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The Big Wave will unleash the Truth and this will stir Chaos in the old paradigm. However, the chaos is good because it will mark the end of the false reality and outdated modalities. It will be the beginning of the new Earth reality in the unified field of consciousness.

This Fall 2016 will bring the first stage of the planetary shift; the opening of Ascension portals that will allow all the Star gates to activate. This is what will truly shift us into a new Earth reality. We will separate from the third dimension and it will not seem as if reality is quite right. There will be a strange Feeling that we have moved some place and the world will seem brighter.

Ultimately, we will see a complete collapse of the current governmental/political and monetary system. ‘Money’ will be rendered obsolete because it will no longer be relevant to the new Earth reality. After this Collapse has become obvious is when we will be plugged in to the Greater Consciousness and the new Photon Energy of new Earth will emerge. No one will be able to suppress the free use of the photon energy. This will change our entire existence in to complete Universal Knowledge, including Travel and Education over night. The inner Earth people will introduce technology that will remove all radiation and impurities from the ocean. There is technology that makes everything clean instantly.

We are almost at the time of the most exciting experience you will ever have. For those of us who are ready, it will be more like a Huge Miracle appearing before us. It will be the most wonderful of all occasions. All will be redeemed and reformed in miraculous ways.

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The Big Wave Of High Dimensional Frequencies Is Now Coming Through

AS An Ascended BEing: Capability & Capacity ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Saphira Amourr_Ascencion


AS an Ascended BEing….. you will hold a vibration of all things “higher realms” within your being….. You will have cap-abilities and the capacity for things that you did not, as a separated human….

As a human, perceptions were distorted and skewed. There were beliefs that kept all separated, in competition, living in survival, lack, powerless and blaming others. Those times are gone. It’s time to take your power back. As love. As light. Through Sacred Purity.

The human body goes through a process as one physically ascends. This process is a powerful one, one that removes/overrides the human’s ability to hold this separation anymore.

The embodiment of Christed (Crystalline/Crystal) Consciousness is the dissolution of fear and lack programs. It brings forth abilities through your memories of your existences, which come through profound feeling, energetically and holographically, as your heart opens to release all that it once held. There will be deep emotions surfacing as your cells purify and cleanse and your heart opens fully again.

Meanwhile, this is a very physiological process, as it messes with your mind. This is the point, for your human cannot understand this part. What goes on with your body as it activates in light. Where there is fear and lack of power, the assumptions of what all of this is will also be attributed to everything other than “I’m detoxing, cleansing, upgrading, re-configuring, de-densifying, re-calibrating according to higher-light consciousness, according to my soul/star codes, I’m evolving in light, I’m expanding my consciousness, my body is going through a huge transformation process and THIS IS NORMAL………………”.

This phase we all have already entered, it’s going to be a beyond POWERFUL one for all. This is going to challenge many mindsets, remove many’s ability to maintain control. The human won’t slow down, won’t let go, won’t sleep. “This” is an inconvenience in their schedule and the things they “think” are more important…..

Treating your evolution process as an inconvenience will only cause you great di-stress. This resistance alone, causes the muscles in the body to tighten down. It causes your mind to close and you stop listening to your body, until your body SCREAMS at you, starts to fight back and completely overrides your ability to maintain control over a process that your human does not understand.

YOUR SOUL DOES though. It totally knows, it totally gets it… yet if you don’t open up to listen and honor, you are the one who suffers through the intensity…….

This is a REVERSAL of all that was done as a separated, disconnected, lost, shut off, stubborn and lack-filled human. This is a REVERSAL, which means that your whole life must come to a halt (zero point) and everything must be reversed. Everything you did from a disconnected state you will have to re-do/do from a connected one.

You do not exist on NEW EARTH and stay disconnected from your SOUL/SOURCE….. You do not get to run the show as a human anymore. You do not get to say that THIS IS NOT AS IMPORTANT ANYMORE….. you do not get to choose unconsciousness over consciousness anymore…..

ASCENDED EARTH now requires that your physical body upgrade to match these higher light frequencies now. In order to physically exist in your body, FULL INTEGRATION must occur. This process is rigorous as it moves through every body part, every cell…. This light stimulates, triggers distortions, activates your new realities and collapses your old ones….. Your human will resist, hold on, try to fight…. this will cause you and everyone in your reality world to suffer or to have to deal with the reality that had to occur to wake you up, get your heart open, so that your soul could emerge……..

SOUL AWAKENINGS……. wreak havoc on the human reality, yet are the most profound experiences when you allow yourself to FULLY EXPERIENCE them, with every fiber and particle of your being…..

SOUL AWAKENINGS … will challenge everything you believed as true. They will show you how “off” you were, how distorted that was and how you were asleep and didn’t understand…..

SOUL EMBODIMENT….. this is the hugest undertaking you will ever experience here. This is where you BECOME MULTI-DIMENSIONAL again….. You actually walk in multiple dimensions and bizarre is an understatement as you sleep to wake up, as you anchor light in your physical body and it goes haywire trying to re-wire everything, re-do everything, re-code everything, re-calibrate everything….

HOLDING ALL OF THIS IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY VESSEL and expanding it out, holding all of the new realities in place, living a whole new existence that transcends all that you could imagine or believe…. will challenge everything within you.

YOU will HOLD THE CAPACITY for more than all around you do. You will hold this sacredness, this profound love, integrity and respect, no matter what others do or say…. this is not about them, this is about you and your CAPABILITY to maintain the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS – at all times……….

Just because others are unconscious, doesn’t mean you get to be. You don’t get to shut your heart down, give your power away, go small, forget, try to protect, live in fear…. you don’t get to hold any lack ever again………

As an Ascended BEing, you hold all in place. You are an anchor point of NEW EARTH and it’s up to you REMEMBER fully, through your heart and not listen to old mentalities and judgments of others…. for when you do, you disconnected again.

You do not get to disconnect from SOURCE anymore. You ARE SOURCE, and the amount of power is immense. The amount of love is too. The amount of wisdom and knowledge comes forth, this is for you to share…. You do not get to keep things for yourself anymore, for a UNIFIED BEING does not hold themselves separate from anything…..

AFTER you have pulled away and built your power from inside, connected with this profound love, floated in the higher realms long enough to disconnect from the matrix and to truly understand, you will start to see/know HOW you are to contribute, what you are here to be and do. This is the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and it’s very different than human feminine and masculine. One comes from distortion and separation, the other comes from purity and all things powerful again. First, you must go through this phase of BEing, pulling away, feeling this sacred love, SEEING the purity in all things, then it’s time to apply this knowledge to your every day life. As you anchor your higher selves inside of you, there is a process where you have to BE HIGHER SELVES at all times, without the separation ego mindsets in control…..

BEING A HIGHER SELF is different than consulting or channeling one. It means you don’t have anyone to ask what to do anymore…. It means you are the one that has to always come from integrity, respect, love, kindness and stand in your power, without the distortions anymore.

You no longer get to blame, point the finger or be a victim to anything outside…. you are RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for everything……

You have to HONOR your feelings at all times and the feelings of others, you have to DO in balance and until you can DO this, you’ll go back & forth between aspects, many of them… you’ll play out every role, you’ll feel like you’ve lost it many times until you get the hang of how all of this goes…..

Now, honor is different here. Standing in honor to all as one is very different than honoring others, for the human did not honor itself equally/first too. Some never honored others, only cared about themselves, some had honor, but forgot about themselves…. this is HONOR TO ALL….. according to what is always “right” inside….. Which is often harder than just going small and being quiet…. Sometimes you have to STAND UP and speak from love for yourself to re-balance all of the imbalances of all of your existences where you did not.

Transcendence is a re-balancing, a unification of all back into sacred peace and love. It is transcending all things human to EXIST AS A HIGHER SELF BEING in physical form here. It is this understanding that does not require anything outside to occur. For TRANSCENDENCE occurs inside when you’ve MASTERED all AS PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE AND POWER AGAIN.

POWER is different here. It’s not being loud or over powering others. It is taking your power back and holding it…. through the POWER OF LOVE that you HOLD for yourself and all others as one. POWER is not allowing the old unconscious programs to continue to play. POWER is DIVINE and subtle, soft and silent often. The only time POWER isn’t, is when you must pull your power from within and expand it out huge to hold a reality in place and to break a human program/resistance that imposes out of lack of respect.

WE get BIG, we expand huge, we need not be loud… for there is no human that is a threat anymore…. Human is weak, therefor it camouflages this weakness with other things. When you can see the fear, the hurt, the judgment… you just deal with those… instead of what is being projected out. You call it like it is… Pure and simple. From a place of non-judgment, yet from a place of acknowledging the others feelings and holding them accountable for their actions… for human’s don’t like this part… and it’s up to us to hold the new realities in place….

YOU CAN BE LOVE and POWERFUL all at the same time, without being disrespectful or lashing out. Those are reactions of the human aspect. You can HOLD higher consciousness realities in place, yet you are the one that must BE higher consciousness in order to do this, for when other’s vibrations drop, you must expand…. When others shift to an unconscious vibration, you shift into a higher one….. THIS IS PART OF MASTERY…. You don’t hold the triggers anymore……

AS your Ascended Aspects, your human just dissolves… you unify it inside as well and it holds no power anymore. When your human holdsno power, then other humans cease to hold this too. You will find that your power is silent and your love…. this emits from your energy field. Your peace emits. Your kindness emits in tones and frequencies that can be felt. You need not speak at all. This is OUR TELEPATHY….

You will find that through the simplicity of your soul, your gifts return organically, naturally and you DO them as a natural way of existing… They are just a part of who you are and how you function….

You have INFINITE GIFTS as a SOUL… that you will share as a part of BEING in all that you DO. Infinite is an existence….. As a Fully Ascended BEing here.

As your body ascends, your higher selves de-scend into you…. all of your aspects returned and unify within you, and your SOUL IS WHOLE AGAIN…. This wholeness repairs your physical body, heals all that was less… Healing a human word for something broken or needing to be fixed. Ours is is “whole again”, no more separation….. for Disconnection is what caused the body to shut down, the depletion of PURE SOURCE LIGHT, the body can no longer function without the LIGHT OF SOURCE to run through it and it is this light that now weaves through the body, through the bones, through the blood and purifies, awakens, stimulates and activates everything that was asleep.

Your body is evolving into an organic, intelligent, bio-living organism, activating Crystals/Chrystalline in your DNA and every part of your body. These crystals hold encodements, knowledge, information, they also re-work how your whole body works/functions, every system in your body taken offline and then brought back online repeatedly …..

Your entire body structure/infra-structure will be re-worked for you. Unless you are present, listening, honoring…. you are not going to get it… Your body speaks to you when you are in-tune, when you care to listen, when you just allow…. let go of the need to control and you actually LOVE YOUR BODY as a living being here to support you and bring you through to these other dimensions that you did not have access to before.

First in your sleep, then your waking one….. Your mind has to adapt, be stretched, challenged in order to expand to encapsulate the vastness of all of all of these different processes that occur as you evolve back and into an Avatar Light BEing here.

There is a difference between the moment you activate that consciousness, you expand into it, contract again, embody and hold that whole vibration. There is the separation of human time, how long it takes you to become that aspect being in everything that you do/are/breathe. Each aspect has different characteristics, different feelings and you are here to activate everyone of them and hold them fully…………..

This is a process, that every moment determines how much you embody in all that you are….. Your initiations are continual until you complete that process. BEing multi-dimensional is more than claiming words of that… it is you BEING IT… fully…. there is a huge difference. One is human ego the other is your true and pure you. One claims it, the other could not care less, for that is ego too. To our human this is mind-blowing, to us it is simple and how it has always been. The only need to speak/write the words are to empower others to understanding and doing this too.

Human’s have judgments that keep them from these experiences, these existences…. there are old mis-perceptions…. all of those have to go if you desire to re-claim your existences an WALK ON NEW EARTH FULLY NOW.

You must embrace and let all of that separation go. You don’t get both. Human will run dualistic programs. It will run more than one belief not realizing that you cannot hold separation and be unified too. You cannot say you believe in one thing and do the opposite. You cannot speak unlimited and live in lack…. Those are polar opposites, yet the human does do this. You must FEEL everything you speak to see if it is actually true for you now. You must listen to your words, when you justify, when you try to convince…. for anytime you do this, you are the one that doesn’t believe/trust fully yet.

Your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE requires your presence, you to observe from another dimension so that you can see the illusions and distortions. At first you float higher and you look down, then you just expand and through consciousness exist outside looking in. Eventually you are in all spaces observing from multiple dimensions, seeing the multitude of parallels, universes, realities and you are realizing how untrue everything was and how no one had a clue…. Yet it’s not up to you to prove to others, to try to convince or impose…. It’s up to you to honor your new truth and share it openly so that others can feel it and be activated through this powerful love too.

Human’s are push and impose, even become bully’s…. and you will find more of this occurring as their realities dissolve…. They will try hard to hold onto the old/fixed/safe…. for they do not like surprises from the unknown. They do not like not being able to control the outcome, they want to know first, “get theirs first” before they commit or do…. Everything is backwards here…This is not how any of this works….

Controlling an outcome means that you take care BEFORE YOU TRANSMIT OUT…. and that what you transmit out will deliver a RETURN that is only awesome, magical, amazing and abundant…. When you transmit sacred love, power, respect, when you support, share, contribute…. then these are the vibrations you RECEIVE…. when you are generous without lack or need, this is what you receive….

There are ratios and equations for receiving too and it’s dependent on how much/what you transmit out. If you are only doing enough to get by, this is what you receive. The KEY (ancient key code) is to do MORE from LOVE for humanity, MORE without constraints or expectations, MORE because you really truly desire to contribute and make a difference and you realize that where you put your energy, this is what triggers you to receive……

EVERYTHING COUNTS HERE…. every little bit, yet the more you DESIRE to FULLY EXIST ON NEW EARTH…. you more you have to contribute and support freely, generously, abundantly… without needing anything in return. You do not do for you, you do for ALL and you receive proportionately ….. you receive when you vibrate into that reality where “that” already exists…………..

Vibrational existence cannot be controlled by human limitations. Those shut down all ability to receive. When you remove the limits yourself, you become unlimited….

Vibrational existence cannot be controlled by human limitations. Those shut down all ability to receive. When you remove the limits yourself, you become unlimited…. s too. As SOULS WE SPEAK completely different than the human aspect does. We need not words, for those are limited as well. That’s why it takes so many words to speak to the human, for we must incite a feeling that resonates, we must paint a picture so that they can see, we must describe in a way that makes sense, for realities are not linear here.

They must feel our soul through our words, we must explain what does not make logical sense to the heart…..

Quantum Mechanics, Logistics, Algorithms, Equations, Ratios, Chemical Compounds, Atoms, Physical Matter and Universal Laws of Physics, Energy, Vibration…. all become simple here….

Intelligence streams through the light and crystals throughout your enhanced body, through your cells…. This we bring forth to share for all of our evolution here. Each one of us with knowledge to contribute, far beyond our human capabilities before. All held within you, activated every time you exist from your pure heart. The neural pathways open, your pineal gland continually activated….

This dimension is a culmination of all dimensions merged into one. Your continually expanded state gives you access to all simultaneously, yet not every once in a while, all of the time, for you do not contract back down anymore. Your body continually upgrades and integrates at a ridiculous rate and you are able to function in every state, optimally…. slowing down when huge upgrades/integrations need to occur… Then you come back online stronger, more vibrant, with more abilities, more knowledge, more everything than before.

Honor your EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS…. honor you. As your value system is overhauled, dismantling the old and reconstructing a whole new one, according to higher light consciousness, what you value will change. You will have value, you will value you, you will value sacred above all. As a SOUL it’s all about honor, respect, integrity, kindness, compassion, generosity, support, contribution, connection… yet it all has to start from and emanate from you… for you to receive these attributes in every part of your physical reality here. YOU must HOLD THESE…. and allow others to do the same, then you REQUIRE IT, otherwise you are compromising and not being honorable, respectful, loving to you if you keep allowing less…

Your entire existence will be transformed…. and your human doesn’t get to enter-fear ….

Understanding how all of this works are in your own ancient key-codes in your dormant DNA and float around in your own energy field. It’s up to you to unlock these. This is done vibrationally and as you achieve all from within. Each must go inward to unlock everything…. It’s a requirement …. and the human avoids going in because it has judgment and fear….. it fears freedom, it fears bliss, it fears magic and amazingness…… It avoids the beauty and surprises of our new existence…. all because it wants to control and cannot honor a process that is going to occur no matter what…..

How each experiences is based upon the amount of resistance, need to know, avoidance and and fear energy held. For the moment the heart opens fully, all of this falls away and the soul emerges and everything can re-align again. ♥

Stargates are active loves. Get your Quantum Timeline Jumping Boots on…. We are doing super jumps daily now! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Transformational Speaker, Embodied Light BEing, The Pure Ones, Ancient Key-Code Holder




These beings are You, and that time is Now. ~ The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak



Once upon a time, there were beings who wanted to create something. In order to do this, they needed to go in and very subtly change a part of creation. These beings worked for, were associated with, and carefully guarded an aspect of consciousness called Light. At different times, these Guardians of Light met and worked together and crossed paths in the different realms of reality. They planned, they shared blueprints, and they designed a time when their plan would go into effect.

Certain members of this Light team plotted the probabilities of Prime Creator: what Prime Creator would do, where Prime Creator would act, and how Prime Creator would be stimulated. These entities understood what could be done with Light, and their plan was very carefully orchestrated. For several hundred thousand years, these beings of Light were trained to carry out this plan. Part of the plan involved being ready for a cosmic jolt that they anticipated would eventually be coming from Prime Creator.

There was a great deal of dedication and preparation as the groundwork was laid and the training begun. There was much to be learned before this plan could be implemented, for it was a daring plan. It was the intention of these Guardians of Light to take Light, or Knowledge, into a reality where that Light was not welcomed and did not fit. It was like putting your foot in a shoe that does not fit.

These beings had a plan to prepare for the time when that Light would fit.

These beings are You, and that time is Now.

The time has been carefully orchestrated, and each of you knows in the deepest portions of your being that you have come here for a Purpose. You have come to begin the pivotal movement to release everything that has bound you up until now- into your reality, that has held you with fine threads like steel cords and locked you into ideas about yourselves and your relationship to the cosmos.

For those of you who have come to act out your plan and to work with the consciousness of Light, your time is now. Your action springs from this moment. All you need to do is begin to allow this energy to come into your body. You must begin to vibrate with this energy and to clear the passages of the self, the emotional energies that hold themselves locked in your physical body. As you begin to examine the self, you will find that there are many selves in which to travel on the inner highways or inner nervous system of consciousness.

You will find that your society has been very cleverly designed to keep you from knowing this most intimate and rewarding and exciting portion of yourself.

As Guardians of Light, you are going to create options of reality and bring them to the mass consciousness of the planet. You will do this by first doing it for yourself, creating an inner peace and inner Love by accepting who you are and all that you have done in life and all that has been done to you in life. You will accept and integrate these things because you will Know they have been exactly the situations necessary to bring you into this final stage of Anchoring Light.. 

~ The Pleiadians
through Barbara Marciniak



These beings are You, and that time is Now. ~ The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak

We Are On The Cusp Of Major Shifts

Shawn Hocking_DNA Ascension


by Sophie Bashford

We are on the cusp of major shifts. This September has brought major astrological events which have catapulted many into the Light. In particular, men whose Souls have elected to recall distant, eternal memories of spiritual wisdom and healing powers have been touched by universal grace.

Many male light workers are in the throes of enormous, tectonic movements within their energy fields. This will re-align them with sacred purpose and a higher plan for action. It will ignite long-forgotten fires of longing for deeper meaning and fulfillment within their hearts.

The Universe is beginning to sing their song back to them. They are finding reflections of a path, a route towards purpose, a torchlight in the dark. There are significant markers being placed along the way. These signs are given to show these men that they are not alone; that there is a plan for their lives that exceeds their mind’s limited perceptions; that miracles exist; that the divine feminine vessel has prepared space for them for eons in order for this transition to be made into their authentic lives.

There are men that are designated to be leaders of a healing movement. This movement is created by men who desire a life of deeper meaning, alignment with inner truth, creative and regenerative solutions to challenges, confidence to listen to their hearts over their heads and use logical strategy in line with loving, compassionate wisdom.

These men don’t want to be cut off from their hearts and intuitive voices. They are creating new ways to blend the two elements of the masculine vibration – head and heart – so that the Earth trusts them again with It’s Heart.

These men are deeply sensitive to energy and they need to acknowledge this truth. All of these men will need friends and partners who are self-aware, conscious, heart-awakened and intuitively intelligent. These men must be surrounded by champions of the Sacred Feminine codes.

Spirit will send these men the right people at the right time, so that they can feel the support of the Divine Mother and know that She trusts them to make the changes they are being guided to make.

A whole new collective of awakening masculine souls is emerging. With awakening, comes chaos, because the spiritual coma induces laziness, procrastination, denial, addictions, relationship toxicity, and all other forms of ego-control that would suppress true sacred masculine power. When in spiritual coma – or denial of the True Self – these men live overly-comfortable, flabby lives of staying within the Known, the safe, and the predictable. They may not ever take the risk of breaking the old male ancestral patterns of behavior. They may not ever ‘live as if their father were dead’, as David Deida says.

Then their Higher Self, if contracted in this lifetime, creates spiritual awakening. The chaos ensues immediately as awakening codes flood in. Chaos on the 3D realm is frequent; life-changes, relationship break-ups, collapses on the inner, emotional and mental planes. Life suddenly demands that they ‘step up’ to a new level of action, consciousness and growth. The old patterns immediately become intensely stifling, suffocating, unbearable to withstand. Change is inevitable, as is rapid growth and elevation onto the ascension pathway.

These men are all being contacted by higher beings and ascended masters, because they need this spiritual support and energy transformation. Somehow, somewhere, these men will find themselves immersed in the sacred teachings that they have long forgotten.

The next few months represent a period of unprecedented and rapid soul shifts for the men on this earth plane who have elected, on a spiritual level, to raise their consciousness. Much, much will change, as a new wave of male spiritual pioneers re-claim their roles as guardians and protectors of the planet. At the center of their desire for a new way of life and purpose is a very deep, very ancient devotion to the Goddess.

This is what will light the way for the conscious male revolution. A quiet, yet unshakeable and indestructible knowing that the Awakened Female – She is the Source of All Life. Find Her, Seek Her, and once you have Her back in your heart – you become alive, alight, and burning with a passion that will never be extinguished.



We Are On The Cusp Of Major Shifts

Mira From The Pleiadian High Council ~ You Are Riding The Waves of A Changing Tide

Galactic Light Surfer


By Valerie Donnor, 10/03/2016

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. As most of you know I am working full time with the Earth Council as the Earth proceeds with the ascension process.

Some of you may wonder how you are progressing. We want to tell you that you are doing well, better than you think. We see it from a global perspective and you only get bits and pieces according to how you are feeling and what is being revealed in the scope of your experience. Since we have a broader perspective we can tell you that there is a huge acceleration of energies. You are on the fast track.

If you look at the political turmoil in the U.S. as well as around the planet you can see the melting down of the Third Dimension. We watch with dismay at what is occurring and being said to the public. We also see what is going on behind the scenes and tell you that there is a lot of scurrying about of the dark forces. They are feeling untold pressure to remain in control for they know they are losing it. We have a plan to corral them since they need to either adjust to the light or make other choices.

The dark forces are blocked in their ability to understand that there are many people in the world who have serious needs that some of their money could help. We find this incredible since they are so myopic they only can remain true to themselves and their desires. The consequences will get more intense for them as the other energies increase in numerous ways.

As this channel has told you, we are increasingly active in the skies as well as on the planet. When we come with some of our fleets to various areas we are working in different ways. Partly we keep tabs on the populace, check on how you are doing and what you need, and we clear out the atmosphere where it continues to be polluted through unnatural means.

We show you that we love you and care about you so we ask you to keep your eyes in the skies. We come in ways, shapes and forms that are mostly cloud like and you can feel our energy. We are telepathic so you can also talk to us. We will hear you. We appreciate your welcoming energy because we have much to learn together.

Work on taking us into your hearts. Feel the love and goodwill that we have for you. Your focus is precious to us because for so long we have not been allowed to communicate the way we have wanted to communicate. This will change and it will not be much longer. Your patience is helpful. We know that many of you are feeling exhausted and drained from the incarnation on the Earth and the cumulative effects from many arduous lifetimes on the Earth.

We want you to know how much we love the Earth and how much the Earth loves you. She is most appreciative when you consider her and send her energy in meditation. She will talk with you too if you listen.

You are riding the waves of a changing tide. Huge progress is being made. Humankind is on the brink of a new discovery and it is an adventure for all. We can’t wait to be there in person so that we can get to know you and work together to heal the planet.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

New Spectrums of Your Wholeness

violet fractal angel


Message from Archangel Michael, the Council of Radiant Light & the Elohim of Grace

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Dear Friends,

Deep within you, you are going again, to birth. New ways of being are opening up, and you are stepping into them, in your consciousness with a skillfulness that is accomplished. There is more clarity and more ability to receive now. There is more comfort with seeing the vision of your life, in ways that give you joy and feel good, without bringing to it the critic’s negative voice, or fear.

As you let yourself lift into a new sense of self, you create the consciousness of your identity in a way that allows more to come to you. You will discover this in your physical state, in your emotional responses and most of all in the ideas that come to you.

The world is opening up to you who are believing in your dreams, who are embracing your inner knowing and are willing to live it. The world is opening up to you, and the fulfillment in abundance that you knew was possible when you came to Earth is becoming more vivid and real.

You are moving beyond polarity. Beyond ideas about what you should do and the exhaustion of doing what you feel you must do while at the same time trying to water and feed the struggling energies within you of your true form. Your real life; the one that is a vehicle for your Soul is coming forth in your inner vision.

As you trust yourself more, you are calming down. You can live with less stress even as you feel compassion for the immense changes and how these energy changes are playing out on the world stage. You feel centered more often than not, and you are ready for more.

It is accurate – that you are ready for more. You’ve built a structure energetically that can take you into new realms of Creation that exist here on Earth.

The pure line of spirit, the ascension pathway, the fulfillment of the destiny of humanity calls to you and you are increasingly resonant with this line of light. Collapsing other parallels as you line up with who you truly are.

The concentration of your being is amplifying as you no longer prop up all the alternatives of should, and ought to and can’t and won’t and aren’t allowed and won’t work. As you no longer feel the need to live in fear and energize the security of doing what you were told was your life, you are more energetic and whole. The ideas of who you, that you held in limitation, are now dropping anchor within you. The world is reflecting that transformation back to you, in increasing opportunities, beauty, kinship and the manifest feeling of hope within you.

Hope is growing. Hope and a feeling of well-being are expanding within you. The most profound indications of ascension are a growing, very real sense that all is well and you are capable. It is amazing that you now know this from within. You know you are capable even if you’re not sure how to open up your capacities. It’s different now, regardless. You know you are capable of mastery and a life of joyful abundance, immense freedom and love. You know it.

It is this certainty within you which is changing the game for you. It is realigning you with the love you are and opening up the field of light that is your embodiment and the perceptions within that, to new energy fields. This absolute knowing of your inherent capacity is in effect a key, opening up corridors of light from your vastness and infusing your humanity with liberating consciousness and coherence.

The integration of this is affecting many of you significantly now. You may feel spacious, dizzy, altered, expansive, unable to focus, or other ways, be aware that change, deep change, is taking place and you’re a bit in limbo until you come into a new state of homeostasis.

That’s what’s coming, dear friends, a NEW level of being, an equilibrium that is vibrating differently and with a wider spectrum of your wholeness, present here.

We look forward to the co-creation that will ensue when you emerge. In the meanwhile, we surround you with love. We see you as the divine being you are and amplify your wholeness through that knowing.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light and the Elohim of Grace.





Light reaching

By Kara Schallock

Many judge chaos as something to avoid, including me in the past. Yet when we can move beyond judging something as either good or bad, we enter Neutrality, which is a sacred place and one that is not of duality.

When we can be neutral, we transcend duality, which judgment is a part of. Out of chaos comes Balance. It is like a mobile. When one part of a mobile is removed, chaos ensues. The mobile bounces around till it finds its new Balance, and we are the same.

If we can remain neutral and observe, we do not attach to one side or the other; we patiently observe and wait till the new Balance is created. In the new Balance, born from chaos, old patterns are dissolved and all rearrange themselves in new ways of being.

As we allow all things to shift, we balance. As we detach from judging something as good or bad, we allow Divine Order to create the New.

More and more we are guided to let go of any attachment to a person, a pattern, a belief, or to a celestial event (such as Moon phases or a Solstice or Equinox or gateway). Too often we attach to a person, who we believe has “the answer” or to a particular belief system; even to the word “Ascension.”

The person isn’t the one to pay attention to; it is the information that they share and then we either resonate with it or we don’t. As soon as we attach to something, we stop our evolution and place that person or thing we’re attached to in a box, which limits them as well. We are meant to continually evolve.

If you find yourself changing and moving away from certain static thoughts, no matter how spiritual or “right” you think they are in the Moment, honor how your Heart and Soul are guiding you. Remember, moments change; what is true for you in one Moment can be an illusion in the next. The message is to keep changing; keep moving as you feel guided forward.

Realize that we each have a life created by Soul

Soul knows what experiences lead us to be fully awakened. Every change we experience is in Divine Order. If we do not resist and instead surrender to everything in life, we can be in touch with the gift within each experience.

Every person who comes into our life brings more Awareness. This is true even when that person seems to dredge up pain within us. Often a person runs the other way instead of discovering the gift that the other offers.

This is not to say that one should stay in an abusive or difficult situation, but that it helps to understand what is within us that attracted them in the first place or what attracted us to them. It helps to see what lies beneath the pain of one who helps us understand what is within us.

Of course, there are those who have not awakened and who project their own pain onto us without taking Responsibility for it themselves. Yet, if they are in your life, they are there for a reason.

By shining one’s own Light, realize it is not for the purpose of fixing or healing another, for that is their job; it simply is for the purpose to shine authentically and what another does with your Light is their choice. Our purpose is simply to shine authentically.

We are not here to change another; we are here to be Who we are. If your Light happens to help another awaken, and it really is up to them to awaken or not, then fine. When one is activated, they may discover they are not very happy about it, for then they see themselves in truth and realize that they must change things in their mundane life.

It means that they must be responsible for all their thoughts, actions and feelings…so different from blaming circumstances on others. By being yourself (your Divine Self) and allowing others to be who they choose to be is all we are here to do. For in being authentic, your Light automatically flows out and touches all.

Instead of searching for your purpose or labeling yourself this or that, life is to be lived. Personally, I don’t label myself as a lightworker or anything, for then I limit myself and I keep evolving. A label only serves to confine. Each experience is designed to help us evolve.

Avoiding life, even the mundane aspects of it, does not help you evolve. If you can see the underlying message in every aspect of life, you are fully awake. Once you receive the message, then you take a step in the direction it is guiding you to go. Everything and everyone has a message for you. If you perceive someone is against you or that life is, shift your perception to Love and you will see that all is helping you evolve.

Clearing yourself

By clearing yourself, you become more Light and you add your Light, by being yourself, to the evolving New Earth Light web. (I see it as a pulsating web and not a solid grid.) Did you know that all the elements of Earth are within you? Earth and ourselves are not separate entities, nor are we separate from anything or anyone.

The more Light you are, the more you shine and thus the higher energies may exist on Earth, when they could not survive before when all was in such duality and darkness. Let go of all the distractions in the world like the election in the U.S; the countries that are transforming and all in your daily life that serve to take you from what you have agreed to do…to raise the vibration of Earth. Realize that all is unfolding in Divine Order.

Being still truly helps, as it is in your Stillness that you can hear your Soul. It is when old concerns can be dissolved into Love. In Stillness, you can remember why you are on Earth at this time. You access the Wisdom of your Soul. This bigger view helps to balance you. Always seek the bigger picture.

While there are many very big changes on Earth at this time happening within us and around us, it is important to trust your inner voice, rather than the old thinking that something is wrong. Stand in your Power; the Power of being authentically you.

We are in an acceleration of becoming more Light and more Love

This acceleration can create fear as old layers surface to be released. The fear erodes your Confidence, for what you may have projected that this time would be like…nothing but Bliss and Joy…may not seem like that at all, depending on where you are in your Path of Evolving. Your perceptions about yourself and the world are drastically changing and this is all a part of your evolution. Trust it. Much is coming to Light.

You may not resonate with what you have resonated with before this Moment; you may see the deeper Truth of others’ old agendas. Pay attention and do not take anything for granted. Trust your Guidance, even if it seems to go against what everyone else is saying or doing.

Be sure to take your time before making any decision

Choose with great care, while you let go of any impulsivity or old compulsions. Do not make a decision unconsciously and if you are guided to wait, do. When in doubt, wait and always be in your New Integrity, which is different from the old rules, which isn’t Integrity at all. Integrity is following your own Heart; not the rules of your society or upbringing.

Realize that your Truth is always shifting alongside of your consciousness. Do not be too concerned if you were so sure in one moment of a direction just to have it shift the next moment. Every choice you make creates your life and creates the New Earth. Choose wisely. If you experience endings, let it be without trying to fix something. That which is aligned with you stays and that which is not leaves.

Remember to stay in the Moment

We simply do not know what the future holds, for it is not Now. I know many speculate; however, it is best to simply live in each present Moment; for it is in this Moment that all our Wisdom is in.



Being The Light We Are

Breathwork for Clearing Trauma from the Body


By Robin Lee


Learning to heal ourselves with a practice of conscious breathing

There were ten of us in a circle, heads toward each other, the scent of sage swirling in ethereal forms above my body.

This is the first time. I’m in a geodesic dome (a partial spherical structure based on a network of great circles) in the backyard of a vintage store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn aptly named Narnia. I close my eyes gently, and follow directions.

Guided by a presence, a voice, that seems omniscient in the moment, I breathe all of the things I dare not speak about into a visceral hurricane at the base of my being.

The echoes of my belly, the hollows and molecules of my sacral space, become flooded with feeling. I feel deeply all of the unsaid words and best-left-lost experiences rising with the flow of inhale, inhale, exhale. Sacral, heart, exhale.

Moving the mass in harmony with breath. A dance between fear and surrender, a simple act taking over all action and leaving me with a simple, tingling, letting go.

The Power of Breathing Consciously

Inhale, belly. Inhale, heart. Exhale, breath. Linking ancient emotion with physical intention like gentle surgery on all of the deep wounds I’d left wide open. This space in the lower abdomen, energetically, is the harbor for our insecure thoughts and old traumas to swim in circles, sometimes for decades. In a familiar cacophony, what we resist persists, and it rises when we speak to it.

Pranayama is the magic of conjuring – states of being, deep releasing, the necessary melting-into consciousness that we so deeply crave when we notice we’re feeling alone.

It is the allowing of the very essence of life force to flow in a very conscious way – rather than many instances where, without knowing it, perhaps, we allow for the magic to simply carry us. Much like the heart beating, effortlessly, the filling of the lungs transpires all on its own.

Daily, moment to moment, the body is breathing itself. We need not do anything, but with conscious use, we are capable of many things. In an alchemical way, we can turn our dark matter into breath, to flow with breath, to release with breath.

On the conscious exhale, the willingness to sit with the rising up, we become capable of the letting go of weights. We held them so strongly that we had no idea just how heavy we were, until we’re floating.

Learning to Heal Ourselves

On that first dedicated occasion, in the backyard of Narnia, with the sage and many tears, I found a freedom I could taste. I vibrated. I lost the assuredness I love to cling to about where my body ends and the Universe begins. My limits disappeared so that I could truly see the edges of my body as nothing more than an outline drawn in cosmic chalk.

What I carry is also carried by you. What you carry, I also carry.

Nine other beating hearts and breathing bellies laying with me in a geodesic dome, breathing away their old stories to be fed to the ether – the perfect handing-over, that eternal lesson, to just let go. Amidst proclamations of personal power, howling sadness, warrior cries and quiet wisdom – the collective expression was simply that this excavation must transpire.

The great, deep dive into our golden bodily vessels to see that the tools we most need are within us is an act of truth. There is a monumental power in a function we so often take for granted. There is the focused discipline of carrying breathwork as a daily practice, and then there is the unexplainable and tremendous quality of mindful inhale and open exhale that embodies all we may truly need to start to heal ourselves. This is important.

The answers are not beyond, but within. And our collections of dark matter are different, but not separate.

Breathwork for Clearing Trauma Energy from the Body

Create a safe sanctuary by first clearing whatever space you will use with a sage smudge, lighting candles, putting on light music, and gathering blankets and pillows for your comfort.

Laying comfortably on the ground or in your bed, supported and warm, relax into your body.

Begin with natural breath, at which point you may feel into where your hands want to be – perhaps next to your body with palms facing up, perhaps one hand on your belly and one on your heart.

Begin by inhaling deeply into your belly, then a secondary deep inhale through your heart. This should feel like you are flooding these areas with oxygen. Bring your awareness to any thoughts or feelings that come up, noting them, inviting them to flow freely.

Exhale out of your mouth, bringing awareness to trusting in love and guidance.

Breathe. Relax. Feel.

Moving in this way – belly, heart, mouth – repeat for up to 30 minutes of active breathing, maximum, followed by 15 of regular, relaxed breathing.

Be mindful to stop if you truly feel uncomfortable, slow down when necessary, and tune in to your body. Allow yourself to cry. Scream. Vocalize however you need to. If messages – sentences, affirmations, mantras – come up for you, repeat them silently out loud as feels appropriate.

When you feel that you are finished, stay in a resting Savasana position and return to natural breath. You may feel tingling, tightness in your hands, or a sense of mild physical exhaustion. These are all temporary and are signs that you have really moved some things around.

Afterward, you may have heightened sensitivity, so it’s best to avoid substances and loud noise/bright light. Treat yourself with great reverence to keep the energy flowing, and pay attention to what appears in your dreams after this practice.


Breathwork for Clearing Trauma from the Body

Understanding Our Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine Energies

cosmic balance


by Zoe Davenport,
Guest writer, In5D.com

Our fullest potential is found in weaving and balancing the energies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The universal laws of existence understand the yin and yang flow of life, we were once balanced but have been trying to get back to that point ever since.

Throughout history, the male energy has been harnessed and the feminine energy has been oppressed. The feminine needs to balance the equation again for mankind can no longer continue with this unrest, unbalance and disregard for each other.

When the divine masculine is harnessed positively, mankind can collectively continue with its progress but it is a progress comprised of something far greater, far more loving, logical, harmonious, peaceful and more in favor of the planet and its inhabitants.

We all have the essence of both Divine feminine and masculine energy within.

Our Divine Feminine

A fully healthy divine feminine is kind, caring, loving, compassionate, considerate and loyal. Her intuitive approach guides us through life holding space to be nurtured and understand ourselves more and more each day.

She communicates effectively through our bodies, emotions and thoughts and it is important to listen tentatively and lovingly at all times. When she is out of balance we do not listen to intuition. We lose the ability to love ourselves or have respect. When we are connected to our divine feminine energy we will feel more nourished and supported. She will open ideas, wisdom and opportunities for us. She supports new ideas from seed to fruition.

Our Divine Masculine

This is where we need partnership and balance with the divine masculine to keep the divine feminine on track in her intuition and creative flow, with direction and purpose.

A fully healthy divine masculine is courageous, fearless and loyal. He honors and respects the divine feminine and helps her take gentle direct action through kindness. When in balance he does no harm to himself or others. His strength and power is used for the greater good. He honors the divine female and is in gratitude for the balance, for the two energies combined together harnesses both true potential.

When we are out of balance

The combination of an unhealthy feminine and masculine is one of mistrust, imbalance, misunderstanding, power struggle judgement, lack of support and ego. We are mirrored these traits everyday through the energy demonstrated through other people.

“A sacred union can heal, love and create anything”

The love from this sacred union will harness our full potential as individuals but also our full potential in our relationships and on this planet. We will enjoy emotional freedom and watch as our biggest ideas come to fruition for our collective evolution. We will seek to only uplift and compliment each other through our physical form and collective experiences.

How to balance the two

Self-awareness and recognition of our strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness in the patterns being presented to us through ALL our current and previous partners, friends, co-workers and all who cross our paths. Recognizing when we are in yang energy if this is serving our need for rest? Recognizing when we are in yin energy if this is serving our need to take action? Tuning in on a regular basis, and understanding the need to surrender to all of who we are.

Our feminine will honor and guide the masculine both in understanding, partnership, and yin yang. The balance will no longer be tipped over in the masculine, and our evolution of consciousness will continue to grow in expression of the divine light.

I love you all



zoeAbout the author: Zoe Davenport is an Author and Intuitive Soul Coach, guiding people through spiritual awakenings she offers 1:1 sessions via Skype. Her new book Love is the answer is out soon, to find out more please sign up at www.zoedavenport.co.uk or email hello@zoedavenport.co.uk connect on facebook facebook.com/davenportzoe



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Understanding Our Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine Energies





I actually laughed out loud when I read that the agency that has claimed astrology to be fake had the audacity to say that we now have a 13th sign, and our astrology has changed.  WHAT?????  REALLY??????  However, there is a positive side to this.  The very fact that the mainstream media is discussing astrology is amazing.  They are feeling the effects of our 13th sign, and they can’t avoid it.  They have completely incorrect information, but that’s okay. At least it is a start in the right direction.  Instead of making fun of them, I applaud them for coming forward and discussing astrology.  It will all work out in the end.


As always, everything that I write about is connected.  Ophiuchus is connected to the 13th Gate of the Gods, our 13th Cranial Nerve, Azoth, Infinity, Daath, Thrice Great etc….  All of these I have written about.  They all lead to our fabulous future and our ultimate goal.  Our future is Ophiuchus.  It is interesting that the English Gematria for Ophiuchus is 720 which = 9.  We are in a 9 year, and 9 is the upper part of infinity that we have moved into.  The other words in our language that share the same Gematria equivalent of Ophiuchus are:  Prometheus (fire) and Mary Magdalene (water), which make up the Azoth energy.  I wasn’t surprised to find those names, but the name equivalent I was shocked to see was the word “double thirteen.”  So I thought about this, and when you write 1313, it all makes sense.  This just blew me away!  When you add 1313 you get 8, which is infinity.  However, I took this a step further.  When you flip one of the 3’s and connect it with the other one you have 8.  The 1 represents the middle pillar running through our body.  And that is the main channel in our bodies from which we operate.  It shows us the narrow path, and it is vertical.   Now with that being said, I will drop the information that most do not want to hear.


Yes, you read that right.  I know I popped many a bubble with that statement.  Ophiuchus is an achievement, and it is not just handed to someone by birth.  Right now only monks and yogis who have dedicated their lives to this achievement have attained it, and most are not out in the public.  Ophiuchus is the “Thrice Great” level of attainment, and it is now open to all of us.  This was not physically possible for the majority of the population.  Our 13th cranial nerve was not open as it is now.  This attainment is the Return Of The Gods.  I know we have all heard the phrase, “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” and we all have heard that the Gods are returning.  Well, this is it.  Yes, we are the ones in human bodies that will do this work and obtain the level of Ophiuchus.  Thrice Born or Thrice Great like Thoth and Hermes.  What does this mean?

Your first great accomplishment might not seem like much but it is a big deal because you had to earn it.  It wasn’t just handed to you, and that was your physical birth when you came through the Silver Gate Of Men. That is your first birth, and it was no easy task.  Your second birth was more difficult, and that involves creating the energy of Christ Consciousness around your body, and then moving that energy into your heart.  This is where humanity failed due to many reasons that I won’t go into here, or my paper will be a book.  So, like I explained in my last article we were gifted with this energy when the Star of Bethlehem alignment occurred.  One half of the job was done for us.  The energy of Christ Consciousness returned to this planet, and all people have to do now is balance the right/feminine side of the brain with the left/male side.  Or, you can look at it as ego and spirit merging in the heart.  This is taught in the science of the Merkaba or star tetrahedron.  Ego, which is represented by the lower triangle, comes up to meet with Spirit, which is represented by the upper triangle, in the heart.  Ego up and Spirit down.  You can see the second accomplishment here in this diagram.  There is a small serpent wearing a crown in the middle.  Then notice the huge upward infinity symbol above it.

How will you know if you have attained this crown?  I can tell you my experience, and perhaps you can relate.    I was unbalanced with bliss.  When I say blissed out, I mean blissed out.  I was drunk on bliss for 2 weeks.  You would think that it is a wonderful experience and it was….at first.  But with all things there comes inner work.  By the middle of the first week, I could no longer feel any anger or mean/rude/evil people in the world.  To say this was uncomfortable is an understatement.  It was down right hard.  I could not feel judgement towards them at all.  I was unbalanced, or so I thought.  This is a necessary step in our energetic development.  You have to feel this type of compassion for a period of time so that it becomes part of your central nervous system.  Then you go back to your “new” normal.  It was a hard time for me.  I would think of mean people and try to be angry and I couldn’t.  I would just cry and cry with deep compassion that I didn’t understand.  There was no turning it off.  After 2 weeks it ended.  And I felt balanced.  My new normal is different.  Rude/mean people….I see differently.  I get angry at times and that helps me make changes.  But,  I no longer live in the anger.  Now that the blissed-out experience is in my heart, I can return there anytime I want.  My teacher calls it our inner refuge.  When the evil of the world is too much for me I go within to my inner refuge of compassion and from there I can see why they are the way they are.  I hope this makes sense.  It is something that you have to experience for yourself.  I am sure many of you have.  For me, it was fun and not fun at the same time.  This is the first step.  99.9% of the population has not achieved this yet, which is why they are not ready for the energy of the 13th sign.  Let’s look at some mythology for a deeper understanding.


There is a lot of information about the legend of Ophiuchus that you can Google. I am going to touch on just a few.  In legend, I learned Ophiuchus has two planets connected to it.  One is like a volcano and the other a swamp, which is the balance of fire and water.  It is the serpent holder with 2 hands on the serpent.  The serpent is our kundalini energy.  One hand represents mastery over the physical body (first birth) and the second balance of the ego in the heart (second birth).  Each of the 2 serpents represents a level of attainment, with the 13th sign as the winged disc, the ultimate achievement.  Ophiuchus the man is the God that has returned, and he represents mastery over his mind (third birth).  He is fully liberated and commands his energy.  He holds his kundalini energy in his hands and directs it where he desires.  Raising kundalini is done several times, and it only the beginning.  Many feel it is a one time and done thing.  It’s not their fault they think this. No one taught them differently.  Ophiuchus is described in the astrological poem of Marcus Manilius: “The Astronomica,” which is dated at around 10 AD.  Here is my favorite excerpt…

“They will receive snakes into the folds of their flowing robes, and will exchange kisses with these poisonous monsters and suffer no harm”.

The poisons we can learn about are found in Buddhist teachings of the 3 poisons.  Which are anger, attachment and ignorance.  Anger is self explanatory. Attachment is when wecan’t live without our possessions, people and our labels/identities.  Marcus also talks about being born under Ophiuchus, and this is where the trouble started.  His words were taken literally – as in being physically born under this sign.  The “born” under this is the Thrice born and not a physical birth.  This is why people get confused and try to stick poor Ophiuchus into our current zodiac, which is a pie chart.   It makes the chart unbalanced.  More on this later, as he is the odd man out and stands alone.


Thoth who is said to be Hermes Thrice Great wrote the Emerald Tablets, and I found some interesting research.  The 13th passage in the Emerald Tablets that Thoth wrote is titled, “The Keys To Life And Death.”  It is not about our physical death but our spiritual ones.  Essentially it is about the achievement of the 13th sign.  He also talks about the gateway into this energy, which is Azoth.  The gateway is Daath in the Kabbalah, which is the secret Sephiroth.  It has been secret for good reason.  Humanity was not ready to step into the power of the “Gods”.  It requires too much humility, love and balance.  Here is an excerpt from this 13th passage.

“Know ye the gateway to power is secret.  Know ye the gateway to like is through death…Aye, through death, but not as ye know death, but a death that is life and is fire and is Light”

Not only is Thoth describing our passage through Daath into Azoth, but as you read this passage it sounds like he is actually giving the physical coordinates to Ophiuchus.  I didn’t chase down that rabbit hole.  I wrote an article about Daath and how it is the doorway to Azoth energy, so I was thrilled to read that Thoth says the same thing.   Here is the link…Link to article


We find in ancient writings that both Ophiuchus and Azoth have the power to bring the dead back to life.  This is not literal, since we are not dying a physical death.  Each time you are born you begin a new life.  Beginning with your physical birth here, then the Christ Consciousness birth, and finally after you pass through Daath you complete the purpose of your third birth.  After each re-birth a new life begins for you.  Until this is completed you are considered “dead” at some level.  We all are considered this way, depending on where you are on your path.  Once we have fully mastered all 3 levels of birth, then we are fully liberated.  Notice this passage is from John 3:3, I love numbers.

Once you have fully attained this, you have the power of creation and destruction at your fingertips.  You command the forces of both light and darkness.  Neither one is better than the other, just different.  You are just like Kali, who is both male and female in total balance, creator and destroyer.  As I said earlier in the article, only monks and yogis have this power, and they are silent.  There are many characteristics on the net that supposedly describe the Ophiuchus sign.  Those that have it don’t talk about it.  If someone tells you they have achieved this level of attainment, then right there they have shown you who they really are.  The masters of all 3 levels know the power and wisdom of silence because the world is still not ready.  This is our future, and they are holding the space.  Also, I “feel” when the time is right for our 13th sign to be fully implemented into our society, we will see actual physical signs of who has achieved Thrice Great.  They won’t need to say a word.  These people are our future leaders.  When will the world be ready?  That is up to us and how quickly humans merge the Christ Consciousness into their hearts, and then move into the basic Azoth energy.  From there we learn how to yield the power and control it responsibly.  Then we are Thrice Great.  It’s a long road, but it is happening faster that I thought.  I hope I see it in my lifetime.


I could tell that our 13th sign will be part of our zodiac and it is our future, but how will it look in the current chart?  Well, it can’t just fit into our current pie chart.  Right now each sign has an opposite, and this is crucial right now.  The 4 fixed signs are currently running the show for us.  They are the 4 horses of the apocalypse.  (I am getting info on this, but it is too soon to go into) If our 13th sign is squeezed into our current chart, then our 4 fixed signs will no longer be opposite, and this is a big deal right now.  I wanted to know what the new chart looked like, and I was surprised at what I saw….at first.  I saw concentric circles with grande Ophiuchus in the middle.  He is the center circle, and he is the center of the milky way too, which makes sense.  This is our future. We are returning home and beginning anew.  Atlantis is said have been made in concentric circles.  I don’t know if this is literal in the physical sense, but it is on the energetic.  This brings me to an amazing point on my personal journey that I am going to share.

Three years ago (there is the 3 in 13) today, I was with some amazing friends at the Return To Atlantis Conference in 2013 (there is the 13 that brings us full circle)  We were on Lido Key in Florida, which is a crystal sands beach.  It is the actual remnant of Atlantis in our Atlantic region.   The attendants opened a closed portal during our time there and completed some amazing energy work.  My experiences were mind blowing.  So it is no surprise that I would see our 13th sign in our zodiac as the concentric circles of Atlantis.  It is our new future.  And some of the work was done at the conference in preparation for this.  Our shining star Helane passed on what was the first day of the conference.  She brought this full circle for us so we would remember.  Those of us that attended have been having a nice reunion on line.  We haven’t connected very much since the conference, but Helane’s passing brought some of us together in her memory.  She wanted us to remember the great work we did there, and see how it has come full circle.

Helane Lipson was one of the creators of this amazing event.  She knew the purpose and was amazed at all the work we did.  She passed away 2 days ago on Oct. 4, 2016.  She was a brilliant clairvoyant astrologer.  No one did chart readings like she did.  I can feel her with me as I write this.  She inspired me to do what I am currently doing.  She told me in 2013 at the conference that I would go public, write articles and even be on the radio.  I told her she was nuts, I was way too shy for that, and we both laughed.  Well, Helane, you were right and this article on our 13th sign is dedicated to you.

This is why we are the ones we have been waiting for.  We are the return of the Gods.  We are trying to become the great Ophiuchus.  I am tired of waiting, and I am doing….

Free your mind, balance your ego, stay healthy and humble then the rest will follow,

Lisa Rising Berry






SACRED GEOMETRY is one of a number of terms used to describe universal order

Amonitus-Spiralicus-rainbows fractal

Jonathan Quintin

Sacred Geometry is a field of geometry distinct from “standard” geometry. Standard geometry (Euclidian geometry) is what is taught in our schools and adheres to the view of a disconnected universe. By comparison, sacred geometry adheres to the view of a connected universe, or unified field.

The disconnected universe is summarized by Nassim Haramein as follows:

  • The universe and all the material objects within it behave like a machine.
  • The analysis of this machine is through successive reduction of its components into smaller and smaller parts.
  • There is no underlying organizing framework, therefore there’s no need to consider one within the fundamental model of physics.
  • The process of organization within the universe is solely through random events and interactions.
  • There is no innate intelligence or life within inorganic matter, making it essentially a “dead universe”.
  • The direction of evolving systems is always towards decreasing order and dissolution.
  • Objects are separated by empty space and are therefore inherently disconnected.
  • The vacuum of space is devoid of energy.

The connected universe view is summarized by Nassim Haramein:

  • The universe and all matter/energy it comprises behave as a unified whole system.
  • Analysis is through understanding the fundamental patterns of wholeness that are synergetically expressed in fractal repetition at all scales.
  • The information/energy interaction is holographic throughout.
  • The process of organization includes an inherent feedback/feedforward loop throughout the fractal and holographic matrix.
  • This feedback exhibits an ever-evolving reflexive “intelligence” throughout the entire micro to macro cosmic system, a “living universe”.
  • The direction of evolving systems includes a balance between both increasing and decreasing order.
  • The space “between” objects is full of a vast energy potential that seamlessly connects all things.

SACRED GEOMETRY is one of a number of terms used to describe universal order.

Other terms include:

  • geometric cosmology: a natural order that can be described geometrically.
  • ancient geometry: many ancient traditions used this form of geometry
  • organic geometry or bio-harmonic geometry: the geometry of nature
  • archetypal geometry: illustrates the self-organizing forces of creation
  • classical geometry: all can be reduced to divisions of circle and sphere
  • philosophical / theosophical geometry: the nature of creation
  • universal geometry: because it pervades the universe
  • inter-dimensional geometry: functions on all levels of creation

(The terms are used interchangeably in the following text)

Sacred geometry is a school of thought. It is the study of universal order. There is no singular organization or authority figure or establishment that oversees it. Rather, it is a movement re-addressing the knowledge that was once known in ancient times.

Sacred geometry cannot be comprehended by the rational, analytical left brain alone. It includes an intangible side that requires the creative, inspirational faculties of the right brain to process because it includes among other things the process of infinity.

Sacred geometry is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. It is the natural sanction that unites all forms of life… from microbes, plants, animals and humans to the motions of the planets and stars.

Sacred geometry shows the quality of relatedness between unique and individual differences and demonstrates how diverse elements can be organized into a whole, while still preserving their individual uniqueness. Everything has an underlying geometric template which links it into the cosmos.

Geometric cosmology provides a tangible means of examining the intrinsic order of the Universe. It shows how the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. It is both exoteric and esoteric, providing an interface between the seen and unseen, the quantitative and qualitative, the finite and infinite. It symbolizes the relationship of form, movement, space and time.

Everything that appears solid in the world is actually in a state of vibration. Nature is abuzz with pulses, oscillations, wave motions, rhythms and cycles in a vast spectrum of universal energies—all of which can be defined as vibration and frequency. Frequency can be expressed through number and number through shape and form—which is geometry.

Everything in the world is energy in a continual state of change. The sum total of energy in the universe does not increase or diminish but is continually transformed from one state to another. There is no end, only change. The end of one cycle marks the beginning of another.

From the dance of atoms to spiraling galaxies, every type of growth and motion is governed by the same set of mathematical laws. These laws are contained in the primary shapes and patterns that develop from uniform divisions of the circle and sphere. They are graphical representations of the mathematical principles upon which nature operates. They describe the self-organizing forces that manifest in infinite diversity.

The patterns are reflected in nature as natural forms, but with an important distinction. While natural forms are geometrically organized, every form is unique and can only approximate the mathematical principle upon which it is based. Although governed by mathematical rule, natural form always gives way to physical constraints.

Natural forms are determined by the interaction of intrinsic and extrinsic forces. In the case of a plant, for example, the intrinsic forces are governed by the genetic coding that determines the characteristics of that particular plant.

The extrinsic forces are those influences that are external to the plant’s biological form. They are largely environmental such as soil content, temperature, humidity, wind, rain and sunshine. They influence the options and create limitations affecting the plant’s existence.

Nature, as a response to the action of force, creates an infinite diversity of forms from a basic inventory of archetypal mathematical principles. The archetypes are the basic pattern-forming processes that, operating within strict limits, create limitless varieties.

Natural forms are diagrams of the forces that created them. Every natural form is a blend of beauty and function, demonstrating how nature develops the most refined, regenerative technology based on a geometric system that combines economy of energy with optimal performance – getting more out of less.

As well as the world being geometrically organized, it is also geometry that determines how we perceive it. We experience the world through our senses, which respond to energy fluctuations in our field of awareness. Each sense is tuned to a different range of frequencies. On the most fundamental level, our senses react according to the geometrical and proportional differences of the stimulus involved.

If we smell a rose, it is not actually the chemical substance of its perfume that we respond to but rather the geometric nature of the chemical’s molecular structure. If blindfolded, many of us would not be able to distinguish the aroma of a garden rose from a perfume that had been produced in a laboratory. This is because the molecules of the chemicals were bonded similarly to those of the rose—in other words they shared the same geometry.

Our sense of sight differs from our sense of touch because the nerves of the retina are tuned to a different range of frequencies than are the tactile nerves. The same applies to the nerves involved in the senses of taste, smell, or hearing—it is the geometric distinctions among the frequencies that we respond to.

Geometry is the constant amidst a continual process of change. Our physical bodies are in a constant state of change—every atom of every molecule is continually changed and replaced. The DNA molecule is generally considered to be the vehicle of continuity. However, the information to replicate is not encoded in the physical DNA molecule; or the carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen elements that compose DNA—because they too are continually changed and replaced.

The vehicle of continuity is a geometric spiral (helix) which provides an invisible blueprint upon which DNA is structured. The spiral is based upon archetypal geometric proportions that exist prior to the physical state. It is these invisible geometric proportions of the spiral that are responsible for the replicating power of the DNA.

Similarly, the process of photosynthesis in plants occurs because the geometry of the carbon, hydrogen, magnesium and nitrogen elements of the chlorophyll molecule is organized into a harmonic twelve-fold arrangement. These same elements in any other arrangement will not transform radiant energy into life substance.

Theraphi Plasma Health


Pain relief, healing and regeneration

New technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target pain throughout the body. Based on magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing.

Rejuvenation Field Technology
Magnetic Aligned Plasma
Natural Pain Relief, Longevity and Reduction of Degenerative Disease

Rejuvenation Field Technology (RFT) is an innovative company at the leading edge in research and development of frequency modulated electromagnetic healing waveforms applied to living organisms. We often also refer to our unique technology as “M.A.P.” “Magnetically Aligned Plasmas”
With a foundation of decades of research, RFT has harnessed the precise frequencies (IP) and hardware (IP) for the production of “Biologically Active Fields”, which have been proven to have medical applications. The use of electromagnetic waves for therapy has been well documented for over 60 years.Our unique, novel and patentable technology may have an influence on pain reduction, restoring coherence in single and multicellular organisms thereby increasing longevity, enhancing immune systems, reducing healing times and lowering dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, with the potential of restoring homeostasis in cases of degenerative diseases including cancer.

  • Solid-State nonlinear materials are used. This allows for an increase of at least one order of magnitude for power density, and tighter control for frequency and phase coherence.
  • An increase of phase coherence allows for the inclusion of different waveforms, which can conceivably “steer” the probabilities into a past for the organism to a state better than it started with. This is necessary, as in some genetic conditions, a chronological “map” results that means that the same condition will recur over time. In order to prevent this, one must rewrite the “map”, and restructure those probabilities. This is true regeneration, in which the organism changes to a less entropic state that will not be repeated in the future, similar to what some simpler organisms, such as jellyfish, do, which are in a state of virtual immortality.
  • Patentable new technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target pain throughout the body. Based on magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing.
  • This device utilizes new principles which correctly impedance match external pulsed magnetic fields to non-invasively correct neuronal and other biological informational channels to reduce and eliminate pain.
  • Cutting edge technology for Longevity Science, Natural Pain Relief, Deep Rejuvenation of Human Cells (possibly including Stem cells) and a overall broad spectrum of frequencies that are used for a variety of aliments
  • Extensive preliminary evidence that PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS can not only reduce pain but also increase healing rate. We understand the physics- because this creates the magnetic environment of restored fractality- precisely the definition of healing in biologic tissue.
  • Mitigation of age-related diseases may also be possible, and life extension as a result of this.
  • Original Priore technology used plasmas for mixing: highly inefficient. Only 1% of energy is emitted as longitudinal components.
  • This technology had a low power density: Magnetically activated plasmas take up a large volume, and the tube that Priore was intending to use took up a large fraction of the building.
  • Cost: The original Priore plasma tubes were heavy and labor intensive to construct, with mercury vapor and noble gases. The major expenses were the tubes and drivers. In this new version, the solid-state emitters/mixers are a fraction of that cost, and robust enough to carry into the field, without the fragility of noble gas tubes. New solid-state VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) devices promise to shrink the physical volume and production costs even further.

We have also shown the frequency signature in EKG power spectra (which correlates to increased DNA braid density) makes a strong reason to believe that the phase conjugate process associated with EEG / EKG frequency signaturesis actually a piezo trigger for the macromolecular programming of DNA by recusive piezoelectric induced braiding coherence (when the thread embeds in the string embeds in the rope (all by coherent embedding). The result is DNA programming by active site alignment. This all points back to the power of a lo frequency phase conjugate pump wave (like Priore used) to actually effect DNA by aligning active sites.

MAGNETIC PHASE CONJUGATION is a magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing. Our frequencies applied to our magnetic field, produces an implosion of self-organizing biological fields. What this means is we now know precisely the magnetic and dielectric fields which restores compression and is the FIELD SYMMETRY KEY to healing and tissue regeneration. There are many other uses such as bone regeneration and stem cell switching.
  • Pain reduction (as both Priore and Rauscher showed)
  • Swelling reduction
  • Wound regeneration
  • Cancer remission (well documented by Priore and the French authorities)
  • Switching on and off – stem cell de-differentiation
  • Reducing the effects of aging (time reversal in phase conjugate optics was real as long as the past being reverted to was a MORE ordered state)
  • We will also be documenting the effect of the phase conjugate regenerative fieldon the collagen cross binding which is so critical to the aging process.
Many people are now looking for alternative methods of treatment that do not use the harmful effects of chemotherapy, radiation and pharmaceutical drugs.
A Regenerative Field Device is not only feasible with today’s technology, but would be in high demand by a public that is moving away from isolated chemical-based healing methodologies. Ideally the device would have little or no side effects, as opposed to the pharmaceutical approach with its many debilitating, health-compromising side effects.
Natural and alternative cancer cures are immensely popular. This is largely due to the failure and expense of conventional cancer treatments. Numerous studies question the value of mainstream medical cancer treatments, and cancer is one of the diseases that mainstream medicine indeed has trouble handling, but however is extremely lucrative in the sales of chemotherapy, as Tom Bearden is quoted, “$250,000 on the hoof for every patient.” Multiplied by several million, we see the resistance to the threat to their profit margin.
We consider the present moment to be the right time to advance this unique technology, with modern societies eager to adapt new technologies and the added advancements in our understanding of biological effects of electro-therapies, we feel the acceptance of our work will be in our favor.
The commercial implications of this are striking and include:
  • Sports medicine
  • Military medicine
  • Addressing stubborn wounds to heal
  • Almost any situation required biologically regeneration / order increase.
  • Sales of RFT directly into marketplace
  • Spa and clinics are set up to house the device in prominent locations
  • Hospitals
  • Licensing fees from partners
RFT is currently seeking visionary aware investors to help us realize our goal of delivering our technology at a competitive price. Seed capital is necessary for advancing this forward.
As an investor in RTF, you will play a crucial role in:

  • Supporting an alternative treatment for pain relief and serious aliments
  • Pioneering a new paradigm for the treatment of degenerative diseases
  • Leaving a legacy that improves the lives of millions of people
The market potential for natural healing approach to a broad spectrum of aliments is huge!
Start up seed capital, is required to enter into full operational business development This prototype is used as the template for further development and serves as a functioning working example and demo unit.Our Mission is to study the potential of these bio-active fields and the validity of entering into the market place with a proven, scientifically validated bio-active field generating device, which assists in natural healing abilities of the human body. The adoption of the RFT will enable various caregiver industries, hospitals, clinics, spas and private individuals to have an economical therapeutic technology readily available.

Stage 1 of development would consist of completion of prototype (currently 80% complete) and initial validation of bioactive field.
Stage 2 of development would consist of a group of contracted third party individuals and or organizations to validate and verify the rejuvenative effects of the device.
Stage 3 would be marketing and distribution.
Stage 4 of development would consist of FDA trials for the efficacy of such a device while exploring market potential in the US while simultaneously preparing for market penetration into other countries.We are committed to educate the world on the environmental, economic and healing potential of our unique technology.

A Non-Technical Description of the Priore Process

Reference: This is a reprint from Dr. Tom Bearden FROM The Tom Bearden Website

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, in France Antoine Priore built and tested electromagnetic healing machines of startling effectiveness.  In hundreds and hundreds of rigorous tests with laboratory animals, Priore’s machine cured a wide variety of the most difficult kinds of terminal, fatal diseases known today.  Funded by the French government in the amount of several million dollars, Priore’s machines concretely demonstrated a nearly 100% cure of all kinds of terminal cancers and leukemias, in thousands of rigorous laboratory tests with animals. These results were shown to medical scientists as early as 1960.

Many of the experiments and tests were done by prestigious members of the French Academy of Sciences. Robert Courrier, head of the Biology Section: and Secretaire Perpetuel, personally introduced Priore’s astounding results to the French Academy. The operation of the Priore machine was seemingly incomprehensible. Many orthodox French scientists’some of them world renowned’were outraged at the success of such a machine, shrilling that science had nothing to do with “black boxes:.” They loudly called upon the inventor to explain the mechanism utilized by his machine, but the inventor either wouldn’t or couldn’t explain the curative mechanism.

Priore certainly knew how to build the machine and make it work. It is debatable to this day whether anyone’Priore included ‘actually understood its principle of operation. Neither the French Academy nor Antoine Priore knew anything of phase conjugation at the time. In fact, the entire Western World knew nothing of phase conjugation in the 1960’s when Priore was getting his finest results. At that time, only the Soviets knew of time-reversed waves. Certainly Priore’s machine was impressive.

Into a tube containing a plasma of mercury and neon gas, a pulsed 9.4 gigahertz wave modulated upon a carrier frequency of 17 megahertz was introduced. These waves were produced by radio emitters and magnetrons in the presence of a 1,000 gauss magnetic field. Experimental animals were exposed to this magnetic field during irradiation, and the mixture of waves (some 17 or so) coming from the plasma tube and modulating and riding the magnetic field passed through the animals’ bodies. Amongst other things, a plasma can convert a transverse wave to a longitudinal wave. Also, phase conjugate (time-reversed) waves can be produced by plasmas. Priore’s apparatus produced a scalar EM wave/signal with deliberately constructed, infolded components including phase conjugate waves.

One of Priore’s intermediate devices. This device cured terminal cancers and leukemias in thousands of laboratory animals.  (Courtesy Bob Whitney)

One may roughly view a cancer cell as a normal human cell gone “awry” and out of control of the body’s master cellular control system. The cancerous cells, viewed as a sort of separate, parasitic group of cells, form a special kind of organism having its own master cellular control system “level,” immersed in the host’s biopotential.*

*One strongly points out the relevance of Dr. Robert Becker’s epochal experiments proving that cells can be dedifferentiated and redifferentiated electrically. Those experiments are strong indicators that the cancer cell should be capable of being reverted to its more primitive state’that of the normal cell’by electromagnetic means.

There is thus a specific, constant electromagnetic “delta” that differentiates the parasitic cancerous “organism” from the normal -human cellular organism. 

This “delta” can be considered a sort of constant, complex-structured charge existing in the body’s atomic nuclei. It’s exactly as if the body biopotential had been charged up by Kaznacheyev’s “death photons” for that specific cancer condition. If this cancerous “delta” (which may be rather like a complex intermodulation mix of waves)’or a frequency shifted “transform” of it to a different frequency band’is phase conjugated, a specific healing delta frequency pattern results. If phase conjugate replicas of a cancer’s cell’s specific “delta” frequencies are fed into the body having that cancer, the deviation of the cancer cell’s master cellular control system will be “time reversed.” That will return the cancer cell to control of the animal’s proper master cellular control system. The cancerous cell will be immediately destroyed, or reverted back to a normal cell of the animal.

A very similar process exists for just about every disease bacterium and infectious agent that attacks the body.
Phase Conjugates of “Death Photons” are “Healing Photons”

The Kaznacheyev experiments in the Soviet Union proved that any cellular death and disease pattern can be induced by a specific electromagnetic pattern carried on an electromagnetic signal, if the target cells are bombarded with the pattern-carrying carrier signals for a length of time. What was not published of Kaznacheyev’s work was the correspondent work showing electromagnetic reversal of cellular death and disease conditions by irradiating the diseased cell cultures by phase conjugate replicas of the pattern-carrying induction signal.

In simplified terms, if an action in forward time induces a condition, then the time-reversal of that action will reverse the condition.  The concept is almost laughably simple. The time-reversal of an electromagnetic disease process is a specific healing process for that disease.

In his device, Priore internally structured the carrier photons themselves’making them vacuum engines. He phase conjugated his vacuum engines, and then passed these time-reversed vacuum engines down and through a strong magnetic field which thoroughly penetrated all cells of the biological organism being treated.

The scalar components (structured photons) representing the time-reversal of the disease were absorbed and reradiated in all the cells, “charging up” the nuclei of the atoms in the organism to some potential level of the exact “healing and reversing pattern.”

In the process, the cancer/leukemia pattern/charge also destroyed the cancer calls, or converted them back to normal cells as appropriate.

As a highly simplified analogy, the complex signal – viewed as a scalar Fourier expansion – represented a “stress” against any abnormal cellular control system encountered and returned it to the normal cell’s master cellular control system of the body. Encountering the normal control system in normal cells, it produced zero stress. Encountering the abnormal control system in tumerous cells, it produced great stress on it, reverting it to the normal control system of the body’s normal cells. Thus to a normal cell the Priore signal pattern acted somewhat as a comb passing through one’s hair.

No interference occurred with the normal cell (one whose scalar control pattern is phase-locked to the body’s master cellular control system and in phase with it).  The Priore signal stimulated and “stroked” the normal cell, but did not hurt it at all.

On the other hand, the scalar control pattern in and of an abnormal (cancerous) cell is out of phase with the body’s master cellular control system, and is not phase-locked to it.  Hence the Priore signal caused direct interference with the abnormal cell’s independent scalar control system. The interference pattern constituted the reconstruction of normal energy directly in the cancerous cell, and also jammed its abnormal scalar life signal.  This destroyed the cancerous cell by two mechanisms: (1) physical energy was kindled directly in the abnormal cell, causing direct mechanical damage, and (2) the cancerous cell, being an “independent living critter,” had its scalar life channel (connecting its primitive “mind” to its “body”) jammed and stopped.

If the cancerous cell was reverted to a normal cell by the Priore stress before being destroyed, it became just a normal cell and the Priore stress had no further effect upon it.

The Effect is Universally Applicable.

Any disease with cellular, biochemical, or genetic basis can be cured in like fashion.

Priore’s method, for example, was clearly shown to be able to completely reverse clogging of the arteries with fatty deposits, and to be able to lower the cholesterol level to normal, even in the presence of an abnormally high cholesterol diet.

His method also showed complete mastery and cure of sleeping sickness and trypanosome-induced illnesses.

Often Priore found that every cell of the body’even the hair’ must be irradiated and treated (“charged up”) with the signal, for the disease pattern was in every cell. The master cellular control system is holographic’the pattern (substructured potential with its dynamic, oscillating components) is in each component (each atomic nucleus, hence in each cell.)

Every structural level of the body larger than the cell also has its own correlated pattern, or modulation, on the overall.  A biological organism can regenerate lost limbs, for example, if it can utilize its natural recovery process in a Priore manner.  Even though Priore’s work was presented to the French Academy of Sciences by Robert Courrier, the prestigious head of the Biology Section, the Academy could not understand the device and its functioning.  That was because the Academicians knew nothing of scalar electromagnetics, and phase conjugation, and the Priore machine was a scalar electromagnetic device using phase conjugation.

In the Mid-70’s It Ended

In 1974, a change of local government lost Priore his government supporters. His support and funding were lost.

Ironically, Priore was just completing a 4-stories-tall apparatus capable of radiating and treating entire human bodies. It would have been capable of curing cancer and leukemia in humans rather than just in laboratory rats. (His previous machines were much smaller, and only a small animal could be irradiated whole-body.  In that machine Priore used a “1amp,” a special section, in which 17 specific frequencies were mixed and modulated upon the 9.4 gigahertz carrier.

The large, special, phase-conjugating plasma tube for Priore’s giant device.  The final machine would have treated humans “whole-body.” (Courtesy Bob Whitney)

The last device would have treated human patients “whole-body.” The cap assembly was on the third floor of the device. (Courtesy Bob Whitney)

The machine was large enough to irradiate humans over their whole body. It should have been capable of curing cancer and leukemia in two five-minute irradiations, one week apart Capping assembly for the top of Priore’s giant plasma tube device..

While Priore was still alive, with my associates I spent nearly two years of my life in an effort to bring the Priore device to market and into the mainstream of medical research and development.

Robert Whitney, Frank Golden, and Tony Gideon played the major role, going to France and negotiating directly with the Priore group and the French government.

Verbal agreements with both the Priore group and with the French government were obtained. The machines were to be built, assembled, and tested in Bordeaux. Then they were to be dismantled and shipped to the purchasers’large medical research and development laboratories where they would be reassembled on site.

A group of wealthy backers was going to provide the necessary millions to fund the effort. Final contracts were being drawn.

Mysteriously, all funding for the project was suddenly withdrawn. Our backers were “leaned on” very hard and strongly threatened. Nothing we could do could revive the project.

Priore never again recovered his funding, and later died. The machine fell into disarray and was disassembled.

However, the proof that the requisite time-reversed signal can be produced, and will ride down a magnetic field, to penetrate every cell and every

atomic nucleus in the body, is already in the present hard-core physics literature, if one knows where to look and how to properly interpret the work.

The fact that such signals can reverse nearly every major cellular illness condition of the body also has been proven by Priore and the scientists who worked with him, and it is in the French scientific literature.

The Priore-type cure for AIDS and other diseases only requires the necessary funding and personnel to be redeveloped and reestablished.


In simple terms, it works like this.  There are two mechanisms in the body of concern to treatment of disease and recovery from disease and damage.  One is the immune system, which is like the soldiers on a battlefield.  It attacks the “bad guys” (the invaders) and destroys them.  After a great battle, usually it wins (or we would all die), and the battlefield is littered with the residue.  The immune system also has large “scavenger” cells when then come in and “clean up the residue”.  Thereafter, the function of the immune system is over.  It does not “heal” anything, even its own damaged cells.

The actual “healing” system in the body is the cellular regenerative system, poorly studied, and in fact mostly studied by Becker.  This is an electromagnetic system, but of a rare kind not used in our common power systems, communication systems, etc.  Instead of using the common transverse EM waves, this system uses longitudinal EM waves and time-polarized EM waves.  Ugh!  A time-polarized EM wave is an energy current in the time domain, and the basis for such does appear in a very modern physics theory called quantum field theory.  There we are introduced to time-polarized photons, for example.  The easiest way to “visualize” a time-polarized oscillation is that, instead of oscillating energy in space, the wave oscillates the rate of flow of time just a little bit.  So it is a “compression and rarefaction of the local rate of flow of time”, so to speak.

Anyway, just as biological systems used common electromagnetism, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation etc. for eons before Maxwell finally glued together magnetism and electricity, it has also used this “time-domain” type of “hidden” electrodynamics since the beginning.  In fact, it uses it to heal damaged cells, etc.  It works this way:

After the Russians briefed Lawrence Livermore Laboratory scientists in 1972 about a strange kind of electromagnetic wave that would suddenly appear in experiments and “restore order”, modern phase conjugate optics was born.  In extremely simple terms, suppose you “squeeze” (pump) a little particle of nonlinear mass with spatial-energy (normal) EM waves at certain frequencies, and then “tickle” the rhythmically squeezed mass with a separate little EM wave that you input.  Oddly, the energy in the “pumping” waves will be transformed into a strange kind of “backwards traveling” or “crawfish” wave that backtracks the path that the little input wave took.  In short, this strange “time-reversed” wave in essence is in magnitude some fraction or amplification of the input wave, and it propagates back along the path taken by the input wave — even if the input wave itself is already “gone”!

So with NORMAL pumping with spatial energy, we create an amplified time-reversal spatial energy wave that REVERSES whatever the input wave did.

Here is the magic in the Priore process:  If we pump (squeeze rhythmically) a living cell in the TIME domain, we pump every part and point of it simultaneously.  So we produce an amplified “time-reversal force wave” on each and every part of the mass-energy comprising the cell.  The miraculous thing is that we then precisely “time-reverse” the entire cell and all its parts — including the genetics itself — back along the previous path through time that the cell took in having changes occur to it — such as diseases and damage!

Not only can we amplify and time-reverse the energy in a normal EM wave, but we can now also amplify (shorten the time required to change) and time-reverse the energy comprising a living mass.

We can gradually reverse the damaged or diseased cell back to an earlier physical condition, before the damage or disease was there!  The cell itself gradually physically changes.

That is the basic mechanism, uncovered by this researcher, that every living biological system uses to heal itself.  That is the final mechanism that Becker so ardently sought and so closely approached in his epochal work, and that is the mechanism that was responsible for the astounding cures achieved by the Priore team in France in the 1960s and early 1970s.

It took me 14 years to decipher that mechanism, so simply explained above.

Anyway, the body ages only because gradually the cellular regenerative system deteriorates a bit, and so can no longer fully restore the cells back to full youthful vigor.  The aging process itself can also be reversed and “cured” by precisely the same process.  We emphasize that all the treatment does is accelerate and enhance the human body’s own natural healing mechanism — which still does not appear in our medical science, because the type of electrodynamics used by the body’s healing process has not even been applied (and seldom even studied) by Western medical scientists.

A rigorous theoretical basis for the foregoing can now be established from the pioneering advanced electrodynamics work of a few great pioneers, such as Evans and Barrett.  The electrodynamics that results is in fact a unified field theory, which is now shown by those researchers.  Particularly the magnificent higher symmetry O(3) electrodynamics advanced by Evans has “met in the middle” with Sachs’ unified field theory, and so the combined Sachs-Evans theory is now able to fully model and explain the mechanisms involved.

Yet our scientific community remains hostile to the very notion of EM healing, even though the natural healing mechanism used in all biological systems is purely electrodynamics — albeit a most unusual form of electrodynamics that the medical scientists do not study.

I also found a way independently to greatly accelerate the Priore method, and then discovered later that French researchers had previously uncovered this mechanism, without at all understanding it.  Nonetheless they first demonstrated it.  In the Priore method, one must irradiate the entire body of the patient (or animal subject) with longitudinal EM waves, made from plasmas, etc.  Priore embedded these waves in rippling magnetic field carriers, to guarantee that the deepest bone marrow was penetrated and exposed to the non-ionizing radiation.  Irradiation with longitudinal waves stimulates the body to produce a little more of the time-polarized “pump” waves, hence achieves some “pumping” of the required type in the living cells.  That results in “time-reversal” of the damaged cells back to health; in short, an accelerated natural healing process.

In the new method, if the exact spectrum of EM radiation FROM a diseased or cellularly-damaged body is captured and amplified, and then fed back into the body, one finds a very strange process occurs.  Imagine that you have a great ship with portholes, and there are many dynamic processes ongoing in that ship, which all emit light, etc.  The light reflects from many things in the ship, but eventually emerges from the portholes.  Now imagine that you could put back in stronger light precisely anti-parallel to the emerging light, of exactly the same frequency, waveform, patterning, etc.  All that amplified light energy would now travel backwards through all those (assumed) reflection paths, and arrive back at all the original processes.  But the arriving energy is greater than the ongoing emerging energy, so the processes get “reversed” back to a previous state of operation.

In short, the “porthole” effect uses only ordinary EM radiation, but very precisely and very carefully measured and tailored.  Yet it will also engender the same time-domain pumping back in all the deep interaction of the body, in every cell and every part of it.  In short, we get a direct and very quick time-reversal of all those physical processes.

This method is very dramatic, and very quick (less than one minute irradiation).  It is also agonizing  to the patient during irradiation (it has been done surreptitiously on dogs, e.g., by a researcher who wisely conceals his identity) and did rejuvenate an aged, crippled German shepherd.

All of this, properly funded with a great scientific team carefully chosen, can provide a revolutionary new medical therapy.  There are no such things as “resistant pathogens” to the process; everything is mass energy and just get backed up right out of there.  Indeed, the exchange between the pathogen and the host’s immune system, where the pathogen finally succeeded in tricking or avoiding the immune system (as in AIDS), is also reversed back out of there, and the immune system is also restored to full vigor.  The result is that the immune system now recognizes the pathogens again completely, and goes after them vigorously.  In short, the body is again able to use its full healing power against the “resistant” organism again, completely negating the “deception” that was achieved by the pathogen.

But this science will never be born from the official science community, because those who control the funds for research will simply not allow it.  It will require a private group or private wealthy person to fund the research necessary to do it.

Let us hope that the day comes when the funds are available, and we then do get on finally with developing a science of total healing, to replace and augment the present medical science of cut, burn, kill, and vaccinate.

In response to a further query on this subject, Dr. Bearden responds:

I know of no other reference to time-reversing the cells electromagnetically than my own papers.

In biology, the change of a cell to a previous or “more primitive” state is called dedifferentiation.  The change of a cell “forward” or to a “more specialized” state is called “differentiation”.  So the change of the cell back to a more primitive state or forward to a more specialized state is well-known.

Another area involved is cellular regeneration.  Robert Becker’s work is probably the best and most advanced example of the state of the art of the study that has been done of the “cellular regeneration system”, particularly from the standpoint of inducing changes in it by electromagnetic means.  Becker did, I feel, induce the phase conjugation effects, but during much of his work (earlier, 1960s) modern phase conjugate optics had not even been born.  It eventually got started after Russian researchers briefed U.S. researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory about a strange EM wave in reactions that would come back out and “restore order” in disordering processes.  Even then, it really did not get well underway until about 1979 or 1980, except for a handful of U.S. researchers such as Yariv and Fisher.

So Becker’s work used ordinary EM electromagnetics, without the phase conjugate part of the theory — but his work did show some of the effects.  He certainly was able to stimulate regeneration or partial regeneration of limbs in certain test species.

As another problem, even today phase conjugate electromagnetics does NOT deal with reversing mass-energy itself, so that the mass is “time-reversed”.  Instead, it is concerned only with forming a time-reversed replica of an input wave (as in 4-wave mixing).  The beauty of the process is that the two oppositive “pump” waves add energy to the phase conjugate replica wave that is born in response to the stimulus wave (called the “signal” wave).  So the resulting time-reversed wave may have greater energy than the stimulus way to which it responded.  But some of the characteristics are most interesting.  The stimulated time-reverse wave will “travel” or appear back along through space over the exact path, point by point, that the stimulus or input wave took when it came in.  (This is the simplest case; it is possible to force the emitted time-reverse wave in the forward direction as well, etc.).

Here is the point:  We may consider the energy in an ordinary EM wave to be oscillating in a plane (the wavefront) which is traveling at the speed of light).  In short, the energy exists in two dimensions in its oscillation, but the entire “carrier plane for the oscillation” is moving.

In a mass, the mass-energy is three dimensional, not two dimensional, and it is not confined to a plane wavefront.  Hence standard “two-dimensional wave in space” pumping will not reverse the mass.  It will simply produce nonlinear wave effects, such as phase conjugating incoming “signal” wave or some of the “signal’ waves present in the mass.

So the problem in returning the mass-energy includes several requirements:  (1) the 3-dimensional energy (highly compressed) that is the mass-energy is what must constitute the “signal wave”, (2) the pumping must pump every single point in the mass, throughout its interior, simultaneously, else we are not pumping 3-dimensional energy but are pumping “surface” wise or 2-dimensionally, (3) the domain in which we pump (“squeeze”) must therefore be what is called “multiply connected” to every point in that 3-space object (mass), and so (4) that is a characteristic of time (the time domain, since at a single point it time, every spatial point in the universe exists), and (5) it must be a localized time-domain pumping, so that only the mass or its close vicinity is pumped.  Only by fulfilling all those requirements can we “pump the mass — such as the human body or the body of a test animal — in the time domain, thereby time-reversing the cells back to a previous earlier (healthy) condition.

In France, Pautrizel did some experiments with immature baby rats that clearly proved that time-reversal was involved.  He infested the rats (whose immune system was still very immature and not very strong) with trypanosomes.  Then he applied the Priore treatment, which restored the cells back to their previous condition and the immune system back to its previous system.  However, the time reversal does not kill the trypanosomes, so the pathogens are still present.  And the baby rats’ immune systems were still very immature and unable to cope with the pathogens.  Hence those rats all died.  Yet mature rats with fully developed immune systems, infected the same way and treated the same way, resulted in the re-invigorated and strong immune systems dispatching the pathogens in short order, so that the rats all lived.  In short, he really did show that the EM non-ionizing radiation was in some manner time-reversing the cells of the treated body back over the paths they had taken in time.

Hence he demonstrated that, somehow, those five conditions were being achieved by the odd EM irradiation that Priore had established from stimulated plasmas in plasma tubes.

Becker showed that the cellular regeneration system also restores the cells, and is stimulated and amplified electromagnetically.  But he could not achieve quite such startling results, since he used ordinary EM radiation and not specialized EM radiation coming from plasmas.

That was the arena into which I stepped. The first problem was how to “pump in the time domain”.  In quantum field theory, there are several polarizations of the photon: (1) the regular transverse photon, which we model as the energy oscillating sideways — and this produces and constitutes the ordinary EM transverse wave.  That is the “energy oscillating in the plane of the wavefront, while the wavefront travels at light speed”.  (2) the longitudinal photon, in which the energy vibrates along the line of motion of the photon, like an accordion contracting and expanding along that direction of travel as it travels.  (3) the time-polarized or “scalar” photon, in which the oscillation is “outside” 3-space and is oscillating in the time-dimension (time-domain).

Thus one has to discover how to make time-polarized EM waves, which do not appear in any straightforward fashion in Western literature.  I eventually worked out a proposed mechanism for that (the mechanism remains to be experimentally proven, but I am even surer of it now than when I first discovered it some years ago).  At any rate, at least in theory I finally had my required time-polarized EM wave, so that one could “pump” or “squeeze” the mass in the time-domain, and hence do what is required for mass-reversal back through its path through time.

This is NOT “time-travel” in the conventional science fiction sense.  In time-travel, the entire universe except the observer would have to be time-reversed back to a previous condition, while the observer continued to age normally (move in his forward time).  This does not do that at all.  What it does do, is take one piece of the universe and change it back to a previous state.  While it is uncomfortable for scientists to think in such terms, nonetheless de-differentiation of cells — e.g., as rigorously shown by Becker and others — clearly shows that cells can be “retroregressed” or whatever name one chooses to call “time-reversal”.  So it is a fact, experimentally demonstrated.

Becker’s work, e.g., is applied to cure otherwise intractable bone fractures.  Trickle currents or pulsed EM is applied between silver electrodes, one on each side of the fracture. So (1) a potential exists in the area, and (2) a field also exists.  Eventually, new cells of the type that make bone are deposited in the fracture and it is healed.

Becker revealed the startling thing that happens.  The RED BLOOD CELLS entering the area undergo remarkable changes.  First, they shuck their hemoglobin and grow nuclei — which is dedifferentiation back to a previous state, before they differentiated into red blood cells.  Then the redifferentiate (move forward in time) but to the type of cells that make cartilage!  However, that is not what is required, so these cells AGAIN redifferentiate (move forward in time) to the type of cells that make bone.  These are then deposited in the fracture site, closing the site and healing the fracture.

We worked out the underlying type of unified field effects that would be required for those types of changes.  We also worked out a proposed manner in which time-domain pump waves were produced in that fracture site.  Interestingly, so long as there was a “difference” between the type of cell being pumped (in this case, the red blood cells in the area), the pumping continued and was therefore continually acting to ELIMINATE THAT DELTA.  Hence the changes in the pumped active cells were continually being redirected toward bone cells.

By studying Becker’s work and his proposed EM composition of the cellular regeneration system, it became clear that the above mechanism, expanded, was being used by the cellular regeneration system to restore cells.  This gave an entirely new function to the potentials in the cells and in their parts.  I already knew (from Whittaker’s 1903 paper) that the scalar potential is actually comprised of sets of longitudinal EM phase conjugate wavepairs.  From this, it became obvious (if my proposed creating mechanism for producing time-polarized EM waves was correct) that the cellular regeneration system was capable of weakly producing time-polarized EM waves, and hence was capable of “pumping” the cells in the time-domain.  And therefore capable of time-reversing the mass-energy of the entire pumped cell.

That’s about as simple as I can lay it out.
Hope this helps and perhaps answers the question.
References and research By Dr. Bearden Reference: Tom Bearden website

History of Medical electrotherapy

Roger Green’s editorial Note: this is different to magnetic pain relief- but some of its principles are similar

This is a brief review of the history of electrotherapy. Pain has been relieved by electricity since ancient times, at first by means of applying live electric fish to the tender part to cause numbness. The earliest references to the use of electricity in medicine was the use of the Mediterranean torpedo fish, a variety of electric ray. Aristotle and the historian Pliny both referred to the effect of this fish. Scironius Largus described its application for the treatment of gout. Dioscorides, the famous physician who founded the Western Materia Medica, Galen, and Paul of Aegina advised treatment by electric shock from this fish for the treatment of headache.

In 1650, von Guericke built an electrostatic machine containing a sulfur ball rubbed by hand. The first recorded observation of the use of electricity specifically for medical purposes in Europe was attributed to Kratzenstein, Professor of medicine at Halle . Jallabert, professor of physics at Geneva , is said to have been the first electrotherapist, for in 1747 he effected some improvement in a locksmiths arm that had been paralyzed for 15 years. Jallabert noted that when sparks were drawn from the arm, muscle contractions were noted.

But once frictional machines were found to produce electro-static electricity (Franklinism) in the mid 18th century the use of living organisms was discontinued. By the late 18th century Galvani had rediscovered the fact that animals developed electricity spontaneously.

Volta discovered a chemical means of producing electricity from the first form of battery or voltaic pile without recourse to animal tissues or frictional machines whose efficiency varied with atmospheric conditions. This discovery led to the medical use of direct current (Galvanism). Its ability to cause necrosis by electrolytic means was employed in the destruction of tumours. Galvanism was also applied to needles, hence the first form of electroacupuncture pioneered by Berlioz and Sarlandiére. For the first time the combination of electrotherapy and oriental ideas about needling were brought together. Furthermore these early experimenters showed how stimulation of the nervous system brought profound relief from pain.

In the early 19th century Faraday’s work on the production of alternating currents and his understanding of electrolysis provided medicine with the escape that was required from the dangers of Galvanism. A variety of safer alternating and interrupted currents (Faradism) have been employed in electrotherapy ever since, particularly in the form of electroacupuncture, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation) and Dorsal Column Stimulation. The popularity of electrotherapy fell during the early part of the 20th century as no one knew how its effects were obtained. However now we know how afferent nerve fibres respond to different frequencies and amplitudes, electrotherapy permits the modern practitioner to stimulate the nervous system in a number of different ways to induce the selective production of various monoamines, amino acids and peptides in the central nervous system. However more experiments are required to make electrotherapy realise its true potential in stimulating the patient’s own pain relieving substances.

Some electrotherapy pioneers:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Galvani and Volta
  • Michael Faraday
  • Andre Ampere and George Ohm
  • Nikola Tesla & Georges Lakhovsky
  • Royal Raymond Rife
  • Frederick Finch Strong, M.D., Tufts Medical School, Boston
  • George Crile, Sr.
  • Albert Abrams
  • Harold Saxton Burr, Ph.D.

20th Century

Royal Raymond Rife was perhaps the most brilliant and persistent scientist in history. Where technology didn’t exist, Rife invented it ; the very first micromanipulators, micro-dissectors, and heterodyning ultraviolet microscopes. He won 14 govt. awards for scientific discoveries, and a medical degree (hon.) from the University of Heidelberg .

Millionaires like Henry Timken financed Rife’s work, such as the Universal Microscope, with its 5,682 parts. With this superb microscope, Royal Raymond Rife became the first human being to actually see a virus. After nearly 20,000 unsuccessful attempts,

Rife finally isolated and identified the human cancer virus, and named it “Cryptocides Primordiales”. Rife inoculated 400 lab animals with this virus, created 400 tumors, and then eliminated every cancer tumor by using his instrument to modify its electronic signature. This is all chronicled in “The Cancer Cure That Worked”.

Rife used the same technology for other “incurable” diseases. Constructing his own equipment, he painstakingly analyzed the precise energetic signature unique to each. Because the viruses and dwarf bacteria visible to the human eye in Rife’s Universal Microscope were alive, stained with light, not dyes, Rife could experiment with precise radio and light frequencies or “wave form healing,” and destroy these deadly pathogens under his microscope. By exposing disease organisms to highly modified forms of their own unique electromagnetic pattern of oscillation, Rife discovered he could destroy them (and nothing else) by the millions. How is this possible?

Every biochemical compound oscillates at its own distinct frequency pattern. Therefore, every living thing has its own unique electromagnetic signature, and this pattern is genetically determined–and thus unlike any other species.

Therefore, RIFE THERAPY IS ONE OF THE VERY FEW ANTIMICROBIAL THERAPIES KNOWN TO BE FREE OF ANY SIDE EFFECT. Unfortunately, Rife’s scientific theories and method of treatment conflicted with orthodox views and that of Morris Fishbein, then president of the AMA who demanded to own stock in his company. When he refused, his work was stopped and both the research and the treatments were forced underground as the story goes in Barry Lynes book THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED, FIFTY YEARS OF SUPPRESSION.

And nothing has changed recently. These are just a few of the distinguished medical doctors who have been harassed and persecuted in the last 50 years for discoveries that threatened the health care industry – Doctors Revici’s work on nutrition and cancer, (editors note- you must read this book), Dr. Burzynski’s work on immune therapy and cancer, Dr. Livingston’s findings of cancer pathogens in chicken meat, Dr. Burton’s work on immune therapy and cancer, W.F. Koch and Glover’s works on Balneology, Coley’s and Lincoln’s cancer vaccines, Priore and Naessens, both French scientists.

Alternative cancer cures are immensely popular. This is largely due to the failure and expense of conventional cancer treatments. Numerous studies question the value of American-style mainstream medical cancer treatments, and Dr. Andrew Weil freely admits in his books that cancer is one of the diseases that mainstream medicine indeed has trouble handling.

In 1893, Nikola Tesla described in a magazine article the remarkable effects upon himself and his assistants resulting from their exposure to the action of alternating currents of exceedingly high voltage and frequency during some research work. He prophesied that when electrical oscillations were fully understood and applied by physicians that a universal healing agent – one which would so increase the vital energy and resistive reaction of the human body as to enable it to throw off all disease. The high frequency currents, in short, act as vitality boosters – no other form of electricity will do this. Galvanism, Faradism, Static electricity are all valuable agents in the hands of the Electrotherapeutic specialist, but have little direct action in promoting cell vitality and growth, as do the high-frequency currents when properly applied

Reference to natural diet for healing: Roger Greens curriculum at




++ Dan Winter- intro to Theraphi.net (Priore) Implosion Science of Centripetal Conjugate Healing Plasma

++ Royal Raymond Rife – work and claims to “devitalize disease organisms” were ultimately discredited by the medical community, a wide-ranging conspiracy headed by the American Medical Association


Adaptations ~ Lisa Renee



Dear Ascending Family,

The planet has just completed its Magnetic Peak cycle, which discharged a massive amount of magnetic force into the earth. The subatomic particles of elemental matter are rearranging to support the planetary body shift into the next harmonic universe. All communication systems connected to these levels of planetary architecture are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and potentially re-building interstellar links that reconnect earth portals to realign into multiple star systems and celestial bodies. This massive shift at the quantum scale is changing the laws of structure in the architecture that governs function over our matter body, as well as our consciousness bodies.

For many multidimensional people on the path of Ascension, how we connect into many levels of the consciousness structure has radically changed, our lightbody is radically changing, and our physical body is undergoing a series of Adaptations in order to meet the new energy requirements. Our previous ways of consciousness connection and communication are in fluctuation, while our lightbody is being reconfigured to accommodate the changing planetary architecture, solar architecture and beyond.

Essentially, we are the last generation of people that were born into consciousness slavery on the third dimensional earth. We will have known consciousness slavery, and will have put an end to it in this lifetime, while in this physical body. Ascending humans are evolving into developing new abilities that change the characteristics of what it means to be human, from Dreamwalking, to Transfiguration, Translocation and Transmigration.  These are revealing more of the Diamond Sun templates function as a consciousness transport between time fields, and what true freedom is. This month’s newsletter will attempt to bring awareness to these multi-dimensional changes, and the opportunity we have to consciously participate as the living expression of the changing laws of structure.

Spiritual Ascension is the progression of human consciousness, governed by complex quantum mechanics as it moves throughout time and space, which is essentially about moving our consciousness intelligence from one station of reality to another. The human body is a holographic light projector for transmitting the intelligent energies of the Soul-Spirit, and is capable of shifting that Soul-Spirit body into another station of reality, into one that exists in a higher dimension of time. Descending our Soul-Spirit from the higher realms to inhabit in our cells, while shifting our consciousness into another station of reality, is happening at this time. This shift into another station of reality is made possible while we are inhabiting our current physical body and have the same birth name identity.

In previous cycles, to shift the consciousness of the Soul-Spirit in this same way, we would require another identity and body to incarnate into another timeline that existed in another station of reality. This process we have done many times before and it is described as reincarnation. During the Ascension Cycle, we have the unique ability to change the current location of our consciousness bodies, as we undergo a succession of spiritual initiations, while we have the same physical body. The accumulated memories of our Soul-Spirit intelligence streams that we have transformed within many other previous lifetimes, are being shifted out from their former location in time, as the state of our current identity and consciousness shifts. This can also be described as a mass human Soul body retrieval that is returning to populate the earth body, to be reclaimed by the physical bodies or the individual people that they actually belong to. Many people on the earth who are not awakened at this time, have aspects of their higher self that have been stuck in some damaged area of the earth body, from previous timelines where great trauma and cataclysm had transpired. As we change the location of where our previous station of identity and Soul-Spirit body had existed previously in the time field, it requires some Adaptations in order to acclimatize our physical body to these changes that are impacting the Collective Soul and the planetary consciousness structure.

Humans that can more easily adapt to the current myriad of environmental challenges and energetic factors, are undergoing types of Adaptations that are catalyzing physiological changes. The physiological changes are designed for deep and powerful consciousness transformation to be possible within a physical body on the earth. In some circumstances, as the physical body undergoes physiological Adaptations, these changes catalyze more of the metabolic, organ and glandular systems to activate or wake from dormancy, in order to prepare for the spirit to inhabit the body. The Adaptations are connecting through the bodily systems to increase vital force circulation, which facilitates connection into the spiritual-energetic circuitry. Many energetic circuits and meridians on the planet have been disconnected or damaged. As a result the main forces that exist in the human body, the life force, physical vitalities and spiritual energies, were not interconnected or functioning properly. This has contributed to the overall disconnection and lack of communication between the higher spiritual bodies and the physical human body, which impacts the entire human race.

Biological Evolution

The physiological Adaptations that are influencing humanity are in response to the series of biological and spiritual evolutionary markers that are profoundly impacting the planetary architecture, planetary elementals, and the earth element itself. The combined changes are further impacting the human phenotype as it has been documented within scientific consensus. The human race phenotype is a generalized expression of characteristics and traits influenced from the combination of the genetics, behavioral and environmental factors, as well as the variety of influences stemming from the collective consciousness. Science does not include the many factors of artificial intelligence, genetic modification and mind control, playing a direct role in shaping and controlling the traits of the human phenotype. The human phenotype describes the physical characteristics and traits that define the species of human beings. As we transition from one root race to another, these species factors, such as the physiological functions of the human body, are rapidly responding to the massive alterations that are occurring in the earth body. This means that the collective human blueprint and human bodies are responding to the impending biological evolution that is required as a result of the planet’s structural shift. The current evolutionary pressures are causing (energy to form) anomalies to occur, especially within many environmental and physical factors. This new consciousness platform requires specific physiological Adaptations to the genetic changes that are occurring in the human race, in order to acclimate to the new set of conditions and energies that we are being further exposed to, as they are related to the human evolutionary process. Those awakening now are in the forefront of embodying these Adaptations as they are the consciousness bridge spanning into the future birth cycle of the next root race of the human species.

Adaptive Traits lead to Identity Rebirth

Structural, physiological and behavioral Adaptations are necessitated by the deep impacts that are being made by current evolutionary forces sweeping onto the planet, reaching critical mass. Behavioral adaptation to the changing consensus that humanity is manifesting the consciousness state of the global reality through a self-directed thought follows energy paradigm, as well as, adapting to the energetic conditions that realization imposes on the entire species, is an example of adaptive traits coming online. Behavioral adaptations such as these resonate with the Universal Laws and as such, they further activate the higher DNA functions in the human biology.

For the human race to survive in this new energetic terrain, we are being forced to transform our beliefs and develop a variety of new behavioral patterns of adaptive traits. Adaptive traits stimulated by higher truths, such as comprehending the Universal Laws through which we are governed, further support evolution of the collective human race blueprint, by helping to catalyze the future generations’ capacity to better evolve into higher functioning DNA. The human race is currently in a phase of Adaptation to the planetary evolutionary process, and this is a difficult reeducation and learning process required to continue to evolve and develop higher consciousness. It is made difficult because of the current mind control state over the nature of reality and the lack of public knowledge being shared about the rapid shifts impacting the planet, that describe planetary ascension. At the individual level, each person must decide if they are willing to open their mind and release dependencies upon the old paradigm and their subjugation to the Controller archetype as their main authority. The Controller archetype of the False King of Tyranny exists everywhere; inside people that are politicians, employers, gurus, any person we give our power away to willingly. At this time, we must distinguish the differences between discerning Tyrants and true Leaders, as these are very different roles and should not be confused or equated. A true Leader does not want to take our power away, while a Tyrant will take the position of total authority over others. To spiritually evolve, we cannot play into the Controller games anymore, we must reclaim our personal power and accept responsibility for ourselves.

The thought paradigm must shift so that our species is able to acclimate to the new energy platform, which essentially is creating a new energetic terrain and new earthly habitat. Our species is evolving into the next progression of root race, and the body we inhabit now is a hybrid. It has the ability to spiritually evolve and transition into the new root race DNA imprint with the support of the planet’s new consciousness structure.  Essentially, we are the last generation of people that will have known consciousness slavery, and will have put an end to it in this lifetime, while in this physical body.

Currently, those on the ascending path may undergo deep transformation that is similar to a personal identity rebirth, which reveals a new higher self-version in place of their former ego selves. The rebirth process is the soul actualization of the personality, the soul ray infuses the layers of ego with the higher qualities of the true essence and higher nature of that individual.

To go through this dimensional shift, we must change the destructive ways of thinking and behaving we had inherited from the 3D thought forms of the Controller’s predator mind, and adapt to the accumulative impacts that the current energy shifts create. If we can reeducate ourselves to learn what it means to stay in the energy flow of the moment and not resist the need for change, then adaptation to the planetary shift is much easier.

The intergalactic transmissions are recreating the structures of the planet, and are essentially, recreating the human race to evolve into the higher self-version of their former personality selves. This process is undetectable to the five main senses of a person who is limited by 3D consciousness, and refuses to break through the reality boxes that they co-created with the 3D earth elements. Generally, the profile of this person is developed in their mental body and personality, and unintegrated with the other levels. There is a difference between reality boxes that are co-created with personal choice, and those which have been used to ensnare people into consciousness traps, based on the hidden pain and trauma that they believe IS the reality box. The discernment is in knowing when people are being intentionally deceived, using the predator mind, in order to use other people’s energy that has been parasitized and stolen for the Controller agenda. Which is forcing people to repeat their painful trauma patterns, without their consent or knowledge, in order to gain more material power and control over them while they are inside the reality box.

Quantic Field Impact to Space-Time

Currently, the planetary body is undergoing a space-time reorganization that ripples out many strange anomalies that influence the quantic field. As a result, there are new patterns of electromagnetic disturbances, interruption or distortions in the collective field. The quantum field, also referred to as inner space-time, is rippling these effects into the unmanifest layers of the core manifestation template, otherwise known as the blueprint matrices that make up the layers of morphogenetic fields in the earth.  Gridworkers may feel the blueprint structure in the planetary field transforming completely with the shifting timelines, and this feels like something very different, extraordinary and even bizarre is occurring in the earth fields. It feels like it is a new design that is encompassing our consciousness with the necessity to learn a foreign language, and yet it feels distantly familiar and vastly powerful. The blueprint alterations impact the dark matter template, and this appears to have direct consequences to altering and changing the earth elements, and the elemental structure of the earth body.

This also changes our consciousness interface while we are on the planet, which forces us to adapt and find new ways of communicating with the earth, and our connections with Star family. The architectural changes extend to include areas connected as portals on the earth, leading into off planet structures that reach into the Solar System and beyond. All communication systems connected to these levels of planetary architecture are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and it appears to be re-building interstellar links that reconnect earth portals to realign into multiple star systems and celestial bodies. Some of these platforms being built are for the purpose of transiting out many inhabitants that have existed in the space-time areas on the earth that must be moved somewhere else, and as a result are undergoing space-time reorganization at the end of the Cosmic time cycle.

The subatomic particles of elemental matter are re-arranging within the new atomic structure that is in the process of being built to support the planetary body shift into the next harmonic universe. Subatomic particles are particles that are much smaller than atoms, and describe particle shifts at the quantum scale of matter and energy. Subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons and neutrons, make up atoms and are the building blocks of matter. As subatomic particles rearrange, it stimulates ionization of atoms which produces electrical energy and a series of chemical reactions in the body. The human body when subjected to strong electromagnetic signals, or activated Kundalini, is capable of biological ionization that can generate plasma fields. In the ascending human body, ionization produces higher frequency plasma light for continuing to build our liquid plasma spiritual body. Eventually, we evolve to the point that we shift out from the chakra configurations in the lightbody that exist in the lower creation realms, in order to build a plasma lightbody structure. This structure (merkaba) is for a traveling orb body that can house our higher plasma consciousness. This state of lightbody structure, chakras or orb body, signify the difference between reincarnation through the lower densities of space-time, or being freed from the lower constructs of space and time that allow our consciousness body to travel beyond the Solar System.

We are Form and We are Formless

The planetary elements of earth, water, air and fire are the fundamental building blocks of nature and form into compounds that make up our physical body.  If we recognize our physical body is made up of these elements, particles and atoms, and our light body is made up of consciousness units that exist at an even smaller scale, and those quantum units are generating new levels of photonic or plasmic energy, then we realize that our entire consciousness body is undergoing a massive change at the quantum scale. This massive shift at the quantum scale is changing the laws of structure in the architecture that governs function over our matter body, as well as our consciousness bodies. Ascending humans are evolving into developing new abilities that change the characteristics of what was previously thought to be a human.

Adaptations are occurring so that our higher consciousness intelligence can exist in matter, and simultaneously, we can experience multidimensional awareness in other timelines, yet be as unbound to time as plasma waves while travelling in the field.   

This is comprehending that our human energy field and physical body is reaching a new threshold of consciousness experience, through which we can directly experience the mechanics of wave and particle duality, happening in our body simultaneously. This was always functioning in our body at the quantum level, but we now can recognize and participate with that function in our consciousness, as its happening. We are form and we are formless, simultaneously. In this new structure, we are able to experience our consciousness body as formless, shapeless, and moving through time functioning as a wave, while our physical body form is connected to earth and still functioning within the principles of matter. Ascending humans are becoming aware that both states of being, formless and in form, are possible to exist within simultaneous or spiral time, and as the conscious observer of time, we can still remain unbound to the station of time and its constructs.  As an example, in meditation or consciousness transport, we are experiencing another level of timeless, formless, and flowing movement that is unbound to space and time, in which our consciousness may more easily time travel or bi-locate. The lightbody becomes free from the constraints of time and space to more easily time travel. When time travelling or dreamwalking we can merge our consciousness body with the available consciousness energy to generate more plasma substance, uniting with the manifestation of new structural supports, such as holding pillars, Stargates and portals that help the earth and humanity to evolve in the Ascension timeline. The Diamond Sun consciousness body has the capacity to function as its own Stargate, from the inner space, quantum level, where the consciousness transforms into nonvisible waves of light and travels great distances very quickly.

For those that have embodied beyond the soul matrix and into monadic consciousness, this new sensation of the change of quantum scale and properties in the function of one’s consciousness energy, will be experienced in much more tangible ways. Something intangible that is occurring in the quantum of our own body, is gradually becoming more tangible and substantial in the physical.  The consciousness body is adapting into new functions that provide structural supports for the planet outside of time, and to bridge for the genetic tribe or group to which we are connected, to achieve higher consciousness attainment in this ending cycle. For those that are newly awakening, and beginning to embody the soul and chakra functions, this macrocosmic structure will not yet be apparent. The primary focus for those Soul groups will be to work on self-mastery over the lower chakras, and to develop the foundation of the structure for the inner spirit to fully inhabit the physical body.

This is very important, as for many multidimensional people on the path of Ascension, this means how we connect into many levels of the consciousness structure has radically changed, our lightbody is radically changing, and our physical body is undergoing a series of adaptations in order to meet the new energy requirements.  Our body may feel different and exhibit strange symptoms. Our previous ways of consciousness connection and communication are in fluctuation, while our lightbody is being reconfigured to accommodate the changing planetary architecture, solar architecture and beyond.

Dreamwalking and Consciousness Transport

As the quantum field impacts the organization of space and time, those of us on the Ascension path may be more easily entering altered consciousness states that could be defined as dreamwalking. In this definition, the function of dreamwalking is not entering or interfering with any person’s dreams. As a spiritual initiate, when dedicating our consciousness to serve unity, while on the path of earth service, we discipline ourselves to master states of compassionate selflessness. We are connected, listening and feeling into our internal guidance systems at all times. This means we are mindful of the direction of our consciousness energies, and we work towards transcending our thoughts beyond personal material concerns, rising above the many pitfalls of the negative ego games played in the material world.  As we develop ourselves spiritually, and the inner inspiration to be of service increases with greater passion, many of us will find ourselves in the dreamwalking or remote viewing consciousness state in more spontaneous ways.

Dreamwalking is to walk or transport one’s consciousness to observe and heal the patterns and events transpiring in many alternate realities, timelines, and to see the nature of the structure of what created them, and to partner with God to find and remove reality boxes or dark portals that are used as consciousness traps.  Dreamwalking is an altered state of heightened consciousness while in the pure observer state, it can occur while in another timeline, reality or existing outside of time. While in this altered state, we can bring that which was unconscious into our conscious awareness, so we can directly participate with that content while in our higher consciousness. The path of awakening is to bring that which is unconscious into consciousness, in order to heal the darkness or reveal the deception in order to see the greater truth. This is the state of bringing the eternal light to illuminate the shadows of darkness, thereby alchemically transforming its nature to reflect the higher truth, as the light shines upon it.

We may prepare for entering this state by opening into deep prayer, meditation, and focused attention, which may help us to inspire creativity, healing, knowledge, and communication and exchanges with other beings. Indigenous peoples, Native Americans, Aborigines, Tibetans and the Celtic peoples are the earth tribes which carried the codes of the dreamwalkers in time, and were helping to protect the earth by keeping this genetic pattern alive and its memory available for the human race during the Dark Age. The earliest dreamwalkers after the cataclysm, were the women of this earth that formed from the Grandmother Turtle codes that were carried over from Lemuria’s matriarchal society, to keep this secret consciousness knowledge away from the invaders. Lemuria suffered a great holocaust to obliterate the power that the women had developed on the earth, with dreamwalker and Essene Templar abilities. As the Mother principle and daughter codes surface onto the earth from deep within the crystal caverns, this codified language is returning to some of the women or men in their current embodiment, that were incarnated at the time or are descendants of those original tribes in Lemuria. This group of dreamwalkers, have returned to help restore the balance of the divine feminine principle on the earth, and many are found in the Native American or aboriginal culture.

In the higher dimensions of creation, when we hold the energetic signature and feeling of a person, place or thing, our consciousness is automatically transported to wherever they are located. Consciousness transport can happen while awake, asleep, in altered states or by intently focusing on a certain person or situation, such as focusing on a physical location or timeline on the earth body. An example is that we can transport our consciousness energy when we hold intent to connect with a city, historical site, power spot or megalithic structure, especially when we are dedicated in service to unity. Consciousness transference states, such as dreamwalking, are more natural states for those in the awakening groups of Indigos or Starseeds. Consciousness transport and transference states can be learned and developed through any kind of practice in which the person, uninitiated or initiated, seeks to gain deeper knowledge of the state of unity that exists between God and Self. However, many Starseeds and Indigos have developed these consciousness transport skills through previous incarnations where mental mastery, polarity integration, love and devotion, were a way of life in the higher realms of existence. As a result, dreamwalking and consciousness transport can happen with or without applying direct effort and intention to do so, as it is a function of the memories that are coming online that are recorded with higher genetic imprints. These dormant skills become awakened in people during the Ascension cycle.

Gridworkers are often engaged in a variety of forms of consciousness transport,  in order to hold observer point and witnessing of the events recorded in time that have occurred in the past or future, to impact the histories of the human race evolution on the earth. The act of observation collapses certain wave potentiality that makes a situation, event or object become physical or change in ways that shift the timelines, and this is not measurable by current science. It is a direct function of higher consciousness embodiment to shift timelines from destructive probabilities or annihilation, by restoring harmony and energetic balance between the polarities. When we observe electromagnetic wave-forms, archetypal patterns and the creational myth or dream symbols active in the field, we can change the physical environment and how that electromagnetic signal or pattern is being expressed in the manifest. The act of compassionate witnessing during consciousness transport, such as dreamwalking, allows us to witness what has happened to the earth body, where the earth was damaged, and the blueprint content that influences the direction of the collective consciousness of humanity. Where the earth has been damaged, is also the location of tremendous amounts of human pain that is stuck in that area. As a result of this trauma, the accumulated collective human soul pain has been made into energy harvesting stations for the NAA.

While dreamwalking the earth timelines, we are able to source the origin of who, what and where in the creation stories, the dreamtime narratives or creational myths that are recorded in that section of the planetary body and its network. Sometimes, we can track the transmission source to off planet structures, like constellations, messier objects, planets and other astronomical bodies. The collective human race is directly impacted by that content transmission, such as creation myths, archetypes, numerical coding, and mind control frequencies, which get recorded into the blueprints and timelines of the earth. As has been described, many of the planet’s morphogenetic fields were abused with inserts of alien code used by the Controllers for mind control programming, to promote collective archetypes that control the minds of the people on the earth. Essentially, this combination of archetypal patterning for exerting control over the minds of the people, has manifested distorted behavioral human phenotypes, where traits belonging to the reptilian and refugee races have been imprinted on the human population.

While dreamwalking, it is possible to observe any kind of event that occurred in a location that has recorded collective consciousness archetypes, symbols, number codes, geometric patterns, holographic inserts and the narratives they create, to influence the minds and control the operating consciousness levels of the people on the earth.

Transfiguration, Translocation, and Transmigration

As the planet’s consciousness structure is changing, the planet is undergoing chakra cone reconfiguration and this is impacting how the individual chakras function in a person. For some this means they may unify all of their chakra layers. This has impacts to the way the human energy field, or the lightbody functions. When we are moving into a higher frequency aspect that is reconfiguring the function and operation of our lightbody, this exchanges information about the way the merkaba spins. If our merkaba is working and spins correctly, it governs the ability of our consciousness to be able to move in and out of the time and space fields. The planet has just completed its Magnetic Peak cycle, which discharged a massive amount of magnetic force into the earth. Changes that occur during magnetic force exposure are explicitly related to stimulate DNA responses that may gain further activation of DNA fire codes.

DNA fire codes are related to time vectors, and as such, they are relational to being able to function in a consciousness transport in between time fields. When there is change directed into the planetary magnetic field, that shifts electromagnetism, whether natural or artificial, the result is that is directly stimulating changes to occur in the DNA and its fire codes. There are natural consciousness transport functions in the Diamond Sun lightbody that have been mutated and reversed on the earth to prevent their access. There are three main ways to describe the stages of consciousness transport in the Diamond Sun template that allow us to move our consciousness, between this point in time and another point in time, or outside of time. These extend into further stages more complex than dreamwalking, because they are direct functions of the activated Diamond Sun body. These are Transfiguration, Translocation, and Transmigration.

Transfiguration:  Transfiguration is in the first stages of activating the Diamond Sun Krystic Consciousness. When that function starts coming online there is an integration that occurs between the atomic layer of the physical body, and the light body layers that exist in the soul, and spirit body of our monad. When we start connecting to the eternal divine source body, which is the liquid plasma field or the Christ consciousness, this is what we call the Avatar Source. Once we undergo a level of integration with the Avatar Source, the body starts to be able to perform transfiguration. Transfiguration means that the person can shift their consciousness body into light. In the first stages of developing transfiguration, this is usually happening in the sleep state. We learn how to travel during sleep state, and the first stage is learning how to bi-locate. Bi-location means that the higher self of the person put themselves in their merkaba body and they went elsewhere and then they came back. When this occurs, we leave the physical body here. So when in sleep state, the physical body is here, but the person leaves their body at night. The Diamond Sun consciousness leaves the physical body traveling in light, while sleeping to accomplish many other projects that are beyond the astral plane. Many people are experiencing that while doing community projects, meeting in places and having these lucid experiences in dreamtime. This is a level of where our higher consciousness intelligence is learning how to bi-locate while leaving the body here sleeping.

Translocation: The second stage of this is translocation. This level is when the consciousness is able to transfigure a portion of your atoms into light, meaning the physical body can be transfigured into light. In the previous stage, the body was left here on earth and the person is projecting their consciousness out, they are going somewhere else and looking at the view, but they come back into the body. Now in the next stage of translocation, there is a certain part of the atoms in that body that are transfigured into light, temporarily. So that person can go visit somewhere else, and take a portion of their atoms or their body with them while they travel. During translocation, the person is still encrypted or connected to the space-time location of where they were physically born. As an example, say the body transfigures into light and the person travels to another planet. The people on the planet that is being visited are going to know that person is from the earth, because that person is still holding the space-time location of where they came from, of where they were born. The identity that person has is still holding the encryption of the birth transduction sequence that energetically reveals that person is from the earth. So that means that part of you is still genetically keyed to the earth body, and that the energetic signature reveals the location of where your identity was born. Translocation means that we can transfigure a portion of our physical body to go someplace else, but we still have the genetic imprint from our parents and where we were born on planet earth.

Transmigration: This is the third and final stage of developing full consciousness freedom. This is similar to the process of translocation, however, the person does not have to come back to the earth at all. Now the person can go anyplace in the Cosmos that they choose to go without limitation. (However, if they go to another planet, they will be subjected to the laws of that planets inhabitants). This is the status of having a cosmic identity and being a full Cosmic Citizen. This has been accomplished a few times on the earth historically, but the current planetary miasma mutations can make this very hard, although it may become easier in the future. Transmigration is one way to describe what it means to be free. That when we project our consciousness body out, we don’t have to come back to the earth, nor do we have to incarnate back here. In order to be able to achieve a full transmigration of our consciousness body and physical body, we must have released the miasmatic record and the cell we inherited from our biological parents. There is a cell that is carried from the family of origin that is recorded into the physical body at birth that was inherited from the biological parents. It is a cell that was created in the chromosomes at the time the egg and sperm of our biological parents united.  This cell becomes a part of the seed of the physical body that we are incarnated in. Once the family of origin cell is freed, it gets cleared from the body, and as it releases, it vaporizes. At this point of transmigration, the person is now a Cosmic Citizen. They may hold memories of being on the earth, but their identity isn’t necessarily that. This third stage is something that is very special, unique, and specific to the Diamond Sun body and Krystal Consciousness in order to achieve full sovereignty and spiritual freedom.

Earth Element is Transforming

As a result of the structural and architectural changes influencing the earth body, the earth element and earth substance as a raw material, for matter forms is also transforming. All planetary elements are shifting, however, the relationship that the earth body has specifically connected to the spleen functions, has direct relevance to the current transformation impacting the emotional body and the blood production in the physical body.  The spleen governs transportation and transformation of what we consume, into energy that builds and protects the blood. The blood holds our entire consciousness record blueprint. As such, this is entirely related to the main shifts that are occurring between our higher consciousness as it translates into our physical body into the blood stream, as these records are beginning to circulate and connect into the physical body differently.

The Wounds of Christ are karmic blood miasms recorded in the planetary body and collective human body from Crucifixion Implants that were holographically inserted into the planetary brain. These inserts misdirected and stole the planetary life force and crucified the human body parts belonging to our spirit. One important area of the human body that was impacted from the planetary inserts was the Spleen implant, located on our 7D axiatonal line, in the left side ribcage. These false crucifixion stories and holographic inserts are how the planetary collective mind was invaded, to reflect the salvation model of a crucified deity, to spread organized religion. This represented the enslavement of humanity to recycle their Souls from tainted blood and blood sacrifice, which is what the crucifixion story actually is. The current evolutionary stage is impacting the release or surfacing of these human blood records and their histories, and as a result, there is a detoxification and shift occurring in our blood, and potentially, the full release of the spleen implant.

The human spleen was dormant from implants that prevented it from regenerating our red blood cells and protecting the white blood cells that record our spiritual consciousness memories and histories. The spleen’s higher function is to protect and spiritualize our blood, to nourish our blood and to circulate that spiritual essence in partnership with the heart, to communicate that essence into the other organs through our blood. The spleen is responsible for the removal of old red blood cells, and the production and storage of white blood cells, which cleanse infection from the blood. The spleen is directly related to healing tissues, repairing cellular integrity, keeping muscles strong and nourished, and managing the immune responses throughout our body. The spleen is functionally equivalent to a large lymph node that focuses on cleansing our blood and supporting immunity from invaders. Blood diseases and related issues from the cleansing of the Wounds of the Christ as they are surfacing from cellular memories, may be clearing out and removing crucifixion blockages, and this can manifest into related physical symptoms. All that is related to protecting and nourishing our blood is especially relevant at this time. The main five organs as defined by traditional Chinese medicine, the liver, lung, spleen, heart and kidney, may need extra care and attention.

Stomach and Spleen Relationship

This imbalance can escalate many physical and emotional issues for the people of the earth, as their body and sense of identity in relationship with the earth element, is greatly fluctuating and transforming. When we are out of balance and feeling disharmonious with the earth element, we feel extremely depleted, drained, and emotionally unhappy. Traditional Chinese medicine considers that the Spleen is one of the most important organs functioning within our body. When we consider the higher functions of the spleen as designed is to purify, protect and spiritualize our blood, and that it was crucified in the earth element by the NAA to stop its proper functioning in the human body, then this has direct significance and spiritual importance.  Reflecting on this relationship to see if there is resonance in our own body may be helpful to reveal ways we can better support the physiological changes that are occurring in the planet, that are impacting the earth element of our body.

Our relationship with food, consumption, and energy management is also changing, and some of us may feel pain or over sensitivity in the solar plexus region from being unable to digest our food, unable to digest our reality, while feeling unable to process the amount of intense emotions we feel. This impacts the stomach and spleen from being able to transform what we do consume into proper nourishment and circulating them into vital forces that the body requires to stay strong. When the spleen and stomach suffer damage, food and drink stagnate and do not transform, the mouth loses its ability to distinguish flavors and the extremities feel limp and tired. Discomfort, bloating and distention are felt in the stomach and abdominal regions, symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea appear, or there may be excessive bleeding. Many chronic and difficult health problems such as edema, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, hair loss, iron deficiency, irregular periods, infertility, can be due to a disorder of the spleen function. This pattern is very common in our culture, not only because of the spleen crucifixion implant, but also because of the culture of disconnection we are subjected to. As well as the excessive thinking high stress and irregular eating habits that are a result of our busy daily schedules.

During this phase, it may be supportive to the overall functioning of the body to consider ways that you may directly learn how to support your spleen’s higher function, as it is coming online. The spleen is the center of transporting the energy of what’s processed in our stomach, into our blood and transforms that into healthy vital forces that the body can use to regenerate and strengthen itself. Western medicine does not consider the spleens importance at any level, and thus, researching traditional Chinese medicine that understands the spleen as an essential organ for our body’s health, and agrees with the fact that everything is interconnected with energy, may be much more productive.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker.

I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


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The Multidimensional Self: An Exploration of Reality, the Soul and the Highest Self

cosmic lovers


By Jeff Street

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The Multidimensional Self: An Exploration of Reality, the Soul and the Highest Self

Whether you know it or not, you are a multidimensional being of staggering proportions. You are more than meets the eye, much more — more than your body, more than your soul, in fact, you are an integral part of the Universe. You are present on many levels of reality simultaneously and more powerful than you have ever imagined. Are you ready to expand your concept of selfhood to include higher selves, other/parallel selves, and probable selves? If so then, let’s dive in!

Most of us are familiar with the idea of the soul — the conception that our bodies are transient physical vessels for an eternal energetic aspect of our consciousness, which is our true essence. Conventional science dismisses this idea, and so do many people. I’m assuming that you probably embrace it since you were attracted to this article. You’re not alone; many people feel the presence of something greater within themselves. And as the great shift in the consciousness of humanity accelerates more and more people are feeling and connecting to it.

If we take the existence of some sort of higher aspect of self as a given, the next question becomes; is our current idea of the soul accurate and complete? There are a growing number of sources that are saying that it is not, that it is overly simplistic, in fact, almost one-dimensional when compared to the new higher fidelity models being suggested.

Some schools of thought subscribe to the very simple model shown below.




This model portrays just two entities; Source/God and Souls (potentially connected to bodies). Its most notable element is that the soul is seen as created by, but separate from the creator. This representation is very simple and easy to understand but it is a gross oversimplification, and the idea that we are separate from Source/God is, well, just plain wrong. Luckily, fewer and fewer people are subscribing to this particular model.

Another school of thought offers a somewhat more sophisticated model as shown below.



It considers the Soul a part of a wider/higher entity referred to as the Over-Soul, which in turn, is part of the all-encompassing Source/God entity. This model is on the right track and hits upon a couple of key elements; we are multi-layered beings, and every layer is part of (and within) each successive layer and all are part of, and within, the one all-encompassing being that we call Source/God. Yet even this model is an oversimplification.

A word of warning here; when you see the term “being”, think “sentient energetic entity” not “physical being”. Most of us have a tendency to personify the concept of “beingness”, but this is a mistake. The essence of all beingness is something non-physical and that’s why I will often use the term “entity” instead, because it avoids this trap.

While the models presented certainly do reflect some aspects of the deeper reality, it is my contention that they are just gross approximations. In the remainder of this article, I will present a more sophisticated model that is a synthesis of ideas from a number of different sources and expands greatly beyond the models mentioned above. It suggests that we are multidimensional entities present on many levels of “reality” simultaneously and more powerful than we have been led to believe or have ever imagined. Only a small portion of your total beingness is present in the physical body that you may have erroneously assumed was all of you. The you that you identify as you is a part of a much bigger entity, which is ultimately also just a small part of the ultimate entity that is “all that is” — referred to through the ages by many names; Source, Infinite Creator, God, etc.

You are a multidimensional being of staggering proportions and in your quest to know yourself, and the nature of your existence, you have employed massive parallelism.

Higher Selves

So what exactly is a soul and what is its relationship to what some call “God” and others call “Source Consciousness”?

If you haven’t heard the term “source consciousness” before then this may come as a shock — the universe is conscious in its very fabric. The Universe is not at all what it appears from our very limited perspective. We exist inside of something resembling a great cosmic mind, often referred to as “cosmic/universal consciousness”.

As the term “source consciousness” suggests, all consciousness is derived from the universal field of consciousness. The consciousness of each and every one of us is an individualized thread of the universal consciousness. This is what your “soul” is — it is a thread of universal consciousness with an associated repository of experiential information (local memory), and derivative ideas, all somehow encoded as a pattern of energy. Our soul is sentient energy as is the entire universe.

“There is only One Consciousness in all existence. The consciousness that I know myself as is the same consciousness you know yourself as.” — Story Waters, The One Self Teachings

Source consciousness is the intelligence that is/created our Universe, and it indirectly created all our souls. One of the fundamental capabilities of consciousness is the ability to subdivide itself — to create smaller individualized copies of itself within itself. Source used this mechanism to create the first level of sub-threads of its consciousness, what in effect could be thought of as sub-selves. It did this to explore and experience many-ness, rather than oneness, but more importantly, as a strategy to accelerate the exploration of itself and existence — to accelerate its evolution.

The mechanism that Source used to accomplish subdivision and individuation of its consciousness was primarily that of lowering the frequency of portions of its energies, stepping them down into the lower frequency bands of the energetic field. This is part of the reason why subdivisions of consciousness operate somewhat independently of, yet are inherently part of and connected to, the “higher” consciousness that spawned them — they are simply portions of the parent sentient energies at a significantly lower frequential level.

The subdivisions of consciousness that Source created within itself, in a very real sense, can be considered its sub-selves. And here is the really cool part, anything that a sub-self experiences is also experienced by its parent/higher-self and thus forms the basis for an evolutionary strategy — massively parallel experiences!

The process of subdivision of consciousness is a general capability and can and has been repeated by the sub-selves at each level of consciousness, and for the same reasons — to accelerate their evolution, and thereby contributing to Sources evolution.

Consciousness is like a multi-level branching structure. If we use a tree analogy then source consciousness would be the tree trunk. The tree trunk then divides into many large branches, which keep dividing into smaller and smaller branches until we get to twigs with a leaf attached to the end of each.



In this model we could think of the “leaves” as physical bodies and then as you move from the leaf towards the trunk we’d encounter the soul level, and then the over-soul level, and then a number of additional levels till we reached the the tree trunk coming out of the ground, the Source level. Note that even thou the diagram above shows seven levels it’s unclear how many levels there really are, or whether all branches have to have the same number of divisions/levels. The only thing that’s for sure is that there are more than three levels, probably many more. A number of sources indicate that there is a level above the Over-Soul that has been referred to as “Soul Group”. Below is a diagram illustrating the divisional structure of universal consciousness.




According to some sources there are 2,135 Soul Groups participating in the Earth experience right now (who knows how many exist within Source in total, probably many more). Each Soul Group entity is able to subdivide itself into (create) up to 144,000 over-souls, and each over-soul is able to create up to 12 souls, and each soul up to 12 soul-extensions. A Soul-Extension is just another subdivision of consciousness which allows connection to physical vehicles (bodies) in the very lowest frequency bands. The consciousness that connects to a body to “drive” it has to be within a certain “distance” frequentailly to achieve the connection. If you do the math this leads to potentially 44 billion incarnate entities on Earth.

An over-soul creates one or more souls for the purpose of connecting to physical bodies in the physical planes of existence — the lower frequency bands of the Universe. A physical body is simply a vehicle that the soul uses to have physical experiences. Physical life provides unique and highly formative experiences that are much sought after by a wide variety of non-physical beings. Physical experience, while challenging, is a spiritual evolution fast track and therefore highly coveted.

The 12×12 subdivisional structure of the Over-Soul allows each one to have up to 144 sub-selves that each can bind to physical bodies for 144 parallel physical lives. And of course, one of these 144 sub-selves and its body is you!

The Higher Self, The True Self

Among those that embrace that they have a soul, many are still overly identified with their body as their identity. Even those that embrace the soul as their true identity may be missing a deeper appreciation of the true scope of their wider/higher self. Despite the fact that some use the term “Higher-Self” as a synonym for the “Over-Soul” I think it’s better used to refer to all the levels of self all the way up to, and including, Source. The figure below illustrates this idea.



Your body, and in a sense, even your soul, where created as a transient sentient entity to serve as an experiential and evolutionary vehicle for your over-soul. So in a very real sense, you could consider the over-soul that spawned your soul as your true self!

And your Over-Soul is an immensely wise and powerful being that is always trying to encourage you to create the best experiences for yourself and to become the highest vision of yourself. Why? because you are part of it, and it is experiencing through you!

At this point you might be wondering, If this is true, why don’t I know it and feel it? This is a very good question.

When your soul incarnates (connects to a physical vehicle) it loses its memory of its greater existence. The “veil of forgetting” is intentional, it makes the earth game a fully immersive and truly formative experience. The game of life would not be the same if you knew it was just a game.

We also lose a lot of the fidelity of our connection to our higher-self (over-soul and source). This is an unavoidable consequence of incarnating into the lower frequency planes of existence — the physical planes. Our earthly level of consciousness is at a frequency so much lower than that of our higher-self that any stream of information coming down is subject to a large reduction of fidelity due to the frequency step down required. Yet we could still have a very good connection with our higher-self if it wasn’t for one thing — our out-of-control ego.

The constant chatter of the ego and analytical mind creates so much mental noise that we can’t hear the inner guiding voice of our higher-self. Essentially the signal to noise ratio is so low that the information coming from our higher-self gets drowned out. Hence, most people on Earth have almost totally lost connection with their higher-self and have completely forgotten what they really are.

What does it take to reestablish a clear connection to your higher-self? For one thing, it takes a clear and quiet mind. One must quell the constant chatter of the analytical and egoic mind and the fear and worry that dominates it. Another thing that helps is to reduce our busyness — the constant distractions of our hectic daily lives don’t leave much space for the presence of the higher-self. Making more time for solitude and meditation is a good start.

As poor as most people’s connection to their higher self is, you’ve never really completely lost your connection to the other parts of your multidimensional self. Without realizing it, you’ve had communications between the different layers of your multidimensional self, as well as “other” higher dimensional beings, particularly in childhood when you were much more open and receptive. Since then you’ve rejected, ignored, and forgotten most of these “Interdimensional” experiences, simply because you didn’t understand what they were and dismissed them as dreams, over-active imagination, hallucinations, etc.

Suzanne Lie Ph.D. is offering a five-week course entitled “Interdimensional Life Review” that can help you to remember all the interdimensional experiences that you’ve had during your childhood, adolescence, and adulthood and help you to improve your connection to your higher wider self. This course will guide you in an exploration and reinterpretation of your “weird” experiences, in the light of your new understanding of your multidimensional nature, as very real “interdimensional”communication experiences. This process can help improve your connection with all parts of your wider self and enhance your reception of the loving guidance that is constantly offered to facilitate your highest good. To learn more and to register, go here.

Even thou the loss of connection with our higher-self could be seen as “bad” it actually serves one of the reasons why we devised the game of life in the first place — to experience separation and to see what it could teach us — separation from the source of our beingness, separation from the knowing that we are all parts of one great being and interconnected and interdependent.

With training, you can learn how to move your locus of consciousness to any level of your wider/higher-self — your soul, over-soul, even Source, and perceive from that higher perspective. In fact, you can move your locus of consciousness to anywhere in the infinite matrix that is the conceptual/information space of the universal field of consciousness. More on this in future articles, follow my blog on divine-cosmos.net and stay tuned!

Other Selves, Parallel Selves, and Many Lives

From the perspective of your Over-Soul (the higher you), all the souls that it created, and their extensions that are connected to physical bodies, could be considered your “other selves”.

By some accounts, this can be up to 144 parallel incarnations, and regardless of whether that exact number is correct, we can safely say that the higher you is experiencing many lives in parallel. And since at the end of a life the sentient energy that was connected to a body can be reused with another body, your Over-Soul has experienced far more incarnations than this, perhaps thousands! This is why your Over-Soul is so wise, it’s the sum of all the wisdom gleaned from a vast amount of experiences.

Your many incarnations can be anywhere in the physical Universe — any planet; any galaxy; any time period — past, present, or future (our conception of time is wrong, time is an illusion); and in any one of the planes of physical reality.

But since you’re here having an Earth experience it is very likely that many of the other lives the higher you is having are also here on Earth, probably in other time periods. The Earth reality system provides challenging yet highly formative experiences that are appropriate for fairly advanced beings, so if you are currently engaged here, then it is likely that most of your other selves are here as well because anything less would be boring.

Here’s a diagram that highlights all the parallel incarnations associated with a given over-soul.



Past and Future Lives

Using a technique known as “Past Life Regression” you can actually visit or “see” your other lives — by “see” I mean “have and inner experience of”. This is done by going into a trance state (via hypnosis or deep relaxation) and then being guided, by suggestion or your own intent, to visit the experiences of your “other selves”, your “other lives”. In the trance state, the earthly mind is quieted, and one can perceive from the vantage point of any level of ones higher-self and sense the experiences of any of their parallel lives. All these experiences are recorded in the energy/information field of your higher-self and are accessible if you center the focus of your consciousness in one of the levels of your higher-self. Depending on the level you may “see” the lives experienced by your soul, or your over-soul, or perhaps even higher levels of yourself.

The term “Past Life Regression” is a bit of a misnomer since your other lives are all happening simultaneously and can be in any time period; past or future. If visiting a future life seems illogical or impossible to you then you might want to check out my article on The Illusion of Time. In the many thousands of regressions that have been done many have reported “seeing” portions of lives that were clearly in the future rather than in the past. Most people focus on exploring their “past lives” because, with our erroneous conception of linear time, we think that the past is “recorded” (and therefore potentially can be explored) but the future hasn’t happened yet (so isn’t recorded and can’t be visited).

There are also many people who have reported experiences from what could be called the “inter-life” period, the time between lives. A common report from these experiences is that our many lives are all, somehow, happening at once. Yet other people have reported an apparent sequential process of coming out of one life, reviewing it, planning, and then starting the next — which seems to contradict “all at once”. This is likely due to the fact that non-linear concepts are very hard for our earthly minds to understand and express so we will often express them linearly.

To dive deeper into the topic of past life regression I recommend the following books; Past Life Regression: Discover Your Hidden Past Life Memories and Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed.

Probable Selves, Parallel Selves, and Many Life Paths

Another way that your higher-self accelerates its evolution through the use of parallelism is to experience all possible/probable life paths!

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had made a different choice at a critical juncture in your life? Well, so did your soul, but instead of just wondering it divides its consciousness yet again, creating a sub-thread of its consciousness to follow and experience each alternate life path. At every decision point of any significance, one portion of your souls sentience follows branch A, and another follows branch B. Your soul is experiencing all possible/probable life paths in parallel! The YOU that you think of as you is simply a sub-thread of your soul that is experiencing one particular branch of the life path decision tree.

At every significant decision point on a life path the path branches. A decision tree represents all possible paths. All of these are experienced by your soul. This mechanism creates a massively parallel experience which maximizes the evolutionary potential for the soul, for the over-soul, and for Source — since all experiences are experienced by your higher consciousness, they trickle up.

The soul threads that follow each of the possible paths of experience could in a sense, be called “Probable Selves”. Because there is one for each possible/probable life path. These probable selves are all very real and so are all the alternate experiences they are having — and it is all being accumulated by your higher levels of self! Imagine how much one could learn by experiencing every possible alternative life path, and all their outcomes! You would learn and grow very fast! That’s the reason why we designed the process this way!

The Highest Self, The One Self

‘Life has everything to do with you. But with Big You, not with Little You; with Universal You, not with Local You. There is only One of us.” — Neale Donald Walsch

Once you understand and embrace the multidimensional nature of your beingness, your perspective will broaden greatly. You may begin to see yourself not as the body and the ego that’s running around here on Earth but as your true essence — your eternal higher-self. You might even embrace, that in a very real sense, your “highest self” is source consciousness!

And an even greater realization may come over you. The realization that since the consciousness of all entities/beings are ultimately threads of source consciousness, and hence we are all parts of the one universal consciousness, that in a very real sense, there is only “One Self”.

All levels of consciousness and all loci of consciousness/beingness are ultimately within, and integral parts of, source consciousness — the one being. And this one being is your highest self, so in a sense, all beings could be considered “yourself”. This is why it makes sense to treat all beings with the utmost respect, care, encouragement, etc — because it’s all you!

One for all, and all for one!

Jeff (“El Jefe”)


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About the author:

Jeff Street awakened about 2 years ago, after having been an atheist/agnostic scientist type with absolutely no spiritual beliefs for most of his life. After many ‘magical’ new experiences, he is now passionate about learning and sharing his insights about spirituality and metaphysics on his blog www.divine-cosmos.net. You can also follow Jeff on Facebook viawww.Facebook.com/DivineCosmoz.


America, Welcome to Your Delusional Democracy

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By Joel S. Hirschhorn (via Global Research)

For some years I have used the term “delusional democracy” to describe the condition of the United States. You do not live in a true and terrific democratic republic, and your democracy is not the best in the world. Rather it seemed that the vast majority of Americans have deliberately chosen to fool themselves, believing what is no longer true. 

I stopped believing this myth many years ago. All the objective evidence I saw over fifty years of paying intense attention both as a citizen and someone who worked within the political system showed me that American democracy had steadily declined in quality, integrity and effectiveness. And now in this 2016 presidential race you have powerful and painful evidence that we are saddled with a delusional democracy. Thank Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for opening your mind and eyes to reveal this revolting truth.

Delusional democracy refers to delusional Americans. So this year the key question for you to consider is whether you still choose to keep falsely believing that American democracy is worth being proud of. I just cannot see how Americans can accept these two major party presidential candidates as reflecting a first rate democracy. They are, in fact, a major embarrassment that should make every American, regardless of their political party loyalty or previous political beliefs, cringe at the ugly reality that these two presidential candidates are worthy of any respect, loyalty or votes.

How could it come to this? Two world class liars. Two of the most widely known untrusted and untrustable unpopular politicians ever produced here or anywhere. 

The US political system produced this reality. A two-party duopoly serving the rich and powerful, corporate contributors and many special interests, but not the ordinary, general public — this is what we have had for a long time. What gave this nation awful economic inequality, destruction of good paying middle-class jobs in manufacturing, and horrendous national debt also gave us these two losers. Can you settle into voting for the lesser of two evils, when each of the two evils makes you gag? Evil does not accurately describe these two options. Choose the lesser of two embarrassments, of two calamities, of two democracy destroyers.

Consider this way of thinking about this ugly reality. Once a democracy has become delusional, playing the game of being a responsible citizen and voting no longer makes sense. It is more like joining a criminal conspiracy to maintain the illusion that we have a legitimate democracy. Voting no longer is the path to have a revolution to restore American democracy. That is exactly where we have arrived. When most Americans have little respect and trust for Congress or just about every other institution and most believe we are on the wrong track, then how can you still cling to the belief that voting is what you can and should do? When it comes to Trump and Hillary how can you still keep deluding yourself that you live in a legitimate democracy worth voting in?

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An important 2014 academic study of a huge number of policy actions found that “economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.” In other words, voting by citizens does not shape our nation. We do not have an authentic democracy. We have more of an oligarchy that is controlled by rich and powerful elites. Voting is a distraction, something to make you feel good, and responsible. Of course, sometimes it looks like the general public gets what it wants. Yet, as the Cambridge study stated, “they fairly often get the policies they favor… only because those policies happen also to be preferred by the economically-elite citizens who wield the actual influence.” Their big conclusion: “If policy-making is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America ’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.” This conclusion fits my model perfectly: we have a delusional democracy.

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Here is what I think is the correct action this year. Boycott the presidential election. Do not vote for anyone for president. What does this accomplish? It would create incredible historic data on very low voter turnout for the presidential election. It would send a clear message to both major parties, the political establishment, the media, and the whole world that Americans have recognized the truth about our delusional democracy. This could spark true political revolution for the next presidential election. You may ask, depending on what you now believe: But how can I live with that awful Trump or that awful Hillary getting elected president? So be it. It is more important to create conditions for major, true political reforms than to worry about an awful person in the White House. They’re both awful. What we need is a good long-term strategy. Worry less about how a president may harm our nation and more about the critical need to recognize and fix our delusional democracy, by taking back the power that the power elites have had for a long time.

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There is a wonderful graph on Wikipedia showing US presidential election turnout over history. From the years 1840 to 1900, turnout varied between around 75 percent to 80 percent. Then it declined steadily until about 1920, and from then to recent times it varied from around 50 percent to 60 percent. Turnout in 2014 midterm elections was the lowest in any federal election since 1942. My main point is that you need some imagination and think about the many impacts of reducing turnout to say 30 percent. The whole world would interpret that as the rejection by Americans of their political system. It would be an incredible historic shock having the potential to remove the legitimacy and credibility of the current two-party duopoly. Our corrupt, delusional democracy would have received a bullet. Demand for truly reforming and fixing our political system would take on energy. Remember, the historic data showed this sharp decline in turnout happening once before. It can happen again, with your help. Boycott this presidential election.

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Fixing our democracy is far more important than your vote this year. Yes, you may feel bad that the candidate you most hated won your state and maybe the Electoral College, or that you did not show support for a third party candidate. But you can and should feel good that you have non-voted against the status quo, broken political system. Feel great that you want to fix our delusional democracy.

In so many other democracies the public create massive street protests and many times this kind of action produces political and government reforms. It has become clear that the street protest strategy has not and will not happen on a large enough scale to produce deep reforms in the US. Nor has forming new reform-oriented organizations done the job. It is far easier and more convenient for the vast majority of Americans to see the light and boycott this presidential election.

Vote for whatever else on your ballot is important to you. But boycott the presidential election. That non-vote is truly a message-vote and a driving force for major political reforms. If you continue to believe that ordinary participation in elections will fix our nation, then you have not faced history and reality.

Don’t remain delusional. It’s better to choose to make the American democracy great again — by standing up to a corrupt system.

About the author:

Joel S. Hirschhorn was a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, and a full professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His most recent book is Delusional Democracy – Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government. Joel can be contacted via articlev.wix.com/statusquobuster.





“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Krishnamurti


fractal rainbow burst


There is no construct, not mentally or mathematically and altogether not synthetically – that can ever “create” Me!

People believe in the sacred geometry of the light-body, but when it comes to your very Divine Essence, that Is Me, there is NO Sacred Geometry that ever can characterize Me or express What I Am. It is an artificial addition merely to What You Are. I AM your light-body!

I am the Fundamental Nature of Your True Being that is not “made” from any construct, universally, cosmically or personally. I AM My Very Own Power of Energy and Primordial Force of Light and Consciousness, Which Is yours naturally when you find Me in Your Heart, that is no chacra.

I have nothing to do with chacras! Your true Heart is the essence and abode of mere Being, Infinite Being! I Am miraculously found there and beyond As All.

I AM. I AM not made, although many believe they are becoming spiritually mature by constructing any type of light body by their will, intention and with mental strategies. You do not need  to “create” energy or light! Only take part in My Transcendental Force of Light and Consciousness That Is Your Own Origin! And flow with It.
This is My Simplicity!

There is no strategy whatsoever that creates the path to Me, because I Simply Am and strategy is an effort unknown to Me. It does not function in Your foundation that Is My Essence. The Eternal Divine Heart in Which and As Which I express Myself is free of strategy. It Is Your Own Very Divine Transcendental Heart.

I merely AM Who I AM.

Furthermore: There is no path towards Me, because I am not found in space and I Am not found in time. All these things have been created by those who wish to confine you. It is the confined one who thinks about ascending to a “higher” realm. But this is an alienation from Me.

In reality you start to understand who you truly Are, timeless, spaceless and dimensionless. In reality you expand in My unconditional Consciousness. And it is not about your confined ego that seems to become a bit more subtle. Watch this closely!

You are naturally unconfined in Me, the One Who Lives You, the One Hue-man Being that has been split – seemingly – into many, although there is Only One Single Divine Consciousness. Many different bodies there are, yes, but they all dance in My Reality as Me as One.

It is time to wake up from the dream, that you once chose to dream: the painful dream of separation from Me, when you were made to believe that I can be manipulated by your mind’s creations.

Now the grand circle is closing as you, after many experiences, under the illusion of being away from Me, find Me naturally in the midst of your daily enterprises, in the midst of programs of overwhelming deception!

To find Me in the underlying Current of your synthetic world again, at the point of greatest density as the Eternal One, the Beautiful One, The Radiant One, The Eternal Love, un-compromised by appearances, the long journey comes to an end. Because I have Proven to Be Present always and ever.

Now as You Arise in Me, while I Express through your infinite Heart, the shadows vanish. Know, they cannot exist if your Heart expands to infinity and deepest stillness, through the door to my Radiant True Divine Consciousness. Find that door in the Deep Space of the Hearton the Right Side.

There the duality of light and dark is a phantom only, because My Single Light consumes it all.

Do not seek the un-natural light that opposes the dark, to create a new world. Because it is mind-made and both are a construct. You only need to participate with Me, The true Oneness and Singleness in the depth of mere Being-ness, that natural Bliss, that precious flavour of Primordial Existence. It has  always been Yours. And it is Now.

My Embodiment As You, not the separate, confined one, but as the Creative Universal Heart-One, is now waiting to be Birthed by Me. This brings forth a Truly New World. An Authentic World, a Divine World emerging from My Pure Divine Heart.

Do You Understand? Are You Ready?

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute



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