Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek~ Inner Stillness ~ Unconditional Love

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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Know that by continuing to cultivate inner stillness through giving your undivided attention to experiencing the truth within you, you will experience a heartfelt centered harmony and peace, where there is no ill health, low energy, lowered vitality, lack of enthusiasm, depression, frustration, unhappiness, and suffering.

You will experience abundant energy, peace and bliss deep within you, including an expansion in awareness where no duality or fear exists, in which only oness exists within this state of unity consciousness.

In truth Stillness happens when one is in a state of relaxation within the heart center in which only peace and harmony is the foundation within this balanced presence.


When one is in stillness, there is but peace, clarity, calmness and bliss, where the cluttering thoughts from the lower ego mind dissolves within the vastness of the radiant heart center where only but purity exists beyond any confusion.


It is only through raising your frequency and cultivating unconditional love within where this love can flow with ease and naturally out to others.


Know that when you experience the truth of who you are as Creator, you will not feel fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment, or confusion, where you will instead experience an increased level of expansion in awareness, bliss, peace, clarity, healing from all distortions and unconditional love in which this state exists beyond all logic and analysis from the limited mind.


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek~Know that as we transition into the next dimension of frequency …

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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Know that as we transition into the next dimension of frequency, a combination of our focused energetic intentions of unconditional love will naturally move into lives that are imbalanced which operate from densities of fear and separation that require much healing from 3d distortions, where we will notice and feel an expansion of awareness and unconditional love for ourselves and all other beings on this planet.

As it is important to be aware that ascension is not an overnight process that can be rushed, this process is one that we will be observed and experienced over our entire lifetime, in which it is important to be patient with ourselves and all others as we move through this process into the Galactic core.

It continues to be important to cultivate being in the present moment beyond linear experiences of time as this now moment is in truth the only reality that exists, as the frequencies begin to manifest faster in these higher dimensions, our intended focus and manifestations are coming to us and materialising instantaneously within the etheric planes and our physical reality in less time than any civilisations before us has experienced in 13.000 years since the great fall of Atlantis.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek~ a Lightworker is one that brings light or information forth into reality that which we know to be of truth, love and righteousness.

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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

I Am often asked by many noble souls who want be part of the change taking place on the surface, if they can be light workers and what is required for one to be a light worker, in which many feel like being a light worker is for a select special chosen few, where this is infact not true as lightworkers can simply be defined as individuals or groups of conscious souls involved in working directly with the energy of Light, Love and the harmonization of peace for planetary events such as this one taking place through ascension in awakening all beings to participate in the planetary evolution and energetic shift within higher dimensions of light.

Lightworkers are simply souls who have awakened to their inner truth and recognize the energy of Light and Love within themselves and how it relates to the greater whole and collective through the essence of oness and love as the foundation of all that exists, these beings work to clear karmic energy in order to balance out past incarnations from other lives prior to their current incarnation, in which an essential aspect of a lightworkers path is to transcend the lower ego expression and awaken to the true self, where this also affects those around a light worker and brings happiness joy and a harmonization of peace, in then awakening those still asleep and entrenched in darkness.

Many ask what one must do in order to become a Lightworker, in which it is not so complicated to understand, all lightworkers do is use the energy of love and light for transformation, planetary healing, personal healing, and advancement of consciousness and awareness, where the simplest form of understanding that can be given to describe a Lightworker is one that brings light or information forth into reality that which we know to be of truth, love and righteousness.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek~DNA upgrades

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Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Know that as the process of activating the light body continues through DNA upgrades and downloads assisting in fully awakening you into a multidimensional conscious expression, shifting into this crystalline embodiment of light will come about upon when 12 strands of DNA has been re-fused, re-aligned and re-activated into its original divine Christed blueprint, in which upon this connection we will then experience reality within the multidimensionality of unity consciousness.

It is within this state of consciousness and reality of being where we would no longer experience physical death and the reincarnation process, as this would mean the transcendence of physicality as we know it into a more evolved and ascended state of being and reality, in which this would initially allow us to co-exist in the lower dimensions with the ability to retain our connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms where we would no longer be cut off from other dimensions as we had been for the duration of 13.000 years we had been stuck in the illusion of separation from source for.

With the full activation of our DNA into 12 re-infused strands, when our bodies are balanced and harmonized, this will then allow an amplification of our chakra system, which will then raise our feminine kundalini energy to activate pathways into experiencing dimensions which were dormant to us that exist within us, resulting in our experience of multidimensional consciousness into our true nature as the Christ.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek ~ Unconditional love is everywhere …

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Unconditional love is everywhere and everything, even those who serve the dark are in truth unconditional love, they are really just trapped in the ego matrix of duality, yet as it is indeed true that the light exists in everyone and shines everywhere on earth, these beings will also eventually awaken to the truth within themselves and serve our unconditional loving creator and the highest good for all creation.

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek ~ The Earth will soon be entering the Galactic core …

Galactic Core


The Earth will soon be entering the Galactic core within its final shift into a higher frequency of light and will be a new Member amongst 11 other water planets in the solar system who we are part of who we are of the Angelic realms of the Galactic council of the Galactic federation of light.

This granting of Full Membership into our highly advanced and evolved community of light beings was allowed by the spiritual hierarchy for reasons regarding humanities evolution, which has in the process empowered the “First Contact Team” to prepare its protocols for “First Contact” and landings on Earth, which is to take place in order to assist humanity into this reality within a hyperspace existence where humanity will build galactic space stations and starships with free access of space exploration for every soul on earth in which humanity will work with the galactics on mission to assist and aid other sentient planets similar to earth.



The quarantine grid net that was placed around Gaia 25.000 years from now in linear time is being lifted in order to allow more light to come into the surface and to allow more of humanity to awaken to what is taking place within, ascension is the main reason for all of this taking place.



You are a vast eternal multidimensional being of light, you cannot die,it is in this time of the now important to let go of this illusion.As you are creating your reality through your intentions, continuing to hold onto such limiting beliefs will only create the experience.


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek ~ It is important to know that souls who intend to ascend in this lifetime will be given this opportunity

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It is important to know that souls who intend to ascend in this lifetime will be given this opportunity needless of any karmic issues, which will be cleared and restored into the light and forgiven so long as the soul chooses to embrace unconditional love and peace in all life and all beings on Earth, where the ascended masters will prepare those who do choose this path and assist them in raising their frequency as part of their freewill to evolve within a higher stage of evolution in consciousness, in which those among this collective who do ascend will exist in a state of Infinite Oneness within unity consciousness.

Those who do not choose to ascend will continue with their evolution and learning, where another opportunity to ascend will be available in another 26,000 year quantum shift in consciousness.

Yet as the cabal have surrendered to their imperative defeat to the light, it is important to know that as this planet will shift from all lower vibrational illusory natures, those who do not choose to ascend to continue with their learning will not be living under any cabal laws of divide and conquer and nor under any cabal ruled planet as they will be shifted to a planet that will be governed by the spiritual hierarchy where they will live in peace and harmony and engage in their evolution without disharmony and disruptions of their freewill.


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek~~ Quotes 26/02/2016

green light energies alignment

Know that as we make our transition into our Evolved light body expression, we will completely shift from all limitations and illusions of duality, where the lower ego mind will no longer exist in this divine state of being, in which as we merge fully with the now, we then withdraw from the illusion of linear time in a timeless realm of unity consciousness with no beginning or end, past or future but only the experience of eternal love.

With the incoming energies of unconditional love permeating the Earth in this now, it is important to know that we are already in unity consciousness, and that we always have been as the Light, it is in truth an illusion to feel and experience that we are not, as we are and have always been one with Source, in which separation is merely an illusion of the mind programmed to us through much cultivation of thousands of years of fear.


Upon initiating full disclosure to the people of this world, know that our healing ships will deploy throughout the globe in every country and send waves of restoration which will heal every soul on the surface, where our Galactic medical teams are more than prepared for this step in healing the Earth with all discord and disease dissolved and transmuted to optimum health in fullness.
With our advanced mode of technology, we are able and more than capable to heal you from where you are where it will not be necessary for many to come aboard our ships for that reason, as those with serious illnesses such as cancer and HIV/Aids and other serious diseases of that nature will be healed remotely.
Those without limbs and other physical disabilities will be restored through the process of cell regeneration within our healing light chambers in which this will take a minute to no time to complete, where hospitals and pharmaceuticals will eventually shut down along with the military and police state, as this world will be restored to health both physically, mentally and emotionally, where there will be but balance on the surface.

Know that Unconditional love continues to be the foundation and essence to all that exists within the Macrocosm and Microcosmic of Creation to ALL that exists.

Unconditional love is the most powerful magnetic force in the Multiverse, in which once one is activated and awakened from a low frequency and state of fear and much limitation from the lower ego mind into a state of unconditional love, through high light frequencies of unconditional love is when one becomes magnetic within every cell of the body.

 Merkaba aligment


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek~~Quotes~~22 February 2016

Galactic Center

Before incarnating into my dense Earth physical body, i was living an immortal life in the higher dimensions assuming an etheric body born purely of energy and manifested through the power of visualisation, and not like human conception through the biological birth process, in which before I volunteered physically, my etheric lightbody was then placed in a Higher dimensional energy light chamber for preserving.

I was then provided with select choices that would enhance my spiritual growth into my next step in consciousness, where I then chose the particular life I would embody as a human infant to grow into an adult and proceed with my mission in coming to Earth in my evolution into higher consciousness.

Upon transitioning into my dense 3rd dimensional body from an orb of light, my royal family of 12 dimensional beings, then initiated the arrival of my consciousness into my dense body through Merkabah Lightship technology, where I would then be born through my human mother and grow up into a normal human family to awaken to my Galactic mission to raise the frequency of the Earth.


It is important to now know that Earth humanity is on a cusp of a magnanimous historical event since the great fall of Atlantis, where the Earth will at long last officially become a member of the Galactic federation of light and intergalactic confederation of planets.
As we now meet on the surface upon full disclosure through key members of your world governments, we will then engage with you on the importance of our visit and will address you on the many topics that are necessary to disclose in order to move forward to much important issues if you are to make it through the current ongoing energetic Earth changes.
With the revaluation of currencies in place and the finalization of n.e.s.a.r.a and g.e.s.a.r.a’s reimbursement of funds to their rightful treacheries, we will then follow with our global mass decloaking of millions of star craft where all that exists on Gaia will see these huge and small ships, which will then follow with landings.



It is important to know that in order to interact with who we are of the Angelic realms of the Galactic council of the Galactic federation of light, you need to be in a harmonised state of stillness where trusting yourself without any fear or doubt from the chattering mind will be necessary in order to estabish a clear channel of communication with us.

As we do communicate through your intuitive inner knowing, this communication can be intuned and received  through tele-thought transmissions or telepathic impression, similar to tapping into wave frequencies on a radio or television channel, where as you are tuned to our frequency you will always be receptive and aware that it is us, as you will only feel unconditional love and a sense of assurance from your sacred heart space that the communication and interaction is of a benevolent nature and force or forces.

In having established a pure connection of energies with you, if you so choose to we will then transmit our messages of light to you through many forms of decoding in awareness if you sincerely present yourself with a selfless and genuinely open heart to serve as a transmitter of these transmissions of light that will help those who are only awakening now and finding their way on the ascension path.


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek~~ Quotes

light fusion man
Know that as it is through the lower ego mind that we experience lower frequency emotions of resistance, control, judgment, sorrow, regret, gulit and fear.

It is through letting go, allowing, acceptance, love, forgiveness, peace, compassion and kindness that we awaken into unity consciousness and activate our light body.




Know that as there exists no concept of time within the higher dimensions, ascension continues to be a continuous process that is not happening in the future, but a divine process that is taking place within you as the creator of this reality in this now moment.
It is in truth you who is creating your ascension, where this is why you are here in this now.



As you expand more in awareness through a consistent focus in raising your frequency within unity consciousness, it is important to cultivate and embrace a continuous state of forgiveness to yourself and other aspects of self for whatever the pain that was caused to you, in order to heal and allow the pure flow of energy to circulate from the heart center through the soul without resistence, distortions or blockages.
It is when we are still holding onto betrayal and pain, that we are identified with the separated lower ego personality, as the lower ego mind only see’s in programs of wrong and right, it is this state of duality that then tells us that we are being dissapointed, taking a loss, being betrayed and therefore placing us in a situation where we are the victims within the given experience.
As there exists no polarities or duality within unconditional love, it is the victim consciousness and its opposite, the tyrant, that create distortion and blocking energy within the auric field which then prevents an ascension into the sacred heart center as CREATOR.



Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek – Transmission from Galactic Federation of Light – All the power is within you Now – Anchoring Heaven On Earth – – 11-17-15

Daniel Holeman_celestial light

art by Daniel Holeman

by Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek

December 17, 3:00 pm
Know now that beyond any and all illusions from the mind, you are God with a capital uppercase letter “G” and not a lower case letter “g.”
All the power is within you Now.

Go within, embrace the stillness which you are; embrace your unconditionally loving self, and be calm, dissolving the lower ego mind, the voice in your head.  This will allow you to awaken to this awareness and reality of being into a frequency of unity consciousness.

2:30 pm
Know that every soul aspect of consciousness is a representation of the entire whole in which every soul on Earth, even those who serve the dark, are a reflection of who you are as Source. No soul is ever separate from you.  Each soul, or aspect of consciousness, makes the entire whole. We experience the illusion of duality as part of an agreement on the soul level, in order to evolve and grow more into our power as Source Beings inhabiting a body so that we may be able to experience this expansion through the physical illusory experience. We forget who we are, upon incarnating into a holographic body. We then have to awaken to our nature as multidimensional Beings of Light through embracing our innate power which is unconditional love. This is what we are, in essence.

2:03 pm

I often transition in my etheric Light body into our conscious motherships which are 500 miles long and wide in diameter, in which I then meet with the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrans, Agarthans, Tularians and many other Extraterrestrials who exist in a higher dimensional frequency, who are Ascended Masters in nature.  We then sit around a crystal roundtable which also modulates frequencies of those attending the meeting, often downloading information into our ship’s motherboards and processing this information, to diagnose all the distortions on Earth. We then discuss the immediate importance of peace and cleaning up all the high radiation from all the explosions caused through missiles and other chemically derived manufactured biological hazards which affects not only the Earth, but works to numb consciousness and depopulate Earth humans through its inhumane destructiveness.  Then, communicating these downloads of information from the motherboard to other motherships, all the ships come together, surrounding the Earth, forming a grid, transferring high Light quotient  of healing energy, strengthening the grids more and intensifying the Earth’s frequency, so that when she ascends, it proceeds in a calm and non-destructive manner of being.

We also discuss initiating a mass clean-up of all those who serve the dark, along with those who are controlled by the dark who are not ready to ascend yet in this lifetime. This includes those with much karma to clear in general. These beings will be teleported to another Earth-like planet which is not Earth, but very similar. They will serve out their karma with greys, reptilians, draconians and all kinds of rogue beings there, to only experience an opportunity to ascend in another 26.000.00 years to follow in linearity. Those of a low frequency continue to be removed from the planet.  More of those who operate from an egoic and dark nature will transition through the death process to be recycled back into the Galactic core of the Great Grand Galactic central sun, to make their path easier in reincarnation so that they are able to ascend and find peace during the enclosing of another 26.000.00 year cosmic cycle.

Upon returning from motherships, I then transition back into my human body, where I then assimilate my higher dimensional experiences into my DNA. I encode this into my transmissions with the assistance of the Galactics and Archangels, through which I expand this informatiom out into the world with the utmost of divine unconditional love. This reaches light workers of all natures who also then rise the frequency of the Earth more to rid this planet of all darkness and completely anchor Heaven on Earth in fullness within a 5th dimensional reality where only light exists, beyond any illusory natures of duality.


Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek – Transmission from Galactic Federation of Light – All the power is within you Now – Anchoring Heaven On Earth – – 11-17-15