Bio-Tech Loop and Singularity ~ Aug Tellez


  Eventually technology leads back to biology. What happens when technology gets so advanced it is beyond anything previous? Then you have technology competing with biology. And when technology becomes greater than biology? Then technology recreates the biology that created it. The singularity is when both paths move beyond one another. Source: Bio-Tech Loop and Singularity


Transdimensional DNA ~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives

  Imagine that technology and knowledge become so advanced on Earth that it is commonly accepted as fact that there are multiple realities simultaneously occurring and interlinking between the observer aspect in each of us. Imagine that switching between these realities becomes as easy and common place as dreaming or going on an adventure in […]


The Corruption System, The Fallen Dimension, Taplining, Vampirism, Energy Inversion, The New System, The 5th Dimensional Gateway ~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives

art by Christas Vengel In short, this is a fallen system. That fallen system is collapsing. Everyone’s souls are stored, like in a data base, in a system of information. The old system was corrupted. Everything mirrors an information technology system because the two are easily compared and related. The soul system holds the information […]


The Universe Unifying Life Experience ~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives

art by Shawn Hocking We seem to be in a ‘nexus’. Whatever energies are prominent here will be prominent throughout the whole of one’s experience. This brings in the interesting notion about the cascade of pure knowledge that is related to the concept of using one’s DNA to enable a quantum connection to a golden […]


What is the Spiritual Awakening? ~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives

  Is nature natural. Is life protected against alteration, falsification or manipulation on a universal scale? Are thoughts what we perceive to be? Could what we see as life be a manipulation of what could be, what should be and what we think we see? Could the very nature of life and death here be […]


Civilization-Wide, Collective Self-Awareness through Technology or Spiritual Capacity~ Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives

  The advancement of technology changed the world by enabling instantaneous information transfer through mind to mind interface. This is called ‘synthetic telepathy’. It’s difficult to fully grasp how advanced the situation has become. This technology is combined with the atmospheric radiant energy systems and the entire world is logged on to an Internet platform […]


The Viral Parasitic Consciousness~Aug Tellez

Spiritual Perspectives

The parasite is an organism native to the fallen universe. There is no internal observer experiencer. The expressions that are normally based upon internal feelings of the human are actually projections and imitations that are calculated through a binary computational system that is dependent on machine learning AI feedback based upon human interaction. The goal […]


Aug Tellez ~The Convergence, The Unveiling, The Collapse of the Artificial Timeline and the Migration to the Organic Timeline

Spiritual Perspectives

art by_CygX1 You are literally all times and spaces within you. This is is literally the stuff of advanced technology and operations. The equations that are used to define the differences between you and other spaces and times are the same equations that define those spaces and times. It’s not that the differences are negateable or […]