Two ends of a Stick is Only ONE Stick

…”There are some who say we are separate individual ego’s encased in a bag of skin, others will say we are one with the Universe…which is the right view? Well, the answer is revealed if we think of a stick, IT has two different ends, we can paint them different colors, we can plot their separate points on map grid, we can show they are not the same, yet the true reality IS only the one stick. So one can see that the ends of the stick cannot do anything alone, for the illusion of the separate ends of the stick becomes nothing without a direct relationship with the entire spectrum of the stick. In that same way, what we perceive as empty space between you and me, are only the radiating waves which hold everything together. Without understanding that everything we do, feel, and think, effects everything that is around us, we will continue to live with a illusion of our-self. Whether if we speak it or not, whether if we act it out or not, all our thoughts generate electromagnetic brain waves. Our being effects everyone and everything around us, whether if we believe it or not, for our beliefs mean nothing to the eyes of the Universe. We do not need special knowledge to see this take place, just drip a drop into a bowl of water and watch the ripples radiate out. Now watch a drip of thought enter you, and see how it changes how you feel, it changes the view of the world around you and those you interact with. You are a direct expression of the Universe, and without a direct relationship with that view, one is just casting waves with a closed EYE. As long as we think our thoughts are individual to only the thinker, we will never understand why our view of the world is so fragmented and full of conflicts. Look closer as to the true source of our thoughts, and one will begin to discover the hidden Universe we all possess inside, and that relationship will bring harmony within us and radiate throughout our life!” ~Alistar Valadez

Alistar Valadez ~ They say IT is in our surrender we suddenly find our hidden inner power …

Merkaba Buddha

art by Dima Yastronaut

Alistar Valadez

…”They say IT is in our surrender we suddenly find our hidden inner power, and getting beyond the limiter of our expression is the secret only known by masters! For you are the guru, you are the teacher, as all the wisdom to master the mind begins when we face our own inner shadow and make our unconscious conscious, not unlike what Buddha did long ago as he awakened sitting underneath the Bodhi tree! IT all boils down to finding a tool or a method to dissolve the illusion of the ego completely, as the great inner silence is something no ego can touch or reach while existing, for as they say until we see the unreality of ourself, does the reality of our Self ever come into being!

There is more to life then beyond the naked eye, this most of us already know, but what is the hardest thing to comprehend is the fact that we are unconscious more than we are not, as we discover that to be spiritual is to balance the daily inner and outer life process! Just like with anything in life, if we want to be a master of our mind, just like with an instrument it takes tremendous discipline and daily practice to achieve that higher perspective of musical mastery.

Notice how forgetting is a big part of our being, notice how we forgot our pre-life, notice how we forget that we’re beating our heart and growing our bones, notice how we forget our dreams, notice how school and culture diverts us from our root core essence, as we create a fake identity called our ego! Once one can see beyond this great hoax and illusion, once one can live beyond words and live through the experience and emotion, one can begin on the path to healing the heart and feeling the bliss that makes everyday feel like magic!”

Many of us hold on to past experiences and allow it to create discord deep within our core essence ~ Alistar Valadez

Bhuddha reflections

…”Many of us hold on to past experiences and allow it to create discord deep within our core essence, but take a look around at the world and at the true nature of life and ask yourself, ‘Where is the past?’ What we will see is that the past is only a memory, and if the only thing holding us back in life is a memory, would’t that be the easiest thing to free ourselves from? After all, memory is just like airy nothingness, so why would we want to hold onto something that isn‘t real, right here and now within our immediate present moment?! The past was real at one time, but HERE and NOW is the point where all new creations unfold. So release your anchor of the past, and let your ship sail free from the storms of yesterday, for today we can return to our true bliss as a Divine Moment of Truth activates within our heart!”

~Alistar Valadez

++ She Let Go

There are things beyond our knowing … ~ Alistar Valadez

Beau Deeley_Cosmic Integration

art by Beau Deeley

…”There are things beyond our knowing, just as the moon pulls the tides of the ocean currents, so to does the divine influence the currents of our emotions. Within the landscape and labyrinth of our thinking mind is a whole system and process just as complex as that of our weather, for we all may want to see sunny skies and have a good life free of conflict, but the winds may blow dark clouds over us and create that perfect storm around us at a moments notice, most often when we least expect IT. Do you resist this force of change or do you embrace it for what IT is? Does the ocean resist the shifting of the tides and currents created by the moon, or does IT flow with whatever influence comes before IT? For this invisible influence does serve a higher purpose, as the rising and falling of the tides provides a greater service of shaping our coastlines. Can we recognize this greater process within us, the shifting of our own inner currents of thinking, for this process also shapes and molds the expansion or decay of our inner core essence of being!” ~Alistar Valadez


… silence is the key to self discovery and transformation ~ Alistar Valadez

Marc Gabbana_YingYang


…”They say that silence is the key to self discovery and transformation, yet many will fear the silence and allow the chatter of the mind to have continuous influence and dominance over us. Looking closer at our thoughts which flow through us reveals the source of this inner influence, and that is the conditioning of our past and upbringing, which creates a wall of judgment before us. Silencing the mind has to do with observing the self and the world without judgment, IT has nothing to do with suppressing of behaviors, for to achieve balance and understanding in life requires total transformation, and that is discovered through a high level of non-clinging. Defending or judging one side or the other only creates a sway which keeps us off balance, as those who are attached to their conditioning, traditions, thoughts, ideals, and beliefs have only stopped the natural flow of their own evolution, for today we are not the same as we were yesterday, nor will we be the same tomorrow. Saying the words and living the words are two entirely different things, when we cling to the labels and words, we overlook their true meaning, for even the idea of the yin and yang is only the splitting of the whole spectrum of being. Thus why silence is the key, for the mind will never transcend us, it only keeps us bound to the illusions created by our IGNORE-ance, as the mind only keeps us lost in loops of the constant chatter of ‘what should be’. But when that inner silence is found, transformation of self does occur, for the magic can be seen unfolding continuously before us, as the conditioned chatter of the mind is replaced with a wiser guiding voice, and that is the divine language of ‘what is’!” ~Alistar Valadez
Art by: Marc Gabbana

… we are the ones who will begin to shift the tides and transcend this unconscious nightmare into a living dream of bliss on Earth

Justin Totemica_Moment of Truth


…”Never forget that every word that you express, every artwork you manifest, every dance you reflect, cast waves of influence not seen by your essence. So never underestimate the power of your spells of magic, never underestimate the power of your influence, for it is because of spirits as you that the collective unconscious is becoming conscious! They say that some people are so far out and lost in the illusion of the world, it’s like they are walking blindfolded on a tightrope and if you scream too loud they may get scared and fall once they realize the truth of their own divine nature! For those who have crossed beyond the event horizon, have to find the balance of sharing wisdom over the urge of just giving the answers, not unlike the message of most common religions. As all great teachers know that if the the truth is said as to be understood IT will be believed, and there is no need to think that we have reach a peak with our knowledge, for when on goes deeper down the rabbit hole of what is behind the illusion and veil of perceived consciousness, something else far more sinister is discovered pulsing behind the hidden shadows. For until we enter the cave of our fears and face our own inner shadow, no amount of expressed good willed effort will create the change we wish to manifest in our immediate realm! Until we go all the way on our inner path and deeply incorporate and understand the science of psychology and philosophy within our daily lives, we will never understand that we too are but unconscious beings. When we silence our mind and the inner realm beyond words is discovered, what arises is the manifestation of the source of our inner whispers, impulses, and desires in full archetypal manifested form. We each must DO that process of self reflection on our own if we are ever to become empowered spirits, for until the illusion of separation dissolves today within our hearts, we will only be doomed to repeat the same mistakes as our ancestors, as we are the ones who will begin to shift the tides and transcend this unconscious nightmare into a living dream of bliss on Earth!” ~Alistar Valadez
Art by: Justin Totemical “Synapse Pinball”


The time has come for our inner lion to ROAR … ~ Alistar Valadez

Mugwort_Lion Darkness

“The darkness we SEE in others is only created by the fears one feels within, the fear of letting down our own walls, which in turn does not let us see through the walls of others. This is why so many people these days appear as dark as they DO, for there needs to be cracks or windows to let in the light. But most are afraid to peer into their own cracks or to open their own blinds, keeping themselves locked in the shadows of their own cave of fears, which only allows the shadow beast to grow within. We all carry a beast, yet most only suppress IT, which is why IT explodes when we are pushed into a corner. Yet most will still deny its existence and try to suppress IT, leaving them only like a deer caught in headlights when conflicts arise before them. Look how nature handles the inner beast, as a lion can be as gentle as an ordinary house cat, but when threatened can unleash the fury of the beast possessed within. The lion does not suppress its energy, and it does not waste it only to protect its image, which is how we should live. But instead we let the anger beast out to protect the ego, our image, which is just like protecting a ghost. Our image is only the myths and stories we tell of each other, yet most will create these myths by changing circumstances of past events to their favor, or by proclaiming the dreams of future events which have not been achieved. A lot of energy is wasted on protecting these false images, when our energy is meant to BE used to CREATE today in the present moment. Look closer at the world that surrounds you, for IT serves as a mirror of everything you possess inside your-self, the more you ignore in the outer, the more you ignore in your-self. The great mystery of life is not discovered by ‘speaking’ of that which we do not know of, the Great Mystery lies within SEEing and FEELing what we ignore, by shining a light on our own inner darkness, the world transforms around us like magic. The time has come for our inner lion to ROAR, to show our true self and let go of the hoax of the ego ghost, for the moment has arrived for the lion to sleep no more!” ~Alistar Valadez.


The EYE of the beholder creates everything IT SEE’s …

Cosmic Triangle Man


…”The EYE of the beholder creates everything IT SEE’s, all without the need for thinking or an over-analyzing mind, just as IT beats our heart, grows our hair, shines the sun and blues the sky, all from within the confines of our own inner mind. Yet the mind only reflects that which IT possess inside, so if one does not know they are viewing a outer world through a inner vision experience, one will only go on pretending the drama in this life is real, and we will forget IT was all just a dream to expand our inner spirit!” ~Alistar Valadez

Art by: Trevor Hamlett
— with Trevor Hamlett and Dale Lowery.

Our expansion and decay in life is always just one choice away …

Violet dimensional expansion


…”They say that all the mysteries of the universe can be realized just by staring silently at a flower, just as the Buddha is said to have reached enlightenment by sitting under a Bodhi Tree in a deep meditation of silence. What is it that occurs when a silent mind is reached? What is it about silence that keeps so many on the spiritual path seeking? Many of us take for granted the living art of silence, but when the chatter of our mind ceases to dominate our life, when the reaction to another’s emotions no longer guide us like the blind, what we begin to notice are the patterns that shape and mold our daily life.

The silence begins to reveal a path to an inner peace that can be discovered, as our eyes of judgment dissolve from this realm, silence shows us that vibrations of energy shape this divine universe. As they are in the trees, in the wind, in our friends and those we love, and the one who can see the world with a silent mind can witness this beauty that continuously surrounds us. It is easy to look out and see the patterns of the outer, but IT takes tremendous courage and strength to witness the patterns which are hidden within us. They call these inner patterns the process of the unconscious, the tidal forces also known as archetypes, but until we can clearly see these patterns at work within us, we will remain blind to this continuous influence.

The unconscious has its hand on everything, and until we Awaken to IT within our-self, our life will only feel dual in nature. Duality is the illusion of good vs. evil, black vs. white, and conscious vs. unconscious, but these are only two aspects of the entire spectrum of BEing. Duality only breeds conflict in our lives, for a person who feels separate and divided from the world is always at war with them-self and with others. Are you the good self or the bad self, are you the conscious or unconscious flow within? It is easy to see that one cannot arise without the other, but the illusion of duality keeps us split into two separate entities, as the question then arises, are you two beings or are you One? And this simple answer reveals that we have but disowned a part of our-self.

Our expansion and decay in life is always just one choice away, so start looking closer at the patterns of your choices, for the feeling of bliss can arise just as quickly as the the feeling of pain within us. As the Buddha once said, ‘Silence is an empty space, space is the home of the awakened mind’, so look again at the inner and outer world without the chatter of the judging mind, and what will re-appear is reality as IT truly IS, that which is non-dual in nature. Looking up at the night sky reveals this pattern, for out of the blackness of space and nothingness comes everything in this divine Universe, an interconnection of spectrum that is continuously unfolding, just as the patterns which are currently flowing from within You!” ~Alistar Valadez
Art by: Mugwort Artemisia/Mugwort Designs