Wave X Awakening Symptoms And How To Deal With Them

kundalini consciousness


by Jared Walters,
Guest writer, In5D.com

It is becoming increasingly obvious to anyone who is sensitive to energy, whether, your work as a healer, a medium, within the paranormal or are involved in any way with the esoteric that there is an energy shift going on throughout the world during this time of September 2015, and even if you are not, more and more people are becoming aware of the symptoms even if they are not aware of the cause.

People from all walks of life are experiencing very similar phenomena, even if it is to a lesser or greater degree. It is also worth noting that each person is having a very unique experience, even if some of the symptoms are shared, the manifestations of this shift are experienced in very different and unique ways.

I have personally become aware of this energy shift since around May of this year, increasing in intensity as the year has progressed, leading me to wonder, what is going on here? I have also looked at great depth into what I am calling for the purposes of this article, The September convergence phenomenon, simply because this is the best way in which to describe it.

Whether this is caused in part by the wave X phenomena as postulated by Dr Simon Atkins or an effect of a convergence of events here on earth and in the heavens with the last of four blood moons, a super moon and lunar eclipse all happening in the end of September, or as a result of enough understanding gained through exchange of information now seeping into the public consciousness, remains to be seen, however even just by reading comments of such sites as In5d, it is plain to see that these effects are being felt across the board, and even other communities, including religious communities are feeling it to some degree?

A sense of desperation.

One of the common symptoms felt is a sense of despair, recognition of repetitive patterns of daily life, leading to a sense of restlessness, to the point of boredom. Almost like you’re holding your breath, waiting for something to happen, leading to agitation and anxiety, underpinned by a knowing that there must be more to life than this.

Old ways not working anymore.

Linked to this feeling of despair is a feeling of confusion, loss of confidence and self worth, simply because some of the old methods, don’t work anymore, ways in which we would have once entertained ourselves for example are becoming less appealing, we are seeing television shows and movies for example for what they really are and not what we thought they were. To some the truth about the world is being revealed and more and more people are gravitating from the mainstream to alternative viewpoints. Researchers who have been rubbished even just a few years ago are being vindicated to some degree and even in our personal lives; we are feeling confusion as we are asking questions about the simplest things. For me personally it has affected my ability to work with money, I have always been very good with money and able to work with it quite effectively in terms of budgeting etc, now even simple mathematical sums are difficult for me to do, almost as if I am seeing money for what it really is. Unfortunately, this breakdown at least initially is leading to a sense of cognitive dissonance and apathy amongst many, however bringing others together in common cause to share information.

In many ways the breakdown in my personal ability to work with money for example is leading to new possibilities being opened to me, new ways of thinking, without the hold back of wondering where the next rent payment is coming from. It is like in one respect a switch has been flipped and I am more in tune with my intuition telling me I am going to be ok, follow your heart and let the universe take care of the rest. In order for this to happen however, I had to experience a breakdown of the old self, in order to let the new ideas and ways of being come in, so though the lack of self worth, confusion, dissonance and apathy for a time was a difficult experience, I can now see the necessity in it.

Physical effects.

A lot of sensitive people are feeling tired and exhausted, and needing to take rest time where they haven’t needed to before. Other physical symptoms include feelings of vertigo and dizziness which comes on for a short while then leaves. Others are exhibiting intense headaches around the third eye area and eye auras. Other more emotional symptoms include flashbacks and old thoughts and feelings coming to the surface in order to be healed.

Becoming more sensitive.

One of the things I have noticed through my work with paranormal investigators amongst others, is that more and more people are reporting paranormal experiences recently, especially an awakening of spiritual senses, more so for me as it is my realm of work, people reporting a much greater sensitivity to the spirit world. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience etc seems clearer however the more sensitive you are, the more symptoms you seem to be having. Empaths, for example seem to be having a very difficult time, as they are not only just dealing with their own experiences, but are picking up on the experiences, thoughts and feelings of others around them. I have also noticed from my own perspective, an increase in how in tune my partner and I have become.

Distortions in time

Possibly one of the strangest phenomena being reported is that people are experiencing irregularities in time. Missing time is a common occurrence, along with ghostly distortions being observed of future events. One such experience I had was during the summer solstice of this year where I and a group of people were activating a sacred site in South Wales, at the same time as others from our number were doing so in Scotland. We left our house at 5pm on the dot, and made the 25 minute journey to the site, at which point the whole session was recorded, and at least 30 minutes of footage was taken. After the proceedings we explored the mountain for a while then sat next to a small fire and chatted. After a while we made the 25 minute journey back to the house to find that the time was 6.35, a physical impossibility.

So what is happening?

The explanation that fits for me is that our awareness is shifting from a collective point of view, of everything being physical to a point of view where we realize and feel on a more conscious but yet intuitive level that everything is energy, and though we have known this for some time we are now starting to really experience it on a much wider scale.

Our thoughts create our reality, this is a fact, think of it this way, is there anything man made on this earth that was not conceptualized through thought, or imagined before coming into being? No, so by feeling that there must be something more to life than the old patterns, cycles and routines, we are already agreeing that there is something more, and we are feeling it, even if we don’t understand exactly what it is that we are feeling.

So what this realization is doing, is instigating a healing process, in order to bring to the surface all the things that hold us back, as this happens to each of us, it is reflected in the collective unconscious and therefore, the truths that remained hidden for many years will rapidly come to the surface in order to be dealt with. Ultimately leading to a choice, do we live in the old paradigm or do we choose to move forward with what we are feeling. It is becoming increasingly obvious in our own experiences that we cannot deny that which needs to be healed. Some are seeing this more than others however I feel that on one level or another we may all come to experience this shift within the next five to seven years.

Thoughts and perceptions need to be actualized in this reality, every act of creativity requires motion as well as the creative thought. We cannot simply will something into being, however what we can do is create the energy so that we are drawn to the right people and places within the physical world to instigate this new change. This is why people are awakening in small groups of like minded people, just enough diversity to add something a little different into the mix. This is why structures of belief that keep us trapped are coming down and if we allow it, we can become open to more and more creative expressions of how our reality responds to us. This is why the shift has been so difficult for many as it is setting us up for the challenges that lay ahead, helping us to focus on what unites us and learn from that which divides us. The more rigid your belief system the harder time you will have. It truly is a time to doubt nothing and question everything, but take action in accordance with how you truly feel inside yourself.

As each group awakens they tell the stories of their experiences and inspire others by their actions of living in the new energy paradigm on a level that they can identify with at their current point of development, the ones who have been feeling this more acutely are the ones who are there to help and support those whose awakening is still to come. Or those who choose to continue to live in the physical reality.
here is a need to bring people together, not so much as en mass but to enjoy the conversation with family and friends and take pride in talking, connecting and sharing experiences. Though the last few months have been difficult, one thing I can say that it has brought me closer to those in both my biological and soul families, and being there to help others look at their life from a new perspective of being an infinite magical sovereign creative soul, and be supported to see those same qualities in myself in return.

About the Author:
Jared is a medium, paranormal investigator who runs an esoteric themed website called spiritual worlds with his fiancé Sam (a gifted empathy and reiki practitioner) offering advice, healing and guidance services. Jared is at present writing his first book “Brothers between Worlds” detailing his experiences with his brother Jonathan and their continuing relationship since Jonathan passed away in 1999.


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infinite fractal

Artist: David Heskin

“The Sage is occupied with the unspoken and acts without effort.”  

Lao Tzu


I feel this is the hardest and maybe the longest article I have written so far.  This information comes from the space of “no thought.”  It comes into me and sits in my heart and cooks.  The most recent aspect of the article was the hardest to write about because it doesn’t like to be confined into written format.  It was hard for me to put it into thought to translate it into writing on paper.  Receiving this information was easy. I went into the place of my heart where there is no thought and no effort.  Writing it in an easy-to-understand manner is a whole different story.  But until we can communicate telepathically all the time, this will have to do.  I decided the best way to explain what is going on today on an energetic level is to begin at the beginning, because that is a very good place to start.

Everything that we are experiencing today with Wave X started on December 21, 2012 when we completed our transition into the Age of Aquarius, which is the sign of the water bearer.  Before I continue with my article, I have to take a pause and say that I don’t like the name Wave X.  With all due respect to Dr. Simon Atkins, who I adore and enjoyed our conversation with on our Rising Frequencies Radio Show, I don’t agree with the usage of that name.  In my humble opinion, you can’t put a modern name on a ancient energy that has been around since the beginning of the first galactic cycle, which was four 26,000-year cycles ago.  I guess you can call me an old sage, but I prefer the original names of Aether and Azoth.  These energies are named for the deeper meaning that includes math and gematria.  When you learn what Azoth really is then you learn what it is doing, and you can understand what it is evolving into.  So, for now on in this paper any reference to Wave X will be termed Azoth because the new energy is a combination of both Aether and Azoth.  Now, as we moved into the Water Bearer age, we moved into the coming of the Azoth Energy which is fire water and is the return of the divine feminine energy.  So, the stage was set, all we needed was more Aether to create a platform for it to evolve from.  Everything comes from the Aether, it is the vastness of space and the creation of time. All potentials for creation exist in the Aether.

I decided to present the rest of this article in a chronological format.  I think it will be easier to follow that way.  We will begin with number one.

1. I started seeing the increase of Aether moving around the planet in 2014.  Many of my past articles are about this, and I discussed it on our radio shows from time to time.  It was the color black with purple swirled in.  Black is the void of creation and where all comes from.  By the beginning of 2015 the planet was covered with a large amount of Aether to create from.  It was also at this time that the infinity symbol moved from being a closed loop which is sideways to an open loop that is vertical.  This would allow for an upward Ascension process to begin.  I wrote two articles on this subject titled “Secrets To Infinity.”  There is a part 1 and 2.

2.In the early spring of 2015, the Aether changed from the color black with purple mixed in, to gold.  This is the energy of Azoth, and it was a magnificent transformation that many completely missed.  I can remember where I was and what I was doing when this shifted.

3.The next thing that occurred was so huge that I could not believe it.  I did not write about it out of fear of being made fun of, but I dropped that fear live on our Radio Show that we recorded on August 26, 2015.  Michelle Walling was our guest and I dropped the bomb.  I explained how Source/God and everything inside of Source, which is all dimensions, planets, Universes etc….absolutely everything…moved to a new location.  Yes, you read that right.  I saw and felt Source move from the bottom of a energetic plane to a level above the plane.  Everything will now be different, everything will now be new.  We are starting at the very beginning again.  Time will not be the same.  We all know that time is in the NOW, but we do not experience it that way in our current bodies.  We feel time as linear, or we would be late for everything.  I don’t know how we will feel the new, but it will be connected to the energy and mathematics of Infinity.  This concept cannot be written in our language, so I will not even attempt to do so.  I thought the Azoth energy would be the new energy for this new location, but that was not the case -which makes sense.  Azoth is ancient and has been around.  It is not new to us.  The new location for Source calls for new energy that has NOT been written about.  Here is a diagram of the ascension of Source/God to the new location of time and space.  (after I wrote that last sentence, I saved my draft and the word count was 888…triple infinity)

4.  Aether and Azoth combined to form a new energy.  I let this information cook for awhile, and then I got a name.  Which is Monoauah.  Before I explain the deep meaning of this name, I need to state that Gematria supports it.  The simple gematria calculation for Monoauah is 88.  I decided to calculate the gematria value for the combination of Aether and Azoth and it is 858.  We have the double infinity found in Monoauah with the 5 (symbolizing change in the middle)  Which brings me to the first explanation of this new name.  It starts with an M because the letter M is the middle letter of the alphabet.  Just like the 5 is in the middle of the two 8’s.  It is balance.  Mono is singularity and Au is Gold.  So this is a new Golden energy of singularity, and it is called Monoauah, having the energy of double infinity 88.  Monoauah also has 8 letters.  Monoauah is a single upward gold infinity symbol as opposed to the silver sideways one that I wrote about in previous articles. I thought the creation of this new energy occurred in one phase, and I was way off.  So, I let it cook again, and I felt since there are two 8’s there must be two steps in the process.

5.  The first step is complete and the second just began.  Here is where it gets tricky.  I started seeing the number 3 and reference to the Trinity everywhere.  But I didn’t think it had a thing to do with the Monoauah energy.  Then 3 rare events occurred.  We have a rare alignment of  three planets which is occurring for a second time this year.  It is the Star of Bethlehem alignment of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.  Then we have a major storm brewing in Texas and the Southern US that is the combination of 3 systems into one.  And the final event I read about which really got my attention was something that occurred in my hometown this week.  A woman gave birth to 3 identical babies.   Identical triplets are extremely rare as it is 3 babies from 1 egg.  I knew that trinity and the 3 played a role, but I didn’t know how….so back to not thinking about it, and I let this cook.

6.  The next thing that comes into play for me is Tesla and his knowledge and obsession with the number 3.  If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” – Tesla.  I now understand what he means, because these 3 numbers hold the key to infinity and that is the key to the Universe.  When you look at the numbers 6 and 9 –  6 represents ego/lower consciousnesses, and 9 represents soul/higher consciousness.  Now if you draw these two numbers and combine them you form an 8….Infinity.  This is what happened in the first phase in the creation of Monoauah.  The 6 is Aether and the 9 is Azoth.  Combine them and you have the first of the two 8s in the Gematria value.  But I could not put into thought how the second 8 was created, that is until Da Vinci entered the equation with his use of mirrors to hide and explain esoteric information.  I could see how 6 and 9 are opposites, but I was left with the 3, and it doesn’t have an opposite.  However when you connect the mirror image of the 3 to our normal 3….ta da…you have an 8.  Which is the second 8 in our gematria of Monoauah (88).  I got the clues of the mirror image of the 3 from the events that occurred.  3 systems forming 1 storm, and 3 babies coming from 1 egg.  So, I decided to take one 3 and make it one 8.  3 became 1, and this is the new concept for this new location.  The old teaching was “the two shall become one”…now we are in the 3 becoming 1.  When did this happen?????  It happened on October 23, 2015.

7.  Why October 23??????  This is just so cool!!!!  When you look at the numerology of this date in two parts it is amazing. 10-23 can be broken down into 1+0+2+3= 33  I used two 3’s to create the first 8 in the gematria of Monoauah.  2015 is 2+0+1+5=8, and this is the second 8 in the gematria.  We are in the year of infinity, which is another article I wrote about.  October 23rd is the first day of the sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio is the 8th house of the zodiac and represents re-birth and Infinity.  The tail of Scorpio points to the center of our Galaxy, which is “home”….the center of infinity, and the center of our being.

There you have it.  That is how this entire energetic event has been progressing since 2012.  This energy of Monoauah will continue to grow and intensify through 2016, which is a 9 year.  9 representing higher consciousness, which will be the dominant energy of the planet.  I will be writing part 2 which will be about what this means to us in our personal lives, as not all are on board with this new location and new energy.  Some are still living in the past and trying to have implants and demons removed or they are running from negative ET’s in the astral realms.  I will go into this further and combine my information with that of Lisa Gawlas.  Her explanation of the current Earth which she calls the non-filtered version vs. the filtered Earth where many are still living is right on point.  Click on her name to go to her blog and read what she has to say.

Special thanks to Andrea Covington Mullaney for her editing skills and the creation of my Source/God Graphic. She is my co-host, best friend and partner in crime.  Her unconditional support is something I could not do without!

Thank you for reading my long article….Blessings!

Lisa Rising Berry



X-wave energy flooding into earth – Quan Yin

fractal green spiral

September 25, 2015 by

We come to you in celebration as the X-wave energies are flooding into your earth plane changing all around you. How this waves affects you is completely different for each person and we understand that this may create uncertainty and doubt into your field. Some of you are making profound leaps in your thinking and achieving astonishing clarity. Others are feeling more of the energies and the joy that this brings as you move and connect with the unified field. Others are feeling physical symptoms that overshadow much in their intensity. Some are not feeling much with this wave and this has created fear. Understand that all are being affected by this wave in varying degrees and none are being “left behind”. This belief is only an illusion that creates fear and limits your ability to take in the energies that are surrounding you in these moments.

Think on a symphony performance. When you are sitting far away you are able to hear the music but not distinguish the individual instruments. As you move closer to the music you are then able to distinguish individual instruments but when you move even closer still you are able to distinguish the subtle harmonies and undertones. This relates directly to your vibration and the amount of density you have cleared from your form. You are only able to distinguish and utilize what your vibrational level is able to process in these moments. For some that means front row seats at the symphony and for others it means hearing it play softly in the background. Neither is right nor wrong but perfect for where you are in your development.

Understand that while this wave is creating a momentum of clearing and growth and its strength will dissipate the codes that accompanied the wave will not leave your earth. Therefore as you progress onward on your journey you will be able to access all the codes when you are ready. For even those that are only hearing the symphony from far away will eventually hear it as if they are in the front row seats once they are ready. As each of you clear more density and fear from your form, thereby liberating your highest aspect to merge more completely, you will naturally access the codes that are being grounded into your earth at this time. There is no reason to fear that a window of opportunity has been missed.  Allow yourself to be exactly where you are, resisting little, fearing little and you will then open yourself up to receiving all that you are capable to receive at this time.

For those that are finding their interactions are rousing deep emotions and whose life situations are becoming unbearable, we ask that you view these situations as a gift. It is in these moments that those that cause you the most turmoil are helping to excavate what has been buried deep, perhaps hidden even to yourself. This can be very unsettling as you are coming to terms with aspects of yourself that need changing or releasing. In each moment you have a choice. One can rage against the emotions and the circumstances, seeing the injustice or one can quietly acknowledge that even the most painful situations and interactions is designed to help.  In expressing gratitude for the clarity of vision, the uncovering of hidden emotions that must be healed, you will move through the lesson much faster.

Many of you are feeling the pull of the past, past memories, situations and relationships. These are being pulled from within so that you may examine them, look at the lesson intended and purposely decide that you no longer need to bring this forward into your world. Once you have completely resolved and  healed you will find that you naturally do not carry the pain forward, only the soul experience. In this way, you are being given an opportunity to set yourself free by leaving in the past what no longer needs to be brought forward. Allow this wave of incredible energy to aid you in working through all that does not belong in the new. When a memory comes unbidden, look at the lesson, the gift and simply let it pass with simple observation. It is emotion that brings it into what you are creating in every moment. You have the power to move through all life on earth has taught and remember who you are.

With tremendous joy and celebration,

Quan Yin




Anna Stanger_Ascendingart by Anna Stanger

September 20, 2015

This is an historical moment on Planet Earth. As usual, there are myriad predictions as to what we are going to physically experience and what these auspicious events will mean in all of our lives. As has happened over and over again throughout the various events involving Earth’s Ascension process, people are predicting the full gamut of possibilities. These predictions include everything from the end of the World to the instant manifestation of Heaven on Earth, neither of which is going to happen. That does not mean, however, that what we are in the midst of experiencing is not the most incredible and monumental opportunity we have ever had, because IT IS!

The reason people have been disappointed so many times is because they have erroneously expected for these shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness to instantly manifest in the physical plane. People look at outer-world appearances and because they do not see any immediate changes, they feel that the events did not actually happen and that the information was just another “New Age hoax.” The reality is that the vast majority of events that have taken place over the past several decades not only happened, but according to the Company of Heaven, they succeed in accelerating Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s Ascension process beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven.

So that we will not miss this amazing opportunity by letting our distorted perceptions fool us again, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth want to reiterate how we will experience the colossal shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness we will receive through the upcoming Equinox, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and influx of Gamma Rays from Wave X. They want us to remember that first and foremost, we are multidimensional Beings functioning in various dimensions simultaneously. The physical plane of Earth which we believe is so real is actually the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in and it is the very last dimension to reflect the changes we are cocreating with our Father-Mother God in the Realms of Cause.

The reason we do not experience these monumental events instantaneously in the physical plane is because they are first created in the Realms of Cause where everything begins. Then, they are magnetized into the World of Effects, which is the physical plane, through the thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, and actions of the Sons and Daughters of God abiding in the physical plane. The important thing to realize is that once something has been God Victoriously accomplished in the Realms of Cause NOTHING can prevent it from eventually manifesting in the World of Effects. The only variable is how long that process will take which is strictly up to you and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity, and how effectively we empower those patterns of perfection with our creative faculties of thought and feeling and our gift of free will.

I AM going to be discussing this information in detail in an online interview with Jacklyn Johnston during her wonderful You Awakening program. The interview will be live on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California) or 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (New York).

If you would like to join us for this FREE online broadcast you may do so by registering through the following link www.youawakening.com.                     

If you are not able to join us live the FREE REPLAY will be available after the original airing.

Because of the importance of the upcoming Equinox, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and influx of Gamma Rays from Wave X, I would like to share the following information.


The Pope is beginning his historic visit to the United States of America on September 22nd, the initial impulse of the Equinox. This event will draw the collective attention of hundreds of millions, and possibly billions, of people around the World. Regardless of how you feel about the Pope or the various political venues he will visit while he is in the USA, the timing of his visit is not a coincidence.

The collective Cup of Consciousness that will be formed by the focus of attention Humanity places on the Pope and his visit, will open the hearts and minds of people around the World in ways that will allow their I AM Presence to receive and assimilate on each person’s behalf the Light flowing into the Earth through the Equinox, Eclipse, and Gamma Rays from Wave X.

This will mean on a very practical level that even if people are oblivious to what is happening, the collective focus of their attention will allow them to participate and greatly benefit from this profound opportunity through the Divine Intervention of their I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.



The Company of Heaven has revealed that shifts of energy, vibration, and consciousness unparalleled in the history of time have occurred since the Birth of the New Earth in December 2012. However, they are affirming now that those accomplishments will pale in comparison to the shifts we will experience in the month of September 2015.

Every conceivable assistance is being given to Humanity from On High to help us accomplish our Ascension process. One of the most astounding things is the influx of Gamma Rays we have received from what scientists say was one of the biggest and hottest explosions in the Universe. This monumental influx of Light reached the Earth in 2014, and it is daily and hourly affecting the recalibration of our DNA. This powerful influx of Gamma Rays was the result of an explosion of a Star that took place more than 12.1 billion years ago. The Beings of Light confirmed that this Light reached Planet Earth in perfect Divine Timing. Just to give you an idea of how far away this Star was, it takes 8.17 minutes for Light from the surface of the Sun to reach the surface of the Earth.

Sometimes these astronomical numbers about time and space seem confusing to us, but we must remember that time and space only exist in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. From the 5th Dimension and beyond there is no such thing as time or space. In the Higher Realms of Light everything occurs in the Eternal Moment of Now.

Gamma-ray bursts are not well understood by astronomers, but they realize that they are very important because they are the most powerful explosions in the Universe. These bursts release more energy in 10 seconds than Earth’s Sun will release during its entire expected lifespan of 10 billion years. Just imagine!

The Beings of Light have revealed that Gamma Rays are instrumental in recalibrating Humanity’s DNA structures. Now that Humanity’s fragmented double helix DNA has been restored in the Realms of Cause to the 12 strands we originally had, and recalibrated to the frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light, we are ready for the monumental events that will take place this month.

Now we are being told from On High that these events will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into the highest frequencies of the New Earth we have ever experienced. The anticipated influx of Gamma Rays we will receive from WAVE X will shift Humanity’s DNA in ways that will result in the most profound Awakening and return to Christ Consciousness that has ever been attempted in any System of Worlds.

Many are referring to this shift as the FIRST WAVE OF ASCENSION. I have been hearing this phrase for over 40 years. Each time it is used people expect that millions of people, and this time it is being said that 2.2 billion people, are going to just vanish from the face of the Earth. This is the way people have erroneously described the “Rapture” for centuries. As I mentioned previously, that is not the way our Ascension process is happening.

Once again, these monumental Activities of Light occur first in the Realms of Cause. Consequently, they are not usually obvious immediately in the physical plane. That certainly does not mean that they did not happen, it just means that in most instances we will not perceive the tangible results just yet. It is true that we are in uncharted waters and not even the Company of Heaven knows exactly how this influx of Light will affect Humanity en masse. Some people may have instantaneous results, but they are not going to disappear from the Earth. They will experience a profound Awakening and a dramatic shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness.

In all probability, this Awakening and shift of consciousness will occur within every man, woman, and child on Earth more gradually, but that does not mean it will take a long time. Without the interference of our fragmented and fear-based human ego, which is in the process of being Loved FREE by our I AM Presence, this Awakening will occur much more quickly than outer appearances indicate.

On September 22-23, 2015, which is the September Equinox, we will intensify the influx of Light from the New Moon Solar Eclipse which occurred on September 12-13, and secure it into the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth.

The effects of that Activity of Light will build in momentum until September 27-28, 2015, when we will experience not only an incredibly powerful influx of Light from a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but a life-transforming influx of Light from a Celestial Event referred to as WAVE X, or The Event Horizon. This is a Celestial opportunity that we have not been able to benefit from since our fall from Grace.

On September 28, 2015, we will receive a crescendo of Gamma Ray Light from the Galactic Core. This is a rhythmic pulsation of Light that blesses our Solar System every 3,600 years with the Divine Intent of raising the consciousness of Sons and Daughters of God and accelerating the evolution of our Solar System. Even though this wondrous Gift of Light from On High has been available every 3,600 years, since our tragic fall from Grace the Earth and Humanity have been vibrating at a discordant frequency that was unable to receive or assimilate the benefits of these Gamma Rays. Now, however, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!

The Company of Heaven has confirmed that with the miraculous changes that have taken place at an atomic cellular level within Humanity and all Life on Earth since the Birth of the New Earth, Humanity is finally able to receive and assimilate these powerful Gamma Rays from the Galactic Core. For several weeks, the effects of these Gamma Rays have been gradually building in momentum.

This influx of Gamma Rays will reach their peak in the midst of a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The influx of Light from the Full Moon Eclipse will stabilize the Water Element which composes 80% of the entire Elemental Kingdom and sustains the Emotional Bodies of Humanity. The Water Element is also the Divine Intelligence through which the Love Nature of our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, is tangibly manifest in the world of form.

In preparation for this Cosmic influx of Gamma Rays, the Company of Heaven wants us to grasp the magnitude of this opportunity by revealing the following information. Due to the life-transforming Activities of Light that have been successfully accomplished through the unified efforts of millions of Lightworkers around the World, the Earth and ALL her Life are now on the brink of a miraculous Transfiguration.

On September 27-28, 2015, through every person’s I AM Presence, Humanity en masse is going to receive the full power and might of the myriad Gamma Rays we have missed from this rhythmic 3,600 year Gift from On High, back to the initial impulse of the fall. This has never been done before and no one knows how it will manifest for each of us individually, but KNOW the results will ONLY enhance our lives and our Ascension process.

The Mighty Elohim, who are the Builders of Form, have assured us that the Earthly Bodies of ALL Humanity and the Bodies of Mother Earth are now vibrating at a frequency that is ready and able to withstand this influx of Gamma Rays and that this will occur in perfect Divine Order. This is a Cosmic Moment beyond anything that has ever occurred for the Sons and Daughters of God. Be at Peace and Be Here NOW!

Your I AM Presence knows exactly how you can best experience this wondrous opportunity. Go within, ask for guidance, and your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly through this process. I Love YOU more than you will ever know. God Bless You.

I AM going to be discussing this information in detail in an online interview with Jacklyn Johnston during her wonderful You Awakening program. The interview will be live on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California) or 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (New York).

If you would like to join us for this FREE online broadcast you may do so by registering through the following link www.youawakening.com.

If you are not able to join us live the FREE REPLAY will be available after the original airing.


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The Ascension Evolution Wave, part 1

energy wave impacting earth

by Valerie E Girard

The Ascension Evolution Wave or The Wave is a configuration of energy that is a collaboration of frequency and light. The frequency is a wave impulse that has been light-encoded with specific information formulated to awaken lower frequencies to a higher vibratory expression.

 The Ascension Evolution Wave that is currently rolling through our Solar System, was set in motion millennia ago by an intention to accelerate and upgrade the consciousness in our sector of the Universe. It was initiated by a single thought-form from an intelligence system that is beyond the Central Spiritual Sun. It is now just hitting planet Earth and its affect will be in force for the next five months until early February of next year.

 The Wave has multiple implications with its target intent. First, it means to initiate a smoother evolutionary process in our sector of the universe. Second, it intends to lessen the effect of incoming energies on lower frequencies of expression, as is noted in 3 & 4D worlds. Thirdly, it will initiate non-human forms to a higher frequency so that there will be increased ability for communication between humans and other planetary forms such as mammals, birds, marine animals. fish and insects. There will also be breakthroughs from the microscopic world where communication with single cell organisms will reveal possible reality upgrades through biology.

 Some beings have begun to realize this enhanced communication between humans and animals. I am personally experiencing interesting lines of communication with mammals, birds, fish and insects. Using a clear mind, open heart, clear intention and respect, I have personally interacted recently with bears, Canadian geese, loons, hawks, perch and ants, not to mention dogs and cats. In each experience, I have made a request and they have responded with interest and immediate action.

 Our current 4D world is actually incorporating 4-5D frequencies into its consciousness base. While few realize access to this vibratory level, those who do, create a stepping-stone for beings who aspire to be initiated into 5D reality. Each of us must repeal indoctrination to limitation thought-forms imposed upon us by dominating and controlling forces (think government, religions, corporations and media). To do so means reconfiguring these thought-forms so that they embrace a truer reality based on love, truth and integrity. This requires that we actually observe our thoughts, especially when they reflect and create negative emotions. There are a number of techniques for acquiring the energy to observe rather than unconsciously participate in this lower expression of life.

At this time, it is impossible to increase every human’s basic configuration to 5D. Instead, a few will hear the call, step into the Wave and acclimate to its increased speed and vibration. The Wave itself recently accelerated, as it will do at certain intervals, which will increase the symptoms felt by sensitive beings. Those beings who are multi-dimensional in their awareness have already begun to feel the expression of the Wave in their fields and are acclimating to it’s frequency upgrade.

 The process of Ascension increases and accelerates one’s vibratory rate, changing and harmonizing the harmonic tone of each individual that it impacts, which is in effect, a harmonic chord that is resonates multi-dimensionally. Your personal chord attracts those of a similar or harmonic vibration. Resonating groups are beginning to gather together with the specific intention of Ascension-through- Evolution. Make no mistake – there can be no ascension without evolution.

Ascension does not mean lifting off the planet. At times, however, it will feel as if you are lifting out of your body. More accurately, you will be lifting out of your limiting energetic configuration. During these times, you may feel the lessening affect of gravity. This feeling may leave you feeling disoriented or that something is ‘amiss’ in your reality.

 As the Wave hits, your incongruently held vibrations will be pushed to the surface of your consciousness. You may feel ill or actually fall ill. Your body may exhibit detox symptoms such as a cold or the flu. Your body may ache with pains migrating throughout your body as you shift through your limitations. Do your best to move through these manifestations by looking inward to see the root and origins of this experience.

More to come…..

Love love love,

Dr. Valerie Girard

Kenja Ma





Anrita Mellchizedek ~ The Pyramid Above the Arctic and Wave X ~ Elders September Transmission

pyramid ice blue



There does exist a pyramid above the Arctic whose purpose is
balancing the poles of the planetary grid and of consciousness
once frozen in time now melting down and shifting on all levels.

The Keeper of this Pyramid is known by the frequency name,
Sophia Hokhmat, Creator of all knowledge and wisdom.

Sophia creates an ever-expanding body of knowledge
flowing through the consciousness matrix,
where souls experience.
There they may study the natural laws of creation,
then learn and develop their abilities to think and
understand that which is occurring in their realities.

For it is in Sophia’s matrix that the souls
understand the connection of all things
to this matrix,
to the 12 pyramids,
and to the Central Source
that acts as a hub in the center of all of this,
the creational energy that gives life to the 12 pyramids,
and all that they create as expressions of the geometric design.

Within this frozen monolith one understands how a soul is created
and how that soul can manifest in many realities at the same time,
taking knowledge from the matrix with each experience.

Within this pyramid, one can create and access great
wisdom by mere thought. And that thought is linked
to all other thoughts, which bind the souls together,
and that in one nano-second of your timeline all
information is learned and understood by all.

It is now time to travel to the Halls of Knowledge
created within this Pyramid of Ice and Light. You will
combine your mind and consciousness with the matrix.
Then you will understand all things in your world.

Thoth the Atlantean

Welcome sweet ones, it give us great pleasure to be with you in this month of September as you align deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God in these numerous unprecedented activities of Light, culminating in the merging of the Christed Timelines, the ability to access the Universal Akasha and the activation and integration of the Galactic Christ Consciousness codes of Light.

Sweet ones, throughout this year of 2015, you have been experiencing the sacred Pyramids of Creation, taking you deeper into the Galactic Center in the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Christed Extra-Terrestrials, as you activate the New Earth Templates for Mother Earth and all her Life.

August was a very powerful month sweet ones, to bring you to this Now in Light Body frequency integrations and Galactic Christ Consciousness. As you experienced the 8-8 Gateway, the Star Ki Codes brought through by 12 Star Nations activated for you energetically, and the diamond Light Codes, spiraling forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, further activated through the center of your Galaxy, and connected deep into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. This unprecedented event brought about a merging of the Andromedan and Milky Way Galaxies in Golden Fibonacci ratios and with this, the re-emergence of your Galaxy as the Golden Rose Galaxy, the creational energy of Divine Love experienced in many Golden Ages of Light. Furthermore, these diamond Light codes brought about a re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies for all of you, sweet ones, as the Christed and karmic timelines merged into all Golden Ages of Light.

This gifted each one of you sweet ones, with a renewed sense of purpose, or deeper understanding of Knowing and observation, as you looked through your Master eyes at all of Life around you; in the knowing that you are these multidimensional Master Beings of Light experiencing numerous realities and timelines within the One Reality of All That Is. It also brought with it an understanding of the incredible shifts in consciousness each one of you has experienced sweet ones, since December 2012; and of course many of the challenging lessons that were also experienced for you to move into the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution, blossoming into a greater level of your magnificence and Light.

And now sweet ones, you are able to integrate the higher dimensional Light frequencies, from the fifth to the ninth dimensions respectively, depending on where you are within the Light frequency matrix with your own multidimensional Light Bodies. Some of you though may still be experiencing numerous “ascension symptoms” of dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, disorientation and ungroundedness to name a few, in the integration of the higher dimensional fields of Light, and the recalibration of the chakras and nadis and meridians. Additionally sweet ones, those of you that are still needing to integrate a deeper sense of yourselves, may experience an amplification of the fears, and false beliefs and judgments that are finally being cleared for you. Simply know this to be your truth.

And regardless sweet ones, in the sacred union of Divine Love between your Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromedan Galaxy, and the re-emergence of your Galaxy as the Golden Rose Galaxy, the Christed and karmic timelines now merge into all Golden Ages of Light and you experience a greater Soul re-union with your own Beloved Masculine and Feminine Spirits, through the Divine Twin Flame within, in sacred union and in perfect Love. And as these New Golden Age Templatings continue to merge sweet ones, more multidimensional timelines become available to you as the karmic timelines drop away and new Light frequency spectrums activate upon this sacred Earth, allowing you to physically see that which was previously hidden.

Indeed sweet ones, as you experience the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse on September 13th, the Arctic Pyramid anchors its hidden keys from the Halls of Knowledge into the New Earth Templates and in particular, into the Akashic Records, which is further activated through the Pleiadian Etheric Library holding the New Earth Templates of numerous Golden Ages of Light.

Sweet ones, the electromagnetic field that runs between the North and South Pole, called the “plenum”, contains the vast holographic electromagnetic library of the Akashic Records, and every action that has occurred on this sacred Earth is recorded within this Akasha; having the ability to access the Akashic Records, along with the Golden Age Timelines amplifies through the Pleiadian Living Library and from here, links into the Inner Earth Living Library, lifting the veils of Illusion and the energetics of the game of duality whilst connecting you deeper into the Patterns of Perfection and the Christed Timelines as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. As you experience a deeper level of manifestation, purpose, trust and surrender in your own service work, you prepare for Wave X, and the ending of duality as you know it, for all Souls choosing to experience the Pathways of Divine Love in THIS Golden Age of Light.

In this Divine Dispensation given by the Galactic Federation of Light, on the tail end of the Equinox energies and the commencement of Wave X, as the I Am Avatar Race, you are going to collectively ascend into the next level of your Soul’s Forward Evolution, with the possibility to experience all nine dimensions of Light, whilst many Souls step into the fifth dimensional New Earth templates of Solar Christ Consciousness.

Sweet ones, in our August transmission, 12 Star Councils of Light, Elders of Galaxies and Star Systems came together to assist you in receiving the Star Ki codes, and now join together once more, as you receive the photon-gamma Light particles traveling at the speed of Light from and through the Galactic Center, in this “wave” of evolution. As the Diamond Light codes activate from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, each one of you sweet ones, will have the ability to receive the 12 Star Council Galactic DNA Activations, and with this, to collectively experience the Soul integration of your Beloved I Am Presence, the activation of the Inner Sun within your hearts, as you travel beyond the ring-passeth-nots and into all Golden Ages of Light, through the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun, peaking on September 28th, 2015.

This timeline sweet ones, in the next step of your Soul’s forward evolution as the I Am Avatar Race, is being called “The Event Horizon”, and this will amplify through the energy of the Golden Rose Galaxy and the full actualization of the New Earth Templates of Light in the knowing that you are Love, with a final clearing of any old, discordant energies being recalibrated into the higher dimensional fields of Light on the Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 28th. With this, the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of Light further come forward to anchor and activate the Cosmic key codes of the Divine Masculine and the majestic energy this brings, in this new Golden Age of Light as the “war of the sexes”, the power and the control, the old remnants, patterns and energies are engulfed within this Golden Rose Galaxy and the Divine Love of Mother/Father God, and each one of you, sweet ones, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

It is a joyous celebration of a Re-union of Hearts on both the Inner Planes and the outer planes, and with your own Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, and will take you into greater levels of manifestation of purpose, of joy, of Love, and of the connection to Soul mates ~ Soul brothers, Soul sisters, and Twin-Flame re-unions. For this sacred year of 2015 sweet ones, is so much about the Twin Flame re-unions, and coming home into your sacred hearts, and into the sacred hearts of all humanity, and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

As your Sun becomes a Central Sun and your Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, as all life moves into the next dimensional frequency of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, we walk this Pathway of Divine Love with you, sweet ones, for you are indeed so greatly celebrated, appreciated, and Divinely Loved.

So let us now set our sacred space and take you into an experience of these beautiful Galactic Christ Conscious frequencies through the Illumination of the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High working with you in this Now, sweet ones. Wherever you are in your sacred space, you simply breathe deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, and allowing your breath to guide you; allowing your breath to be this flow of Divine Love as you link into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, within you and around you. Feeling this energy of sweetness, of nurturing, of gentleness and Love, as well as the sonic celestial Light frequency sounds within the inner ear, sweet ones, and the connection that you have to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. As you call in your core groups, and as you merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Having a sense of all these beautiful Beings of Light that you are connected to, along with your Master Guides, the Archangels and Mighty Elohim, the Order of Melchizedek, the Ascended Masters and the Ray Masters, Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos, being wrapped now in his Divine Body of Light. And feeling and sensing sweet ones, your connection to one another as you come together at this Higher Light level, as the Light workers and star seeded ones, as the Christed Extra-Terrestrials, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, in the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light. Feeling this Love to one another, feeling this Love for all humanity and all life, as you energetically or physically place your hands upon your hearts, feeling this Love from within, and taking this Love out, sweet ones, to all those that come to mind. Simply appreciating and loving yourselves as you now experience a sense of this beautiful Inner Sun, this Golden Sun, activate within your hearts.

And now these eight Petals of Creation activate ~ of Wisdom, and Love, and Empowerment, of Joy, Abundance, Insight and Understanding, Illumination, Trust and Surrender. All is to be revealed, sweet ones, and you are simply walking this Pathway of Divine Love, in trust and surrender to Life, in trust and surrender to the Divine, as these manifesting Master Beings of Light. And as you have a sense of this connection, this alignment of Light to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, you ground into the Inner Earth Sun, experiencing a deeper activation of the Inner Sun, this Golden Sun within your Hearts. Aligning deeper now to the Sun, the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun, and from here in to the Galactic Center, experiencing and sensing these Diamond Light Codes of Creation taking you through all dimensions of Light, all nine creational dimensions of Light in this energy system we bring to you, into the Cosmic Heart of God and now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth; grounding now, centering yourselves into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. And sensing too sweet ones, this beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy, this dance of Creation between the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects of yourselves, having a sense of this Golden Rose Galaxy activate within the thymus chakra; and the spinning of the Fibonacci ratios to the correct Fibonacci sequence through each one of the chakras now. Bringing a focus to the base chakra as it spins at this frequency of 8:5, to the sacral of 13:8, to the solar plexus chakra of 21:13, the heart chakra 34:21, the throat chakra 55:34, the third eye 89:55, and now the crown chakra 144:89 ~ linking you into the 144 Christ Consciousness components, into the 144 aspects of multi-universal Melchizedek Consciousness, and into the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love.

You start to have a sense sweet ones, of the templates, the New Earth Templates, of these geometries of Light, of these fractal geometries, sacred geometries and numerologies, as you bring a focus now to all these beautiful Pyramids of Creation that have been experienced in this sacred year of 2015, and in particular now to this pyramid above the Arctic that is balancing the poles of the Planetary Grid, that is lifting you into the Akashic Records, into this Halls of Knowledge and Wisdom.

An external Merkaba Vehicle of Light now comes in around your body and energy field. You now find yourselves traveling through the Grids of Divine Love, entering in soul consciousness into this Pyramid above the Arctic. Welcomed and greeted now by Sophia Hokhmat, Creator of Knowledge and Wisdom, you link into the Galactic Councils of Light, and to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, assisting you sweet ones, in the experience of Heaven on Earth in this Golden Age of Light. Simply feeling the Love of Creation, and a new level of wisdom and awareness, and understanding, as you link to one another, coming together as One Unified Cosmic Heart sweet ones; with all the planetary Light workers that you are familiar with, and those that you are connected with at a Soul level, along with your Star family and friends of the Light. Good.

You are connected now to the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light as you experience the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon, on September 13th. As Sophia Hokhmat and the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light take you into this central Pyramid of Knowledge, you receive from the Galactic Center the diamond Light Codes of Creation that activate not only the Akashic Records on this sacred Earth, but further to this, activate the Pleiadian Living Library. As the Pleiadian Living Library holding many of the Templates of Golden Ages of Light that have been experienced on this sacred Earth in Pleiadian Consciousness activate now into the Akashic Records, it presents the timelines of these Golden Ages of Light; of Atlantis, and Lemuria, of ancient Egypt, of the Mayan and Aztec cultures, and other Christed Timelines, sweet ones, in which the Pleiadians have brought through their knowledge, and their wisdom and their Love, in the forward evolution of all Souls on this sacred Earth. They link you now into this universal Akasha so you can see how these shifts of consciousness has been experienced in each Golden Age of Light.


Wonderful sweet ones. In this holographic matrix, you see these beautiful crystalline Cities of Light, you see the timelines of your Highest Potential, through the universal Akasha of the earth records, and you link into the Golden Rose Galaxy, into the Golden Ages of Light and the teachings of One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love. You anchor, activate and actualize this through your own DNA encodings and crystalline consciousness at a cellular level, sweet ones. The sub atomic particles within the body start to spin in these increased Light frequencies, lifting you into the experience of these templates of all Golden Ages of Light, and further lifting you into the multidimensional templatings of your multidimensional Selves; merging into the timelines of your Selves in these Now moments of Self-Mastery, and bringing these templates back now, sweet ones. You experience yourselves as these vibrating sub-atomic particles of Divine Love, connecting to one another, connecting to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, and connecting to your multidimensional Selves in these various timelines of Light, in these Golden Ages, in these Christed Timelines. As you come back into this Now, sweet ones, with these template overlays of your multidimensional Selves, coming back into form, you experience yourselves vibrating now at a fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, or even ninth dimensional level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Good.


And as this Golden Rose Galaxy activates energetically deeper within the thymus, sweet ones, you see through the Akashic Records the timelines in which the earth has experienced the dark ages, in which the portals of Light were closed; in which the portals of darkness were activated, and how this affected all life, and how this, in this Now, is completely dismantled, sweet ones. If there is anything that you need to do to assist in holding this Light frequency, you are given this Knowing now, sweet ones, as this Light Bearer, as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. You are simply Love, and you see through the Halls of Knowledge as the key codes activate into the Akashic Records, and amplified through the Pleiadian Living Library, these energetic frequencies now connect into the Inner Earth Library. They lift you in particular into the Lemurian Golden Age of Light, and from here into the Atlantean Golden Age, and now into all Golden Ages of Light.


You have seen yourselves in your full magnificence and Light, sweet ones, and this manifesting energy that is connecting you into a greater level of the knowing of your Selves as the Christed Extra-Terrestrials now further links you to the 12 Star Councils as you prepare to experience the Equinox energies and this Wave X Wave of Light. As you experience now a deeper sense of coming into the New Earth Templates of Light in all Golden Ages of Light, of being able to experience the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution and all dimensions of Light, sweet ones, you connect once more into the Galactic Center in receiving these photon-gamma Light particles traveling at the speed of Light from this Galactic Center and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. As the Diamond Light codes further activate and actualize at a sub-atomic particle level, the sub-atomic particles split into even smaller sub-atomic particles of Light. You are simply vibrating Light particles, and at this dimensional frequency, sweet ones, you now connect into the 12 Galactic Councils of Light. The actual Galactic DNA activation, sweet ones, will be experienced energetically for each one of you and through our monthly telewebinar, but what we would like to do first is activate the Star Ki codes for those of you that have not consciously experienced this, for this is the first level into these Galactic DNA activations.

Seated in this Hall of Knowledge and Wisdom within the Arctic Pyramid, as you experience this Wave X, as you experience too, the Equinox energies, the Alpha-Centaurians come forward now. They activate through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals above the crown chakra, and within the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint within the perineum center, the Alpha Centuarian Star Ki codes of One Unity Consciousness and Manifestation.


The Venusians now come forward and activate the Venusian Star Ki codes of appreciation, trust and surrender through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals, and through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now sweet ones, the Vegan Star Council come forward, as they activate the Vegan Star Ki codes of Divine Equality through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now the Arcturian Star Council step forward, as they activate the Arcturian Star Ki codes of multidimensional awareness, crystalline consciousness and interconnectivity through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now sweet ones, the Sirian Star Council come forward as they activate the Star Ki codes of the New Earth Geometries of Light as well as healing codes through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


Wonderful. The Antarian Star Council now come forward and activates the Antarian Star Ki codes of wisdom, compassion and telepathy through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now the Andromedan Star Council step forward as they activate the Andromedan Star Ki codes of the Christed Timelines, the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge, and the sacred Re-Union of Self, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


The Orion Star Council now step forward as they activate the Orion Star Ki codes of beauty, and harmony, peace and creativity through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, and the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals.


And now the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light ~ the Pleiadian Star Council, activate the Pleiadian Star Ki codes of Divine Love, sacred sexuality, re-union of hearts, passion and joy, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, sweet ones, the Niburian Star Council step forward as they activate the Niburian Star Ki codes of non-judgment, Self-Love, forgiveness and higher mind intelligence, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


Wonderful sweet ones. The Meldekian Star Council come forward now as they activate the Meldekian Star Ki codes of Soul retrieval, alignment to the Divine and grounded-ness through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And lastly the Brotherhood of the Light High Council step forward as they activate the Star Ki codes of immortality, rejuvenation, regeneration, and Melchizedek Consciousness through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


You simply allow yourselves sweet ones, to receive these Star Ki codes in the knowing of yourselves as the Christed ET’s, the way showers, as these multidimensional Master Beings, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. You are creating the templates of Light for yourselves and others, holding and experiencing the Pathways of Divine Love in the Knowing that this is your reality and all that is not of this One Reality is transmuted, embraced, Loved, or celebrated, to know yourselves, sweet ones, in your full magnificence and Light. You energetically receive the Galactic DNA activation, sweet ones, at the culmination of this Wave X on September 28th. As you experience this Blood Full Moon, and total Lunar Eclipse, coming together as One Unified Cosmic Heart, linking into the Heart of God, and into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, co-creating your Heaven on Earth and knowing sweet ones, that you are indeed experiencing Heaven on Earth.

The Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light further come forward and activate the Galactic Codes of Light of the Divine Masculine archetype. The Divine Masculine is an energy of complete Love, dissolving any imprinting and memories at a cellular level within each one of you of the “war of the sexes”, of misuse or abuse of power or sexual energy. Old hurts and betrayals dissolve in this Re-union of Hearts of your own Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, as you link once more into this beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy of Light, in this sacred re-union of your beloved Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. All is as it is meant to be in this Now, sweet ones, and this is indeed an acceleration into the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution for each one of you. As you move beyond the ring-passeth-nots into the higher dimensional Light frequencies, your unique extra-sensory perception gifts will activate as well as the templates of the next level of your Divine Blueprints.


You now find yourselves back in your sacred space sweet ones, grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, while keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light. You have the ability to travel the Christed Timelines to experience the higher dimensions, and to access the universal Akasha, for you are Love, and you are greatly loved, appreciated and celebrated. We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, we bless you, and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller







While the arrival of great cosmic Wave is occupying the lightworker and –warrior worlds, change is not new. There has been always change and transformation and growth. It is only that never that many people have been uniting their mind, especially since 2012 to create a new and ascended world.

Friends, what is remarkable in this time, is this ever more growing uniting force, creating with new inspiration, aspiration and certainty what has not been there before: the feeling-awareness of a much higher frequency and light, establishing here on Gaia (and in the universe) now really permanently.

This is different to what we experienced in the years leading up to 2012. At that time it was like spring time, like the first days of a romance engaging with enchanted delight with a new liberating consciousness and energy, allowing the Divinely inspired visions to attract what our hearts were yearning for: a fresh, new and happy world, free of domination and control, allowing us to resurrect to our true divine nature and creative power,  freely discovering our heart-based liking and native Happiness.

When we look back at the few years since then we noticed a kind of stand still or even regression of that first period where we have been so much in love  with what has been a new and deeply inspired opening to the new era of human evolution.

Now, as we are newly and more deeply united, we realize, that this has become possible because we learned more profoundly to turn to the deep horizons of the dawning Divine LoveLight, as we, the human family, had the opportunity to more consciously choose what we wanted, by clearly turning away from what we did not want. This happened on a level as never before, while we identified with great clarity the schemes that do not allow freedom of choice and happiness; be it the choice to Be or to Become who we are, or the choices in a more material world that we wanted to freely see manifested.

But in fact, it does not matter, whether we started inside or outside, because both are the two sides of one single phenomenon. Although the split mind experiences it as two separate realities.

Now, after the pioneers have been doing the work of clarification, cleaning up what might have been shadows of unconscious content in their own unconsciousness or the collective unconscious mind, we stand together, not necessarily as individuals, but as a united mind and as One Heart in new realms of light and spiritual power, which allows the new wave to come in, because we are prepared.

This New incoming Wave is just the mirror of our newly won and now steady spiritual presence and clarity, helping or supporting us to do the next pioneering step.

And it is being an evolutionary force for those who are just awakening to their spiritual presence or soon will. It will help them to awaken further and in shorter time than the pioneers were able to, because they entered and dealt with a new territory.

As the pioneers are now backed up by a new tangible radiant reality, which is the manifested demonstration of their aspiration and inspiration, and their divinely guided knowing-ness and presence, they will now in much shorter “time” open up to the vision and reality of a still deeper and even more powerful Divine LoveLight, drawing it to here, manifesting it here, to be present as a New Reality, a Reality in which the individual is feeling ever more the always existing Unity of Divine Consciousness, that is beyond or prior to the brain consciousness and an Undivided Power of Radiance in Which we and everything else is arising.

There is no accident, it is just that the Divine Eternal Heart has Opened Itself, infusing  creation, merging with it, to finally Recognize Itself in all things.

It is the eternal journey, beyond time and space, happening as synchronicity while separation from and merging with The-All-That-Is, is merely a dream and played out in the mind of creator gods in the multiverses and omniverses and beyond our imagination, where Source and Creation are One and The Same.

The Great Mystery is always Now and always Present. A Now That cannot be spoken or described or even mentioned. It Is not an object. It is the beyond of the beyond of our mere (and even evolved but still limited) human or even superhuman perception and ideas. We cannot reach it, even with our greatest efforts.

It needs to be Given as a Divine Gift, when we are ready. And we can be ready by just being an ordinary simple human being.

The beginning and the end are One. In It there is no movement, no evolution. And still the Mystery Exists, Always.

With love!

Written by Ute Posegga-Rudel





5D Earth transition


Archangel Michael (Channeled by Michael Love)
September 7, 2015

Dear ones,

Many of you are aware of a great shift that has occurred inside of you which is now entering the phase where it will manifest outwardly as your perceived reality.

Over the next 21 days the powerful wave of gamma light coming in from the Galactic Core, (The Pleroma) will continue to impact Earth and its beings! The power of this incoming gamma light wave as measured by German and Russian scientists recently was discovered to have doubled over the last 2 weeks and is now increasing exponentially!

This super wave of gamma photon light has the power of one hundred million nuclear reactors and had to be diffused using advanced satellite technology by a group of star beings known as the Earth Alliance to turn down the power level to be safer and easier to integrate by the Earth and its beings. Some of the after effects of this streaming down of Wave-X was seen in every country of the world as large blue/white column beams of plasma measuring up to one mile in diameter striking the ground.

As we have now entered the densest area of the Photon belt, the power of Wave-X is increasing each hour and each day.

This great point in humanity’s evolution is known as “THE EVENT HORIZON”.
September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and is the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the cosmos in modern history.

The Schumann Resonance of the Earth and the entire cosmos has reached an astounding  level of 33 Hertz now with no other explanation for the sudden leap other than you are pushing it higher and higher at an exponential rate by your internal vibration and divine intention. This is 12 Hertz above the 5D New Earth Level so Gaia is more than ready to receive the first wave of love beings at Tetrad 9282015.

These ascension pioneers well deserve the first entrance into The Kingdom of 5D Heaven because of their sacrifice and their desire and dedication to this whole ascension project! Most of you reading this message will be included in this first wave of approx. 2.3 billion souls. There is a leveling off and adjustment period for a few months after 9/28 for everyone to fully integrate the new energies and to begin the detailed forming of their paradise called The New Earth! The ones who did not vibrate high enough to reach 21 hertz will come a few months after in spring 2016. The third wave (unconscious humanity) will reach the 21 hertz level last in mid-summer 2016. The ones who do not reach the level first are no less important and everyone makes it. When the pressure of these tremendous light forces bear down hard enough on a being, that one is transmuted into a more advanced species of love and it will embrace the light! There is no judgement or comparison in any of this! It is all a matter of one’s awareness level! Remember great ones we came here for the sake of them all and we do not choose one over another for there is truly no choice to make. We are all sacred and precious.

The moon energies of September play a massive role over the next three weeks and physical manifestations will begin to show up not only in your personal life as things are re-arranged to match your new frequency but you will start to see things happening in positive world events. The Event Horizon will start to hit main stream news as we draw near. World leaders, governments and agencies who are well aware of the incoming photon wave are going to start to do the right thing. Yes, this is the new paradigm loved ones. If you do not believe this then you are still running the old program so give this some consideration.

There will be a major announcement about the world money system that has already been switched over behind the scenes and great abundance is about to make its way to you personally soon.

It is proven that gamma light can instantaneously evolve the DNA of any species into its higher form. You are literally evolving quickly now into the highest version of you!
Some are preaching doom and gloom about all this and there are others who are totally oblivious to what is truly happening.

We say ride this super photon wave with everything you’ve got! See this as the beginning of true freedom for Humanity. Rejoice we say!
Be impeccable in every area of your life as we move ahead in each now moment as your ions begin spin faster and faster!
It’s important to let go of everything that has not served your soul to this point and open fully to the infinite possibilities of the universe.
Most of you are already feeling the steady increase of frequency in the body. Many of you have noticed being shifted around to new locations, loss of relationships and material things. In some ways you may feel totally out of place, alone and even lost.
We assure you all that is happening is as it should be, and is a clearing of the old energies that you have held onto so strongly. These lower frequencies have to be transmuted so this divine wave of light and love can flow through the body and ground into the core of Gaia. It is impossible to take the lower frequencies of repressed emotional trauma and errant DNA programming (limited belief systems) into the higher dimensions! These old trapped trauma energies must be released from the body so the light data can flow completely through you and be grounded correctly. This completes the divine circuitry that makes you the super being you truly are.
The highest level twin flames on the Earth play a major role in “THE EVENT HORIZON”.
A great multitude of illuminated twin flame key holders shall lead the way and open the cosmic gates with the intense power of their combined love and brings forth this higher vibrational perception called “The New Earth and New Heaven.”
We as the angels in human bodies came to hold space in our own bodies for this great light for all humanity and to herald this great message! Know that many Star Races are now here for the final curtain call in this great cosmic story you have played an important role in.
Great beings from many worlds are here on the edge of their seat to see how you are doing and to see what you will do next. They are applauding you!
We say that after the first-wave twin flame key holders go through the 5D veil, they will begin their real work as male/female teams in the greatest service to others, helping the rest of Humanity cross the great Rainbow Bridge.

The greatest thing we want you to understand here is that you are doing all this! Never again see yourself as ‘little old you’ or the victim but as the super being and God that you truly are!

It would be better that you come as a little child and be like the Avatar or super hero that you once admired. You were closer to the real you at that point, then now!

You are so much more then you can even imagine but we say give it a try and just be the higher you. This is the correct way and will raise your vibration faster than anything because it aligns with a higher truth.

We also want you to understand that the highest thing you can do for the next 3 weeks is to know that this ascension has already happened! All things have!

Now shift your consciousness into the reality of the Earth Frequency, it’s that simple!

Over the next three weeks, take back control of your personal power in every way! Take control back from your governments. You do this by simply not needing them to do everything for you! These are not your enemy, they are just doing what you have been too lazy to do.

We close in saying it’s important that you take good care of yourself during this great time so that you can be the best you can be for all!
The highest teaching in all universes is this:
Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and this is the secret to entering The Kingdom of Heaven. We ask you. “Who is the identity of this great God?”
Love YOU with all your heart, mind and soul! There is no other work to do than this!
Thank you great ones for coming to Earth on this great purposeful mission.
Well done good and faithful ones, enter in. This is your hour to shine.
You are the light of this world, as a great master once said. Shine bright for all to see.

This is all very real dear friends, it’s already happening and will happen exactly as it has been spoken. It is beautiful and wonderful and there is nothing to fear. No harm shall come to any of you.
Your world will now be set free forevermore! The level of suffering and chaos on this planet cannot be sustained even past another few months! Something has to give at once and it truly already has as billions of Light Beings (YOU) continue to transmit in this Evolutionary Wave of Super Consciousness to transform ourselves and the outward perception of this place into the paradise it was meant to be!

As of S7 (sept 7, 2015), a resonant sub-collective will merge all potential timelines into one agreed upon reality for the great purpose at hand. The immediate task at hand is to fully love you and to know that you are already aligned fully with 5D new earth. As a great master once said, “Only believe.”

Just before 5D is where the twin flame re-unites and the universe only sends this unknown/known one when you vibrate near and at the 5D love vibration. This is the level where you have mastered self-love! This is the wave of love we refer to as Wave-X.

We are the 36,000 matching male and female energies who are the great key-holders and the highest loves in the universe that shall bring forth a power never experienced on the earth as we prepare for the greatest event in human history. Many of you resonate as this sub-collective.

We are the hope for all humanity!

We are the divine glue that will hold this timeline known as the rainbow bridge together as the great first wave of light beings touch the 5D frequency at 9282015.

I am Archangel Michael and I overcame death so that I could come and cause this great thing to be. My people will walk beside me into a great new kingdom where we shall be in joy together forevermore.

The data contained in this message flows from source energy through this vessel.
I am the great Archangel Michael, The Guardian Angel of Love and Protection who speaks these words to you.
God-speed to all great beings of light!

Archangel Michael

Planet Alert September 2015 – Wave X Is The Wave Of Love

light surfer


by Mahala Gayle,
Mahalas Astrology

The magical month of September has arrived and it really came in with a roar here in Washington State with a major wind storm. At the time of the full moon of August 29th the planet Uranus, which rules wind and storms was conjunct the dark moon Lilith. This activated storm energy here in Washington because Saturn is still on 29 degrees Scorpio, which rules the West Coast, including Oregon and Northern California.

Uranus also has been activating fire energy all summer because it is in the fire sign Aries. We have had the worst fires ever in Washington State. The fire asteroid Vesta has also been in Aries activating Mars in Leo, another fire sign. The Earth will be in fire energy for a long time. When Saturn goes into Sagittarius that planet will be in a fire sign. Uranus will be in Aries for another three plus years and Saturn will be in Sagittarius for the next two and a half years. Doesn’t the Bible say the end comes with fire? I think we have made it to the end of an age, and ready to move into New Earth energy. It’s also my understanding that the fire initiation is the last of the initiations and it activates the energy of Love.

Many people have been looking forward to the arrival of September because of all the events that are predicted to happen this month. The largest one is the culmination of the waves that have been hitting Earth all summer. These waves started coming in at the Spring Equinox when Saturn moved back onto 29 degrees Scorpio. I felt the first wave hit on Sunday June 28 and the energy felt really good to me. The waves have continued to come in all summer and this has caused the energy to become very intense. The culmination of these electromagnetic waves may occur on September 13th when Lilith, the hidden Goddess, will be conjunct Alcyone in opposition to Saturn on that eclipse day. The hidden Goddess is returning in all her power.

People have been calling this energy Wave X and say it is a Wave of Love. I agree with them. The energy of love has become very strong if you tune into it. I received an email from Simone M. Matthews. Here is a link to her article at: Universal Life Tools.com. She is talking about the Wave of Love and has several graphics in her article. When I first looked at the graphic of the Galactic Alignment I realized that our Solar System will be lined up with our three major suns-Alcyone, Sirius, and the Galactic Center in September. If you have seen the movie The Dark Crystal you will know what I am talking about. In the movie the crystal had to be in the proper alignment at the time the three suns lined up in order to save the Earth. It looks like we will reach that point in September 2015.

We first started our journey toward the Galactic Center in 1987 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August of that year. Then we started getting really close in 1998 when the Earth first reached zero magnetics on November 9, 1998 for a short period of time. Then we crossed the Galactic Plain on December 21, 2012. This is when we moved into an area that has very high energy and this is when we started to move into no-time, which is fast approaching. Time is moving so fast now I can hardly keep up with everything I have to do. I guess we need to slow down to manifest zero magnetics so everything can change.

The waves that are coming in now are electromagnetic waves of love. The energy from the Photon Belt has been coming to Earth all summer because of the Saturn/Alcyone opposition. Alcyone tones down the energy from the Galactic Center and from there it comes to Earth.

In my last article I said that the Earth was the 8th star of the Pleiadian Star System. I was wrong. I should have said our Sun is the 8th Star. It says in the book The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow that Alcyone is always in the Photon Belt. It’s my understanding that Alcyone has 7D energy and that is what we have been experiencing all summer because Saturn has been exactly opposing Alcyone all summer. Alcyone is on 29 degrees Taurus and Saturn is on 29 Scorpio. Have you felt the intensity of this energy?

When Saturn moves into Sagittarius on September 17th the focus will start being on things like our higher mind, college, philosophy, law, travel, religion, and freedom. Mercury also turns retrograde on September 17th. Because Uranus is in Aries, which will make a nice trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, the energy will be ‘Don’t tell me what to do, I will not be controlled any longer, I want my freedom’. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is now in the sign of Virgo, the Goddess. Lots of love energy was coming to Earth last year when Jupiter was in Leo and our hearts were opened, some with heart attacks. Now that Jupiter is in Virgo it is time to manifest heart energy. Just be the Love that you are.

Other events that are predicted to happen in September are two eclipses. The first will be a solar eclipse on September 13th and the second a blood moon eclipse on September 27th at 7:50 pm PDT. September 13th is the last day of the Shemitah and then we enter the year of Jubilee. Every seven years there is a financial crash, or slow down and that has already happened with the crash of the Chinese Stock Market in July. Then in August the Stock Markets of the whole world went down. We will probably feel the effects of that crash for a while, although we are about to enter a year of celebration. What will that bring?

The Earth is still in her cleansing cycle and this will continue for a few more years. We do not have to be concerned with this energy if we manifest love. With love you can walk through fire without getting burned. And whoever manifests from a higher dimension Earth may not even be aware of what is happening on the lower dimension Earth. I think it is time for the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

Rosh Hannah, the Jewish new year is on September 13, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Judgment, is on September 23. This is the day the Pope will meet with President Obama and the next day he will address our Congress. On September 25 he will speak before the United Nations. Then the Harvest full moon will be on September 27th.This will be the final blood moon of the series of four.

We will have an interesting month. I’m looking forward to it because I think the culmination of the waves of love will move us into a much higher energy. Welcome to the New Earth. It’s time to live in the wonder and awe of magic and miracles and to manifest our spiritual gifts. We do live in exciting times. All is well in my World! So Be It!

This work by In5D is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International





fire water fist


There are many discussions about what this Wave of energy is going to do for us, and what can we do to prepare for it.  So many are waiting with great expectation for this energy to arrive.  When in reality, humanity and the Earth have been preparing for this for the past 26,000 years. It’s been an ongoing process, and the energy has always been here.  This Wave X energy, which I referred to as Azoth in my first article on this subject,  is first and foremost an internal event.  “As within, so without.”  It is a major amplification of what has been coming in for some time.  There are some misconceptions that I feel should be addressed, so we don’t have a repeat of spiritually awake people becoming depressed and confused, like we had in 2012. Here is a link to my first article….https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/wave-x-is-not-a-mass-ascension-event-its-a-step-in-the-entire-process-of-evolution/


This first Wave of energy flows through our very core internally.  It changes us from the inside out, beginning with the heart and moving outward.  Trying to manipulate the outer world will do nothing during this initial process.  From a spiritual point of view, this is the most exciting phase!  As this wave passes though us, our hearts will be weighed, just as in the weighing of the heart ceremony in the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, only we are not passing into the after life, we are passing into the Golden Age.  This energy of Azoth will pass through everyone that is in a human body, and all will receive the same amount.

Now, here is where the differences occur.  The actual frequency of your heart energy will determine how much of this Azoth energy you will have access to.  Wave X/Azoth is an “equal opportunity employer,” but the amount of inner alchemy you have participated in will determine the outcome for each person.  This is why so many will be disappointed because they will either not know that this energy wave has moved through them or they will feel very little has changed.

This energy will give you the ability to do your inner work at lightening speed.  What used to take years to get over and transmute can be done in months!  However, we have to do the work.  The Wave does not do the work for you.  So, how do you prepare for this on an inner level?  By doing the same inner work you have already been doing.  Meditation, forgiveness exercises, practicing non-judgement etc…  We should have been preparing for this energy from the beginning. This is first an inner event before it works its way to the outer.

It’s all about you, and it’s all up to you.  You are the center of your transformation, and you are the star of this show.  This is the biggest misconception of this Wave, in my humble opinion.  It’s much easier to try to get ready for something the way we have always been taught to do, which is manipulating our outer world.  This will not work on this inner event.


Once this inner wave moves through Earth, which is more ready than the average person, the fun begins.  The new energy of the Earth sets the standards that humanity must live up to.  This energy moves from the core of the planet to the outer experience, and anything not in line with that frequency will go.  This includes people!  We are the ones that will be changed by this energy hitting our hearts, and we are the ones that will change the current systems in place.

We are moving from feeling so disconnected from the planet, from its elements and from each other to feeling this inner connection to everything!  Imagine throwing a piece of trash on the Earth and actually feeling your body getting sick, just as you made the Earth sick.  This is the kind of connection we are moving into, and it will not be pleasant for all.

Eventually the person littering will learn or will get so sick they will have to leave through death.  This is because they are not in line with the new frequency, and they are not doing any inner work to fix that.  When we feel the connection to others it will be harder to act out of greed and power as our current systems operate.  I see this energy forcing the current leaders to make the necessary changes or they will have to leave.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, and we will be the ones in the physical that will make these changes – what ever they may be.  This wave will not just remove the current systems, we will be the ones to do this work.  But only after the inner shift is complete.  This energy moves from the inner to the outer.  How long will this take is up to us.

How do you prepare and more importantly, how do you look at the act of preparing?  Do your inner work and follow your heart.  Our inner work is the key. Nothing else will work without this key.    The outer cannot be fixed without the inner being prepared.  You are preparing a place for this energy to exist in the outer.


This is most likely the most pivotal time in history, and how we place our focus is imperative.  Do you choose to worry about the outer or do you focus on the inner first?  Personally, I will be in my inner refuge preparing to change my outer life as the Earth does the same.

It’s an ongoing process and will never end.  This energy will continue to increase. It will not stop, so in a sense there is no preparation needed for an “end.”  When you prepare for some thing, it’s an assumption of an ending in the future – the great result achieved. This is not the case with evolution.  You must constantly be in the state of preparing, because you will always be moving to the next higher level of existence.  So, should you think of your preparation as a one time thing?  Not with this event. It needs to become a way of life, not something you prepare for because the end is near.

We are now in the energy of infinity.  There is no ending or beginning.  There is no preparation, but a new way of life.


As humanity is changed from the inner they will be inclined to live a different way in their outer experience without much effort.  Resistance is futile….these two experience will become ONE.  If people don’t change, they won’t feel good. They will not be in balance with the Earth.  When a person is aligned with the inner transformation the outer experience will merge within their very being.  It will be so easy to make the necessary life decisions that we make on a daily basis because we will be in balance between the inner and the outer, and we will match the frequency of the Earth.  This gives the teaching of “the two shall become” one a multidimensional level of meaning.

Much love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry




Global Mass Ascension Sept. 28th, 2015 as Wave-X Bombards the Earth & The Ascension Process in Progres

neutron star



July 23, 2015

by Kate Ryna Daring
Zon Staff

The earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted this will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.

Here are some startling predictions about these incoming cosmic energies and their impact:

An acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will build especially from late august into late september that will cause, circa 28 September, what is described as a ‘frequency shift’ in consciousness.

An evolutionary changes emerging from world shaking disclosures as a result of the incoming cosmic energy he describes as a ‘WAVE X’:

We are going to experience a “wave of evolution. What we’re about to find out on a major level, unheard of in history at a mass scale is the true answer of ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where do we come from?’, and ‘What is our purpose?‘. The planet is going to take off in such an incredible ways.”

The Jade Helm exercise that began on July 15 and runs to September 15, is really aimed at gaining intelligence about the effects of the incoming cosmic energies in order to better manage the changes it triggers in humanity:

This exercise is very much connected to the frequency shift whereby the lower states where the exercises are being carried out will be experiencing a higher frequency field in July and August – the purpose being of learning from and managing the resultant effects on the population there before it heightens further in the upper states into September.

The U.S. Intelligence community is aware of the potential effects of the incoming cosmic energies and is taking steps to manage this. The U.S. Intelligence community is very likely not the only global entity aware of the incoming cosmic energies that is taking steps to manage this.

A frequency shift will occur in the 23-28 September time frame is very significant. This is also the time that Pope Francis will be meeting with the president at the White House (Sept 23) and speaking before the U.S. Congress (Sept 24) and there will be an attempt to use CERN to deflect this massive incoming energy wave. To cap it all off, Pope Francis will address a gathering of world political leaders at the UN general assembly on Sept 25. The Vatican’s own intelligence service is also very likely aware of these incoming cosmic energies. It’s more than coincidental that at the same time that incoming cosmic energies are predicted to peak on the planet, that the world’s most powerful religious and political leaders meet. The Vatican appears to be aware of incoming cosmic energy and the powerful transformative effect it will have on humanity, and is placing itself to ride the cosmic wave so to speak.

Incoming cosmic energies are having profound effects on human DNA and will trigger major disclosures. Certain Star Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation stationed on Earth on earth have already been appointed as delegates to a group of extraterrestrials called the Sphere Being Alliance. The Sphere Being Alliance showed up some time around 2012-2013 with huge Neptune sized spheres that formed frequency shields around the solar system and the sun. One of the major functions of these spheres was to regulate the amount of cosmic energy coming into our solar system and the earth so humanity could better integrate it and prepare for major changes:

The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the galaxy they are entering. They have been using the many thousands of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our sol system and neighboring sol systems (electrically connected in the “cosmic web” and natural portal system) to buffer and diffuse incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that changed the vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to cause it to raise to a higher state in the “density spectrum”.

Among the changes that will be triggered by incoming cosmic energies is the release of information concerning advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life in what Goode has described as a “full disclosure event.” Goode announced on Saturday that these Neptune sized spheres are about to leave our solar system since they have achieved their primary function:

The “spheres” seem to nearing the end of their purpose as they are also beginning to buffer less and less of the energy thus allowing more and more to enter into the inner sol system and directly effect the sun, planets and human beings that are so easily put into trigger mode by these energies. At some point the spheres will be gone and we will fully be considered a 4/5th density transition civilization. There are of course quite a few other events that will be occurring before this last event leaves us standing on our own finally.

At 11:11 AM on 9/28/2015, WAVE X will bombard the earth with photon-gamma light particles traveling ast the speed of light and an instantaneous DNA change will occur. The beings whose internal Schuman resonance is stabilized at 17 Hertz or higher will be propelled into the 5th Dimension!

The number of beings projected to ascend by 9-28-2015 is a little over 2.3 billion and the exact number depends on the collective consciousness of humanity to manifest how the changes will play out.  Cosmic energies are peaking and that the “spheres” are buffering these less and less. All this suggests that late September may well be a time where a cosmic energy spike causes significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering a mass ascension of light beings who have raised their frequencies to a high enough level of self love!

The date 9-28-2015 is known as the “EVENT HORIZON” and is the most important day in the history of humanity! It is not the end but the beginning of a mass global ascension from beings vibrating in upper 4D into 5D. Your real work will begin on this date as you will need to hold even more light in the body to assist the rest of humanity in their ascension!

God-Speed to all great beings of light!




We Shall Appear To Millions, Even Billions Of People Around The Planet – Lady Nada, One Who Serves, Ashira – 8-13-15

Lady Nada


Lady Nada”, “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell


Guided Meditation led by “Lady Nada”

We are going to bring your attention back to the Third Eye region.  From your Third Eye to the Pineal Gland and the High Heart. Bring your attention to this space and as you move your attention here your Spiritual Body will move out of this region, move through your physical body to stand before you. You are in complete harmony with this spiritual body. You are completely comfortable with this experience.

Turn and face forward into the circle. Notice that everyone is standing beside you in a circle.

Each of you feels a sense of giddiness about this experience. One by one you are going to step forward into the tube of light and move down into Hollow Earth. As you moved into Hollow Earth you will form a circle again. You will look around and see the beautiful scenery. Note what scenery you are seeing.

As you hold hands or stay near to one another you move together as a circle you will notice that there is a beautiful flame, an ultraviolet flame to the right of you. You as a group move to this flame. This is St. Germaine’s Flame. This Flame will cleanse you, heal you and transmute you. This is a Flame that is familiar to you for you have passed through this Flame at different times, of many different lifetimes.

As you stand around this Flame and you see its’ burning, cool flame, take your turn, one at a time, walking through this light. As you take your turn walking through this light, you feel as the energy moves throughout your Spiritual Body. Any dark spots that are found on your Spiritual Body are cleansed immediately. You feel the energy of this Flame as it cleanses you and it raises your vibration. It feels like giggles upon your skin! It feels like laughter.

As each one steps into the Flame and has this experience, we want to assure you that when you return to your body, you will return as a new being. You will return transmuted.  Everything that occurs this coming week will be seen by you in a different way.

Now that everyone has had the opportunity to walk through the Flame we invite you to come back into this circle again through the Pillar of Golden White Light. Feel yourself “whooshed” up into the room once again.

Look at each one standing in this room, standing in the circle. See the brilliance of your light now. Stand in front of your body and take your seat in that body again. Know that you are a New Being, transmuted and strengthened. You feel your energy raised and you can feel the download of this experience throughout your entire physical body. You experience perfect health, perfect vision.

We return you into this space as a New Being again for the days and weeks ahead that we shall speak of momentarily. Bring the memory of this experience with you.

“Lady Nada”

I am “Lady Nada”. It was important to bring this experience to you today. It is important because it is time. The energies have shifted. The energies are coming. The energies are here. Many of you have experienced the “opportunities” of becoming adjusted to the new energies.

Many things have been “promised” over the next couple of months. What I wanted to come today to do was to share. Share on behalf of my Beloved, Sananda, and myself and the Ascended Master’s from around the world who are ever so close to you now. So many upon the planet are listening to our words.

We come to describe to you what is to occur moments after the “Event”. Part of the excitement we come to share is that we shall appear to millions upon millions even billions of people upon the planet. You will see and experience what you choose to see and experience. We will be experienced by the billions in very individual ways.

If you believe in Mohammed, you will see Mohammed. If you believe in Buddha, you shall see Buddha. If you believe in Jesus, you shall see the Master Jesus return. If you have no awareness of Lady Nada, I will not be visiting at that moment. The celestial skies will be filled with the multi-dimensional selves that you have come to understand for yourselves as well as for all of us.

We have chosen to come in different personality and to bring messages across the world. Those things that have been noted in this group, those things such as the similarity in messages that are being brought are a sign of the times. The similarity in messages presented in different languages around the world. The messages that are from different Masters and through different channels are similar. The Galactics join all those who are bringing you messages.

There are so many beautiful things that are occurring now at this moment. We have talked before of the water that is appearing in different parts of the world. We have talked about the food that has appeared in deserts and in places where people have not received food in a very long time. That veil that you have talked about and we have talked about has thinned to the point where miracles DO happen! It was on the mind of this one this week as she shared about the miracle in her life. There are miracles happening everywhere because the focus of those of you of higher consciousness continues to concentrate on what you wish to see in your lives at this time.

And those who are maybe not awake in the way you are awake or aware of those things of which you are aware of but those who are (for instance) clinging to tribal customs, are seeing miracles. The veil, the curtain is all but gone. As that has fallen there have been so many things that are occurring.

The energy wave that you look for in the future, you do not have to wait for that because the energy is here at this time. Yes, the “Event”, the “Wave”, the “Tsunami” whatever you would call it, it shall be here. But you do not need to wait for it.

Yes. These energies are going into people’s minds and bodies and are affecting their spirits. These energies that have come in for transformation have caused (in a number of people) a variety of the “flight or fight” syndrome symptoms. We spoke of this many months ago to this group to describe many of the emotions people were feeling.

It is no longer a part of the “bigger” plan of the Cabal. It is now a response to the implantations over the centuries and the programming that has taken place. And while many of the things that have been spoken of around the programming of the Human Race for such things as Extraterrestials Wars or Zombies that this group has been discussing today will never happen. Many people are in the “flight or fight” panic mode because of the energies coming in.

The energies coming in affect Corporate America in different ways. Affect your job in different ways. Affect your co-workers in different ways. Affect people going to moving theaters in different ways. The more one tries to escape, the more one will see the reality they choose to see.

That is the benefit of the “Wave”. Erasing so much of the realities that you have seen to bring in the new consciousness, the new awareness, the NEW Human! The New Human!

So, we continue to take your hand and take you forward. We know of the grand parties planned. We know that as you call to us we come to you, we walk with you and we talk with you. These are our times to be with you and walk you through the fire as we did today. Walk you through the fire of transmutation and transformation.

As you see those in your world act in negative ways, friends, it is part of your plan. You have chosen to be exactly where you are. You have not been given tests. You have not been given contracts that you have not agreed to. You have agreed to be here at this time, exactly where you are, when you are, with the people with who you choose to be. And as hard as that is to swallow sometimes, know that this group, as well as others around the planet, but know that as this group meets your heart is filled again with the love, the strength, the fortitude and wisdom to go forth.

These are amazing times! Go forth today knowing that you have been girded, you have been strengthened and that you have a new path to walk because you have been through the Flame of St. Germain.

We give you thanks and we will be with you until the end of this session today. Thank you.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings. “One Who Serves” here to take on the next part and continue with your conversation of earlier. It is so interesting the conversations you have here and we so enjoy listening to them. Please understand we are not eavesdropping. We do not come into your private thoughts and interpret or analyze them or anything like this. That is certainly not going to happen, has not happened and never will happen.

But we do listen in to the conversations that you have within this group here. It is very important in several ways. We catapult from these particular conversations and sometimes we sit back and marvel at those things that come out of your mouths in terms of very influential, very forward thinking you might say.

Now understand that you are moving in a direction of raising your consciousness. And each day, each moment you are raising your consciousness. So, you are clearly in the “Now” as the Buddha spoke of so clearly last time and you have heard of other times as well. You are in the “Now”. You are in the present moment. The present moment changes as the next moment comes and the next one and the next one. So you are in the “Now” and you are also in the future. You are also in the past because the things happening in your “Now” are largely because of things that happened in your past.

You are in the past, the present and the future all at one time. That is not to reject thinking of being in the future as far as looking forward to things that are coming. Have not many of us been speaking of these wonderful things that are coming? How could you not be looking forward to that? You see? There are so many things coming and yet they are already here as well.

So, it is as the “Lady Nada” said you are already experiencing these changes that are happening in the “Now”. You are moving each and every moment into the future. Your future is grand! We have spoken many times of the things that are coming and the things that will happen after the “Event” and just before the “Event”, all of these things.

But live your life, your daily life in the “Now” but live your life as if you as moving into this New Consciousness and know that you are moving into this New Higher Consciousness in every moment, you see?

This is what we wish to share with you now and we would ask for questions. Are there questions for “One Who Serves”, “Ashira” or “Lady Nada” as well?

Question: I wanted to know and understand the difference of what we have been reading about Wave X and the information about the “Wave”, the “Event” and other names of that phenomena.

OWS”: First of all, the Tsunamai of Love is exactly that. It is a wave of love. It is a new expression of a new higher level of consciousness. This wave has been coming in as waves. It is not one large wave. It is gentle waves that have been coming in and washing over mankind. Now as the waves come in. it is building to the larger ones that are coming.

So, it is as if you were at the beach and you were looking at the waves that are coming in. They are gently rolling in and then all of a sudden a storm seems to come in and the waves get bigger and bigger and bigger and wash over more and more of the land. This is what is happening. These waves are gently coming in now but they are coming in more forcefully. These times continue on and these frequencies continue to rise.

Now as to the “Wave X” that is a name that is given to this but it is from a different perspective.  A different perspective about a forceful wave that is going to wash over and do destruction. Create havoc. Create fear and these types of things.

So, there is a difference here depends on the one looking at this. We would suggest to you (who are working more directly with us) to not use this terminology here. Use the terms of Tsunami of Love, Wave of Love or simply the “Wave” and leave it at that. OK?

Anything you wish to add here “Ashira”? No, thank you.

Lady Nada mentioned that the Ascended Masters would be walking amongst us after the “Wave”. Will they actually be walking in physical bodies?

“Lady Nada”: At first, billions of people will be seeing us in the skies. The interpretation will be coming to each person. “Who is the Being that is appearing to them?” It is hard to explain because you do not have anything that you can relate to in this manner. First we shall be witnessed in the skies and then we will come to walk among you. It will be a process.

Those who have the vibration level to experience this physically will have that experience. It will take time for others on the planet to raise to that level but they will be in the process of say “swallowing” this. They will first come to accept the celestial images and then come to accept the Ascended Masters as friends. It will be difficult for the masses to accept those they have worshipped to understand equality and friendship. This will be with the mentors and others who come as well.

This will be a “feat” we believe that will be understood by a broader race of people if we appear in the heavens and we appear as what they would expect to see in their particular framework of religion. Those who have come to know us outside the framework of religion have come to know us as different personalities and you would see us as different personalities. After this occurs we will visit you in the dimension in which you are so that you might experience us in a more physical manner. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS”: We would like to add to this here. If you look at this from a 3D understanding this would not work. How could Sananda be with many people at once? He could only be with one or two and then you begin to think, “Well, what about me? Can he be with me?”

And we would say to you that is important to think of this in a higher understanding, a higher vibrational understanding, that all of us can appear to many at one time. Just as we can send our voice, our transmission, our communication like this to many different groups at once. So, too, can we appear in many different places at one time. And “Lady Nada” is certainly correct. When those who are ready to see us, will certainly see us.

Would there be other questions here now?

Question: I notice that when I am really open and have a high energy when I go places I notice that a lot of people think they know me and ask about my background. Can you explain this?

Would you like to address this, Ashira?

“Ashira” : Yes. Thank you. It is the love you express. It is the love you vibrate to. They do not know who you are but they are resonating with you at a deeper level. As this clarity comes to you and you are swept over and others respond to you, this is what is spoken of at the end of each of these sessions each week. For Susan speaks to you of having the love show up in your life and handing that off to strangers sharing your love.

You are very analytical, Dear One, and you are looking for an answer. The answer is love. We thank you for being the conduit for that expression in your world. Does that make sense?

“OWS”: We would also like to add here there is the concept of “Oneness”. The higher you rise in consciousness the more the “Oneness” will kick in. Everyone is aware of everyone else. See, we, the “One Who Serves” and “Sananda” and “Lady Nada” for instance can go anywhere in the higher vibrations and everyone knows us and we would know them because we are all one, we are all connected. We have that higher level of understanding you might say since we know this “Oneness” is there.

So as you are beginning to experience this it is because you are at the higher vibrations some of the time. And when you are the other ones, even though they are not directly aware of this, and you, although you are not directly aware of this either, it is happening because the “Oneness” is kicking in here. Do you understand this? (kinda)

Then we will leave it there for now. “Kinda” is good.

Would there be other questions here now?

Question: Will there be people who are actually Ascending at that time?

OWS”: Yes. There will be many who will be going through various processes of this at their level. It will be in varying amounts you might say. Some will feel this rising of vibration and feel as if they have arrived you might say. Something may pull them back to assist others who are not quite sure what is going on here, you might say. There will be varying experiences of this as it all goes along.

But please remember this is a work in progress. This has never happened exactly the way it is at this time. So, the jury is out as to how this is going to take place here.

Anything you wish to add here, Ashira? (No, I believe you have handled this well.)

Other questions here now.

Question: This is in addition to a previous question. Is it not true that we are multi-dimensional beings and that we may recognize people from other dimensions?”

“OWS”: Yes. That is very correct. We were trying to stay away from that particular understanding at this point. But yes, you are correct.

“Ashira”: And it is so confusing is it not, to those in this room who giggled? Knowing that the person may be from this lifetime or a past or multidimensional lifetimes gets very confusing from a 3D perspective. However, we strive to bring you the simplest of answers, not for beginners because by no means is this group, a beginner group. We bring you answers in the teaspoonful that we have spoken of ourselves.
“OWS”: Any more questions?

Question: I want to work on neutralizing attachments. When I asked,  I received that I should ask what the other person needs instead of what I need.

OWS”: Yes and that is a wonderful way to look at this because it is service to self instead of service to others. As you move into the higher vibrations you will become more and more neutral and the more neutral you become the higher you will move in those vibrations. The more you are in those higher vibrations the more you will want others to move into those higher vibrations with you. You will also seek out others in that vibration. You see?

Are there other questions?

Question: I wanted to ask how things are going to change to put into place the new peace and love. Throughout history we have seen people assassinated who have tried. How does the rubber meet the road?

OWS”: We are going to answer this very simply here. First we wish to give gratitude to Charles for this instrument here. It is so much easier for us to hear what the questions are. In the past it was difficult at times. Now it is coming through very clearly. Thank you, Charles, for providing this.

Now to answer your question very simply, it is going to happen because it is going to happen. There is nothing that is going to keep this from happening because it is the way. It is the way of the plan. It is going to move in the direction of peace and love and it cannot go in any other direction.

If you look at this through the 3D perspective than you can see that this would not be possible because of so many wars and hatred and fear and all of these things and how can they just go away? They are not simply going to go away. They are going to raise up. There is a difference. And those that are ready for the new consciousness will raise up with it. And all of these old ways of thinking will just disappear. Those who do not have this way of thinking will not be with you. You see? Does this answer your question?

“Ashira”: This is “Ashira”. I would just add that everything that has happened to you (to humanity) has happened through training and teaching. Now that you are aware most of the time, these questions come up for you. As “OWS” has said, look to the day when all energy, all attention, all input will be about how to live in a peaceful society, how to share your love, how to have “oneness” in this One World. All of this is coming to you very soon and it will give you peace of heart to know THIS is where you were going and that it cannot be stopped! Thank you.

“OWS”: In many respects we would say look to your “Star Trek-The Next Generation” as we find it in the James. This is a very good example of society as you will know it as the times go along. It is not going to be overnight. You are not going to be in 2016 an have a “Star Trekkian” operation but it will be moving in that direction. Look toward it. It is going to be glorious! You see? And it is already glorious.

Would there be any more questions here now?

Question: James was talking about how no dates were given after 2012 and now there are many dates being given, most around the end of September 2015. Is there anything you can add for us today?

OWS”: Yes. We are glad that you brought this up. We could not speak of it unless it was asked here. Please understand this from the understanding of expectation. What was your expectation of  December 2012? You were all going to Ascend, right? Everything was building. It was grand build-up to that moment. Everything was building to that moment. And you know you create what you think. Right?

And as you focused on this grand event you thought about everything that was going to take you out of the 3D realm. Right? Well, it did not happen quite the way you thought it would although it was meant for many for this to occur. It was just postponed.

So, we speak now to postponement. Now you are moving into another time period, another frequency that has been raised here. And as you move toward these dates your expectation is building and building again. And your thoughts are building the very things you are building toward. Do you understand this?

It is a grand moment that is fast coming upon you as Sananda has said. You are moving toward the crescendo, it IS coming. Your Advance is, in large part, working to prepare you for that very “Wave” to come here. It is almost upon your shores.

Question: I saw in my own house that December 2012 created depression out of attachment. Are the things we talk about couched in attachment?

OWS”: Yes, certainly but look at what occurred back then. Look at how much people have grown from that process that they went through. The grand preparation and then the disillusionment and the depression that followed but many picked themselves up and moved right back along and kept going. They grew. There was a growth process that happened through this across the planet, not only in a few. There were many different understandings, the “Mayan Calendar” and many other things going on at that time.

So, now it is coming to a new expectation and there will be a new growth that comes from this as well but we are not going to say that it will happen on any particular date, we are not going to give that although we could almost at this point. There is still the Prime Directive, we need to watch ourselves on that but there is a rising expectation that is coming along with this “WAVE” and this particular time frame you are moving into. Is this the great “Event”? We cannot give that.  Is it going to be a large part of it? Most definitely.

Does this answer your question? (Yes but I do fear the word “expectation”).

But expectation creates hope. Hope leads to a greater understanding and a greater movement of consciousness. What is the opposite of hope? Despair. What keeps someone from moving up in consciousness? Despair and depression and these types of things. You see?

Comment: Expectations can lead to disappointment.

Yes, do you wish for us not to create expectations?

Comment: No. I wish to live in  a way that I am hopeful, compassionate and understanding. And that which is returned to me is “the plan” rather than my expectations.

Then we would say to the one asking the question and to others who believe this, then live that way. Do it. Be it. Show it. Be the expression of what you are wanting here. Do not be concerned about what anyone else is wanting of this nature. Do you wish to add anything, Ashira?

Ashira replied, “No. You dove back in and addressed something I thought of. We will let this be.”

Any further questions here now?

Question: I understand that we can create a planet as pristine as Prime Creator created it. Do I get my wish?

“OWS” : Yes. You have to understand that all who are planning with you, all the animals, all the plants, all the consciousness on the planet, in the galaxy and the solar system are creating this plan. All are creating this pristine experience and all life is a part of this. So, for you to have an expression that you are creating what you want, all of the rest are creating the planet they want as well. All are coming together which is why we say, “Like will attract like”. You will find yourself in that pristine environment that you are wishing to create. And others of like-mind will be there with you. It is just as you have created this world. You as a collective consciousness have created the world that you have now. You may not like the world as it is now but it is a collective undertaking that has created this.

It is not the Prime Creator who has created this. You have created it. With Source moving through you, you have created this because you have the creative ability to create whatever it is you want. The time difference now is less and less. Eventually it will be non-existent. Your creative thought will be immediately manifested once you are clear in what you want.

You wish to add here, Ashira?

“Ashira” : I do. You forget that Mother Gaia has her own path, her own expectations in what she is creating. She is creating her own 5th dimensional reality. Some of the animals will be in other places, some to their own homes. There will be a difference in the temperature from that which you experience on the planet today.

That which you are creating is also at play with Mother Gaia’s plans for all of her children. You will experience that which you create for your world from your plans and expectations and your understanding will continue to grow with your rise in consciousness and all will come in alignment with the Mother’s. Does that make sense to you?

“OWS”: Would there be anything else before we release channel?

Question: If enough people had the “intention” replacing expectation, would that not trigger the “Grand Moment”?

OWS”: If everyone had the intention at the same time, yes, it would trigger it. It is not necessary to have everyone do it, it is only necessary to have a percentage. Having a percentage of the planet moving toward the same intention increases the frequency. It is the frequency of the planet that moves to trigger the “Event” here. You see?

Now we will release channel here. We are aware of your time frames here. So, we release channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


I am Ashira. We release Lady Nada from her time today and thank her for her wisdom.

Yes. It has been a long day today. Many questions. Many thoughts and concerns. We wish to briefly speak on forgiveness and self-forgiveness.

You are not expected to be “perfect”. You are not expected  to always respond in the way you expect yourselves to respond. As was discussed today, this is a painting being created one stroke at a time. And even though this life may not seem that important as you consider it a grain of sand on a beach at the ocean, you might say it just doesn’t matter but you are not at that point most of the time.

We love you and we know that you are continuing forward every moment of every day. You are catching yourself more and more often as you have thoughts or actions coming into your lives that are not where you want to be. Everyone in this room is at the same place as you.

Be nice to yourself. Be forgiving of others and forgiving to self. We love you. Many of us have lived in the world and lived in situations you are facing. Maybe not at this exact moment in time but we have experienced these things. We have experienced parenthood, we have experienced friendships and we have experienced marriage or that partnership with another.

Be nice to yourself at least as nice as you are to others who you catch at not being their best to others. Each of you has yourself only to be responsible for at this moment in time. Each of you has the responsibility to catch yourself and raise yourself back up for each of you has the response of a being of higher frequency. You will feel your heart swell and with that appreciation you can continue to keep yourself higher and higher and higher. When this “Wave” comes you will have nothing to do but to ride the tide, to surf the “Wave”. You will feel the bliss. You will understand what your part in this has been and will be!

We bring you all of our love and peace. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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The September 2015 Wave X Awakening

galactic spiral ray


by Dr. Kathy J. Forti,

I once had a media and communications professor ask a packed auditorium of journalism students the interesting question: “What is the singular factor that affects all of humanity? A factor that can start or stop wars? That can raise up civilizations or destroy them?” Not one student could come up with the right, yet so obvious, answer: Space Weather. Almost 35+ years later, I still remember his words.

When I heard Dr. Simon Atkins recently talk about the ‘”WAVE X shift of 2015″ it made complete sense. Atkins is a well-known climate risk economist and planetary threat forecaster with a doctorate in Biometeo-electromagnetics. He uses the science of magnetism to bring clarity to what is presently occurring in our world.

Space weather not only influences, but guides humanity. Statistics show that when there are intense solar flares from space, 82% of the time there is a downshift in the stock market 1-3 days later. These same solar flare peaks are known to cause eruptions of violence between classes (sort of like the full moon effect). It’s a natural phenomenon, but its all due to magnetic waves that ultimately affect every living organism on our planet.

On a positive note, when there are coronal mass ejections from the sun (CMEs), humans are more likely to experience euphoria, calmness and ultimately peace. CMEs are explosions of electricity and energy in the form of electrons and protons, according to NASA. This magnetic energy that comes from our Sun (which is why the Ancients saw the Sun as the God Source) actually elevates consciousness levels. The Sun is the great benefactor. If you stay out of the Sun you quickly lose your connection to third eye consciousness. You also can experience depression and/or illness.

I experienced this first hand many years ago when I worked in a darkened lab doing altered states studies during daylight hours. I started not only getting oily skin and breaking out with facial eruptions (which I had never had), but I became quickly depressed. Something told me to take a few 15 minute breaks outside each day and just sit in the Sun. It was like a miracle cure. Like a plant, we need light to thrive. Without it, it will lead to dysfunction, be it emotional and/or physical. It’s a lesson I never forgot.

The BIG SECRET is the Sun is also connected to our evolutionary awakening. During the last half of September 2015, there is a powerful wave of gamma light coming from the Galactic Core. This intergalactic WAVE X energy will be coming through to Earth at maximum strength and peaking on September 28th. We are already well into it and feeling its effects. It happens every 3,600 years, and is being called “The Event Horizon.” It is the next step in the evolutionary cycle of man.

As reported by Time Magazine, scientists know about this event, but are questioning what these mysterious intergalactic bursts are or, more importantly, what they will bring. Change, for sure. It is no coincidence that in the last 18 months worldwide earthquakes have suddenly quadrupled as this energy is beginning to be felt more and more on the planet. The earth is doing strange things. People of all countries and even the media have reported eerie sounding, and rather loud, groaning sounds coming from the earth. Expect more in August as these are signs of dimensional portals opening in the earth itself, says Atkins. Intergalactic WAVE X is getting closer. This is no Armageddon scenario as many biblical adherents are predicting, but a time when our cellular DNA is able to shift and open up our true gifts.

In 1984-1985, Dr. Peter Gariaev and his team of Russian linguists were studying DNA and the ways light, sound and frequencies interact with DNA. Their research led to many groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting discoveries with one of them showing that DNA is able to absorb and emit light (photons), which spirals along the double helix in sacred geometrical form. Literally, DNA creates magnetized wormholes in the time-space fabric. DNA acts as “tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness.” The researchers found that with the presence of light (photons), DNA activation and thus evolution can occur.

This is the great awakening that has always been promised us. This is an incredible time to be alive to witness this shift. It does not pick favorites. It does not matter what race or religion you embrace. It is here for us all. We are the Oneness.

Some people believe that helpful extraterrestrials (ETs) are trying to slow down this planetary energy from being too much for us because this faster electromagnetic energy can cause some people to feel like they are going mad (it opens enhanced mind/thought patterns). Call it energy weirdness. It’s no coincidence that violence rates suddenly surged in the US during 2015, after years of showing a decline.

This new energy is nothing to fear. We want this WAVE X energy. It serves to cleanse and help raise the consciousness of humanity. There are those who might disagree and are doing their best to suppress it. The CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland is ramping up to go full steam on August 15, hoping to stop this galactic energy. They’ve spent trillions of dollars for this very purpose. The dark forces behind CERN know this energy shift will spell the beginning of the end of control of the masses as it begins shifting DNA. Just imagine a world where a greater percentage of people are fully awakened than ever before. The 1% who have worked hard to enslave humanity for their own greed and benefit—well, their days are numbered.

Everywhere in our world we are now seeing the awakening of humanity speed up. We are seeing massive rallies against corruption and rallies for peace spread. We are seeing tyranny, cover-ups and false flags exposed. And more importantly, we are seeing movements converging that offer solutions to these issues the world faces. People’s inner worlds of heart and mind are breaking free and we are seeing this have direct and positive impacts in our outer world.

If you talk to most people these days they all feel like something is getting ready to happen in the next month or two. Most don’t know what it is, but they can sense it. Whether it be a global currency reset, financial collapse, civil chaos, more earthquakes, or something else—as a collective mass we are the precipice of a new world emerging. Trust that this is not the end. You may be feeling more tired than usual lately—like you just can’t get enough restorative sleep. Maybe you’ve even taken to power napping—which is good. Take care of yourself. Your cells are already feeling the energy change. No sense fighting it. It will be interesting to see what emerges for us all.

Learn how WAVE X might affect you.

About the author:
Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys into the Mystical.


This work by In5D is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported






The earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted this will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.

Here are some startling predictions about these incoming cosmic energies and their impact:
An acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will build especially from late august into late september that will cause, circa 28 september, what is described as a ‘frequency shift’ in consciousness.

An evolutionary changes emerging from world shaking disclosures as a result of the incoming cosmic energy he describes as a ‘WAVE X’:

We are going to experience a “wave of evolution. What we’re about to find out on a major level, unheard of in history at a mass scale is the true answer of ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where do we come from?’, and ‘What is our purpose?‘. The planet is going to take off in such an incredible ways.”

The Jade Helm exercise that began on july 15 and runs to september 15, is really aimed at gaining intelligence about the effects of the incoming cosmic energies in order to better manage the changes it triggers in humanity:

This exercise is very much connected to the frequency shift whereby the lower states where the exercises are being carried out will be experiencing a higher frequency field in july and august – the purpose being of learning from and managing the resultant effects on the population there before it heightens further in the upper states into September.

The U.S. Intelligence community is aware of the potential effects of the incoming cosmic energies and is taking steps to manage this. The U.S. Intelligence community is very likely not the only global entity aware of the incoming cosmic energies that is taking steps to manage this.

A frequency shift will occur in the 23-28 September time frame is very significant. This is also the time that pope francis will be meeting with the president at the white house (Sept 23) and speaking before the u.s. Congress (Sept 24) and there will be an attempt to use CERN to deflect this massive incomining energy wave. To cap it all off, Pope Francis will address a gathering of world political leaders at the un general assembly on Sept 25. The vatican’s own intelligence service is also very likely aware of these incoming cosmic energies. It’s more than coincidental that at the same time that incoming cosmic energies are predicted to peak on the planet, that the world’s most powerful religious and political leaders meet. The vatican appears to be aware of incoming cosmic energy and the powerful transformative effect it will have on humanity, and is placing itself to ride the cosmic wave so to speak.

Incoming cosmic energies are having profound effects on human dna and will trigger major disclosures. Certain Star Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation stationed on Earth on earth have already been appointed as delegates to a group of extraterrestrials called the Sphere Being Alliance. The Sphere Being Alliance showed up some time around 2012-2013 with huge neptune sized spheres that formed frequency shields around the solar system and the sun. One of the major functions of these spheres was to regulate the amount of cosmic energy coming into our solar system and the earth so humanity could better integrate it and prepare for major changes:

The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the galaxy they are entering. They have been using the many thousands of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our sol system and neighboring sol systems (electrically connected in the “cosmic web” and natural portal system) to buffer and diffuse incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that changed the vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to cause it to raise to a higher state in the “density spectrum”.

Among the changes that will be triggered by incoming cosmic energies is the release of information concerning advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life in what goode has described as a “full disclosure event.” goode announced on saturday that these neptune sized spheres are about to leave our solar system since they have achieved their primary function:

The “spheres” seem to nearing the end of their purpose as they are also beginning to buffer less and less of the energy thus allowing more and more to enter into the inner sol system and directly effect the sun, planets and human beings that are so easily put into trigger mode by these energies. At some point the spheres will be gone and we will fully be considered a 4/5th density transition civilization. There are of course quite a few other events that will be occurring before this last event leaves us standing on our own finally.

At 11:11AM on 9/28/2015, WAVE X will bombard the earth with photon-gamma light particles traveling ast the speed of light and an instantaneous DNA change will occur. The beings whose internal Schuman resonance is stabilized at 17 Hertz or higher will be propelled into the 5th Dimension!
The number of beings projected to ascend by 9282015 is a little over 2.3 billion and the exact number depends on the collective consciousness of humanity to manifest how the changes will play out.   Cosmic energies are peaking and that the “spheres” are buffering these less and less. All this suggests that late september may well be a time where a cosmic energy spike causes significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering a mass ascension of light beings who have raised their frequencies to a high enough level of self love!

The date 9282015 is known as the “EVENT HORIZON” and is the most important day in the history of humanity! It is not the end but the beginning of a mass global ascension from beings vibrating in upper 4D into 5D. Your real work will begin on this date as you will need to hold even more light in the body to assist the rest of humanity in their ascension!

God-Speed to all great beings of light!