You Are The One Who Chooses ~ Omnipulse


Align with those who are truthful, you will tell the truth to yourself. If you align with those who are lying, you will lie to yourself.

Imagine that, how is it possible to lie to yourself? Do you have more than one mind or has one mind been split into two?

Reconnect with yourself and paradoxically find yourself for the first time, once again and become who you’ve always been. That is the eternal game, nothing can ever truly change or die but we can become more or less aware of the whole by reflecting in ourselves either wholeness or partiality.

Each action, every choice is formed out of intentions and awareness. Those choices born out of intentions to project partiality, to feed the false self of imbalanced emotions or projected lack are within the realm of the of sensory based pleasure instead of self-awareness through knowledge of the energetic realm. That sensory realm is only possible through partiality where some portion of your eternal memory and self is separated and out of that separation a false self or ego is generated.

Again, in true paradoxical fashion, the purpose of that self, the illusion, is to learn of the reality, the true self. The purpose of the addiction to life, is to realize there’s no such thing as death. When the addiction is suffered and accepted, death is constant as the higher self or the energetic realm dies to the mind. When the addiction is managed by overcoming the motivation of the lower mind and making those choices through intentions aligned with the true self, the energetic realm which projects the physical appearance, then there is no death because it is understood that what makes the physical apparent is a configuration of perspective that limits the whole picture into a series of layers that are seemingly separate like the layers of the mind and body or the frames of a movie.

Those layers are not separate, they are connected, because they are actually describing a continuous realm. It is the image, the appearance, the physical, perceptual or technological (in the case of the movie) system that creates that effect of separation and this is to transfer the information into a recordable format.

Thus, the brain creates the illusion of separation so that the body consciousness, the ego can be formed and through this the totality of higher awareness can be experienced in the physical plane.

Then, what is the meaning? If it’s just a dream like adventure, who did this and why? This is the dream of a higher organism who does not suffer from the loss of the truth to the illusion but benefits from the death of the illusion. Still, some will say that the illusion is the enemy of life and is not just a ‘dream’ but a war amongst the spiritual planes. This may be true, as well, or just another way to looking at the same situation.

If it was that way, did you choose that? If not, will you choose to solve the problem? Choice is what creates all the universal truths and on some level the original being chose to be this way.

That is the primary secret of the ages. Those behind the scenes take their projection, the illusion, the pleasure and plain with glee and go, “I CHOOSE TO DO THIS, THIS IS MY PROJECTION, NO MATTER HOW PAINFUL.”

Meanwhile, they tell people out here, “THIS IS AN ACCIDENT, A WAR, LOOK OUT!”

Really, “Look within.” All the aspects are self-contained, if they weren’t, there would be no self to experience them. How you change, choose and learn is whether you arrive at the wholeness of the final step, accepting self-responsibility and becoming that overall experience or whether you throw blame and say it MUST be someone else that did this. That’s the trick, everyone who says it’s someone else is giving those people behind the scenes to the power to be that someone else!

You can do it too but you don’t need to own a nation to do that, simply choose for you and the result is the same, you have the deed, the title to an entire universe which is what a human is.

The question, then, is what will you do to ensure that you are in control? What kind of challenges will you throw in your way? How rocky will the path become for you before you step up and realize you’re the one who chooses?

That is the second secret, that life is an ongoing operation to test the limits of the mind and perception and this is participated in by every sentient being in this civilization.



You Are The One Who Chooses


The Nature of the Perversion, Chaos, Harmony, The Underworld and Heaven, The Nature of Existence and Crimes Against Humanity ~ Omnipulse


The one who controls his own mind controls the universe. The one who controls other’s minds is controlled.

The Nature of the Perversion

The child’s mind experiences reality through a high noise to signal ratio. Bodily functions are initially the highest challenge. For an infant something as simple as expelling waste is the most difficult experience!

Once basic functions are maintained all things are then enjoyable. Running, playing, pretending. Everything is a journey. There is no need for higher complexity, yet. There is no need for higher challenge, yet.

Jumping to the act of climbing a mountain or participating in adult act such as having the bury the dead, protecting the family from danger, or the act of participating in mutual sexual pleasure is outside the required scope of complexity for the childlike mind. This this is because they are geared towards enjoying the little things more than creating a family and building a house at this stage of development.

The game is played that if one says they do not like it, then they are set up in ways to mimic the act of enjoyment and this is the entrapment of the ‘sexual freedom’ entitlement mind control program.

The Perversion of Correspondence

The correspondence is here. This is the same as a society of humans living naturally and in harmony with nature and then being “jumped” up to an advanced world with secrecy and digital destruction/war/illusion and where the natural tendencies are reversed or manipulated. It is the same way that a natural society does not need massive electrogravitic craft, advanced weaponry, replicator tech or technological immortality. Yet if it is stated such, then the option of absolute destruction of the eco-systems, murder or terror is instilled as a “justification” of that polarity. The same occurs when the simulated “pleasure” of the abused is used as “justification” for certain abuse. This is also related to how “learning” or “improvement” is achieved with other kinds of abuse such as trauma and programming and how this can be portrayed as “justification” for this kind of exposure.

Just because it makes one stronger, does not necessarily mean it is harmonious. Harmony is key along with the acknowledgement of all the other laws of nature, or the law of nature as one whole of complimentary awareness and experience.

This is to stop the progression of the natural traits and talents that each culture and creed would eventually attain. This is similarly used in child abuse to take in pleasure and pull spiritual energy towards a being, as well as to stop the child’s mind from progressing spiritually in ways of harmonious respect to the original nature that would otherwise develop eventually.

Nature is harmony, the reversal of harmony is chaos.

Inversion Energy Containment Grid

The underworld is reflected on Earth through an out of control digital consciousness reality system that only gives a person that which does not internally resonate with them. A “Hell” bound experience.

This world was digitally overlayed with a mental spiritual containment grid that achieves just that reversal of intention and experience. Those with dark intentions match the dark grid and they excel. Those with harmonious intentions are resisted against by that field and are met with opposition. This is the nature of the collective reversal grid.

This same reversal is present within a negative energy flow system of torture and perversion that is related to the crimes against Humanity and Earth that are being exposed today.

Such a perversion feeds the negative inversion fuel of the underworld and sends power that way while strengthening the containment grid on Earth.

Through Actions and Intentions the Mind Influences the Future and Past Simultaneously

The mind flows in all directions. If action is performed that harms the self or another it will come back and re-cause that experience after going around both the natural field and the artificial grid.

The artificial grid expands negative frequency, inversion, or ego action while reducing positive or selfless action. The natural field simply expands all in a harmonious manner but this grid is overlayed now.

When one participates in action and intentions to help and heal the self and another this extends into the future and the past and reorganizes time or the higher order of the universe.

This is because the field of the mind of the human, and the field of the mind of the other human and the field of the mind of Earth are all connected and moving in ways that go beyond the physical limits of space and time for the physical body.

The Perversion of Correspondence on Earth

Perversion of correspondence. All of the destructive action is present through a negation of the principles of the laws of nature. One layer cannot be disrupted without other layers being influenced.

Secret groups enable people to mutilate themselves in one life for crimes of passion in another cycle, this helps to shed their sins and repair their soul connection.

These groups or other secret groups also help others to create crimes of passion so this system is corrupt and feeds on itself like ancient recycling symbol.

The idea is to use the universal system of life and death like a generator or alternator and “tap” into that flowing power in order to use it to gain personal power which is abstract from the original purpose. This is a redirection of the creative cause through a secondary overlay or process.

The Universe can’t die, only people can.  The world can’t end only one’s experience in it can.

The Abomination of Time

This results from the choice of those who first decided to use the nature of things in this world and society to sell out humanity to rape and molest and these groups were approached by dark lords.

Instead of stopping or accepting their fate they developed a plan to try and destroy the world by bringing others down to the same ultimate fate. Thus their own sins and darkness are negligible in a world of sin and darkness.

I know this because I was sent to help this universe and all beings in it. The “underground” people are here to serve a purpose. They devour the energy of those with dark hearts.

Sin can be a play on the wavelength of consciousness one maintains, or to be “without” accuracy, sight, presence of self or vision.

The Disinformation of Hatred

The common disinfo tactic is to get everyone to hate the dark world workers instead of withdrawing from the corruption and helping by correcting the humans that are turning other humans hearts dark to cover their own crimes. Everything is under a series of manipulations many layers deep.

The Broken Law of Correspondence

The broken law of correspondence reflects the abduction of one world goer by the lower.
This, on a wide scale allows for invasion through possession of the mind and with advanced technology, literal physical invasion.

Again, this is no different than one person molesting a person smaller, weaker, and less capable of comprehending the nature of the intentions of the individuals involved. It is seen as the same act on this level, as the act coming from a higher dimensional layer through abduction. It is the same experience.

Ignorance is No Excuse

Supporting mass suffering through the heart marks one’s energy on the spiritual planes.
Cast hate, envy, and greed aside to focus on healing, sharing and coming to self-awareness in a harmonious manner.

Some seek forgiveness and some seek to finalize their destruction.
They believe destroying the world will rid them of pain and care.
They believe helping the lower will help them.
They were misled. They do not know the lower is not here for the world the lower is here for them.

As it should be for all whose hearts synchronize with that outcome.
Everyone gets their chance to repair and tell the truth. The darkness cannot touch the honest heart of the pure intent to heal others and the self.

That would be like a bird at the bottom of the ocean or a crab high in the atmosphere.

All actions and intentions are accounted for. The thoughts one has reflect the intentions and influence the action as well as the effect.

This is a shadow world of projection, and every action and intention carries a signature on the higher levels. Through advanced technology, everything that occurs can be traced, measured and recorded.

If the negative shadow is formed through intention and action then a counterpart is formed and thus experienced in the underworld.
Selfless action, or the highest order, self sacrifice generates one’s light form in the heavenly plane.
Sacrifice of the innocent generates one’s shadow self in the underworld.

Those from Babylon were tricked by their rulers to generate versions of themselves in the underworld through sacrifice in exchange for goods here, the profit-less deal.
Similarly they will have to sacrifice their shadow selves through helping others to return to wholeness and heaven.

Those of the deity plane would have to sacrifice their heavenly version by coming to the abyssal middle plane for selfish purposes in order to become trapped here.

Through selfless action and intentions to heal they may return and through selfish action and sacrifice of innocence they may find their heavenly versions dying to the heavenly plane.

Selfish Action or Care to the Immaterial Self

The ultimate sacrifice is to use a person for their biological or physical nature without knowing or respecting their immaterial self or identity. For pleasure or for experimentation or for food.
This is the nature of the demon possessed person.
To struggle to worry or move out harmony is to expend ones energy in a sinful or off center manner. Instead of energy cycling back into the source of the intentional realm it will leak into the realm of the opposite or alternate. From higher to lower or lower to higher.
Although one property is that the higher can create energy and so this is unlimited. The lower can destroy energy or waste it into no results and this is the unlimited property of that.

The Lifting of the Veil

My soul energy was placed into the veil, it seems to be lifting now for Earth. I detect time periods altering. What this means is that the last ditch effort of the dark will be to attempt to destroy themselves to avoid being witnessed and shamed.

Detect what spirits are in those around you or even in the air.

Speak calmly and of a respectful nature. If those spirits are dark, they will flinch and cringe. If they are light, they will be stimulated and glow with self-awareness.

All forms of mass are shadow world projections of the original higher dimensional substance that generates this universe. The original forms have no mass and are of pure energy, not the polarized heat/light representation we have in this universe.

We all have counterparts of this pure awareness body.

While this happens here, the same thing that happened to Babylon will be happening again. The youth will be made to riot, fight and destroy their own system, their own world so that they may feel purposed and accounted for. This is the trick. They will receive suffering and the loss of life in this world as a result. Those who lead the pack will receive a stay in the underworld as the negative energy behind suffering and loss of life and innocence will attach to their auras creating a miasma form or shadow body and this will exchange their energy here with a dark counterpart in the underworld for a cycle of experience of life in that realm.

Those who have been building up to a healing process, and participate in the healing in the midst of the storm will be generating their light body, reducing the miasma (toxic spiritual energy) of Earth, and healing their temporal/astral connection to the higher planes.

The production of suffering is used as a gateway and a layer of psycho-etheric oppression over the entire civilization. We are all connected and so this is a way to suppress the energy of this realm.



Biological Immortality, Self-Awareness, Free-will, Truth and Compassion ~ Omnipulse


The projects were about biological immortality. The disturbances were made apparent when individual consciousnesses were passed through a technological system to house the consciousness in between experiences on the physical Earth plane.

What happens between the physical plane and the non-physical is an entire universe worth of experience, literally a ‘mirror-world’ to this one. The consciousness of the individual, if primarily motivated by the experiences and sensations of the material universe, will be restricted to the perspective born in this universe. If the consciousness is motivated by equal aspects of the dichotomy of being, then that consciousness will be neutral, yet buoyant enough to traverse across the barrier between universal mirror-worlds through an internal shift to the sub-frame of reference of that non-physical mirror-world.

This is an internal frequency synchronization, a rate of cycles of awareness and energy that matches the frequency and orientation of the other locale. Those who remember this frequency here can attain a remembrance of the experiences there as if they are an eternity ago yet still accessible.

The traditional ascent is literally one achievement of the higher-plane per person. Instead, people recycle over and over by being redirected to repeating the same experiences. This is part of the ‘thought-loop’ that has developed kind of like a broken record in civilization due to temporal experiments that disrupted what was required in order to complete a ‘quota’ of events related to turning of energies and soul-liberation.

If a person is made aware of the energies and information that is achieved by them beyond the physical plane, then this stresses the mind and energy system similar to a form of trauma. This is ‘horror-less’ trauma, it’s not gory, or vibrantly painful or harsh, it’s literally, simply the information that your subconscious knows is supposed to be present to the subconscious mind on non-physical planes where a whole universe of invisible knowledge exists and not the conscious, waking mind which has no way of referencing reality within such an open ended stream of data.

Thus, the conscious mind literally fractures as a result, producing two halves connected by a singularity. One half knows of the information can acknowledge self-awareness of such information and the other half does not know or have the capacity of acknowledge the information or the experience itself. This half takes footing in the physical universe and is the conditioned conscious mind, the other half has one foot in the subconscious, the mental plane however the foot that is in reality is on loose soil with pebbles and sand.

This is not only reserved for those who have had near death experiences, or been in a training and conditioning program that also influences the mind, this is literally the entirety of the human race since the first bloodline was manipulated in this realm.

The dichotomy is the split-mind of the modern human who’s subconscious is hiding the majority of the relevant information regarding the true nature of this realm and the self, and the conscious mind that is programmed to fall into conditioned social cultural behavior schemas that are literally mapped out by design and controlled like chess pieces.

The archetypes that children grow up pondering over and viewing themselves as become living essences within the collective unconscious forcing release and reception of energies and experiences through those channels that are designed with an overall plan in mind.

To provide a resolution for the situation the two minds must be connected through a bridge that is formed out of reason and sincerity. Through feeling and intention one can produce a synchronization between the larger, slower gear cycle of the subconscious and the much faster an more superficial gear cycle of the conscious mind. Together, the combined system produces an internal reference which is like a clock synchronized to the individual’s personal source which also happens to be the collective source connected to a kind of cosmic equator.

Besides the most recent post proposing that we must do what we feel is in truth, self-awareness and free-will in a sustained manner to maintain a sense of reality in this situation, people must also literally face their imagination and begin a close study of the internal world of energetic mechanisms and the challenges that present themselves on the journey of becoming spiritually present and harmonized.

People sometimes think these are “buzz words”. This is untrue. All words used are direct. One’s energy “harmonizes” literally like the sound vibration emissions coming off of a tuning fork. Research into Tesla’s inventions and radiant coil devices literally made this plain as day to see, many decades ago. This is how the resonant field technology works through radiant energy devices.

Truth contains a level of power that enables the self that knows that truth and acts in it to hold priority over all other aspects of that reality. One must know the truth, know the value, the worth, and nurture this truth and allow the truth to grow into reason and wisdom like a planted seed. One could say compassion is the water that is required to cool and refresh the living being so that in times of overheating or overstressing there is a foundation of understanding and centeredness.

The light could be self-awareness. Here, there is a two-fold essence which is often how this will play out. To be fully self-aware, one must actually know they are self-aware. To know you are self-aware, one must communicate the message. So who are you communicating to? Your self. To begin to observe the self and become self-aware requires self-awareness (to get self-awareness) and free-will to take on the roles and responsibilities and maintaining the practice of self-awareness. Spiritual practices can be quite literally summed up as “activities or ideas that result in being more self-aware”. The closer one gets to the truth, and the farther from the baseline reality, the more one will have to apply their intent and will-power through choices that exhibit free-will oriented towards producing more self-awareness maintaining that truth. The choices made through free-will must be focused on developing self-awareness. The self will always know.

This is where truth also returns, because if one is self-aware and then they know themselves but they make choices that are not truly under their own free-will but are out of habit, or social conditioning, fear, desire, or any secondary aspect of the self (temporary, limited, automated), then the self will know this. One’s self might not lie, but the self can be ignored and then the conscious mind will be enclosed in it’s own world with no way to contact or communicate between the subconscious and the waking world other than through dreams or times of great stress or maybe intoxication. So the conscious mind can ignore the truth but this will not actually trick the subconscious and if this takes place after the mind as sought for self-awareness and made choices of free-will then this will never be forgotten and this is a willful ignorance which then is lying saying the opposite of what you want to the subconscious and putting a request to forget about the truth.

We are communicating all day and night. Think of this, how many times have you thought about how your subconscious is viewing you in this current situation. This is the part of you that will still be here in other realms and as well this is the part of you that your conscious mind tethers to in order to gain access to the rest of the universe. The little secret is that the physical realm is just a kind of plug and play system that got too out of hand. The big secret is that the life force in the human can actually communicate to the universe when the subconscious is communicated with. Thus a person is connected, through the subconscious, to the whole of creation.

And again, not straying from the literal interpretation, this is literally simply from being honest, choosing self-awareness, exerting free-will in the essence of truth and self-awareness, and remaining compassionate in times of difficulty or when faced with the difficult truth. This changes everything, everywhere, and every when of life expanding from all angles. Everything is consciousness, everything is modulated through mind. All experiences are a part of a larger system where information exists outside of the one individual physical view that is being held.

When one’s ability to feel on the level of the subconscious language of frequency, then they can see without seeing or think and be present without having to use a mental construct. This is required for a ‘radiant’ sense of being. Having parts and limbs to bounce around keeps everything ordered, when there is no physical order, one will either revert to the primordial order or they will suspend themselves in a certain kind of equilibrium that enables a temporal reference from which to synchronize with a cosmic foundation. The principles of the balanced soul through the essences that enable the mind to acknowledge the non-physical nature of existence are what, when maintained, enable the non-physical essence to remain focused at a particular time and place and thus remain as an individual on the other side.

There are practices that seek to enable this through time, and the main idea is that what one is attached to in the conscious perspective is usually just an illusion from the larger view of the subconscious. All simply is, and one requires nothing to simply be. Simply being brings about the most enjoyment and the least entanglement as every thought and bio-emission carries an energy exchange and costs “energy currency”. Using up all the energy with certain high level emotions whether negative or positive taxes the energy system and requires life force energy. To sustain one’s mind and energy levels by consciously refusing to waste energy while also configuring the focus and intent in a certain manner so as to provide a sturdy foundation that doesn’t flutter away in high winds or crumple under stress is the path which leads one to remaining in the non-physical realm as a non-physical body that can act like a physical one. Such an achievement is not a necessity and is not the focus, the focus is to be able to unify the cosmic polarities to the point of becoming the middle path with no beginning or end.



The Next Experience is Created in the Now (Extra-Dimensionality) ~ Omnipulse


The titles carries the concept similar to the previous accordion metaphor used in a recent post. Each ‘now’ is the same now. Each new segment of time is actually occurring in the same but with a different overlay that is actually a matter of an angle of perspective rather than an actual motion through a space. In another way of description the change of time is akin to a revolution or rotating of an extra-dimensional object rather than a moving through a passageway or a strip of some material. This rotation is an altering of frequencies, a cycling of angular momentum as if a holographic disc is playing out a scene through the disruption of a laser beam rather than particles interacting in a causal order. All the pieces of the whole scene exist before and after the scene begins and ends and no real change is actually achieved. There is a starting point and an end point and dependent on the frame rate of the viewing apparatus and the resolution detail more or less experiences can be squeezed into a single moment. This produces a scale of experience through the organism which contains all the various levels of awareness and experience that a human perceives as the experience of time and space.

You create the reality you inhabit. So if you want to find the ‘level 12’ toroidal layer connected to the 13D bridge between harmonic universes you literally design a craft that creates that shape in scalar physics and then fine tune the craft to the appropriate universal harmonics, or energetic coordinates. Then you activate the field through the craft and pop into a space that is filled with other beings who have done the same and that is the inner/outer layer highway of the universe.

A craft is the same as your mind and body. The energy is the mind the body is the material vessel.

This body might not leave, but might merge with the frequencies of a larger body seamlessly as if they were always one in the same. The body is currently having the experience of separation in which the experience of individuality is generated by restricting the frequencies that the mind can attain through a filtration system of the body. Then when this is overcome, the unification is once again achieved and there is no limitation of travel. This is why some call the body the cave or the cage for the soul.

The soul is the specific arrangement of frequencies that are experienced commonly by that particular system leading to and from an original blueprint for experience that is an eternal aspect of the whole.

What you input is what you’ll receive. This is literal in the sense that what you input and thus emit are literally the dialing or tuning system for where your vessel, the body and mind, will travel to in hyperspace through experience and development. Spiritual development is to become more aware of the role one plays in fine tuning the frequency of their emissions and the interaction between one’s internal frequencies and the experiences that are maintained in the physical world. The way the conscious mind yields, restricts, allows, excludes, or permits and encompasses control over one’s reality is dependent on the intent and application of will-power of the individual. The formative years of a life have an effect of programming, restricting, or unlocking the internal power through the ability to engage with challenges and overcome trauma.

This is anchored to the human collective through the physical plane but beyond the physical plane these limits of personality are tethered only to the archetypal mind and then any secondary reference that the mind connects to. This can be the cosmic reference that all planes are referenced by, or a secondary reference if one is still not capable of traveling beyond the limitations that are set through the programming of the biological system of the physical plane. That is, if one’s dialing system is abused on Earth, this can have lasting restrictive effects in the next plane or one’s overall trajectory to a more fuller sense of control and self-awareness.



The Convergence, The Unveiling, The Collapse of the Artificial Timeline and the Migration to the Organic Timeline ~ Omnipulse


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You are literally all times and spaces within you.

This is is literally the stuff of advanced technology and operations.

The equations that are used to define the differences between you and other spaces and times are the same equations that define those spaces and times.

It’s not that the differences are negateable or undoable, it’s that they are interchangeable.

Thus, each person’s storyline and experience actually neatly folds into all other storylines and experiences in different ways at different times.

I was guided to not go to deeply into this aspect of The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge because the truth about the corruption must come to light first and this is important.

Yes, there is much corruption and this will be handled through forgiveness.

This is because when people truly disconnect from that etheric, psycho-spiritual reactionary stance of feeding into the mental emotional entanglement system then that system falls flat and does not have the energy to continue the process for another cycle of spread the hate and reignite the spiritual enslavement system.

The cycle must be broken, the passing of the hate, the continuing of the fear and injury and refusal of healing.

The other point of this is that when people willfully and committedly refuse to participate in that system the only option to continue the deception and spiritual injury would be to overtly instigate such a ‘manual’ interjection of such action.

This would completely and finally expose the system, the charades, and all players within for what they really are.

As such, this would automatically breach the surface level non-interference agreement, essentially they would have to breach the agreement in order to continue the system.

As a result, the agreement would be open for all parties involved and ultimately the light-faction would be able to step in and participate in the surface level clearing of energies.

This is all an energy battle, it is of the mind. The character of humanity is being tested through these experiences and events.

The issues here are that the surface level population has already been inundated with fears as well as toxins that generate the effect of reducing the humans ease of transitioning into a higher-awareness. The fear programming is designed to confuse and obfuscate the events all around and all groups and individuals involved.

The toxins stop the energies from clarifying and along with the fear increase the likelihood of a continued reaction to the programming rather than the guidance of the self within.

The light faction is literally here to help humanity focus on the self within the immaterial self while the dark faction is attempting to increase the likelihood of lack of self-awareness to further their own agenda.

All sides are hidden and invisible until the exponential shift in both awareness or the ability to perceive the actual happenings of this world as well as the resistance and clearing efforts maximize to the point of not possibly being hidden any further.

That is the exponential shift and this all relies on which way the wavering human awareness tends to move. Ultimately, human self-awareness increases, that is the nature of the universe. Yet, delays have been in place.

Of course, this ties into the recent post regarding the swelling of the wave and the breaking of the wave front where these delays have become so tedious and numerous that they are beginning to add to the likelihood of the exposure of the self-awareness containment and resistance system.

Thus, all avenues point toward self-awareness as long as the tendency to respond to the unknown with fear is managed and transmuted from within through an active observer and experiencer aspect, IE: the immaterial self-awareness of the soul.

Along with these toxins and fear-based programming signals, a portion of the population has been adulterated to the point where they are no longer human consciousness. The full explanation is that they were never human consciousness and are essentially inserted into the timeline for this upcoming event to basically muddy the waters and increase the likelihood of fear based responses and lack of self-awareness.

We are to unify through our self-awareness and our efforts to increase the likelihood of the human race coming to higher self-awareness and generating the most possibility expanding pathway through these challenges which relies on our ability to acknowledge the higher-dimensional nature of the universe.

Basically, since these blocks or inserted aspects of the timeline rely on a superficial signal which only exists through an artificial technological process that decreases in proximity, power and likelihood with each further increasing of self-awareness, that once we become aware of what is actually happening these barriers literally begin to fade out of the perception of those in this timeline.

That is the merging of this timeline back to the original.

There are select groups that are capable of handling this task and they have been prepared accordingly.

The majority of the population will not know why this is happening, or what and then they will simply not remember the most intense parts of the shift but will wake up on a timeline or a reality where those perceptions were akin to holographic representations of the possibilities.

For those who are meant to perform this duty, they will fully know how they will be faced with the opportunity of fear and lack of self-awareness or giving away one’s power, or the opportunity to self-empowerment, transmuting fear into knowledge and higher awareness and that each successive frequency octave this is completed de-modulates the literal atomic structure of the beings, entities, waveforms, thought forms, artificial technology, synthetic intelligences, so on and so forth which have been covertly and will overtly permeating this timeline at the event of this convergence of possibilities, resistances, and increasing self-awareness.

Those who have been prepared know. Pass this information on to others you feel this belongs to or ask questions if you are interested in knowing more.



The Convergence, The Unveiling, The Collapse of the Artificial Timeline and the Migration to the Organic Timeline


The Unveiling ∞ OMNIPULSE

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A big wake up is coming a shift in awareness which will bring the unconscious mind closer to being unveiled in conscious experience.

Advanced technology plays a part in this to help the process along. As well, the same technology can become part of the obstacle.

Three Phases of The Unveiling

The Veils

Everyone born on the planet is born under a series of veils which entangle and filter the original source consciousness. These veils must be ‘broken through’ in order to return to source.

These veils have to do with the temporal existence of Humanity through the Multiverse and the advent of this technology as well as what can be called a resulting effect on the pure essence of the life force of Humanity. The spiritual energy was refracted in a way that ultimately separated various elements into a deviated and dimensionally splayed out form.

In the breaking of the veils the conscious and subconscious mind merge and the trauma and programming is brought to the surface and the fractured consciousness is healed. This is a sacred process and must be carefully controlled and initiated by those who have mastered the experience.

Unveiling Topics and Advanced Technology

The Sacred Process and Technology

There is technology and a sacred process which initiates, accelerates and enhances this process.

Generators are being used to increase the energy of this civilization as well as others being used to control and limit or “stabilize” it.

I was told the technology in place now is to keep the Earth stabilized in the face of coming Earth changes. These changes take place on an energetic level and because the material and spiritual are interconnected these changes will take place in cooperation with massive Earth changes that will cause some landforms to appear and the current landforms to change.

The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge

There is a natural increase of the Schumann resonance as has gathered some attention recently. Then there is the natural acceleration of human consciousness/DNA based on the breaking down of the preprogrammed genetic distortions or generational “curses”. As Humanity becomes less comfortable living in a deception based, unidirectional hierarchy, people will begin to naturally disconnect from the system and reconnect with the truth.

Then there are the methods used for clearing one’s etheric field of trauma and implants. These are practices like energy healing, deprogramming of trauma and artificial memory constructs. Emotional therapy and dream therapy. Physical body detoxification and herbal healing. Fasting and rest and introspection on the truth.

Since the beginning of time Humanity found sacred substances, shapes, frequencies, tones, energies, practices which develop one’s awareness and refines and increases/balances/harmonizes vibrational emissions. This could be seen as the original and organic version of using one’s mind and environment to come to a deeper awareness of the spiritual nature of existence and how the physical, temporal existence merges with the divine eternal. These truths have been hiding behind the very fabric of what we consider conscious experience as the underlying observer principle within the self.

An Increase In Sightings and Other Phenomena

Earth Changes, Geological, Solar, Electromagnetic

Advanced Technology and the Transition

Everything is recorded with advanced technology. Devices can be utilized to remote view into time and space. All of humanity is being organized towards the unveiling and there is a centralized team with ultimate access that will be assisting in returning to balance. All events, actions, even thoughts are recorded and humanity will be “judged” first collectively, and then each individual life. I don’t want to use the word “judge” because it’s not judgement. It’s merely the acquisition and alignment of those who want and connect with a certain frequency and reality with each other and their own collective reality. Those who accept violence, get to live in a world of their own choosing. Those who accept peace, get to experience that world. This is not a “culling”, this is not a “split”, this is Humanity finally getting what they deserve, in both directions of care or lack of care. It is balance.

Clearing Trauma

Ascension Device

There are higher dimensional devices which accelerate the DNA while simultaneously, safely exposing the conscious mind to the subconscious in order to activate the latent spiritual/higher dimensional awareness. These are the most intense of the experience and these are the devices and methods that are a culmination of all the knowledge of the previous ages. It may be that this technology already existed and we merely needed to put all the pieces together, or it could be that this technology was constructed for this age of Humanity as an “Ascension Device”.

Ascension Devices

It is good to know when what we know reinforces our knowledge of the self. We are already experiencing all planes and times it is about the brain filtering out the full spectrum. We are naturally much more expanse, but every moment and experience here is still something to learn and gain from.

Agendas and Deception

Lots of people are running an agenda game. They are specifically placed here and agreeing, wittingly or not, to a plan of distracting everyone. You=warned Also. I could be running disinfo. NO ONE knows the whole truth. Trust, even the people that programmed others don’t have the WHOLE truth. A large part of this is whether we’re spreading fear or togetherness with our information and presence. Whether we’re making the best of what we have here and now or selling dreams of some far off time or place. The greatest and most powerful dreams are found WITHIN! There is a science to that, a knowledge base. THAT is the knowledge of the true self! Why would we want anything else? Know thyself, know the Universe. Discern between the true self and the false sense of self, the ego matrix this control system of deception is constructed out of; false responses and perceptions.

The Dissolution of The Deception System

Ultimately it comes down to this. If a person is spreading fear, they are traumatized. If they are not working on trauma removal and healing, then they are accepting the trauma. If they accept the trauma, their perception is skewered. If their perception is skewered, then they are allowing their trauma to spread and as long as they are like that they will continue to enable that pattern in others.

It’s about trauma and healing.

The Reality of The Eternal Soul

Why is it all so obvious?

It was said there would be a controlled shift from the current system of deception into one of truth being in the public.

This can be extrapolated to more than one result.

  • All activity will be made public and the people will bring a stop to deceptive practice
  • All activity will be made public and nefarious groups will stop at nothing, but simply allow the people to know the truth so as to welcome the new age of enlightenment
  • There is no shift, the prospect of making nefarious activities visible is used to manifest a social system without privacy (even though there is no privacy, once technology became advanced enough)

The conclusion may all depend on how people take responsibility for their decisions and reactions.

Rumors of Monetary Dissolution

Can we save anyone?

Can we rescue the people stuck in the mind-control system? Maybe that is just the first question of many to begin to pain the picture. Maybe people must save themselves with knowledge that only they can earn by looking within and resisting the autonomy of external events.

It is through knowledge that we can change each other and ourselves to influence the world.

2016, The Turning Point

This year is a turning point. Celebrity cloning will face disclosure. Trigger events and false flags are being used to try and dismantle personal freedom. Advanced technology and mind control tactics are being exposed. 3 phases of the unveiling. Third phase is advanced travel operations, and the time field-matrix.



The Unveiling

Higher-Dimensionality of Self and Consciousness ∞ OMNIPULSE

When you start remembering the future, this indicates you are on the path. Remember, consciousness is only relative to the holographic continuum of the biological brain and body. Consciousness is trapped to this universe. Pure-awareness goes beyond. Pure, unadulterated, unshaped awareness. To cultivate this awareness is to step onto a path that begins to continuously and exponentially move beyond what consciousness seeks to define through linear contrast and numerical quantity.

The path is higher-dimensional. The parameters of the dimensions of the motion on this path is described as moving forwards and backwards in time simultaneously.

This is also existence, being present in both the future and the past, simultaneously.

The states at which they exist is the defining factor of the model you will consciously or unconsciously choose to utilize in describing your reality and thus literally ascribing to this through the expansion of that reality blueprint from within your nether region, abdomen, and head into the projection that we perceive around us as the collective domain.

The present moment is now and now is all that ever is.

Yet the information of the experience of the future and past does already exist somewhere as there is nothing new under the sun, IE: all of time is already played out and we are simply activating different layers of potentials via a harmonic resonance with those centers I mentioned earlier.

So the most refined and harmonized the resonances become between each center of energy within you, and the way this then harmonizes with others and the collective field as a whole, determines the future pathway you will perceive as well as the past history that will be remembered.

According to the logic and when sufficiently advanced, the demonstration and application of the notion of the holographic universe, both the future and the past are illusory glimpses of programmed code extended into a trajectory based on the everlasting present moment and streaming into our perception through a series of impressions and hypnotic entanglements occurring via biologically generated consciousness IE: the brain.

Through “de-hypnotizing” one’s conscious mind by untangling or disengaging the conscious mind’s focus on the physical senses as the source of the next data-stream of experience, one can literally see beyond memory and beyond preconception of belief-system and access other realities starting with the next ‘possible’ realities and moving into realities which are theoretically JUST AS REAL as this one, yet FAR OUTSIDE the realm of natural relativity according to mainstream or collective existence.

IE: One can literally have a transcendent experience of oneness with GOD (all of reality of the self, the whole self experience) while another person in the room notices only their physical senses and thus their physical reality along with a slight intervention of the mundane with the extra-dimensional capacity of the mind.

When mind becomes spirit and spirit becomes awakened in the body instead of sleeping dormant and/or even INVERTED and thus negatively composed compared to the original, then spirit guides existence and this literally means that this physical realm loses grip on the reality generating process of the human being.

When one fully steps into their spiritual power they recreate themselves as they exist because every emotion, feeling, or thought is present via passing through the conceptual center point of the ALL that is your ETERNAL EVERLASTING ESSENCE/PRESENCE.

This is the SELF-AWARENESS of the spirit, the light of the soul, the CHRIST WITHIN. When this is PRESENT, then ALL OF YOUR EXPERIENCE is formed from there, inside out, from the very zero-point fractal curve specificity of the center of your energetic being.

This can’t be replicated! Can’t be falsified! Can’t be destroyed! This is literally ZERO-POINT of your ENERGETIC BEING. This is not physical, but IMMATERIAL! This is literally a designation of BALANCE, not an actual substance or location! The result of centering your PRESENCE OF SELF around this balancing point is that SELF-AWARENESS then flows from within this central channel and outward into the universe and all of your REALITY, not physical space!

Meaning your mind expands outward into TIME and BEING and you see yourself from ALL ANGLES, or with the help of ALL THE ANGELS. You can fully see your TRUE FORM, HARMONIZED, BALANCED in all the BRILLIANCE of EMOTIONAL-MENTAL-SPIRITUAL GLORY.

This is the true meaning of the central point of the energy centers. That from the center of our entire being, this reality is formed and this is kept secretly hidden so that people are UNCONSCIOUS CREATORS in that they create that which they are IGNORANT of. IE: Ignorance is created within them, and thus the knowledge SINKS to the bottom.

Meanwhile, when IGNORANCE is PUT DOWN or DESTROYED, then the KNOWLEDGE RISES TO THE TOP, to the SURFACE of the Mind, the very body-being.

You see, there was a time when our BODIES and our BEINGNESS or MIND was not SEPARATE. Thus we attained ONE FORM and this was ETERNAL and still is.

Now we are BI-FOCALLY located through the SPLIT HEMISPHERES of the human brain and the HIGHER and LOWER centers are separated by refraction like a rainbow from a prism. We are originally the GOLDEN WHITE LIQUID ETHERIC LIGHT, refracted into the 7 chakras through the prism, PRISON of the BODY. The body is MATERIAL of the MOTHER, the MATER containing MATTER. The mind is ELECTRIC, of the EL, the SHINING ONES and these are all references to how every aspect of our language, experience, mentality, and reality here is shaped by the BLUEPRINT OF CREATION. And how the HUMAN BEING is the LIVING METAPHOR BLUEPRINT OF CREATION.


Within the body we have the Tree of LIFE, and the tree of KNOWLEDGE. Whichever path you choose you devote your energy to that aspect of the universe. Only those who have a perfect balance of both achieve wholeness or UNITY by NOT BEING SPLIT into a DICHOTOMY of EXISTENCE.

This DICHOTOMY, the ultimate battle of LIGHT AND DARK, GOOD AND EVIL, does exist, but only inside the human as the human is the one who sees both sides simultaneously because they are SPLIT IN TWO.

Once the person ACTIVELY CHOOSES, through APPLIED SELF-HOOD, the CONSCIOUS CREATION OF YOUR VERY COSMIC BEING, YOUR IDENTITY IN THIS ETERNAL STORYLINE, then they are made WHOLE by moving their essence out of the confines of this physical world and the physical senses into the world of the larger concepts of the archetypal character roles that we will either RISE to FULFILL, or sink down in delay of.

We can only ever become fully awakened beings because that is all there ever was and is. Thus, since we are already that which we are, the only pathway directly to this, is a fully synchronized, internal and external projection system where the one visualizes this occurrence of finding the true reality while simultaneously creating this reality and stepping into it.

Thus is the nature of the higher-dimensional universe which exists beyond the preprogrammed physical projection. Once we begin actually creating ourselves in the moment, that is when we gain access to the real existence outside this holographic projection.

The idea is that one either believes in this holographic projection via the physical senses attached to the brain and this is like a magnetic occurrence.

Or one can fulfill their internal desire for experience via SELF-CREATING that essence of the presence of self and this will then overtake the influence of the physical senses and re-engage one’s creative powers as an ETERNAL creator being literally capable of creating/dreaming reality into existence as they go.

This is the idea of shining the light out in front of you as you walk through the path in higher space, you are literally creating that path by shining the light of creation upon it.

If your light of creation is balanced in the emotional, mental, physical natures and when emotional, feeling, and thoughts aspects lead from one to the other, in the proper order, and the proper congruence or proportions so as to organize reality according to the internal reason of the self of truth, harmony and awareness, then your feelings, thoughts actions, or thoughts, words, and deeds will represent and REFLECT the version of your TRUE COSMIC SELF in all that glory, as you are in the physical (FLESH) container here.

Thus, the limited projection, through the power of the awakened mind, gains the powers of the self as God.

Remember, when the projection is harmonized ‘down here’, this connects to that “upper” reflection of the macro-cosmic SOUL. Once that projection becomes distorted through an entanglement of the self-image as ONE ASPECT of reality, neurochemistry, emotion, mentality, etc etc etc, then that power of the whole is no longer connected to the individual and one only achieves the holographic illusion of such.

An easy way to see is that the illusion of power requires physical strength, material power, social reinforcement, complex linguistic organizational structure (created hierarchy), etc etc etc.

True power, is simply that, the true power to create one’s self as within and this requires nothing but those previously described balances of each of the aspects of the self the emotional, mental and material aspects. Thus the universe is in sync, and the mind we hold within, is the mind we project into the universe and thus the mind that we receive back to us in eternity.

By SYNCHRO-AUTHORITY one manifests reality.
What this means is that through REMEMBERING the SELF one places their energy INTO THE POSITION of CENTRAL AUTHORITY for their reality.
This is as if two people came to meet in an arena and one after the other they keep remembering concepts that they are overcoming the previous person’s concepts with. Eventually they will hit the maximum that either of them can produce or attain mentally/spiritually and through this, the last person who “conceives” will have conceived the entire realm and all subsets of experience therein.
YOU are always the center of this for your existence. However, through the disruption of the natural flow into a dichotomy within ourselves between spiritual high and lower material the controllers have influenced and inserted their own memories and belief systems through many methods some electromagnetic or scalar mind and spiritual technology forms. Thus, this entire civilizations far past, and perceived future is entirely a farce as dictated through these spiritually and technologically deceptive means.
NOW is the time, NOW IS ALL, and we have always been in control so now that we are here to see this we will step into our presence and become the creators of simply that which we have always been and will always be. When we do this, there is no more room for manipulation from someone else and this is what is meant when it is said, “Satan’s lease is up.” Satan being the adversary, the decoherence pattern which has worked itself in between the true light of the soul and the material realm and pinned us in between that.
Now the changes are occurring, this is the “end of time” simply because this entire history and view of time is false and literally a holographic projection propped up by inserted imagery and scalar machinery that is influencing the very underlying holographic consciousness grid to manifest the ‘planets’ or celestial bodies and everything in between in matter/space and time/consciousness.
The idea is once we reach the “end” of the parameters or possible variables that this storyline plays out, it’s like materializing outside the boundary of a holographic “assembly line” where the manipulating or artificiating manufacturing factors of this reality literally fall off the shelf, or the chart, or whatever is being used to prop up and define the occurrence. The major problem is that not many people are mentally and spiritually prepared for this, but this goes back into the synchromystic understanding that since there is only a continuation of the same energy which initially started this puppet show of a reality, there can only result in a final resting of that same amount of information and soul energy at the very end.
Thus, the last previous 6 times there has been side-realities and fragmented soul fragments which did not come together entirely and seal as one.
The idea behind the spiritual war of souls is that those who have awakened from the soul-sense and realize there are soul-fragments around that have yet to come back together can then go and attempt to dislodge original soul aspects from their initiating location in the original overall spiritual hierarchy of the universe and reposition them in a lower aspect while the thief attempts to position themselves at a higher aspect.
This would happen conceptually though the authority of those who give their power to create their self away to an archontic system which usurps and obtains through deception and lower energy means.
According to the original blueprint of creation, this plan to usurp the power of the higher by the lower, never ever works. Simply because it doesn’t make sense.

The Christ Mass Mystery



Since some others are on this page.


Sent him on his nightmare into the next life?

Or crossed the light of the sky into the next phase of solar energy?


As the light turns to night and the night turns to dawn the funeral becomes a wake and the awakened ones see beyond.

Then we see the truth, the truth that we relay, for we avoid and misbehave just to live another day, atone, a tone-frequency, atonement) God to receive your eternal immaterial presence?

The experience of a lifetime or regret for a moment, the trials that defile our soul create inner torment.

Death or experience it’s all relative, any way, to the fearless.

The loss of the fallen star is the rising light of the people of the world.

Spiral (rising up the genetic, quantum mechanical Jacob’s Ladder higher-dimensional pathway into fractal recursive self-embedding symmetry)

your red and blue lights (uni-polar, non-holographic, when dual become transcendent – merged)

up your tree (tree of life, tree of knowledge hanging on the mineral-bio-organic matrix of the body, the Bodhi Tree that Buddha sat underneath to gather his soul energy)

when they reach the top after passing through all layers in between then your will attain your star and YOU WILL KNOW CHRIST.

You. Will. Know. Christ. Christ is the Applied Knowledge of your Will to create true being beyond the holographic realm of duality, polarity, light and dark.

I said in a previous video to “ignore the presents at the bottom of the tree” This is FALSE. I led you on a wild goose chase, this is often the case as we are all learning here and now, how to integrate eternally into the all and the how.

To IGNORE, is to PRODUCE IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE is the LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, therefore this is non-sense!Do not IGNORE the material presents, presence at the bottom of the tree. That would be to ignore the MATERIAL PRESENCE of the bodhi of the free. We must LIBERATE the lower material essence, where there is a quantum, psychological, holographic consciousness-based ENTRAPMENT with an X and a CIRCLE around it! This is a CLOSED PORTAL, a STOP SIGN, a TRAIN CROSSING BOUND with a BARRIER and FLASHING LIGHTS.Instead of ignorance, PRODUCE HIGHER KNOWLEDGE. Put the material and lower essence IN PLACE at the BOTTOM HALF of the PORTION OF THE TREE OF LIFE AND KNOWLEDGE. To put this half on top is to live in an UPSIDE DOWN WORLD, AKA material Earth circa NOW in the inverted holographic projection we find ourselves in where the inversion was created because then only those who know the trick, the trick of KRISS KRINGLE, KRISS KROSS, would FIND ABUNDANCE and GIFTS from ABOVE, while all else who remained ignorant of these secrets would SUFFER.

This is a fun game sure, a real holographic pop-up book of the millenia, however there are many other rooms in this mansion, DIMENSIONS IN THIS UNIVERSAL MATRIX.And only the ones limited via the lower spectrum of the dirty, lowly, bottom of the tree dwelling perceptions and desires are BOUND BY THE CRISS CROSS SCALAR GRID MATRIX.

So the real question here is, did they do all this to entrap you?

Or was this already here and they left these signs and secrets to save your soul!!?? Sol!?? Only you can find out! Open your presence before time runs out and the morning star rises again and the day of Solstice passes over. Prepare for PASS OVER, the day of JUBILEE, the DEBT JUBILEE, THE DAY OF BOTH RECKONING AND RELEASE from SIN. SIN, SIGN, SINE-WAVE, SIGN-SEAL, KARMIC AKASHA RESTRICTION ON GENETIC MEMORY FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT PASS THE TEST.

The test simply being those who CHOOSE TO PASS GO AND COLLECT NOW. The luck of the draw is the spin of an electromagnetic compass north, and that north is IN YOUR MIND. THE MAGNETITE in your FOREHEAD, will AWAKEN when you TRAVEL TO THE NORTH, and LOOK INTO YOUR SELF and SEE THE SOUL WITHIN. THE SOL WITHIN.

This journey never ends, because WITHIN there is a NEW WORLD, JUST AS WHEN YOU ARE BORN HERE, YOU SEE THERE IS A NEW WORLD.

If you only PAY the KEEPER with ATTENTION to the MATERIAL then your TICKET is to the LOWER PLANES and you miss the STAR ON TOP, THE LIGHT FROM ABOVE.





Guess what? I am a drug-dealer and you are on my drugs! Your brain is a drug factory and your brain is now on the words that my drug-factory produced which when properly converted will translate into brain-drugs for you! All the greatest teachers of history were and are still drug-dealers a part of a conglomerate of bio-chemical cartel members! How’s that for mind-control!

We are all walking drug factories and Earth is the biggest cartel in the solar system!


FIND THE NORTH POLE and the little ELVES working away to produce the GOODS that you desire in this dimension!

They knew then and they know now! They’re just waiting for you to ask for direction!

The gods are waiting for your letter containing your list of requests! When they return they’ll show you gifts and blow your f_cking minds!

Better prepare! By this I mean, BETTER TO PREPARE.

I will leave one more and then stop this here so you have something to think about later. The images and words (thus knowledge) I am leaving out has to do with the true nature of the sun, the light and dark electromagnetism of the universe, the holy grail, the spiraling of DNA, health and abundance, and the truth of the system and how the symbols are all around us.

See Taron Green’s recent post! One aspect he’s left out is that the waters and ice around there has been SEALED OFF since the time of the last AGE of HUMANITY. Not only is there are 20,000x difference in the intensity of the biological systems of whatever is down there, but that this has been growing and developing since then for THOUSANDS OF YEARS without POLLUTION from our civilization!

Once that dam breaks, once that ice-wall melts and that portal is open, then the TWO WORLDS, BECOME ONE.

If your mind is capable of handling that, then you get to see the presence of the next age which might be anything better than the stuff that’s going on now!

The last parcel. The last picture I have attached to this post is of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. These mushrooms. Notice the colors.

These contain Muscarine which converts to muscimol and ibotenic acid. They must be heated in order to reduce the muscimol and increase the ibotenic acid otherwise they can lead to toxicity.

There have been theories that this is something the Vikings would consume before battle to enter into a berserker trance. These may or may not be founded in reality, they may have just been drunk and amped up from their own spiritual practices.

In the snowy societies (such as the North) there have been notifications of Eskimo tribes that utilize Amanita Muscaria in a ceremonial shamanic fashion.


During the harsh winters, the shaman would have trouble being able to find these mushrooms, let alone dig them up.

What just so happens to be, is that reindeer and often most kinds of animals tend to enjoy psychedelics and this can be noted as how often deer will eat cannabis crops if they stumble upon them, as one little idea presented here.

The shaman would, being the kind and mindful shaman that he or she is, would share his supply of psychedelic deliriant mushrooms with the local reindeer.

Knowing the reindeer have the scent and the taste he would eventually follow the reindeer, knowing that their keen sense of smell would eventually lead him to more mushrooms. They would also chip in and do the work to dig since they felt like being so helpful.

These reindeer, when having eaten these mushrooms, would be known to prance and dance around in the snow like a little kid at a Christmas and this part is unrelated but I felt I’d throw that in there.

The point is that they would run and jump around so much one could say they’re now, “flying reindeer”. When in fact, they’re just tripping and appreciative of the cool (possibly freezing) jolly fellow sharing his stash with them and getting them buzzed.

So then we have the idea of this shaman in the tundra belonging to a shamanic tribal society who’s ceremonies and wholly days (days of sacred spiritual and communal/familial wholeness, not holidays, separate, set apart, divided). So during the winter solstice, as you may know, many of these natural tribal societies will celebrate and mark this change of solar, celestial, and spiritual energies by imbibing in and communicating with their elder spirits.

So how would this shaman be able to reach those who were snowed in to their igloos up to the chimney? Well, you guessed aptly, he may have slide his gifts down the very chimney at a time where this was applicable, namely there being no fire to burn his stash prematurely.

You see. This heat would have to be used to cook the mushrooms, otherwise a child might eat them raw and absorb so much muscinol that toxicity would result and as you can imagine this would be a pain out in the tundra.

So another option, other than the heat, is that an individual who was well enough developed and possibly tolerant enough of the toxic, could devour a large enough supply of these mushrooms and the ibotenic acid (the psychoactive ingredient) would pass through this urine unchanged.

There’s a kicker coming here.

You see, ibotenic acid is one of the magical chemicals in the environment that can literally be passed through the body having done the job and given the desired effects and will still remain unchanged and reusable after being urinated out.

So the elder who was strong enough could eat a large enough supply of these mushrooms that his urine could then be drank by everyone in the family and this would then pass that psychoactive ibotenic acid on to the others who would look to imbibe. Secondary hint coming.

Yes, he could drink water and turn that water into psychedelic wine for the whole family.

Now imagine some guy who’s tolerance was so high, he was the most high and he could do this for an entire village (a moderate one at that, lets be “reasonable” here and now, possibly for the first time ever, and the never once more until we forget and remember who we are again).

So of course, you may have also wondered about these colors. Imagine the ingenuity of the shaman if he so chose to dress himself in the apparent colors of this mushroom so that all who saw him approaching would know that he was the shaman and thus he was the one to get your special wholly day stash from for the spiritual celebration of the winter solstice. Yes, ride and white in a big padded suit, with happy go lucky reindeer in tow and know that’s not candy in his big red sack.

Now for the final part of this story of lessons, or whatever you choose to call this, I will refer you to a jolly fellow who similarly knows the invisible truths that lay all around, hiding in wait, waiting to be found, ILLumiNatiCongo, a brother from another, in light, not in arms, who knows that nothing is as it seems, and pretty much everything is maximally as awesome as one can perceive without instantly blasting off into another fxxckng realm.

Could this also be related to the practice of alternate nostril breathing, of ascending the chimney using the etheric power of the mind.

Is anything as it seems?

X marks the spot of the buried treasure as drawn on the map, the map is a blue print of reality and is conceptual not literal.

One last reference is Michael Kavanagh who also knows what’s up, and what’s down, and is having fun expanding people’s minds on his own time taking you into his world out of the abyss and into the light.

Enjoy! Again. Krampus too.



The Christ Mass Mystery

Bravery, Immaterial Awareness and Spiritual Catalysts ~ Omnipulse


Without Self-Awareness We Must Wait For The Opportune Situation To Create Our Selves

Being brave when the situation calls for bravery and when you feel most automatically drawn to that is easier.

Being brave when the situation calls for apathy and when you feel inclined to learn by readily appeased by apathy is more difficult and will yield greater results.

If we can organize our lives into a system where we are observing and acknowledging this flow of change throughout ourselves and each other through our actions and intentions then we can also plan and generate the highest potential for learning by pushing our selves to attain a higher spiritual acuity in all situations instead of just when we are compelled to do so by circumstantial catalysts.

You see? We must become our own catalysts and through this we create the universe within ourselves.

With Self-Awareness We Produce The Catalysts At Will and Enable Our Own Self-Generation Of Principles Applied Through Intention

Observe your life and see where there is an opportunity for you to catalyze and present your higher spiritual presence.

This exists, otherwise you would be in another form of embodiment in another realm. This place is the place of learning and developing the higher form from the lower.

This is a sometimes seemingly treacherous dance, because who would choose to step down from everlasting presence and become physically vulnerable and limited? Yet, the idea is that this is a choice and from this choice comes the ability to traverse along that pathway back into wholeness and immaterial everlasting presence.

Be sure that there are opportunities for all of us to grow. We know if we are unable to find room for improvement, that we must simply look more closely. The closer we look, the more we will see. The more we see, the more there is to ignore if we so choose to.

Make this a conscious effort and you will see more than just what you want. Face the fear within yourself and you will see both that which you want to see and that which you have ignored before.

Where There Is Apathy There Is Growth

Where we are most comfortable, where we automatically accept apathy without realizing the process has taken place, that is what people automatically ignore. That is what the society of false positivity, praise and continual celebration seeks to create. The psychological break and vulnerability that this manipulation generates is the harvest, the yield of that manipulation which is converted into benefit and progress for the harvesters and controllers.

Instead of giving that harvest of soul growth away, take this within yourself and develop your everlasting presence with through accepting the challenge and catalyzing your self into a more refined awareness.

Know the self. Utilize this to become self-aware. Remember, this includes the light and the dark.

Where we are most comfortable at reclining and accepting the conviction that we are to push away all discomforts and perceived fears, that is where the most catalyzing effects can be attained. This is done through rejecting apathy. Instead of reclining, stand up. Instead of accepting that the fear is kept at bay by the spiritual or physical work of the day, put on your shoes and go out to meet that fear face to face.

The more this is done in a controlled manner, so as to evenly challenge yourself and your mental and emotional patterns then the true immaterial awareness within will move closer and closer to being present at all times.

Biological Consciousness and Immaterial Awareness

The non-biological awareness behind consciousness observes all experiences yet is not actually interacting directly with these experiences. The silence, the pause, the space between each material and biologically conscious experience, that silence is the true awareness of the being that you are.

The fear that causes one to seek to defend themselves from emotional or mental threats that represent a vulnerability of the character of the individual are formed through the biological consciousness’ inability to accept the true self as the immaterial, everlasting awareness without shape, identity or form.

Thus, the ego is strengthened out of the desire to define the self as a material and conceptually restrictive ideology. When life experience or the awareness of the self goes outside of these conceptual barriers, an illusory perception of the loss of identity occurs. If the awareness is centered on the observation of the self as the immaterial essence that observes all influences of consciousness, then this represents change and adaptation. If one’s awareness is focused on observing consciousness itself as the self then this change is perceived as death and this is called ‘ego-death’ or the death of the false sense of self which is a false sense altogether.

When the ego perceives this false sense of death, the one who places their awareness in adaptation by permitting and embracing change then experiences empowerment on the soul-level. Through this the ego remains only as tool to organize experience in the material realm. Through the embracing of the otherside of this false-sense of death the soul is empowered and outlined as the ego is inverted by being pushed to embrace that which is beyond the material grasp of the brain.

This immaterial nature is the true self and the soul is the midway between the brain and body and the conscious self. This soul essence could also be referred to as the mind which is immaterial and aware of the biologically generated consciousness that the brain translates.

The Brain Receives, Converts and Regulates Consciousness Experience

Consciousness is formed as a convergence of states and presences outside the particular sense of the self that perceives through the body. As much as consciousness is focused in and through the body and brain, this energy is determined by frequencies and essences that are everything in this reality that serves to outline and act as a background to the consciousness of this brain and body. Essentially, the foreground is consciousness, the background is the subconscious, and without the contrast between them there is no defining either.

Another way to view this metaphorically is to imagine a series of magnifying glasses around the body, or even a glass ball or water droplet. The imagery and light that exists outside the perimeter collects and shines through the substance while focusing into a central point. In the exact central point where all rays converge and create a singularity of being, that is the conscious perception of self. The energy of that singularity is the rays outside that are shining in as well as the focusing properties of the glass, or water, or physical body, as well as the optical singularity that is created. All aspects converge to the center to create the perception of the individual unit of consciousness.

To go outside this is to know what you truly are.



Bravery, Immaterial Awareness and Spiritual Catalysts