be more helpful than turning to the forces who require our complacent allegiance to thrive.

We have all the power, and we can heal this world as quickly as it was hurt – we just have to realize it and get to work with love in our hearts and dedication in our minds.



Computers with consciousness: Stanley Kubrick

HAL 9000


by Jon Rappoport

January 29, 2015

Computers have as much consciousness as cars or concrete. This will not change. They’re machines.

They can be programmed to follow directions and calculate certain kinds of solutions within those directed parameters. That’s it. That’s the beginning and end of the story.

Why do some technocrats believe computers will gain actual consciousness?

They think a) the brain is a machine that expresses consciousness via information processing, and b) information processing is all the consciousness there is.

To sum up, technocrats are high-IQ idiots.

You can assemble all the information in the world and cross-reference it 100 billion different ways; you can solve pre-set problems with this information; you can turn the whole info package upside down, inside out, and sideways, and you’ll extract not one drop of consciousness.

Consciousness isn’t a function of the sophistication of a machine. You can put a face on the machine, and give it hair; you can provide arms and legs and feet and hands; you can make it speak; you can make it walk and run and fly. And you still have a machine. That’s all.

Likewise, you can freeze a brain at death, and 100 years later thaw it, place it in a body, wire it up, and you’ll have, at best, a machine. Most probably a poorly operating machine. No consciousness. Your Aunt Marigold will not return.

Why is this so hard to understand? Because there are people who are madly in love with machines. They prefer them to humans. They therefore want to believe machines are alive and have consciousness, choice, freedom, intelligence.

But here’s the real kicker. If people set aside the tons of propaganda about the brain being the source of consciousness, they’re left with a gaping mystery. A hole. They don’t know where to turn. They can’t fall back on “science.”

What’s staring them in the face is: consciousness is non-material. It isn’t made out of electrons and protons and nuclei and quarks and mesons and wavicles. It never was, and it never will be.

Neither is imagination or creative power. Those capabilities aren’t “made out of matter.”

At a certain level, the Newtonian world of push-pull and the quantum world of entanglement are left behind in the rear-view mirror.

They don’t explain the core of what you are or I am.

The shuck and jive about hooking human brains up to a super-duper computer and producing new consciousness (“The Singularity”) is a fairy tale for gullible doofuses.

Why do I keep hammering on this subject? Because the 21st century is the century of the brain. In research labs all over the world, neuroscientists are working on ways to alter the brain, program it. Control it. The think they have the right to do that because, for them, consciousness doesn’t really exist.

There are myriad ideologies on this planet that base their operations on the notion of The Group, the mass, the collective, and they fervently want to wipe out the idea of the free individual, the individual with power, with imagination, with creative force. Which means they want to wipe out consciousness, because consciousness rests with the individual.

These ideologues are grotesque.

You want to see the true consequences of Sandy Hook, the Aurora Theater, the Boston Marathon? Go back and watch Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, if you can handle it. It’s all there: the seeds of reprogramming the human so he is quiescent, agreeable, peaceful, obedient, controlled.

To justify the overall operation, they always pick the “madman, the mass murderer.” This is their way in. This is their hook. “We must re-condition the outlaw and save him and save us from him…”

Go back and watch Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the middle of some preposterous nonsense about “the monolith” that holds the key to advanced evolution, there’s a very compelling story about one man, Bowman, who, aboard his ship, dismantles the master computer, Hal, and takes over his own destiny.

Hal is the ultimate computer who appears to be human. He talks the talk all the way. He feels, he tries to survive, he wants to help.

But none of that is true. Hal is a machine. Hal is programmed (or misprogrammed) to block the mission, to destroy it, to destroy Bowman, who as it turns out, is on a voyage to greater consciousness.

Yes, the monolith, a kind of multidimensional device, finally gives Bowman that consciousness…but that’s a literary ploy for a generation of emerging tech heads and LSD heads in the audience: the high-IQ yokels.

At the core, the story is actually about one individual who goes beyond the machine, and finds out who he is and how much power he actually has.

Against him is arrayed the total technological sophistication of civilization: systems, organizations, bureaucracies, official scientists.

The 21st century is the century of the brain. Mapping it, changing it, diverting it, taking it over. On behalf of The Group.

Exit From the Matrix

For the past 13 years, at this site, and for many years before that, my work has been about preserving the primacy of the individual. But not just preserving. Expanding. Taking the blinders off. Discovering what the individual can do with imagination, with creative-force.

A criminal class is busy inventing reality for us. They’ve been doing it since the dawn of time. They assert THEIR creations as the only ones that count. They insist on being the monopolists of imagination.

But the imagination and creative power of the non-criminal, free, independent individual is potentially titanic. It goes far beyond this cartoon of a society in which we presently live.

This society is bent on circumscribing and diluting consciousness of that individual power.

Who says yes to that? Who says no?

There is an eternal no. It can only come from the individual.

Jon Rappoport


++ “Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer.” ~ Nassim Haramein

Artificial Intelligence, Really, Is Pseudo-Intelligence

cyber man



One reason I’m not worried about the possibility that we will soon make machines that are smarter than us, is that we haven’t managed to make machines until now that are smart at all. Artificial intelligence isn’t synthetic intelligence: It’s pseudo-intelligence.
This really ought to be obvious. Clocks may keep time, but they don’t know what time it is. And strictly speaking, it is we who use them to tell time. But the same is true of Watson, the IBM supercomputer that supposedly played Jeopardy! and dominated the human competition. Watson answered no questions. It participated in no competition. It didn’t do anything. All the doing was on our side. We played Jeapordy! with Watson. We used “it” the way we use clocks.
Philosophers and biologists like to compare the living organism to a machine. And once that’s on the table, we are lead to wonder whether various kinds of human-made machines could have minds like ours, too.
But it’s striking that even the simplest forms of life — the amoeba, for example — exhibit an intelligence, an autonomy, an originality, that far outstrips even the most powerful computers. A single cell has a life story; it turns the medium in which it finds itself into an environment and it organizes that environment into a place of value. It seeks nourishment. It makes itself — and in making itself it introduces meaning into the universe.
Now, admittedly, unicellular organisms are not very bright — but they are smarter than clocks and supercomputers. For they possess the rudimentary beginnings of that driven, active, compelling engagement that we call life and that we call mind. Machines don’t have information. We process information with them. But the amoeba does have information — it gathers it, it manufactures it.
I’ll start worrying about the singularity when IBM has made machines that exhibit the agency and awareness of an amoeba.
There is another sense, though, in which we hit the singularity long ago. We don’t make smart machines and we don’t make machines likely to be smarter than us. But we do make ourselves smarter and more flexible and more capable through our machines and other technologies. Clothing, language, pictures, writing, the abacus and so on. Each of these has not only expanded us but has altered us, making us into something we were not before. And this process of making and remaking, or extending and transforming, is as old as our species.
In a sense, then, we’ve always been trans-human, more than human, or more than merely biological. Or rather, our biology as always been technology-enriched and more than merely flesh and blood.
We carry on the process that begins with the amoeba. Watson is our achievement. Its pseudo-intelligence is our genuine, 100 percent novel intelligence.

Alva Noë is a philosopher at the University of California at Berkeley where he writes and teaches about perception, consciousness and art. You can keep up with more of what Alva is thinking on Facebook and on Twitter: @alvanoe
Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.






By JC Collins


Update:  Jay over at Jay’s Analysis has expanded on the idea formulated here in a way that only he could.  For those seeking a deeper understanding of this concept, and much more, I would seriously suggest reading his post titled Plato, Crystals, Dimensions and Artificial Intelligence.  It may remind some readers of our comparison between prisms and the force we reference as Lucifer, with Lucifer representing “knowledge corrupted” in the material world.  – JC

In this post we will branch out from straight economics and delve into an area of study which can help broaden our understanding of the bigger picture. There are many patterns and processes taking place around us everyday and most go unnoticed by the masses.  What we consider to be entertainment and technology meant to benefit us, are really cleverly disguised methods of data pooling and trending for a purpose which may not be easily understood or accepted.

It is well considered and acknowledged that the disorganized masses are subjected to a method of mass communication which attempts to condition and engineer the socioeconomic and cultural memes that litter the collective consciousness. The injection points for this mass communication are designed to transfer a message across the social spectrum which ensures full coverage on all levels.

These injection points are the numerous social media applications and the broader internet in general, as well as television, radio, and all other methods of communication, including magazines and newspapers, as well as mass market books and educational curriculums.

Most of these injection points for mass communication are one way and are unable to send information back.  Some, like social media and other internet based applications, are bi-directional and provide a method of sending information back to a source data base.

It is important to understand that debit cards, credit cards, and group club cards are a one way mass communication, but in reverse as it sends large amounts of data back to a source data base.

For our purposes here we can consider mass communication to be the bi-lateral transfer of conscious information and data from which strategy and purpose are both implemented and trended.

In his 1995 work titled Artificial Neuroconsciousness, Igor Aleksander defined Synthetic Consciousness as “that which would have to be synthesized were consciousness to be found in an engineered artifact”.

This definition is extremely important to fully understand the direction which humanity is being moved and conditioned. As with the construction and implementation of the multilateral financial system, the level of engineering taking place on the socioeconomic front is mindboggling for the average person to comprehend. So entrapped are we within the construct of make believe culture that the obvious nature, strategy, and purpose of the bi-directional mass communications which surround us are as indecipherable as Egyptian hieroglyphics.

In an article by Domenico Parisi titled Mental Robotics, the researcher from the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies states that the development of artificial intelligence is only one aspect, but the creation of artificial or synthetic consciousness presents a far broader challenge.  AI can replicate logic and reason but synthetic consciousness can bring organic “artifacts” that much closer to the act of creation which organic sentient beings practice through the act of subconscious manifestation.

Parisi refers to synthetic consciousness as “mental life” and suggests that in order for “mental life” to be realized, any “engineered artifact” should “have internal representations of sensory input in the absence of the input.”

From this statement we can discern that there is a need to manufacture a data base of consciousness from which “internal representations” can be developed.

It is my proposition that such social media applications as Facebook and Twitter, among many others, are methods of bi-directional mass communication meant to both condition the disorganized masses and propagate purposeful messages, as well as centralize and trend data points for the purpose of creating synthetic consciousness.

Looking specifically at Facebook we see an application from which the masses disseminate their own unique consciousness by way of “Likes” and daily “posts” about everything from how they are feeling, to what they are doing, with whom and where, to what appears to be silly tests which measure our cognitive aptitudes and conscious parameters. We give this information away for free in return for child like answers which entertain us.

All of this data from applications like Facebook are pooled and trended. From there that information is further centralized and consolidated with additional information about us, such as our spending habits, reading and entertainment proclivities, online viewing patterns, health records, educational records, etc…

All of this information is collected and trended on a micro individual level and then further collected and trended on a macro level from which a synthetic consciousness is being engineered.  This SC is intended to represent the broad spectrum of human consciousness which is why its development requires as many injection points as possible.

It is estimated that there are over a billion people on Facebook.

Such technological “pioneers as Facebook founder (?) Mark Zuckerberg and PayPal co-founder (?) Elon Musk are heavily invested in the development and creation of AI and synthetic consciousness.

There is a broad movement in popular culture which is conditioning the masses to accept the reality of Transhumanism, the blending of human organics and robotics. The goal of Transhumanism is transcendence, or the attempts made by man to detach consciousness from the perceived prison of the material world.

The ultimate purpose of man is expressed in the great works of the ages and has been represented throughout human history in the teachings of the mystery schools.  This purpose is a process, or journey, considered to be the stairway to heaven, Jacobs Ladder, the holy grail, the golden fleece, and all other suggested alchemical transformations. It is the process of turning the physical man, being the base metal, into the immortal physical man, represented as gold.

There is a very real spiritual journey here where man is to return to the source from whence he originated, but it requires much sacrifice and discipline to complete the journey. We are covering the aspects of this journey in The Grand Man series.

The human propensity for corrupting all things is paramount in the transcendence movement as it represents a corruption of the process from the real and tangible spiritual journey which each human is to eventually complete. Man is attempting a two pronged approach to achieving this bypass and corruption.

One is through transferring independent consciousness into a constructed system, as told in the movie Transcendence, and the other is to create a synthetic consciousness which can be the full and conclusive extension of real human consciousness. Neither will work as both are a corruption of the process and does into take into account the universal connection between matter and consciousness.

Consciousness creates matter as a representation of itself, but detached from whole matter and each fragment of consciousness will wither and die like leaves and branches on a tree.

One possible purpose for creating AI and SC is to achieve a deeper and longer space exploration program.  Though it is not a theory which is widely known, if at all, it is likely that consciousness is rooted in the originating planet and will progressively fragment the further its host artifact travels away from that planet.

This discussion can continue into a wide range of varying topics, all with equal intrigue and fascination. But what we can take from this information is that there is a much larger process of cultural and socioeconomic engineering taking place than we can possibly imagine.  The construction of a multilateral financial system and the methodology being used to implement it are only one small segment of something which is intending to direct and design humanities future. – JC



Thoughts On The Transhuministic Agenda ~~ AbZu



Posts published on my blog are based on my personal interests which I have decided to share with other fractals of Consciousness that may resonate with the information, however, that does not imply that I agree with all that is posted. Concerning the current fascination with the transhumanistic agenda, I would like to clarify my personal  opinion regarding this thought form and do my utmost to dispel the “negative” associations related to this subject.

We are all fractals of one Consciousness and co-creators of the continuous creation of this universe an aspect of the Omniverse.  Many of the current thought forms involved in the development of the transhuministic agenda are of Archon origin. Perpetuating the 3D dualistic paradigm and  devoid of any considerations of the new transitions in Multi-Dimensional levels of Consciousness towards Lumanity and that the human body is a projection of Consciousness.  We are in essence Photonic Humans. Advanced galactic civilizations that are thousands or millions of years more advanced than ours, I believe are so in Consciousness and thus control energy and “matter” beyond the limitions of our current knowledge. The projection of humanity into a super-robotic future without regards to the true Spiritual Nature of Humans is a failed thought form and should be viewed with great discernment and understanding of the current events that ARE unfolding. The current “advancements” in this field are simply in a  transitory phase. Thus, the reply to “Which New Technology Will Win the Race to Repair and Replace Our Organs?” is clear : Consciousness.

There is a silly story that I like to repeat often which has a Sufi quality that should not be dismissed lightly:

There are two friends walking along a country road during a moon-lit night and one looks to the other and asks: “What do you think is further away. The moon or Miami.”

The friend replies: “DUH !!! Can you see Miami ?”


*Information is to be shared, not owned: permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered. ~~ AbZu

Which New Technology Will Win the Race to Repair and Replace Our Organs?



An extraordinary competition is underway—one that could be more impactful to the human species than any other technological rivalry to come before it. Soon, the radical concept of substantially improving or outright replacing our organs is going to be commonplace.

Globally, organ failure is a leading cause of death. But transplantable organs are in far too short of a supply around the world to help many in need—even former Vice President Dick Cheney had to wait 20 months to get his new heart.

Various methodologies, technologies, and even spiritual and philosophical preferences are dividing up this human upgrade quest. Companies are launching into the field, hoping to create the dominant longevity tech that people in the near future will use to live to 150 and beyond. Many futurists believe each of our major body parts will likely one day be replaced or significantly modified by extreme science and technology.

Recently, I wrote about the growing use of artificial hearts and optimistically predicted in 10 years robotic hearts may be equal or better than human hearts. On September 5th, a revolutionary new robotic heart—the Carmat heart—was fitted into a patient in France. According to the AFP, French Health Minister Mariso Touraine said, “This intervention confirms that heart transplant procedures are entering a new era.”

While researching artificial hearts, however, I was surprised to learn that healing damaged organs with stem cells or growing new organs outright may end up beating the creation of artificial organs to the marketplace.

Right away, I realized one of the great races of the 21st century might already be underway.

The technological rivalries of the 20th century have long fascinated people. The evolution of the transportation industry: cars vs. trains vs. airplanes. Or what about Bill Gates’ infamous tactics against Apple and IBM to establish Microsoft Windows as the dominant operating system in the world?

The healthcare industry has rarely had such a publicized competition, as most innovation was isolated to its own specific causes and needs. But the modern world of invention is now more connected than ever.

Hardly any major new science or tech emerges without WiFi capabilities, or microchip processors, or something synthetic. For example, robotic limbs are connecting to the nervous system. Chip implants can release hormones in the body. And exoskeletons are helping the disabled walk.

The synergies of this interconnected world are stronger than ever. Coders, engineers, and biologists often work hand in hand, all in the same lab.

“There’s no longer this big divide between medicine and technology,” says Gray Scott, a futurist and co-executive producer of upcoming documentary The Future of Work and Death. “We are increasingly becoming cyborg-like beings. We are becoming literally what we create. Biology, physics, and technology are evolving towards one-and-the-same-thing.”


So which approaches are worth watching in the race to repair and replace our organs? While there is no single dominant method yet, I’m keeping an eye on three technologies: robotics, stem cells, and 3D-printed organs.

Diehard robotics fans believe the future lies entirely in becoming machines. Indeed, I agree that the long-term future will be dominated by robotics and then later by mind uploading, where no biological organs are used at all.

But not everyone will sign up for such radical technology in their lives.

Some people, for spiritual or philosophical reasons and preferences, may not want such extreme transformation, especially in the near term, while it takes society time to adjust to the strange but inevitable transhumanist age.

In the next five years, those people may be able to have it all. New stem cell technology will likely outpace the creation of robotic body parts for human use.

In the UK, a major study of 3,000 patients is underway to determine if injecting stem cells into heart attack-damaged hearts will speed recovery and lengthen lives. Early results are positive, giving experts hope that injected stem cells (taken from patients’ hips in the UK study) might offer a simple solution to healing damaged organs in the body.

In another independent study, damaged hearts in monkeys were given stem cell injections that also showed significant improved organ usage after the treatment. Also, doctors in Japan are beginning to test using induced pluripotent stem cells to fight macular degeneration. Induced pluripotent stem cells are produced from adult cells, unlike embryonic stem cells.


More fascinating is the possibility of growing or even 3D printing organs (or bioprinting as it’s called) in the lab. For years now, scientists have engineered very minor parts of the body in laboratories, such as organ tissue. But now they have devised methods and devices that can create more complex cellular structures. For example, CNN reports that “last year a 2-year-old girl in Illinois, born without a trachea, received a windpipe built with her own stem cells.” The trachea was first constructed with plastic fibers and then stem cells were later meshed with it to create the respiratory organ.

One company, Organovo, a California start-up, has also had success in 3D printing tiny strips of human liver. These may be used to test new drugs. But one day they hope to produce a fully functioning liver for commercial purposes. And a team from the University of Louisville in Kentucky has also had some success printing human heart valves and small veins earlier this year, according to AP.

If this all sounds a bit far-fetched, it’s because it is so outside our realm of experience. Many people’s immediate reaction to such radical technology is fear. However, experts think such tech and its acceptance in the future will be determined more by need than anything else.

People tend to cling onto their preferences until their health significantly deteriorates. In a life and death medical situation, most people opt to go with what will save their life and enable them to be healthy again.

Companies creating radical new medical tech, such as entire synthetic organs, are profoundly aware of this. They hope to sidestep some controversy by focusing on the human aspects of their innovations—such as how artificial organs might grant more time with grandchildren and loved ones—and not whether the organ was grown, printed, or created in a factory.

At the end of the day, for most people, being healthy, productive, and having the ability to spend time with loved ones is what remains most important. In this way, no matter what technology or field of science wins the competition to build the best organs—flesh, machine, or a mixture of both—we are all winners.



Thoughts On The Transhuministic Agenda ~~ AbZu




Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm Receives FDA Approval !

A mind-controlled prosthetic limb called the DEKA arm recently became the first prosthetic of its kind to receive FDA approval.

The limb which is approximately the same weight and size of an adult arm was created by a company founded by Dean Kamen, the man who invented the Segway.

The DEKA arm is controlled by electromyogram electrodes placed on the remaining portion of the human arm which utilize electric signals from muscle movements in the upper arm as wells as computer manuevers programmed into the limb itself.

DARPA has invested upwards of $40 million into the development of the DEKA arm and the FDA is claiming it the the first prosthetic arm controlled by electric signals that can accomplish multiple, robotically-powered movements at once.

With the approval from the FDA, the next step for the DEKA arm is to seek out a manufacturer capable of efficiently producing the prosthetic limbs in order to get them out to people in need.



Gennady Stolyarov on Transhumanism, Google Glass, Kurzweil and Singularity


The Guardian Liberty Voice conducted an online interview with prominent transhumanist and author Gennady Stolyarov. Stolyarov recently wrapped up a campaign to raise money for distribution of his children’s book Death Is Wrong to children across the U.S. After learning of his campaign, GLV was inspired to delve deeper into the issues of transhumanism and the Singularity from the perspective of those who have have concerns about how future technologies will affect our lives. We also asked Stolyarov about Google Glass and chief engineer at Google, Ray Kurzweil. Stolyarov gave tremendous insight into these issues and more.

GLV:  Google chief engineer Ray Kurzweil is a transhumanist. He is working toward the Singularity and the day when computers become smarter than people. Many people have grave concerns about the safety of this. Do you know what steps are being taken to ensure that when AI intelligence supersedes human intelligence, that we will be able to control it, and/or that it will definitely be benign?

Stolyarov: I would question the ethics of attempting to “control” an intelligence that is truly sentient, conscious, and distinct from human intelligence. Would this not be akin to enslaving such an intelligence? As regards the intelligence being benign, there is no way today to ensure that any human intelligence will be benign either, but the solution to this is not to limit human intelligence. Rather, the solution is to provide external disincentives to harmful actions. Any genuinely autonomous intelligence should be recognized to have the same rights as humans (e.g., rights to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc.) while also being subject to the same prohibitions on initiating force against any other rights-bearing entity. Furthermore, I think it is not correct to assume that intelligent AI would have any reasons to be hostile toward humans. For a more detailed elaboration, I would recommend the article “The Hawking Fallacy” by Singularity Utopia:  Here is a relevant excerpt: “Artificial intelligence capable of outsmarting humans will not need to dominate humans. Vastly easier possibilities for resource mining exist in the asteroid belt and beyond. The universe is big. The universe is a tremendously rich place.” The fact that humans evolved from fiercely competitive animals that often viewed the world in a zero-sum manner, does not mean that non-human intelligence will possess inclinations toward zero-sum thinking. Greater intelligence tends to correspond to greater morality (since rational thinking can avoid many sub-optimal and harmful choices), so intelligence itself, in any entity, can go a long way toward preventing violence and destruction.

GLV: What steps are being taken to ensure that people’s privacy will be protected if we merge with machines?

Stolyarov: Many people have already merged with machines in the form of prosthetic limbs, artificial organs, hearing aids, and even more ubiquitous external devices that help augment human memory or protect us from the elements. Almost none of these devices pose privacy concerns, any more than just being out in public would pose such concerns. I think virtually every technologist recognizes, for example, that having an artificial heart that is connected to an open network and whose configuration could potentially be directly altered by another user, would probably not be a good idea. The biggest protection of privacy in this area is common sense in how the technologies would be designed and deployed. Merger with machines is already a reality today, and the machines are genuinely part of us. As long as a system of private property remains, and the machines that augment an individual are considered that individual’s property and remain physically under that individual’s control, I think privacy is not diminished in any way. Consumer demand is also important to consider. Very few consumers would agree to purchase any kind of machine augmentation if they saw it to have severe risks to their privacy.

GLV: What steps are being taken to ensure that this new technology that will exist in the body will definitely not be vulnerable to hackers?

Stolyarov: While 100% guarantees do not exist in most areas of life, the design of any given technology can reduce its potential to be hacked. I would expect that any technology that exists in the body and needs to electronically communicate with other devices for any reason would do so using some sort of end-to-end encryption of the signal to prevent its interception by external parties. Also, it is important to keep in mind that such devices, if they communicate, would do so over channels that are distinct from those available to the general public. I do not think any inventor would design an organ that communicated with another device using the Internet that you and I use to communicate via e-mail. They would have their own dedicated, closed network on which they would send encrypted signals.

GLV: What is to become of people who want to opt out of merging with machines? Or people who want to opt out of any further technology? How can the leaders of transhumanism promise that people who want to remain human will not be discriminated against or be viewed as second class citizens?

Stolyarov: Transhumanists do not oppose those who wish to personally opt out of any technologies – including the Amish who reject many technologies that are less than 100 years old. While transhumanists might seek to voluntarily persuade others to adopt life-enhancing technologies, I am not aware of any transhumanist who seriously wishes to impose by force technologies that people would not wish to use. Politically, most transhumanists are either libertarians or left-progressives; both persuasions value personal choice and lifestyle freedom quite highly. In a transhumanist world, people will continue to have the ability to live as they please, though many of them would be drawn to the new technologies because of the improvements to quality of life, productivity, and available time that these technologies would bring. Simply protecting individual rights and free speech while letting consumer preferences motivate decisions by producers would produce an outcome that respects everybody.

GLV: Similarly, what if someone is unable to afford certain technologies? How can they be assured they will still have equitable access to everything they desire about the way their lives are currently?

Stolyarov: Technologies tend to follow a rapid evolution from being initially expensive and unreliable to being cheap and ubiquitous. Computers, cell phones, and the Internet followed this trajectory, for instance. There has not been a single technology in recent history that has remained an exclusive preserve of the wealthy, even though many technologies started out that way. Ray Kurzweil writes in his FAQ regarding his book The Singularity is Near(, “Technologies start out affordable only by the wealthy, but at this stage, they actually don’t work very well. At the next stage, they’re merely expensive, and work a bit better. Then they work quite well and are inexpensive. Ultimately, they’re almost free. Cell phones are now at the inexpensive stage. There are countries in Asia where most people were pushing a plow fifteen years ago, yet now have thriving information economies and most people have a cell phone. This progression from early adoption of unaffordable technologies that don’t work well to late adoption of refined technologies that are very inexpensive is currently a decade-long process. But that too will accelerate. Ten years from now, this will be a five year progression, and twenty years from now it will be only a two- to three-year lag.”

GLV: Ray Kurzweil says he wants everyone to exist in virtual environments in the future. What if someone doesn’t want to exist in a virtual environment? Do we have assurances that our real environments won’t be taken away to somehow make room for virtual ones?

Stolyarov: I think it is impractical to wholly exist in a virtual environment, because any virtual environment has a physical underpinning, and it would be imprudent to completely distance oneself from that underpinning (as some sort of body – biological or artificial – would still have to exist in the physical world). Virtual environments would be places one could visit and stay for a while, but not too long, and not without breaks. Data storage is becoming exponentially cheaper and more compact by the year. By the time Ray Kurzweil’s vision could be realized, vast virtual environments would be hosted in less than the area of a room. No significant amounts of physical space would be compromised in any way. Indeed, if more people spend more time in virtual environments, then physical environments would become less crowded and more convenient to navigate for those who choose to primarily spend time in them.

GLV: What about population control? Resources?

Stolyarov: There is actually no shortage of resources even today to give everyone a decent standard of living; the problems lie in flawed political and economic systems that prevent resources from being effectively utilized and from reaching everyone. Overpopulation is not and will not be a significant problem. Max More provides an excellent, thorough discussion of this in his 2005 essay, “Superlongevity Without Overpopulation” - He also notes S. J. Olshansky’s finding that even “if we achieved immortality today, the growth rate of the population would be less than what we observed during the post World War II baby boom” – so humans have already been in a similar situation and have come out more prosperous than ever before. As regards resources more generally, Julian Simon made excellent arguments in his free online book The Ultimate Resource II (1998) – –  that resources are not fixed; they are a function of human creativity and technological ability. Yesterday’s pollutants and waste products can be today’s useful resources, and we will learn how to harness even more materials in the coming decades in order to enable us to continue improving standards of living.

GLV: Kurzweil says he is working on technology to bring people back from the dead. What if people do not wish to be brought back from the dead? What if they would not have given permission to have an avatar created of themself? Some people think that Kurzweil seems to have no concept of the word “ethics.” What are your thoughts on this?

People who are “brought back” from the dead or avatars of people who have died would not have the continuity of the experience of the dead person. They would not have the same “I-ness” as that of the person who died (though they may have a new “I-ness” and therefore be autonomous individuals in their own right). Therefore, the process of creating a person that resembles somebody who has died can be best thought as creating a new individual who has similar memories, personality traits, etc. This person may have his/her own ideas about whether he/she wants to live, irrespective of any wishes of the person who died previously, who would not be the same person. For more details on this, I recommend my 2010 essay “How Can I Live Forever?: What Does and Does Not Preserve the Self” – In particular, I recommend the section titled “Reanimation After Full Death”.

GLV: Do you know anything about the transhumanists who have rented space in floating facilities at sea so they can work on experiments outside the jurisdiction of any regulatory body?

Stolyarov: I am not aware of any experiments by transhumanists on floating facilities at present. To my knowledge, the implementation of seasteading ( – the creation of such modular floating facilities – is still years away. However, I am entirely in support of the idea that such experiments ought to take place among fully willing participants. For instance, if a terminally ill patient would like to try saving his or her life through an experimental therapy, I think it is immoral for any government authority to stand in the way of what could be that person’s last chance at life.

GLV: Many people find Google Glass to be repulsive and would be deeply offended at anyone who was wearing it while speaking to them. Similarly, many feel deeply offended when people look at their phones while speaking with them. Many find this to be  rude and an abomination. How will those people be assured that they will still be able to have organic, real, in-depth human interaction with others without machine intrusion should the Singularity come to pass?

Stolyarov: Google Glass does not need to be turned on or actively used when worn. As with any technology, norms of behavior around it would develop to make sure that meaningful interaction is possible in a variety of contexts. The solution is never to ban or restrict the use of the technology, but rather to develop and disseminate an understanding of acceptable etiquette that most people could agree on. I remember a time in the early 2000s when cell-phone etiquette was still not well-developed, and many people would interrupt their face-to-face conversations to take unexpected calls. I have observed that this is largely not done anymore; most people keep their phones in a silent or vibrate-only mode and will often wait to respond to a non-emergency call until a face-to-face discussion has concluded. I expect that similar etiquette will develop around Google Glass. There may be a few years of growing pains while the technology is new, but this is a very small price to pay for progress.

Interview by: Rebecca Savastio




It’s been a good month for miracles. And by miracles I mean our oldest miracle, that first miracle, the creation of life itself.

During these first weeks in May, two separate teams working at two separate institutions announced that when it comes to creating life from scratch, well, there are a couple of new gods in town.

Of course, if we’re talking about creating life from scratch, we most first mention the old gods, which is to say, this is when biologist Craig Venter comes into the discussion.

A few decades back, while he was working to read the human genome (i.e. the Human Genome Project), Venter also began wondering what it would take to write one. He wanted to know, “what does the minimal genome required for life look like?”

Back then, DNA synthesis technology was too crude and expensive to consider writing a minimum genome for life, but exponential advances in biotechnology obliterated these problems.  Consider “synthetic biology,” which moves the work from the molecular to the digital. In syn-bio, genetic code is manipulated using the equivalent of a word processor. With the press of a button, DNA can be cut and pasted, effortlessly imported from one species into another. Single letters can be swapped in and out with precision. And once the code looks right? Just hit send. A dozen different DNA print shops can now turn these bits into biology.

DNA replication or DNA synthesis is the process of copying a double-stranded DNA molecule. This process is paramount to all life as we know it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In May of 2010, with the help of these new tools, Venter answered his question: creating the world’s first self-replicating, synthetic chromosome.

To pull this off, he used a computer to design a novel bacterial genome (over a million base pairs in total). Once the design was complete, the code was emailed to Blue Heron Biotechnology, who specializes in synthesizing DNA from digital blueprints. Blue Heron took Venter’s blueprint and returned a vial filled with freeze-dried strands of the DNA. Just as one might load an operating system into a computer, Venter inserted the synthetic DNA into a host bacterial cell that had been emptied of its own DNA. Soon, the cell “booted up,” that is, began generating proteins, starting to metabolize, grow, and, most importantly, divide. One cell became two, two became four, four became eight. And each new cell carried only Venter’s synthetic instructions. For all practical purposes, it was an altogether new life form, created from scratch. Venter called it “the first self-replicating species we’ve had on the planet whose parent is a computer.”

This in itself was huge news—but it was also yesterday’s news.

This month, Autodesk, the design and engineering software company, booted up a synthetic bacteriophage—aka a virus—then 3-D printed the result.  What is a software design company doing in the virus business? “Well,” says Andrew Hessel, distinguished researcher, “we’re considering the possibility that you can write software for living things with bio-code (aka DNA).”

And the craziest part—Venter’s effort took five years of research, Autodesk, meanwhile, took two weeks and about $1000.

At roughly the same time this work was going on, over at Scripps Research Institute, in La Jolla, California, scientists succeeded in creating the very first organism with “alien” DNA, what the researchers involved called: “a semi-synthetic organism with an expanded genetic alphabet.”

Extreme Tech has a great description of the work:

“In normal DNA, which can be found within the genes of every organism, the twin strands of the double helix are bonded together with four bases, known as T, G, A, and C. In this new organism, the researchers added two new bases, X and Y, creating a new form of DNA that (as far as we know) has never occurred after billions of years of evolution on Earth or elsewhere in the universe. Remarkably, the semi-synthetic alien organism continued to reproduce normally, preserving the new alien DNA during reproduction.”

So what does all this mean going forward? Hard to say for sure. But one thing for certain, sooner or later, we’re going to need a new definition of the miraculous.

*For more of Steven’s work, check out his latest book, The Rise of Superman.



Transhumanists Beware ! Your Ideology is Being Hijacked


By Glyn Taylor


The transhumanist: What is the true definition, and what is its future? We are talking about the next stage of human evolution – the immortalisation of humanity; a future where human and machine are one in the same. The transhuman future is one of mass complexity. What happens when people try to idealise that future? When they try to strictly define the future of transhumanism, by attempting to own its very definition?

I argue that by hijacking the very definition of what it means to be a transhumanist, we are creating ideological identities, comparable to that of ancient traditionally conservative religions. I call these identities, ‘transhumanist cultural subgroups’. In an attempt to create movements that help to bring forth a safe transition into a transhuman future, we risk creating irrational ideologies that become resistant to changing their beliefs, even for reasons which are rational – because to do so, would be to betray the community to which they belong.

Rational TranshumanismThere are many factors which would be at play in the creation of a conservative transhuman ideology. What is important is that we recognise these factors, and do not get caught up in attempting to create communities through idealisation, while falling into the trap of ignorance. The potential ignorance of main concern are those relating to security – where we ignore potential security threats due to over optimistically supporting the speed of innovation.

Now is the perfect time to address the potential problems.

The popularity of transhumanism as an ideology has arguably been on an exponential rise since the 1990′s, as is most notable in the graph below. The graph displays the frequency of which the word transhumanism has featured in published books. I have displayed this graph to compare it to the use of the simple, more ideologically free word, transhuman.

Keyword Frequency in Books

Core Definition

By simple Oxford definition, transhumanism is defined as, “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology”. It is now thought to be pretty inevitable that it will one day be possible for humans to evolve beyond current physical and mental limitations. And so, the definition of a transhumanist should perhaps be limited to people who agree humanity should have the freedom to enhance themselves through technological means. I argue though that this is as far as the definition of a transhumanist should go.

Political scientist, Francis Fukuyama, describes transhumanism as the world’s most dangerous idea. Countering this, science writer Ronald Bailey asserts that it is a “movement that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative, and idealistic aspirations of humanity”.

What the above commenters fail to understand is that both arguments stand true. In humanities aspiration for transhuman evolution, we will face huge dangers. Failing to understand those dangers because of over optimism is just as dangerous as ignorantly fighting against innovation though pessimistic fear/paranoia.

I argue that the optimistic/pessimistic contrast has a charging effect for the calls for transhumanist defence/attack. This in effect encourages people to feel the need to define transhumanism beyond its pure definition. This will generally set those who are for and against transhumanism against one another, when instead they should be working together to create balance where rationality can thrive. Then we have additional motivations, be they cultural, religious or political.

Attempts to Own Transhumanism

We find ourselves asking – who are the transhumanists? What do we/they want? With the answer, we see the creation of new ideologies, cultures, religions and political agendas. In result, transhumanism becomes described as a movement. This has been noted in the definition given by Nick Bostrom, an Oxford University Philosopher, who says transhumanists are loosely defined as a movement. With multiple differing definitions though, given by multiple different organisations, we see the formation of multiple different movements with differing ideals – as I call, transhumanist cultural subgroups. However, this is rarely how it is described; when described as a movement, it is described as a singular movement.

The Transhumanist Declaration

Humanity+The main attempt at owning the definition came in 1998, with the first draft of the so called ‘Transhumanist Declaration’, which you can read here. It was drafted for the Humanity+ Non Profit Organisation (formally called, World Transhumanist Association), by an international group of 23 authors/academics, including Nick Bostrom. The declaration is essentially a list of principles. It leaves plenty of room for variation to suit different already existing cultures, and has no political agenda or religious leaning/exclusion. Through allowing pretty much any cultural group to adopt the declaration, it cannot be used to define the ideology of a transhumanist cultural subgroup – a more detailed definition would be needed. The declaration is beneficial as it allows people to officially subscribe to that particular declaration, as to not be potentially tainted by other variations of the transhumanist definition, of which may reflect badly on the person who calls themselves a transhumanist.

Transhumanist avatarThe downside is that it promotes a need to define a transhumanist agenda; other groups may one day write transhumanist declarations of their own, should they feel as though they are ideologically different to the Humanity+ organisation. Differing declarations would be another massive charging factor in the creation of traditional ideologies for transhumanist cultural subgroups; there will be the precedent for competition, and therefore to also defend ideologies, which acts to bind communities in the creation of cultural identities. These defencive ideologies are where we see the birth of the irrational maintenance of expiring traditions/policies.

Thankfully though, the H+ transhumanist declaration does not itself display any principles that would be incompatible with any cultural identity, and so does not in itself invite need for competition.

 Humanity+ Non Profit Organisation

Humanity+The Humanity+ organisation (H+) is by far the largest transhumanist movement globally. They have became almost synonymous with transhumanism itself. In the academic paper‘The problem of Transhumanism in the Light of Philosophy and Theology’, the author, Philippe Gagnon, describes H+ and transhumanism as one in the same thing. It is an easy mistake to make, simply due the the name H+ being such a perfect shorthand for transhumanism.

So far I have painted H+ favourably. However, I do see signs that they could inspire the formation of transhumanist cultural subgroups. On the H+ website, they describe transhumanism in more detail than they do in their transhumanist declaration. They call it a philosophy, in which subscribers “seek to live longer, stay healthier, and become smarter and even more physically fit”. This, I believe, is taking the definition too far, in an attempt to ‘own it’. A transhumanist may want to live longer than currently biologically possible, but may not want to be more physically fit than what is currently biologically normal. H+ even goes as far as to say, “we reject the entire idea of “supernatural””. I personally do not completely reject all ideas that may be defined as supernatural, though I do describe myself as a transhumanist. We see an immediate ideological incompatibility with spiritual religions. As result, we already see the need for some transhumanists to distance themselves from H+.

India Future Society

A more extreme example of owning the definition, comes from the India Future Society (IFS). They have a ‘test’ on their website, which it says will tell you if you are a transhumanist. This test features the question: “Do you believe women should not have the right to terminate their pregnancies?”. I see absolutely no way at all that agreeing or not will give any indication to a person’s transhuman persuasion. The other questions are more inline with transhuman issues, although are merely subsets of what a transhumanist might agree to. They appear to have developed a set of criteria that must be met for a person to be considered transhumanist.

Therefore, they become an example of an adapting transhumanist cultural subgroup. The criteria they set will set them apart from the criteria set by other transhumanist cultural subgroups.

Mormonism Merger

mormon transhumanist association logoThe idea of transhumanism has found an interesting advocate among the Mormon religious and cultural group. The compatibility of transhumanism and Mormonism has inspired the creation of the Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA). It is here that we see an example of a group creating its own version of transhumanist ideology, rather than attempting to ownthe original definition.

What is good about the MTA, is that they make it absolutely clear that their interpretation of transhumanism is not the only version of transhumanism. They do not claim that you must believe x and y to be a transhumanist, and become posthuman.

That doesn’t mean though that it is certain they will always be friendly with those who have differing views about transhuman evolution. Although, it seems that they are on a rational path, while being open to debate.

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) was founded by Nick Bostrom and James Hughes. It is a think tank and platform for debate about our transhuman future (among other related subjects). They describe themselves as technoprogressive,Word map IEET and clearly define where this places them on the political spectrum, with reference to particular policies. Although Kris Notaro, its managing director, is aself-identified anarcho-transhumanist, as an organisation they show clearly that they are open to the political balance between the left and right of the spectrum. They are therefore currently a perfect platform for political transhuman debate. Whether they will later show a more clear bias, is yet to be seen.

Anarcho-transhumanism or libertarian-transhumanism, is an anti-capitalist ideology, standing against a perceived oppression from the “elite” (big business). It will therefore invite opposition from capitalism. Studying the organisational structure of the IEET, we see strong links to H+ and the MTA. Sticking to the subject of owning the definition of transhumanism then – the IEET has huge influence. How they adapt as an organisation will have massive impacts on the platform for debate about the transhuman future.

To the Point


We are attempting to create our own groups, with our own ideological ideals. We are taking advantage of the youth of transhumanism by attempting to hijack the definition to suit our own agendas. The problem with that:

It is inevitable that we won’t always agree with each other on all of the upcoming ethical debates that will arise as we move into a transhuman future. What is important though is that we can all debate together as one non-biased and rational unit, in order to agree on best policies to suit all people, rather than one particular culture. The debate must be one where we all talk together about the best future for ‘us’, instead of one where all groups argue with one another about what is best future for themselves.

The foundations for this debate are already being built, for example, with the IEET. The foundations are tainted by anti-capitalism; however, they invite healthy debate with the capitalists, and are happy to voice the capitalist point of view, without the attachment of propaganda. We must focus on maintaining this healthy debate, with just as much passion as we apply to the debate itself.

transhuman DNAI have displayed some of the seeds currently visible, which could contribute to the development of more cult types of transhumanist cultural subgroups. I would not describe H+ or MTA as one of these cultural subgroups. The H+ transhumanism definition is though a perfect, yet relatively tame, example of a step in the wrong direction. What we see from many transhumanist organisations and their critics, is the creation of a set of rules that must be followed for you to be a member of the group you believe is contributing to a future in which you would like to live.

transhumanIn any social group, social ‘norms’ are developed. These norms become criteria for membership. Even if a person may disagree with certain position the group may take, they generally go along with it because it supports the togetherness of the group, whereby supporting the greater aims of the group, and securing the persons continued membership.

The problem with this, is that you now have groups that hold traditions, becoming resistant to change, resistant to new rational suggestions that may contradict any traditional elements of the groups ideology.

There are examples of groups which are resisting temptations to carve themselves into transhumanist cultural subgroups. Refreshingly, The UK Transhumanist Association define transhumanism in its purest form, and clearly distinguish where the line is that differing ideological and cultural elements begin to add their own bias. This clarity is essential for healthy debate. Those with the power to provide the platform for that debate, must not cross the line over where they could be described as a transhumanist cultural subgroup.

Evolution - human robots and cyborgs

The word ‘transhuman’ unites us just as the word human does. We already have enough ideological conflict on our planet. Evolution is about improvement: Help create a transhuman future that is based on rational debate. Don’t let the lour of powerful organisations, persuade you to ignore your critical thinking.


XNA is synthetic DNA that’s stronger than the real thing

by Robert T. Gonzalez


New research has brought us closer than ever to synthesizing entirely new forms of life. An international team of researchers has shown that artificial nucleic acids – called “XNAs” – can replicate and evolve, just like DNA and RNA.

We spoke to one of the researchers who made this breakthrough, to find out how it can affect everything from genetic research to the search for alien life.

The researchers, led by Philipp Holliger and Vitor Pinheiro, synthetic biologists at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK, say their findings have major implications in everything from biotherapeutics, to exobiology, to research into the origins of genetic information itself. This represents a huge breakthrough in the field of synthetic biology.

The “X” Stands for “Xeno”

Every organism on Earth relies on the same genetic building blocks: the the information carried in DNA. But there is another class of genetic building block called “XNA” — a synthetic polymer that can carry the same information as DNA, but with a different assemblage of molecules.

The “X” in XNA stands for “xeno.” Scientists use the xeno prefix to indicate that one of the ingredients typically found in the building blocks that make up RNA and DNA has been replaced by something different from what we find in nature — something “alien,” if you will.

Information Storage vs Evolution

But scientists have been synthesizing XNA molecules for well over a decade. What makes the findings of Pinheiro and his colleagues so compelling isn’t the XNA molecules themselves, it’s what they’ve shown these alien molecules are capable of, namely: replication and evolution.

“Any polymer can store information,” Pinheiro tells io9. What makes DNA and RNA unique, he says, “is that the information encoded in them [in the form of genes, for example] can be accessed and copied.” Information that can be copied from one genetic polymer to another can be propagated; and genetic information that can be propagated is the basis for heredity — the passage of traits from parent to offspring.

A Step Toward Novel Lifeforms

The implications of the team’s findings are numerous and far-reaching. For one thing, the study sheds significant light on the origins of life itself. In the past, investigations into XNA have been largely driven by the question of whether simpler genetic systems may have existed before the emergence of RNA and DNA; the fact that these XNAs appear to be capable of evolution adds to an ever-growing body of evidence of a genetic system predating DNA and RNA both.

Practical and therapeutic applications abound, as well. “The methodologies [we’ve developed] are a major step forward in enabling the development of nucleic acid treatments,” says Pinheiro. Natural nucleic acids [i.e. DNA and RNA] can be forced to evolve so that they bind tightly and specifically to specific molecular targets. The problem is that these nucleic acids are unsuitable for therapeutic use because they are rapidly broken down by enzymes called nucleases. As a result, these evolved nucleic acid treatments have a short lifespan and have a difficult time reaching their therapeutic targets.

To get around this, Pinheiro says medicinal chemistry is used to modify evolved DNA sequences in an attempt to create a functional molecule that can still bind to a therapeutic target but resist nuclease degradation. But doing this is tough:

“Overall, this leads to high cost and a high failure rate for potential therapies – there is still only a single licenced [nucleic acid-based] drug on the market (Macugen).”

But all six of the XNAs studied by Pinheiro and his team are stronger than regular DNA or RNA, in that they’re more resistant to degradation by biological nucleases.

As a result, these molecules would need little or no adaptation for therapeutic (or diagnostic) use. “Since these molecules can now be selected directly on XNA, medicinal chemistry should no longer be limiting,” says Pinheiro. You could select a suitable XNA for its biocompatibility and therapeutic potential, and not worry about having it rapidly degrade inside the body.

Pinheiro also says the outcome of the research could even have a strong impact on exobiology:

In my view, exobiology looks for life in regions it cannot physically visit. In that context, it searches for tell tale signs of life that can be remotely monitored but it has only life on Earth as examples to identify such suitable markers. Based on extant biology, DNA and RNA are good candidates for such a search. However, by showing that other nucleic acids can also store information, replicate and evolve, our research may force a rethink as to whether DNA and RNA are the most suitable tell tale signs of life.
Of course, nothing would call the indispensability of DNA- or RNA-based life into question more than the generation of an entirely synthetic, alternative life form, built from the ground up entirely by XNA. Such an organism would require XNA capable of driving its own replication, without the aid of any biological molecules. Pinheiro says that’s still a ways off. “Even in its simplest setup… it would be very challenging to develop an XNA system within a cell.” Such a system would require XNA capable of self-replication, and capable of undergoing evolution in a self-sustained manner.

That said, his team’s work represents a major step in the right direction. As the molecular machinery designed to manipulate XNAs grows, so, too, will the capacity for synthetic genetic systems to stand and operate on their own.

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