Enhanced Molecular Structuring of Our Silicon Crystalline DNA: Advanced Rapid DNA Conversions with the Integration of NEW SOULar Light Codes


We’ve entered Advanced Rapid Crystalline DNA Upgrades for enhancing our Silicon Crystalline LightBodies through the activation of all new codes and sequences, which move us into a whole new phase of “breakdown & restructuring” on a molecular/cellular level of all physical matter (the body and the external physical reality too).

These advanced geometrics are a part of a continual CONVERSION PROCESS that increases substantially as we continue Earth’s Ascension and re-configuration from an unconscious planet/ship to a fully conscious one (again). The Evolution of our species moves us all back to our galactic and soul origins now. Heaven & “other galaxies” converge on our physical plane (as hell plays out for all still holding these programs within). Transitions to “the other side/beyond” expedite both for the physical & non-physical too. Some bring their body to NEW Earth (an evolutionary process where the LightBody activates), while other Souls complete their missions and exit the physical body form, to assist humans remaining on earth with returning to full unity-love from within.

Our new plasma silicon crystalline cellular structures are so far advanced beyond anything we as humans can/could comprehend. Until it actually occurs “to each person”, it’s not even a REALity here. Well, it IS occurring to (for) each, and it has been, and it’s amped up in frequency, higher re-configuration than we’ve ever had access to/experienced before. This shall continue to be the case…. increased amplification of everything (distortions and pure).

The message on 7/7/17: Each’s DNA is evolving rapidly and our bodies are changing. It’s important not to apply old beliefs to this or you’ll be trying to fix something that is not broken and is working “for you” to purify/cleanse/evolve and vibrate onto a higher plane of existence (dimension) that your old body can’t accomplish. It’s got to re-structure too and release the density of old programming held. This is an immense process that will not fit into the old boxes. It’s important for each to understand the correlation of the physical body and the physical reality as each’s SOUL emerges/integrates from within. Every day since, new enhanced DNA/Genetic re-structuring codes have been activated for all, increased detoxing processes, immune system upgrades and re-configuring how the body functions and processes in these higher frequency bandwidths too. ♥
Our old carbon-based molecular structures were fixed. They held fixed realities in place. These linear years of Earth/People/Everything moving into full consciousness has changed this, therefore changing the molecular structure of DNA/the cellular body/molecular structure of all physical matter too. The increasing influxes of SOULar/Galactic/Cosmic Codes continually change everything, on an atomic level from carbon-based (fixed) to silicon crystalline (self-adaptive, constantly breaking down and reshaping DNA), which changes the molecular structure of all physical matter constantly now. The determinant? Continual new light codes and the intentional application/integration process that increases substantially all day/every day now….. For the unconscious, they will experience these with unconscious, old beliefs, until they have access to this information and are ready to fully embrace it too.
As this advanced higher dimensional frequency, light-encoded intelligence streams/floods in/through everything, it goes straight for the structure of physical matter now. This light re-codes everything, according to each’s chosen (and important) Soul Purposes and Galactic Missions, which play out in each’s human roles here. It super-charges, excited, ignites the cellar body/organism to activate dormant codes held deep within. In every part of your body, your car, your home, the trees, your children, parents, pets, Earth Gaia and the atmosphere too. This re-coding has processes that it follows to re-structure and re-align every physical reality now.
The more carbon-based the physical body/form is, the more intense the process is. The process follows a chain-of-events that speed ups and slows down constantly, yet the denser the physical matter form is, the more the “breakdown” process is physical too. Each cell, each molecule, each atom is broken down, to release the old codes/programming held. This is part of a deconstruction phase, where realities are deconstructed and re-constructed according to all new encodements, that transform/reconfigure each’s DNA. This includes the previously believed in-animate matter all around you, as it comes to life too.  Each cosmic/galactic/Solar frequency transmits a bazillion different codes. Each code “speaks” a language that we call “light language” here. This Light Language can take many forms as well. Not just what the human aspect thinks. Everything transmitted as LOVE, the PUREST FORM of PURE SOURCE LIGHT speaks this language here. This activates the cellular body of everything to re-code faster, if you will. This activation is of your own SOUL, you as a Galactic, a Star BEing, a Sacred/Holy BEing, and a higher dimensional BEing taking new physical form here.  ​
This advanced CONVERSION PROCESS is intricate and far beyond what the human mind can understand. It takes place on a cellular/molecular level, and as each gains access/re-connects with their own cellular body to participate in this process intentionally, the more it will make sense, because this is a full-body/full reality multi-dimensional experience here.

Ultra-High Cosmic Frequency Rays & Diamond Light Frequencies activate, they “trigger” energy cells that transmit high frequency energy too. This bio-electromagnetic energy overloads/shorts out the “old” nervous system to break down the old cellular structures, to restructure and re-wire them with less density and more light, for the “new body” to operate as a finely-tuned living, breathing, intelligent communicative organism that processes, re-purposes and transmits intelligent light from every cell. The membranes, organs and structures of the old human body undergo an immense re-everything process. The structure of every cell is now constantly broken down, re-coded and re-structured according new highest dimensional “options”, if you will. This break-down process will correlate on different levels, depending on how carbon-based or crystalline one currently is.


The more carbon-based human will experience this more on a physical level, with strong emotions or very strong physical realities “trying” to change (shift to a higher vibration by releasing the density of the previous program that was playing out). This can be overwhelming at first, for the amount of power of the energy suppressed/held is immense. The more this discordant/out-of-tune with the Soul/SOURCE this old program is, the stronger it can be too. As humans, this is not understood, because of the previous beliefs of how physical realities were/are created exist. They do not yet fully understand that physical matter is not fixed and that consciousness dictates physical matter and how it takes form here. They also do not understand the constructs of realities, what holds physical matter in place and how realities are affected as the old unconscious timelines of the lower frequency bandwidth dimensions now dissolve/fall away.


Quantum Photonic Light is the same thing as PURE SOURCE LIGHT, the Light of Your Soul, and it activates in increasing amounts now. This Photonic light creates distortions and ripples in the field, is heavy at first, allowing realities to expand, contract, bend and completely be reshaped at-will. As each expand as the Quantum Field, into/as the Unified Field of Consciousness, the (un)realness of physical realities takes new form too. This high frequency light obliterates old programming, dematerializes and re-materializes particle matter to take new form according to many things here. It’s also how we “travel” easily, across dimensions, galaxies, universes as CONSCIOUSNESS while maintaining this physical form/reality here. At first during sleep or altered states, then in the waking state too. Each’s capability to Master shifting dimensionally easily is dependent on how PURE ONE IS and how much unity/separation is held from within. Advanced Natural Abilities return through the maintaining of an expanded consciousness state. This expanded state activates Holographic access by each maintaining their highest consciousness existence here.


Plasma gas fills the multi-dimensional body, emits from every cell, highly charged ions, that super-charge, hyper-excite, zoom, shake and emit as the density inside dissolves and each StarGate activates for multi-dimensional travel here. This is a literal, actual occurrence, that occurs inside & outside of the body too. Where density used to hold space, now space holds that space, while the form adapts and changes to gravitational changes that occur inside/outside too. Just as Earth Does, each has their own StarGate System with a Universal Field around the body that comes online as individual Embodiment occurs. This Enhanced Crystalline StarGate System and the physical body link up, with geometrics and codes held in each too. This is called a body-field re-alignment/re-calibration process, a tuning process, where the EARTHLY body is tuned really high/fast and each’s FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS re-calibrates, re-codes, re-synchronizes to clear/re-tune constantly to bring the body into a higher dimensional timeline, than what was possible before the energetic release of unconscious dense cellular programs previously held. For each connected within fully, these link up simultaneously to Earth-Ship-Gaia’s and all Galaxies too. It is mega important that each learn to intentionally clear & align their field of consciousness completely, on an everyday basis, so that this essential and powerful StarGate System can link up.

The more one functions as PURE SOURCE LIGHT, the faster/easier this process is. The physical is in a constant tuning process, constant integration process, constant re-calibration process, constant re-coding process that is un-inner-upted by external stimuli and the physical body operates closest to SOUL CODES on an energetic level here. The Plasma crystalline LightBody Structure requires like frequencies to support. Compromising is no longer an option or the body will go offline, which it does naturally when “crystalline structure tuning” begins. The entire intelligent body operates cohesively with everything simultaneously here. ​


This plasma gas is you used to see in “outer space”, now merges/mixes with your external atmosphere, while your cells produce this inside of your body too. High frequency photonic light activates within you, gravity will shift, things feel heavier or lighter, dependent on which phase you are currently in. There are many processes and phases, and these oscillate too. In and out of frequencies and activations, to complete a process of continual DNA re-coding. Less Carbon molecules and more Silicon Crystalline ones.


ADVANCED CRYSTALLINE NEURAL NETWORK SYSTEM: A deeply intricate evolutionary process occurs as each emobodies higher Light/Christed Consciousness here. One’s whole body goes through a complete overhaul/re-vamping process for NEW Earth to materialize in the physical for each ready to embrace this part of their evolutionary process here.

Neurons fire-off, to open up and awaken dormant physical body (and parts), opening new UNIVERSAL PATHWAYS AND CORRIDORS (of the Universe) not previously accessible from within. At first, all of the pent-up/suppressed (eons of) unconscious programs held in cellular memory are unanchored to start to clear. Deeply embedded in the old Earth Matrix System, these programs were deeply embedded within the physical form, as a simultaneous agreement for a pre-determined/pre-chosen human experience by each here. As each is ready to exit the Old Matrix System and converge on a higher dimensional plane (NEW Earth), then the process of EVOLVING begins as all is expedited beyond the control of the human aspect, that doesn’t “like” their reality/world messed with. Multi-Dimensional existence TRUMPS human ones now.


We will continue to see/experience an substantial increase in highly charged, super-conductive electrical activity, inside and outside too. In addition to this being the merging of higher dimensional atmospheres, it also stimulates our bio-electrical transmitters, our NEW Earth Economy, our NEW Earth everything to come on “faster” now too. (Increased heat and cooling down processes too).

Your entire body re-works itself FOR YOU, as a whole new Crystalline Neural Network and Nervous system are formed. A continual ” cellular breakdown process” occurs so that re-structuring can occur. The more harmonically in-tune each is, the easier/faster this is too.


This firing off is un-Earthing unconscious density. FEELING becomes prominent in order to release all that is dense and re-connect us all on a SOUL Level here. Feeling all of those unconscious programs is what the human aspect avoided, yet avoidance is no longer an option in these mega-high frequencies here. A physical release of emotional and mental “pain” is a part of the TRANSCENDENCE experience here. Vibrating easily and intentionally in and out of multiple dimensions is not an ability of the carbon-based body….

This pain (or tuning process) will release all victim mentalities and lack of power, lack of love, lack of integrity, lack of compassion, lack of unity held through separation from SELF AS SOURCE, therefore all others too. For total unification AS ALL is what brings forth your consideration and caring on a whole new level that your limited human didn’t have the capability of before. For many “loss” is necessary to open your hearts and minds to bring you on-board fully. Each time you shut down/separate off, then something will occur to assist you with opening back up. This is how this process works. Whatever it takes/is necessary to bring you fully on-board/online… as a Christed/Crystalline Light BEing and LOVE…. this is what increases now.  The pain will eventually go, as your perceptions change and as you start to open up to actually truly see again… ​


Plasma Crystalline Silicon LightBodies function very differently than carbon-based bodies did. Each cell emits plasma energy, regenerates itself through the evolution of new solar cells. Your SOULar body consists of many different variations of geometric codes and equations that constantly shift their functioning capABILITIES, dependent on the Cosmic Frequency activating (or a multitude of them simultaneously), as your “new crystalline” cells hold light intelligence/data and the codes for re-shaping physical realities more aligned with your highest purposes here. These encoded cells were dormant, yet continually awaken, shake, move, constantly re-shaping in configuration to constantly synchronize your physical reality and you.


These “new” Enhanced re-generative Crystalline Cells hold the ability to self-modify and continuously adapt. They constantly breakdown/apart and re-structure, according to new codes constantly flooding our planetary bodies now. This expedites the deconstruction & reconstruction process and phases of physical matter here too. The deconstructing is a re-alignment process that each physical body and reality goes through to constantly re-configure/re-align to vibrate onto a higher dimensional plane of existence with all new timelines now.

The “breaking down” of these systems, these realities, these programs, these structures is as easy or as harsh as each requires. At first, it is not easy, for it unachors everything we held onto as safe, real and secure. Over “time” (separated so that all does not occur all at once for physical body Ascenders, transcending full physical body death), each individual process is separated over time, yet the amount of “time” to prolong/avoid decreases substantially again/now. Every time we are ready to shift collectively (and individually) to a much higher timeline, then “time” will speed up as old timelines collapse for all to converge on a new physical plane. This collapse and convergence speeds up to become so fast that time ceases to exist at all. This “new space” of “no time” aligns with a new existence that is all energetic here. No longer bound by “time”, each move through “time” at a Quantum rate, Super Quantum for those mastering this ability with ease here. Where one exists fully in vibration, then time constraints (and separation of events over time) cease to exist. This is due to our access to infinite alternate dimensions allowing us to bypass old unconscious matrix limits through our own intentional transmissions, actions and activation of higher dimensional realities/timelines through intense/easily focusing our own fully Super Conscious energy ourselves.


For humans, a breaking point is necessary for convergence and restructuring to occur. An emotional, mental or physical breaking point is necessary for a (long) while. Each time “the break point” occurs, then the cells in the body collapse and release the old programming that held all of those unconscious realities in place. The release of the emotion, belief system, energy held is what allows all to start to take new shape. It occurs on a cellular level FIRST and then the outside re-configures itself to match the new/higher frequency (encoded molecular cellular structure held). This is why it’s soooooooo beyond important for each to HOLD the highest vibration long enough, until the external can take new form, until the outside can “catch up” and materialize into a solid physical reality to actually experience and inJOY and share! (This breaking point is what unconscious human aspects try to “save” others from, not realizing how Quantum Cellular Re-Alignment occurs). This is where re-structuring on a SOUL level can finally take place and where purity and more love are finally able to emerge too. ​Eventually these breaking points are minimal and only occur right before a huge collective shift, with minimal expulsion necessary for this to occur. This is due to instant processing and enhanced data reading capabilities that read light encoded data-stream-field continuously, so that the Crystalline Body can process large amounts of data easily through developed crystalline cells by maintaining a reality inside and outside that is pure. Collapse/De-construct/unify/re-construct occurs simultaneously, all in the same nano-second, for the enhanced Plasma Silicon Crystalline LightBody that functions optimally here.


Support your body, and your body will support you. Support your Soul for your Soul to support you. Honor your process fully, for ease to become your new way. Open up to what your human didn’t want to listen to before and let your higher-self-pure-heart-you lead the way. Moving from linear to non-linear bodies/realities is a huge process for us all. ♥

Sleep, rest, slow down, simplify, nurture, nature, massages, energy work, holistic natural body support, eat what your body tells you it needs (especially if it doesn’t make sense), pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you’ve done, take a break, treat yourself, surround yourself with magic and higher consciousness love, inspiration, creative, supporting everything…

I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


LISA TRANSCENDANCE BROWN – New Algorithms, Enhanced Dynamics, Electronic Cells and Super Quantum Circuitry Upgrades

art by Olga Kuczer


This entire last week, and especially the last 2 days, we’ve entered frequencies never before experienced here. It’s been interesting to observe, because of how they are affecting the physical body through the upgrade process.

These mega-high wattage volts of current running through our bodies cause the body to go weak when it needs to do these processes….

These last few months of moving out of the final stages of a linear body to a non-linear means that continual re-configuration processes are always occurring with these enhanced dynamics and algorithms being embedded into our physical body templates… becoming a Super Conductor/Computer over these last many years… this takes us further with that.

Moving from old outdated circuitry (linear) to Quantum Circuitry, we now have the capacity to function with Electronic Cells (new abilities). How we process will again adapt with enhanced algorithms making it easier for us to process larger data streams and higher amounts of electrical-stimulating-energy through our physical body.

Our enhanced Crystalline/Christed StarGate/ Body-Field Systems are undergoing continual re-alignments that take us offline more often, yet make existence so much simpler and easier, because it enhances our abilities to function multi-dimensionally simultaneously with even less effort, once each process is complete. The challenge is “during the whole body-field alignments” processes, because we have to further adapt how our days/lives now function too.

This last week was online two days, offline 2 days, online 1 day, offline today… Online for a few hours in the mornings, back offline again….

This reminds me of this last January when we and Gaia were loading new schematics into our physical body templates. it was challenging until we completed the process on February 6th. Guess we will see how long this huge integration process takes. Update as I go through it and know. ♥

Honor your body and you. Lots of loving care… utilize your productive energy or it will be overwhelming when your body doesn’t get what it needs to do all this important cellular intelligence and regeneration work for you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼






You are ON a Multi-Dimensional Earth NOW… Everything is Different…


Wrap your mind around MULTI-Dimensional Earth… You are not on a single dimensional earth PHYSICAL experience anymore. (We have not been since 2012). The physical is DIFFERENT in each dimension… none of us have the same REALities anymore.

Our unconscious/veiled/sleeping human aspect cannot perceive what this means. It’s mind is way to linear (and body too). To “it”, everyone experiences the same PHYSICAL REALITY, with the same parameters applied. Linear mindsets need physical proof to believe, focus on a physical thing to see, believe words and mis-perceive everything, because of assumptions or prior beliefs/mentalities that affixed during their linear human experience/experiment here.

Their mind cannot grasp the ENTIRETY of what all of this means. They still live in a reality of “this is the only truth” or “proof”… which binds them to the linear/fixed/old matrix reality and they have not got a clue.

PHYSICAL REALITIES are vibrational that materialize in the physical in RESPONSE… to our own cellular programs and memories and current state of expansion available to each one of us. My physical REALity on 5D+ and above is very very very different than the physical reality of a 3rd/4th dimensional human and vice-versa.

The Earth looks very different in each dimension and it’s dying or thriving, just as we are. Colors are different, abundance is different, interactions are different, experiences totally different…. dictated by how anchored we are in the different dimensions. Our physical body dictates the density of the plane of existence we actually walk in/on. The Earth… not just one…. NEW Earth and Earth 3, then we get into even more than that…. and yes, we are already experiencing these here (for linear years).

This is not NEW… just our ABILITIES (CAPabilities) to anchor these higher dimensional timelines are up to each one of us. We must let go of “thinking” that everyone is in the “same place” or has the same physical reality, same beliefs… stop assuming and start REALizing this is all vibrational, with our entire whole physical body/being.

Our Merkaba allowed us to physically ascend the 3rd/4th Dimensions and “arrive”/vibrate into the 5th Dimension, in the physical… We can observe the other dimensions, yet we are not affected and rarely see/experience them because they are not where we LIVE anymore. We left there when we transcended these limits from within.

Our StarGate Bodies allow us to Super Quantum Shift, move, travel beyond the limited physical realities of even the original 5th Dimension we first ascended to. Years of intentional SOUL aligning, years of dissolving the old, years of BUILDING a whole new FOUNDATION, CONSTRUCTING all new realities in accordance with HIGHEST LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS and activated encoded DNA, living as Christed BEings linked up to the Crystalline Matrix of NEW Earth/Gaia/Galactically, Mastering & ENGINEERING the PHYSICAL as ALCHEMISTS and constantly intentionally collapsing timelines so that new/higher ones can take their place. Years of anchoring light into our physical forms, years of forming matter, years of focusing all of our ENERGY on what others could not see/access yet.

As Multi-Dimensionals, we LIVE/Exist across all dimensions/space-time, we maintain expansion ALL OF THE TIME and as intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers we have an entirely different reality than those who still hold a human grid system in their physical bodies/form.

The outside does not dictate truth. WE do. And truth is subjective, truth shifts and changes in every moment, depending on the vibration present… the only TRUTH is PURITY inside, for we are not tainted by unconscious programs anymore.

The human will look “out there” to prove it’s truth and to try to convince others that “this is the only real truth” too…. Not having a clue that they are solidifying their own limited beliefs and everyone else who believes it is a part of “that collective” too.

So many still use the old words that keep them (and all others in “that collective”) bound to those mentalities and beliefs. A sense of ego separation and “special’ness” that will also dissolve when each expands their consciousness beyond this “need”. Each will go “through their ego” to build their inner power and “get themselves out there” to be visible and then this too will dissolve. Our gifts become a natural aspect of who we are and we don’t ‘try’ to use them, they “just are”. As are WE.

So many still using “healing” or “healer”, empaths or sensatives, the terms “is it mine or theirs? (collective), not realizing everything we experience is ours, on a cellular level and “that” is OUR collective until we’ve dissolved/collapsed the program to leave it and shift/move to a different collective (NEW Earth) where UNITY-LOVE-PURITY is our CORE and where we function from all of the time.

We learn (REMEMBER) to use different words that free us, that don’t bind us to anything other than the absolute highest state of love that there is. We learn that “that is my reality in my dimension/timeline” and “that is their reality in theirs”. We learn to RESPECT each’s different realities and THEN we can start to REALIZE that we actually can live/exist on different dimensional planes of existences and vibrate in/out of different PHYSICAL REALITIES here.

Old Earth is a programmed survival reality, has death, pain, fear and lack, manipulation, conspiracy stories, scarcity, needs proof to believe… there is suffering, chaos, hurt and hate and blaming/pointing the finger, assuming and insisting instead of deep sacred love and respect. NEW Earth is ALIVE, inner-connected, vibrant, fully abundant, blissful, magical and pristine. The animals are vibrant and alive, there is UNITY and LOVE within all, there is abundance abound, each working together in unity too. There is full support and everything you “need” is provided and comes to you. Each earth is vibrational, the only difference is that NEW Earth is a conscious choice and old Earth is an unconscious one.

Old earth is proving and against. NEW Earth we don’t care to prove anything, because EXPERIENCES do this for each. When each grows tired (clears all of that separation energy) of fighting, proving, insisting, trying to manipulate, control and struggle and constantly living in a loop cycle of emotional and physical suffering/pain/doing without, then the programs that created that to start with will dissolve so that each can shift/vibrate onto a higher dimensional plane.

First it occurs through consciousness, and expansion and must be maintained so each’s cells can actually vibrate at that frequency/spin to carry the body to an alternate physical dimension. Where each still holds linearity in their bodies/structures, then they will experience these limits still.

Old Earth had a linear body, NEW Earth has a non-linear one. So do each one of us. The linear body must completely dissolve too for each’s non-linear body to emerge. Our Fields and our Bodies must sync-up and the encodements must be embedded into our physical form. Bones, muscles, blood, flesh, skull, teeth… every minuscule particle must be “re-done”.

Each one of us have our own MATRIX system that must be deconstructed and reconstructed totally, inside and out. At first this is the 3D/human matrix system of unconsciousness & separation and it’s held within our muscles & bones and own field. As these ultra-high “new” higher light encodements flood THE/OUR FIELD, they shut our bodies down to re-do our matrix, taking us offline from the Old Earth System and bringing us online with the NEW Earth One. This is a deeply intricate process that involves what the human aspect cannot comprehend. NEW Earth is a whole new MATRIX GRID SYSTEM, consisting of Diamond & Rainbow Light Encodements and Sequences that embed into our physical body and synchronize through our Fields. Where our minds “get in the way”, this creates a distortion/disruption in this process that now “has to occur” for all.

NEW EARTH’S MATRIX SYSTEM revamps our whole physical body make-up, how it works/processes and links us UP to our own individual CRYSTALLINE STAR GATE SYSTEM — continually now.

Old Earth was “physical focused”, whereas NEW EARTH is ENERGETIC FOCUSED…. they are opposites and are CREATED through “opposite” realities too. NEW Earth is always moving, shifting, changing, re-coding, re-calibrating, re-structuring, re-everything and the more CONNECTED WE ARE, the more WE are continually too. Our realities are very different than the human’s. We don’t function anything like we used to. We are Star Beings & Light Keepers and we HOLD the highest dimensions & timelines in place, from within our physical body structure and with everything that we ARE and DO.

Deep Sacred love, connectedness and respect are at our core. Deep appreciation, gratitude and consideration are as well. Our POWER COMES through OUR LINKAGE SYSTEM and the amount of Pure Christed Source Light that we HOLD… we do not waver or compromise on integrity or honor anymore. WE HOLD REALITIES IN PLACE… which are not affixed/fixed to anything solid at all. They shift, change and re-shape/re-form based upon a NEW EARTH VALUE SYSTEM that is PURE. The solidity comes through holding the highest vibrations (Embodiment) and rebuilding all new realities in accordance to absolute highest light consciousness and aligning all in the physical on a Galactic Soul Level here. Our realities are not tainted by ego separation, the need to compete or prove… There is not once ounce of “victim” here, because we’ve REMEMBERED why we chose this and what we are here to BE & DO…. and WE DO IT, we don’t wait for others/anyone else…

WE CREATE the SPACE of UNITY and LOVE and we HOLD it ALL OF THE TIME. We do not succumb to the separation of human’ness anymore. We recognize it and call it out and we DEAL with REALities as Love. We don’t avoid or hide anymore… we came here to ANCHOR HEAVEN ON EARTH, in the physical for us ALL.

For years now, we barely see the old dimensions (it’s just peripheral). We are aware they exist for those who still exist in them. The unconscious cannot see or understand fully yet, so they “believe” we all LIVE on the same “one dimensional Earth” and in the same timelines still. They hold everyone else to “their reality” as the “only one”. This is the limited human mind that will relax as this encoded photonic light bombards the consciousness of all.

These enhanced advanced Light Encodements of Soft Christed Light and Powerful Source Frequencies continually cleanse/purity/upgrade all. What was complicated before is easy and simple, when we ALLOW THIS to be our own physical reality world.

I’ve included two previous writings to expand on this even more. Expand your MIND to SEE that REALites are a BELIEF first. When we stop insisting on “what is the only truth” and open up to a multitude of truths, when we realize there are a gazillion collectives (each program has one, and these are infinite too), then we stop limiting ourselves to realities and we open up to INFINITE REALITIES which then give us the ability to CHOOSE….

This is a very physical experience of cleansing deep core everything, in order to function from/as/through the Great Central Sun and Galactic Core again too. Access is granted again when each is TRULY READY…. and chooses to stop playing unconscious human games in order to shift into magical realities where anything and everything imaginable continually occurs!

Collectives now ascend and leave the strength that the old unconscious matrix program held. This is scary at first, for it doesn’t make any logical sense that the structures of realities dissolve, collapse and completely re-shape as they do. A linear human doesn’t easily accept/function non-linear realities. This is a process of dismantling those structures held in place from within. This is a process of dissolving the beliefs… which is what these vibrational frequencies expedite now.

Intentional Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers have access first, sometimes years before collectives do. This is because it’s their chosen job/role/responsibility as a Galactic Soul here to open portals, traverse gateways and hold these open for all (and continually go on). We don’t wait and we are not all in the “same place”. We each have different access and gifts and reflect this by that which we share and AS WE EMBODY here. Each Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper is an anchor point for the dimensions that they’ve access/hold thus far too. This is our fulfilling our own purposes/missions here. Each is a NEXUS POINT, which I will explain further when I finishing writing up the SCHEMATICS for our GALACTIC NEW EARTH Civilizations here (that embedded in my own physical body template in January). These NEXUS POINTS are a Galactic Center that will have mini-galaxies where all work together/in unison/unity to anchor these highest dimensional timelines here for us all. Different timelines still come into play until all have converged on the same highest physical dimensional plane. This is how all works here…

As each comes together to unify, support, contribute and bridge through creating opportUNITIES and actually work together for the bigger picture/whole, the IMPLEMENTATION of our highest timelines will become more palpable and easier to accomplish for us all. The old earth functioned out of self-serving motives and agendas. Here there is none of that. Here each REALIZES how their contributions and support matters in making a difference together for us all. ♥

As each is truly ready to answer their own Soul’s Clarion call to step-up/forth to learn to fully share and truly care again. Not from a place of lack… from a place of pure love and appreciation for what is now available for us all. NEW EARTH is an intricate NETWORK and Gridwork of all of us. We ARE the STRENGTH, the new systems, the new everything…. It takes awhile for each to realize their responsibilities and roles, as they have to overcome (get over/dissolve) their own separation energy inside. The old beliefs, mentalities, emotions and structures of realities dissolve as the ego does. When one’s heart/mind fully open and their entire energy body shifts, then the physical reality can re-materialize with different mathematical equations and geometric structures than before.

Stop the loop of repeating/regurgitating/insisting and telling yourself the old stories and trying to PROVE anything at all. All you are doing is affixing yourself to a reality that will shift and change once you realize “that is not true” anymore. Multi-Dimensionality obliterates the old everything and each is no longer bound by anything other than what they choose to believe and their own access to every dimensional timeline available here.

Change your words, change your mentality/reality. Release those limits and that which you hold onto that keeps you bound. Unanchor/untether, relax and let go… float, fly and vibrate into another dimension/timeline completely. It’s magical, amazing and fun!!!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth, Gatekeeper, Gridkeeper, Intentional Anchor of Highest Light



Awakening every day to working with all of you in the sleep state. Teaching Mastery to those ready and sharing the “hows” to “do” all of this. I awake exhausted most days for years, because I work so much in my sleep (for years once becoming conscious) and as I left “seeking mode” and moved into Ascended Master” phase, I teach… continually….

The more conscious work we do in our sleep state, the easier our waking state becomes. The less disruptions in our waking state, because we maintain that brainwave state with our whole body… the one that gives us the ability to WALK IN THE DREAM (Higher/Lighter Density Realms) in our waking state too….

Sleep is for conscious clearing of timelines to collapse timelines intentionally so that we can do what is important in our waking one. Intentional focus, intentional creation, intentional anchoring of higher/other/alternate dimensional realities into this physical one here. Our abilities to do this are simple…. get over our little human everything and re-focus on what is truly important…. for all of HUmanity here….

We activate our own dreams, the things we “need” to get the job done, we activate the “next awesome everything” because this is what we are CHOOSING to focus our own energy on….

We listen to that inner/higher guidance that speaks softly (strongly when we don’t listen and then using the outside reality to get our attention if we are shut down/disconnected/refusing/not open)…. for the subtle realms become the outer realms eventually…. soft, simple, loving, supportive, beautiful, exquisite…..

There is no more chaos, because we stopped the chaos…. there is no more drama because we got tired of it and we stopped that victim energy too, there is no confusion, because we don’t have the battle between our heads and our hearts anymore, there is no more lack, because WE don’t LIVE there anymore….

There is deep sacred respect, love, appreciation, gratitude and generosity… It’s how we offer an exchange for all that we receive here…. we do not feed the old, so we gift and we create opportUNITY for all to choose, commit, dedicate, step into their own POWER as LOVE TOO….

Stepping into our PURITY, operating from the depths of our souls… eventually our SOUL filled our whole vessel and integrates fully, with all fragmented/separated off aspects recalled and merged back into “this physical form”….. Eventually there are no more pieces scattered about, lost in oblivion…. for we’ve brought all inward and we’ve merged completely inside… we’ve collapsed the separation within ourselves in order to fully UNIFY….

No more past lives, no more future lives… no more past, no more future… for time is no longer to the left or the right, it’s UP… it’s a vibration…. as we focus on raising our vibration higher, then time will cease to exist…. and all ‘time’ will merge into THIS MOMENT right here….

The reversal of time means that you no longer leave this moment to “go off” into a future or a past…. you realize that those are just vibrational realities too and if you are to EXPERIENCE your own dreams in the physical that you must go UP continually, so that all “below you” can collapse and merge back into unity… inside…..

As you ascend, the lower dimensions do drop away… they fade, become a distant memory and then they are gone… completely. No more emotion, no more anything…. just an awareness that in another timeline barely/not even visible anymore that you had an experience, yet it holds nothing other than purposes/gifts that allow you to use in order to awaken & free the souls of others “trying” to also come forth in physical form…..

As you REVERSE time (energy)…. all will come to a halt, zero point…. (REVERSE FIELD SPIN) and when it “starts” back up again, it will be going in the opposite direction. As you collapse all of these they spin faster and faster and faster, until… they merge at a higher vibration into ONE FIELD… (Unified Field)….

As you maintain the ability to remain conscious, then your body fully awakens and start to rapid release all of the program that was suppressed deep within it too…. it’s been waiting for you to get on-board so it can do the work that it needs to do, to bring you fully online with the NEW EARTH CRYSTALLINE GRID…. for your physical body structure has a whole lot of re-working to do for you to be an INTENTIONAL GRIDKEEPER/GATEKEEPER here….

As your human Ascends, your Higher Selves descend…. the deeper you go inward the more expanded you become, the more you are able to access all of the other dimensions from this physical one, the more you get to SEE… before it occurs, the more you have access to, the more you understand about how/when everything that your little human doesn’t have access to ….

Once “time” has reversed, all will start to COME TO YOU… you won’t “leave” to achieve, you wont’ leave to do anything, you’ll never again “seek” anything ever again…..

The more open you are, the faster all comes TO YOU, to support you, provide for you… everything you dream, desire, need…. everything provided….. (so for those who are in fear of being provided for, those old illusions/mindsets are keep you anchored in a reality of lack)…..

What you will DO is learn how to function in a whole new way, how to follow INSTRUCTIONS that your highest aspect you provides you with, from the higher dimensional timelines of realities that are already real….. your little human’s continual surrendered state will give you access to all of the information that you will need…. it will also tell you/show you what to do…. and yes, this is where you step into your power fully, in the physical and anchor those higher dimensional realities here…..

REVERSE ENGINEERING …. Here is where you reverse how you function….. for me, I stay in ALL OF THE OTHER DIMENSIONS ALL OF THE TIME… and this physical is a result of all of those and the vibration that I hold all of the time….

Constantly shifting, constantly tuning, constantly focused, constantly anchoring higher dimensional realities and constantly DOING what is available and needs to be done…. for all of us and all of humanity and all thing galactically, and every dimension simultaneously….

Once affects the other and as you gain access to the others you start to see…. you start to realize how much RESPONSIBILITY you hold and how everything you are/do/allow affects all vibrationally….

You become not only the whole Universe again, but many of them (Multi-Verse) and then the Galaxy and then multiple Galaxies (Galactic)…..

The deeper you go inside the further across all dimensions you span…. your physical reality is simple and easy…. for you just “speak” or vibrated that you are ready for the next realities to arrive and “here they are”…

It’s your human that isn’t ready, isn’t open, isn’t willing, isn’t listening, isn’t stepping up, reaching up, keeping up….It’s your doubt, non-belief, unwillingness to try, unwillingness to deal with the discomfort that presents to you to show you what’s “in your way” (energy)… It’s your ‘trying to hard’ or not trying at all, it’s your mindset of what reality is supposed to be like instead of opening up to what’s actually true, it’s your fixed mindsets, stubborn/resistant/passive aggressive energy, it’s your holding on out of fear instead of trusting in the “invisible” that you cannot see (yet you do know/feel inside), it’s your insistence of story, your own duality/struggle, it’s your unwillingness to surrender to your own inner/higher guidance because you don’t yet trust you, that you can come through, that you can do this, that you have what it takes… it’s your lack of commitment to a process that doesn’t show you proof first… it asks you to trust what you feel/know inside and that little subtle voice or those weird visions that you see and judge speaking out loud because you are scared of looking like you are crazy….

Well, get used to it… because these are the processes you will experience every day until all of that is gone….

When there’s no more fight/struggle inside, when peace, love and unity return inside…. then outside will materialize/return to you the frequency that you hold….

When you CHOOSE UNITY LOVE as your existence instead of comparison, imposition, victim, lack of power and fear…. when you open up to BELIEVE and KNOW INSIDE and stop asking for proof first….. when you learn to trust yourself, those feelings and that YOU WILL BE THE ONE THAT SHOWS UP, STANDS UP, HOLDS THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY all of the time (taking time off for you to replenish/build re-build your power again)… when you are the one that holds integrity and honor, no matter what goes on “out there”, when you are the one that IS LOVE, IS TRUTH, IS RESPECT to all things as ONE again…. When you open your heart fully and ALLOW yourself to SEE…. When you entertain the impossible… you’ll start to awaken from the old illusions and WALK IN YOUR DREAMS….

You must shift vibrationally, intentionally, not just wait until it happens… that’s the old way… you must choose the vibration that you DESIRE TO LIVE and apply that to your every decision, your every action, your every everything…. if you desire it to be your NEW PHYSICAL REALITY…..

You have to drop the “bull”, you have to come together, you have to BE THE ONE…. ♥

Close your eyes and breathe, let everything go… all of it… it’s does not matter here… feel your vibration raise… open/relax your mind, relax your muscles/body and fill your every cell with this high vibration of PEACE, LOVE, ONENESS… bring your whole body with you… then softly open your eyes and see…. fuzzy, soft, simple…. you can see the higher dimensional realities when you allow yourself to vibrate at this frequency….♦

I love you. Powerful timeline collapses/unifications/convergences moving us all continually now….

You will start to realize how you don’t go anywhere, it comes to you, then it’s all around you…. everywhere…. 360 range/experience/view… GALACTIC NEW EARTH… it was always there…. you just didn’t hold the vibration before to materialize into this dimensional timeline with all of us yet….. Now you have the capABILITY to do so… ∞

First you bring/expand your consciousness, then your body will activate (Crystalline LightBody) to vibrate you back into these lighter density realities for you to arrive “on the other side”. Continual integration is required…. for all veils of amnesia to dissolve….

I love you… make it matter…. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth & Multi-Dimensional Master




Advanced Geomagnetics & Body-Field-Systems Structuring & Strengthening Processes Occurring Now


These are the cosmic frequencies and continued re-coding & re-structuring of our Body Field & Systems today….

The huge delicate & intricate “new linkage” processes that began a few weeks ago continue….

This is for those of us who have dropped physical density (not weight, density), have an immense amount of SPACE inside, where all cells are awakened, alive, one’s crystalline structure is fully developed and been operating in unison with the merging energies & cycles over the last many years of Earth Gaia, the Grand Central SOLar Sun, Moons, Planets and all Galactic Core Regions too…

As each’s body evolves AS THE GRIDWORK SYSTEM of NEW Earth, existence takes on a whole new everything…. Your whole life changes completely….

It takes years to evolve our physical bodies from carbon-based to crystalline and to bring our entire bodies/systems/higher mind all online from INSIDE….

To link up to an intricate system where all works cohesively and breathes as ONE…. where every nano-second/moment is connected, where all is organic life, where all communicates simultaneously, where there is no separation anymore in anything….

BEcoming a Gridkeeper and Gatekeeper is not just something you “do”, it’s something that you ARE and your evolving physical form is what brings you/gives you physical access to these highest timeline existences, where your experiences are magical, amazing, magnificent and totally beyond human comprehension….

You have to let go of every pre-conceived notion of how all is supposed to be, what your body is supposed to “look like”, how it is supposed to “work”, for those limited human beliefs do not apply here. Those old attempts to fix, suppress, ignore or control won’t work anymore, for your body is waking up and it’s releasing everything that was anchored, suppressed and held deep inside, in every cell of your body, in the sub-ATOMic molecular structures that hold your physical matter body together….

Human aspects haven’t got a clue as to what our lives are like here. Mis-perceptions, mis-everything, assumptions by applying limited their beliefs, projections and individual lenses to a reality that doesn’t conform to anything human at all. The mis-perceptions are huge lately and this grows vaster with every timeline collapse/convergence that we encounter now (every moment of every day)….

Our cells do everything for us here… evolving from sleeping, dead, ignored, unconscious cells to Quantum then Super Quantum and beyond…. We’ve done the intensity of the physical everything. Here, everything is energetic…. Our days are simple, focused, intentional and EASY. We do work in-dedicated-full-service in every state and this dedication and total conscious effort is rewarded with full everything to support us for all of the infinite support and service that we provide.

We do heavy duty work in our sleep state (sleep is never just sleep ever again), clearing all of those heavy timelines and programs in our closed-eyed state and carrying it through to our open-eyed state to fully align our physical realities through our totally conscious actions and through our abilities to maintain full expansion and Super Consciousness, no matter what goes on “out there” or around us… “That does not dictate” anymore, WE do…

WE shape physical matter into form, we materialize dreams and desires (not separated little human ones, instead soul-aligned highest-consciousness ones)….

We walk in REALities that we anchored here, by working in all dimensions and intentionally affecting the physical one through full consciousness here….

We require things that others don’t care about (yet), we don’t allow the old ways anymore, because we don’t have to, for we transcended all of that, we don’t take things for-granted, for all is a gift and deeply sacred here….

Our lives are very different, for they are no longer of chaos, drama, loss, suffering, devastation or lack… in any way…. They are a continual reflection of our intentional transmissions through focused action from the UNITY that we hold inside…. a UNIFIED EXISTENCE that emanates out and connects with all-things-as-ONE-again….

Being a Crystalline GridKeeper and a Star/Heaven GateKeeper here, these are our FIRST duties and our bodies must be honored at all times…. and everything follows that…. we do not make exceptions to this…. ever….

When StarGates activate and align, our cells start charging in Photonic Quantum Light, moving continually and transmitting across all dimensions and galaxies FOR US…. WE don’t go anywhere or do anything anymore…. other than what presents for us to accomplish as a NEW EARTH LIGHT BEING occupying an evolving physical form here…

The more Quantum we are, with our cells, with our whole body, with every STAR Particle, with every breath, with every action, with every thought…. the EASIER our physical existence is….

Granted, we do a lot, because we have these amazing natural capAbilities here. We’ve embodied infinite higher selves, Christed Consciousness, God Consciousness, Galactic Consciousness and all of our “other aspects” within our physical form to return to our Avatar Bodies here…

This existence is PURE….. it’s not tainted by any other existence anymore… There’s no more Karma to suffer to or clear, for we’ve completed each one of those processes here….

Our bodies did get bigger, because we brought all of NEW EARTH into existence with our entire physical form. We birthed the NEW with our bodies and they went through “hell” while we did… We did agree for our bodies to BE THE FOUNDATION for awhile and to overcome the lack of everyone and everything “out there”, to not hold any of that anymore within ourselves…

We had to overcompensate for the non-belief, the inability by others to step-up/ forth and come together, contribute, support… We had to take on those roles and hold them, without any help from others, because they were too human/unconscious/separated within themselves still….

This too is a part of the process, as Forerunners/WayShowers here, as fully Sovereign BEings here…. Once we UNIFY FULLY INSIDE, we stop seeking or asking others for anything at all… We go on to LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE, to form the foundation, to hold the structures for all in place…. we’ve done the “collapsing realities”, a necessary part of the process for all to fully and finally exit the matrix simulation to come to exist on the OTHER SIDE OF THE VEILS….

We spent years over-compensating for all “not ready yet” (in our immediate reality and collectively/globally too). Our Earthly bodies (physical matter in form) got bigger to make room for our Super Conscious Quantum Cells to move about freely and to create the SPACE necessary for us to exist fully on NEW EARTH.

Many have asked about the weight changes, and these vary over different phases & “time”. Thin, heavy, lighter, smaller, bigger, tighter, looser…. each process of our Galactic Soul Embodiment Journey is reflected with our physical form here.

As humans, we disconnected from our bodies/all, which caused them to go into a stasis, which eventually means they will wither up, shut down and die, unless we can fully integrate the FULL LIGHT OF OUR SOUL BODY back into our physical form. Not loving & respecting our bodies, we suppressed and put them through hell. They have to recover from all of that and completely repair, break down, rebuild…. This subject is “bigger” than any human mindset can understand….

When we start to actually love ourselves, we start to work out, try to lose weight, feel better inside, we start to care about our bodies and exercise is a great way to activate our spirit/soul, be alone with our thoughts (meditation/listening), burn off that pent up energy and focus on FEELING awesome about ourselves… It also kicks us into a whole different phase of our process that takes a while to work inner feelings out…..

Yet the muscles are the gridwork for the Earth we exist on, so when it’s time to leave old earth and move to NEW we have to move/shift into relaxation and our muscles have to release the Quantum Field so we can expand into the Unified Field and our Bones must lighten to drop the density, the structures for all realities, and our organs, glands and more… these are just a small part of the Systems for the earth we exist on too…. Every piece and part of the body places a role in our whole existence here.

We eventually come to the phase where we need more rest, more relaxation, more nature, more “me/we/connection time”, more time alone, more sleep to activate the higher realms/inner realms/subtle realms/other dimensions/lucid dreamy phase to start to shift out of the old 3rd/4th dimensions of unconscious/duality consciousness and move our bodies into 5th+ Dimensional Consciousness and activate/open access to NEW EARTH…. first inside/through expansion of consciousness for those amazing expansion experiences of bliss, magic and such profound peace, unity and love…..

Then it’s time to bring the body online and into higher dimensional existence too and to WALK IN MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS… and the bizarreness begins…..

The more Crystalline your body becomes, the more your body and energy “run the show”. The more you must sleep when the energies present, rest when you can’t do anything, focus your energy intentionally and stop wasting… everything….

Your body becomes a “super conductor” , a living bio: generator, processor, transmitter, receiver, projector and more. Your cells store photonic light and your body completely re-works itself…. Your bones/teeth/jaw expand & contract, your belly, head, body, heart, brain, flesh, organs… all of these do too. Your body constantly tunes, re-generates, replenishes, repairs, re-codes, re-calibrates… when your crystals/cells are tuning, you can’t subject yourself to external stimuli (humans/computers/information), when they are transmitting only, you can’t receive (everything is data here), when they are in reception mode, you can’t transmit/produce, when they are depleted/regenerating, you can’t give/do anything for anyone/anything at all….

Your new upgrading and super enhanced bodies work very differently than before…. You will learn to preserve your energy, direct your energy, hone your energy/skills, focus your energy, create new energy… all from within and by using the exterior to support these processes….

Everything is always transmitting around you and you have to shift your own whole-body-system vibration to compensate for all of the energies in your own Field of Consciousness…. You are the one that has to maintain balance (with every particle of you), so when anything outside of you/around you/in your field is not of the same/highest frequency bandwidth, it’s you that has to deal/do…..

Your Crystalline Structure is an intricate system of crystals, alive cells and living, breathing mult-verses & bio organisms all working together cohesively inside and with everything external too. If that of your external is not fully in-alignment and of the highest vibrational consciousness, you are the one that is compensating for every little tweak necessary to hold all realities in place…..

You will start to realize how everything in your FIELD, everything in your reality TRANSMITS frequencies, a gazillion of them, simultaneously and how your own physical body system automatically re-calibrates itself to encoded transmissions all around you. If you are not fully conscious, then your body takes these codes and stores them and it has to work harder to transmit new sequences and codes to over-ride those in your field….

Physical realities are a product of energy consciousness, codes, sequences, vibrations and tones…. Your body’s consciousness is responding to everything around you constantly, (consciously or unconsciously) compensating for the transmissions that are not fully in alignment….

This is why it’s so important for you to be fully conscious of all that you allow, think and do… in your immediate physical reality and in your FIELD of Consciousness…. virtually too….

Your evolving Plasma Crystalline LightBody is a finely tuned instrument, a delicate system that is constantly transmitting & receiving and switching between modes of operation to optimize efficiency for your whole physical existence here…. It tunes your physical body & your physical reality constantly FOR you… yet it needs your continual presence, love and consideration for what IT NEEDS in order to make LIFE easier for you….

It also will not allow you to go back and participate in the old. It will shut you down, over stimulate and get totally confused if you keep introducing “the old” into your own BODY – FIELD …

It is more intelligent than you as a human are. It knows what you need, it knows what you are “trying to do” and it knows how to “deal with you”. It will not tolerate introduction of frequencies that are not supportive anymore, create chaos, interfere with your highest purposes here, hold a vibration that cannot align with your current phase that you are in and it will not process most things through your body anymore. It will reject this, sometimes violently, until you stop allowing/doing this.

Your intelligent Advanced NEW Earth Body is completely different than your human one was. Your physical form holds light and activates crystals (Christed Light) that in-turn begin processes that need to occur NOW. It will eject anything from it that is of a too-low vibration and it will go offline every time it needs to incorporate new programming…

We’ve entered such high frequencies, that the physical body is continually undergoing massive integration cycles to expedite rapid Plasma Crystalline LightBody evolution for all on NEW Earth NOW. You are not going to be able to function like you once did. This is how it’s supposed to be, as your new body functions completely different, so it’s going require more love, attention, understanding/care and you listening to it and honoring what it tells you… in every moment. Every moment is going to be something different now….

There is a part of this process where a ridiculous amount of sleep (over years) is necessary for everyone’s SoulBody to awaken, form crystals, cleanse/repair/re-code itself to become a GENERATOR and for each system to go offline to be reworked to come back online with NEW EARTH operating systems…. Kind-while, each is activating other dimensions/the lucid dream, clearing all timelines for waking within the Lucid Dream, the relaxed matrix of plasma, fluid, fuzzy, soft, bendable, stretchable, form-able physical realities where nothing is solid until all new fully conscious realities have been birthed and anchored fully…

Every fiber and particle of our physical form must go through a huge expansion, transformation and re-calibration process. Our bodies get larger (like a space suit), as gravity goes and we anchor-down on NEW Earth (imagine re-acclimating your BodySuit to a new planet where it’s got to learn to breath, function and constantly adjust it’s molecular weight (density/space/mass/matter) to the continual fluctuations of ever changing “new/foreign” frequencies until it’s adapted to this new Life-Form called a living intelligent body that can adapt to surroundings instantly without overcompensating anymore….

This is what today’s integrating system re-calibrations are…. (Yes, we are non-linear, so we have to paint the whole picture to explain our simple intricate processes here).

For years, for many of us, our bodies were the “weight” that held all NEW EARTH REALities in place, because we were waiting for Earth to achieve a certain frequency for entire collectives to arrive to “help us” hold all in place…. This recent occurrence of COLLECTIVE NEW EARTH finally reaching a quotient of awakened & ascended conscious beings “arriving” to “help” hold the gridwork IN THEIR OWN BODIES NOW, has balanced the SCALES, if you will, so that our bodies can now start to drop the excess size (not density) we were “carrying”. Today’s integration redistributes all from our bodies to our fields and then out… so now our fields hold the ability to maintain for us and our bodies are not the only primary anchor point anymore…. (YAY!)

Earth’s Field is now comprised of enough Diamond Crystalline Filaments & Encodements that connect her body and the entire Geo Electromagnetic Field are now referred to as our NEW BODY FIELD. It is completing a whole new intricate Communication System necessary to have balance to sustain these highest vibrations with greater ease, so that both have balance simultaneously and our Field can now sustain what our bodies carried before.

For those of us who have evolved with Earth Gaia, AS Galactics and the Grand Central sun, operating from the depths & core of all of our existences here, we now do to (and all others who shall come to do this will too).

Our NEW Earth now moves into increasing dropping all lower density at exponentially expedited rate, more than we’ve ever seen in this physical incarnation thus far. We shall continue to experience these increasing frequencies immense proportions for instant integration, so it’s more important than ever for each to continually re-focus, re-group, re-calibrate, re-everything as your Body Reality tells you to.

As intentional and dedicated Physical Form Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers, we maintain expansion across all dimensions/timelines simultaneously and consistently hold the absolute Highest Consciousness in place. All will come to this point eventually, each perfect for their own chosen journey/experience here. Everyone on Earth IS going through this, the only difference is who has access to all of the information that we share in order to apply it to their own lives intentionally or wait until all other options have been depleted….

And as always, this is “just the beginning”… forego the continual death & rebirth cycles (The Phoenix) that speed up to become the same moment where all are present in the same space all of the time now. ♥

I love you. Another day in bed writing what’s up for all, for my work-day went out the window again too. Laugh baby. More awesomeness, more surprises, more magic more exquisiteness as we stride huge timelines continually now! ♦ ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian, Author, Re-Educator through Highest Consciousness Existence, Transformational Speaker, Love, Energy


Dimensional Overlays of Each Earth Vibrating NOW ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown


When you see EARTH and all as a myriad of different dimensions and timelines, with multiple universes within it, you will start to UNDERSTAND and REALIZE that Earth is not just one dimension, it’s a gazillion of them. Your OWN experience on this EARTH is your play that plays out for you. Your own dimension/timeline and you don’t get a higher vibrational one UNTIL YOU CHOOSE IT and EMBODY IT from within you.

Instead of looking at the Earth as a the only reality as true, look at it as your dimensional version that you CREATED and HOLD THE VIBRATION for with every particle of you. Your transmission, your beliefs, your mentalities…. then look out there and see if the physical particles that have taken physical form are all that you DESIRE, fulfill your dreams, inspire you and enhance your soul/life now.

IF NOT, then you are in an old timeline, which is a vibrational MATCH to some sort of separation that you still hold inside. It’s up to you to change your vibration and shift, intentionally, constantly, continually, until you have achieved the vibration you desire to experience ALL OF THE TIME.

Your own CONSCIOUSNESS transmits the frequencies, sequences and codes that tell the physical how to take form. You, your attention, what you allow you to think, allow yourself to participate in, allow to continually occur in your own physical timeline.

You do not get to “just leave”…. your Crystalline LightBody has to EVOLVE, hold light, activate your crystals, Christed Consciousness, so that you can vibrate, literally, your Quantum Cells will vibrate you into different realities FOR YOU….

Yes, that physical reality is YOUR REAL…. your program…. your play….. All yours…. and how you JUMP TIMELINES it totally up to the amount PHOTONIC LIGHT that you hold (Light Quotient)…. in every moment… or the amount of physical matter density that you still hold.

If you want a different reality, YOU have to do this…. for EMBODIMENT of higher light frequencies and the purity of LOVE is what gives you the ability, yes, YOUR ABILITIES, to do all easily, naturally and organically from within. ♥

Your VERSION OF EARTH is the one you hold the vibrations for. Old Earth or NEW. ♥ Your VERSION of your body, dense 3D or LIGHT 5D (and so far beyond 5D now). Your Aspects dictate. Your Super Consciousness or unconscious dictates PHYSICAL MATTER and how it takes form IN RESPONSE TO YOU! ♦

Dimensions overlay, weave in and out. You are standing next to Angels, Christed BEings, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, Galactic LIGHT BEINGS (us) all of the time, but if you don’t hold the vibration, you can’t see us, interact with us, until you shift your own vibration to vibrate into OUR REALITY here…. now. When you stop “thinking” it can’t be, you open up to the opportUNITY to actually experience this too. It’s not up there/out there, it’s all around you.

Which physically solid hologram are you tuning in to, tuning your whole body to… in every moment. Tune to a higher frequency to vibrate into a higher frequency existence….♥

3D Earth/Body
4D Earth/Body
5D Earth/Body
6D Earth/Body
7D Earth/Body
8D Earth/Body
9D Earth/Body
10D Earth/Body
11D Earth/Body
12D Earth/Body
13D Earth/Body
14D Earth/Body
15D Earth/Body
16D Earth/Body
17D Earth/Body
18D Earth/Body
19D Earth/Body
(and so much higher)…..

This is an entire EVOLUTION into HIGHER FREQUENCY BANDWIDTHS of EXISTENCES… that will continue until all of the lower bandwidths are gone/dissolved/dismantled and re-constructed in a whole new frequency (de-materialization/re-materialization). Yes, right now.

Which vibrational body, Earth, reality are you HOLDING ALL OF THE TIME…. you will oscillate and re-tune constantly as your priority becomes your own existence and which Earth you are on RIGHT NOW. These higher Cosmic Galactic Source Purity Christed frequencies change your vibration, change the density of physical matter on Earth, you, your whole inside/outside world. ♦ ♥☼

Earth is a vibration, the Cosmos is a Vibration, You are Vibrations where matter, stardust, particles… have taken physical form. ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Vibrating In And Out Of Dimensions



by Lisa Brown,

As you become more light/more energy, more multi-dimensional, you will have to “learn” (Remember) how to merge your holographic realities with your physical ones. You will have to accommodate your new energetic existence, your new LightBody with forming crystals in it, constantly shifting from tuning modes, transmitting modes, receiving modes…as your new body vibrates in and out of dimensions. Challenging and confusing is an understatement for awhile.

You will have to limit external stimuli more to avoid overload, as you won’t be able to subject yourself to the density of the old like before. You are not the old carbon-based human like before. You are learning a whole new existence and it’s nothing like it was before.

You will start to realize that you cannot do the old things anymore, that the energy of everything complete affects you now, yet in a different way than before. It’s not an emotional experience, it’s a “that inspires me, that depletes me, that contributes, that takes, that is open, that is closed, that is resistant, that is imposition, that is selfish/needy, that is awesome, that’s not….”

You will start to realize that where you focus your energy, that’s what materializes in your physical reality…. you will start to realize that you are vibrating in and out of different realities and each one has a different outcome…. you will start to see that all of this IS YOUR CREATION and you are the one that is RESPONSIBLE for all. You will start to see with new eyes/vision… THE ENERGY OF ALL.

You will hear/see/feel love, purity, truth in a very different way. It’s not with the words anymore, it’s the vibration that others transmit out… not what they actually say. This will be confusing for awhile, for it takes you awhile to understand they they are not conscious of themselves yet, they do not realize they are lying to themselves, being disrespectful, living by old programs that are not true… You can hear/see/feel their subconscious… they may or may not be in-tune/be aware….. This is just one of your gifts as a multitude of gifts return, subtly at first… stronger as you exist from purity within your own self.

You will see their human’ness, you will be provided an opportUNITY to become a higher self guide, to step beyond your own human’ness… you will see how inner-mingled human realities are, how much lack there still is…. You will see the patterns/themes, you will realize how selfish humans are and how they cannot share, do not step up to support and still try to live in lack/fear…… You will see how much humans project out unconsciously…..

When you finally leave the matrix realities that all awaken to, you will see the unconscious dimensional realms, yet you will no longer live there. You will have capabilities you did not have before. You will be provided with opportunities you did not have before. You will step fully into service in a whole new way. It will no longer be about you anymore… it will be about what you came here to BE and DO and you’ll “learn” (remember) how to BE and DO simultaneously… as you MASTER ALL REALITIES…. and merge your holographic existence with the physical one.

The POWER you hold is immense, yet it’s through the PURITY OF LOVE and you realize how much you signed up for before incarnating/walking in here. You also can tell when all is pure and when it is not. You won’t have any desire for anything less anymore in your own physical reality world.

Your relationships have to be PURE for you connect from the depths of your soul and others that don’t have this capability, you won’t have anything in common with them anymore. You won’t desire to pretend or have shallow exchanges and you’ll let all go easier, for you do not “need” anyone or anything to fill your space anymore.

Deep profound purity, deep profound love, deep profound respect and honor… these are not as “deep” anymore… They are our natural and organic existence here. Our core is our entire BEing, fully exposed, fully visible, fully present… and anything less a whole different dimension that we don’t vibrate into anymore…

Vibrational existence will change your whole world. You will learn to function all over again…. a whole new way… in every moment of every day…. Nothing will be the same as you integrate/merge/embody all of your aspects in your physical here.

So very much love as Pure Divine Souls holding Heaven in place on NEW Earth all in one physical space now.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Vibrating In And Out Of Dimensions


As the Super Masculine Guys/Men Wake-Up Your Roles Change ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown



I find it interesting to experience/observe. I can see their desire to expose/honor their hearts, yet their confusion at losing their masculine persona if they do. I can see their beauty, magnificence and purity of their soul and their not knowing how to BE a MAN and feel all this stuff emerging within them. I can also see them put stronger walls up trying their best to hold on to old realities not true anymore, fear of feeling, hurt, failure and losing control, letting anyone in, being let down, abandoned, judged….. which do not occur on NEW Earth.

It is no different than when we woke up (women and feminine energy men), yet it is, for they’ve lived this life of strength, of being powerful, of being strong and surviving everything. For the really really masculine energy man (or women, but we are talking about men right now), their softness brings forth fear of vulnerability….. which is so totally the opposite, for we must allow ourselves that rawness/that vulnerability in order to truly feel again, to bring the walls of protection down, to not live in the fear of being alone….

When our soul awakens, we desire connection, deeply, yet we seek it in others first. Experience after experience activates our unworthiness, feeling of not-good-enough, lack of intimate lasting connection, rejected for not being “enough” in others minds, where they are not in-tune with their own sacred soul.

WE are in the vibrations of the very masculine man awakening now…. more and more. It’s important to support them, show them that they can be masculine and honor their soul at the same time. It’s important to open up and share, to show them it’s safe to be seen. It’s important to not impose, not pressure, not push… just hold the space for them to open up on their own and not feel threatened as they do. It’s important for the women to support the men now, yet in very different ways than before.

Those who have opened their hearts KNOW that our relationships are very different here. We do not hold attachments, cords, expectations or needs anymore. All New Earth relationships are powerful, beautiful, freeing, supportive, empowering, inspiring and a co-creative experience of in-service to ourselves, each other and all on earth. They are to usher in the new era, this one now, through unity, peace, respect, support, contribution and Divine Love.

Many men have been trying to wake up, going through their distortions, shedding old human needs and exchanging them for new desires to take their place in this new world now. The more human masculine energy, the more safety, protection and survival mechanisms there were. Judgment is huge and it’s scary when your whole world starts to change for you and you don’t have a choice anymore.

Women, it’s your time to step-up, to BE the one that already understands. To BE the one who holds that space and the STABILITY in place. When the old starts to collapse, crumble, dissolve, when emotions start to surface that you didn’t know were there, when nothing makes sense and you don’t understand why you can’t keep it together anymore and be the one that everyone could depend on physically…. we all know what this is like… we’ve been there.

We’ve been through the collapse to move into creation of the new. To re-birth ourselves, our own realities and now the men do this too. There are many who were not ready before, yet those times (vibrations) are gone. You will start to see more men awaken, especially the strong ones, and the fear of “how” to deal with this… part of your job as an Ascended BEing, as a Master BEing, as a Light Tower and a Keeper of NEW Earth is to not just hold the space but show them how it’s all not only going to be okay, it’s going to be awesome.

It doesn’t matter what body we are in, female or male. Men now identify with their masculine bodies as an expectation that they are supposed to be the strong one, the providers, the one’s that don’t break…. when we know better….

When the soul awakens, the human aspect does break/dissolve, and it doesn’t matter what bodies we are in. This process is genderless… We all have human masculine, human feminine and we have Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine too.

Relationships built or formed out of unconsciousness collapse, end, re-shape or transform, often all of these….. Some go their separate ways while each evolves, awakens, dies/re-births/grows up as Spirit/Soul in physical body form.

Many women’s/partner’s/friend’s roles will be to support others and super masculine man now ready to open up. Just because they struggled before, resisted before, doesn’t mean they still are/will. When you show them (WayShower) that you can handle it, you can be the support, you can even be the provider if need be, then they can honor themselves without the weight of everyone depending on them to do it all by themselves anymore.

As masculine/feminine are re-defined, according to ENERGY and that each can fill all of these roles themselves, then the balance can shift easily, and each as they honor themselves and step up into their own roles, can support others ready to do this too.

Financial support is also a part of this, which can be emasculating if viewed through human eyes. When one realizes that money is just energy to support us all, they let go of the mis-perceptions and definitions once held by who did what role. In the old paradigm, Money was associated with power, which was a masculine thing. NOW money is an expression of gratitude, love, respect, contribution and is to support those stepping into/fulfilling their SOUL’s Purposes and Roles here. When the focus is taken off of money and put on what is truly important, the SOUL, then each can flourish, each can receive, each can share, each contributes the ENERGY of what is important to create a whole new reality of UNIFIED EXISTENCE here.

Strength is through the purely open true warrior heart. Power is the knowledge and wisdom that comes through your own connection AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT within. Abundance is an existence. Divine Sacred Love is what makes the difference here. Union is when Souls come together, to work together, to be together and to bring forth realities consciously together. We all have to/had to do this ourselves so that we could create/anchor/hold the foundation of a whole new/remembered existence here.

Your SOUL can see the awakening Soul of another. You can expand the space or shut it down/close portals. What’s appropriate will be determined by how conscious, present and open each is…. As a Master, you have the capability to see, understand and do more than you did as a limited and lacking human. Your energy makes the difference…………. They are going to need to pull away, be alone, sleep and have someone to talk to without being judged. The human aspect doesn’t believe it’s safe to open up, without being attacked, judged or imposed upon. It’s up to you to show that it is. Masculine energy believes it when they see it. You prove it by BEing your higher self all of the time. Their soul will emerge as you do.

Higher Consciousness Existence. I love you.

Lisa Transcendence Brown
NEW Earth Guardian, Author, Speaker, Embodied Soul, WayShower




++ Understanding Our Divine Feminine And Divine Masculine Energies

++ Divine Balance-The Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine

Multi-Dimensional Existence: From Invisible to Visible Evolution: Inside First – Then Outside ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown



Today the energies are “quiet”, very busy, softly working on a cellular level… no blasting, no huge anything…. just there… some may notice deep cellular cleansings occurring, others may notice other things. These act as a reprieve “between” the huge upgrades/re-calibration cycles we’ve been going through. Some may find it’s time to breathe, while others experience something completely different (which is how multi-dimensionality works). Everyone in a different dimension, experiencing completely different realities now.

These are working through the galactic star being/crystalline lightbody structure.

The words this morning were “re-gridding”…..

There have been no “breaks” for awhile, as we’ve been upgrading/anchoring/integrating at the highest pace ever and this shall continue to increase substantially as we go. Yet there are moments, sometimes a couple of days when we are preparing for a HUGE SUPER QUANTUM TIMELINE JUMP where things “settle down”…. this could be one of those phases… We will know as we go.

So, as we prepare to move into the next phase, prepare for the next huge jump, prepare for the next vibrational reality to materialize…. pay attention, observe your focus, observe what distractions you allow/participate in (virtual or immediate physical reality/with your thought/emotional energy), what it takes to get your attention/get your heart open/get you motivated…. you’ll start to realize what you “require” in your own reality and you’ll start to see how to RE-TRAIN physical realities all-together and create the ones you DO DESIRE vibrationally to receive/experience now.

This is all about “where you function from”……… Which dimensional aspect of you in most prominant all of the time? Which aspects do you hold within you AS A WAY OF BEING all of the time? Which aspects make your decisions, which ones dictate your reality, your vibrations…. which aspects do you EMBODY and HOLD THE VIBRATION OF …. do you HOLD the ABILITY to maneuver/oscillate between them simultaneously…. all of them… with balance, grace and ease?

Total presence with yourself, within your physical reality, total awareness and total command…..Each aspect of you serves a different purpose, holds different gifts/capabilities, has different “powers”, and exists in a different dimension, with it’s own realities. The more aspects you embody, the more realities you get to choose from, the more physical realities you get to experience here. For awhile it will be confusing, for you activate/birth these aspects, to “learn” (remember) how to BE this aspect fully, in your every moment. Each aspect that you BECOME FULLY provides you this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G opportUNITY to actually EXPERIENCE that physical reality here. First holographically/virtually, for your mind has to S-T-R-E-T-C-H and your physical body DNA/Genetic Coding/Template must re-calibrate/reconfigure to this NEW CONSCIOUSNESS. Much is changing FOR YOU as you intentionally hold these higher states of consciousness more. As you embrace this “new way of BEing and existing” OVER your old limited/contracted/fix mentality human one.

Each aspect of you has a different purposes, different talents/skills, different capabilities, different “abundances”…. YOUR JOB is to UNIFY to all of these, continually, ever evolving into higher consciousness states, so that your physical can re-align for you, continually too.

When you work/function/live/exist IN UNISON with ALL again, there is no separation in anything. The illusion of time ceases and the delays between dimensions completely collapse/unify for you too. This continual collapse/convergence/unification continues “faster now” and constantly now. In your sleep state and your waking one, the sleep state offers you many opportunities to do much, as does your waking one. How conscious/super conscious you are determines how you intentionally utilize these states.

As a non-linear being you can work linearly with great ease. As your crystalline structure becomes fully operational, streaming light through you, your Crystalline DNA/Particles offer a NEW ENHANCED way of BEing/Functioning now. Your entire existence changes. You become a SUPER Living Breathing Organic Living Bio-Organism with Crystals weaved through you that give you the capability to PROCESS, TRANSMIT, RECEIVE RE-CODE/DE-CODE, AND ACCESS to INTELLIGENCE beyond what your human had the ability to understand. Your ability for all to BE SIMULTANEOUS comes through your CONTINUALLY EVOLVING PHYSICAL BODY FORM.

Your Entire physical make up, both your body and physical world, goes through a complete overhaul process. Deconstruction/Dissolution of the old (unconscious), Re-Calibration/Re-Configuration/Upgrades and Re-Construction with a whole new foundation, Re-Building everything according to HIGHER LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS from within.

This OVERHAUL takes “separation of time”, for it’s a huge process and there was much unconsciousness/density in every way. You awaken to new dimensions, new experiences, new remembrances, as your soul/higher selves/spirit awakens from within you. As you “practice continually” how to not forget/go unconscious again, your body starts to hold the vibrations of your new existence and you start to WALK IN THESE OTHER DIMENSIONS easier. First, everything is off-balance, foggy/groggy/fuzzy, confusing and you’ll question which reality is which. There will be little difference in the open-eyed/sleep state at times. Eventually “they flip & merge”, which is a continual process as well. As you EMERGE on NEW Earth, you anchor your HIGHER SELVES inside and all around you starts to MATCH THESE FREQUENCIES….

The floating will eventually balance out, as you acclimate to these higher frequencies. YOUR NEW EARTH will be “more real” more often, as you EMBODY ALL OF THESE DIFFERENT ASPECTS INSIDE OF YOU………. in everything you BREATHE and DO. Your new way of BEing is peaceful, beautiful, magnificent, magical, amazing, brilliant, full of joy, appreciation, gratitude and deep SACRED RESPECT.

Your NEW EXISTENCE is one you “forgot” as you walked as an unconscious human in an old matrix of fixed limitations that you once believed, participated in, supported, kept going with your own energy, until you were ready to leave it all behind and move on.

To your human, this will be wondrous…. to your SOUL, you already know all of this, it’s easy and heart-expanding beyond. You find that you have absolutely NO DESIRE for the old anymore…. and it’s very easy to let anything unconscious go/dissolved….. so that the next amazing reality can materialize in your physical reality now. You realize that you just keep anchoring/holding light, keep upping your vibration, sleeping to integrate, keep BEING-DOING IN-SERVICE fully and it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo easy!

You see how your human resistance kept you from IN-JOYING BLISS, MAGIC, ABUNDANCE AND RAINBOWS all of the time. You finally get it! Wow…… and it’s sooooooooooooo simple.

Human complicated it all… convinced itself this was hard, fought the process, tried to control, needed to know first, held on to separation, identities, beliefs … out of fear of the unknown because it was not VISIBLE yet. Visibility is through MASSIVE CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION and holding that all of the time. Visibility is energetic at first, then it materializes. The ability to SEE HOLOGRAPHICALLY comes through going within, through opening your heart fully, through the activation of your multi-faceted diamond Pineal Gland and all of those crystals in your body (Christed Consciousness/God Consciousness/Galactic Consciousness/Soul Consciousness)….

First you must REMEMBER HOW TO (Lucid) DREAM……….. first you must sleep, relax, chill out, get out in nature, slow down, drift, imagine, desire, aspire and expect awesome… Then you must dedicate/commit/make it happen/do what it takes…. Then you can do these simultaneously too…. It becomes a natural process without “thinking”…….. It’s “just the way it is”. Magical and awesome all of the time.

This is not the “fluffy” way … for it takes alot of “work” on our part to bust through/obliterate those old programs. Sometimes “work” is just BEing and doing nothing but expanding and staying expanded until we can move around and function from that expanded space. Mastering BEing & DOing is an art in itself… a continual one, as we are always moving into higher vibrations, so we continually have to re-calibrate to BE/DO more…… it’s a part of our Evolution as THE NEW EARTH HUMAN…. a hybrid, part human flesh/form, part crystals, part star particles, part Atlantean/LeMUrian/Galactic, part Holy/Sacred, part Angels/Elohim/Arch Angels, part God, Goddess, Christed, and sooooooooooooooo very much more. Each part has it’s own DNA/Genetic Encodements and this is what goes on inside your body on a continual basic…. BECOMING more of your true you, many exquisite PURE ASPECTS merging in your physical body form.

Your human fights this process, tries to control it, “thinks” there is something wrong/to fix. It doesn’t yet understand the process fully that is occurring, it cannot accept this is mega-important and must occur to bring everyone into an EVOLVED EXISTENCE. Your Higher Self/Soul will embrace, honor, assist, support, allow…. it does already know/understand. Which experience you have will be dependent on which version you are functioning as IN EVERY MOMENT.

Get ready loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got a whole lot of awesomeness to BE/DO/Share. Honor your process and you. Observe and decide how it is you desire to experience everything now. ♥

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian of NEW Earth & Re-Educator through Higher Consciousness Existence NOW




AS An Ascended BEing: Capability & Capacity ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Saphira Amourr_Ascencion


AS an Ascended BEing….. you will hold a vibration of all things “higher realms” within your being….. You will have cap-abilities and the capacity for things that you did not, as a separated human….

As a human, perceptions were distorted and skewed. There were beliefs that kept all separated, in competition, living in survival, lack, powerless and blaming others. Those times are gone. It’s time to take your power back. As love. As light. Through Sacred Purity.

The human body goes through a process as one physically ascends. This process is a powerful one, one that removes/overrides the human’s ability to hold this separation anymore.

The embodiment of Christed (Crystalline/Crystal) Consciousness is the dissolution of fear and lack programs. It brings forth abilities through your memories of your existences, which come through profound feeling, energetically and holographically, as your heart opens to release all that it once held. There will be deep emotions surfacing as your cells purify and cleanse and your heart opens fully again.

Meanwhile, this is a very physiological process, as it messes with your mind. This is the point, for your human cannot understand this part. What goes on with your body as it activates in light. Where there is fear and lack of power, the assumptions of what all of this is will also be attributed to everything other than “I’m detoxing, cleansing, upgrading, re-configuring, de-densifying, re-calibrating according to higher-light consciousness, according to my soul/star codes, I’m evolving in light, I’m expanding my consciousness, my body is going through a huge transformation process and THIS IS NORMAL………………”.

This phase we all have already entered, it’s going to be a beyond POWERFUL one for all. This is going to challenge many mindsets, remove many’s ability to maintain control. The human won’t slow down, won’t let go, won’t sleep. “This” is an inconvenience in their schedule and the things they “think” are more important…..

Treating your evolution process as an inconvenience will only cause you great di-stress. This resistance alone, causes the muscles in the body to tighten down. It causes your mind to close and you stop listening to your body, until your body SCREAMS at you, starts to fight back and completely overrides your ability to maintain control over a process that your human does not understand.

YOUR SOUL DOES though. It totally knows, it totally gets it… yet if you don’t open up to listen and honor, you are the one who suffers through the intensity…….

This is a REVERSAL of all that was done as a separated, disconnected, lost, shut off, stubborn and lack-filled human. This is a REVERSAL, which means that your whole life must come to a halt (zero point) and everything must be reversed. Everything you did from a disconnected state you will have to re-do/do from a connected one.

You do not exist on NEW EARTH and stay disconnected from your SOUL/SOURCE….. You do not get to run the show as a human anymore. You do not get to say that THIS IS NOT AS IMPORTANT ANYMORE….. you do not get to choose unconsciousness over consciousness anymore…..

ASCENDED EARTH now requires that your physical body upgrade to match these higher light frequencies now. In order to physically exist in your body, FULL INTEGRATION must occur. This process is rigorous as it moves through every body part, every cell…. This light stimulates, triggers distortions, activates your new realities and collapses your old ones….. Your human will resist, hold on, try to fight…. this will cause you and everyone in your reality world to suffer or to have to deal with the reality that had to occur to wake you up, get your heart open, so that your soul could emerge……..

SOUL AWAKENINGS……. wreak havoc on the human reality, yet are the most profound experiences when you allow yourself to FULLY EXPERIENCE them, with every fiber and particle of your being…..

SOUL AWAKENINGS … will challenge everything you believed as true. They will show you how “off” you were, how distorted that was and how you were asleep and didn’t understand…..

SOUL EMBODIMENT….. this is the hugest undertaking you will ever experience here. This is where you BECOME MULTI-DIMENSIONAL again….. You actually walk in multiple dimensions and bizarre is an understatement as you sleep to wake up, as you anchor light in your physical body and it goes haywire trying to re-wire everything, re-do everything, re-code everything, re-calibrate everything….

HOLDING ALL OF THIS IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY VESSEL and expanding it out, holding all of the new realities in place, living a whole new existence that transcends all that you could imagine or believe…. will challenge everything within you.

YOU will HOLD THE CAPACITY for more than all around you do. You will hold this sacredness, this profound love, integrity and respect, no matter what others do or say…. this is not about them, this is about you and your CAPABILITY to maintain the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS – at all times……….

Just because others are unconscious, doesn’t mean you get to be. You don’t get to shut your heart down, give your power away, go small, forget, try to protect, live in fear…. you don’t get to hold any lack ever again………

As an Ascended BEing, you hold all in place. You are an anchor point of NEW EARTH and it’s up to you REMEMBER fully, through your heart and not listen to old mentalities and judgments of others…. for when you do, you disconnected again.

You do not get to disconnect from SOURCE anymore. You ARE SOURCE, and the amount of power is immense. The amount of love is too. The amount of wisdom and knowledge comes forth, this is for you to share…. You do not get to keep things for yourself anymore, for a UNIFIED BEING does not hold themselves separate from anything…..

AFTER you have pulled away and built your power from inside, connected with this profound love, floated in the higher realms long enough to disconnect from the matrix and to truly understand, you will start to see/know HOW you are to contribute, what you are here to be and do. This is the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and it’s very different than human feminine and masculine. One comes from distortion and separation, the other comes from purity and all things powerful again. First, you must go through this phase of BEing, pulling away, feeling this sacred love, SEEING the purity in all things, then it’s time to apply this knowledge to your every day life. As you anchor your higher selves inside of you, there is a process where you have to BE HIGHER SELVES at all times, without the separation ego mindsets in control…..

BEING A HIGHER SELF is different than consulting or channeling one. It means you don’t have anyone to ask what to do anymore…. It means you are the one that has to always come from integrity, respect, love, kindness and stand in your power, without the distortions anymore.

You no longer get to blame, point the finger or be a victim to anything outside…. you are RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for everything……

You have to HONOR your feelings at all times and the feelings of others, you have to DO in balance and until you can DO this, you’ll go back & forth between aspects, many of them… you’ll play out every role, you’ll feel like you’ve lost it many times until you get the hang of how all of this goes…..

Now, honor is different here. Standing in honor to all as one is very different than honoring others, for the human did not honor itself equally/first too. Some never honored others, only cared about themselves, some had honor, but forgot about themselves…. this is HONOR TO ALL….. according to what is always “right” inside….. Which is often harder than just going small and being quiet…. Sometimes you have to STAND UP and speak from love for yourself to re-balance all of the imbalances of all of your existences where you did not.

Transcendence is a re-balancing, a unification of all back into sacred peace and love. It is transcending all things human to EXIST AS A HIGHER SELF BEING in physical form here. It is this understanding that does not require anything outside to occur. For TRANSCENDENCE occurs inside when you’ve MASTERED all AS PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE AND POWER AGAIN.

POWER is different here. It’s not being loud or over powering others. It is taking your power back and holding it…. through the POWER OF LOVE that you HOLD for yourself and all others as one. POWER is not allowing the old unconscious programs to continue to play. POWER is DIVINE and subtle, soft and silent often. The only time POWER isn’t, is when you must pull your power from within and expand it out huge to hold a reality in place and to break a human program/resistance that imposes out of lack of respect.

WE get BIG, we expand huge, we need not be loud… for there is no human that is a threat anymore…. Human is weak, therefor it camouflages this weakness with other things. When you can see the fear, the hurt, the judgment… you just deal with those… instead of what is being projected out. You call it like it is… Pure and simple. From a place of non-judgment, yet from a place of acknowledging the others feelings and holding them accountable for their actions… for human’s don’t like this part… and it’s up to us to hold the new realities in place….

YOU CAN BE LOVE and POWERFUL all at the same time, without being disrespectful or lashing out. Those are reactions of the human aspect. You can HOLD higher consciousness realities in place, yet you are the one that must BE higher consciousness in order to do this, for when other’s vibrations drop, you must expand…. When others shift to an unconscious vibration, you shift into a higher one….. THIS IS PART OF MASTERY…. You don’t hold the triggers anymore……

AS your Ascended Aspects, your human just dissolves… you unify it inside as well and it holds no power anymore. When your human holdsno power, then other humans cease to hold this too. You will find that your power is silent and your love…. this emits from your energy field. Your peace emits. Your kindness emits in tones and frequencies that can be felt. You need not speak at all. This is OUR TELEPATHY….

You will find that through the simplicity of your soul, your gifts return organically, naturally and you DO them as a natural way of existing… They are just a part of who you are and how you function….

You have INFINITE GIFTS as a SOUL… that you will share as a part of BEING in all that you DO. Infinite is an existence….. As a Fully Ascended BEing here.

As your body ascends, your higher selves de-scend into you…. all of your aspects returned and unify within you, and your SOUL IS WHOLE AGAIN…. This wholeness repairs your physical body, heals all that was less… Healing a human word for something broken or needing to be fixed. Ours is is “whole again”, no more separation….. for Disconnection is what caused the body to shut down, the depletion of PURE SOURCE LIGHT, the body can no longer function without the LIGHT OF SOURCE to run through it and it is this light that now weaves through the body, through the bones, through the blood and purifies, awakens, stimulates and activates everything that was asleep.

Your body is evolving into an organic, intelligent, bio-living organism, activating Crystals/Chrystalline in your DNA and every part of your body. These crystals hold encodements, knowledge, information, they also re-work how your whole body works/functions, every system in your body taken offline and then brought back online repeatedly …..

Your entire body structure/infra-structure will be re-worked for you. Unless you are present, listening, honoring…. you are not going to get it… Your body speaks to you when you are in-tune, when you care to listen, when you just allow…. let go of the need to control and you actually LOVE YOUR BODY as a living being here to support you and bring you through to these other dimensions that you did not have access to before.

First in your sleep, then your waking one….. Your mind has to adapt, be stretched, challenged in order to expand to encapsulate the vastness of all of all of these different processes that occur as you evolve back and into an Avatar Light BEing here.

There is a difference between the moment you activate that consciousness, you expand into it, contract again, embody and hold that whole vibration. There is the separation of human time, how long it takes you to become that aspect being in everything that you do/are/breathe. Each aspect has different characteristics, different feelings and you are here to activate everyone of them and hold them fully…………..

This is a process, that every moment determines how much you embody in all that you are….. Your initiations are continual until you complete that process. BEing multi-dimensional is more than claiming words of that… it is you BEING IT… fully…. there is a huge difference. One is human ego the other is your true and pure you. One claims it, the other could not care less, for that is ego too. To our human this is mind-blowing, to us it is simple and how it has always been. The only need to speak/write the words are to empower others to understanding and doing this too.

Human’s have judgments that keep them from these experiences, these existences…. there are old mis-perceptions…. all of those have to go if you desire to re-claim your existences an WALK ON NEW EARTH FULLY NOW.

You must embrace and let all of that separation go. You don’t get both. Human will run dualistic programs. It will run more than one belief not realizing that you cannot hold separation and be unified too. You cannot say you believe in one thing and do the opposite. You cannot speak unlimited and live in lack…. Those are polar opposites, yet the human does do this. You must FEEL everything you speak to see if it is actually true for you now. You must listen to your words, when you justify, when you try to convince…. for anytime you do this, you are the one that doesn’t believe/trust fully yet.

Your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE requires your presence, you to observe from another dimension so that you can see the illusions and distortions. At first you float higher and you look down, then you just expand and through consciousness exist outside looking in. Eventually you are in all spaces observing from multiple dimensions, seeing the multitude of parallels, universes, realities and you are realizing how untrue everything was and how no one had a clue…. Yet it’s not up to you to prove to others, to try to convince or impose…. It’s up to you to honor your new truth and share it openly so that others can feel it and be activated through this powerful love too.

Human’s are push and impose, even become bully’s…. and you will find more of this occurring as their realities dissolve…. They will try hard to hold onto the old/fixed/safe…. for they do not like surprises from the unknown. They do not like not being able to control the outcome, they want to know first, “get theirs first” before they commit or do…. Everything is backwards here…This is not how any of this works….

Controlling an outcome means that you take care BEFORE YOU TRANSMIT OUT…. and that what you transmit out will deliver a RETURN that is only awesome, magical, amazing and abundant…. When you transmit sacred love, power, respect, when you support, share, contribute…. then these are the vibrations you RECEIVE…. when you are generous without lack or need, this is what you receive….

There are ratios and equations for receiving too and it’s dependent on how much/what you transmit out. If you are only doing enough to get by, this is what you receive. The KEY (ancient key code) is to do MORE from LOVE for humanity, MORE without constraints or expectations, MORE because you really truly desire to contribute and make a difference and you realize that where you put your energy, this is what triggers you to receive……

EVERYTHING COUNTS HERE…. every little bit, yet the more you DESIRE to FULLY EXIST ON NEW EARTH…. you more you have to contribute and support freely, generously, abundantly… without needing anything in return. You do not do for you, you do for ALL and you receive proportionately ….. you receive when you vibrate into that reality where “that” already exists…………..

Vibrational existence cannot be controlled by human limitations. Those shut down all ability to receive. When you remove the limits yourself, you become unlimited….

Vibrational existence cannot be controlled by human limitations. Those shut down all ability to receive. When you remove the limits yourself, you become unlimited…. s too. As SOULS WE SPEAK completely different than the human aspect does. We need not words, for those are limited as well. That’s why it takes so many words to speak to the human, for we must incite a feeling that resonates, we must paint a picture so that they can see, we must describe in a way that makes sense, for realities are not linear here.

They must feel our soul through our words, we must explain what does not make logical sense to the heart…..

Quantum Mechanics, Logistics, Algorithms, Equations, Ratios, Chemical Compounds, Atoms, Physical Matter and Universal Laws of Physics, Energy, Vibration…. all become simple here….

Intelligence streams through the light and crystals throughout your enhanced body, through your cells…. This we bring forth to share for all of our evolution here. Each one of us with knowledge to contribute, far beyond our human capabilities before. All held within you, activated every time you exist from your pure heart. The neural pathways open, your pineal gland continually activated….

This dimension is a culmination of all dimensions merged into one. Your continually expanded state gives you access to all simultaneously, yet not every once in a while, all of the time, for you do not contract back down anymore. Your body continually upgrades and integrates at a ridiculous rate and you are able to function in every state, optimally…. slowing down when huge upgrades/integrations need to occur… Then you come back online stronger, more vibrant, with more abilities, more knowledge, more everything than before.

Honor your EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS…. honor you. As your value system is overhauled, dismantling the old and reconstructing a whole new one, according to higher light consciousness, what you value will change. You will have value, you will value you, you will value sacred above all. As a SOUL it’s all about honor, respect, integrity, kindness, compassion, generosity, support, contribution, connection… yet it all has to start from and emanate from you… for you to receive these attributes in every part of your physical reality here. YOU must HOLD THESE…. and allow others to do the same, then you REQUIRE IT, otherwise you are compromising and not being honorable, respectful, loving to you if you keep allowing less…

Your entire existence will be transformed…. and your human doesn’t get to enter-fear ….

Understanding how all of this works are in your own ancient key-codes in your dormant DNA and float around in your own energy field. It’s up to you to unlock these. This is done vibrationally and as you achieve all from within. Each must go inward to unlock everything…. It’s a requirement …. and the human avoids going in because it has judgment and fear….. it fears freedom, it fears bliss, it fears magic and amazingness…… It avoids the beauty and surprises of our new existence…. all because it wants to control and cannot honor a process that is going to occur no matter what…..

How each experiences is based upon the amount of resistance, need to know, avoidance and and fear energy held. For the moment the heart opens fully, all of this falls away and the soul emerges and everything can re-align again. ♥

Stargates are active loves. Get your Quantum Timeline Jumping Boots on…. We are doing super jumps daily now! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Transformational Speaker, Embodied Light BEing, The Pure Ones, Ancient Key-Code Holder




Foundations Are Being Rocked & Re-Aligned According to NEW Earth Existence for All… ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

tatiana plakhova_earth grid

art by Tatiana Plakhova


Aloha beautiful light family!

A Quick Update for for what’s going on “out there”…. in a multitude of dimensional realities….

Utter and complete chaos for many, as all inside is up-heaved. Deep emotional energies triggered by an “event”…. Many “spiritual” realities being rocked by something/whatever is necessary to move one out of the old unconscious (false/fake) realities and into a higher frequency dimension where those old programs cannot exist anymore….

The energy lately has been all intentionally over the place, so presence with self, more time to self, more space for self, more love and care for self is necessary when these deep turmoil energies get stirred. The frequency activations lately are going deep, with precision and straight for the jugular for many. Their fixed mentalities becoming visible to not be true anymore….

When the human’s separation/dis-illusions get triggered, the first focus is on “that out there”. Lots of finger pointing (externally or internally), lots of confusion inside, lots of turmoil and judgment…. for shaking someone’s old fixed belief system realities and separation inside… their world has to be shaken to loosen the grip that the human insistence, resistance and stubborness holds it in place…. Something has to break it all free, something has to awaken the higher-self-soul further inside so that it can emerge, often after the human aspect goes deep into victim mode, gets angry and/or cries the tears, grieves, mourns, and spews “out” (projects) all of the disdain, hate/lack of love, all of the “what’s wrong with that world out there”…..

The moment something goes down, the higher self can emerge and one can become MORE conscious and realize what is truly occurring, or they can “fall” into unconsciousness…. lately there are many who speak consciousness from their head, yet go unconscious when their world gets rocked….. This is the DIVIDING LINE… all now have to walk it, be it, live it… fully….

When the foundation of who you think you are, what you think you are here to do, what you think others are gets shaken, human goes to lack, judgement, blame and fear….. For the foundation built on separation must collapse so that one can re-build a NEW foundation, from the inside…. based on pure divine essence love, based on inner “realness”, inner integrity, inner light, inner strength/power, inner honor, inner consideration, inner respect. Where one has compromised their own soul, THIS IS WHAT IS GOING DOWN BIGTIME right now…. this will continue…. as UNCONSCIOUSNESS as a Collective was awoken last September, and every Solstice/Equinox Wave is going deep, to shake everything apart that is not true and real….

Each wave starts earlier and lasts longer now and it’s stronger & more powerful than each one before…. The current wave 3 will just roll right into the next as all activates much earlier too… for we are still in the ripples out of the June Solstice…. The amount of light activating from the each epicenter is continually powerful and constantly emanating out.

Everyone asks for this to occur (consciously or unconsciously), yet when it really happens in their own reality world they are surprised…… Not one of us here is meant to live in separation anymore…. unconsciousness… lack….. fear…. judgment….. greed…. prisons to the old…… and the only way one escapes (transcends it) is to establish that connection to/AS SOURCE inside and not separate off ever again….

These times are testing that connection…. to see what all truly believe and hold inside…. where there is a crack, light is going to get in there and not only get in there, it’s going to go searching for the deep separation once hidden & buried….. for your entire being must be filled with pure light.

NEW Earth is here… it has been for a very long time. There is an entire reality of of all of us as higher-self dimensional beings walking around holding the NEW EARTH GRIDWORK in place….. always holding a space for the rest to emerge ready to hold their own space and not go unconscious again…… Every time you are conscious, you are already here.

WE can experience physical realities simultaneously and choose the one we PHYSICALLY EXIST IN….. we do not go back to unconsciousness when it presents…. We do not doubt anymore…for WE ARE NEW EARTH here…. our realities were created from inside, outside is a response to the programs held in your physical body……

In every moment each has the choice, the decision, the RESPONSE-ABILITY to choose….. In every moment our reality plays OUR OWN PROGRAM for us…. exactly what we NEED to become more conscious, more present, more aware, more light, more love…. pure love…. not the human love we used to “think” was real….

The love that we all are is beyond anything physical here. The light that we are is immense. The beauty, the exquisiteness, the magic…. it emerges/arrives/exists ABUNDANTLY as all remain conscious. Each has to choose to pull themselves out of human mindsets, and allow the emotions clear, observe the “separation thoughts” that surface for DEALING WITH….. Yes, for as MASTERS…. you deal with your own human mindsets yourself…. in every moment. You see the distortions and you change the program….. right then…. OR you sit in it until you get done….. This is part of your own Divine Masculine energy.

The words today were RADICAL CLEANSINGS…. brutal for many, because the time of “easy” for the unconscious continually expeditiously ends. The vibrations and cosmic/galactic frequency activations are mega-high every day… and are frequencies we were never able to access before. These go straight in and target every part of the physical body that still holds cellular memories of separation. These unanchor everything hidden. These bring everyone into the most amazing physical realities as FAST as they are ready to let go of/deal with/transcend the old…….

Many are finding their emotions running high… this is because nothing of the old gets to stay suppressed inside anymore. The frequency of ASCENDED EARTH continually increases huge daily, and every physical body walking the planet has to awaken at an increased rate now…. for anything less than PURITY must be physically detoxed & cleansed…..

In September we bring through WAVE 4, so every moment leading up to that will be preparing everyone for this. Everyone one of us having huge roles & purposes on NEW Earth here….. everyone must now embrace their own journey with the entirety of their own soul. Every aspect merging inside the body, no room at the inn for the little human to live anymore…

There are no “breaks” anymore, as there used to be, to stop and breathe and go unconscious…. Now everyone has to remain conscious while also clearing, cleansing and doing…. Simultaneous existence means everything present in this space right here…..

Realities will be all over the place as particles are charged, scatter and come back together to re-align to take new form and materialize in light here. Our higher light realities are constantly more stable, for that which is/was created through purity from within is now stronger than ever before. With every collapse of the old, a higher vibrational reality emerges to take it’s place. The foundation of NEW Earth stronger and stronger as it is being built by us & within us in every moment of every day.

Many are getting hammered in the lower back/root chakra/lower 1/2 of the body and the spine … for this is where stability, foundation, (old word was security), determination/drive/desire are located. Losing the distortions of these aspects so that they can come back pure… is a beyond huge process in our Evolution of Divine Self as a NEW Earth HUman in Crystalline LightBody form. We are constantly balancing out and re-calibrating the magnetics of the body. The brain & spine are continually upgrades as well (as is the rest of the body too). Communication/throat, senses enhancing (smell, sound/hearing, eyes/vision)…. Pineal activations are huge for all. These ultra-sonic frequencies activate everything….

As all start to understand how the realms equate to the physical body, everything starts to make sense. The entire universe and galaxies inside, the body upgrades for all to physically become multi-dimensional here. Every particle of the physical body activates in Quantum Photonic Light. Sleep is necessary to clear timelines & integrate, nature to connect/balance out, alone time is necessary all along the way in order to REMEMBER FULLY again…. ♥

More are stepping further into service now and this is another MASTERY phase as well. It is new challenges to utilize and implement your new practices on where you come from, where your focus is, what your beliefs and mentalities are and what you allow…. This will take you deeper into your core with challenges of MASTERING the inner and outer world now. You will be faced with every separated belief all over over again, from a very different place. Here, you see the separation in others and within yourself, you constantly step-up AS a CREATOR, AS SOURCE, AS A HIGHER SELF, AS AN UNLIMITED DIVINE & SACRED LIGHT BEING…. you constantly have to choose, be the example and you have to stop feeding the old broke mentality/lack consciousness in others here. For you must see your worthiness in a whole new way. You have to DO it, BE it, you have to share your gifts and you have “Learn” (Remember) how your UNIVERSE always provides for you, as you start to realize and understand how PHYSICAL ABUNDANCE works…  and how it’s always a response…♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦


It Is Time…


Jalai Lama_Connection

art by Jalai Lama

It is time for you to let go of the belief that you are broken, need to be fixed or anything is wrong…. It is time for you to take your power back, from inside and stop allowing the old ways, the old programs to run in your own reality world. It is time for you to listen to your own distortions, see what you were not willing to before. It is time for you to step-up, be visible, shine your light and STOP PLAYING SMALL. It is time for you to share your gifts, stand in your power and look for the magic out there. It is time for you to FEEL FULLY and let the old go…

It is time for you to hear your own stories, pay attention to your own focus, see what you are spreading, watch the energy transmit out of you and see how it affects and touches others. It is time for you to be RESPONSIBLE for your transmissions…

It is time for you to start to honor you, your physical body, the earth, all life. It is time for you to realize that your every breath is precious, that you are a gift and you are here to share you, and your gifts, with others.

It is time for you to understand that this is BIGGER than you can see, that you will always be provided that which you desire and need, yet it will be totally different than it was before.

Everything is dependent on you. Everything is in response to you. Everything is based upon your own limits, mentalities and beliefs. And as you release these old limits, you RETURN to physical abundance here.

As you stop holding out for yourself, thinking this is only about you and start opening up. As you start to connect through your HEART and stop letting your human run the show, as you USE THE NEW AWARENESS YOU HAVE to make a difference…

It is time for you to decide, for you to commit, for you to BE the ONE. It is time for you to stop waiting for everyone else. It is time for you to listen to your heart, go deep within your soul, be your higher self…. IN EVERY MOMENT… not just when it suits you…. That’s not how this is done….

You are here to EMBODY.. which is a great RESPONSIBILITY. You do not get to pretend you are unworthy, are not enough, don’t have enough. You don’t get to keep telling yourself those old stories and you don’t get to blame anyone one else anymore. You don’t get to point the finger out there, for “that” is showing you your own beliefs, mentalities, judgments….

Here you are to BE a WAYSHOWER TO ALL …. as Light. Here you have to wake up, become conscious, remember again. Here you have to live to your fullest potential, you have to be awesome and fully abundant again. Here you do not get to experience any less.

Here is very different than our old limited human existence. Here you have a gazillion gifts and your realities are weaved with magic, bliss and amazingness. Here you face the challenges as they present. Here you understand more than any limited human can understand. Here you have compassion without pity. Here you have power without mis-use. Here you can have physical world abundance because of where you come from and what you do with it. Here you are not less, you do not lack and there is nothing wrong with you. You cannot go backwards… Here you are always moving into a higher consciousness frequency bandwidth.

Here you REMEMBER… through your heart… and your mind is used differently. It’s used to process, as is your whole body. The crystals in your Crystalline Structure process light/light encoded information as it zooms through your body. You cleared your temple of the old emotions that kept you human. Now you are love and a kick-ass computer processor too. Here you process instantly, you need not think as the old human used to. Here you do not hold the separation anymore. Here it’s just an old program that emerges, yet gets no attention. Here it’s just a cellular cleansing when you need to cry, get angry or release. Here you don’t give power to it, you just honor it. And it’s fast. Often it’s just an energetic release, you don’t even need to stop. You can do a gazillion things at one time. This is how multi-dimensionality works. Other times, we are being tuned to a higher frequency and we cannot do a thing. We have to go offline, shut-down, upgrade, re-boot, do a full-template wipe, upgrade our processors… Yes, just like computers…

Here we process information, so we have to continually upgrade our processing skills. Crystals hold information, translate information and can be re-programmed. Here we are constantly reprogramming. Every moment… a new program. A new reality. A new timeline.

Physical realities are materialized programs. When you choose your own program, write your own program, activate new programs intentionally, you get to have more fun, be creative and injoy everything again. You are not subject to the old programs anymore, unless you allow something not in-alignment with higher consciousness existence… Then you get to experience it until you are done with it, have released the energy inside of you that created it and tuned to a different frequency to transmit a new program….

The more human one is, the less power there is, the more separation there is, the longer it takes to manifest according to dreams and desires, for the human still holds lack, fear, judgment and non-belief in their physical body. Everyone is here to transcend their own human’ness. Not to fight it, but to understand it and to not give their power to their little human or all of the unconscious humans out there…

Here, you return to love… you return to purity, you return to an existence forgotten and you evolve physically back into light. Your body holds more photonic light and you BECOME a Quantum BEing… Here you don’t just see it in your dreams… here you live it… everything is a dream. ♥ It’s a whole new existence…

It’s past time… for all to return to full consciousness existence again. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦



++ She Let Go

Exponential Evolution Now

Diamond tear drop


We’ve been running Pure Source through our Crystalline LightBody Structures for hours and it continues to increase now. Our crystals are operating at optimal capacity, with light and information zooming faster than the mind can comprehend. To tune into all of this light and utilize the experience to see all holographically is KEY.

I’ve been able to consciously travel through the Crystalline LightBody Structure (again), yet this time see how our Pineal Gland evolves. It starts out as a gland, we decalcify it over years of evolution here, activate the crystal inside. The pinecone is the layers (of the onion that many refer to, peeling back the layers), revealing the Eye of Horus, which gives us 360 degree range. Hidden deep in the center is a PURE DIAMOND, beyond multifaceted, the center of our ability to see (and experience) multi-dimensionally/multi-galaxy all from one physical space here. The heart must fully be open at all times and never shut down/wall up/close off again. This is imperative for FULL BODY FUNCTIONING and walking in multiple dimensions simultaneously. The challenge is MASTERING all of these in your physical reality, in ALL moments that converge as one and never separate off again.

I can see this, because I am looking at my own… and last night I asked to what point do we physically evolve. Sometimes we wonder how far we can take these physical bodies, with all that’s going on. Last night was huge in upgrades… To awaken with more knowledge of how all works.

Akashic Records, Living Holographically, Solidifying Holograms Intentionally.

The Liquid Crystalline Light courses through our veins. Our bones filled with crystals, shake, at a high productivity rate. Our “new” bodies infused with higher consciousness intelligence upgrades continually to function at optimum capacity. It does not look like what we thought it would. It’s being expanded and contorted to house a new existence. It re-vamps itself continually, based upon algorithms, equations and coded sequences within the Galactic Schematics and Enhanced Advanced Templates that constantly overlay for merging energetic consciousness with our structure here.

These Diamond Light Code Frequencies, Rainbow Frequencies, RAY Frequencies (Golden, Silver, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire) and more, activate every particle and aspect of you in a multitude of ways. Flames, Crystals, Essences and unlimited intelligence far beyond your old dimensional limited human one. We alternate between activation of various aspects until a “whole” process has completed for a merging inside to occur. It is through WHOLE Aspects merged as ONE that we function optimally from. Embodiment is a full-time and continually evolving process and “job”.

The pineal gland, heart and entire physical body work together as an intelligent and live conscious being. Your intentional super consciousness gives you access to all as it occurs simultaneously here.

Pineal gland, crystalline structure, liquid and electromagnetic plasma energy light…. You become a crystal recorder that plays holograms, transmits, receives and processes instantly, a Keeper of Records and Knowledge of all existences…. a walking breathing intelligent organism with “powers” (gifts/abilities) that were dormant when you were a sleeping human. All awakens and continually evolves as you do. Your physical body constantly re-configuring itself to function optimally as your new systems continually come back online.

There are days that it is physically challenging to function until these upgrades anchor and set in. Each must REMEMBER, this is why you are here and all is supported when you honor your own process fully from within. The external reality has already occurred in a higher vibrational frequency reality. When your number one objective, focus, commitment is to your own overall vibrational frequency and unification process, things become much easier. Your physical reality reshapes and reforms FOR you in response. You need not always know what/when/how. All you need is to know…. The rest occurs organic, naturally and magically.

Your entire existence does change. It completely transforms through light. Observing your own Crystalline LightBody Upgrades as they occur, will give you access to knowledge that you already hold inside. Presence through the activations is KEY.

You are RE-TUNING and UP-Tuning (Tuning UP) continually now. The power of these upgrades shall continue to increase substantially. How you do the journey, how you experience it, is totally up to you, what you commit to, what you do…..

Every moment is a response…. Your expanded consciousness (or unaware unconsciousness) dictates the experience you have in every nano-second here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Embodiment and Crystalline LightBody Evolution Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker all as Higher Consciousness Love & Wisdom Light




Big shifts/changes/timeline jumps, mean big things for all. ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Earth face transcending

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Big shifts/changes/timeline jumps, mean big things for all. What we do/don’t do and the energy and light that we hold. Becoming fully conscious pushes our limits, pushes us out of those safe/comfort zones. It’s supposed to… this is the point.

Here we don’t get safe, we don’t get to be small, we don’t get to continue to listen to the old unconscious made-up stories and “little human” mentalities of fear, lack, judgment anymore.

These higher frequency bandwidths and continual light activations require that you stand in your power as pure divinity and love again. These DO activate everything that is not okay, where you do not love and accept yourself, where you compromise to your own little human self….

Not one of this is about “out there”. “Out there” is so that you can see. It’s to show you what is possible, then show you where you are still limited and holding onto an old unconscious program and belief. The energy is stored inside your physical body and the longer held onto, the more it builds…. a breaking point necessary for the “big ones”… It’s about the energy that has to go…. not all of the things you’ve convinced yourself of or the external things you’ve wrapped stories around…..

We only “lose things” when we need to get a point. Physical realities shift as a response to us and FOR US. We do not lose things, we need the experience to bring us into consciousness, to help us see. Where one is conscious, we do not need the experience once we get it. We go straight to the energy inside of us and we deal with it. However appropriate. There are a multitude of ways to do this…these are called Mastery Tools.

The strong human limits and stories either go because we became conscious or we continue until there is a breaking point. The stronger the energy, the more breaking is necessary, unless we become conscious and break it/re-program it our self.

Clarity comes when we step back, pull away, get away and shift to just observing… watching the patterns, the themes, the cause/affect of all things energy…. AS A MASTER LIGHT BEING you can do this simultaneously, within you, IN THE MOMENT… from a place of UNIFICATION within yourself…. you need not separate off, unless you are sitting in separation already…. then you must SHIFT TO your HIGHER SELF ASPECT to observe all, resolve all for unification again to occur. When you are STANDING AS YOUR UNIFIED SELF, your head does not take over your heart any more… Your heart is always open and you just listen to your head. You synchronize your thoughts TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Unity Consciousness goes so far beyond just words. Unity Consciousness is all synchronized and unified to the frequency of love. Sometimes we have to stand in our powerful Divine Masculine to bring all into alignment again. Especially when we have a huge distortion…. WE must be stronger INSIDE than the energy of the distortion is……

These energies will continually push you to step into your power, be your magnificence, your abundant being self… fully exposed and visible…. you do not get to hide from your TRUE SELF here…. You do not get to sit in fear, procrastinate, not deal…. Those frequencies cannot exist in these higher frequencies of TOTAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

You are here to be vibrant, thrive and contribute…. you are here to be in-service with every breath… yes… every breath… Total consciousness is how you DO this, whether consciously sleeping to upgrade or consciously clearing out old untrue energies that represent lack of love, unity and peace…. Every breath conscious… You did not come here for anything less…

WE all are RETURNING, in every moment, to total consciousness… then the moment will shift.. a new timeline present and if anything is unconscious, we have to deal with it…

All along the way, there will be moments of “I wish I didn’t take the blue pill”, I don’t want to do this anymore, because becoming fully conscious is not easy…. and it will challenge everything of little human that you ARE not anymore….

The moment you are truly done, things will start to shift… You are not done until you are done… you keep re-creating it to keep occurring again. The difference is the external reality won’t support unconscious loops anymore… The gridwork of unconsciousness collapsed last year and there’s nothing in the physical that will support those old realities anymore….

These frequencies will continue to take everyone deeper into their galactic soul self core. If it is not PURE, if it is not love, if it is not inner power…. It will become visible here. This is an opportUNITY to see, to release, re-tune, transcend… this is a GIFT, so embrace it… Everything is important here.

I love you guys. Have an amazing everything.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Embodiment Guide

Your new realities on NEW Earth already exist. Peace, Unity, Love and Galactic Cities…

Star Gate Consciousness

Your new realities on NEW Earth already exist. Peace, Unity, Love and Galactic Cities… already built and working cohesively, in brilliant abundance, magnificent union as love, peaceful compassion, kindness and far beyond your imagination can dream.

Your arrival is through your vibration and the light that you hold. Your embodiment allows you this experience in your physical. Your access to the other dimensions is first through etheric means, yet as your physical body lightens, de-densifies, unifies back to higher consciousness existence, you physically vibrate into these realities.

The “hard part” is your awareness and what you DO in every moment. The challenge is for you to maintain full consciousness and not go unconscious again. The task is for you to hold light… PURE DIVINE ESSENCE AND POWERFUL LIGHT within your physical body structure and to release all of the old unconscious imprints held within your cellular memory. Your “job” is to be aware of yourself and your ability to MASTER ALL THINGS ENERGY AGAIN.

Not one bit of this is about anyone else… yet it is… for that which you allow is your mirror, your reflection and shows you what you hold within. That which causes you to waiver in your own inner faith and trust AS THE UNIVERSE… is your own lack of inner connectedness with yourself as SOURCE again.

Your external reality is as exquisite as you hold…. your solidified hologram your projection of your own vibrational frequencies transmitted out from your own physical structure…. every exchange, every experience, every word…. YOUR OWN PROGRAM….

Anything you desire will arrive as you open up fully, as you embrace fully and you stand fully in your power again. As you EMIT PURITY then the frequencies of purity are returned. As you ARE LIGHT, then all things are returned as light. As you become the gift, then all things become gifts too. As you share, others share with you. As you support, support comes wherever in your universe it is meant to.

There are linear realities and non-linear realities. Linear requires that one thing yields something equal in return. Non linear transmits continually, in every direction, across all dimensions/timelines which opens portals for all to come forth from any direction at any time… That which is received is in correlation to the amount of light held and transmitted out. Limits are released, for limits are our own. When we no longer see or believe limits, they no longer exist… for these were a figment of the human’s imagination…a condition(ing)…

Those dreams of realities that you desire to experience, these are birthed from within you. Your desire, your feeding energy into them, your nurturing, your shaping/forming them and your invested energy….. this is what allows you to experience all that you truly desire again.

In order to live in peace, love and unity, you must hold this within. In order to experience magic, sharing, honor, integrity, respect and abundance, you must open up and hold this throughout your entire being and stop allowing anything that does not choose the option of operating at these frequencies too. You dictate your reality…. every bit of this is you….

The beauty is that as you emerge as love again, as purity, and transcend all of the lack and separation, the external reality re-aligns, becomes more vibrant, colorful and beyond brilliant to experience again.

Higher consciousness realities materialize in physical form as you ARE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS AGAIN…. You are RETURNING to an existence forgotten…. you REMEMBER your way back…through your open heart, through sleeping/pulling away, through dedicating yourself to being in-service… through the amount of Pure Divine Essence LOVE that you hold… and through the balancing of your own Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine… you birth your Divine Birthright to return for you again.

These higher light frequencies assist you with your RETURN. Your physical body going through a huge transformation and upgrade process, needs your love, care and attention. Your presence is required in every moment. Your awareness of what YOU ARE feeling and doing with your energy…. this is KEY in the dimensional reality you physically occupy in every moment now.

You are vibrating in and out of realities in every nano-second. Your own expansion of consciousness is one of your most important gifts. This gift/ability allows you to dial StarGate Codes and various frequencies to change the dimension… IN EVERY MOMENT….

You are already a MASTER….. you embody these aspects as you hold light, as you no longer compromise, as you no longer shrink down/contract back into a limited human….

PRACTICE in every moment. REMIND yourself continually. Study the holographic programs, physical reality exchanges…. see timelines and what your choices/decisions (or non-decisions) and actions are vibrationally creating in your own physical reality world.

Suffering was an old program. You do not have to experience this anymore. The deeper you go into your own core being, the deeper into your heart, brain, bones, teeth, muscles, organs, glands, systems this goes…

Separation is the energy. Density is that which your body holds. Light weaves through your whole body and ignites a fire within your soul. As you awaken inside, your physical body does too. Everything comes alive and online within the UNIFIED FIELD of Super Consciousness so that you can experience Heaven and Earth in the same physical space now.

Those galactic cities you see in your dreams or remember deep within your soul. They appear vibrationally as you make them your priority and dedicate your existence to bringing them forth in your own physical reality world. As each does this, their energy signatures activate and connect each back up again. We find each other through these signatures. You must intentionally continually tune your frequencies to the highest state of consciousness at all times. You are the walking transmitter of your NEW Earth and the galactic civilizations that already exist in another vibration/dimension/timeline…. Remember your Mastery, Purity and Power!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Keeper of Light/Widsom and Guardian of NEW Earth