Your Real Mind is not located in the Brain

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Our consciousness has been trained to perceive through the five human senses. This has prevented us from tapping into other worlds or dimensions that exist just beyond the range of our normal perception. We are unaware of them because our minds are not consciously vibrating at these higher levels.

To open the seal of perception, the one belief that must disintegrate concerns how we view the consciousness as something that is inside our body, perhaps located somewhere in the brain. We are multidimensional beings! Our consciousness exists outside of the physical body, even outside of the physicalized world. It transcends time and space as part of the one quantum mind.


Emptiness is the Alchemical State

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To be empty means to be aware of a supreme source in your life and allowing the grace of its power to carry and to sustain you at all times, in full faith. We are not proclaiming to really know anything for all true knowing is of this absolute source.


Surrendering to emptiness is really surrendering to be your natural self. This means to always be true to the authentic you. You are opening up, in total vulnerability, to the understanding that you are created, in the image of the Infinite. Therefore, live your true and most natural self always.

The conflict comes in when we are trying to be something or somebody that we are not. This throws us for a loop internally. Then life reflects back to us this conflicted energy in the form of some really uncomfortable experiences of struggle and strife.

When you are your natural, most authentic self, you will recognize the conflict-free zone of being perfectly centered in abundant life energy. You become a living, walking still point, because, you are willing to “surrender” to your true self in each and every moment.

There is no better way to reach into this emptiness than through a stillness type practice such as meditation, yoga or just simple down time from the busy mind. The other vital key is to create space in your day to connect and commune with the consciousness of pure ‘Presence’ Itself.

This does not mean that you have to sit cross-legged, with hand mudras and chanting the names of God. Meditation can be however you define it to be, and whatever works for you to get into a space of quiet communion with your source of life.

It is to put into play whatever feels comfortable for you to authentically feel in harmony with life and the underlying spiritual presence that guides and sustains you. Through this attunement, it is much easier to make contact with that deep vibrational resonance of stillness that is at your core.



This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS:
Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.
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presented by Tiara Kumara
Spiritual Teacher and Morphogenesis Creatress
Founding Producer, I AM Avatar Education
Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation

DNA Activation with a SUPERMOON Lunar Eclipse

DNA activation


A total lunar eclipse will spawn a very rare and dramatic ‘supermoon’ blood moon on Sept. 26/27. This will be a potent time for transformational shift and what better way to herald it in than with self motivated DNA Activation.

The following podcast gives good review on what we are doing in the program of MORPHOGENESIS to “re-code” and shift our nucleotide sequences.


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It is said that 97% of DNA is non-functioning. For numerous people with awakened consciousness, this dormant material is considered as a living data storage containing the instruction sets for our greater human potential.

What is coded within our secret vault is a potential so vast that it boggles the mind to think that something so profound could be so accessible. This is an unsurpassed potential of human brilliance, to the likes that the world has never known. It is activated by our very consciousness alone and merely by the way that we perceive life.

Simply by shifting our perceptions, by coming into a new way to define our personal reality, we can override the carbon framework at the level of the nucleic acid bases in the DNA.

Leading scientists are proving that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell. This includes the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

The bottom line here is that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our DNA. Positive shifts of perception and new feeling states trigger DNA activation. Moreover, when we consciously engage with the living intelligence of DNA, it gets majorly stimulated and starts pushing out the greater potential that is held within the latent code.

Just as we are merely sequences of a four letter code (ATCG), the basis of life is very simple. We change and transform all the time. We are constantly redefining ourselves. From every one of these consciousness shifts, we are literally changing our code.

We have the ability to change in the wink of an eye if we can truly grasp these ideas and start acting from the full knowing of our higher capabilities. Our shifting DNA programs are like snakes shedding old skins; we are constantly releasing old encodings. These encodings are merely stored impressions that can be reprogrammed. As we shift our perceptions, cell biology changes. Our vibration increases and the DNA base letters rearrange.

Everything on the planet is in great change. Electromagnetic currents are altering, the magnetic fields are shifting and many things are no longer being held down in their familiar place. We are getting unlocked! This brings tremendous change to the biological body and the entire structure of our DNA encodement.

Invocation for Humanity’s Prosperity

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CALLING FOR DIVINE INTERVENTION… Great Spirit of all life, in whom we live and move and have our being…

In the name of Unity Consciousness, we call into dynamic action the consummate force of Universal Will.

Use us as your human conduits in this petition for a new global economy that is based upon your divine principles. Bring to us now a great surge of intervening support from the realms of illumined truth.

By and through the redeeming power of unified awareness, we call forth immediate Divine Intervention to restructure the financial systems so that equality and economic balance is actualized upon this planet. Please assist us to inaugurate the era of the “right use of money” in accordance with Earth’s Divine Plan.

From the vast reservoir of universal light, we call forth the mightiest penetration of solar sacred fire… to go DEEP DEEP DEEP into the darkest financial corruptions that are happening in our world. Send in the divine intervening forces to conduct a massive and permanent cleansing of ALL economic transgressions, through every time frame and dimension, both known and unknown.

This includes a relentless and thorough psychological cleansing of the sub consciousness of every man, woman and child upon this planet. Through the Law of Grace, purge and redeem all humanity from the self-imprisonment of vice and any associated karmas, in perfect accordance with Divine Will.

Permanently SEAL the door where corruption dwells. Release the human race from the grip of all economic controllers who use financial assets to control, deceive, manipulate and destroy. Bless these transgressors with the unfailing light of forgiveness, mercy and compassion. May the Truth be revealed!

Blaze the Cosmic Light in, through and around all financial related buildings and controlling factions… their entire matter-space and all persons and associated activities. May a great act of purification ripple out to affect all other related groups and individuals, creating a massive domino effect in this global housecleaning.

Blessed Legions of Light, un-trench the planetary morphogenetic field of mass consciousness to accommodate the new intellectual blueprint for our evolving species. Support this recalibration with a constant stream of living light intelligence until the task is complete.

We call the Universal Laws into action, which permits assisting star nation technology and the cosmic light of morphogenesis into full momentum. Come dear intergalactic family of light….aide us in our full transition into global peace and prosperity.

Help us to seed, anchor and activate the new financial and educational templates that are created from Divine Principle and Universal Law. Through the realization of global equality, may all beneficial systems prevail.

We command the radiance of universal love to sweep through the higher mental body of every soul, catalyzing a permanent shift in all illusions of fear and lack, transmuting these ancient patterns into the global realization of infinite abundance and shared opportunity.

Awaken and inspire all people with divine remembrance of our true unlimited nature, beings of immanent love and prosperous beyond measure.

ACTIVATE, ACTIVATE, ACTIVATE the New Earth codes of prosperity and co-creation… HERE AND NOW, for the greater good of all.

Please sustain this sacred fire and invocation activity until all is fully manifest in your holy name.

By and through Universal Law…..Thy…. Will…. Be…. Done!


Courtesy of Children of the Sun Foundation


The Middle East Transmissions ~ Children of the Sun

Calling all Ambassadors of Love to the Middle East

We are serving as a group vaccine stabilizer
to help eradicate the virus called hate.

Begins at the Equinox
September 23, 28, October 5, 12, 2014
8 pm across all world time zones


High Levels of Contagious Toxicity is Releasing


It is undeniable that the escalating tumultuous events in our world are the direct result of the increasing frequencies of light purposed to lift the illusory veils of matter. The planet is deeply purifying to shed its density and birth a new form.

Releasing toxicity is causing heightened tension at every level of the e-motion barometer. Viral outbreaks are some of the worst cases seen in many years.

There is a potentially catastrophic virus that is now rearing its head, instigating mass recruitment by its very nature. This one is more deadly than any other known to human kind.

It is the infection that has kept our planet in the clenches of elitist domination, scores of wars and inhumane acts of gross proportion.

This is the virus called “hate”. As acts of rebellion accelerate in our world, this contagious infliction is replicating in greater numbers, with the capability to cause a global pandemic to the likes of which the world has never experienced.

With all humanity now connected through technology, this surfacing energy of extreme separation is revealing through every crack and cranny to be cleansed. It is a hateful deluge that is even blatantly promoted to coerce instability, especially inflaming through mainstream and social media.

It is shocking to witness the levels of negativity, judgment and condemning gossip that is happening and “tweeting” out to the whole world. To whatever degree, all nations are infected, as is the general mass of un-awakened humanity.

The Middle East and African continents seem to be amongst the key battlefields from where the extremely polarized nature of global hatred continues to be played out, due in part, to soul vulnerabilities and a devastated Earth energy grid.

The planet’s immunity in these war torn regions is so traumatized that is has little to no ability to rise above suffering and stave off invasive substance. A greatly weakened life force is one of the reasons why these lands cannot retain any type of new programming for peace.

From Unity Consciousness, we have the ability to bring a dramatic shift to any and all outplay not aligned to love. This assistance cannot wait a moment longer. We are marching now, into the Middle East as an invincible Army of Light.

Full information:

Energy System Empowerment ~ Children of the Sun Foundation

Build Your Life Force & Invincibility Shield

Immune System  *  The Blood  *  Nervous System  *  Endocrine System

4 Progressive Sessions:
July 26, August 2, August 16, August 30

Children of the Sun Foundation cordially invites you to this exciting new series designed to revitalize and boost your energy and immunity.

Do you carry a general tiredness or get overwhelmed more quickly than ever before? Is it challenging to focus or to remain still? Are there abrupt mood changes, a sense of paranoia, disconnectedness, brain frazzle? Do you feel swollen, inflamed or with unexplained heating up?

We are all enduring immense cellular transformation that is speeding up our entire atomic structure.  This quickening is affecting every system in our body, being especially noticeable in the nerves, the hormonal pathways and the immune system. The body is working overtime to both clear releasing toxicities while transitioning the biological system to a brand new frequency attunement.

We are here to offer you some powerful support!

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*   Build life force energy
*   Strengthen your immunity
*   Stabilize and revitalize nerve impulses
*   Bring balance to the hormones
*   Help the blood detoxify and recode
*   Help shift disease cycles
*   Help reduce inflammatory responses
*   Assist removal of any invading pathogens
*   Assist removal of any foreign attachments
*   Assist removal of stress webbing
*   Bring calm and clarity to the mind
*   Help anchor and ground in the body 

Let’s Get Strong Together!


Be part of a Super Amped Group Matrix

These are impressive sessions of energy transference, occurring for the entire group as a whole and on each individual, simultaneously. It is a giant healing matrix super amplified by the combined energy field from thousands of people doing this at the same time, all in unified intention.

A Series of 4 Progressive Sessions

Saturday, July 26
Saturday, August 2
Saturday, August 16
Saturday, August 30

Four sessions are highly recommended. This is a phased process of energy stabilization that requires integration and body recalibration in between. We have found that this deep work requires repeated sessions to fully penetrate, to cover all required areas and to help severe the repeating patterns and tenacious feedback loops.

Choose a Time to Receive

Choose one time to receive this session and as these following times sync with your home time zone.
Go to Time Clock Conversion >>>

New York, USA: 8 pm Saturday evening

This is the same time as:

Buenos Aires: 9 pm Saturday
Toronto: 8 pm Saturday
Mexico City: 7 pm Saturday
Los Angeles: 5 pm Saturday
Bali:  8 am Sunday

London, England: 9 am Saturday morning

This is the same time as:

Amsterdam: 10 am Saturday
Sydney 6 pm Saturday
Auckland: 8 pm Saturday
Tokyo: 5 pm Saturday
Bali: 4 pm Saturday

Any hour on Saturday after London 9 am

If you cannot make options #1 or #2, you may receive this transference any hour on Saturday after London 9 am. We will upload the transference as a “packet of light” on to the planetary Unity Grid. You will receive it by going through the same procedure as everyone else… and simply calling it to you. You must make the space, however, to meditate in full receiving mode for 45 minutes without interruption.

We offer a Proven Facilitation Team

These sessions are facilitated through the combined trinity channel of Per, Tiara Kumara and Ida Resi from the mystical island of Bali, Indonesia and its grid of light.

In December, 2013 through January, 2014, this skilled healing team facilitated four consecutive “stress web removal” sessions for nearly 1500 people. This yielded outstanding results in personal healing and transformation.   Read testimonials >>
This trinity team is serving as the “facilitator” to channel holy transforming energy directly to you and from the benevolent forces of grace. It is your Divine Presence that is in charge as it works with your intention for evolutionary advancement.


Facilitator, Ida Resi

Ida is a High Priestess of Hindu Dharma, the
traditional religion on the spiritual island of Bali,
Indonesia. She is fulfilling her destiny of spiritual
healing and cleansing by blessing the multitude
with her wisdom and divine energy.


Facilitator, Per

Using his skills of open vision and advanced ability
to channel divine energy, Per is on a life path to
bring harmony into people and this world. He
works as medical intuitive, energy wellness
facilitator and life coach to a global clientele.


Facilitator, Tiara Kumara

Tiara is the vision behind Children of the Sun
Foundation and is a multifaceted channel and
energy facilitator with advanced skills in healing
and energy transference. She is producer/
director of impacting world transmissions.

“I feel more centered and grounded. I really feel a certain degree of emotional mastery and I just know that the stress web is definitely being dissolved by the light technology and the energy transference. I give thanks for Tiara Kumara, Per and Ida Resi”   ~ Flo

This is Fundraising to Assist the World

These sessions are being offered at a minimum donation of $8.88 per session or a package of 4 for $33.

Your contributions help to fund the Foundation’s planetary service work in the area of GOODWILL ACTIVISM and to address escalating world need. We are preparing next for a big Equinox transmission in September to address the removal of the barbaric war and killing template currently in outplay upon the Earth.

Supporting Articles

We are in Grand Scale Planetary Purge
A Necessary and Beneficial Phase of Earth Evolution
Balancing and Fortifying our Energy System

Full information:

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 Initiatives such as this beautiful one being offered by Children of the Sun are not only for the well being of those actively participating but for All and Everything. There is a monumental difference between active participation in such an event and to be fully Aware with Presence of Being of the Harmonic Resonant fields of the healing energies and to be simply a non-conscious receptor. We are all, without exception, fractals of One Consciousness. To know this from a mental  level and to Know from an experiential level of No-Mind  centered within the Infinite depths of a Heart centered state of Being is … Knowing-ness.

Millions of people every day are praying, chanting, healing, blessing in infinite ways all with the same purpose. Discover it. Synchronize with it. Be it.

In Infinite Loving Service




by Judith Kusel

In essence we forget that we are cosmic Beings, having but a short sojourn on Planet Earth.

When we return to our cosmic heritage, and claim this, we cannot shrink anymore.  We have an expanded vision and a sense of being on a stage, like an actor and just assuming a role for a time.  Then we discard the role, and become the true character and we live our lives congruent to this.

When we stop shrinking to fit into other people’s norms, or narrow boxes, then we become free to explore the infinity of cosmic Beingness deep within us.  We do not need other people to tell us what is inside because we love delving ever deeper and deeper into the realms of cosmic Beingness, as held deep within us.

Our playing fields become larger and larger and so our vision and scope.

This is essentially what the raising of consciousness is about and the adopting of the Christed consciousness.  It means that we raise our vibrational frequencies so much, that we can tune into the cosmic pulse and our whole bodies, forms and expressions are filled with Christed light and love.

We move into the celestial company of angels, archangels, Elohim,  Ascended Masters.

We dance the cosmic dance of life and love, which is infinite in creating possibilities, new life and life forms.

We learn to create from the heart and with feeling, what is in higher alignment with our soul purpose and calling, and also in higher alignment with what we value and treasure the most.

We seek like-minded souls who are on the same wavelength and on the same mission as ours.  We seek those who uplift us, who love our company and we theirs, and we combine our friendships in greater and higher service.

We wish to become and be great Beacons of Love, Power and Wisdom and to raise the three-fold flame on earth.

We honor our brothers and sisters as souls, who have free will and choice, and give them the freedom to be.

We do not sign contracts and bow to artificial laws to bind others to us.  In the higher states of being we might agree from our hearts and soul to combine with another soul for a while and then to co-create together.  We honor the agreement, not because of papers or being forced, but because there is a deep and profound honoring of the sacredness of such union and we seek to renew this honoring every single morning and night from deep within ourselves.  For we can only honor the sacredness of Being of another, if we honor the sacredness of Being within ourselves – as within, so without.

We are the Sun children and born of the stars.  We are the ones who are creating the foundations for the New Golden Age and the New Earth.  Thus we understand that we are standing and living on holy ground.  Thus we thank Mother Earth for her life-sustaining power and bless her with honoring her forests, her trees, her animals, plants, elementals, and all which is alive on and within and around her.

We nurture ourselves from deep within, for we know that love is as much walking our talk, and thus we cannot expect love from another, if we have not mastered the finer art of loving ourselves totally and completely, shadow and light.

We nurture love, compassion, peace, and contentment within, for we know that all the money in the world cannot buy any of these – and there are no quick fixes nor tablets, nor cures which can give us any of these.

 We have do be the inner cleansing, clearing and housekeeping every single day without fail and then fill all the nookies and crannies, inside and out, above and below with unconditional love.

We love all of life and beyond all of this, for we can be no other than love.

We stand as true Sons and Daughters of God and Goddess, and we honor the Father and Mother who created us and gave us life.  Thus we nurture a deep connectedness, a deep honoring and sacred love.

We abide by the cosmic laws, for we have learnt to respect them, knowing that in creation harmony and perfection reigns and we do not wish to dishonor all of life, by creating chaos, destruction and pain.

Every morning we open our arms wide and raise our face to sun, and asked to be blessed, so that we can bless others.  And as the rain of blessings pours upon us, we say thank you, thank you and more thank you’s and let gratitude fill ever single cell in our bodies and fill it with love.

We are and we become.

Love is who and what we are!


We are the Sun children – The founders and creators of the New Golden Age

Children of the Sun: Activating the Prosperity Code

Activating the Prosperity Code

1st Phase: Personal Transformation

Since the beginning of 2014, we have been enduring unequivocally one of the biggest frequency upgrades that we have taken as a collective, initiating us into a completely new system of energy.

When we enter into its rhythm, more is dropping away as if it never mattered anyway. No praying is required because all prayers are already heard before they are even prayed. It is another consciousness octave that allows for spontaneous manifestation, yet not according to our personal whims.

We are meeting face to face with a destined and willed akashic force and right now it is pushing our every button to lighten up the obscurities that shroud our divine remembrance. Through its loving pressure, more layers are being disrobed that keep us slogging through the mud of limitation.

Recently, we brought to light the sabotaging energy of doubt. Next, we are illuminating another major troublemaker. This hooligan goes by the name of ‘lack’. The submission that is constantly given to its manipulative mask has kept humanity confused under the money spell since time immemorial.

Standing side by side with its cousins… the fear of death and low self worth… lack consciousness is one of the strongest distortions of the human psyche. However big or small the reflection may be, many of us are still influenced by the belief that there is not enough.

This belief is constantly being coerced and affirmed through an entire global culture and a wide spectrum of manipulating influences. These delusions are transferred from generation to generation through gene pools, memory fields and all forms of societal programming.

Put your golden helmets on everybody, because we are going on to the playing field to bring peace to an enormous front line transgression.

Our Responsibility as an Emerging Race Consciousness

Rather than spending our precious moments calling out all that is in distortion regarding the world’s money game, we are looking, instead, deeply within ourselves to get some core understanding and then to determine how to co-create lasting shifts.

As an awakened group consciousness, it’s a proven fact that we are a major economic catalyst for the multitude. It is time to rise into our greater potential as prosperous wayshowers and true teachers of the Golden Age.

The only real way that we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan in this regard is to have as many of us as possible perceiving and educating from levels of unlimited plentitude. To have the ability to realize wealth, whether we desire it or not, is to walk our talk as liberated Earth masters.

This subject matter is being addressed from 5th dimensional templates, where our new consciousness reality is vibrating, in very simple and practical terms. This is to help bridge our understanding and to avoid any trappings in guru complexes and the glamour-filled spiritual commercialism that we see rising all around us.

Activating the Prosperity Code

There is a Prosperity Code in every person that, when activated, hands over the papers to our divine inheritance, free and clear. Embodying and radiating this code is more important than the current method of monetary exchange or any new system developed around it.

A true and lasting shift to unlimited abundance for each of us will occur when this code is active and operating within the majority of members of our intimate soul grouping. No one can advance too far out in front, until the whole group is well on its way.

This is one of the qualifications of our advancement into unity consciousness as deemed by evolutionary law. We are being initiated to no longer function singularly or with selfish pursuits. If we are engaged in self-seeking desire while proclaiming unity, our life is guaranteed to become increasingly challenging as the group transparency strengthens.

This gives some reason to why Planetary Light Servers, as a grouping, have not yet been gifted large sums of expected financial support for the bigger visions and projects. There seems to be more surrendering required of our separated identities and the polarized egoic holds.

The same holds true for the world. Financial stability will not be realized on this planet until we have authentic cooperation amongst all countries and the dominating factions are neutralized. Any attempt to redevelop global economies before this happens will be a wasted effort.

The Solution is found in the Divine Principle

The emerging consciousness for our new era has been called by many names including the new root race, divine-humans, avatar blueprint, 5th dimension, superhumans, the I AM race, Christ Consciousness and so forth.

These terms all refer to an evolved human nature that has transitioned into a unified consciousness living as one heart-mind through group coherence. This is the natural course of evolution; from the divisive human personality into an interconnected unit of stability.

The one single characteristic of this new consciousness that drastically differs from the current human matrix is that it lives and abides unswervingly with Divine Principle. These are the immutable Universal Laws that are the foundation stones upon which our new world is being built. They are the same laws or principles by which everything in the universe is governed.

It is in Divine Principle, along with the understanding of how energy truly flows, that awakens the Code of Prosperity within us. This is the main key to changing the circumstances of our personal financial situation into one of a boundless reality.

The vast majority of us chose to incarnate with a highly polarized ancestral blueprint of lack. It has been our mission to transcend its deeply etched imprints in order to program the new consciousness grid with our actualized codes and self-realizations. We have spent decades addressing this issue and yet its appearance is still being felt.

The time for wallowing in any form of lack, however, has come to a close. We are making our final shifts now in order to greatly empower the advancing group consciousness, and then, to address the global scene as an influential catalyst.

Remember the Principle and How Energy Moves

To have any level of lack appear in your reality is to be, first and foremost, not remembering Divine Principle. This is indicative of not having an authentic relationship with your spiritual core, the guiding Presence of your being.

The condition that staunchly frames the reflection of lack is ‘self-reference’ and giving our power to external influences as the controlling factor of our source of supply. This creates instant blindness to the wellspring of abundance that exists at all times for every person, as a divine birthright.

To lose sight of our benevolent originating source creates an experience of constant struggle to remain afloat in the mass soup of a glamourized world.

Know your Source of Supply

The one Universal Law that expresses; we are always taken care of and provided for, is so simple and profound that it is one of the most challenging truths to embrace.

Let’s feel into a few more…

* The Divine Presence is the only acting intelligence in your life.

* The Divine Presence governs all manifestation in your life perfectly. It is the power producing it and the
force sustaining it.

* To know the Divine Presence as your only source of supply is to be instantly prosperous.

If you live by these principles, you automatically enter into the truth that brings all freedom. Your life becomes a path of non-stop opening doors.

Faith is the means through which Divine Principle is discerned and applied. This is to have complete reliance upon that which moves in the deepest side of your nature and what has been referred to before as, the God within. This Presence is the inward action of love from which the Divine Principle flows.

If you are experiencing lack in this moment, remove the attention off of the appearance and place it, instead, upon the Divine Presence of your being, the only giver of prosperity that there is. If you stand firm and determined in this, your reality is guaranteed to reflect a dramatically different picture.

“Being made in God’s image, man too has that omnipotent will and self-confidence hidden within his soul, empowering him to create or accomplish anything he can imagine.

When one dislodges from his soul the octopus grip of human habits and hereditary beliefs, replacing impossibility consciousness with the realized power of faith, one gains over the natural order a supernatural sovereignty.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

The New Meaning of ‘Need’

* Everything is always here and always present.

* The moment we recognize a need, it is already being fulfilled.

When we stand unified with Divine Principle, all is magnetized to us in spontaneous flow, in perfect timing and in just the right quantity. No strenuous effort is required. No affirmations are needed and even prayer becomes obsolete. Want and need become signals to what is already in manifesting motion.

It is absolutely impossible for us to need anything if it were not already in existence. This is indicated by the very fact that ‘need’ has shown up and is expressing. We confidently accept the fact implied in the need that the solution is already coming towards us. If it were not already in momentum, the thought would not even enter into our awareness.

As soon as we observe the need arising, we simply know with great certainty that this is the beacon alerting us that it is being fulfilled. The moment that we realize our unity with the completed condition, it begins to express outwardly. In this, the energy of need become a magnetic tool.

We can apply this principle to all of our grand visions and humanitarian projects requiring money. The moment that we realize the financial support already exists for us, the condition is manifesting. The key is to hold clear vision and not to disrupt the manifestation with any form of doubt.

In invoking prayer, we clasp our hands together, not to ask for something again and again, but to give thanks for its accomplishment. This is the new energy. We are living life through Divine Principle and this can be applied to everything in our reality.

* Abundance through Divine Principle.
* Health through Divine Principle.
* Partnership through Divine Principle.
* Abilities through Divine Principle.
* Knowledge through Divine Principle.
* and so on.

Deep Intimacy is the Requirement

To live through Divine Principle is to know and have intimate relationship with your source of life… your dearest beloved and most trusted friend.

Many people, even those who claim to be spiritually awake, are without this endearment. This is the main reason why we lack anything. To be estranged from our Creator, we are simply not operating from the wholeness of life.

In place of this intimacy, our intelligence is often asserted to understand evolutionary concepts. We can only go so far with the ambiguous mind, and eventually, the door closes and we cannot make the destined leap.

Much deepening is required in the feeling body to really know our one true guardian, referred to by many as the ‘I AM Presence’. This is the flame of life that is individualized within each of us as the nucleus of our entire being. It is this that we have been seeking to return for millennia of lifetimes, the great God Self, which never misuses life’s energy.

When we know and experience ourselves as one with this eternal identity, all doubt vanishes and we live in sacred rhythm with the universal flow of abundance. Seeming miracles begin to happen including instant manifestation, spontaneous transformation and absolute knowing.

Through constant adoration given to this abiding and imperishable Presence, we come to unquestionably understand the Law of Supply.

The Economy of Giving

We receive back in life what we give to it.

Western culture, in particular, is built upon a “money back guarantee” syndrome. This concerns the value of what is tangibly felt and experienced. There must be perceived equal value in the transactions of giving and receiving. What about what is not being seen from the standpoint of the spiritual influence?

There are few who truly give for the sake of giving. The principle of giving is one of the main governing laws of our emerging new reality. The most significant maxim of this illumined era is: “To those who give all, all is given.”

As we express selfless generosity in service to others, we release the unlimited universal storehouse of supply. If we genuinely love, we cannot help but to give. To give is to expand and thus the Law of Love is fulfilled.

The purity of our greater love gives constantly as its inherent nature, requiring nothing back in return. With no expectation of return, it is impossible to avoid receiving! The energy of giving is returned to us, amplified, through the natural fulfillment of the law.

As we come to live in greater alignment with these governing principles, all sense of lack evaporates for we humbly know that it is through the act of giving that we shall receive.

In Summary

There is an infinite supply of abundance available for all. The experience of lack is an illusion that comes from the pull of matter and the human attachment to the material plane.

To experience wealth at every level, we live first and foremost in the perfect freedom of Divine Immanence.
In knowing the inner Presence as our originating source of supply, we become powerful magnets, drawing to us all that is needed and required to fulfill our life purpose.

Outer appearances no longer delude us. Rushing from point to point is not necessary. We are not creating opportunities; rather, we meet them and simply walk through the opening door in front of us.

As wayshowers of the new race, we exemplify Divine Principle, not motivated by anything external. Our ideas are not forced. Our motives are not driven primarily for financial gain. We are coming from a standpoint of service to humanity with the knowing that all is being taken care of. There is no need to even ask. As need arises, it is already accomplishing.

Through our understanding of principle, all is already present. It is simply a matter of awakening to the awareness of what is. This is the new energy. It is already here; the moment the thought arises.

With an appreciation for the value of money and what it can accomplish as a creative energy, we welcome its presence in our life for the accomplishment of our service role in fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

I AM Avatar Yoga

MP3 Audio Transmission

Activating the Prosperity Code

The supporting avatar yoga transmission delivers a ‘reprogramming’ to assist in cellular re-patterning and improved heart-brain dynamics. Its purpose is to awaken our “limitless” nature in union with the Divine Presence.

This is a deeply moving journey that is working on all levels of the consciousness. You will be guided into a deep parasympathetic state that produces body wide coherence enabling intimate communion with your greater aspect of self.

This timeless transmission can be listened to at any time that you want to powerfully affirm the wellspring of abundance that lovingly supports your life.



Morphogenetic Field Implosion ~ Children Of The Sun

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Beloved Family,

We recently released an introduction about the evolutionary waveforms that are now entering through our physical sun and recoding all forms of life on our planet.

Inherent in these frequencies are overriding wave fronts of color, light and sound that are morphing the fabric of our physical reality.

On a global level, these super-charged pulsations are un-trenching the planetary morphogenetic field of mass consciousness to accommodate the new intellectual blueprint for our evolving species. This means that the entire collective energy of humanity’s mental and emotional body (belief systems) is being forcefully uprooted.
Pressure Cooker Energy

As this separation occurs, abrupt implosions of the long-established habitual systems are occurring. This brings inevitable destabilization, albeit temporarily.

We can attribute this to the severity of recent outplay in the Philippines and all other world stage occurrences including escalating weather patterns, heightened conflicts, nuclear contamination, technological breakdowns and more. This energy is mostly affecting the vulnerable feedback loops of lower vibration.

As installation of the new planetary architecture continues, it is no easy task for the Earth to make this leap into new patterns of frequency due to the overbearing weight from the density of mass consciousness and its many tightly adhered structures of control.

Blockages are constantly being found and released to allow the new connections to be made and secured.

The Great Acceleration

The process of shift has indeed quickened at a mind boggling pace. It is as if we are receiving new instruction sets overnight, being lifted from one morphogenetic field and plunked into another.

To review, morphogenetic fields are the foundational blueprints that store information for how species and any “form” of consciousness will evolve. All conscious creation, from micro to macro, is manifested through these imprinting field templates.

What we have occurring are these extremely powerful, solar waveforms that are unlocking the bolts from the old foundational fields of adherence and now, by force.

Supporting this release is the rising level of awakened consciousness across the world. This has set into momentum a riveting “100th monkey effect” that is quickly establishing a brand new energy system through harmonic resonance alone.

Two morphic fields of consciousness patterning, (the high frequency crystalline and the dense carbon based), are in a sense, clashing. At the point of convergence, there are obstacles, blockages, missing connectors and confusion causing great instability in the denser fields of vibration.

In order for this to process to happen smoothly and with as little planetary upheaval as possible,
these cosmic waveforms require a feedback system of perfect communication so that they can encode
and transfer the information harmoniously.

Can Destructive Earth Change be Prevented?

It felt very strange to observe an outcome of so much violent destruction and loss of life in the Philippines. I asked within if there was anything we can do, as a collective grouping, to prevent this type of violet upheaval.

This is what I was shown…
Mixing ‘new patterns of organization’ with old memory fields can create a chaotic result especially if you are dealing with corrupted scripts that have been cemented into place for eons of time.

The matrix gets confused as to where to read the code and what string of information contains the correct sequence. (We are referring to the point of energetic convergence, where the two morphogenetic fields of resonance meet.)

Until new circuitry and its settings are stable, the code reading has a tendency to default to the template stored in the cumulative memory field.

The recoding process requires a very tenacious force of repetitive energy in order to cut through the muck and establish itself as the new abiding pattern.

This energy coming in is very ‘plutonian’, meaning… forceful, vigilant, relentless and it does not stop until the job gets done. It does not tip toe around the saving of human life.

We Must Build and Amplify the New Morphic Resonance Quickly

This is exactly why we, the Planetary Light Servers, have been so intensely initiated, spending years activating a new crystalline grid of energy transfer.With this grid in place and through our group resonance, we can now more easily take in this new encoded energy, translate it properly and then send it back out so that the entire human race can receive it, gracefully.

As receivers and transmitters in conscious service, we are required to understand this process and the involved codes or else the group effort is useless, literally ‘lost’ in translation. The greater our degree of clarity and focus is, the greater our influence upon the whole.

We are assisting to establish a new morphogenetic field for the Earth and it now demands our greater attention. Just like with systems of electricity, this incoming waveform needs more effectual transformers (bigger focused groups) and pure conduits (consciousness connectors).
Get Ready for More Big Events

During these tumultuous times, we also have to ready ourselves for more historical events on the scale of what just happened in the Philippines, and even greater. Life on the physical plane is still manifesting in terms of the duality factor.

While many of us have made transition to multidimensional perception, that which is truly transcendent is understood by the masses in terms of opposites. Until the new consciousness template is firmly secured, we will continue to see dramatic outplays of light and dark, joy and suffering, the bright beautiful lights followed by the darker schisms.

The brighter we shine the more attention we draw to us, from all factions. It is absolutely imperative that we make our life systems very strong in order to weather the incoming storms. Get out of the field of mass energetic data transference. Shift into a field of influence that is more in your harmonic overtone.

Beloveds, we are the rainbow warriors, the children of the sun and many are depending upon us to be the strong of the strong. It is our role to prepare the people for the great light entering. We especially thrive during times of mayhem and stewarding others through the darkness of night.

Let’s turn the group wheel a thousand more cranks so that we can be more deeply bonded in this next cycle of change.
We send our prayers and blessings to the people of the Philippines, to the relief efforts and all involved people, systems and governments. May God’s Will be done.

With love,

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation