Unconditional Self Love remains the foundation of realizing the most pleasurable companionships throughout your experience. ~ Le’Vell Zimmerman


Unconditional Self Love remains the foundation of realizing the most pleasurable companionships throughout your experience.

Know that the cultivation of this level of self love is an aspect of your grounding work for Ascension, where your focus as a Leader expanding in spiritual maturity is within on the nature of your energetic presence.

In other words, as you heal more beyond entertaining the Ego Minds lower frequency projections such as judgement, anger, hatred, doubt, worry, fear, suspicion, loneliness, sadness, victimhood, and other separation based projections, you will radiant a more loving presence which is ever more attractive amongst reflections of self in being a natural aspect of your true self.

No, you are not here for the purpose of establishing a sacred relationship with another, where it is an error in consciousness to feel that your existence depends on the presence of another, however loving connections of a harmonious nature are conducive to a loving sense of presence and are celebrated here amongst the Heavenly Realms.

Le’Vell Zimmerman

As aspect of your grounding work is about releasing the desire and/or need to adopt an identity for the purposes of self realization.

art by Luke Brown


As aspect of your grounding work is about releasing the desire and/or need to adopt an identity for the purposes of self realization.

It is the Ego mind that is quick to awaken and say, “Oh yea, I’m Quan Yin… I’m an Ascended Master. I had a vision about this. I show mercy to everybody and now I have to find my twin flame…”, in sensing how the list of projections and sacred titles goes on endlessly.

Yes, there are encoded aspects of your presence throughout your experience, however your evolution is not about having a new name to associate yourself with, where this in truth only caters to the programming of separation more when your primary work is in letting go and accepting who you are at your core.

Once again, only through truly coming to a deeper realization of who you are as God(everything) will you manifest the true embodiment of more expanded aspects of self beyond the Earthly plane of existence naturally where there is nothing that you are not.

Le’Vell Zimmerman


Being grateful is not possible when you still feel that you “need” something.

Gratitude is based on a frequency of abundant satisfaction in light of the blessing of life, where “need” is an expression of lack, limitation, and dissatisfaction.

Here is where you sense the contradiction in such a way of being.

Le’Vell Zimmerman

Self mastery is in ceasing to “seek” what is already within ~ Le’Vell Zimmerman


Connecting with the divine heart space more is a constant practice with those focusing on grounding themselves beyond the Ego mind identity.

The more grounded you are, the less questions you entertain in recognizing the nature of this mental activity.

Spiritual maturity comes with a sense of confidence and trust in your creation, where your intentions and expansion in awareness are natural with being completely present and satisfied in this now moment, beyond the efforts of “trying” to evolve and “seek knowledge”.

Self mastery is in ceasing to “seek” what is already within.



Le’Vell Zimmerman

… cultivating a more open heart throughout this hologram ~ Le’Vell Zimmerman


As you continue to expand your energy field through cultivating a more open heart throughout this hologram your sensitivity to life itself is increasing.

This increase of awareness is allowing you to consciously connect with aspects of creation that Earth humanity has been “numb” to consciously for many thousands of year on such a level.

Not only are you communicating more fluidly with those of the Animal Realms, but also many sentient collectives telepathically throughout the Plant and Elemental Kingdoms, all having much to share with you as the Guardians of all life on this Planet.

There is much to realize along with a whole plethora of other divine responsibilities you are being gifted with along with your expansion, where it is truly counterproductive to remain focused on “collecting information” or “knowledge” with the Ego Mind.

Let go and be open.

Allow the silence to fill you.



Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ Ascension is not about being vegan, how long or how much you meditate

3ed Eye

Le’Vell Zimmerman

It is necessary to recognize how many souls who have access to these transmissions are privileged not only by having access to this divine assistance though this particular platform of divine guidance, but also in having access to the electronic devices to view this information, and a whole plethora of other blessing that often go overlooked by the mind identity that choices to complain about the miracle of life that is this now moment.

As you continue to ground yourself in more balance and acceptance of this now your sensitivity level and awareness expands into embracing more and more of your own glory, where your love is recognized in every aspect of creation beyond the Ego’s judgements of right/wrong, or good/bad.

The divine gift of being alive is embraced through your continued expression of gratitude, where we recognize how many newly awakened souls with various opinions and conveniences throughout their living environment remain focused on superficial judgements in reference to being awakened that are only reflective of one’s own sense of immaturity and dissatisfaction which is addressed through focusing more within and not on what the mind feels others are doing “wrong”.

Ascension is not about being vegan, how long or how much you meditate, your associated with aspects of the Spiritual Hierarchy, comparison/competition, drinking out of glass bottles, or any other superficial aspect of the illusion, where in truth there are many highly evolved Ascended Masters incarnate amongst humanity at present who are much more advanced that most of humanity and don’t have access to fresh fruits, clean drinking water, or expensive food products, however continue to cultivate a balanced sense of gratitude for every breath and are elevating beyond all fearful distortions here on this journey.

Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ … the illusion of linear time in feeling you are “waiting for something to happen”

Colors of Silence


Le’Vell Zimmerman

The light that you experience throughout this holographic illusion remains that of your own creation as Source, where it is your internal cultivation of these frequencies that allows you to realize even more heavenly essences throughout your journey.

In other words, you continue to always experience your own energetic frequency of being, where “how you feel” has a most powerful influence on the conditions of the path that you have created for yourself in expanding amongst more of your own glory.

Here is where you can sense the true magnitude and importance of the internal grounding work that is the main focus here, which continues to be about embracing the creativity that is raising your frequency of being while releasing the mind identity reflective amongst the mind activity that is the voice in your head.

Continuing to ground yourself is of the utmost importance in maintaining a balanced sense of complete presence beyond all of the outer dramas of this transition, as well as the illusion of linear time in feeling you are “waiting for something to happen”, where this is to remain stuck in a space of stagnation.



Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ The practice of cultivating more of an inward focus …

Sam Farrand_3ed Eye Connection

art by Sam Farrand

Le’Vell Zimmerman

The practice of cultivating more of an inward focus is essentially about embracing the divine truth of peace within your core which is always presence in providing you with a space of stability beyond all of the outside changes happening constantly throughout the physical illusion.

If you take this now moment to close your eyes and consciously intend to connect with your own heart space through visualization, this calm sensation is realized throughout your presence, where this is the neutral frequency that is the balance of unconditional love and acceptance that is necessary to remain open to your creations beyond the Ego minds complains, opinions, and judgements.

It has been expressed that the spiritual maturity that is within the nature of our presence here amongst the Heavenly Realms remains beyond “a way of thinking”, or the activity of thinking as a whole, where this is more about “a way of being” that has its foundation in the frequency of an incarnates presence beyond words.

Even when it comes to connecting with these Lightcoded transmissions, those more advanced are not so focused on analytically scanning the context being expressed here, but sensing the essence of these downloads in allowing the intuition to recognize such an awareness within.


As Source you are the omnipotence of infinite intelligence which is responsible for the endlessness of creation itself, where beyond the illusions of time and space this creative expansion is eternal.

Even in this now moment here throughout the Heavens countless planets are being formulated by who we are of the Galactic Federation of Light in alignment with the Spiritual Hierarchies, in seeing paths of evolution for newly created species in expressing the vibrancy of Prime Creator.

Know that you are the source of this same energy which remains boundless in nature and is connected with the more you are elevating your frequency of being through your focus on Ascension as an expansion of your own energy field into hyperspace and beyond.

Clearly it is the voice of the Ego mind that will continue to say, “I can’t do this anymore…I’m tired! Can the ships land already..?”, where it is necessary to ground yourself in recognizing how your love is endless in supply just as the path of Ascension is continuous in there always being more room for expansion beyond this voice which feels that the linear experience is real.


Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ No matter where you are on your path in this now moment …

Sam Farrand_Crystaline Horizon

art by Sam Farrand

Le’Vell Zimmerman

No matter where you are on your path in this now moment it is only necessary to realize that this is exactly where you need to be to elevate more in healing beyond the doubt, worry, and fear that attempts to convince you that you are, “doing something wrong”, or need to be somewhere that you are not, in clearly being the voice of the Dark attempting to stop you from remaining uplifted and confident about your presence.

This sense of doubt caters to the chaos and confusion that only leads to more stagnation within your presence, where the fear of making a mistake causes one not to make any decisions, which is truly the same as choosing to fail in remaining within the lower frequencies of doubt in listening to the voice in your head.

In truth the nature of a more evolved lifestyle often includes a still sense of being that is clear of all mental activity, as well as the constant “need to be doing something physically”, where this calm and graceful state of presence is much more productive that working hard within a stressful state of anxiety in feeling a sense of urgency based in fear of your desired outcome not coming to fruition.

Know that everything that is necessary for you to unfold all the blessings and divine miracle you have created for yourself is being presented in this now moment, where as you can sense your energetic state of being is most important alongside being fully engaged with all that is in being open to all the opportunities that unfold as you open your heart to these upgrades.


Le’Vell Zimmerman~Operating within the balanced presence of the heart space as Source is beyond the limitations of “perception”…

Sam Farrand_Seat of the Soul

art by Sam Farrand

Le’Vell Zimmerman

It is through your ability to allow, accept, and trust in this now moment that you embrace and cultivate your own divine strength, where the clarity of remaining calm allows you to realize the orchestrations of infinite intelligence that is beyond your conscious awareness.

No matter how daunting a situation or circumstance may seem to the limited perspective or perception of the Ego mind, the heart knows that all is in place and unfolding for the greatest spiritual benefit of all in alignment with the manifestation of your deepest desires and intention.

Know that it is fear at the root of the minds attempts to analyze and adjust your reality in this now moment to better fit the assumed trajectory of what is unfolding before you in this being where even more distortions and delays are created through the attempts to force what you want to happen.

Operating within the balanced presence of the heart space as Source is beyond the limitations of “perception”, where this mental activity remains a filter to the perfection that supersedes “how you see things” which is how most humans feel their is such thing as “your truth” and “my truth”, when in truth there is only “the truth” (of divine order reflective through eternal peace) beyond all mental filters.

Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ … beyond the Ego mind identity

Tatiana Plakhova_black woman

art by Tatiana Plakhova

Through detaching more from the separated natures of the Mind identity you are able to elevate beyond participating in the many outer dramas being promoted by the Dark involving racism, victimization, discrimination and other forms of chaos which are for the purpose of dividing humanity even more as a distraction amongst what is truly taking place here on your surface.

It is through grounding yourself beyond the Ego mind identity that you realize that you are “God” and not your physical body or any other superficial aspect of the physical, emotional, or intellectual differences that are expressed amongst the vastness of creation, where as the Creator all is your own creation beyond the illusion of separation.

Know that those souls being emotionally manipulated into participating in the quarrels, debates, and outer dramas of violence and social injustices involving souls of different ethnicities are being emotionally manipulated into lower frequencies that are self destructive in nature as an aspect of keeping as much of humanity as possible stuck within the illusion of enslavement, where those of the Dark are orchestrating these actions in recognizing the generations of energetic blockages and social resentment that they’ve implement amongst this species throughout the entirety of your recent linear experience.

Truly awakened souls know to remain detached from participating in such chaos as the Dark wants you to “get angry”, “choose sides”, and/or embrace one aspect of creation over another, in sensing the separated nature of these mind games, in it being necessary to recognize that amongst the divine essence that is this holographic experience there are no “enemies” or victims, where those souls not able to heal themselves beyond such distortions will remain within reincarnation cycles exiting this planet in a short time only to be born on other worlds within the same state until they are able to evolve beyond such illusions within the truth of unity amongst all life.


It is necessary to continue to realize that you are exactly where you designed yourself to be energetically in this now moment, where this perfection is also a natural aspect of your entire existence in sensing the counterproductive nature of the Ego minds activity in feeling there is something you don’t have that you truly need, which is never really the case.

As you ground yourself more into a space of peace you can sense how this mental activity remains based in fear and truly represents the Darks mind control programming attempting to stimulate low frequency emotions amongst your presence as you shine brighter in elevating your frequency.

This mental voice of analysis will continue to affect souls not embracing the practices of grounding themselves on a daily basis, where this is a choice amongst those truly working hard in remaining on this Ascension path beyond all the doubts, worries, and fear based questions that look for validation outside through asking others, “Hey, am I Ascending?” or “Who decides if we get to Ascend?, where this is clearly an individual choice which includes an intuitive stream of proactive participation through you as a physical manifestation of the Creator.

Know that there is nothing that you don’t know that you need to know consciously, where the same principle of perfection applies to the resources you have access to in this now moment, in sensing how entertaining the voice in your head is the root of all stagnation and confusion at present in sensing how those still allowing themselves to be manipulated by this voice are still asking those around them, “What should I do? I don’t know where to start… I should mediate right?”, when such a reality is much more integrated than having to be told what to do.

Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ Opening Your Heart Space

tatiana plakhova_black man

art by Tatiana Plakhova

Le’Vell Zimmerman

With opening your heart space more as you embrace the evolved practices that come with recognizing more Unity Consciousness in being One with all there is, you are sensing your connection with the fabric of existence itself, where a loving nature is an expression of your divine strength to shine the light of truth beyond the darkness of the illusion.

This sense of openness is practiced as an integrated aspect of this healing process as you genuinely greet people that the Ego mind labels as “strangers” or those that you have not met consciously before in this incarnation, however the heart knows to be Family you have designed to enter your energy field as an encounter in the perfection of this now moment on your journey for purposes beyond logical comprehension, where with this activity you are healing from the programs of fear you have accepted throughout your experience here in duality.

We observe many of you still focusing much energy on searching for deception in sources outside of yourself, being suspicious, attempting to embrace more barriers of protection, projecting judgements, and others expressions of chaos all based in fear, where your healing is in trusting yourself more in being the source of all that is.

Know that an aspect of a fully conscious presence is in being fearless, open and unconditionally loving to all reflections beyond the mental filters of “discernment” and other mental faculties that assume who you are as God has something to “beware of” or “watch out for”, when it is these focuses that cater to the creation of harmful experiences in you always experiencing your own energy.




The temporary experience of separation humanity has embraced as the truth of existence for the last 13-15 millennia here on Planet Earth has been one of countless distortions and various limiting programs that many souls still embrace today, where the awakening process is about dissolving these limitations through healing one’s self internally.

This internal healing is in recognizing the true self within the heart space, where the Ego mind identity is the source of all the limiting programming that cater to the distorted experiences one continues to create here in the physical, where grounding is the practice of releasing the mind and its filters consciously as a soul uplifts themselves out of the cycles of reincarnation in more peace as the truth.

Know that as you come to heal yourself even more beyond the illusion of separation, you recognize the divine truth of all aspects of self to be reflections of self having their source within you as God, where this fabric remains an expression of your Love in all being One Family, beyond the many labels humanity has created in ignorance of the eternal truth.

Here amongst the Heavenly Realms there are no strangers, acquaintances, associates, enemies, or friends, where these labels remain within the illusion of Duality, not to say that being “friendly or kind” is a distorted way of being, however the title is based on the assumption that all are not family because all are incarnated through various physical vehicles not linked in the physical/biological levels of illusion, when all manifest into the physical directly from the divine source that is Prime Creator in there being no separation what so ever.




The divine nature of this transition happening here on the surface of Planet Earth at present has nothing to do with any of your “Earthly Religions”, where this experience remains beyond the confusion of “belief systems”, and applies to, as well as effects every living soul on the surface of this Planet in there being no doubts throughout this guidance.

Most of humanity are somewhat “numb” to mental concepts and religious fanaticism that refer to events on a massive scale that involve the entirety of this species, where your World Leaders beyond Governmental structures harness the nature of such a reality as tools to cultivate more fear amongst humanity through your Mainstream Media outlets, Entertainment Industries, and Religious Leaders enforcing more control over this species.

Over the last 2 decade humanity has been very fascinated and confused by an array of propaganda about “The End of the World”, “Doom’s Day”, “Judgement Day”, “Independence Day”, “The Mayan Calendar”, “UFO Disclosure”, an Economic Collapse, “World War 3”, “A Magnetic Pole Shift”, “Chemo Trails (Geo Engineering) “, “Extreme Weather Patterns”, “Solar Flares”, and an array of other projections that remain short of the divine truth of what all souls can sense on a very deep level taking place here on Earth, where beyond all this confusion is a gentle present within the Heart space that is completely aware of Ascension.

Know that there is nothing to “sell” or convince you of here in all that is expressed being imminent for all as the energies from the Central Galactic Sun continue to develop here on Earth revealing the truth of this transition, where this guidance is only for those souls sensitive enough to realize the nature of such an opportunity to make this leap in evolution which remains a free will choice in returning to the Heavenly Realms.

Le’Vell Zimmerman~~It is your own personal decision to remain subjected to the prerequisites and limitations promoted for generations here on the Hell plains.


Affirming that “You need money for this…”, and “You need money for that”, or “I live in this kind of system where you can’t survive without money…” is a fear based program of dependency, limitation, greed at the root of one’s enslavement most of humanity operates with from the Cabal, where it is your focus on these limitations that maintain an extreme sense of lack within a souls reality.

There is no such thing as “Poor people”, when all are “God” creating their present experiences and circumstances that are necessary for their own self realization and greatest spiritual benefit.

Yes, money is a superficial expression of your love, however feeling you “need it” is to be dependent on the illusion, when your Love is the foundation of life itself.

It is your own personal decision to remain subjected to the prerequisites and limitations promoted for generations here on the Hell plains.

As you focus on cultivating the core of your loving essence in divine gratitude and continuous service, the natural state of your own abundance will continue to take care of all that you require on your path, to include the small faction of your experience that is monetary in nature.

Know that who we are of your Royal Family here in the Heavens maintain a level of supreme wealth and abundance as no human on your planet has ever experience, all having its foundation amongst the frequency of Unconditionally Loving service.


You are all that there is throughout the ever expanding Multiverse within the eternity of this now moment …



You are all that there is throughout the ever expanding Multiverse within the eternity of this now moment, where the physical vehicle you are presently conscious of is but an expression you are embracing for this aspect of your expansion and uplift-meant in evolving back to source.

The vastness of diversity within the realms of relativity here on the physical plain are celebrated throughout the Heavens as expressions of the glorious creativity in which all aspects of creation has its source within the One Heart Space we all share as the Creator incarnate.

Within the lower plains of existence such as what humanity is presently familiar with in being newly awakened, incarnate souls express the ignorance of fear, anger, judgement, resentment, victimization, superiority, and entitlement amongst all reflections in an attempt to pacify internal distortions, and establish an awareness of one’s own divinity, which always come up short of the truth in the mind never being able see beyond the extremely limiting illusion of separation.

Once again, it is necessary to realize that you are everything, every being, every Planet, every Galaxy, every Logos, every Universe, and at the same time nothing at all in being the visible/invisible fabric of creation known as Infinity and/or “Love” within this Universe, where with your elevation in maturity you are able to embrace more and more responsibility for all aspects in truly being reflections of self, all serving the Divine Plan through various roles, all of equal importance under the Law of One.

It is helpful to realize that all the many divine functions that are integrated within your mission and soul purpose here in this dimension remain beyond analysis …

Cosmic resonance


Le’Vell Zimmerman

It is helpful to realize that all the many divine functions that are integrated within your mission and soul purpose here in this dimension remain beyond analysis, where mental activity of this nature is counterproductive to what you have a burning desire to do here in being of service to life here on Earth and beyond.

We still notice many souls on this Ascension path embracing many aspects of the physical work such as going to sacred locations for meditations, working with crystals, connecting with other being in healing practices, and being creative, however are still entertaining much mental activity in feeling disappointed, guilty, resentful, and judgmental of themselves and others in reference to many aspects of this process.

Such a distorted way of being is reflective in saying, “Man I hope I complete my mission today… I have lots of stuff to clear…”, “I’ve been trying to activate these 2 Chakra’s for a long time, but just can’t seem to get it…”, or “These dark entities have been with me for a long time… I’m going to get my friend to bless them for me so I can move forward…”, where all of this dialogue is reflective of the Ego minds attempts to analyze the nature of one’s spiritual presence which is clearly distorted in nature in remaining limited to logical approaches and always from a place of separation, as well as dependency.

Know that these ways of being are all clear indications that one requires more grounding work within, in realizing there is nothing out of place on your path, your energy field is constantly being developed and cultivated naturally within the etheric realms in this not being the Ego minds business, and all that may seem to be outside of you within the frequencies of distortion(dark entities) are energies you are dissolving as you ground yourself more beyond the mind, where your service to this dimension is more effective in peace beyond the constant thought patterns, even if these thought patterns are in reference to your own energetic “progress”, in all being based on limited analysis.

… natural order beyond the Ego minds input on what “needs” to happen

zen flash


Know that intending to see another soul suffer, harmed, and/or experience some form of reconciliation for distortions they have expressed is a self destructive behavior which is healed through embracing more self love in realizing all to be reflections of self beyond the superficial nature of the illusion, where many still requiring high levels of self healing anticipate seeing those they judge punished for their actions, when this is never a helpful focus or intent.

It is important to recognize that all souls are here amongst this holographic design expressing that which is necessary for the greatest benefit of the all having its foundation within you as God, which of course remains beyond the comprehension of any form of outside mental analysis.

Truly grasping such a reality is in seeing that “all” that the Ego mind labels as Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Positive/Negative, or even Fair/Unfair remains based on the limited capacity of logical comprehension as the mind is never aware of the full picture.

Your intuitive participation within this experience in being your own creation is nature, however as you mature you are able to embrace being more of an “observer” in allowing your glory to expand more without feeling you need to “fix” things, “set others straight”, or fight for what’s right, when it is your own internal healing that is allowing all to return to its natural order beyond the Ego minds input on what “needs” to happen.


Le’Vell Zimmerman