According To Ancient Texts, The Egyptian Civilization Is At Least 40,000 Years Old



There are numerous ancient texts which clearly indicate the age of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, which can be traced back to a time referred to as Pre-dynastic Egypt, before the first ‘mortal’ Pharaoh would become ruler of Ancient Egypt. It remains a mystery as to why mainstream scholars have ignored these ancient texts

Little has been said about the origin and true age of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. The history of this great civilization seems to be fragmented into two pieces which are respectively considered as myth and actual history. For historians to come to this conclusion, they had to obtain from somewhere adequate information which leads to the belief that Pre-Dynastic Egypt is entirely a myth, while everything from the first official Pharaoh Menes-Narmer until the Graeco-Roman Period is considered a historical fact.

One of the most reliable sources for the modern study of Ancient Egyptian history and the rulers who reigned over the land of the Pharaohs comes from ancient Egyptian High Priest Manetho, who had access to unlimited ancient texts from the Ancient Library of Alexandria, and who wrote for the Pharaoh the history of Ancient Egypt in 30 volumes makes reference to the divine beings that ruled during Pre-Pharaonic Egypt. (source)

However, the strange thing here is that if you look at today’s Egyptologists, we will find out that they make use of Manetho’s dating considering it as a very reliable tool when studying the officially recognized dynasties, yet for some reason, the same Egyptologists have decided to avoid anything related to Pre-historic dynasties, carefully selecting certain details and adopting them as their own while rejecting anything that does not fit into their view of history. Many people consider this behavior as a sign of a selective ideology present among historians and researchers who put forth their own version of history, rejecting ancient texts which explicitly mention historical events that contradict their own views.

Tracing back the age of Ancient Egypt

While many people believe it’s hard to trace back the historical date when the Ancient Egyptian Civilization came into existence, there are those who believe we only have to look at ancient Egyptian Texts, to find out what we want to know. This is why according to researchers if we carefully study the Royal Canon of Turin, we will discover the initial period of the ancient Egyptian Civilization.

The Palermo Stone, an ancient Egyptian document is yet another extremely critical piece if we want to solve the mystery behind the real age of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. The Palermo Stone is currently displayed at the Museum of Palermo. In reality, there are seven pieces all together that are distributed in museums around the world. The document, in hieroglyphic writing, accounts for 120 predynastic kings who reigned before the ancient Egyptians officially existed as a civilization.

By analyzing the Royal Canon of Turin, we can learn that nearly 39.000 years ago, the Kingdom of Ptah, creator and first ruler of Ancient Egypt took place. It is the same source that indicates a time when ‘gods’ ruled over the land of Ancient Egypt for over 20,000 years. After the reign of the gods had ended, the ‘demigods’ arrived, referred to as the “followers of Horus”.

Interestingly, if we compare the work of Manetho and his dating to the Turin King-list, we will find incredible similarities that cannot, and should not be overlooked by mainstream historians. While Manetho does not mention the Shems Hor (the “companions of Horus”), he does mention predynastic rulers who reigned for hundreds and thousands of years before the arrival of the first mortal Pharaoh, Menes.

Interestingly, Manetho isn’t the only ancient scholar to speak of a time where gods ruled over the land of ancient Egypt. Eusebius of Caesarea a Roman historian, exegete, and Christian polemicist of Greek descent states that a dynasty of gods ruled Egypt for 13.9 thousand years: the first was god Vulcan, the god who discovered fire, after him Sosis of the Sun, Isis, and Osiris of Saturn, Typhoon brother of Osiris, and Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. They were followed by a dynasty of heroes and demigods who ruled for 11,025 years. This makes it a total of 24.925 years of reign. Approximately around 3000 BC, the first “human” Pharaoh would take rule as the Egyptian pharaoh.

It is noteworthy to mention that according to a study presented at the International Conference of Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy held in Sofia titled: “GEOLOGICAL ASPECT OF THE PROBLEM OF DATING THE GREAT EGYPTIAN SPHINX CONSTRUCTION“, the Great Sphinx of Giza is said to be around 800,000 years old. 


According To Ancient Texts, The Egyptian Civilization Is At Least 40,000 Years Old

The Great Pyramid Mystery

Pyramid energy



Today there are hundreds of pyramids still standing all over the world from India to Peru. Cultures separated by the Atlantic, who supposedly never discovered each other’s existence, built these giant triangular structures, aligned them to cardinal directions, encoded within them sacred geometry/math, and used them as a sepulture.

“As Keel says in Disneyland of the Gods: We know that pyramid building was once a universal practice throughout the world. Over six thousand years ago unknown peoples were assembling great pyramids in Mexico. Gigantic man-made mounds were constructed in China,Great Britain, North America, and on remote Pacific islands while the Egyptians were still living in mud huts along the Nile. During World War II pilots flying ‘the hump’ reported seeing one or more massive pyramids standing silently in isolated Himalaya valleys. Of the ubiquitousness and similarity of pyramids, David Hatcher Childress states: Mayan pyramids are found from Central America to as far away as the Indonesian island of Java. The pyramid of Sukuh, on the slopes of Mount Lawu near Surakarta in central Java is an amazing temple with stone stelae and a step pyramid that would match any in the jungles of Central America. The pyramid is in fact virtually identical to the pyramids found at the ancient Mayan site at Uaxactun, near Tikal. In speaking of the global civilization, Keel elucidates the weaknesses of the current archaeological paradigm: All these things seem to be interrelated, as if they were once part of some great civilization—a common culture that spread throughout the world and then died …We have a reasonably complete history of the past two thousand years, and a half-baked archaeological reconstruction of the past five thousand years. But there are so many gaps in our knowledge that most the popular archaeological theories really have very little merit. Indeed, we can’t even be sure that the Egyptians built the Great Pyramid … In fact, the Great Pyramid is admittedly much more ancient than the Egyptians of history, as Hotema relates: When the most ancient Egyptians first saw the mysterious Sphinx and the great Pyramid of Gizeh, only their tops projected above the wind-blown sand of the desert. They knew no more about the purpose of these structures, their builders, or when they were built, than we do” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (279)

The Great Pyramids at Giza, even by today’s standards, are absolute miracles in architecture, masonry / construction, mathematics, and astronomy. The dimensions of the pyramids are extremely accurate and the site was leveled to within a fraction of an inch over the entire base. This is comparable to the accuracy possible with modern construction/surveying methods and laser leveling.

“Beneath the now-removed outer layer, the Pyramid’s construction consists of approximately 2,500,000 dressed stones, mostly yellow limestone, but with harder granite for certain interior features. The total mass of the Great Pyramid is estimated at around 90 million cubic feet, which would weigh between 6-7 million tons. To put this into proper perspective, the highest cathedral nave in Europe would fit three times into its height, and its mass exceeds that of all the cathedrals, churches and chapels built in England since the beginning of Christianity! The Great Pyramid is often cited as the largest building on Earth, with twice the volume and thirty times the mass of New York’s famous Empire State Building. The Pyramid rests on an artificially leveled platform, which is less than 22 inches thick, yet is still almost perfectly level, with errors of less than an inch across its entire area, despite supporting such an enormous weight for thousands of years. The base of the Pyramid is set out perfectly square – no mean feat of engineering in itself.” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins” (41)

Up until the last millennium the pyramids were covered completely with smooth polished limestone casing blocks. In other words, the pyramids were not an irregular looking series of steps with a missing capstone like they are now. They were covered with 115,000 10-ton casing sheets of polished limestone fitted so perfectly that a razor’s edge couldn’t get between casings, less than 1/50th of an inch. The Egyptians wrote how it reflected the sun like a mirror on all sides. Today there are still a few polished casings leftover at the base of one side.

“Our first example of twentieth century engineering in the Giza pyramids is the six sided limestone casing blocks, which were polished and precision, carved to fit perfectly with each other and the core stones, with joints measuring less than one fiftieth of an inch. As if this was not incredible enough, all of these stones were found to be joined together with an extremelyfine but strong cement, which had been applied evenly on semi-vertical faces across a surface expanse covering 21 acres on the Great pyramid alone! … The second example is the internal passages of the Great Pyramid. These passages have been measured countless times and found to be perfectly straight, with a deviation, in the case of the Descending Passage, ofless than one fiftieth of an inch along its masonry part. Over a length of 150 feet that is incredible. If one includes the further 200 feet of passage bored through the solid rock, the error is less than onequarter of an inch. Now this is engineering of the highest precision, comparable with twentieth century technology, but supposedly achieved 4,500 years ago: Our third example is the machining of granite within the pyramids. One of the first archaeologists to carry out a thorough survey of the Pyramid was Petrie, who was particularly struck by the granite coffer in the King’s Chamber. The precision with which the coffer had been carved out of a single block of extremely hard granite struck him as quite remarkable. Petrie estimated that diamond-tipped drills would need to have been applied with a pressure of two tons, in order to hollow out the granite box. It was not a serious suggestion as to the method actually used. but simply his way of expressing the impossibility of creating that artifact using nineteenth century technology. It is still a difficult challenge, even with twentieth century technology. And yet we are supposed to believe that Khufu achieved this at a time when the Egyptians possessed only the most basic copper hand tools.” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins”

Under the pyramids are large tunnels hundreds of meters deep drilled into limestone bedrock with almost perfect 90 degree angles. This kind of drilling technology has only existed (in our current paradigm) for under a century, so how were they drilling, chiseling and lifting all these megalithic structures? In a famous meeting with a panel of Egyptologists, author of “Giza Power Plant” Christopher Dunn brought a slab of granite, a hammer and a copper chisel and asked for a demonstration of how Egyptians were supposed to have chiseled out thousand-ton granite obelisks using simple hand tools. After a few whacks at it, the copper chisel had a deep indent and not a chip of granite was displaced.

“Chris Dunn found that many artifacts bore the same marks as conventional twentieth century machining methods – sawing, lathe and milling practices. He was particularly interested, however, in the evidence of a modern processing technique known as trepanning. This process is used to excavate a hollow in a block of hard stone by first drilling, and then breaking out, the remaining “core” Petrie had studied both the hollows and the cores, and been astonished to find spiral grooves on the core which indicated a drill feed rate of 0.100 inch per revolution of the drill. This initially seemed to be impossible. In 1983, Dunn had ascertained that industrial diamond drills could cut granite with a drill rotation speed of 900 revolutions per minute and a feed rate of 0.0002 inch per revolution. What these technicalities actually mean is that the ancient Egyptians were cutting their granite with a feed rate 500 times greater than 1983 technology!” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins” (44)

“On the granite core the spiral of the cut sinks 1 inch in the circumference of 6 inches, a rate of ploughing out which is astonishing … These rapid spiral groovescannot be ascribed to anything but the descent of the drill into the granite under enormous pressure.” -W.M. Flinders Petrie, “The Pyramids and Temples at Gizeh”

“Wasn’t it peculiar that at the supposed dawn of human civilization, more than 4500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians had acquired what sounded like industrial-age drills packing a ton or more of punch and capable of slicking through hard stones like hot knives through butter?” -Graham Hancock, “Fingerprints of the Gods”

“In the first and second pyramids at Giza there are granite portcullises in the lower passages which still baffle experts today. Firstly their complex designs suggest a use much more advanced than deterring robbers (the Egyptologist explanation). It would take about 50 men to lift the portcullis slabs into place, yet the narrow corridors they’re positioned into could have only been occupied by a few men at a time.” -W.M. Flinders Petrie, “The Pyramids and Temples at Gizeh,” (36)

The pyramids also encode high mathematics supposedly unknown to the simple ancient Egyptians. To begin with the pyramids are located precisely on the 30th degree latitude and aligned to within 3 arc minutes of true north. These are beyond coincidence so it can be assumed that they could very accurately measure both latitude and longitude. The ratio of the great pyramid’s height to its base perimeter is exactly Pi (3.14). The “Kings Chamber” and other rooms are perfect “golden rectangles” expressing the mystical number Phi 1.618. The ratio between successive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence increasingly approach Phi as you go on from 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34… the resulting graph is known as the fractal “golden spiral” and looks like a conch shell. Establishment Egyptologists say these mathematical considerations are all coincidence maintaining that ancient Egyptians didn’t possess these concepts. But the reality is, the ancient Egyptians did possess higher math and they purposely encoded it into their construction.

“Some routine mathematical games were built into the dimensions of the sarcophagus. For example, it had an internal volume of 1166.4 liters and an external volume of exactly twice that, 2332.8 liters. Such a precise coincidence could not have been arrived at accidentally: the walls of the coffer had been cut to machine-age tolerances by craftsmen of enormous skill and experience.” -Graham Hancock, “Fingerprints of the Gods”

In the Kings Chamber the floor diagonal is precisely twice the room’s height. W.M. Flinders Petrie says they managed to place the Kings Chamber perfectly “where the vertical section of the Pyramid was halved, where the area of the horizontal section was half that of the base, where the diagonal from corner to corner was equal to the length of the base, and where the width of the face was equal to half the diagonal of the base.” Do you suppose these mathematics were accidental?

Egyptologists say that the Giza pyramids were built for three pharaohs over the course of a hundred years. There are over 2.5 million stones, so if you built 24 hours a day for 100 years that means fitting one (average 3.5 ton) stone into place every 8.5 minutes. Using current technology, multiple cranes and work crews, we still couldn’t make that kind of time, nor could we match the craftsmanship.

Six million tons of stone, underground tunnels, chambers, corridors, 45/90 degree shafts, pi and phi ratios, golden rectangles and other mathematical inclusions, perfect cardinal alignments, right-angles, astrological considerations and flawless masonry. How did ancient man the whole world over build these huge magnificent pyramids? They stacked stones so heavy, many of which cannot be lifted into place with the technology and machinery available today. They quarried these stones from miles away and fitted them together so seamlessly that you can’t fit a blade between them.

Also in Egypt tens of thousands of diorite bowls have been found with hieroglyphs engraved. Diorite is one of the hardest stones on the planet, harder than iron, yet intricate inscriptions have been made, not through the use of chisels or scraping but some unknown ancient technology. Whatever it was, was capable of etching lines 1/150th of an inch wide, often in sets of parallel lines separated by a mere 1/30th of an inch. The same kind of workmanship has been found in vases, urns, and other pottery unearthed at the Pyramid of Zoser. Graham Hancock says: “There was no technology known to have been available to the Ancient Egyptians capable of achieving such results. Nor, for that matter, would any stone-carver today be able to match them, even if he were working with the best tungsten-carbide tools. The implication, therefore, is that an unknown or secret technology had been put to use in Ancient Egypt.”

The Sphinx, which Egyptologists say is less than 5,000 years old, is actually at least 10,000 years old based on its weathering alone. Geologists confirm that it has been eroded by massive amounts of water which hasn’t been present in the Sahara for about 10,000 years. Egyptologists claim this weathering is just wind/sand erosion, but Geologists like Robert Schoch find that hard to swallow.“In October 1991, Dr Robert Schoch, a geologist at Boston University, presented detailed evidence that the Sphinx was thousands of years older than the commonly accepted date of 2500 BC.-’ His conclusion was based on the weathering profile of the limestone rock, out of which the Sphinx had been carved. Visitors to the Sphinx today can clearly see the vertical weathering profile in the limestone trench surrounding the Sphinx. This erosion, according to the science of geology, could only be the result of prolonged rainfall, in contrast to the dry weather experienced in Egypt since 2500 BC. Based on the climatic evidence, Schoch estimated that the Sphinx had to be between 9,000 and 12,000 years old, when the climate in Egypt was much wetter.” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins” (93-4)

“In fact, although Egypt is often given the honor of being the originator of much human culture, the Egyptians themselves recorded that they were the inheritors of a great civilization that came from elsewhere. Indeed, the Egyptian culture seemingly appeared out of nowhere at a high level of development, as did the Sumero-Mesopotamian and South American. This fact is explainable if the civilizers were advanced groups coming from elsewhere, from lands that had been destroyed by climatic change, war or other Cataclysm.”-Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (280)

Tlahchiualtepetl, the “man-made mountain” in Mexico is a ziggurat three times the size of the great pyramid. The base length of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán is almost identical in length to the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Where are those odds? Teotihuacán means “the place where men become Gods.” They claim their pyramids and temples were instruments for transforming the soul after death, exactly as the Egyptians did. This theme is all over the ancient world. Ancient Tibetans, the Egyptians and native Americans all had complex systems, multi-stage challenges for recently deceased souls to overcome in the afterlife. Specific stages of the different cultures afterlife journeys even match-up. The Mayans and the Egyptians both believed in stellar rebirth where Kings, Pharaohs, and Heroes die and are reborn as stars.

“Archaeologists all over the world have realized that much of prehistory as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate, some of it quite simply wrong…It has been suggested…that the changes now at work in prehistory herald the shift to a ‘new paradigm,’…made necessary by the collapse of the first paradigm.” -Colin Renfrew, “Before Civilization”


++ The Top-50 Megaliths: (The largest cut-stones of all time)

++ Discussing Nikola Tesla and the Pyramids of Atlantis With TS Caladan

Discussing Nikola Tesla and the Pyramids of Atlantis With TS Caladan

Pyramid energy

by Tray Caladan via Rise Earth

1. You’ve done a lot of research on Tesla, the pyramids and Atlantis. Among those subjects of research, which did you find the most fascinating and why?

I’ll go through them and say what excites me about each. I don’t believe Tesla was one of us; look what he’s accomplished.

We’ll never know his full extent and influence since incredible devices and principles have been suppressed by governments.

He was discredited and taken out of western textbooks. Public doesn’t have access to Tesla’s many MISSING patents, such as Particle Beams, flying disks and even Time Machines.

(What do you think Tesla’s ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ was?)

He inspired the ‘Superman story’ from early 20th Century and was called “the Superman of the Industrial Age.”

A literal ALIEN created our modern world. With a little study, you may discover…he came from Venus! [Venus isn’t what they tell us].

I’ve had the great privilege of speaking once (on the phone) to his ‘secret’ son, Arthur Matthews. History does not record Tesla having a son. But you’ll find that he did, hidden safely away in Canada.

Arthur was my pen-pal for a few years before his death in 1986 and he told a very different story of Nikola than your usual books and films.

My article “Son of Tesla” can be read online with two personal, short letters where Arthur stated he enjoyed my research and did not argue against my view of this amazing man.

Arthur co-wrote a book WITH TESLA called “The Wall of Light: Nikola Tesla and the Venusian Space Ship,” the only time Tesla ever wrote non-technical pages and revealed personal experiences.

[Alexander: Here’s the most interesting review of the book from Amazon:

“I read the original in 1969 of what Arthur Matthews wrote about his own experiences in those sections of “The Wall of Light” that pertain to him.

I can tell you emphatically — absolutely — that there were no references to Jesus in the original. Whomever has inserted those passages in this book is grossly dishonest. I know that Matthews was a deeply spiritual man who did not believe in conventional religions. Period. I know this for a fact.

Instead, Matthews was taken to a place on Venus where he said he met with a group called “The Council of Nine.” This council could tell whether he was telling the truth. He was asked to describe the earth sciences as he understood them.

He described biology, chemistry, all of the physical sciences as he knew them. When he described physics, the council objected that he was untruthful. Matthews said this was the earth’s understanding.

This council told him this was completely wrong, and was vociferous in its objection to its basic principles.

As for the spiritual/religious stuff, the council told him that they were going to give him the secret to life at the end of his several meetings with them. The secret was love.

Matthews noted in the original I read that this comported with the message of many of the earth religions. That was the extent of any reference to Jesus. This book makes Matthews sound like a born-again Christian, which he was decidedly NOT.

Further, the meetings with the Venusians have been dumbed down in this book. The original text was far more exciting. For example, Matthews described his initial meeting with a Venusian couple. The man was about 650+ years and the woman about 550+ years old.

He extolled their beauty and serenity. They grilled him during meetings over two years about highly detailed aspects of Tesla’s work before ever going any further with him.

Matthews made a point that there was no way anyone could have known about these highly technical aspects of Tesla’s work, because Tesla had not discussed them with anyone but Matthews in letters between the two.

Those letters were in Matthews’ possession when Tesla died and not the US government, who declared all of Tesla’s private papers ‘classified’ within days of his death. The US government didn’t know about Tesla’s special relationship with Matthews at the time.

How do I know this? Matthews tried to contact the US government to show them highly technical aspects of Tesla’s work during the 50s. The US govt. blew Matthews off as a Canadian kook.

Matthews also contacted the Canadian government, who thought the same thing. So Matthews did the next logical step: he gave the information to the Russians.

As I wrote at the beginning of this review, I read this document in 1969. It made such an impression on me that I have never forgotten its contents.

I can still see myself reading the original. I can still feel how I felt when I read it. I was shocked, actually, to see parts of it in “The Wall of Light,” 37 years later.

BTW, I cant review the ‘Tesla-written’ parts of this book. I have no way of knowing if they’ve been altered. The Matthews drawings appear somewhat genuine.

The book is worth it for the Tesla part. Read the Matthews account with a jaundiced eye, and be suspect about about the sentimental parts of it. Matthews was not a sentimentalist.

I am giving three stars to what should be a five-star read because of the grossly inaccurate editing of Matthews writings in the book, obviously done after he died.”

The Wall of Light: Nikola Tesla & the Venusian Space Ship is available for purchase on Amazon].

I’m one of few people who understand Tesla’s historical significance, which came from a powerful realization that the scientific work of this Superman EXPLAINS ANCIENT MYSTERIES and PYRAMIDS and the Atlantean World Grid. It changes all of History!

This goes back to the ‘70s and my strange marriage to a very psychic woman. In 1974, she channeled 13 points on a globe (map still with me only a few feet away as I write this) and in a trance state, said this was ATLANTIS: main Power Station on a large continent in the Bermuda Triangle area and 12 smaller sub-stations that formed a world grid.

I certainly did not understand the principle involved with this ‘power’ back then.

Most importantly, 4 of the points on the globe were completely unknown to the best investigators in 1974 (Russian site in Sayan Mts., Yonaguni, ruins in Brazil’s Amazon & Canadian Indian Image in Badlands).

Other sites, in a Grid of 13, were immediately recognized such as Great Pyramid, Incas, Stonehenge, Easter Island, while lesser known ones were found with some study (Tassili, Zimbabwe, New Delhi Pillar, Alice Springs, AUS).

These were the Cradles of Civilization; we originated from these 13 sites at the exact same time! (Reason for unlucky 13?)

The Ancient Power Grid was Atlantis and Atlantis was a super high-tech Eden or World Metropolis.

2. How do you think Nikola Tesla, the pyramids and Atlantis relate to one another?

The “Power” I mentioned, 40 years later, is more understood. I was asked on ‘Coast2Coast’ about it, was it anything like our Electricity? And it was exactly ELECTRICITY, only Wireless, for the very same appliances we have and much more (that Edgar Cayce saw).

Beyond wireless devices, freely powered, the FORCE was also used to power every kind of vehicle imaginable, long ago.

Tesla planned with his 20th Century world system, to set up an EM field between the positively-charged Ionosphere and the negatively-charged Ground whereby any appropriate receiver/antenna on any vehicle could provide all the energy necessary to power the ships…as well as factories, buildings and residences.

The Power was also MAGNETIC; this is natural Electro-Magnetism utilized with a ground-contact.

Power does not fly through the air as we’ve seen Radio illustrated, but flows through the ground (and is between the rocks & trees, Yoda would tell you).

This is why every inch of ground was utilized/sacred to the ancients, which means the pyramids, obelisks, giant statues and spheres, totems, stele, etc. all had electro-magnetic purposes, powered by the electrified ground…for utopia.

Time destroys the greatest of civilizations: the main Station with the prime Power Pyramid BLEW UP long ago. The Atlanteans (actually us) mastered what we have not been permitted to publically develop today. We have to be very careful how we use the EM energy.

I believe the world grid, this wireless power network, was reconstructed again and again, but never as great as the empire that preceded it. [Demonstrated in ruins of survivors: Pre-Egyptians, Pre-Incas, Egyptians, Incas, Toltecs, Olmecs, Mayas, Aztecs, Anasazi-Cahokia Mound-Builders and down to (Old West) American teepees].

3. What purpose did the pyramids of Giza, specifically Cheops, serve?

In my view, the Great Pyramid served as a Back-Up Reserve System to the main power Transceiver or Prime Pyramid out in the Atlantic Ocean, now sunk. The reason is its special location (“Location, location, location,” as they say).

Besides perfect alignment to the directions, the Great Pyramid is positioned in the exact center of all land masses when you consider a missing Atlantean continent. If we extend its n-s and e-w directions out from Giza, we have created perfect and equally-sized quadrants of the remaining land area on the globe.

GIZA is the perfect center for a new, main Power Station, if anything happened to the BIG one. Something disastrous certainly occurred which explains the myriad of legends and physical evidence of Atlantis (not as a Great Deluge, but), a destroyed continent. (Read ‘Edgar Cayce on Atlantis’).

I never refer to the GP as the “Cheops” Pyramid, since the phenomenal EM Power Station had nothing to do with the reign of Cheops. The structure was already ancient when it was broken into and PAINTED symbols (misguided, in error) dedicated the pyramid to Cheops.

To me, it is as wrong as placing Atlantis in the Mediterranean or ever associating it with a Flood of only 5000 years ago.

To me, it’s the “Great Pyramid” or the “Giza Pyramid.” There is Flood damage on the GP, but the age of (not monuments) these stone Utility Poles are much, much older.

Notice how spectacular the GP is compared to the other two at Giza with its above ground, intricate Inner Chambers along with special geophysical and astronomical info incorporated in stone that other pyramids do not contain.

Let’s presume the same fate occurred to New Atlantis (Incas & Egyptians) as with earlier and later cultures: Main power plant was destroyed and rebuilt utopia was no longer utopia.

Imagine NO POWER anymore through the ground, stranding Easter Islanders like before and everyone else around the grid sub-stations because of the destruction of the Giza transceiver.

This is our long History…as it has occurred over and over again… that much later (recently) fell to the Dark Ages of ignorance and primitiveness.

Greeks were far from the inventors of science, math, medicine, etc. They inherited old knowledge, history and memories from much earlier events and superior civilizations.

Gods of the Romans and the Greeks were real; they flew (machines) in the heavens. They were the Atlanteans, Super Indians that eventually fell in downward spirals of lesser cultures and technologies over more time, over a longer period than we are taught.

After the Super Pyramid on Atlantis continent was destroyed due to the coming of War (totally alien to utopians), the next Prime Pyramid was constructed at Giza, perfect location for a Power-Beacon to the rest of the planet.

Then repeating War took out the GP and a replacement pyramid was installed, not as great. Then cycles of war and the same reincarnated forces destroyed that pyramid in time.

And it happened again with another age, much later, and a THIRD attempt at a world power network with the prime location at Giza that beamed out magnetic electricity.

With failure of the third Pyramid, the Egyptian delta no longer was “the center of the world” or prime ‘Radio City.’

Let’s fast-forward to survivors of New Atlantis at a much later time. Examine the DIFFERENT ANGLES of pyramids at Teotihuacan and of the Toltecs and Mayas at even later periods. Different angles on Lower American Pyramids were because the entire configuration of planetary energy was different.

Many thousands of years had passed between the Mayas and their ancient predecessors, the Egyptians. Pyramids are lenses; they focus the natural EM energy; they are Collectors and Antennas or “Power Pump,” power stations.

Pyramids and the entire system of obelisks, totems, stele, standing-stones (with ground contacts) are in reality: UTILITY POLES, the ancients’ super version when compared to our pathetic, barbaric, wired society of today.

I was honored to hear from one researcher who contacted me at a time when I needed to hear a bit of credit. It related to what he saw on TV and he thought of me:

“…You have more believers out there that are quietly listening. In time they will change and see the truth in your words just like the 13-point Atlantis Grid. As far as I know you said it first long before the main stream media even half acknowledged it.

“It was shown on the ‘Ancient Aliens’ TV series on the History Channel. They now present the idea that the Pyramid pylons are like power transmitters. It was you who first said that!”

4. When do you think Atlantis existed and why do you think so?

I encourage readers to look up my Research under the name “Doug Yurchey.” Since published, I go by my pen-name of TS Caladan (anagram is “at scandal”). I believe my channeled source from the ‘70s (divorced in 1977) as to the age or time of Atlantis.

Atlantis was never 1 colony or city or 1 continent, but was always a World Grid of planetary power.

The whole EM network of a prime Power Station that fed the 12 sub-stations at ideal grid points (after original space colony of “Earth Base One” at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia surveyed Earth) was Atlantis.

There are only two general types of humans on the planet: Indians (or Egyptian descendants) and Lemurians or Asians, whose empire fizzled out in the Pacific as Atlantis rose in the Atlantic.

It is no mystery what happened to the Egyptians and Incas. These very old cultures destroyed themselves.

Incan survivors became or recycled into the much later Toltecs, then Olmecs, Mayas and later Aztecs, to later Mound-Builders and American Indians. In the East, Egyptians recycled into the Sumerians, Babylonians and then down to Greeks.

We can see how lesser and lesser weights of monoliths were set in Incan walls, such as in old Cuzco, Peru. These were not from the same time period. Bottom rows of megaliths were in the hundreds of tons each; that was what ‘we’ could transport at that time.

It was destroyed, virtually vaporized and walls were replaced at a later time when people could only move lesser stones.

A time came when stone was no longer used at all and incredible earthen structures were made by Hopi, Anasazi and Cahokian Mound-Builders, far more advanced than their descendants who built teepees in the Old West.

My sources told me: We landed here, at Tiahuanaco, 60,000 years ago. If you study the 13 simultaneous Cradles of Civilizations or grid points, a few of the areas contain legends of the date ‘60,000 years ago’ such as Tassili and in Alice Springs and in Russia (ancient nuked areas: like all deserts, some with ‘dolmen’ bomb-shelters).

In Australia, also with advanced prehistoric sites, the ancient memory is called “Dreamtime”…of course, before nuclear wars clearly described in sacred books of early India. I place the sinking of the Atlantis continent around 12-13,000 years ago, because Cayce said so.

There was a nuclear age 8000 years ago and a World Flood 5000 years ago (whose purpose was to reduce hot spots of radiation after the NUKES and to rid the world of genetic monsters or the madness that CLONERS created, an age later remembered in Greek myths. Pegasus, centaur, minotaur, cyclops, etc. were real).

“Attack of the Clones,” indeed. A great question is what happened to Paradise or what screwed everything up in Atlantis and in later advanced empires? In Utopia, bad thoughts, bad intentions, bad actions do not happen; Police were never needed.

With time, there were great changes. Supermen and Superwomen were no longer gods and goddesses. Humans created new generations.

They were different and did not hold to old ways of peace and love. Cayce spoke how the ancients became material and militarists and more and more associated with the physical world and Power/Control.

In a decent society with high-tech, there are good and legitimate reasons to clone such as for medical reasons or if you need body parts. How about simple workers that cleaned the house like controlled robots? Look how much work could get done.

You can see how cloning techniques could be introduced and used effectively in utopia. There’s only one problem: What of body parts and the clones themselves? Do human clones have rights or are they ‘property’ of the cloners?

With cloning as a part of your world (as is today, secretly along with other unbelievable sciences), you can understand how it could get out of hand. What about armies and cloned Super Soldiers?

This was the primary problem, abuse of freedoms. Cayce’s book mentions the ‘things’ were used in Atlantis and many battles over the ‘things.’

Edgar Cayce did not have the word “clone” in his vocabulary, but understood what they were before our scientific world did.

5. What are the Earth’s energy lines and are they related to the ancient concept of ley lines?

Earth’s energy, aura, electro-magnetic grid-lines or ley lines seem to be all the same. It is EM power that moves a compass needle, naturally, right there in the ground.

Some land has greater concentrations of this energy than other places and it probably registers on certain devices. Crop-Circles have high EM concentrations.

Isn’t Sedona known for its ley lines or places where vortices of energy intersect with feelings of peace in people? Aren’t a few ancient and sacred sites known for their healing properties (& in waters)?

I have even heard that certain Incan ruins produced terrible, horrible feelings among visitors while other places held wonderment and awe to the same visitors.

Indian burial grounds? Maybe the sites were where prehistoric greatness happened as well as awful atrocities, mass annihilations… and the land still contained those vibrations?

To me, the electro-magnetic forces in nature that are always there, around us throughout our spinning planet, that move a compass needle, and even rain down upon us from space, are a FLOW.

The flow is a movement of zillions of photonic particles or charged ‘quanta.’ A very smart scientist should be able to TAP INTO any flow like harnessing the power of a waterfall or Niagara Falls! It’s not magic; it’s science.

We should do our best to demystify ourselves away from errors in traditional religion, but also away from traditional misconceptions in Science and History.

6. What type of technology built the great pyramids of Giza?

This was the age of Supermen and Superwomen, gods and goddesses, Ancient Astronauts or your ordinary Flying Indians: East Indians also in vimanas, commonly known as ‘flying carpets.’ It’s not hard to imagine or to unlock your memories of the distant past.

Consider the far future. That’s the prehistoric past, no different!

Retrograde technology over many Cycles of Indians, who always attempted to rebuild the broken, shattered Wireless World Grid (Tesla’s principle) because that, by far, is the most efficient way of doing things to acquire and distribute electrical power.

Tesla’s son told me: The NY Tower called a “Magnifying Transmitter,” his ‘Radio City,’ failed in the early part of the 20th Century, not because JP Morgan pulled his funds. [Tesla was always rich after his A.C.].

His 1st Power Tower in a modern system was placed on Long Island to provide wireless electricity to a large population. The problem was the Winds of the First World War were in the air.

Germany could have captured the powerful Transceiver, nearly 200’ tall, tuned or focused the buildup of resonant power with such an intensity that the EARTH COULD BE SPLIT IN TWO!

If used positively, radio-broadcasted electricity would have completely changed the human race in the 20th Century: no Depression or World Wars. We would have, once again, been on the Threshold of Utopia. But it was the right idea at the wrong time.

The Wardenclyffe NY installation could also have destroyed the Earth as a Doomsday Weapon of fantastic proportions if used the wrong way (other side of the Force?). We have to be very careful about how this ancient energy is used.

We won’t have a Wireless World (according to Mathews) until war is no longer in our hearts and we are much less military-minded.

We’ll have a long wait, Arthur. But the future is a time worth the wait. Arthur also said: Atlantis and Tesla Technology will one day return…in the very distant future~

The question of what kind of human society or type of technology builds mortarless, pyramid Power Stations and also transports massive monoliths in the thousands of tons, is a people who have the ability to master anti-gravity and master powerful lasers.

Was that too simple? Ed Leedskalnin who singlehandedly built ‘Coral Castle’ in Florida, the greatest example of moved monoliths in the United States, had the secret and the secret is anti-gravitation. [Many methods have been federally suppressed].

Not magic, but a technology covered in Tesla’s patents. Who is to say we don’t have some of the wonders of Tesla Technology (outside of the World System) today?

They may have been developed for the privileged elite, the covert few on top of the ‘social pyramid’ and not for the many of us struggling down here at the bottom.

7. Do you believe that our planet will experience big changes soon? If so why?

I look at it a different way. Haven’t we heard that again and again, you know, like how they always say we’ll be on the Moon soon, but somehow… we just don’t get there?

We’ve heard that in the ‘50s with the fearful threat of nuclear war and then later with all kinds of grave ‘coming’ disasters, Armageddon, Apocalypse and potential major disasters that could have been far worse in recent decades, but didn’t really happen.

What about the Manhattan Project where Teller and his mad boys actually, truly were unsure that the first atomic detonation might start a chain-reaction that would NOT STOP and burn away the atmosphere? We’ll go ahead and do it anyway…

Remember “Party like it’s 1999” and destructions that were supposed to happen then? They didn’t happen. Nuclear exchanges did not occur.

My beloved Edgar Cayce was wrong in his inspired book ‘Earth Changes’ that claimed dramatic land changes on both American coasts would happen as well as a big, unexpected waterway in the middle of the country. In today’s world of chaos and ‘hell,’ could we be extremely lucky?

Research YouTubes and interviews of the late Al Beliek, born Ed Cameron, a brilliant man who worked with Tesla on the Philadelphia Experiment. The PE was Tesla’s ‘baby.’ In fact, Al jumped off the Eldridge destroyer in 1943 during the infamous Experiment.

Tesla ‘washed his hands’ of the PE because feds would not pay for a 1-Point band that would safely secure or anchor the sailors onboard through ‘hyperspace.’

You see, folks, in an attempt to create a “cloaked” or invisible ship for the military during the Second World War, they created a Hyperspace Vortex, a warp in time.

Al (Ed) and his brother Duncan jumped off the test ship when the Experiment went way out of control and some died. The two brothers also jumped into the Future and returned!

The story is utterly fascinating and also the story of Montauk in 1983 is equally unbelievable as the other end of Time (Rainbow, frequency) was created. View Preston Nichols, Stewart Swerdlow and Al’s real stories all there for you on YouTube.

These are some of the most brilliant people…who will tell you…that the strange events in the British-made movie, “The Philadelphia Experiment,” are actually (basically, without the love story) TRUE and were really about Ed and his brother.

In the movie, a Bridge in Time was created 40 years apart and the planet nearly came to a major disaster in the 80s. Al saved us from violent Land Changes that did not happen. Supposedly, only insiders know that the PE film ain’t all fiction.

How many times have otherworldly Men-In-Black-type disasters almost occurred, but were averted? Maybe much has happened out in the open and been covered up?

I keep up with Conspiracies, right or wrong. I think they’re 90% correct, not 90% wrong and is really the hard, brave work of Conspiracy Factualists.

Love Whistle-Blowers who go against rough grain and speak out even under threat of death. Look at how many who expressed the truth…were suddenly, conveniently silenced. Maybe we should believe the OPPOSITE of everything media and Authorities and politicians say?

There could be huge changes in the coming years. If you see an alien attack soon, I’m serious: Don’t be fooled. It’s probably Project Bluebeam, a holographic ‘false flag’ to control you and place you in a state of Fear. Don’t fear.

The real Enemy isn’t out there, it’s in here…the calls are coming from Inside the House. A few Twilight Zones were about the issue of Fear and paranoia; don’t be fearful. Gain knowledge; knowledge is power.

Deprogram yourself by learning and seeking the truth openly. Question everything, certainly everything from the Authorities. They are not on your side, gang.

Study the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk and secret Stargate, Time Tunnel experiments conducted decades ago and to this day. If you dig, you’ll discover…

You might find we are on or in an extremely fortunate Time-Line, one of many realities, a reality that numerous great minds beyond Cayce (such as Nostradamus, time-traveler?) predicted mega cataclysms would happen by the year 2000.

Thankfully, the horrific disasters did not occur in this time-line. Were they delayed, are they coming? Or should we thank the Heavens that Hell was averted altogether?

8. What other types of fascinating topics have you researched that you think are noteworthy to mention right now?

Don’t be too sure you know the truth about anything. Don’t be too sure you want to find the actual truth.

Finding it is kind of a curse, because you are compelled to tell others out of excitement of what you have discovered… only to be alienated, rejected and ridiculed for your pursuit of truth. Expect the unexpected in all things.

Real truth is unbelievable. For example, we did go to the Moon. But what we saw, a few billion of us, or what they presented to us, was faked. They could not take a chance on something going wrong and so like about everything these days (you’ll discover), it was fixed.

We didn’t see the good stuff, the real landings, the ancient structures and evidence of old life and present life on Moon/Mars. View Jay Weidner’s YouTubes and research…

They got Stanley Kubrick to fake the Moon landings we saw with the same projection techniques as seen with the apes in “2001.”

Stanley, the great artist and director, was able to do anything he wanted with unlimited budgets after he helped the feds. He was also led into the special privileges of Secret Societies.

Weidner has pointed out the extraordinary clues that Kubrick placed in film imagery of a series of his later films… where Stanley appears or hints of his crimes/deceptions, admits to being a part of the elites or tempted by them and then agonizing because of his decisions.

This was big news to me, an artist and super film fan and one who regarded SK as a huge hero. NOW to see amazing clues in his films: especially how “The Shining” was about Stanley faking the Moon missions even to the point of the boy who wore an Apollo 11 sweater throughout the film.

In “Eyes Wide Shut,” Kubrick explored and exposed this secret (Rothschild) world of sacrifices and rituals. Then what happened? Stanley was eliminated and Spielberg finished and drastically changed both EWS and also “A.I.”

I do not blame viewers and readers who are reluctant to realize the ugly truths, such as what I’ve learned through YT of ‘Satanic Hollywood’ or the truth to your favorite celebrities. It’s a hard pill to swallow, so most refuse to see or believe.

But to the social scientists who are fascinated with the world around them and open to controversies and new ideas, I suggest two of my articles: “Celebrity Suicides?” and the very important: “10 Conspiracies You’ll Never Believe are Conspiracies.”

Would you be shocked to discover Paul McCartney is really dead? He was killed in 1966 and replaced with a taller lookalike, even more naturally gifted in music. I must be psychic because in February, 2015, this story came to me: World Mysteries.

I later found out Ringo admitted to Paul’s death in an interview at the exact same time I thought to write a story about it. See link.

9. What are you currently researching and what can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Two articles I am extremely proud of were posted in the field of Theoretical Astronomy; actually there are so many answers to space and our Solar System in a few pages, your mind will blow!

I have worked on these ideas for decades and can all be traced back to my contact through a very special psychic back in the ‘70s.

Many of the concepts came directly from a higher source of information I had access to between 1973 and 1977.

The two articles, a must for anyone interested in space answers, are: “New Order to the Solar System” & “Black Holes, Quasars and Infinite Big Bangs.”

Would you believe one cosmic event (great explosion of 5th planet where a Gap is today) explains comets, asteroids, Kuiper Belt Objects and, of course, shooting stars? Would you believe Quasars are the exact opposite of Black Holes and explains the mystery of where matter disappears to in a BH?

(It comes out a quasar on a molecular level).

Did you know there are Infinite Big Bangs? How about that a team of people, behind the scenes, operates Stephen Hawking like a Puppet Show?

It’s an unbelievable world; we’ve had an unbelievable prehistoric history. What’s that say about our Future?

What I have done lately, since my 400-page sci-fi novel has been published by TWB Press, is put my theories and results of decades of research INTO STORIES. I’m great with drama, fiction and direction of stories.

When I write, I am fixated, almost possessed by my muse and write very fast like ‘automatic writing.’ I’ve often wondered what I have tapped into when I am ‘in a zone.’ Am I channeling or remote-viewing the remote past?

Why am I so obsessed with history and the future and discovering the answers to big questions? Was I back there? I’m sure I was many times, since I am a big believer in reincarnation (another truth I was told by my source was real).

Am I remembering Atlantis? Did I build pyramids and use the magnetic energy? I think so.

I’ve discovered that it was more FUN for me to write ‘Fantasy Faction’ or colorful, imaginative stories that contained real things I’ve learned rather than write in a traditional, documentary-style.

Many of my short stories under “TS Caladan” are online and contain real treasures of insight and intuition couched within wild stories.

My novel is called “The Continuum” and is an epic of a parallel world where an entire galaxy mimics what has transpired on Earth with a rise of a (Hitler) ‘Chancellor’ Devil, wars, an enslaving money system and a hero from the outside comes to put things right.

This is my Hobbit and establishes the parallel universes of Continuums. By next year, two smaller books should be published (sequel and prequel) which will complete my TRAYLOGY.

It is in these next two books where a lifetime’s worth of research into Atlantis, Tesla and Pyramids emerge. In Book 2, “Son of Zog,” son of our hero in first story discovers his destiny by touching his father’s giant Quartz crystals.

We flashback to the ‘other world,’ ancient Earth and the boy discovers historical records in the Quartz.

He sees how HE was responsible for the human race as he landed on Earth and cloned himself. He also sees, sadly, how he had to destroy Atlantis and the later Egyptian Civilization!

In Book 3 prequel, “The Cydonian War,” we view the age of gods and goddesses on Mars. We see real Supermen and Superwomen and live through them.

They had structures at Cydonia that dwarfed anything ever produced on Earth: aligned Great Pyramid a few thousand feet high, Giant Face or Sphinx and other magnificent Martian superstructures.

We read an incredible story how the extremely beautiful spirits on the 5th planet and the planet itself were destroyed and blown to pieces by dark forces (First Evil in Universe) which appeared on Mars.

The Cydonian disaster left Mars ruined, red with radiation and lifeless for a very long time.

What fascinated me with the 3-part story was: How much did I tap into was true? Where did this come from? I don’t say my story is true, but threads of it or its symbols may be true.

I don’t believe one Martian child, like the Superman story from Krypton, came here and started human civilizations; it was wonderful poetic license, to me.

He meets a very old Lemurian which represents the declining people of Mu in the Pacific area, while the boy stands for the New Age of Atlantis to come.

Forgetting the story, in real theory of what I actually believe now…

I think we are displaced Martians who had to journey to Earth 60,000 years ago from a ruined Mars, after 5th planet was pulverized and we needed somewhere to thrive… so we came here.

It is interesting that as post-Atlantis empires were not as great as what came before them, look what is seen in Cydonian ruins on Mars: A mile-long, human Face and many structures similar to Giza, only on a much larger and grander scale.

Did the Great Indian Race originate on the 4th Planet? Would our Martian Utopia make the greatest Atlantis Empire pale in comparison? Patterns repeat as well as the architecture from Mars to Earth.

10. Any last thoughts you want to share with us?

Yes, a few more things on the Pyramid Energy which we should realize is the same as what Tesla worked with. If you held a florescent light in your hand near a Tesla Coil, it lights up without wires via radiant energy or induction.

Now magnify that a few million times and you might see how a whole city could be powered by one, oscillating Tower.

Notice how structures of the ancients, in many cases, have a similarity of a main complex surrounded by smaller structures in a pattern.

Pyramids, standing stones, statues and stone circles were not arranged or shaped for their art value, but stand for function. Just like a modern, centrally-located power plant of wired AC steps down the electrical power to smaller sub-stations for local use, so did prehistoric Indians.

Also, the transceivers or powered sub-stations operated over a certain range just like a radio station weakens the farther you are from the transmitter.

This was why you’d need another station in a grid to boost the signal so all your wireless systems, devices and vehicles still operated over a wide span of distance.

No civilizations were around the mysterious Costa Rican Spheres. I believe they were placed there to merely carry or continue the signal so vehicles could remain powered even over isolated areas.

We cannot have Tesla Tech today. Scientists know how to do it: NOT PERMITTED because it is magnetic energy and you can’t put a magnet on your computers, can you? Every scrap of our tech has to come down, before we install a wireless EM system!

The primates were not mentioned; they are a misconception. We did not come from a primitive form. The various so-called ‘primates’ were all at the same time, same level.

That could not be if Darwin was right. Darwin is wrong and always has been. Primates were the CLONES and were not ape-like at all; they simply had smaller brains for simpler functions.

You wouldn’t want to program your servants or soldiers with a lot of brains; you’d manufacture smaller-brained humans who’d be more obedient.

Cro-Magnons had larger brain cavities than modern human beings! The large-brained Cro-Mags were the Indian CLONERS. These were the ‘gods.’ WE were the gods… or some played god to less complicated human tribes.

If you want to understand the Old Testament better and believe it because of the Science and Technology within the pages, then view my article: ‘High Technology in the Bible’ by Doug Yurchey.

One more unique view of the Atlantis destruction is that it was not destroyed by the evil Belial forces, according to Cayce.

In truth, bad guys did not destroy or shatter a continent swallowed by the ocean in a day. Good guys, engaged a SELF-DESTRUCT switch.

The logic was sound: The Tesla-in-principle Radio-Power broadcasted to all; everything was powered by the Towers… even dark, rebel, Belial forces that developed over time and threatened to consume every drop of goodness from what was once a Paradise.

It was better to BLOW ALL POWER so no one had power and the world had to recycle, rather than a new movement of pure evil that nearly took total control.

Another interesting oddity out of millions throughout our Solar System…What the hell are spinning on Saturn’s North and South Poles?

Check out the astonishing photos: CBS 1-EYE at the South Pole and a 6-sided (Time) Vortex at the North Pole? Maybe there are bits of truth in the movie “Interstellar”?

Thank you, Joe of the Pyramid Center, for the chance to broadcast my own personal views of Life the Universe and Everything… — sincerely, Tray Caladan

The Pyramid Center is an amazing secluded sanctuary deep in the heart of the California Mountains near Big Bear.

Located on over 200+ acres, The Pyramid Center is the ideal location for anyone searching for seclusion, meditation, or being nestled within untampered nature. For more information, please visit:The Pyramid Center.


Lost History of Humanity: Atlantis, Pyramids & The Ark of The Covenant ~~ David Wilcock & Graham Hancock

Anunnaki with cone


21st Century Wire says…

There are an incredible amount of questions waiting to be answered regarding the lost history of humanity and our planet.

In this two hour long discussion, David Wilcock interviews researcher and author Graham Hancock. Numerous topics are covered including the massive rise in sea level since the last ice age wiping out huge areas of land, the alignment and construction of the pyramids, the origins, existence and usage of The Ark of The Covenant, and much more.

Graham Hancock is the author of the well-known book, Fingerprints of The Gods, and has a sequel launching later this year.

Earlier this year, scientists discovered evidence of alien seeding right here on planet Earth and drones are now being used to search through dense and dangerous territories to find lost civilizations. With 2.8 million year old humans now being found, and 3.3 million year old stone tools being found, we may very well just be scratching the surface of our past…

Watch the discussion here:



The Egypt Code: The Mystery of 10,500 BCE

pyramid star alignment


Brandon West, Contributor
Waking Times

In Robert Bauval’s 2008 book The Egypt Code, in his typical meticulously researched style has sets out to prove the theory that the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids on the Memphite Necropolis not in a random haphazard fashion, but to reflect the cosmos in order to unite Heaven and Earth.Here I will present the core ideas and evidence from Robert Bauval’s book The Egypt Code that validate the existence of a high civilization that existed on this Earth around 12,000 years ago.

This is important because for one, it is essential that we understand the truth of our history and the truth of human origins. If there indeed was a high civilization on this Earth 12,000 years ago capable of fantastic feats of architecture, engineering, and science, how would that change our perception of ourselves? And secondly, there is a lot of ancient knowledge and wisdom that the ancient Egyptians possessed which we have forgotten. In the words of Robert Bauval:

“I hope that the new generation of Egyptologists will come to see, as I did, that ancient Egypt is not a defunct civilization to be studied in a dispassionate way, but rather a cultural model that is very much alive and needs to be understood, with, perhaps, some of its principles put again into practice for the benefit of mankind.” (The Egypt Code, p.187)

What we are concerned about in this article is, more or less, is the origin of the myth that Egypt was made in “the image of Heaven.” In his book, The Egypt Code, Robert Bauval equates this with the creation myth of Heliopolis where they give the genealogy of the pantheon of Gods and how their interactions created Heaven, the Earth, the Air and so on. He concludes, “this is probably where the idea came from that the image of the sky had been imprinted on the land and made Egypt ‘the image of Heaven’.” (p.44)

But what if the origin of that myth was not actually a myth at all but architectural in origin, and what if it was actually much more ancient? What if it was a memory that had been passed on to future generations, and that it had been mythologized once the meaning of the memory had been forgotten by some, maybe even the majority?

This is what I believe to be the case. Let us begin with the pyramids.

The Mystery of The Pyramids

It is almost unanimously accepted by scholars that the Great pyramid of Giza was built around the date of c.2500 BCE. This is based on the assumption that Khufu built this great monument, which places it nicely during the peak of ‘pyramid age’ in Egypt when it is undeniable that the Egyptians undertook a massive pyramid building project.

Yet there are some idiosyncrasies.

No other pyramid in Egypt comes close to the Great Pyramid. Especially the ones which we know were built during the pyramid age, many of which have been reduced to a pile of rubble today. There is also the unexplained fact that it appears as if the building skill of the ancient Egyptiansdeclined over time, instead of improved. And yet the great pyramid still stands, even though its outer layer of white limestone was mined off to build the city of Cairo, it remains today virtually unaffected.

Not to mention the fact that the ancient Egyptians themselves never even claim to have built the Great Pyramid.

There is only one piece of evidence which Egyptologists use to date the pyramid to 2,500 BCE, and it is a cartouche of Khufu’s name that was written on the wall in red ocher paint in a isolated little space within the great pyramid that we had to use dynamite to blast our way into.

Nowhere else in the entire pyramid is there a single inscription, except in this space that was enclosed even before the pyramid was fully completed. This, to me, is suggestive of the fact that the ancient Egyptians never even got inside the Great Pyramid simply because, as we know, they put inscriptions on everything and about everything.

So basically the official story of the dating of the pyramid is that we allegedly know it was built around c.2500 BCE because of an alleged original cartouche painted on a wall – not even inscribed – in a room that the builders would have fully believed that no-one would have ever entered again?

That to me sounds as flaky as the official 9/11 story. Perhaps the same people were behind it.

The other piece of evidence that admittedly is much more convincingly dates the great pyramid to c.2500 BCE was uncovered by Robert Bauval. He discovered that the southern shaft in the Kings Chamber points to the stars of Orion’s belt as they were in c.2500 BCE (Graham Hancock’s Quest For The Lost Civilization: Heaven’s Mirror).

This is far more convincing evidence that it could have been built then, but yet it still does not resolve the fact that the Egyptians never claimed to have built the great pyramid, and that a star map is created on the ground by the Giza pyramids specifically indicating 11,541 BCE (as we shall see), as well as the simple fact that these pyramids were beyond Egypt’s level of technology at that time (as they are probably even beyond our level of technology today).

This should, if we are open-minded, lead us to at least consider that it was built in an earlier time.

An Older Date For The Pyramids?

“The fifth century BC historian Herodotus called Egypt ‘the gift of the Nile’. The Egyptians themselves went a lot further. They claimed that their sacred river had its source among the stars.” – Robert Bauval (The Egypt Code, p. 33)

In Robert Bauval’s book The Egypt Code, in his meticulously researched style he provides a lot of highly persuasive evidence that the Egyptians built their pyramids in the Memphite Necropolis to reflect the heavens.

He realized that when observing the Memphite Necropolis from a northerly perspective, specifically from an ancient site known as Letopolis, he found that while looking south along the Nile, some of the major ancient sites would have created a start map with the Nile symbolically representing the Milky Way (The Egypt Code, p.106).

The city of Heliopolis would have been closest to this vantage point, south and to the left of the Nile, which as he shows in his book was an ancient cult center that revolved around stars, but also later around the Sun God, Ra. He further provides convincing evidence (The Egypt Code, pages 79-95) that Ra was later coalesced with the stellar god Horakhti (Horus-of-the-Horizon), who was often symbolized as a ‘recumbent lion’, merging to create the deity Ra-Horakhti (Ra-Horus of the Horizon).

In Robert Bauval’s own words:

“Being such attentive observers of the constellations to the point of obsession … it would be very odd indeed if the priests of Heliopolis did not take particular notice of the lion-shaped constellation that housed the sun at this time of year, and which was the perfect metaphor for Ra-Horakhti, the merger of Ra with the cosmic lion.” (The Egypt Code, p.85)

Therefore Heliopolis would have represented the constellation Leo in the sky.

Then further south and to the right (west) of the Nile this time we have the great pyramids of Giza which clearly are aligned to represent Orion in the sky. Curiously they are in the right alignment in accordance with the Nile as well to reflect the relationship between the Milky Way and the Orion constellation in the sky.

Then further south again on the right (west) side of the Nile we have the small cluster of Abusir pyramids which would represent the Pleiades constellation creating a sky map on the ground with the triangular relationship of Leo-Orion-Pleiades all accounted for on the ground and all located in sync with the Nile to represent the Milky Way.

The only thing is that at c. 2500 BCE the Nile, which runs south-north, would have been perpendicular to Milky Way in the sky which would have been parallel with the horizon at that time (The Egypt Code, p.107). This is where things get interesting, and where Robert Bauval courageously and admirably follows the evidence even though it breaks away from convention.

Was there a time when the Milky Way would have been running in a “north-south” direction in the sky so that it was in alignment with the Nile, and so that this star map was a mirror image of the heavens, instead of an image that had to be rotated 90 degrees for it to be a match? Robert Bauval believed so.

Star Map of the Memphite Necropolis

Based off of the Sothic cycles (which relate to the ancient Egyptians calendar which played an important role in The Egypt Code but which is unfortunately beyond the scope of this article) Robert Bauval decided turn back the heavens which change over time due to the phenomenon called precession of the equnoxes, to arrive at the date of 11,541 BCE (The Egypt Code p.110-111).

The amazing thing is that on the date of 11,541 BCE the Milky Way would have actually been turned 90 degrees compared to how it appeared in c.2500 BCE, and this time instead of running perpendicular with the Nile, it runs parallel with the Nile and perpendicular to the horizon actually giving the appearance that the Milky Way, the cosmic river, is flowing directly into the Nile river!

Thus when the Egyptians claimed that their Nile was sourced in the stars this was not merely myth, this was a direct reference to a much older date when it actually looked as if this was the case, albeit from an imaginative and poetic perspective.

Amazingly when we observe the stars and the alignments of the pyramids from this vantage point, the two brightest stars of Orion make an angle of 43° 20′ with the north-south meridian, and the two largest pyramids at Giza (Khufu’s and Khafre’s) also make an angle of 43° 20′ with the north south meridian. And they are both positioned to the left of the Nile-Milky Way. A perfect star map on the ground.


Moreover, as the image to the right shows, Heliopolis which as we have seen was dedicated to Ra (which was sometimes symbolized as a lion) would have mirrored on the ground the location of the constellation of Leo, and the pyramids of Abusir were in the correct location (although not perfect) to represent the Pleiades star cluster.

In the words of Robert Bauval,

“Controversial as this may at first seem, we have also seen how, when the sky is precessed to 11,451 BC and the three stars of Orion are aligned along the meridian with the three pyramids of Giza, the image of Zep Tepiin the sky (the triangular region of Orion-Pleiades-Leo) bears an uncanny resemblance to the image of zep tepi on the ground (the triangular region of Giza-Memphis-Heliopolis).” (The Egypt Code, p.184)

Now in the Egypt Code, Robert Bauval provides this as solid evidence that the ancient Egyptians built their pyramids on the Memphite Necropolis according to a master plan: to reflect the image of heaven in Egypt thus fulfilling the belief that Egypt was made in “the image of heaven” as we discussed at the beginning of this article.

I agree with Robert Bauval wholeheartedly … in part. It is clear that during the pyramid age, which comprised the third to sixth dynasties between c. 2686 – 2181 BCE (The Orion Mystery, p. 13) the ancient Egyptians did embark on a zealous pyramid building project and the evidence strongly suggests that they built according to a master plan to mirror the heavens in Egypt, after all, how could all of those alignments be chalked up to pure coincidence?

But is there not another explanation?

An Ancient Legacy From Zep Tepi

As I have explained previously, and not in very much detail as I could have (and will soon) write a whole article just based off of the scientifically advanced and mysterious nature of the great pyramid, I do not believe that it was built around 2500 BCE, and I believe the evidence supports this.

Even if we look at this truly groundbreaking and ingenious theory that Robert Bauval has proposed, there are a couple of things that don’t sit right with me. Namely the fact that the Giza pyramids are aligned to a single arc minute to perfectly reflect the constellation of Orion as it appeared in 11,451 BCE, whereas Heliopolis and the Abusir pyramids are much less exact, and are merely built in the right places so that they resemble the location of the stars, but not the exact alignments as with the Giza pyramids.

Robert Bauval said himself of the Heliopolis site and the Abusir pyramids:

“Admittedly the match is not mathematically perfect due to bedrock realities of geography and topography.” (The Egypt Code, p.106)

The issue is, wheras the other sites are not mathematically perfect, it is clear that everything about the great pyramid, and the other Giza pyramids for that matter, are mathematically perfect. And it seems to me that if it was the true pyramid builders intention to build more pyramids from the start, I believe the builders would have moved mountains not only to make it a reality, but to make it perfect.

For they clearly shown us that it was within their capabilities given the fact that they quite literally built a mountain, and that meticulous planning and surveying certainly went into the engineering and construction of these monuments. From everything to do with its architecture, all the way to the greater cosmic alignments it represents, the great pyramid is nearly perfect, and maybe it once was…

This suggests to me that it was the work of an entirely different civilization, and a more advanced civilization at that.

I think that the reason why the ancient Egyptian pyramid builders built their pyramids according to this master plan, and the origin of the myth that Egypt was made in “the image of Heaven” have a common source.

The evidence suggests, however unlikely or against our preconceptions it may be, that the Giza pyramids where built in or around 11,541 BCE in the specific alignment to commemorate the stars at that time, which is most probably the origin of the myth that Egypt was made “in the image of Heaven”.

I believe the ancient myth that Egypt was built in the image of Heaven was referring to these pyramids of great antiquity, and that this tradition was transmitted orally through each generation and that the pyramid age of centering roughly around c.2500 BCE was an attempt to continue to the work that was started much earlier by a race of Gods (to the Egyptian mind anyways), in the legendary first time, which as Robert Bauval has shown us has been fixed in time by these massive stone monuments no matter which way we look at it.

The question is, is there any proof?

I would say yes.

Hereditary Knowledge

The ancient astronomer-priest did hold advanced and to their minds truly sacred knowledge of the movements of the stars, and the heavenly cycles, as is commonly accepted. But what if they held another type of knowledge as well, ancient knowledge? Ancient knowledge the likes of which the Egyptian priest who Solon, Plato’s ancestor, refers to when he says to Solon:

Egyptian priest: Oh Solon, Solon, you Greeks are all children, and there’s no such thing as an old Greek.
Solon: What do you mean by that?
Egyptian priest: You are all young in mind, you have no belief rooted in old tradition, and no knowledge hoary with age. And the reason is this … With you, and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and the uncultured – so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what happened in early times … You remember only one deluge, though there have been many …” – (Plato, Timaeus and Critias,p.35-36)

Now the veracity of Plato’s claims have been called into question, and rightly so. We should never believe anything completely just because it was claimed by someone, or written somewhere … even if it was Plato who said it. But the interesting thing is that there is supporting scientific evidence and mythical evidence from another ancient culture both of which identify the same dates for the global flood, and the claim that “there have been many” floods.

The more ancient flood myth is from India, and it is the Kumari Kandum myths which are the myths about an ancient advanced civilization that existed more than 10,000 years ago in India who built great centers for learning and in general is very reminiscent of the Atlantis myth. Graham Hancock explores this in detail in his phenomenal book Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization.

“The first great deluge took place in 16,000 BC … The second one occurred in 14,058 BC when parts of Kumari Kandam went under the sea. The third one happened in 9564 BC when a large part of Kumari Kandum was submerged.” (Underworld, p. 245)

Coincidentally the dates given in the Kumari Kandum myth for the last deluge closely match the date that Plato (and thus the Egyptian priest gives Solon) for the inundation of the civilization of Atlantis. According to the Egyptian priest Atlantis was inundanted around 9600 BCE.

The fact that these ancient cultures have myths which identify that specific date is highly intriguing and at least increases their credibly. But astonishingly, not only does modern science identify a very similar time frame for a global superflood that occurred right around that date, science also predicts that there were in fact three global superfloods just like the Kumari Kandum myth states occurring roughly between the approximate time bands: 15,000-14,000 years ago, 12,000-11,000 years ago, and 8000-7000 years ago. These dates are given to us by the work of Professor John Shaw from the University of Alberta (Underworld, p.65).

As it it can be clearly seen, the Egyptian priests date of 9500 BCE lies right in the middle of the period for the global superflood which is given to us by science.

Now the point of all of this in relationship to the age of the pyramids is merely to prove the validity of the statements made by the Egyptian priest, and thus how he specifically says that the Egyptian culture is many thousands of years old with written records extending back 8000 years, and “knowledge hoary with age”.

Now that we have seen that the priests date of the global flood was true, and the occurrence of multiple floods, we must accept that the rest of his claims also have at least some truth to them, if their are not entirely truthful.

Thus as an ancient Egyptian priest states clearly, there was much ancient knowledge passed on within the Egyptian priesthood. And then at such a time that they were either instructed to act on the knowledge, or that they decided that it was time to, the could have, in their position as adviser to the Kings and Pharaohs, enlightened them of this knowledge and the cosmic alignment within Egypt and urged him to act on it.

It would not have taken much convincing considering the glory in the eyes of man and the Gods that the Pharaohs would have gained to participate in this work.

Therefore, based on the evidence at hand (that which I have provided here and that which is beyond the scope of this specific article) we should at least consider the possibility that the pyramids of Giza where built around the date of 11,451 BCE by an ancient and as yet lost civilization. And it was these specific pyramids and their alignment with the Nile and thus the cosmos, which gave birth to the idea that Egypt was made in “the image of heaven”.

It may have even been this knowledge and the pyramids themselves which spurred the ancient Egyptians into the massive pyramid building project that was the pyramid age. Not necessarily in an effort to mirror heaven on earth, although that was definitely a motivation, but more to bring themselves closer to the Gods who had already begun this work, and thus become Gods themselves by continuing on with the work that had already begun in the Memphite Necropolis.

WIKI - Sphinx1The Sphinx

The Sphinx itself acts as another key to this cosmic mystery on earth. As Graham Hancock has shown in his Quest For The Lost Civilization: Heaven’s Mirror (which can be found on youtube), exactly due East in alignment with the sphinx gaze, the sphinx will be looking at a very specific constellation rising just before the sun on the vernal equinox every year, the first day of spring.

But due to the phenomenon known as precession of the equinoxes that constellation changes over time. The precession of the equinoxes is generally explained as a slow axial wobble of the Earth with a period of approximately 26,000 years, but the period is not fixed.

So if the Sphinx was built in 2500 BCE as is proposed by the Egyptology community, then the sphinx would be facing the constellation Taurus just before the sun rises on the spring equinox. Therefore you would expect the sphinx not to be in the shape of a lion, but in the shape of a bull to represent that constellation.

But, if you rewind the stars you will find that there is a time in history when the sphinx would be facing its own ‘celestial counterpart’ in the sky: 10,500 BCE.

As the work of John Anthony West and Robert M. Schoch also suggests, the sphinx itself is almost certainly much more ancient due to the fact of the weathering patterns on the side of the sphinx that could have only been caused by thousands of years of torrential rainfall which at the very least bring its date of construction out of the grips of c.2500 BCE period which the Egyptologists have stubbornly fixed it in.

But in spite of the inflexibility of the egyptologists, the ancient Egyptians themselves are speaking to us clearly. Almost as if to tell us that we have unraveled this mystery correctly, there is a block in between the paws of the sphinx covered with inscriptions, and one of the lines mysteriously reads:

“This is the Splendid Place of the First Time.” (The Egypt Code, p.66)

It is almost as if the sphinx is gazing not in space, but in time, silently imploring to us to make this connection and to remember the events of that pivotal period in our pre-history.

What could have happened in between 11,500 BCE and 10,500 BCE?


Who is Ra? – Part 3: Dimensional Cycles and the Pyramids – 1/2 ~ Wes Annac

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

So far, we’ve learned a little bit about Ra and why they chose to speak to humanity through Carla Rueckert.

We’ve learned that their originally pure teachings live on in the form of distorted ‘elite’ doctrines, and we’ve learned that they’re staying very close to this planet because of those distortions, in an effort to help clean up the mess they never intended for the Illuminati to make.

We’ve learned about their contact with the ancient Egyptians, but were there any other civilizations they tried to contact? Their contact with the Egyptians didn’t go as well as they intended because of the aforementioned distortions of their teachings, but were there any other, more welcoming or allowing civilizations that accepted their teachings?

I don’t know of any country on our planet that currently endorses or lives by the Law of One, but this doesn’t mean attempts haven’t been made to contact other parts of the world. Ra tells us about the different civilizations they’ve contacted throughout our history. (Note: ‘BP’ means ‘before the present’.)

[75,000 BP:] The 1st attempt to aid your peoples occurred about 75,000 years ago.  [Helped Martians come to Earth.]

“[58,000 BP:]  Next, help was given to those of Mu about 58,000 years ago.

“[13,000 BP:]  Next, help was offered to Atlantis about 13,000 years ago.

“[11,000 BP:]  The next attempt was to help the Egyptians [and to some in South America] about 11,000 years ago.

“[7,500 BP:]  About 3500 years later [7500 years ago] help was offered again to some in South America.

“[2,300 BP:]  There were a few attempts to aid those in Egypt about 2300 years ago by others in the Confederation.” (1)

As we can see, Ra (and the Company of Heaven in general) has made a lot of contacts with humanity in an attempt to open us up to the sacred truths of our existence, and for all we know, another contact could be planned for when the time is right.

Humanity has a long way to go before we could accept another bold contact, and especially with the chaotic direction our society’s currently going in, I don’t know if we’d be able to welcome Ra or any other extra-terrestrials without descending into more chaos, even if they did come to bring us lighted teachings.

I’m not trying to be negative, but it’s clear that humanity has a lot to learn before we’ll be at the appropriate level to handle ET contact. Not to mention that the cabal would go very far out of their way to try to suppress the contact and threaten any witnesses so they didn’t speak out – it’d be a whole mess.

This is why Ra and plenty of others speak with humanity through our channels instead of directly contacting us. I’m sure at some point in the future, we’ll be able to handle direct contact, but for now, we’re given plenty of guidance and assistance via genuine channeled messages.

Ra also tells us about the dimensional cycles they’ve completed so far. Keep in mind that they’re temporarily rooted in the fifth dimension for the purpose of helping humanity evolve, but when they’re done with this mission, they’ll continue their journey onward and upward.

“The path of our learning is graven in the present moment. There is no history as you understand the concept. Picture a circle of being. We know the alpha and omega as infinite intelligence. The circle never ceases. It is present. The densities or cycles we have traversed are:

“1ST DENSITY: The cycle of awareness

“2ND DENSITY: Growth

“3RD DENSITY: Self-awareness

“4TH DENSITY: Love or understanding [Law of Love]

“5TH DENSITY: Light or wisdom [Law of Light]

“We spent much time/space in 5th density balancing the intense compassion we had gained in 4th density.

“6TH DENSITY: Light/love, love/light or unity [Law of One]

“(Also frequently referred to as compassionate wisdom)

“7TH DENSITY: The gateway cycle [Law of Foreverness] Also frequently referred to as that density where one perceives the sacramental nature of all things)

“At the 7th level or dimension, we shall, if our humble efforts are sufficient, become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all.” (2)

I’d recommend studying this dimensional growth cycle, because it’s the same cycle we’ll experience when we’re done with the third dimension. From this dimension, we’ll continue climbing ‘upward’ in our growth and evolution.

I say ‘upward’, but I really mean ‘inward’. From here on out, we’re going to go deeper and deeper into the source; the essence of our being. The further inward we go, the more we’ll discover Source and learn about this infinitely beautiful and complex creation of ours, and this is in part why so many spiritual teachers encourage us to look within.

The dimensions Ra’s referring to are found within, and we obviously don’t vertically ‘ascend’ to a higher state of consciousness.

Now, we’re going to learn about the pyramids and the manner in which they were constructed. Ra is pretty famous for talking about the pyramids, and I’m sure a lot of seekers have enthusiastically read the Law of One books so they could learn how these interesting pieces of higher-vibrational technology were built.

For those of you who don’t know, the idea that the pyramids were built to satisfy the egos of the rulers of ancient Egypt isn’t quite true. From what I understand, the pyramids were advanced and sophisticated technology that used isolation to bring about ego death and the resulting enlightenment.

Ra is much better at explaining all of this, so I’ll leave it to them. First, they tell us that the stones that were used to build the pyramids were conscious.

“The larger pyramids were built by our ability using the forces.


The stones can be communicated with and used to build incredibly large and complex structures, and it didn’t take years of slave labor to build the pyramids. All it took was a deeper understanding of the consciousness of all things and the everlasting connection we can make with them, and once we make this telepathic connection, we’re limitless in what we can do.


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Who is Ra? – Part 3: Dimensional Cycles and the Pyramids – 2/2 ~ Wes Annac

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

Once we’re able to communicate with the consciousness of the stones, we can work with them to construct things like pyramids. Ra continues, outlining the process of connecting with the deeper, infinite consciousness of each individual stone and using that connection to request movement.

“Imagine the activity within all that is created. The energy, though finite, is quite large. This energy is intelligent. It is hierarchical. Just as you have a hierarchy of vehicles, or bodies, so does each atom of such a material as rock.

“When one can speak to that intelligence, the finite, physical energy of the physical rock body is put into contact with that infinite energy which is resident in the more well-tuned higher bodies, be they rock or human.

“With this connection made a request may be given. The intelligence of infinite rock-ness communicates to its physical vehicle or body, and that splitting and moving which is desired is then carried out.” (1)

The connection takes place on a deeper level than the rock’s surface consciousness. One doesn’t connect with the finite consciousness of the rock itself, but the infinite rock-consciousness that exists beyond it. One essentially communicates with the rock’s higher self and requests this consciousness move the rock.

The rock itself, containing limited and finite physical energy, probably couldn’t gather up the momentum to move or split, so it acts as a channel or conduit for the energy of its higher self (or whatever you want to call those higher soul-fragments).

It’s similar to how humans can achieve superhuman feats by tapping into a deeper part of ourselves and bringing forth powers and abilities that aren’t of this world. We’re finite, in that we can only store so much universal energy within, but if we open our minds and act as conduits for a greater aspect of ourselves, we’ll become infinite.

Ra then tells us that individuals don’t carry as much spiritual power as group souls.

“There is a distinction between individual power through the Law of One and the power available through the combined understanding of the Law of One by a group soul.

“One individual, purified of all flaws, could indeed move a mountain. However, in the case of mass understanding of unity, each individual may contain an acceptable amount of distortion and yet the mass mind could move mountains.

“There are those among your people at this time whose purity is already one with intelligent infinity.” (2)

I’m sure there aren’t a lot of people on earth who’s consciousness is pure enough to solely move mountains, but if we all got together and used the meditation effect to reduce the world’s negativity, we’d achieve our goals despite the distortions we each carry within.

We’re going to be filled with some distortion while we’re on earth, but as Ra said, there are the few individuals out there who are completely pure and who express that purity for the benefit of the rest of humanity. The purer our consciousness is, the more we help the collective consciousness by feeding our energy into it.

As long as we’re clear and pure within, we’ll be able to achieve miraculous feats we would’ve never thought ourselves capable of. We have to be willing to believe in ourselves and our capabilities, and if we feel like we have too much distortion within, we can call on others for assistance with whatever feat we want to achieve.

According to Ra, they didn’t construct the pyramids all at once (as opposed to manually/telepathically building them) because they didn’t want to be overly worshipped.


A: “We did not want to be worshipped as builders of a miraculous pyramid. Thus it appears to be made, not thought.” (3)

It’s already paradigm-shattering enough to make contact with another civilization and learn advanced spiritual practices and teachings, but if Ra would’ve manifested the pyramids out of thin air, they would’ve been worshipped far more than they already were.

I wonder what it was like for Ra to be on our planet and build such miraculous, higher-dimensional technology. They definitely earned a reputation on earth, and we all heard in history class about “Ra, the Sun God” and how this entity was praised and worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.

I can only imagine what it would’ve been like if they built all of the pyramids at once!

So, how exactly did the pyramids help seekers find enlightenment? Ra explains, telling us about the role the queen’s chamber played in the process.

“The concept of initiation demands the centering of the being upon the seeking of the Creator.

“The initiation in the Queen‘s chamber involved the abandoning of self to such desire to know the creator in full that the purified in-streaming light is drawn in balanced fashion through all energy centers, or chakras, meeting in the inner eye chakra and opening the gate to intelligent infinity. Then true life is experienced,or, as your people call it, resurrection.” (4)

It sounds like quite a process, and people who are too entrenched in their egos might find it difficult to undergo. We have to be willing to completely give up our identities and personalities if we want to experience full-on enlightenment, and the pyramids were a quick but intense way to do this.

Those of us who are on the enlightenment/ascension path are slowly seeing beyond our egos and their lower influence, but if any one of us were to enter a fully functional pyramid today, we might have trouble transcending the remaining vestiges of our earthly, finite selves.

Some of us might have an easier time, and it depends on how much we’ve already diminished our egos and how ready we are to see what the other side has to offer.

In our final quote, we’re told about the resonating chamber’s role in the pyramidal enlightenment process.

Q: “You said that the resonating chamber was used so the adept could meet the self. Would you explain that?

A: “One meets the self in the center or in the deeps of the being. It is analogous to the burial and resurrection of the body wherein the entity dies to self and, through this confrontation of apparent loss and realization of essential gain, is transmuted into a new and risen being.

“The chamber worked on the mind and the body. The mind was affected by sensory deprivation and the archetypical reactions to being buried alive with no possibility of extricating the self. The body was affected by both the configuration of the mind and by the electrical properties (piezoelectrical) of the materials used.” (5)

Sensory deprivation is one of the strongest routes to a diminished ego, because the ego perceives itself as dying if it doesn’t have anything physical to relate to. When we cut our egos off from the finite, earthly things that keep them going, we’re essentially born to a new aspect of ourselves and the old fades away, as long as we don’t hunger for it again when the process is complete.

I wonder if there was still any hunger for the finiteness of the ego after seekers exited the pyramids. Something tells me they left their experiences as completely new people, and they probably oriented much more to the divine and to spirit than ever before. I haven’t yet experienced ego death, so I can’t claim to know what it’s like.

We’ll pick this discussion back up soon, and I hope it was helpful for those of you who are interested in Ra, the Law of One, or the pyramids. We still have plenty to discuss, and we haven’t even made it halfway through section one.

We have a lot to learn about the spiritual nature of our existence and the ancient contacts that have been made with humanity, and hopefully, this discussion satisfied those of you who are hungry for knowledge about subjects like this. I definitely learned a thing or two, and I look forward to continuing to peel the distortion away from my and our perception.

Wes Annac – Appreciative of the information we have and continue to be given by genuine channeled sources.


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December 3rd, 2012 – Planets Align With Giza Pyramids For The 1st Time in 2,737 Years

Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise compared with the Pyramids at Giza.
Planets inline: Mercury / Venus / Saturn

Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time … one hour before sunrise compared with the Pyramids at Giza.
Planets inline: Mercury / Venus / Saturn

There is a very interesting planetary alignment that will take place in two days Dec 3, 2012. Some astrologists and astronomers believe that it is an extremely rare, precise & significant planetary positioning over the Pyramids at Giza. Although there seems to be some differences on the occurrence rarity, it is none the less quite potent and timely .

The December 3rd alignment is an important ‘code,’ ‘step’ as we enter the countdown to the 12-12-12 Ascension. Much is happening and December 3rd alignment absolutely provides downloads onto the planet that not only effect Giza, but the entire planet, as Giza feeds into all vortexial portals, including Easter Island and Arkansas.

Mayan Cycle Symbolized in the Capital Dome
Symbolism of the 2012 Cycle

There are some intriguing symbols and artwork in the US Capital Dome. One of which is a carved relief of the Mayan Calendar. This was first brought to attention by William Henry. David Wilcock discuss this as well, with credits to Henry, and brings out the additional information as follows:

The Calendar relief on the Capital rotunda is ‘gated’ by :
72 Stars of 5-Points = 360 Points
360 X 72 = 25,920 ( Precession of the Equinox – Cycle)
Absolutely Intriguing! Hats off to David & William!

Precession Of The Equinox
The precession of the equinoxes refers to the observable phenomena of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle which spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox.
The Precession of the equinoxes = 25,920 yrs = (360° rotation)
If the sky is divided into 12 constellations: (25,920 / 12 = 2,160)

Speed Of Light
The speed of the light in the vacuum is 300,000 km per second, then the light, in solar day, covers 25,920 million kilometers.

Revolution Of Earth Around The Sun
The revolution of the earth around the sun, the speed of the earth is 30 km per second and it covers 2592000 km per day. It is hundred times more than the number of years of the Great Cosmic Year.

Diameter Of The Sun
Sacred number 33.333333333 x 25,920 = 864,000 which equals the Diameter of the Sun in miles.

Radius Of The Moon
25,920 divided by 24 = 1080 miles which is the radius of the Moon.

To Take it further…
There are 25,920 Minutes from December 3, 2012, 11:11am to December 21, 2012, 11:11am.

On December 3, 2012 at 11:11am GMT
There is a planetary alignment of Saturn Venus and Mercury that matches directly with the positioning on top of the three (3) Egyptian Giza Pyramids.
25,920 is a very interesting & potent number

Amazing? … such symmetry!
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Earth-Keeper Chronicles | December 1 2012 by James Tyberonn


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